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EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Nigeria Internationals Plot To Present Candidate To Succeed Pinnick as NFF President

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Nigeria Internationals Plot To Present Candidate To Succeed Pinnick as NFF President

Buoyed by the emergence of former player, Samuel Eto, as the president of Camerounian Football Federation, FECAFOOT, ex- Nigeria internationals have begun plans to present a candidate to contest the presidency of Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, int the elections billed for September this year, when Amaju Pinnick second tenure will elapse, reports Completesports.com.

Sources from the players’ union revealed that the search for a qualifed and competent former player to contest for the Nigerian football ruling body’s top job has begun, adding that some names have been pencilled down for screening and subsequent presentation to Nigerians


“We have watched all these years as some people who are not better qualified than us ex-footballers took charge of administration of our football and ran it aground. But we have now decided to take over as major stakeholders of the game,” a member of the Nigerian footballers union told Completesports.com.

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“Aside the presidency of the NFF, we have also asked our members who are qualified, to turn up and contest other positions in the Executive Committee so that we have men with good knowledge of football on the board of the next NFF.”

Findings revealed that the likes of Dan Amokachi, Tijjani Babangida, Dahiru Sadi and Moses Kpakor were earlier considered prospective candidates, but the fear was that their chances might be hampered by their not being serving or previous Congress members of the football family

To avoid being caught unawares, the ex internationals who are championing the project to take over the NFF are now looking at the likes of Jay Jay Okocha, Abdu Sule, Edema Fuludu, Patrick Paschal and Emmanuel Attah who have been Congress members or are currently serving members, to step up and vie for the presidency of NFF

“We shall soon open consultation with the various States’ football associations to sell our candidates for the exalted position of NFF President. We can no longer play second fiddle in a venture that we are the major stakeholders,” Completesports.com source who requested anonymity stated.

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja

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  • Obozuwa 2 months ago

    Whatever they do, a gambler has no place in that office!

  • Detruth 2 months ago

    Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Aiwekhoe Omoba 2 months ago

    U ex-inernationals would have stayed there like sheep’s taking to the Slaughter n let politicians finish the country’s football.Plz leave d set of 94 matter out of this if not I ppl will fail ooo. All EX av equal Rights.tnx

  • Seyi Olofinjana
    Mike Emenalo
    John Fashanu
    Austin Okocha
    …and some that I can’t remember. Those that will come and support the invitations of the best players for Super Eagles and not about one home base quota that will cause wahala in the nearest future.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      Very sound names you’ve suggested. Per this report, having been a congress member, Jay-Jay may be the only one qualified to run. Perhaps if he wins, and makes his outline for the development of our football, Seyi Olofinjana will be my first pick as Technical director. Will be a good thing to see Emenalo right there with Seyi in the mix.

      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        Hehehehehe…..I hope you are feeling fulfilled now that you have once again impersonated Dr.Drey just to gain relevance and validation….LMAOooo

        The smell of urine will always give away the presence of a he-goat.

        “Some people’s” name and image has taken a huge dent and plummeted to the dusts of the earth with a rousing thud from the high horse of fakery where they previously placed themselves since failing with their own….LMAooo. Shame has tied their tongue and shut them up for good on this forum….LMAooo

        Imagine the desperation…LMAOoo

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        • @Dr. Drey Stop disturbing us with your attention seeking format. I like your write up sometimes but you don’t have to be doing notice me like say make person dey see say you dey here. Only you type the two you come still dey want make we dey think say people send you wey wan dey take you catch cruise. You be Ode.

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Between you who is busy impersonating people and hiding under multiple identities to pollute this forum after your ego has been badly bruised failing with your own and I, who is the ode….? Useless fool.

            Even imbeciles can see the difference between the real and the fake. You think everyone is an attention seeking, validation courting, clout chasing multifaced liar like you…??

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        • Dr. Drey kindly name who the impersonator is if you know nothing of what Kel is saying. We are all adults here.

      • yusuf adebola 2 months ago

        Michael Emenalo should be given an opportunity to run.

  • KangA 2 months ago

    The ex-internationals should wake up from their deep slumber, close ranks and take over the leadership of NFF. I think that countries like Cameroon should have rather copied from us, anyway nothing wrong following their footsteps. Politicians have run our football aground. We need that professional touch to revive it. 

