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Exclusive: Eagles Attack Will Scare Opponents In 2023 AFCON –Unuanel

Exclusive: Eagles Attack Will Scare Opponents In 2023 AFCON  –Unuanel

Former Kwara United coach, Samson Unuanel has revealed that the Super Eagles possesses one of the strongest attack going to the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

Recall that Nigeria wrapped up the qualifiers with a comfortable 6-0 victory against Sao Tome and Principe at Nest of Champions, Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state, on Sunday.

A hat-trick from Napoli striker, Victor Osimhen and a goal each from Ademola Lookman, Taiwo Awoniyi, and substitute, Samuel Chukwueze ensured the team finished top of Group A ahead of Guinea Bissau.

However, Unuanel in an interview with Completesports.com stated that the team strikers such as Victor Osimhen, Taiwo Awoniyi, Victor Boniface and Cyriel Dessers, Terem Moffi and others will scare opponents at the bi-annual tournament.

“There is no doubt that the Super Eagles is blessed with an array of strikers that can cause any team in Africa serious nightmare.

“Players like Osimhen, Boniface, Awoniyi, Dessers, and Moffi are capable of scoring goals and also lead the team to glory at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

“The team’s 6-0 victory over Sao Tome is an indication of what is to come at the tournament.”


By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • Ako Amadi 9 months ago

    Absolutely! The attack has always been Nigeria’s jewel. But our goalkeepers may not be class. If Maduka Okoye gets game time at Udinese, he should be brought back. The defence is looking solid.

    • Richie 9 months ago

      I really love the kinds of reinforcements coming into that squad, the likes of Ahmed Musa has had a good day with that team; he should do the honourable thing and bow out in grace.
      Please o, I’m not trying to force the man out; I’m just saying he should do what’s only right, the team is presently with the right momentum, and moving in the right direction. And I don’t see Musa in that picture. He’s done his glorious bit already. Time to move on!

      • …ditto Omeruo!

        • They will scare teams like sao tome. What did the same attack do when they met more established teams? Make we hear word!

          • Insecure twat always coming here to try to inflate your team’s dying ego. Have you seen the Nigerian team and stars who couldn’t even make the bench? We don’t want Ghana-level players. Except maybe Kudus, none of your team list will make the SE bench. Always stealing games at the last minute. As CAR was pumelling them at home, they had to foul one of their players to score an offside goal. Thank goodness there’s no VAR. Same they did with SA, but unfortunately for them couldn’t do it at the last Afcon against Comoros as there was VAR. I wonder how or where Nigeria could ever lose to an average outside CAF top 10 team in this generation? Make we catch you for Afcon. The humiliation go loud. Useless thing.

          • Musa is still nursing ambition to be part of SE in 2026 World cup. I don’t know the reasons why we Africans are so dwarf to always be disgraced from positions or office.

          • Envy and Jealous are your shortcoming

  • Kwasia! Can you beat Ghana, senegal, Cameroon or even Togo 6-0? Think about it and stop running your mouth. Even world cup you failed to qualify. What makes u think u can scare someone with your mumu attack? What did Osimhin do when he met Ghana. Pls also wonder how the same CAR beat your useless super chickens in Lagos. Masa when it comes to African football you should be the last to talk. Do you have a better record in the afcon compared to Egypt,cameroon, Ghana etc? What have you achieved in the many times you have represented africa in the world cup? If i were you i will shut up and stop the rabble-rousing. You always like talking, putting pressure on your team and getting disappointed. I thought you have learnt your lessons by now not knowing you are still living in your fools paradise. You think the afcon will be offered to you on a silver platter? Tickle yourself and laugh you idiot!

    • Can you beat Sao Tome 16-0 aggregate? Tell me the last time Ghana beat any team 3-0 or 4-0. It’s always a last minute steal, typical of your gra-gra play fuelled by ego to at least have something to boast about against a clearly bigger and richer neighbor.

      And please stop counting Ghana anong Afcon winners. Can’t remember any o. Oh sorry someone just told me you actually won a 6-team competition in 1960 or is it 1970 or 1980. *Yawn*. Are you not ashamed? Was that Afcon too? Even 4-tean and 3-tean friendlies? My bad.

