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Warnock: Ighalo Not Good Enough For Manchester United

Warnock: Ighalo Not Good Enough For Manchester  United

Former Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock has slammed Manchester United’s loan move for Odion Ighalo describing it as an act of “desperation”, Completesports.com reports.

United completed a six-month loan deal for Ighalo from Chinese Super League club Shanghai Shenhua on transfer deadline day.

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Ighalo was brought in as a replacement for the injured Marcus Rashford.

But Warnock who took Cardiff from the Championship to the Premier League in 2018, is not convinced it would be a good move for the club.

“I am not sure if it’s the right one, if I’m honest – not for Man Utd,” Warnock said on Sky Sports.

“I just think it is too up in the air. I don’t think he has been that consistent and I don’t think he is the right type of player.

And Warnock was not convinced it would be a good move for the club.

“I am not sure if it’s the right one, if I’m honest – not for Man Utd,” Warnock said on Sky Sports.”I just think it is too up in the air. I don’t think he has been that consistent and I don’t think he is the right type of player.

“I think they have gone for the younger element at the minute and I don’t understand why they didn’t go for a Danny Ings, somebody like Danny Ings. He’s 27-years of age, English and similar to a Rashford-type of player.

“I think it is a little bit in desperation. But I think the Josh King thing was a bit of a last-minute thought.

“But I think Josh King would have been better than this for the way that they are building.”

Though United have endured their fair share of troubles of late, Warnock has paid credit to the way they are trying to rebuild the squad.

The former Sheffield United and Crystal Palace added: “I think it is the right way that they are building with Wan-Bissaka and James – people like that. That is the way forward.

“They are so far behind Man City and Liverpool – they are five years behind them.

“I think they have got to bring the youngsters back in and almost bring a Busby Babes team back into the squad and get the fans behind them that way.”

By James Agberebi

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  • Pompei 4 years ago


    Warnock is a guy who talks impulsively. That is how he has always been. He is entitled to his own opinion about the Ighalo signing. So I don’t really care too much for what he has to say.
    However, I watched the above video, and it saddened me to see just how underrated Ighalo is in the eyes of some. The pundits in this video aggressively ADVERTISED THEIR IGNORANCE AND FOOLISHNESS with the way they discussed the subject of the Ighalo signing. They stopped just short of insulting him, and Solksjaer for signing him. Very unprofessional behaviour these pundits exhibited in this video, in my opinion. Do they realize that they are making fun of a guy who emerged with the Afcon golden boot? A guy who is arguably the best African striker currently? They make fun of him as if he is some clueless school boy! They used the term SHAMBOLIC to describe the signing. They obviously believe Ighalo has no business in a club like Man United. That he is not good enough.
    Well, Ighalo should realize that a lot of envious racist idiots are desperately unhappy with his good fortune. So he should go out there and prove them wrong! Ighalo, serve these fools with huge slices of HUMBLE PIE with your performance.

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago

      As a long time Manchester United fan( and I am talking way long); I assure you,this deal is not just logical but a great deal for both the Club and Ighalo. It is a win win; for anyhow to see it otherwise, is just blinded by their emotions.
      Looking at it from a reasonable angle; Man united needed a striker for the short term. One experienced enough .one that is ready to play for the club.one that would be reasonable cheap.one that would deliver.
      Who was out there? Cavani, King,Ings, Slimani, Rondon and Ighalo.
      With all due respect to all with an exception to Cavani; Ighalo is by far better than the rest.
      Yes.Ings is having a decent season so far;but he wouldn’t come cheap and his style is never in tandem to what Man united is playing. Which is counter football,mostly on the go. Ings got grit,bullish but lacks that finesse and dribbling skills which Ighalo possess.
      Cavani on the other hand didn’t want to go to anywhere else except Athletico Madrid.
      Ighalo fit in well.
      He is experience,proven goal scorer in all ratification, reasonably cheap and can fit in quite well to Manchester United style of play. What is there to lose?on the contrary,Manchester united have all to gain!