    They should do their homework well, and present credible candidates for all the positions, not spineless jobbers who go in for self-interest. 

  • Glory 2 months ago

    Edema fuludu must n I repeat, must not smell that position. All his previous comments on foreign born players oozes that stench smell of xenophobia. Very disgraceful/ selfish practice in this modern age.

    • JimmyBall 2 months ago

      @Glory… Can you share where Edema Fuludu made those comments against foreign-borns?

      • Glory 2 months ago

        Selfish so called ex internationals always foolishly thinking they are smart. Only thinking of their pocket through selling of local based players to foreign leagues, who they expect will come back every international break to wet their lazy palms. They constantly and foolishly refuse to see that this exodus of quality players from the local scene is what is 100% damaging our football. And until we find a solution to stop it or reduce it to it’s barest minimum, we will be fooling ourselves with the idea of not depending on these very very dedicated, loyal and deserving foreign born/ foreign based players.

        • KENNETH 2 months ago

          Please how is his comment filled with xenophobia, the man clearly said the way a home based player would approach a match is different from those born outside of Nigeria. Abeg make una dey take am easy with una analysis

          • Glory 2 months ago

            Same way your understanding will question how South Africans claim that Nigerians come over to their country to take their job is xenophobic I hope. A South African saying that about Nigerians and a Nigerian, so called ex international/s saying same, who amongst these are more guilty/stupid. They attack Nigerians simply because they were born abroad, how stupid and archaic?

          • Glory 2 months ago

            Learn to pronounce
            dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries

          • KENNETH 2 months ago

            it clearly shows you reading fuludu’s comment upside down, so no need to argue with you.

  • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

    At the rate things are going, if NFF wants to build a stadium, Ex-internationals will say they are entitled to build it simply because they played football for decades at both club and national team level in stadiums, even when they are not qualified civil and construction engineers.

    Samuel Etoo is a product of Havard Business School and a Doctorae Honoris Causa of a University in France.

    “Ex-international” is not a visa to NFF presidency….actually it is not a visa to anything after retirement.

    So when people want to start making comparisons with Samuel Etoo and Cameroon, they should make in-depth comparisons and stop speaking on the face-value.

    Some of these so-called exinternationals listed are part of the problems we are facing at the moment….or are they not the ones who hatched out plans via midnight zoom meetings to sabotage the SE so that Rohr can fail, get sacked and be replaced with “their own”….?? How far has that plan gotten us now…?

    Are these not the same ex-internationals who are “special advisers” and jamboree hikers to/with the confused sports minister who has hardly taken any right decisions in recent times…? How far has their pieces of advise gotten us…?

    Are these not the same exinternationals who told us Yobo is qualified to be SE coach even when he has not conducted a coaching clinic for elementary school children ever before…?

    Okocha had ZERO impact in Delta State FA, Tijani was a colossal failure as chairman of Taraba United, Garba Lawal was a liability as chairman of Kaduna Utd or so, Dan Amokachi is nothing by a mere skivvy and hand bag carrier to Sunday Dare, Patrick Paschal and Emmanuel Attah are being rehabilitated with backroom staffer jobs in our national teams just like most of the rest who only get jobs when NFF decides to pity them. Of all the names listed above, I dont know anyone of them who has run any mega projects/business successfully so far.

    Once again, ex-international is not a ticket to any top administrative position….the FA presidents of England, Italy, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Brazil etc ARE NOT EXINTERNATIONS.

    Samuel Etoo was already a Havard trained and qualified administrator and manager before he was given Cameroonian football to run. Samuel Etoo was already running his own telecoms and betting companies before becoming FECAFOOT president.

    Once again, “Ex-international” is not a substitute for proven competence.

    There is a reason why the likes of Oliver Khan, Pavel Nedved, Iker Casillas and Samuel Etoo all went back to school to build their capacities in business and management. What have our “ex-internationals added to themselves since quitting football…? Even ordinary coaching school dey hard them to go…..LMAooo

    We should be guided on whom we entrust the running of our football.

    • KENNETH 2 months ago

      Here they go with all there noise making, please kindly provide the award he got from Harvard business school. Please forumites kindly go do your own research on this issue

      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        Ode. Okponu, Abirun omo lasan lasan. Go and find out yourself….LMAOOoo.

