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Exclusive: NFF Gives Peseiro Three-Day Ultimatum To Accept Pay Cut Or Quit

Exclusive: NFF Gives Peseiro Three-Day Ultimatum To Accept Pay Cut Or Quit

Nigeria Football Federation has issued a three-day ultimatum to Super Eagles Head Coach, Jose Peseiro, to accept a pay cut and renew his contract or bid farewell to his job with the Nigeria national team, Completesports.com reports.

Chairman of the Technical and Development Committee of the NFF, Alhaji Sheriff Rabiu Inuwa, disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Completesports.com after the committee was inaugurated by the President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Ibrahim Gusau on Tuesday in Abuja.

“The Technical Committee has given him [Peseiro] three days to respond to our proposed pay cut or we disengage him finally. We will allow him to continue if he accepts a reduction in his 70,000 USD monthly salary and other conditions of service.

“If he turns down our proposal, we will consider appointing a coach to oversee the dead rubber game against Sao Tome and Principe in Uyo, then we start to search for a new substantive coach that the NFF can afford to pay his salary, ” the Technical Committee chairman stated.

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Peseiro’s contract elapsed on July 31 but he agreed to continue the job and lead the Super Eagles to the 2023 AFCON that hold in Cote d’Ivoire in January after qualifying the team with a match to spare.

Following the inability of the NFF to meet the burden of paying his huge monthly salary, the Federation offered to renew his contract with a pay cut.

So far, Peseiro has refused to accept a pay cut since he loves to continue coaching the Super Eagles.

The NFF who owes him about 12 months salary has now told him to accept the pay cut or bid farewell to the job.

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja

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  • Samuel 9 months ago

    Peseiro technicalities are poor.The NFF should draft Randy waldrum (super falcon coach) to assist him.With that we can achieve something.

    • Chima E Samuels 9 months ago

      SMH then Desire Ellis of Bayana African champions that even plays better football and also qualified for second round of WC be drafted into South African male team. We get carried away with anything in Nigeria no wonder the country is full of average standards. All our present national coaches are all average and below standard. Falcons did the unthinkable but Waldrum just like Peseiro are riding on the talent the nation has. Anyone who wants to come at me for speaking my mind should do so with wisdom because we all have our sense of Judgment.

      Not to forget disorganised NFF is the first problem for having no football philosophy like E.g Egyptian club Ah Ahly, whom hire coaches that fits their philosophy to build a team that plays proper football and achieve results. Your NFF with their corruption and incompetence will just hire incompetence who will be trying his luck and sharing salary or accepting debts. The country sports including football needs overhauling until then let’s continue making do with several excuses of missing out on achievements.

    • Footballfanatic 9 months ago

      Only a person lacking knowledge in football will ask for Waldrum to be transferred to the male team….Waldrum rode on the talent of the girls and even became useless playing a 10 man team kudos to the team for a respectable WC appearance but Waldrum is still tactically inept and won’t even coach an U15 US male team his tactical blunders cost us that game against England…NFF as usual walking a tight rope here….Owing this man 12 months and about to fire him. He will take us to Fifa and we will end up paying 2 coaches at the same time….Do these fools ever learn??? We might have. To storm this football house and beat the living shit out of these people….

      • Akanlo Ede 9 months ago

        You know nothing about football. Waldrum did well in the world cup. When it comes to football analysis, I own you.

        • Footballfanatic 9 months ago

          You no go go own your papa…Ashieree

          • Akanlo Ede 9 months ago

            This is very violent. Why do Yoruba people have foul mouths?

  • Hassan Tia 9 months ago

    Peseiro tactics are flopped , he has not taken care to Super Eadgles defensive role then he always makes SE midfield and back line without drastic tightening against the rivals, so SE goalkeeper receives many goals just like Sierra leone match,Giunea Bissau match, Portugal match,Mexico match; so NFF must sack Peseiro cause he is flopped coach that with the time he will destroy SE football; NFF must hire World class coach just as Joachim Low or Raymond Domenech or Frank Rijkaard, Van Bastin, Dany Blind, Jacques Santini cause to administrate SE in next AFCON 2024 in Qute De ‘Ivore and World Cup qualification 2026 in USA, Canada, Mexico.

