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Exclusive: 2021 AFCON: Rohr Can Lead Super Eagles To Glory If…-Akpoborie

Exclusive: 2021 AFCON: Rohr Can Lead Super Eagles To Glory If…-Akpoborie

Former Nigerian forward, Jonathan Akpoborie believes Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr has the array of players to lead the team to glory land in Cameroon.

Nigeria, three-time champions of the AFCON, are joined in Group D by Egypt, Sudan, and Guinea-Bissau.

The team will open their tournament campaign against seven-time champions, the Pharaohs of Egypt, on January 11, before taking on 1970 champions Sudan’s Falcons of Jediane on January 15. They will thereafter round off their group stage games against Guinea-Bissau’s Djurtus on January 19.

Speaking with Completesports.com, the former Wolfsburg striker stated that the Super Eagles will qualify from the group stages regardless of who they face.

He noted that the real task comes during the knockout stages where Nigeria are likely to face some of the big teams in Africa football.

Akpoborie, however, urged the German tactician to sharpen his ability to read games quickly in a bid to avoid a repeat of what happened in 2019 AFCON.

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“I must confess that the Super Eagles won’t find it difficult to qualify from Group D that consists of Egypt, Sudan, and Guinea-Bissau because we have the players to get the job done.

“It will be wrong for the coach and players to think only Egypt will pose a big threat to Nigeria without paying attention to Sudan and Guinea-Bissau.

“But then, my major concern has to do with Rohr’s ability to read games when the team face stronger teams in the knockout stages of the competition. At this stage, any single error may result to total elimination from the showpiece.

“With the caliber of players in Rohr’s disposal, I see no reason why Nigeria can’t win the 2021 AFCON title.”

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  • Michel 3 years ago

    You have said what majority of Nigerians have been saying,he should get a better assistant that will help him in reading games.we can do it again

    • This is what I have been saying. Nigeria get players but NO coach.

      We are all going to see what will happen in this coming afcon.

      With the number of young quality players we have, Nigeria should be talking of winning cup in all competitions not how to face big teams.

      May God deliver this country.

  • Jones 3 years ago

    I don’t get these guys. Why the hate tho? I read some comments on CSN and it amazes me the hate Rorh gets from this saddists
    ….they keep saying “with the calibre of players we have” Nigeria has a good team I agree but they are definitely not world beaters….How many SE players are playing in the top four clubs in the top 5 leagues? We have quantity obviously but are they top top players NO!

    • ADEYEMI Temitope 3 years ago

      Even in Africa

    • Ralph Palmer 3 years ago

      Nah Bro, I disagree with you on that, the SE of 90-94 was the best in Nigeria History, those were the guys that rub shoulders and are on par with the Argentinians team that has Maradona and Cannigia and the Italians that has Baggio, Maldini, Baresi and others who plays for the top clubs in Europe, but can you remember where most of our boys plied their trades? Keshi-Molenbeek Belgium, Okocha – Frankfurt Germany, Amokachi-Brugge Belgium, Siasia-Nantes France, Rufai- Go ahead eagle Holland. The one with the only notable club at that time was Finidi and guess what club ? AJAX others were playing in lower clubs in Belgium mostly, but that squad was like the bomb squad, and these african teams that always terrorised us back then most of them are home base so playing in top club is not really the issue here, I hope you will agree with me on that. We have so many young and talented players including all these guys we are racking up from their country and getting them Nigerian passport, when these guys play for their clubs you will see the talent in them but in Nigeria colour it’s different, they hardly express themselves, have you seen chukwueze playing for Villarreal, same with other guys, something is just wrong somewhere, I dunno if it’s the coach or something, all I’m trying to say is with the players we’ve got we should be more decisive, convincing and be doing better.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Ralph Palmer… Better talk. Meanwhile some people think it’s only in Europe that football can be played… Where does the likes of Adokie Amasiemeka play their football… till date the generation from that time who have seen these younger ones including Siasia, Okocha and more recent players continue to say… Thompson Usiyen, and Adokie Amasiemeka remained the most talented and skillful Nigerian footballer’s ever… even Christian Chukwu said Yekini cannot be compared to Thompson Usiyen… yet it’s only in Europe you can come into your element and be a real deal…