        Empty headed idiot will come here disproving facts without having nothing in his head to back himself up….LMAOooo.

        If you had sense you would have gone to clear your own ignorance before poking your long piggy snout of a mouth in here….LMAOoo.

        • KENNETH 2 months ago

          Weere, show us the degree he got from Harvard, you sha is quick to want to write epistle, so we are waiting for the degree he got from Harvard. You this born liar. No be so Rorh win cup for swiss and we never see anything. Honorary degree bestowed on him was because of the stuff he did for the school. All of a sudden that makes him better than Nigeria players who don’t have a degree. Smh. Don’t even know who allowed you out of your cage. You need time out

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Hahahaha…Idiot. Go and look for it yourself or go ask your father, you ignorant fool.

            It is evident your comprehension problems have still not left you….LMAooo

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            I’ve told you this forum is for human beings and not animals. Stop polluting this place remain in the forest where animals like you live.

          • KENNETH 2 months ago

            Na your mama make you send make she go fish out your lies. Let me save you face you this lying parrot, na simple question we ask, produce Samuel Eto’s degree from Harvard, is that too much to ask. Because you quick to want to run down our own has bad administrator’s. Maybe this will help you with the honorary degree bestowed on him.


            Seems lately your peanuts are not being spiced. Will try and get to the bottom of it. All the lies you want to present would be debunked. Lying bastard

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Hahahahaha…Whoa whao whao…..how did I miss this…??

            Please what happened to “…Honorary degree bestowed on him was because of the stuff he did for the school…” LMAOooo.

            Who is the lying bastard between the both of us now….LMAOoo

            Pls show us the part of the link you posted where it was written that the Honorary degree was bestowed on him because of “..the stuff he did for the school..”

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            Okponu aye oun roun…..LMAOooo. You sure never disappoint us in this forum with your mega stupidity, do you..? LMAOoooo

            Now go back to the same internet where you got the bullet you’ve just used to shoot yourself now…LMAOoo…and get answers to your blind and baseless argument that Etoo is not Harvard trained, or once again go and ask your father more stupid questions….Didinrin okponu oshi….LMAOoo

            “….Honorary degree bestowed on him was because of the stuff he did for the school….” indeed. LMAOooo. I still dey laugh o.

            Who is the lying bastard now…..LMAOoo

            Please eat your spicy peanuts well well before you come here to argue blindly next time ehn….LMAOooo…because starvation is really written all over you….LMAOoo

            If honorary doctorate degrees are easy to come by, why has NONE of your lazy ex-internationals been conferred one on in their lazy lives…even by a local university…??? Or you think people get honorary doctorates by backbiting and sabotaging their national teams or by being cheap lapdogs to ministry and FA officials…???

            Whatever gave birth to you should be ashamed of you.

            Ode. Arindin

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    Whatever it is the Game-Changer will be Mike Emenalo directing affairs of sports. Such world class proven talent will take our football to the very Top. He has the skills set to restructure our football if given full support. Next is Seyi Olofijana even though this is not proven but he I think he will make better decisions than the lukewarm Amokachi, Okocha and etcetera. Capacity and low Education is what is making these Exes not willing to show up. Eto and Drogba are well educated if you do background checks because they didn’t just use ex legend status to vie for something that needs so much education aside experience.

    • Worderan 2 months ago

      @Chima E Samuels, Emenalo lacks experience and no sane organisation will gamble with such. You need experienced ex internationals for such office. So on that note, he is clearly ruled out. Edema, Okocha who have been there are in a better position to clinch it. I would rather all the appoints are based on merit

      • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

        I almost laughed, what experience do you need from someone who started the development of Chelsea with the help of the Billionaires money. Emenalo’s football direction instinct ranks him as one of the best football administrative directors in the World today. His experience at the highest level and how he will create a clearer Path for foreign Borns is another plus. His choice of Coach with a brilliant philosophy and structure to educate Nigerian Coaches will be very handy as well. I have close information on how he works so when I speak highly of him it’s because of the values he carries.

        • Edafe Ehs 2 months ago

          National football side is not the same as a club side, I think that is what he meant. Quite frankly, Emenalo who plies his trade in Europe where the train systems are working, airports and road network at optimum, won’t fit into the Nigeria system. He will first need few years to study the system before settling down. That is not the person for the NFF as it were.