      You think you get mouth on our forum here!? I give you wotowoto until you cry and leave with your tail between your legs or learn to be civil like your compatriot. Stupid boy!

  • The last time we beat any team 3-0 or more was when we beat your super chickens 7-0. Idiot! Your argument shows how shallow minded you are. Where was Nigeria when Ghana was winning the 4-nation afcon? It shows that you don’t even have any history and your present day team is not any better. Your over hyped legends like odegbame etc come from that era. Pls ask them about Ghana and they will tell you. If you say you will win afcon, we are waiting. Useless team…lol

    • You mean the 1964 friendly match? Tell me any African team you’ve managed to beat 4-0 in the last 10 years! Any. We still beat Cameroun 4-0 less than 3 years ago. Can your team ever do that in the 21st century? Please try to win Afcon and let’s talk like mates – not 4-team friendly matches in the 1970s that was officialized as Afcon later. An entire 42 years ago! Let me see Ghana win a solid 24-team competition and then come and yarn.

      Ask about Ghana? Lol. As how? Hehehe. What self-delusion. ‘We are Ghana’. We are Ghana what exactly? *Long yawn* Small Ghana ranked 25 or so in CAF. Tell Comoros to ask about Ghana, not Nigeria. We only ask about Senegal, Brazil etc. Stupid boy.

      • How on earth can CAR beat u in lagos? And yet you go on a rant. I will ask again; where was your useless chickens when Ghana was winning the friendlies? Who eliminated your useless team from the last world cup? Your team is useless, just accept it…lol

        • Hahahaha. Since you and your people are always awed and obsessed with the nickname, SUPER EAGLES, let’s break it down for you. Have you seen an eagle documentary? It’s fearless and will swoop on any animal on the ground, including goats, foxes, sloths, and even a careless human child. Let’s not even talk about chickens. That one is a Falcon’s easy meal, Mind you, that’s the name of our senior female national team. We carefully chose our teams’s names to perfectly represent the team’s true strength.

          Let’s come to your stars that you say are black. I want to believe you wanted black to communicate African (You know, being the only African nation in the world. Lol). Have you seen a white star or yellow star national team? Ghana, the only country that named a star after a color that represents everything that it shouldn’t be.

          So I ask again? Have you seen the Nigerian team? Best ocerall player in Serie A and highest goal scorer (where you have some of your players) – Osimhen. Best African player in La Liga (where you have some of your players) – Chukwueze, now at AC Milan. Best African player in the English Championship (where your captain plays) – Chuba Akpom – and he couldn’t even make the current Super Eagles list. Nominated best African player in Ligue 1 (where you have some of your players) – Moffi. There was no space for him too in the current list. Nominated best player in the Bundesliga – Boniface. Just one cap. The list goes on; but I know you get the idea.

          So, again. I ask you, Have you seen the Nigerian team? Fear no catch you? Have you seen an Eagle? Go watch on YouTube. How and where can your stars that are black ever beat Nigeria in this time and age? EmpHasis ‘BEAT’. Impossicant. Have you seen the FIFA ranking and the gap between us?

          Can you beat Sao Tome 16-0 aggregate? You’ll huff and puff for a draw. And you didn’t beat CAR. The second ‘goal’ was a foul and offside and they were beating you already. But, as always, you have to cheat your way out. Nigeria doesn’t do. We win or lose clean and then go to your home to beat you soundly, like we did to CAR 2-0 in 2022.

      • Could complete sports please get rid of these Ghana people from our peaceful website. 


  • Envy and Jealous are your shortcomings. Silent is the best answer for a fool

  • Hassan Tia 9 months ago

    Yaw you are envious and jealous against developed Super Eagles, I ask you question how your team Ghana have now goals from this qualifier? I think they have only ten or nine goals only, but developed Super Eagles have 22 goals as stronger attack in Africa; on your weak team like Comoros in the last AFCON. tourenment in Cameroon , Comoros defeated you 2-1 eleminated you from the tournement, ask yourself why were you eleminated by weak and tiny team?; Uganada have defeated you before, this is also a weak team, Ghana just play strong matches when they confront SE, cause this a derby of West Africa leauge.

    • Pls can you beat Egypt, SA, Zambia or even Benin 16-0? Tickle yourselves and laugh. Fools!