      The irony in all the feat been thrown around by the so called western analysts is the fact that if Ighalo was as bad as they are downplaying him to be , why is every major club that needed a striker made a contact to get him?
      He isn’t the only striker available, he isn’t the only striker in China; Hulk,Bakambu,Arnautovic etc.
      Yet Inter, Tottenham wanted him; Aston villa made an enquiry but couldn’t hold up cause of his wages,so rejected the deal at last minute. Not forgetting Barcelona last year.

      The Warnocks and co are forgetting the state of Manchester United right now; we are a mediocre team in dire need of bodies if we are going to compete and make top 4. If an Anders Perreira,Jesse Lingard, Chong is playing for Manchester united as an attacking outlet,I think they need to give Ighalo the respect he deserves.

      But the fact is,it doesn’t matter what anyone feels at this point.it is what Manchester united and her fans needs that matters;and the club and over 70percent of club fans are happy with this deal. So Ighalo should go in there and do the business , keep this haters quiet with your goals and assists.

      Right now, I am even more proud to be a Red devil supporter, honoured and excited to see my fellow countryman represent the best club in the world.
      Glory glory Manchester United.
      God bless Nigeria.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      @ Pompei…I really dont think its about Ighalo’s personality. Their anger is more about how ManU wasted a whole transfer window with such indecisiveness that resulted in having to sign (in desperation) an outsider against the philosophy of what Man U is currently building at the moment.

      In all honestly, this Ighalo deal is really beyond comprehension, even for Odion himself, not because he doesn’t have the right stats, but because it comes at a time when Ighalo can or could be classified as “finished”. A 31 year old, retired international who has been on holiday for 2 months being signed by a club chasing a champions league slot IN THE EPL is a bit crazy….even if he were a Brazilian.

      To me I find it extremely crazy, can hardly wrap my head around it too.

      But when you look at the fact that it was a tripod tug of war between United, Inter Milan and Tottenham, then it becomes even more amazing. Those clubs sure did know what they wanted and what they stood to gain…in one way or the other.

      But is not hidden fact that he came cheap, even as a stop gap and as one of the analysts said, he can also guarantee a couple of goals between now and the end of the season even though not double figures.

      So their annoyance is more about the fact that ManU watched more younger, match-fitter and competition ready players slip off their grasp without a fight and had to wait till such a time where desperate measures and names like Slimani, Ighalo, King came to the fore….and still didnt make up their mind till the last hour of the 4 week transfer window. Ighalo sure is not young, he is not a Sancho or a Mbappe or a Dembele or a Luataro, but I personally do not think if will be financially and magisterially wise to splash 40m and above in a January transfer window just to buy a ‘stop gap’player.

      And that is where God’s amazing grace comes in. For Ighalo to even get a mention in the first place is a sign of the respect he as earned for himself outside his homeland through sheer hardwork and perseverance. The onus is on Ighalo to enjoy his football and DIE DIA at old trafford. The young man has nothing to prove to anyone IMHO. He only needs to do himself, his future and the record books a favour by paving the way for the signing of more Nigerians in the future by ManU with impressive performances during his spell.

      I seriously look forward to that his signature move of dropping his shoulder (cutting a defender as they call it back at home) and bending the ball into the opposite corner of the net.

      Best of luck Ighalo…!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Former Premier League striker and TV pundit Leroy Rosenior has said he expects Odion Ighalo to bang in the goals for Manchester United in the remaining part of the season.

      Ighalo has joined United on loan till the end of the season from Chinese Super League club Shanghai Shensua. “I expect him to score goals because he’s an out-and-out goal scorer,” said Rosenior. “He already has the experience of playing in the Premier League. “His partnership with Troy Deeney at Watford is still being talked about by the Watford fans. “This is a great move for him and at 30, he just has to take his chance.” The Chinese Super League is off season and there are now fears he may not be in tip-top shape when he finally arrives England from China. “I expect him to start from the bench,” said Rosenior, who played for West Ham, Fulham and QPR.
      Former Manchester United striker Mark Hughes has admitted been “a little surprised” that ‘The Red Devils’ signed Odion Ighalo on loan till the end of the season. “I agree with the type of player, they lack physicality in front. “But whether or not he’s the right quality, only time will tell.”

