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Exclusive: 2023 AFCONQ: Adeleye, Not Uzoho Should Be Eagles No. 1 Goalkeeper Against Sao Tome –Aikhoumogbe

Exclusive: 2023 AFCONQ: Adeleye, Not Uzoho Should Be Eagles No. 1 Goalkeeper Against Sao Tome –Aikhoumogbe

Former Nigerian goalkeeper, Andrew Aikhoumogbe has insisted that Adebayo Adeleye deserves to remain in the Super Eagles goal post ahead of Francis Uzoho against Sao Tome in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Recall that the Hapoel Jerusalem goalkeeper who was making his debut, proved his worth against Sierra Leone despite conceding two goals in Nigeria’s 3-2 win.

However, in a chat with Completesports.com, Aikhoumogbe called on the technical crew to give Adeleye another run of games against Sierra Leone.

“I feel impressed with he way he composes himself despite the fact that he was making his debut.

“His aerial ability is another aspect I liked about him and I think he should be giving another opportunity against Sao Tome.

“Adeleye will give the likes of Uzoho, Okoye and others a run for their money in the team.”

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  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 12 months ago

    This is true – However I would add to this that we should still regard that position as a position in flux meaning that we are still seeking the best candidate for that number 1 jersey in the SE but Yes, currently Adeleye has surely taken a step forward in that consideration and should be firmly ahead of Uzoho-

    I still cannot understand how any competent footballing coach worth his onions could possibly be happy and content with Uzoho as the country’s number 1 goalie – It really is a head scratcher that one! Can they not see? Is it only myself along with other football loving SE fans who get that unnerving, uneasy, jittery feeling when Uzoho is between the sticks? He is far from commanding in his position and every time the ball goes anywhere near him, either from just basic kicking it out to ball distribution to his defender team mates, and please do not even bring up the issues of making saves or stopping shots or intercepting corners or facing penalties and so on and so forth – In all these activities, he raises fear in the hearts of the average Nigerian!

    Let’s just put it this way – He lacks in every department of what it means to just be a goalkeeper so it boggles the mind that such an individual is given the confidence of being the goalkeeper of Nigeria’s flagship football team the SE’s – It is almost a callous move – as if whoever is making these decisions does not really care about the mental state, health or happiness of the average football loving Nigerian and we are many! The most populous country in Africa and one of the most populous in the World.

    In conclusion, I truly believe that that position of the SE’s number 1 is a position we are still auditioning for – Yes currently Adeleye has the advantage and should surely keep the jersey for the upcoming games but we MUST still be very alert and put all necessary resources and efforts into unveiling the best candidate for that position – there are many very good Nigerian goalies the world over and we already have a standard to adhere to in if not our last incumbent – the excellent Enyeama then the impeccable Cameroonian stopper Onana – we need a goalkeeper of a minimum those levels for a great name like the SE’s of Nigeria but which ever way you spin this, Uzoho should be nowhere near that jersey – Facts!

    • I was trying to read and understand your point till you mentioned SE. This renders all your points invalid. Don’t you ever bring someone tribes into adult or meaningful discussions.

      • Andy, calm down. SE is Super Eagles. Sir Johnbob is not talking about South East or anything tribe related. Please we are all Nigerians, let’s not be so quick to judge each other especially over ethnicity and tribe. God bless us all.

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 12 months ago

          @Geee, @ Dayo, @Gideon Gentlemen… lool

          See trouble oh! hehehe
          So this guy now is taking the anger of his own ignorance out on me an innocent who is just trying to say his own 2 kobo’s worth on our Super Eagles and he somehow found tribalism in there? lool!
          As you can see the type of lack of simple comprehension that a person has to contend with in some of our people – I think the guy probably thinks that he has a problem with me already and so it did not matter what I said- I could have said praise the Lord! and he still would have attacked because he has been looking for me to say anything and he was always ready to attack lol –

          Bros @Andy ol boy coool down na lol, abi dem send you ni? I am not speaking Yoruba now chaii! Hahahaha!

      • Andy, calm down. SE is Super Eagles! Sir Johnbob is not talking about South East or any tribe. We are all Nigerians, let’s not be so quick to condemn each other along issues of ethnicity or tribe. God bless us all.

      • SE is not South east o but Super eagle

      • Gideon 12 months ago

        SE simply means super eagles bro…

        • Yerimanphc 12 months ago

          SE can also be South East.so cut him some slack. That doesn’t mean he’s ignorant. It depends on what one is thinking.

          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 12 months ago

            Look at this moronic gahanain yerimanhpc abi wetin call? You people have started again poking your ugly black noses into business that does not concern you and you are absolutely not invited to comment on Lol!