  • Kunle 9 months ago

    My nigerians brothers, stop answering these Ghanaians on this platform. The last time ghana won afcon is then in 1982. Last afcon nigeria won was 2013.
    Cameroon team started winning afcon in 1984 and they have manage to win 5 cups.
    Now which country is developing in football and which one is living on past glory?
    Talking of nigerian achievement, Ghanaians are suffering from jealousy and hatred. They should learnt how to respect other and admit. I am in ghana here, they like to be called boss even if you are higher than them.

  • pompei 9 months ago

    Hahaha, this YAW of a guy, JEALOUSY HAS ALMOST FINISHED HIM, that’s why he has come here to run his mouth.
    Nigeria’s superb performance completely ruined his weekend. The man couldn’t eat or sleep yesterday.
    His problem actually started with the stellar performance of the Super Falcons at the world cup. It pained him so much that Nigeria performed well, earning worldwide respect, while the Banku ladies were absent. Now, to add insult to injury, the Super Eagles are doing well too. It’s too much for Yaw!
    Which kain wahala de dis nah? Is it a crime for us to thrash small teams? If it is easy to thrash small teams, let Ghana thrash the small teams that come their way, if they can!

    • Super chickens doing well against sao tome? Lol. Did CAR beat you in lagos or not? I beg stop bullying small teams and reserve your energies for the big guys of African football. Beating Sao tome is no news my brother. You always get choked when u play the big teams and that’s what you should be thinking about.

      • pompei 9 months ago

        What about Ghana? Can Ghana beat any of the teams you mentioned with a large amount of goals?
        Did Comoros not disgrace you at the last Afcon?
        Yaw, what are you going to do about Ghana’s lack of a trophy at senior level for over 40 years now? Is it not a disgrace of the highest order that a self proclaimed Africa football giant last won a senior trophy in 1982? Is that not a big shame? A terrible diagrace!
        You went to the world cup last year, only for your BFF Luis Suarez and his Uruguayan colleagues to defeat you all over again, and send you packing in the group stage.
        Face your Black Banku problems!

  • We will not rejoice beating a team ranked 186th in the world. We enjoy beating Egypt, Morocco, Cameron, senegal etc, like we have done so many times. @pompei, at least we were at the world cup, played a great game against portugal, won a against Korea. Be honest with yourself, will this your super chickens stand a chance against these teams? I remember the whitewash you got in the friendlies you played before the world cup. Remember how you guys insulted your team just few months back. If today you claim your team is the best in the world and will win afcon, amen to dat…lol. let me give you a little assignment; go back and check which country has beaten you more than any country in your history and you will think next time u want to open your mouth.

    • Hello hello hello guys! I have just discovered that one of these Ghanaians on this platform is a lunatic receiving treatment at kumasi hospital. 

      To be specific, it’s uncle YAW (May God give him a speedy psychiatric recovery) 

      So please guys, endeavour to pray for him or rather still you ignore him totally instead of coursing him the more because is deluded right now. 

      Thanks and God bless. 

  • You keep referring to Comoros. Did CAR not disgrace you in lagos. I swear that will never happen in kumasi. Super chickens indeed!

  • pompei 9 months ago

    Your memory is selective. You only remember what suits you.
    Let me refresh your memory a little bit. Do you also remember Nigeria beating the current world champions Argentina 4-2 in a friendly? Or drawing 1-1 with Brazil? Oh, that escaped your memory?
    I asked you a question. Can Ghana beat Sao Tome 6-0? Let’s even cut it in half. Can the Ghana we watched against CAR last week beat Sao Tome by just 3 goals? Were you satisfied with Ghana’s performance against CAR? Be honest with yourself!
    Why don’t you criticize your team? But if it’s Nigeria, you come out guns blazing. Jealousy has you on red alert. When we beat so called small teams, you immediately get an ulcer.
    Yaw, is it a crime to beat a smaller opponent by a wide margin? If Ghana can do it, let them go ahead. Let us see if they can do it. You belittle other people’s achievement, when you are incapable of replicating that achievement! That’s classic jealousy.
    Yaw, you still have not addressed the hot button issue. An African football giant called Ghana has not won a senior trophy for over 40 years? Yaw, how market? What exactly are you doing Yaw, about this? No trophy since 1982! Yaw, is that not a monumental disgrace? You should be quiet, and not speaking at all. You can only speak when you win trophies, like the real big African nations. Pretenders like you should be silent.
    Loud mouth, face your problems and leave us to face ours!