  • Shodimu 2 months ago

    The first question for the ex-players is in what capacities did or have they served in the FF? Only on that we can begin to assess them for the top jobs.

  • Odukpor 2 months ago

    JAre Seyi Olofinhana, Augustine Eguavoen and Amokachi not the most qualified going by experience and statistics on job placement?

    As a deviate, a question came up recently in a sports serminal where there were arguments for and against the position of Patrice Motsepe the South African billionaire who doubles as the president of CAF. Though the owner of Mamelodi Sundowns club since 2003, Patrice has never been known to partake in any sand sand football among his peers and not even talking of being an ex-international. So one begins to wonder where such argument is emanating from.

    Probably we equally need to tilt towards the Etoo fil phenomenal in Cameroon as an obvious game changer, encouraging African countries to invest on their own to assume positions of authority in areas their professions are needed. I for one is postering towards the Etoo fil phenomenal than that of Patrice a complete novice in that wise.

    Back to my country Nigeria, we need to ask and answer for ourself certain questions to better elect a qualified ex internationals who merit the president and other executive positions in the NFF.
    Question 1: How exposed are the former players to the NFF work place?
    Question 2: Who amongst them has the requisite merit to undertake such responsibility?
    Question 3: How many have lived and worked on Africa terrain to be properly accustomed with African work ethics mostly as it concerns our reference, Nigeria?

    We need answers to the above questions to emplace a decent argument hence our goal is to have qualified personnel put in place to run the glass house.

    • Odukpor 2 months ago

      *typos…. Seyi Olofinjana

    • Moses 2 months ago

      Please remove Seyi, we can talk about Augustine Eguavoen and Dan Amokachi’s qualifications. Thanks.

  • Chibuike 2 months ago

    Chai, you can’t satisfy Nigerias. So JJ okocha them is not educated or not qualified to head our football? Infact Nigerias need serious deliverance, that’s why they clamouring to sack rohr, now everybody eye Don clear. Please we need ex internationals to head our football, educated or not educated , they knows the game. Education is different from wisdom. Being a good person is different from Education. You can be educated and also very wicked and curopt and lack wisdom. Nigerias need a nice leadership both in our football and presidency. No matter the level of Education of a black man, he still a monkey and behave like animals sometimes that’s why white people is better than blacks in all ramifications. God gave Nigerias Jonathan,they said his not good enough. God gave them Buhari, they still crying. If those alcultic people in NFF will allow those ex internationals to head our football.everybody will see the difference. If black men get senses, why can’t they learn from white people. Only to carry our money to invest in foreign land but they are educated governor’s and ministers. I have live in different countries. I saw how they manage they football with those that have the experience of the game. Problem of black people is corruption.

  • What terrain are we people talking about? The question is are we satisfied with how things are being managed in the past? NO! So the so called terrain has never been good for us do we need changes,YES! New development, New Vision, New person with different OT? YES! ..so what’s up?
    Let the likes of Emenalo, Olofinjana (Currently a manager with Grasshopper or so) and others to come in with different ideas, approach.

  • Omo9ja 2 months ago

    Nigerians are now waking up. Enough is enough. It will take less than ten years to fix the problem of Nigeria if Nigerians want to but I don’t care is our main problem in this country.

    Our leaders have no shame at all. If they do, Amaju and his servants would have resigned honorably by now.

    Mr. Eguavoen have returned to his position and upon his inability to deliver what Nigerians asked him to do. Who will charge him to quit? Nobody because the system is very corrupt.

    Ex players, I have told you all to use Etoo as an example. Now, this the best thing to do.

    The only concern I am having now is the Super Eagles coach. Amaju will definitely hire a foreign coach who have nothing to offer Nigeria and it will be too late to sack the coach when ex players comes in and Nigeria may not qualify to Afcon, God forbid.

    This is the way to go Nigerians. As I said before, 2023 is the new beginning and new chapter in Nigeria.

    We are tired of these politicians. Amaju, a former politician. No room for errors. All the looters in Nigeria should be on their toes because, Nigerians are coming for them all soon.

    We also want a young president who can relate to the citizens. During the last world cup in Russia, we saw France president, Russia president and Croatia president in the stadium watching football with people.