    • Jide Dola 3 years ago

      Thank you o, and help me tell them one news said Rohr is SE coach for 7 years now what has he won, buh Cisse has been Senegal coach almost the same number of years, if not the same number of years with more formidable Senegal, so what has he won. Moreover, you always have Target for Rohr, why the target, is bcos you know in your mind that that is the highest level SE can reach in those times which is the reason for those target. He has reach those target Oliver twist now want more. If you are Senegalest will you accept that SE can win nations cup ahead of you. My point, if Nigeria end up in final of AFCON no matter if we carry it or not is a fair attainment.

    • Mr. Jone, I will like to read your comment after this coming afcon. Don’t forget that this coach you are supporting has coached Eagles for five solid years with no cup to show. By now I expect Eagles under this your coach to be a strong team with different patterns of playing ball. But till now with five solid years with the team. Nigerian still don’t have team, no single pattern of playing ball. Only what your coach is good at is to keep saying words that will even motivate opponents to beat Nigerian team.

      My only question to you now is How many Nigeria players were playing in your so call big teams in the world when Stephen Keshi won afcon for Nigeria? Even the 1994 Eagles that we are praising till today, how many of them plaid in world big team then?

      God bless Nigeria.

      • @Godsgate, what does pattern of play means to you I beg?

      • No cup to show for it! Is it league cup competing for every year? He has only gone two tournaments including one Afcon which is the only tournament they have capability to win, though they didn’t do badly anyway

  • Jones 3 years ago

    Now its get him a better assistant? All you people screaming that Rohr should be replaced can’t even mention a single coach that would replace Rorh and work without salary….the guy is barely paid…..now I hear clowns calling Siasia to replace Rorh have forgotten so soon the whole Siaone-Nff saga lol….you think Amaju doesn’t see the local coaches salivating to take Rorh’s place? Then why does he keep overlooking them?

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    All I want to say is kudos to we patriotic Nigerians for coming out in numbers to support our nation few days ago.

    Nonetheless, we have to keep it up not only in football but in general for the betterment of Nigeria.


    “But then, my major concern has to do with Rohr’s ability to read games when the team face stronger teams in the knockout stages of the competition. At this stage, any single error may result to total elimination from the showpiece”.

    Well said Mr. Akpoborie. We have been saying this for a while but no solution.

    When we are talking now, they will say we hate Oga Rohr but in what way? When we see the truth, we should keep quiet?

    Many of us has said we should get Oga Rohr an expert who can read game, who can make subs at the right time with right subs.

    I also said that before but my question is, who will pay for the service of the assistant coach?

    Is Oga Rohr ready to pay the assistant coach or NFF will be required to fund the account of the assistant coach?

    If NFF are going to pay then it doesn’t make sense.

    You are paying such of amount of money on a coach that can’t compete with the best teams while we have our own people that are far better than a foriegn coach who really good at qualifying series but when the tournaments kick off, he have no clues.

    Since we love to be deceived in this country and we prefer lying to ourselves rather than telling ourselves the bitter truth, NFF/Oga Rohr have planted Bronze medals, they wanted to harvest. Is it possible?

    We are watching. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      Can u kindly mention the “our own ” who are better? Don’t mention Amuneke that has been jobless coaching wise for the last 2 years without a country or club asking him to come around since he left tanzania or the self acclaimed african guardiaola (oliseh) that has been jobless since creation or the other corrupt thief that got himself whipped by fifa. You have turned a blind eye to that dummy of an assistant that was imposed on him. Your hatred has blinded ur eyes and sense of reasoning in that regard and same applies to you mr akporobie. Clammour for a capable assistant to be given to him not that dummy that always sits in one place without any single meaningful contribution. All of you guys are very sick in the head. An assitant should be good as the head not a dummy seater. Yobo is the problem. He is the main clog in the wheel. While the coach may be worrying about so may other things to make his team better, his assitant would be thinking of the next designer kinda suit he’ll buy thereby making the job of the poor man too cumbersome. You are very, very sick omo9ja, apkorobie and co. All this talk talk talk in the wrong direction would not make any sense and would contribute to nothing. Mr Akpos, u won’t look in the direction of yobo bcs say na one of your men. He was once a jobless ex international like u until he was given a covert job that is backfiring now. Idiots of the highest order. God punish una dia! Ewu Gambias.