      Keith Andrews, who played alongside Ighalo at Watford, also expressed surprise at the loan move. “He has a good hold-up play, has an eye for goal and he’s a good finisher,” he remarked. “He proved his worth at Watford, but Manchester United is a different level.
      So what I can deduce is that everyone agrees the Man U is on a different level when you talk about clubs, but they also attest that Ighalo’s qualities are surely not in doubt.

      But just as Mark Hughes stated……only time will tell!

      But for Mr Ighalo and family…pls enjoy these next 6 months of your life biko. Wetin concern alter boy with offering box.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    As Nigerians we have a very big problem we tend to be carried away by the back of a cover instead of what’s inside. Ighalo signing for Man U and then realistic fans has become a witch, don’t forget that this present Manchester is struggling at the moment and the signing of Ighalo highlights their incompetence same as they missed the signing of hot and buzzling Haaland.
    I’m not against Ighalo but he’s a serial goal misser and will not add any value to Man U. To those of you who hate the truth you’re entitled to you amateurish opinions I really don’t care because same you guy mocked Moses and after signing for inter you all want him back. For Nigeria’s own good they better move past Ighalo else they’ll never seal a major trophy aside losers medals!

    • Joel Chidi 4 years ago

      Sorry to say@ Chima E samuels, you are a hater and as such, a loser. Uttering this gibberish in the name of being blunt and truthful,is absolute nonsensical and malicious. Do you think you are the only one reading this or didn’t you see that the way we are reading foreign reviews about the move, that is how Interest has shifted to tabloids in Nigeria to know all about Odion. Even if you have hatred for him, for patriotic sake, can’t you keep shut and allow the flies that have perched on your lips, look for a different lips to perch on? You need to reorientate your mindset. It has alot of bad energy.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Pls leave let him continue to perish in his hatred. I dont know what Ighalo did to him. If he scores….it is tap in…it was the keeper that was not well position…it is luck….it is the defender that didnt mark well….it is against fishermen team…it is penalty…..it is that..it is this…..Rubbish

        If man U was stupid, why didnt they go and sign Isaac Success or Obafemi Martins or any of his other tin-gods. And if Man U was stupid, was tottenham and intermilan too stupid….??? If united hadnt signed him either of those too big clubs would still have signed him. Oga sabi-sabi sure knows football more than the sporting directors of those 3 clubs as well as Barcelona who wanted to sign him last year too.

        He remembers Ighalo is a serial goal misser but his hatred has made him forget Ighalo is also a serial goal scorer with a 1 goal per 2.4 matches career average.

        Pls leave that Mr fake Financial Analyst wey nor sabi compute simple ratios joor….LMAO

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Gbeborun…..Aproko…LMAO. Wetin concern you…?

        NA ya money dem take sign am….??? abi na ya money dem wan take pay in 100,000 pounds per week salary…? Abi why e dey pain u so badly…? LMAO.

        Now you are talking of people being cursed in the same measure….lolz, cant you see that the evil you av been wishing Ighalo is already coming back to you in equal measure already…? LMAO

        The person you are trying all you best to pull down is being raised by God higher, u you are still struggling to know how to calculate ratios….. LMAO

        Dont go and face your own life ……Loser!

        • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

          You just confessed yourself a loser I’m glad i carefully highlighted in my comments that whoever as a matter of fact utter words based on bitterness in disagreement with my views will be wishing back to himself whatever he says. Youngman I will keep saying it sports shouldn’t be a yardstick that you or some idiots will be coming all out to insult people you’ll never dream of. I have warned you and you shall see the consequences of your words one day. Keep hiding behind your phone and making useless utterances!

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hahahahaha…..you have wished me death before, not once, not twice, so your crap threats dont move anybody anymore.

          What other evidence do you wanna see to show u have lost and will continue to lose…???