    Enough of Buhari, Bola Tinubu, Atiku and so on. We are tired of these old people. APC and PDP must gooooo. The current NFF must goooo.

    Nigeria deserve better. I am so elated for this move. May God crown all our efforts to achieve this. Hmmm. New days has come. Congratulations to Nigeria. Wether they like it or not, Nigeria go better. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Assuming all these talks are coming from another forumite, I’ll appreciate it but from you? People will be shocked when they see your next write up. Abi no be you From the time of KON?

  • Abiodun 2 months ago

    In certification of certain elements onto the discourse and assuming there’s sincerity of purpose by that it presupposes we aren’t commenting for the sake of it, it then stipulates that we need urgent answers to some if not all the questions raised by @Odukpor.

    Whichever way we look at it, we are already having a conversation and before I start, organisations give merit increases as a way to motivate employees to meet performance goals and create a culture of strong work ethic. The idea behind merit increases is that the increase in layers(office), opportunities will motivate employees to excel, which in turn, will raise performance status just as we can get in the NFF.

    Carefully going through the names of the former internationals being brandished, I won’t be surprised if there is a unionsm among the players to give the present Director of Sports, Austin Eguavoen the nod to fill in the space as the president being the most qualified in every ramification. However, it doesn’t stops at the presidency but rather other executive positions that must be filled by the players. I think those are areas you need focussing on as well since we have Ikpeba, Jay Jay, Amuneke, Amokachi, Garba, Seyi, Emenalo, Udeze etc.

  • Aminu 2 months ago

    My brother Amaju, if you are leaving as planned invite Eguavoen, Amokachi, Okocha and Kanu to take over nff. Shikena.

  • Glory 2 months ago

    How shameful and criminally inclined for CSN to be deleting my post. Yet these lots will be quick to shout out corruption against Bihari and his kind.

  • Yinkus 2 months ago

    @Glory!!! Lol may be you need to settle. Money for hand comment for air. Lol

    • Glory 2 months ago

      @ Yinkus, yeah it makes one laugh but absolutely disgusting. It just tells you everything about the state of things in that country; with the majority ludacris,corrupt inclination. Even most failed/extremely hungry, beggarly football agents parading themselves as fans of SE here when it’s so obvious,their only concern is how to market their dead leg players: expecting sane minds to buy into their nonsense cry for certain players invitation. I am forever happy I don’t allow these fake SE supporters to use my head to sell their market. They keep mentioning invite homebase players but THE SIMPLE POINT THEY ALWAYS STRIVE TO AVOID BRINGING INTO PUBLIC DOMAIN WHILE SHOUTING STUPIDLY FOR LOCAL BASED PLAYERS TO BE INVITED, IS WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT PLAYER BECOMES FOREIGN AFTER ONE OR TWO INTERNATIONAL GAMES WITH SE? WHERE IS ANAYO IWALA, WHERE IS JUNIOR LOKOSA? HOW DO YOU GET A SOLID SE TEAM BY CONSTANTLY CHANGING PLAYING PERSONNEL WHICH WILL DEFINITELY BE THE CASE WITH STICKING TO QUOTA INVITATION OF HOME BASED PLAYERS? A NATION OF CRIMINAL MINDED INDIVIDUALS WILL FOREVER EAT OF THE CRUMBS OF SMALLER/LESS ENDOWED NATIONS THAT DO THINGS RIGHT.

  • pompei 2 months ago

    The move in the right direction, administration wise, has begun.
    As the comments above mentioned, we already know the qualified, proven people that can galvanize our football. We can appoint just a few of them, and have them recruit their people.
    Honestly, even if we can get people who are just 50% more competent than the current lot in the Glass House, our football will benefit!

  • Ufom Udoh
    Enem Eduok
    Ejuke Uzoenyi
    Chisom Chikatara
    Osaguona Ughodaro
    Junior Lokosa
    Anayo Iwuala…..Yet, they never learn

  • Ako AMADI 2 months ago

    Most ex-players don’t know how to dribble the ball around politics and the business community. They are young and undiplomatic and have little knowledge of administration.

  • Victor 2 months ago

    Bring Emenalo if you are serious because we have seen what he achieved in football administration. As for the others not so sure. Football administration is different from playing the game.


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