  • TALK UR OWN 3 years ago


    • Jide Dola 3 years ago

      So Senegal is a very bad club with small small boy, is a good thing if we win buh stop talking as if is your birthright, there is no need of raising your hope high, in competition anything can happen, Senegal and Nigeria may be favourite buh before final of the competition they might crash themselves out, you might play two shots that was supposed to lead to go and hit bar in a lone goal match, is not bcos the team is not good buh it just happen. I pray for luck on our side, I believe we will get to the final two.

  • Chibuike 3 years ago

    Rohr is a good coach for me oo and his good in managing players like a father but he like making late substitute which always backfire against him. If he can get a good young assistant that can stand on the touchline and reading games for him becos his getting okder, then his good to go…

  • Who take this jobless Akpoborie serious. Always talking trash. We get his antics.He is an agent probably Rohr has refused to call some of his players. This same man has won against big teams both in Africa and beyond but some still complained of making late substitute, wrong usage of players etc all cos of hatred for this man. Pls what is your problem? If he is not doing it well,wait until he left take up the job/ bring your better candidate and let’s see how it goes..

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Animal we don leave page for una. Keep insulting guys who have Football experience more than your father. Idiot!

  • Ayodele Ralph Palmer 3 years ago

    The thing is when Westerhof was appointed in 1989 he use as many players as Rohr as done since he took over in 2016, Westerhof tried so many players and he later built the most convincing Nigerian team till date within 4 years running into the Nation and WC in 1994. That team only need to train together for 2-4 days and they bond immediately. If a coach is not getting it right with a team that doesn’t mean he’s a bad coach, Rohr has handled so many teams in the past and he’s a good coach, but he has been here for 5 years and the team is not improving or progressing, I’m not even talking about winning trophies here but the playing, when Westerhof team line up you know what to expect but this team of today you never know, it’s just like we are moving in circle, I don’t think he has injected anything into that team and he’s 5 years old already. Check this out , If a local coach has been in charge for 5 years and things are like as it is with Rohr and his team what would have happened, he would have been attacked front, back, right and left. Bottom line, we chooses a foreign coach because we believe they have the capacity and experience and exposure to influence our football but we have not seen that impact from Rohr in 5 years, I’m not saying he should be sacked or replaced and we might start seeing his hand on the team from the AFCON next year but I’m just saying 5 years is more than enough for a coach to transfer his ideology into a team and we have not seen that from Rohr ( Strictly My Opinion)

  • HASSAN Tia 3 years ago

    I think there are three factors on which Super Eagles with them can win this cup;they are as follows:fristly Rhor must change the pattern or style of play for SE to a defesive one which has many,that means he must play a pressing and proper recoveries on midfield and back lines,then he should choose a strong defensive midfielders like a dual Ndidi and Onyeka,exculde Etebo because he has many errors and mistakes he committes;on center back line he should collect between Awaziem and Balogun or Omeruo,he must exclude William troost because he committes many errors and mistakes like Etebo;Rhor must play a depth game on attacking line,also play crosses kicks by wingers to attackters like Onauchu or Sadiq Umar in order to score head goals.Secondly: NFF must support SE pysicologically and physically with providing means of relax and rest for the team this means providing excellent hotel with excellent facilities in Garuoa,Cameroon; renting an excellent aircraft for thier destination to Cameroon;grant them(SE) thier bonuses in frist team espacially in the World Cup qualifier to Qatar which will begin next month in order to appear good intention for the team, and not to make disorder and disturbance in the team.thirdly: NFF must hire a vetern assitant coach who can read the matches so excellent;I think this assitant coach must be Emmanuel Amuniki,because he a championship coach who had won juvenile world cup in South Korea in 2013 with Osimhen and Keleche Iheanacho as assistant coach;so if NFF and SE coaching crew do these matters they can really win this cup without any compelement…

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