          Ighalo is not good…..he became top scorer in the qualifiers
          Ighalo is not good ….he became top scorer in Afcon
          Isaac Success is better than Ighalo…..Ighalo just got signed by Man U while Success is playing U23 at watford.
          Musa Mohd is better than Ola Aina……Aina is the landlord of the left side of Torina’s defence in Serie A today

          Whoever listens to any advise or judgement or analysis of your is doom….the person will fail woefully more than Buhaha’s WAEC results…LOLZ.

          I became convinced you are a fake loser when as a financial analyst as you claim, you’ve repeated shown u dont have the intellect to apply data and statistics to make sound judgments…LMAO

          Continue with your Bad-belle life…..that belle go burst one day…LMAO

    • @Chima, u statements here remind me of things we said to him after the world cup. We wrote him out totally but what happened during the qualifiers and at the Tournament? Answer this your self.
      One thing I’m not in support of is to call him back to the National team.
      We have Osimhen and Maja. They are both Edo boys too (if na Edo people you want…Lol). And don’t forget Desserts too.

  • Streams d goalie 4 years ago

    i ve ds strong feelings dat Man utd will retain ighalo after 6months..I see him celebrating alot of Goals!! somebody shud screenshot ds for future!

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Hehehehee…..even Intermilan and Tottenham are also incompetent for bidding with Man U for the signature of Ighalo. Barca must have been stupid when they wanted to sign him last year too….LMAO

    Just as Alex said on another thread…

    “even if he had not been signed by Man United, the fact that he attracted attention from them alongside Spurs, Inter Milan and Barca (last year) speaks volumes….and the fact that they went for him despite the situation in China, shows the high esteem that he is held…

    “I expect him to score goals because he’s an out-and-out goal scorer,” said Leroy Rosenior.”

    Mark Hughes admitted “I agree with the type of player, they lack physicality in front”

    Keith Andrews remarks “He has a good hold-up play, has an eye for goal and he’s a good finisher,”

    But witches and wizards are crying all about the place and wishing their own country man failure because of the hatred they were born with. LMAO

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      Where did you see inter Milan bid for Ighalo lol you and your over crossing the line news just to make your story line. Tottenham of today is worst with an outdated Jose soon I expect the bubble to burst. Check and you’ll realize that most of the clubs involved with Ighalo are in dilemma and only a few can weather the storm in an already inflated market.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahaha…. U dont read news or and maybe you dont have a TV in your shack or maybe your hatred for Ighalo made you ignore all the last minute jist that was popping out because you never expected or wished Ighalo such a fantastic move. Everyone who followed the close of the transfer window on Sky is very much aware of the tussle for Ighalo last night. You think it is everyone that cooks up lies and beer parlour stories that cannot be verified like you…??? LMAO

        That is why you always come and argue blindly and cook up stories here as if were are from the same village where you are king.

        Go and search Goal.com, sporting life, Score.com. Or are you not living in a country where internet is freely available again…??? CSN would not permit me to post links here, otherwise I would has posted them here if not for anything but to shut you up for good as I always do….LMAO. I know the next crap you will come here and say is that all those news websites are fake websites that are only know for betting…LMAO. With you, there’s always one stupid excuse to discredit any source that shuts you guts up. Lolz

        Now tottenham too is at their worst…LMAO. Is inter milan too at their worst..? Or was Barca at their worst last year too….? LMAO

        I dont even know why I’m even wasting my energy on such a low intellect argument as what your are offering sef…! LMAO

        • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

          Can you compare the Tottenham of last season to this season? Please which was better? Be honest and give a simple answer. even at a time the players that once played for Manchester city will never dream of coming near them today!  Every team with their peak period that is why I will not expect Liverpool of today or my darling Real Madrid to make some questionable singing. It is only when these teams are in short of options that they manage what they find and this is just the Ighalo’s case.

          I hope you’ll learn to differentiate well because the argument ends here!

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Your arguments are always sickening, lacking in substance and
            intellectually nonsensical. What has tottenham of last season got to do with this…? Was tottenham going through an injury crises last season..? Pls go and read Mr Hush’s comments down below. With this kind of IQ, no wonder you are such a mediocre…LMAO.

