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Enyeama Joins French Lower League Club Iris

Enyeama Joins French Lower League Club Iris

French National 3 side Iris Club de Croix have announced that former Nigeria goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama has taken up a coaching role at the club, reports Completesports.com.

Enyeama according to a statement by the club will be responsible for training both the reserve and the club’s U-16s.

“Vincent ENYEAMA, Nigerian International, winner of the CAN 2013, 8th World Cup finalist against France and former goalkeeper of the losc from 2011 to 2018, will take in charge of the specific goalkeeper on the training pole (from reserve to U16)
▶️ Alexis FRANCKE, holder of the BMF, will take care of video analysis of of and u18. matches
▶️ Edouard TERRYN, physiotherapist and osteopath, will speak on time on the games of the U18 R1.
💚 Welcome to them!” reads a statement on the club’s Facebook page.

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Enyeama left Ligue 1 outfit Lille in 2018 after making 108 league appearances for the club.

He trained with another Ligue 1 side Dijon in July 2019 but was not offered a contract by the club.

The 37-year-old, who was recently linked with a potential transfer to South Africa , has now call time on his professional caeer after securing his first coaching job.

Enyeama, who made 101 appearances for Nigeria also featured for Israeli clubs Bnei Yehuda, Hapoel Tel Aviv and Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Iris suffered relegation to Championnat National 3, when the 2019/20 season was ended early due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They play their home games at the 2,000 seater Stade Henri Seigneur, Croix.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    But I thought “they” said nobody wants to give “them” jobs in Europe because they are black”……Haba, Enyeama had 101 caps and played in 3 worldcups. That is enough to coach the main team na. Why starting from U16s and reserves…??? LMAO.

    “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” Good one Vincent. I pray God continues to guide and lead you. You are already on your way to the top.

    This is how serious minded people build coaching careers with solid foundations.

    • Mr Hush 1 year ago

      Never doubting the effect of racism but those that always play the race card when it comes to personal development tend to be those;
      A. Having a sense of entitlement/privilege.
      B. Ones that play the victim card at every turn.
      C. Ones that seek pittance, are lost to self pity.
      D. Ones that have weak mentality, inferiority complex.

      No matter the case of racism, if you are qualified for a job , your opportunity would definitely come. They can always look down on you based on your skin colour but they can never take away your quality.
      At the long run; Your character,skills and qualifications is what defines you not where you are from or the colour of your skin.
      Even if those that are totally filled with hate and are engraved by one form of human apathetic characteristic such as racism and nepotism are against your person; you would always find those that are respectful of your being based on your merit as a character , qualifications and skill set.
      One have to be intelligent enough to understand life isn’t for the faintest of hearts and weakest of minds. Humans as animals live by the doctrine survival of the fittest. One just have to be wise enough to know which road to take to get you where one seek.life is all about time and chance.

      Much respect to the man,Vincent Enyeama.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Cant be better said @Mr Hush.
        While not taking away the fact that racism exists, the same environment where racism exists is the same one that employed a black south sudanese (you know how black those guys can be) into its defense research institute as a research team lead. My brother, there are certain things you will put down in your CV which even the staunchest of racists will not ignore, unless he is not results/goal oriented. We have experienced these things and we have tons of stories to tell about them. If your CV/profile/portfolio is scanty and you expect to be selected ahead of a home-bred, keep dreaming, your dreams will come true someday…LMAO. Its normal practice everywhere in the world for people to tend to want to provide for/protect their own first before any other. It is left to you to prove to them you are the better option.
        Vincent just needs 1 or 2 years at Iris and within that period should obtain his UEFA B and A licences. I bet he will apply for the GK coach role at Lille’s Main team and will be snapped up without thinking twice.

        • Mr Hush 1 year ago

          @ Dr Drey
          I am in agreement with you in all totality.

          Enyeama is on the right path. He can only grow from here as long as he puts his mind and effort into it .

          This is the kind of news we like hearing as Nigerians, makes us proud as a people, knowing fully well that the best of us are more than the usual wrong stereotype associated to us(caused by the few negative amongst us).

          Hopefully the rest of us (our youths specifically)would begin to pick better role models from such people as Enyeama and draw inspiration on self development.