            First of all this is not a Ghana site – you jobless ghanaians are just a cancerous stain on the clean garment of humanity

            Secondly – you must be soo stupid and have absolutely ZERO idea of just how dense and imbecilic you are – If that dude was a little bit lacking in reading or comprehension – that’s not bad at all compared to an ignoramus like you at least he is still a Nigerian- And nobody bodied him, some corrected him about what SE stands for and I said I would let it slide, But No a Ghana Rat must come and involve himself in Nigerians talking among themselves – Pathetic!! You are completely OOO! On so many grounds that you deserve to be locked away in a mental gaol and the keys thrown away into the Atlantic – What a stupid Ghana pombe – you people have no life! What are you doing trolling around Nigerian sites ffs??? Have you EVER seen me or any Nigerian on any of your rasclat bludclat YEYE jealousy ridden depraved and sick sites?? Why do you people have no shame papa??

            Finally – shame on you and you have done Ghana no favours again- Fools like you give that place a real bad name! – Because even a mad man- having read what was put in the first instant must know that even if according to an OLODO like you SE could mean whatever a tool like you thinks, Me personally- I have NEVER referred to anywhere let alone the South East as SE – Also which South East are you Talking about?? I have lived in many South Easts – Malaysia, Hackney, Uganda and yet I have never ever referred to any one of these places as SE – But even if a madman like you says it could mean a random South East somewhere, what about the CONTEXT??? What about the rest of the comment abi you just read word by word by word in Isolation??? hmmm

            Where did you go to school?? In Ghana?? Abi you nor go school at all?? lool

            Olosi Olodo rabata!

            Carry your smelly black banku teeth back to somewhere where your likes are lurking – don’t show your dirty head around here – THIS SITE IS FOR NIGERIANS!!!

            Yeye dey smell!!!

      • Amos Onileagbon 12 months ago

        I’m sorry but you appear to be the one thinking along tribal lines. The SE in the man’s comment stands for Super Eagles as anyone should be able to deduce from the word ‘fans’ after it. You owe him an apology o.

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 12 months ago

          @ Amos – bro, thank you O jare….but I don’t need his apology at all Oh! because he just did himself an injustice there lol. – If anything I want to apologise to him instead teehehe

          I could use that his faux pas to rip into him but I choose to pass because as you said it’s obvious who actually has tribalism on the brain out of all of us on this thread so far lol

          Mehn God Bless Nigeria Oh! 🙂

      • Simeon 10 months ago

        SE means super eagles in sports 

  • Ako Amadi 12 months ago

    The game should be played with only home-based to save money on flight tickets

  • onwajunior 12 months ago

    U20 goalkeeper should man the post.

  • Omo9ja 12 months ago

    Well spoken, Mr. Aikhoumogbe.

    This is why I wasn’t impressed with Oga Rohr over the 6 years of his tenure, and now, Oga Paseiro is repeating the same thing. We can’t keep quiet kę.

    That said. I love Uzoho and Okoye. But that goalkeeping department needs to be strengthened.

    I have another golie that I want to recommend for NFF and the coaching crew to give a chance.

    That guy is a world-class keeper. His name is “Nwabali”. That guy can put Adeleye on the bench. His confidence is second to none.

    Very tall, quick, and well calculative also. He has what it takes to compete with Uzoho, Okoye, and Adeleye.

    Why has the goalkeeper training never given him a chance? This Nwabali is well known in the NPFL.

    Kai, at this stage, doesn’t sound well not to have a fantastic golie in the Super Eagles.

    We want a coach in charge of the Super Eagles that can make a good selection based on merit.

    How can we have Nwabali in the NPFL and Super Eagles struggling with the no 1 goalie? Corruption, I think, ba? Hmmm.

    For now, I believe the best two goalies we have now are Adeleye and Nwabali.

    The coaching crew shouldn’t forget that we still have Osagwe.

    We should give the three keepers a chance. That is how you build a team.

    We can’t keep recycling and expecting a miracle to happen. It doesn’t work like that.

    I am not talking about no1 goalie here, but I am talking about a reliable goalie who can make Super Eagles and Nigeria proud.

    Whosoever is in charge of the Super Eagles in September, either foreign or local coach should consider these three goalies.

    No.1 Adeleye
    No.2 Nwabali
    No.3 Osagwe

    Uzoho will get better as time goes on, and the same thing also applies to Okoye. We can’t rule the two out because they need our encouragement.

    I am expecting who is going to be with the Eagles in September to select the best squad that will involve irregular players that will compete with the main team. Sentiment apart, we want to see if the new players can achieve anything meaningful in that match.