    • Glory 9 months ago

      This mannnnnu, wetinn dey do you. Haba. Which NFF you dey ask to employ those coaches you mentioned above? You sure say you nor dey sleep all these while? NFF WEY no fit pay Peseiro, Waldrum etc, na dem you come dey ask to employ all those top managers. Make we stop prophecying without properly understanding situation/scheme of thing please.
      However short it is, travelling your distance, brodaman, one ends up totally fagged out reaching his destination because of too many pot holes.

      • Chima E Samuels 9 months ago

        @Glory although he is right but you aired my thoughts because NFF alongside the coaches are all incompetent but to hire Low who can not take all their nonsense nether can he be paid was a lowdown in his comment. What the country needs is an overhaul in the football administration and hiring the rightful candidates to lead the NFF body as a whole because Gusau is just a clone of Pinnick and until this demons leave before we start seeing the right things implemented for a positive change to happen.

        • Glory 9 months ago

          @ Chima, based on Waldrum performance at the last world cup, I will rate him as a top top top tactician deserving of unbiased praise irrespective of whether we had good or bad players. We had Eguavoen with all the players available and a team that’s has been together but couldn’t go past Ghana. Ancellotti, Benitez, etc with all the players at Everton couldn’t win anything. There are many things that help a coach perform besides players and sad to say OUR MUTURU FOOTBALL ADMINISTRATORS LACK EVERYONE OF SUCH THINGS. So for Waldrum to still go on perform despite the huge odds, I will be a Satan advocate not to acknowledge him. My conscience not capable of rubbishing someone good work. And as for Peseiro, I can only judge him after he may have participated in a major tournament. OUR PROBLEM IS NOT THE COACHES. I WON’T EVEN ACCEPT THAT EGUAVOEN IS A BAD COACH UNDER THE NIGERIAN CIRCUMSTANCES. I PUT ALL THE BLAME ON OUR VERY VERY VERY INCOMPETENT FOOTBALL ADMINISTRATORS. FULL STOP.

          • Eguavoen Is not a bad coach he selected on Merit, his hands were tied on Musa and Ighalo and in a Crucial game like ghana Knock out for WC he was forced to bring on the Washed up legs in 71 Mins of a game we needed to win, that order was from NFF officials and Nigerian government. Nigerian officials do not mean well for the Nigerian Public Nigerians only think of benefitting themselves and thier direct families, Hence the state of our nation. I Mean go and look at the cities and regions the leaders who are in charge are from and compare them to the Southern Regions and that is Nigeria in a nutshell!

          • Ignatius Abo 9 months ago

            Man dem @Ugo, leave story. Eguavoen was poor.

          • Thank you for your unbiased judgment on this issue. Waldrum had the same players when they lost plenty of matches in a roll, but when he finally settled on his players within 15 days in camp he put together a defense that I see as the best in this year’s World Cup. England could not play their game against us and were the eventual finalists. Their star player resulted to stepping on Alozie because of frustration as she was policed by Ayinde and Aloxzie. They did not lose any match at regulation time.
            Other coaches have also had the same talents, Nigeria is not short of talent. Waldrum does not make noise but he did something nobody can deny him of. He also would have helped Deborah into the university where he is the head coach.

    • Ezomo 9 months ago

      And you think those coaches will settle for an amount less than 70k?

  • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

    “…The NFF who owes him about 12 months salary has now told him to accept the pay cut or bid farewell to the job….”

    The NFF has to be the bravest organisation in the whole world.

    The only one that can owe an employee for 12 months, threaten him with a pay cut and still expect him to deliver 100% success…….LMAOoo

    Renewing Peserio’s contract has taken months, deciding and contracting a replacement will also take months, and we want to win AFCON in Cotedivoire in January…????

    I dey laugh…!

  • 1. You owe 12 months salary
    2. No talk of the paying what he is already owed
    3. His contract allowed to lapse
    4. You give him an ultimatum to accept a terms less than what he agreed previously

    If that was me, no long thing, I will not answer them, they’ll hear from me via FIFA

    • Ignatius Abo 9 months ago

      Thumbs up brotherman Big D, you nailed it. Mam dem no trust this NFF one bit., I n I will always say that they are criminals.

  • This Pinnick sef. What was he and his board thinking when they agreed to offer this man 70K salary when Rohr was on 45K and was still being owed after dismissal? How much arrears una dey pay waiting to loot Fifa subventions?