          All the best to my number one GK, Enyeama.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            That is how to earn self respect my brother. Not by waiting 6 years after retirement from football for NFF to develop you. If and when Enyeama takes his place on the SE technical crew, he does not owe NFF anything and as such can never be tossed around.
            Imagine a coach developed by NFF as SE coach…the SE will become Yaba by railway Market for all sorts of bend-down-select players and agents…LMAO like our last U17 and U20 teams.

      • Lord AMO 1 year ago

        @Mr Hush,  I agree with you on the principle that in the long run, quality stands out.  However racism and its effects are real my brother.  Racism, or more specifically, prejudice, could be a reason why it takes a black man one year to find the job instead of 3-6 months.  It could also be a reason why a player of the calibre of Vincent Enyeama has to start at the 3rd division level instead of higher up as coach.  It can also be seen to explain the huge disparity in the number of black coaches in the top flight of football and how black managers just dont get enough time even though they are typically hired at bottom feeding or already struggling teams. Also once they
        fail at one job, they rarely ever get another chance when compared to the white coaches who are given a chance to learn on the job.

        I can go on and on but surmise to say that the opportunities given to black coaches are still scant and part of the reason is  the prevailing prejudiced attitude where they dont see us as being capable mainly based on our skin color.

        I pointed these out not to justify using racism as an excuse when one is incompetent and then using racism as an excuse for failure, but to highlight the real effects that it has.

        By the way, congrats to Enyeama!

        • Mr Hush 1 year ago

          @Lord Amo

          Thanks for your contribution

          But you seem to misread the point I am making.

          I have never denied the absence of racism hence my first write up above starting with ;
          “Never doubting the effect of racism..”

          Though I share part of your view you try to read between the context of my earlier write ups.

          The point I was making is simple; there would always be racism,as well as nepotism, tribalism etc. as long as human exist.
          Do you think the British or the French or Italian (Europeans at large) would chose an “outsider” before their own baring in mind that theirs have the same qualifications or semblance of qualifications as the supposed outsider?
          If you think such occurrence happens only in the Western world then we are further from the truth.
          We all know how nepotism and tribalism is eating deep into the Nigerian/ African society.
          How long ago did the Ghanaians destroy the Nigerian embassy?
          Where was the outcry for that by the pan Africanist? (BLM)
          Do you know the war is South Sudan and Somalia, where black kill blacks is all down to tribalism,claims causing infiltration from selfish outsiders taking advantage of that apathy?
          It is easier to cry racism when it is about the Western world but silence when it occurs in the middle east, Far east and yes back home,every single second in mother Africa.

          No one would justify or deny racism having experienced it first hand personally but I would be a hypocrite to come out crying when I know the truth about what’s going back home.
          Simply put, their hate and perception of me,doesn’t define my personality and determine what I would be. It might deter me but it wouldn’t shape my life. If they block one road based on my skin colour, I seek another road. It all depends on me.

  • Elijah samson 1 year ago

    Mr Vincent God will help you to build your career in Jesus name. Nice step from you bro. I will keep praying for your success by God’s grace.

  • KangA 1 year ago

    Bro Enyeama, that’s the right way to go. Open your eyes, immerse yourself in learning, and absorb all the skills you need. Remember, to be a true world citizen, you’ve got to have fine skills hammered into your brain, and have your muscle memory primed for utmost performance. Then you will deliver whenever called upon, make people happy and be rewarded. 

    God will be your guide

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    U see person wey get sense, instead of waiting on the nff to give a job through the back door like they did to the fashionista, he’s gone to upgrade himself and garner coaching experience and all the badges that he needs. This guy is not a lazy ex international.

  • GLORY 1 year ago

    Relating this topic to Yobo’s appointment,which honestly I didn’t support initially, I think Yobo is one of the most lucky persons to have gotten that appointment. But would that now automatically make him a failure? I LL beg to disagree on that, as only Yobo can decide that for himself n definitely not whether he has a certificate or not. This very rare opportunity he can use to become the very best by humbly learning/ upgrading himself under Rohr afterall he still very very young. But if he chooses to play the Mafia’s hatchet man, then sorry for him. For his appointment just like this Enyaemas case is more of an apprenticeship learning, more practical learning than theory from attending lectures. Feels good seeing ex internationals getting coaching jobs. More grease to their elbow

    • Lord AMO 1 year ago

      @Glory.  Two things can both be true at the same time.  Yes the decision to hire Yobo did not follow what one would consider the proper protocol and by all metrics is not the right way to do things.  However that part is now history and I have no problem supporting him and hoping he is successful as that will be beneficial to the Super Eagles.