    The likes of Dessers, Adeleye, Nwabali, and other new players should play the last match in September. That is my view on this one. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • pompei 12 months ago

      Omo9ja, you and Rohr, we will reconcile the two of you one day.
      You dislike one of the most successful coaches Nigeria has ever had. A coach that beat Argentina 4-2 (the same Argentina that won the world cup, minus Messi), drew 1-1 with Brazil, beat our arch rivals Cameroon 4-0 at Uyo, and almost beat them on their home turf, if not for a penalty manufactured late in the game to save Cameroon’s blushes. This is the same coach you refuse to see anything good in.
      You want to malign the man’s character. We can’t keep quit ke. We have to speak out.
      Rohr did very very well for us. Accept this, and know peace!

      • Omo9ja 12 months ago

        You minority group is still backing up your excuses to cover up Oga Rohr from his mistakes. I do not hate Oga Rohr, but I am saying the bitter truth that you, his followers, do not accept from us the majority group.

        Upon all you said, if they ask you Pompei, what was Oga Rohr achievement during his time? What would you say?

        Simply put, He won Bronze medals for Nigeria, right?

        At world stage, what did he achieve? Did he do anything spectacular?

        We want something better than that.

        You can see now that I didn’t hate the French man.

        He did well in some areas, but he did not achieve a lot or something spectacular with such of players we had with him during his time.

        Like coach Eguavoen, that man messed up big time. Because of Ęgunję, he selected his boys, and Tunisia nocked him and his boys out of Afcon due to his corruption. Did I not like Mr. Eguavoen, too?

        Let call a spade a spade Oga Pompei fah.

        My lovely friend Pompei, you should ask have asked why Oga Rohr why Oga Rohr couldn’t find a replacement for Uzoho and Okoye.

        I still maintain my point here. If NFF can give our indigenous coaches a free hand to select the best squad for Nigeria, Super Eagles can win the next Afcon by God’s grace.

        A good coach with Eagles can win a tournament in less than a year if they can make life easier for the coach.

        We don’t deserve an average coach as a foreign coach. If the NFF can’t afford to hire the best foreign coach for the Super Eagles, then they should give us the best indigenous coaches to take over the job.

        Instead of waste such amount of money on Oga Paseiro, NFF should consider Amunike or Finidi to be the Super Eagles coach.

        I know many of you still want the French/German tactician back, but we have moved on from that.

        Mr. Pompei, please let’s give our own four years to rebuild Super Eagles.

        Are you confident enough that Oga Paseiro can win the next Afcon and also rebuild Super Eagles? If yes, how many new players has he given a chance so far? Can you see that?

        New days has come. Let give our own
        another chance. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • @omo9ja why do you like to talk with both side of your mouth? You accused Equavon of corruption and yet you re still saying local coaches should be given 4 years to manage super eagles. Don’t even know you understand yourself. All that you claimed were not happening during rohr time I belief it is now happening under the current gaffer and those that have managed the team after him?. You better check your brain and stop lamenting unnecessarily.

        • pompei 12 months ago

          Omo9ja, if you think you are in the majority, you are living in an alternate reality. The majority of Nigerians readily accept that Rohr did marvelously well. Only diehards like you who simply hate the man for no tangible reason refuse to acknowledge his achievements, perhaps because of his white skin?
          The OUR OWN you clamoured for brought woeful failure upon us. Yet you refuse to learn the basic lesson that national team coach is not for OUR PEOPLE, but is for the most qualified person we can afford, wherever that person may come from. Brazil are currently trying to get Ancelotti. Why don’t they insist on their own? Because their own have not performed to their satisfaction. If Brazil can humbly look for the best coach for their team, we can do the same.
          I can’t give your own 4 years to do the job. Sorry. Rohr had all the time because he was delivering on his targets. If he had failed to qualify us for any of the tournaments, he would have been fired immediately. Why should OUR OWN be treated differently? If OUR OWN gets the job, their longevity on the job should be directly tied to their performance.

      • Golden Child 12 months ago

        @Pompei, whilst I understand the point you are trying to make but to say Rohr is one of the most successful coaches in Nigeria is a fallacy of hasty generalisation. For you to be termed successful as a coach, you need to have won a trophy, in his case he has just won a bronze afcon medal. Going by your statement, he should be mentioned in the same breath as westerhof, Bonfrere jo, Steven Keshi and SiaSia. He has achieved appreciable level of success but to say he is one of the most successful is a bit far reached.

        • pompei 12 months ago

          Golden Child, the trophy requirement would likely have been met if Rohr was not hastily fired. We will never know for sure. But when it comes to meeting targets, and qualifying the team for major tournaments, sometimes with 2 games to spare, Rohr did exceptionally well. The use of calculators became redundant under Rohr, as we qualified for tournaments with ease. Even the bronze he won at the Afcon in 2019, he lost to a very good Algeria side at the last minute! If we had won that game, the trophy you talked about would likely have been delivered by Rohr.
          He achieved all targets he was given while been owed many months of salaries, mind you. He was not perfect, but the man tried abeg.
          Now he is gone, we are back to using calculators.