            And Note, it is because Ighalo is still good enough to be “managed” by the likes of Tottenham, Man U and Inter, when people like you had even ranked Isaac Success as FAR BETTER than him, is what we are celebrating.

            If e too pain you, go drink poison. weda peak or off-peak period, Man U is still a big club, a great club, same as Tottenham and Inter. They are not Stoke city or Wes brom or Rayo Vallencano or HNK gorica (where your Musa Kimmich Mohammed) plays. They are still the RED DEVILS, the 2nd richest club in the world, the landlords of 80,000 fans of Old Trafford and the most succesful club in England in the EPL era and they just signed our own Ighalo…Deal with dat..!

            Man U did not borrow money from you to sign him, neither have they asked you to come and pay his 100,000k pw wages on their behalf (of course you cant even get to that level in this life time).

            So keep your hatred to yourself and let us savour this sweet moment where a Nigerian finally is good enough to be a Red Devil.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            @ Over sabi over realist

            “…The 2019 AFCON bronze and golden boot winner, rejected bids from Inter Milan and Tottenham Hotspur to Join Man United….”

            This is from CSN o. I wont be surprised if you call CSN a fake site now….LMAO

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      @ Over sabi over realist

      “…The 2019 AFCON bronze and golden boot winner, rejected bids from Inter Milan and Tottenham Hotspur to Join Man United….”

      This is from CSN o. I wont be surprised if you call CSN a fake site now….LMAO

  • Aleks 4 years ago

    So for this Warnock guy, his main grouse is that Man United signed Ighalo instead of Danny Ing who “is 27-years of age, ENGLISH and similar to a Rashford-type of player”. His biase is sticking out there like a sore thumb! ……Or what has being ENGLISH got to do with it?….must the new striker be “a Rashford type of player”? No matter how hard a racist try to colour his language, his biases will always come out clearly……the ball is now in Ighalo’s court, to go out there and shame his detractors right there in the field of play….we just hope that he won’t give in to all the antics that will surely be brought out to frustrate him…

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago

    Let me try and answer your question.
    As a Nigerian and a United fan.

    1. Ighalo wasn’t brought in because Man United goofed in Haaland. Haaland was a long term project,and his name came up with other long term projections like Dembele,Edourd, Diallo and our own Osimhen for the striking position. But Haaland was top of that list due to his availability,tenacity and relationship with Ole.
    Ighalo was brought in to “Stand in” for Rashford hence the loan deal. He was on the list with Cavani,King,Ings,Rondon and even Tevez.
    Man united never anticipated Rashford injury. They were planning for summer. The only reason they went for Haaland in January was because he was readily available and they believe he could be swung due to his relationship with Ole. It didn’t happen.
    Ighalo is a stop gap and not long term. So dont mix it up.

    2. The matches Ighalo would play would be determined by the coach,right now,no one knows..after all , if a Mata and Matic still gets game time;even turns out as important players at their age,why not Ighalo.. this is where Ighalo’s grit and quality have to show. He needs to prove himself to get that game time. But again,as noted above.he is just a stop gap approach..so no unnecessary pressure.

    3. How can one tell how many goals one can score?no One knows that for even Messi or Ronaldo. We can only project.. but no matter how many misses or so Ighalo does, we must give him this;he is a great goal scorer. The records says so. So be sure,if he gets the right service,he would score goals.

    4. Please,don’t downgrade Ighalo to that level of KP Boateng. No one can do that. Not even his Ghanaian brothers. You might have your beef with Ighalo. But this is simply too cheeky.and you know that.

    For one,let’s wait and see how things goes.
    For now,congratulations again to Ighalo.
    No matter what happens,I am glad;a Nigerian finally worn that famous jersey.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      @Hush Ighalo just like every other footballer making their money will either succeed or fail. He will either be the signing of Zlatan to Man U who gave a good showing in his 30s or he will be the Prince Boateng to Barca who fumbled after the much hype. As a patriotic Nigerian and a lover of Christ i wish him success regardless of what whoever thinks because i am just being professional in my judgement without hate or bad energy as our African brothers always tend to think when you get real.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      And @Hush i am also more than glad that a Nigerian is wearing the Red jersey even if it’s in their bad era. The only fact im entangled here is the fact that realism and hope should never be mixed! But above all we should hope for the best.

