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EPL: Fred’s Solitary Goal Earns Rangnick First Victory As Man United Interim Coach

EPL: Fred’s Solitary Goal Earns Rangnick First Victory As Man United Interim Coach

New Manchester United interim manager Ralf Rangnick started his reign on a winning note as the Red Devils defeated Crystal Palace 1-0 at Old Trafford in Sunday’s Premier League game.

Fred was the unlikely hero as he pulled out a beautiful shot to win the day and finally broke Palace’s resistance on 77 minutes.


United started the game strongly and a difference in their playing style was instantly noticeable.

However, despite these promising signs, few chances were created by the home team.

Ronaldo fired over with a free kick, while Palace had a couple of half-chances on the break, but there was nothing clear-cut from either side.

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  • I understand that Ralf Ragnick and Rohr are not in the same league but this game and everything that has been happening with Nigerian players overseas makes me convinced without a shadow of a doubt Rohr has become clueless on how to take the SE forward. This is a coach that had barely 2 full training sessions, his back room staff is not even in place yet, and he is less than a month on the job but you could see the total control and domination Man U had in this game. Anyone following Premier League knows that Crystal Palace and Vierra play a possession based attacking system usually in a 4-3-3. They have dominated most of their matches even when they lost or drew so for Ragnick to totally flip that in less than a full week shows you if a manger has a clear system, philosophy or pattern of play in their head it doesn’t take long to impart or start implementing the system for it to begin to show.

    Yes they fizzled out after about 30mins or so with the intensity but I believe this is where he will work on in the coming weeks to boost fitness levels of players to be able to play longer in a high pressing, high intensity game. He will also introduce other scenarios where they can still control games by moving the ball around and counter attacking when see an opportunity usually when the game is just about won. I mean makes no sense to gegenpress with high intensity for 90+ Mins if you are leading 4-0 or 5-0 and it’s the 75th min. I mean anything is still possible in football but It’s very unlikely you totally dominate a team for 75mins and they even have the self esteem to think a comeback is possible. When you are better ranked on paper against a team and you don’t totally dominate and obliterate them in 40-60mins then they start to get belief and that’s how most upsets happen as we saw with SE in Lagos

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Wait till Man U players dont get paid for 2 years, then come back and write this your eulogy….LMAOoooo

      • It has nothing to do with money. If Rohr selected based on merit. Beat teams silly and played a really nice, attractive football. Qualified and won the nations cup and qualified for World Cup and goes far. He can resign after and Pinnick, Nigeria and NFF will have to pay him every dime or he can sue the body to court. I believe Nigeria could get banned by FIFA if they blatantly refuse to honor the contract. If fate smiles on him and Nigeria shocks the world at the WC you think he won’t get paid his money in arrears. He is from Germany and I’m sure he can take his contract to a reputable bank and get a loan against that money expected to sustain him in the meanwhile if he needed to. The SE players if invite by merit one are going to be match fit so you can go straight to tactics and on the bonus side will be making good wages weekly by playing at club sides and can wait out getting paid match bonuses. I’ll count that money as a lump sum being saved. Because come rain or shine either Nigeria pays up or Nigeria stops participating in FIFA competitions. I wouldn’t want to be Pinnick if he lets that happen to Nigeria. All his homes he has all over won’t be enough to save him.

        Most of the players and a manger worth their salt will be going for glory knowing the money will always come.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hehehehe…..Rohr should obtain loans to finance your national team…..LMAOOooo….because your NFF, Sports Ministry and Federal Govt officials are not getting their own salaries and allowances as and when due right….?

          Let us know when you are done with your jokes….LMAOoooo.

  • tayo 1 year ago

    Shut the fuck. How has Manchester United being playing before? Even during Carrick temporary staying they won all their matches which shows they have not been lucky during Solgaer era. Go check BBC and check how people were bashing the coach before they got that late goal. One fans was even saying if Carrick had been in charge they would have gone 2 goals up even the coach said himself that Man U was too good than he thought. Must you comments without mentioning Rohr in everything what is your problem with the poor man for God sake? Is it a crime that he is managing Nigeria team haba? U na wahala too much. The same Fred and Mictominay that people were criticising Solgaer for was the one the new coach used and were the difference today that is how God will shame most of you when your new coach comes in and use most of those players you were always slating Rohr for taking bribe from. Rubbish

    • This mentality and attitude right here @tayo is why Nigeria will remain poor and mediocre. I guarantee you did not even watch the game and if you took the time to read my comments I said the first 30mins was exceptional not the entire game. I am not a Man U fan or Crystal Palace so I don’t give a shit if the score is 30-0 in whichever direction. I watched and paid attention to this game specifically because of the arguments ppl here have been making in sure your silly self has to saying Rohr needs more time and it takes more than 5-6years to get your team to play to a particular system. I was just simply pointing out that this guy here Ragnick is accomplishing that in less than a week and two full training sessions. Unlike morons who come here to run their mouth I’ve been watching the guys press conferences since he got hired and I can see why he talks the way he does and the Klopps and Tuchels have immense respect for him.

      He kept talking about control, domination, pressing, more forward passes and progression and you could all see it in the first 30mins before they ran out of steam. That’s all I’m pointing to but whatever man. I love the SE but personally be okay either way. I am blessed to find other hobbies occupy my time and not obsess over mediocrity and ppl who are not serious or mature enough to call a spade a spade. Yet you want to compete with the rest of the world and reap where you haven’t sown. I just pointed out an observation I took time to see and compare to make sure I’m not just critiquing Rohr for no reason. But here you are raining insults on me you folks are funny lol

      • Dr Banks 1 year ago

        Your arguments and analogy here doesn’t make any sense. Ragnick didn’t make any appreciable changes from Carrick or even Ole. It was just because the players are themselves tired of Ole’s approach and they started playing better once Ole was sacked. They even played better with Carrick against Arsenal and that game was much more enterprising than the rubbish they played with Palace.

        You guys should leave Rohr alone and focus on getting a new coach that is miles ahead of Rohr, otherwise we’ll be back to square one after AFCON and the likes of you will be crying Wolves that the new coach is bereft of ideas and needs to go.

        Why do you think it’s alright for Rohr being owed his salary and bonuses? You showed your ignorance by mentioning that he can take his contract to a bank to get a loan……….who will pay the bank interest and administrative / processing fee? Or that he can sue NFF, do you think lawyers come cheap? Why must he go through all that Sahara to get his well deserved emoluments…………….na this your primitive 9ja mentality that is destroying everything in that country and many were even so unaware of it not to talk of finding solutions

  • tayo 1 year ago

    I am not insulting you if you really get my point it is never part of my idea but just advising you to put Rohr matter aside and move on. We don’t need to connect everything to Rohr he has done his best and since you said it is not enough good luck and let’s see how it goes….