    • Thank you very much Pompei. I think say the guy don run go lick him wound, only to be back with his bloodied face and badly bruised ego.

      He will always dodge the pertinent questions you raised. Can Ghana beat this same Sao Tome 6-0 or 10-0? They say jealousy is like witchcraft, I now understand. Only the devil and witches get ulcer at good news and try to belittle your efforts. What exactly is his headache if not acute jealousy? You needed to watch their match against CAR, you’ll think CAR was at home. This Ghana team is piss-poor and the Yaw guy is already pissing his pants. Any team that meets the ‘stars’ that are charcoal black at the Afcon should go and sleep. That opponent already has 3 points or next round qualification guaranteed in the bag. They don’t have strikers. Kudus is their only player. Even Abedi’s children are still in their team, one of them clubless, yet they still invite him to show you the desperation of the situation. He can’t believe the current SE is so loaded that top stars like Moffi, Desserrs, Onuachi, Adams, Akpom, Ndah, Musa, Nwobodo etc can’t even make the current team. He’s already intimidated and having a migraine already.

      • Run go where? I’m saying beat Benin 6-0 and I will take you seriously. Was the super chickens not loaded when you played against ghana? Qualify for the world cup let’s see. SA and Zim are waiting for you. Beat them 16-0 !

      • Masa shut up! Don’t you still have Musa in your team? Deal with it.

        • @Yaw it is clear you only come to run mouth when it suits you, as we have been fighting for years to have Musa dropped. The Point my Brothers are trying to drill into your brain is that Nigeria does not Need Musa but, Ghana have no option but to invite Dede Ayew because you have no one better. We have much better than Musa in Nigeria’s current Pecking Order if things carry on like this Thanks to our New Minister, Currently Musa is not even in Top 15 talkless of Top ten of attackers we posses. We are Loaded dude. and with High quality the kind Nigeria has not been blessed with before.

          Like I have been telling my Guys on this Forum for about 3 years now Nigeria is currently in her Golden Generation Much like Ivory Coast was in Drogba days and Senegal is currently albeit in thier Twilight in Senegals Case. Thank you

          @Yaw Sit back and enjoy the ride. I will not even break sweat if we meet Ghana infact bring on Ghana we will mould you guys in a very interesting way Lol.

          • Another absurd argument. If you don’t need Musa, then what is he doing in your team? Your last paragraph is something i have heard severally, do you remember the “wotowoto’ and “beat the hell out of them” statement from your minister? At the end we all know what happened when you came face-to-face with the mighty black star of Africa. You froze! Your balls vanished, your goal keeper was shaking like a leaf and fluffed and shot even my grandmother will save on any day. Your best striker in the world couldn’t score a goal in 180min of football to secure a ticket for you. The referee on the day decided to gift you a goal to save your disgraceful faces Your problem as nigeria is your lact of respect for your opponents, you always beat teams in your mind before meeting them, and that has proved to be your archilles heel. I also pray our paths cross in afcon to once again shut your big mouths like we always do. Till den enjoy your 16-0 victory against a 186th ranked team…lol. cheers from Accra!

          • hahahaha lol, Was Musa in our Team against Sao Tome & Principe?.. Dey Play. Guy Musa has been dropped and rightly so.

  • Kunle 9 months ago

    Yaw, the hater, enemy and jealousy will never progress

  • Tancosport 9 months ago

    Lol. Banku Yaw. I guess you don’t have reply to Kels detailed anylysis.

    • You see proper ghanaman wey lose argument before? Unless the person no go correct school…lol