      • Mr Hush 4 years ago


        I do understand your point of view.trust me ,I have checked out your angle too; it came as a surprise to me when Ighalo name came up for my team.
        I wanted more for United.I want us to compete and be the best we used to.

        But I comprehensively looked at it from where we are coming from; we are damn down and desperate;and that Is being factual rather than emotional.
        We needed bodies;more so ,a striker to fill in till Rashford comes back.
        So it is a no brainer that Ighalo is necessary.
        And why not Ighalo?
        Right now,I am not talking as a Nigerian; I am looking at it from a football analyst angle and even more,a Man United fan.
        It is either Odion or Slimani or King or Rondon.
        Those where our choices for January,realistically,taking in cognisance the fact that they are the ones available,cheap and would adapt to any role with throwing a feat, bearing in mind we have competition from Tottenham, Chelsea,Inter ; who are all looking for similar position in the market.
        And from the above trio.
        Ighalo is the best. Based on record.
        It would be stupid to pay up to over 25million pounds for King just for a stop gap role.a guy that isn’t even consistent in front of goal.
        Slimani was a no no.same for Rondon both compared to Ighalo.

        So yes..it was the best deal for the moment.
        Ighalo is cheap(cost nothing less than 4million pounds for 6months.),proven and available.

        And I spoke factually..not sentimentally

        • Charles 4 years ago

          Neil Warnock is a failed coach and he took was the coach of Cardiff city which he couldn’t even do his job well, Cardiff city was relegated under him so who will take him serious, if he his that good why didn’t Cardiff stay in premier league? He his racist and stupid bad coach

  • There is something about Ighalo that you cannot really say. First, after world cup, they said he should be dropped yet he proved everyone wrong. Nobody gave him a chance In afcon qualifiers but he proved everyone wrong. In AFCON All eyes were on big names and many Nigerians thought he deserve the bench but he proved them wrong and went all the way to become the highest goal scorer. Then who told you that he wilk not do well in man u? Time will tell and all the pundits will be proved wrong. This guy is highly divinely favoured. This i can tell.

  • Olusegun. B 4 years ago

    For the first time in Ighalo’a career , he’s playing in a whole new level with a club that has a huge pedigree and long history therefore much is expected from him . A lot of criticisms and expectations are already pouring out ever since . My advice prove your worth and discard any negative energies on your journey to man U
    Welcome baxk to The EPL

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    The key phrase in Walnock comment is, “Ighalo is not English”. Very deep and explains everything about what some of our players go through in the hands of such managers as Walnock, the young bald head in Brighton…etc. LET ANYONE WHO CARES TO LISTEN, IGHALO WILL RAIN GOALS IN MAN UTD, YOU EITHER START TO LOVE HIM OR BETTER STILL HUG A LIVE TRANSFORMER.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    Often times it hard to cope with people in this side of the world where people can not disagree without peace but disrespect. If Segun Odegbami can be abused by lower class sports reader due to lack of knowledge to accept his own submission then i am not surprised that these same uncultured thinkers that are in no way partaking in players cake will come talking against myself for having to stand on my own view.

    Nigerians need to learn and accept the fact that everyone can not stand in one motion. This is a simple logic in the advance world. Everyone should be happy with their stance. Funny to say when Ighalo starts scoring i will naturally feel good as a Nigeria but that doesn’t mean I should not admit my views of him. And if he doesn’t score I will not comment as there are other things to reflect on in life. Can’t somebody educate some of these Charlatans! Done with this fellas

    • GLORY 4 years ago

      @ Chima, I and many others understand your views, which I know is, you want a certain kind of football display and certain kind of players probably different from what many others accept. Quite frankly that view is well understood but may not be accepted by many. That doesn’t make me see you as one who don’t want the best for our players but Odegbami’s case is different. He is actively scheming to actualise a pre-meditated self centered plan and that is what I n many others can’t tolerate.

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