    You decided to almost double the take-home of a successor who has no track record? I mean know ex Pinnick’s in-law, Delta Gov Uduaghan bankrolled him with state oil money to bribe delegates to win the NFF chairmanship position back then and steal it from Chris Giwa, but does this man also have in-laws at EFCC?

    Anyway, I’m hoping Paseiro rejects the cut and is immediately dismissed. But it’s really a dicey situation.

    1. He takes the pay cut and sabotages the SE WCQ aspirations. Reduced pay naturally means dwindling motivation on the job. No contest. It happens to everybody. In fact, it even happens when there’s no upgrade in salary and work roles or conditions(promotion) after a few years. If it stays same.

    2. Which coach worth his onion will take up a job with an FA notorious for owing an entire 12 months at a stretch? Only a compromised one with no pedigree like Paseiro.

    3. NFF is likely to reverse to Eguavoen, their in-house Guardiola. It’s catch 22 situation.

    @BigD, great to see you back here again after a long hiatus.

  • Mr Hush 9 months ago

    The real definition of incompetence is the NFF.
    I wonder why anyone would ever want to work or be associated with this organisation!

    The NFF’s Lack of ethics,administration, management and even morals beats every facet of one’s imagination.

    I have never seen where a debtor is threatening that who he owes. Simply ludicrous! The nerve. The disrespect. No class or decorum.

    Mr.Peseiro get what is owed you and leave.

    It is just a shame, that Nigerian football always suffer just for the insanity of the corrupt and inept few in charge.

    • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

      Hahahaha…Mr Hush. They say tenant wwy dey owe house rent nor dey use curry cook stew…..LMAOoo…this debtor tenant called NFF is not just cooking edikanekong soup with curry, thyme and the choicest okporoko stock monwy can buy, they have also caught of power supply to the landlord’s flat and locked him outside the compound because he arrived home after 7pm….LMAOoo.

      The nerve….!!!

  • Anything concerning NFF is coring now, imagine instead of telling us what world class Friendlies have been tied up or, Less than 2weeks before a game which merited players have been selected , Which star i.e Destiny Udojie are Super Eagles tying down to our cause we are here talking of Pay cut or coach is axed.

    If this country is not Cursed what other proof do we need. all the potential but constant self destructing It is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    Why not just burn that glass house down with all officials inside and start afresh.

  • Anything concerning NFF is Boring now, imagine instead of telling us what world class Friendlies have been tied up due to World Cup qualifiers Kicking off soon or, with Less than 2 weeks before an International fixture game which merited players have been selected , Which star i.e Destiny Udojie are Super Eagles seriously attempting tying down to our cause that’s heeding good progress. we are here talking of Pay cut or coach is axed.

    If this country is not Cursed what other proof do we need. all the potential but constant self destructing It is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MEHN!!.

    Why not just burn that glass house down with all officials inside and start afresh.

  • Larry 9 months ago

    The bone of cntention is bigger than the headline.since they could not meet their targets at the last female WC, the corrupt nff sees AFCON as a big opportunity.They have kearnt from Waldrum treatment and now trying to tame Pesseiro who ti me is just a middle man at a crossroad of maintaining Picnic’s share and adding Gusau own at a reduced price with options to include players from the above for ADCON.
    The nff will deploy all antics to ensure they have a full grip of the AFCON list so that they can do their usual wayo stuff.
    The plan is to frustrate Pesseiro and give the job to their dirty job man who only sabi 442. Its all a gang up thing to steal and collect bribes from undeserving players who are desperate to go to AFCON and take anything thrown at them by the Dumbo and shameless nff.
    CSN is part of the whole deception feeding fans with whatever nff wants. It took the efforts of forumites to find out Waldrum’s bombshell on this site.
    Every action of renowned corrupt organization like the nff needs multiple thoughts.

  • Ako Amadi 9 months ago

    First Nigeria must pay Peseiro his salary arrears, which they also did not pay to Gernot Rohr. Nigeria cannot continue to project itself as a gangster nation. FIFA is watching!

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 9 months ago

    They want turn paceiro to level 15 official in glass house ..
    Salary 400k per month
    2 drivers
    2 cleaners
    3 bedroom flat
    A month vacation
    A Corolla car
    This wat nff can afford…
    Or winner take all $15000

  • In the meanwhile, NFF confirms Super Falcons’ coach, Randy Waldrum’s exit….They will not renew his contract. They have instructed the Technical Department to search for replacement. ……….Hear them…..The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has subtly confirmed the exit of Super Falcons’ coach to the just concluded Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, Randy Waldrum, from his position as the country’s senior women national team manager.