      One doesn’t hate Yobo by pointing out the truth of the decision to hire him.  Most who were critical just want to see us as a people try to do things the right way.   I definitely wish him well

      * i read @Ola’s post after posting this and he’s basically saying the same thing. Thanks CSN for this edit button!

  • Bomboy 1 year ago

    @Glory, thanks so much. I will always applaud those who look at issues from various angles, not those who hold to a one sided biased view.

    Vincent Enyeama has a great career ahead of him, so does Yobo. Despite the hate being expressed towards Yobo, I believe he can succeed if he humbles himself under Coach Rohr and refuse to play the mafia game.

    I pray for the success of Vincent Enyeama, Joseph Yobo and all our retired Eagles going into coaching both at home and abroad.

    • GLORY 1 year ago

      Very true @ Bomboy. If I were Yobo, I will go there n humble myself wella to learn properly under Rohr and even get more closer to him, you never know there are many many more benefits Yobo can get from working with Rohr, as that man has very strong links with loads of European top teams. I honestly wish Yobo succeed despite not initially supporting his appointment. Wisdom n humility very very important.

    • @Bomboy, my brother, no one is wishing Yobo ill luck in his endeavor, in fact he might be one of the best coach in the world (which I wish him) but what we are saying is that NFF has set a very bad precedent for employing some one that’s has no prerequisite for the job.

      There is huge distinct between practical, experience and theory. Citing myself as an example, I am fortunate to be exposed to computer systems very early in my life, I got use to it to the extent I was teaching people on components of computer, I chose to study computer science in the university, thinking it will be a work over for me but I was wrong. I was shocked when I was thought the rudiments of computer and how many fields computer science can be split on. Am a certified system analyst today obtaining British certification.

      My point is practical experience and theoretical experience were both different, to excel in a choosen field u need to have both. One can’t be substitute for another because they both compliment each other in applications.

      We will be surprised if we know how tedious it’s to pass a coaching class, it goes more than just playing the game.

      Infact u can excel in coaching without being a professional footballer, i.e Mourinho, Villa Boas, Louis Val gal etc and you can excel as a professional footballer and fail as a coach without certification, i.e Maradona, Dunga, Marco van bansten etc.

      So both goes hand in hand. This is the complaint of some of us against NFF they supposed to encourage hardwork and professionalism not sense of privilege. I wish Viscent a success in his career

      God bless you all and happy weekend.

      • Goal ⚽️ 1 year ago

        The aggression should be channeled to the NNF and not to the person of Yobo  unless there is other  motives behind it.

    • Goal ⚽️ 1 year ago

      I was wondering where you guys went to when some unprogressive individuals kept on insulting our legends and you kept quiet, I was wondering if you guys were afraid to speak up.

      For those who think they can foresee the future, who have already prophesied evil against their fellow man I will say let’s wait and see, it’s only tomorrow that can give a good reply.

      Yobo should be very much determined to prove them wrong.

      • Mr Hush 1 year ago

        We should try to be objective;

        I can’t speak for anybody but I don’t think anyone has a personal dislike on the person of Joseph Yobo,on the contrary he is much revered and respected for what he has achieved for the national team.
        I think what those that are totally surprised by his appointment is lack of qualifications to justify such appointment. It comes more like “privilege” appointment rather than on merit. And I believe everyone should always stand on the side of meritocracy.
        After all,when Salisu Yusuf was let go,he was replaced by Amakpakobo,someone with similar credentials to the man he replaced. No matter the duo shortcoming,atleast they had the experience and qualifications for the post. Hence,everybody expected same rather than what they got in Yobo.

        That said, could Yobo succeed? Yes.
        Would everyone be happy if he does?
        Off course Yes!
        It is to our benefit as a nation if he does.

        But we shouldn’t make it a precedent appointing based on false entitlement rather than qualification and merit.

  • Goal ⚽️ 1 year ago

    If you have been current in this platform you will see that some people took the matter personal like something else was involved instead of  blaming the root cause of the issue which is the NFF .

    It’s becoming boring hearing the same thing again and again like it’s now a national anthem. 

    Yobo has been appointed and that is it, we should get over it or rather the aggression and insults should go to NFF. 

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    ….and Ighalo hits the back of the net once again….!!!!!!!