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Nwakali Sacked By Swedish Club Kalmar FF For Returning Late From Xmas Break

Nwakali Sacked By Swedish Club Kalmar FF For Returning Late From Xmas Break

Former Nigerian youth international Chidiebere Nwakali’s contract at Swedish club Kalmar FF has been terminated as a result of the midfielder returning late from Christmas break.

His one year stay is over with the club announcing that they have terminated the contract of the 23-year-old who was once on the books of Premier League giants, Manchester City.

Nwakali was sacked for missing pre-season training following a spat with the club over the payment of his flight ticket to return to the club after visiting Nigeria for the Xmas break.

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He returned to Sweden last week but Kalmar announced via their sporting director, Jurgen Petersson that they have decided to terminate the remainder of the five-year deal he signed last summer.

”We follow the usual working days and when you do not follow the work, we did what we should do and won’t comment any further. Through his behaviour, he violated parts of his contract which is not okay,”Petterson stated.

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  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    I am boiling in the head as I type at the moment.

    These were my thoughts about the Nwakalis only a few months ago

    Dr. Drey 5 months ago
    I must say I am completely disappointed at the fellows who are managing the careers of the Nwakali brother. They say only a fool does same things same way and expects a different result. An enterprising Chidiebere was wasted in man city even when it was glaring he would never get a work permit. Several loan moves and the boy is nowhere to be found now. This same foolish people dragged the younger brother down the same path. Signing for arsenal when there was no hope of securing a work permit and several loan moves down the line and kelechi the MVP of 2015 u17 WC is now in the 2nd division in Spain (and may probably be loaned to the 3rd division) while osimhen,chukwueze, Kingsley Micheal have all showcased themselves in top divisions already.
    I could remember when Chidiebere was at man city a few seasons ago, on this same platform I advised he quit that club and move to Belgium or Holland. One uncought kid rained all sorts of curses on me and even prayed for me to choke to death on my next meal (lmao) claiming Chidiebere should stay put at city and FIGHT for his place….i simply replied time will tell. I hope Chidiebere has won himself a heavyweight belt by now.
    Kelechi on the other hand never reported back to Porto after that u23 qualifier against Libya…he claimed his permit had expired..only to report at arsenal for preseason. He thinks he is Cristiano Messi abi. No wonder arsenal decided to fling him off for free despite still having years left on his contract.
    If you knew your visa was expiring soon, why did you travel, why not stay back and excuse yourself from the national team and renew it.

    Some of these kids sef…I don tire for dia matter. If these 2 brothers don’t get to make it to the top, their senior brother who manages them should be held responsible.

    mr Hush 5 months ago
    @Dr Drey

    I share your opinion regarding the management of the Nwakali’s, I really don’t know the indepth of their management team,but I know for sure they aren’t really good at their jobs.
    That said,if they are really managed by their brother,then one can start to draw reasons why they are in this ‘go around’ they find themselves at.
    For one,closing family members to manage you shows that you care more about money,uplifting your family members rather than your career. Don’t get me wrong,it is always good to be money conscious and very responsible to take care of your family, but must they manage you?! What if they have no idea about the venture they are supposed to manage? There are other ways to uplift your family members rather than putting them in a business of managing you,when they aren’t good at it; thereby bringing you down in the process. Business is business and unless the supposed Nwakali’s brother that supposedly manages them knows his onions in football management,i think he has no business managing these boys.

    Further more,it should be noted that most clubs don’t like doing business with family run management system,they find them really problematic, psg has a problem with Neymar(manage by his dad), same PSG had a problem with Rabiot(manage by his mum) and just recently inter had a problem with Icardi(manage by his wife).
    It is no brainer,that they won’t enjoy working with the Nwakalis, especially being an African!
    The reason Chukwueze,Onyekuru,S.kalu,Osimhen and even Awoniyi are getting good deals,they got good management.from the US or European.
    Even Mikel in his youth was well managed by Shittu,who has a British passport and British partners.

    The talent of the Nwakali brothers should have taken them higher than were they are right now.for crying out loud a division two side,loaning you out to third division team! Kelechi! That’s outrageous. You deserve better.

    But well,the die is cast, I hope he does his best this season, I know he is quality and he would Do such,barring injury.and maybe when Nigeria qualifies for the Olympics, he would be seen and get his chance at a better place than now or maybe Huesca does well and make it to la liga or better yet,he changes his management.

    Thunder they say doesnt strike twice in the same place, but for the Nwakalis, ably managed by their so-called elder brother, Thunder has stuck so many times in the same place that its is now a question of if the centre will still be able to hold.

    How STUPID can an employee be to down tools just because his travel ticket hasnt been paid for..? What happened to Claims Request or Appeals for Re-imbursement. Even if the employee is being sent on an official assignment, professionalism request he gets the job done and claims his expenses thereafter.

    I trust these whites, they would have fired that useless brother of a manager long ago. Just look at how 2 exciting talents have suddenly been turned into ‘bolton wanderers’ because of bad management. Chidi has been sacked (for the 2nd or 3rd time in a career that hasnt even started after 2013), Kelechi too is being offered out by his Spanish 3rd division club to any club that is willing to take him up on loan. This March will make it 1 year since he last played a league match, after also failing to report back to FC Porto after the Nig vs Libya U23 qualifiers.

    I really pity these kids…typical cases of money-miss-road.

    Its Samuel Kalu’s situation Im using corner eye to monitor at Bordeaux now. That one too reported back to his club late after the holidays (for the 2nd time this season) and as since been kicked out of the 1st team.

    It becomes such a tragedy when a man cannot handle fame and fortune.

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