    • Dr. Drey 12 months ago

      The fact that you still keep calling Nwabili a “homebased” player shows how dumb and uninformed you are.

      It also indicates that you’ve not even watched him for at least 2 years now. It means you dont even know what has been happening to him in the last 2 years.

      Same way you kept clamouring for almapasu when he hadnt even kept goal for more than 15 times in 5 years.

      If I may ask, which NPFL team is your “world class” Nwabili currently playing for…??

      From which TV station have you been watching his “world class” performances in the NPFL for the past 2 years that makes you think he should be invited to the SE….???

  • TALK UR OWN 12 months ago


  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    POINT of CORRECTION HOUSE!GENERAL ROAH SPENT 5 YEARS as the SE BOSS and not 6 YEARS like some DAFT PEOPLE have been CLAIMING.. I mean how does 2016-2021 become 6 YEARS???

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    GENERAL ROAH is definitely RIGHT!!!

    Rohr takes credit for present Super Eagles team, says he made job easy for his successor
    After almost six years, the German Manager was sacked as Head Coach after repeated incidents of poor performances from his team.
    Wande Akinola
    Feb 16, 2023 5:11 PM
    Share via Text Message
    Gernort Rohr
    Listen to this article
    FORMER Super Eagles of Nigeria Manager, Gernot Rohr has given himself credit for the present state of the Super Eagles team, saying he was responsible for building the team.

    The German Manager was sacked as Head Coach of the national team, after spending five and a half years with them. The 69-year-old tactician guided the national team to a Bronze medal at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations which was held in Egypt.

    While speaking in an interview session, Rohr made it clear that he was still on good terms with the players, as he sees them as family.

    “I speak with them when I have the time. We have a very good relationship and it’s so because I see them as my family,” he said.

    “The present Super Eagles team if properly handled can be great because I built it to an extent that makes it easy for anyone to do the job correctly. I will forever wish them well but not when it’s against the team I am handling,” he added.

    Rohr could find his way back to the coach stand, as Benin Republic are interested in bringing him to their side. Insinuations suggest that all that is left is to put some extra touches and corrections on the contract to be signed

    • Rohr would have won AFCON if he was left alone and let him do his job, i said this before that, NFF will win AFCON under Rohr if they will allow him do what he wanted to do. But if they fired him it will take a while for super eagles to win AFCON, listen guys success is not builds in a day or a year, it’s a consistent attitude that brings success, every consistent break resistance, Rohr was very close to win it, because of lack of sight to some people they didn’t see it coming they got him fired, guys that was a big Setback on Nigeria success. You don’t make success like that people you need work and masters your failure and turn it round, that’s how people make it work it’s not by force it is by wisdom and understanding with logic.

  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    We Reached All Targets’: Rohr Criticises NFF For Firing Him
    Gernot Rohr has criticised the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for sacking him as the Super Eagles coach, maintaining that the team’s performance under him … Continue reading

    By Emmanuel Egobiambu
    Updated December 16, 2021

    Rohr maintains there was no justification for sacking him.

    Rohr maintains there was no justification for sacking him.

    Gernot Rohr has criticised the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for sacking him as the Super Eagles coach, maintaining that the team’s performance under him was not below expectations.

    The German, who is Nigeria’s longest-serving coach, was fired earlier in the week following some unconvincing results with the 1994 African champions.

    But the coach has faulted the move, insisting that he met all targets set by the NFF upon his appointment in 2016.

    “It was not necessary to do this so close to AFCON,” he told ESPN, saying the team had chances to score more goals in their last two matches – against Sierra Leone and Cape Verde but were unlucky.

    “After what the team did, and after what the team had achieved with [reaching] the targets… but it happened, and we are realistic people.”

    According to him, the Super Eagles had become better since he took charge, citing the team’s improved FIFA ranking.

    Rohr said that he has built a reliable team since 2016 and tipped them for glory in next year’s Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Cameroon.

    “Everybody knows that we are close to the AFCON, and I think this team should win it because this team is built to win matches, important matches, decisive matches,” he added.

    Beyond his sacking and the team’s performance, Rohr also refuted claims by the NFF President, Amaju Pinnick, that he had lost the dressing room.

    He claimed that the football body had been planning to sack him over a year ago. This, he said, was the reason they brought in Austin Eguavoen to become a part of his crew.

    “The dressing room was 100% behind me,” Rohr noted and hoped that “it will also be 100% behind the new coach [Eguavoen]”.

  • Are you the coach ? Why not allow the coach a free hand , Mr know too much

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