    Yesterday, the NFF charged its technical committee to search for new handlers for the team ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympics’ qualifiers. Waldrum and the federation had a frosty relationship on the eve of the World Cup, but the country’s subsequent impressive performance at the championship papered over the feud. However, there were rumours after the championship that the NFF would not renew the American’s contract, which expired with the competition.

    Speaking while inaugurating the recently constituted NFF Technical Committee in Abuja, the federation’s president, Ibrahim Musa Gusau, tasked them to constitute fresh technical crews for most of the national teams, and provide direction for them.

    He said: “The Super Falcons are back from the FIFA World Cup with aplomb, but we must remember that they have 2024 Olympics and 2024 Women AFCON qualifying matches shortly and should start to prepare for those games. The home-based professionals have qualifiers for the CHAN and the male and female U17 and U20 teams have qualification matches of high importance in a few months to come.”

    Gusau promised that the NFF would support the committee to accomplish its work while emphasising that meetings could be either physical or by video conference.

    Responding, Chairman of the committee, Sharif Rabiu Inuwa, stated that the committee would discharge its duties with every sense of responsibility and be guided by the vision of the Gusau-led administration to work proactively and energetically to ensure the real growth of the game of football in Nigeria in all its aspects and ramifications.

  • Omo9ja 9 months ago

    Did I not warn you Nigerians about NFF?

    We have to hold Amaju Pinnick responsible for this mess.

    EFCC won’t see this, but they preferred to arrest those who steal bread and milk in the market.

    Although, I don’t see anything spectacular in Oga Paseiro, but NFF should pay him his dues.

    Eguavoen has no shame at all likewise other members of the NFF. The best thing for them is to resign.

    Nigerians are not ready to take their country back.

    When the time comes, these people will run away when they see what is coming to hit them all. But for now, NFF and the politicians are enjoying our money.

    It is very clear that NFF will always go for average foreign coach because of money they are getting from that contract.

    Oga Rohr wasn’t the best, but Amaju offered him a job, and what did he achieve?

    Inability of Waldrum to use the right players to win the game and his wrong tactics made Nigeria exited the World Cup while coach Paseiro is not different from the two.

    Those in charge of anything concerning Nigeria have no love for Nigeria. They put money over their country. This is why Nigeria is not moving forward.

    The only thing we are good at is talking talking talking while we are not taking action. Nigeria is gone under our oppressors. So, the government has not seen anything wrong with NFF yet? Nigeria is in mess indeed. Hmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Razak N/A Muballe 9 months ago

    My fellow Nigeria brother, the issue of recycling coaches who have turned to be disasters, should be abolished Eqauoven should be banished. He is a disappointment I am sure there ex internationals, who are good if not then hire someone capable. It would be a disappointment if Victor Osimhen doesn’t play at the World Cup 2026

  • Edoman 9 months ago

    Osimhen and Boniface will not be playing at the World Cup because Oga Rohr will make sure ‘Benin Republic’ beat Nigeria and thereby preventing them from going to the World in USA. Oga Rohr will teach Omo9ja and some Nigerians like him, a good lessons Nigeria will never forget. Look at the result of their friendly match against Senegal recently.

    • Adeniyi 9 months ago

      I wonder what goes on in someone’s people’s brain. What’s your obsession with Rohr that has made you so unpatriotic and lack of football analytic sense ? On what ground is the Benin team going to beat us to the World Cup ticket? Players quality? Style of play? Head to head ? Current form or what? Or simply Rohr is their coach? If he sure for you, place a bet…let’s put a 5m naira bet….if you are so sure of your Rohr…I put that eagles will get À minimum of 4 points off Benin….if e sure you, put your money. 

    • Omo9ja 9 months ago

      @Edoman, my lovely friend. Funny though but I have to be honest with you on Oga Rohr.

      We hire and we fire. Oga Rohr has gone for the betterment of our football.

      If the gaffer is that good, why Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt not going for him? Why he decided to go to Benin?

      No disrespect to Oga Rohr, his followers, and his team. The gaffer has no capacity to do the damage period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

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