      • Hassan Tia 9 months ago

        Yaw when Super Eagles beated Sao Tome 6-0 I think you pissed in your pant; I ask you why didn’t Ghana beat CAR 3-0 or 4-1, I think you haven’t quality strikers like Super Egles stars,Osimhen,Awoniyi,Lookman,Chukuwueze,Boniface,Orban, Iheancho,Moffi,Akpom,Dessers,Akor; you have only Gudus is an only quality striker , but old Ayew brother are scrap cars , they can’t offer anything for Ghana in the coming days; you said” SE couldn’t beat Morocco , Cameroon, Senegal, Egypt now by thoes super chikens , I say to you this is not a logical measurement now to know one of them to beat other, there are many factors to evaluate any match result just as: team attacking force,team style of play, team coaching crew strength’s match administration, match atmosphere, quality of players, these factors which will identify match result;I adivce you Yaw to leave bilittling and hating SE; SE is not small country in the World football, SE have won 96 Olympic Games in USA at that time any African team coudl’n win any World trophy, that time has made SE sensational World team; after them(SE) Cameroon have won another Olympic Game in 2000 of Korea-Japan Olympic Games; also SE have won AFCON. 2013 in South Africa, then have qualified to Russia World Cup 2018 from death group component of strong Algeria, Cameroon, Zambia; I ask Yaw could you qualify from this strong group at that time? I think you couldn’t, I think you would be on the bottom of this group, cause of strength of these teams; Ghana haven’t won AFCON. since 1982, all big countries have won it Egypt three time(2006,2008,2010);Cameroon(2000,2002);Tunisia 2004; Zambia 2012; SE Nigeria 2013; Cote De’Ivore 2015; Cameroon again 2017; Algeria 2019; Senegal 2021; but you Black Stars and Morocco have prolonged in your time to win this trophy; you are so floppy and luckless this is from your misadmisitration of your football, and your stupidity of managing football in your country this bad conduct has led you to the wretchedness.

        • Who is more stupid than a nigerian football administrator? Till date u are still insulting pinick and your sports minister. You should be the last to talk about football maladministration so shut up. What is your best showing in the many times you have qualified for the world cup? You always add to the numbers. You are big for nothing and waste of space.

    • Hassan Tia 9 months ago

      Yaw you pissed in your pant when Super Eagles defeated Sao Tome & Principe; your grudge and hate against SE made you did this bad conduct, cause your Black Stars were fatigued by Central Africa team as a minnows team in Africa; on the other side SE defeated Sao Tome & Principe 6-0; you bilittled and hate SE as a big team in the World and Africa; didn’t you account SE great accomplishment for Africa when they have won Olympic Football Game in 96 in USA, also they have become the second after Argentine on Youth World Cup in 2008 in Netherlands, also qualifying five times in 94,98,2002,2014,2018; Ghana have qualified only four times in 2006,2010,2018,2022, in the World football competition they only have become second on the Youth World Cup, have one rookies World Cup; SE have had five World rookies cups.SE now have stronger strikers in Africa like Osihmen,Boniface,Orban,Awoniyi,Moffi,Iheanacho,Akor,Dessers,Akpom; but your Black Stars Ghana have only quality striker, he is Kudus, Ayew brothers are bad and floppy strikers and old one, they can’t now offer anything to the Black Stars, so Black Stars have only nine goals but SE now have twenty tow goals as the frist scorers in Africa,Osimhen has ten goals,Lookman has tow,Moffi has three, Simon has one,Iheancho has one,Awoniyi has one ,Chukuwueze has one, Dennis has one,Etebo has one, Iwobi has one= 22 goals; have ever Black Stars already done this high rate of scoring goals in thier football history?; I think they have never done this high rate before; I hope SE to confront you in the next AFCON. in Cote De’Ivore 2024, then you can see how SE to deal with you.

  • pompei 9 months ago

    When it comes to football administration, I readily concede that Ghana is better than Nigeria at the moment. No argument.
    Let me be clear. Nigeria has brilliant football administrators. The big challenge facing us now is getting these guys into the Glass House. At the moment, that is a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. So we are stuck with square pegs in round holes. The low point obviously was their shameless squabbling over FIFA world cup bonuses with Super Falcons players young enough to be their daughters and in some cases grand daughters. That shameful episode is still a source of great embarrassment to Nigerians everywhere around the globe.
    If our good guys are allowed in there, we can match Ghana in football administration. Perhaps even outperform them.
    Of course, Ghana have their own administrative issues. But the chaos, corruption and incompetence of NFF is unrivalled worldwide. In their worst moment, Ghana FA is still superior to ours. HANDS DOWN.
    If NFF can just wake up and start doing their jobs. Just a little improvement will see a dramatic uptick in the performance of all our national teams. Pay coaches, pay players, maintain good pitches. That’s all we ask!

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