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Exclusive: Sacking Rohr May Jeopardise Eagles’ AFCON 2021 Chances – Nwosu

Exclusive: Sacking Rohr May Jeopardise Eagles’ AFCON 2021 Chances – Nwosu

With just weeks to the commencement of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, former Nigerian midfielder, Henry Nwosu has admonished the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) to be mindful of their decision to sack Gernot Rohr as Super Eagles coach.

The performance of the Super Eagles in the just concluded group stage of the World Cup qualifiers has called into question the tactical nous of its German tactician. The team put up displays that left much to be desired, with a large section of the fans demanding that the manager be relieved of his duties.


However, in an interview with Completesports.com, Nwosu stated that sacking Rohr may jeopardise Nigeria’s chances of making an appreciable performance at AFCON 2021.

The 1980 AFCON winner also noted that the NFF should be more concern on the preparation of the team for the tournament.

AFCON 2022 Zabira

“Although I am not impressed with the display of the Super Eagles in recent games under Gernot Rohr, however, that doesn’t warrant the Nigeria Football Federation to call for his sack when the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations is just around the corner.

“Come to think of it, will sacking Rohr now make the team win the AFCON title? The truth is, this is not the best time to embark on such decision. Such decision may affect the players psychologically in terms of performance considering the fact that the players are more connected to him.”


Now in his fifth year in charge, Rohr, a former Germany international defender, has led the Super Eagles in 54 international matches, which makes him the country’s longest serving coach.

In the 54 games handled, Rohr recorded victory in 28 of those matches, a tally some feel is below par going by the abundance of talents at his disposal.


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  • William d conqueror 2 months ago

    Can all these ex-i international shut the fcuk up. We don’t need their opinions, what chance does Eagles have with rohr in-charge? Stupid lots.

    • Peter 2 months ago

      The point is that now is not a good time to fire him with the nations cup around the corner. Besides he’s achieved all his assignments at the moment besides the team’s below par performances. African football has advanced mind you. They’re no more underdogs.

  • M. Abbas 2 months ago

    We don’t need a calculator to arrive at what Henry Nwosu is telling NFF and to an extent, the Sports Ministry as a bad prognosis means there is little or no chance for recovery. Someone with a good or excellent prognosis is probably going to get it better.
    Today is 6th of December, chop that off 28th December which Coach Rohr earmarked for camp opening, we will be left with 22days to camping. The Super Eagles are expected to camp for 13 days before their match against the pharaohs of Egypt. My calculation is based on the fact that the 31st of December and the 1st of January are part of the yuletide season, the boys will rest at least for 2days.
    Egypt our first opponent is presently trading tackles at the FIFA Arab summit where they recently walloped Sudan 5 goals to nil. Instead of Rohr this and Rohr that our preparation should be uppermost, camping, friendly matches that would put the boys in good shape should be arranged. Time is of essence.

    • Time is not on our side right now…..we need to rally around Rhor and the team for the sake of SE…….NFF should hinge Afcon final appearance on Rhor’s survival as coach and give Rhor hope as a way of motivating him……I don’t seem to see any motivation in coach Rhor’s approach this days and he has passed it down to the players…..Am sure this recent debate on Rhor’s future as coach of SE will heat up his engine abit…… Let’s allow Rhor take the team to Afcon and it might work in our favor…….. Similar case happened to keshi and he delivered……This whole debate thing might just work out for our own good at the end of the day……Rhor needs a reason to win and we have succeeded in giving him one.

  • Nwosu is making sense here……We all Know Rhor might not win the Afcon if he leads SE there……But most of us will look back after the Afcon without Rhor and point to the fact that SE would have done better with him incharge.

  • Benji 2 months ago

    Dissecting your comment is going to be a haculean task @M Abbas. Did you see the match? Did you see Refaat shoots from outside the box to open the score line in the 4th minutes? What about Hamdy shoots with his right inside the box? I think we lack people with foresight at the helm of Nigerian football affairs otherwise the FIFA Arab cup should have been an eye opener on how we should be preparing the Eagles in earnest, that’s if we are thinking of winning our first match. No! They simply sit in their offices, watch the Arab games and start to deliberate on how to alter whatever arrangement suits them. Very bad.

    • Daniel Aimakhu 2 months ago

      My Nigerian brother, me too tire for our Sports managers o. This video should have been what SE crews are perusing but people are out there on how to sack whoever.


  • My take is this, I honestly feel that Rohr in charge selecting the same players and as he has been for the last two internationals will cause disaster. We have as much chance assembling a new coach now even in care taker format who will keep rthe spine of the team and include, Dennis, Awoniyi, Lookman, Dessers and Bassey and Possibly Amoo to the current set up. I feel we will have a much better chance than keeping Rohr who will definitely jeopardise our chances with that same list. there is no way we winning or getting out of the group. Missing Osimhen and excluding Dennis, Awoniyi, Lookman, Amoo and Bassey. then we will have no chance because at the moment Simon, Onuachu, Musa and Shehu and to extent Ighalo (??) will be ineffective. there is no spark there.

    • Daniel Aimakhu 2 months ago

      I think you are missing it.

      It’s isn’t that Desser and some others haven’t been invited by Coach Rohr in the past. I have an inkling that Desser will deputise for Osimhen. The fact is, Rohr would definitely add some bites to the present makeup where players like Dennis are likely going to find accommodation. Remember Caf gave participating countries 28 slots but Rohr should be given free hand to marshall the lads. Besides all this, our preparations should have been on top gear before now and not even talking about changing a winning team, it makes no sense.

  • Obong_Ben 2 months ago

    Mr. Nwosu should kindly take several back sit jare. The best time to relieve Grandpa Rohr is now. Yes Now! He will not win the Afcon so what is the reasoning. In any case, we hv seen how the coming of a new manager can bring an extra push to the players to want to perform. This can be a platform to help the new Manager knw the player that on ground and prepare them for the final games of the world cup play-offs. I say we get a New Manager Now!!!

    These sets of players under Grandpa Rohr has lost the fighting spirit of the Nigerian National team. With the exception of Ndidi and Osimhen, it is glaring for us all to see. No competition, no pattern of play. Just a a bunch of foreign pros. A lot if them very Talented i must say, but playing under a manager that has lost touch with the times.

    I would rather opt to watch the SE play poorly under a new Manager with the optimism that they will improve than to watch Grandpa Rohr inflict sufferings on the body, soul and spirit of football loving Nigerians with his uninspiring lackluster no pattern kind of play.

    • Daniel Aimakhu 2 months ago

      You made no sense. We are talking about few days to the tourney.

    • Dennis 2 months ago

      Keshi qualified Togo for her first ever World Cup and before the tournament started, he was sacked and replaced with Otto pfister. Please go and see how Togo performed woefully under Otto pfister at the world cup
      All what Rohr needs to do is add more bite to the team. Iheanacho, onuachu, Shehu and Musa have been underperforming for long and should be dropped. Dennis, awoniyi, dessers, ebuehi should come into the team. I can assure you that nff can’t sack Rohr right now.

      • Clarke Akhatoya Itama 2 months ago

        The whole issue od considering the sack of Rohr as manager at this time is completely risky and smells of à rotten egg.It is a simple example òf a bad workman blaming his tool.The issue makes Sport Writers and experts think,that the NFF administrators are drunken or so.Where is administrative competence?
        We are not dealing with machines but with humans and so human psychology applications is the best instrument NFF needs most at this critical time.
        Secondly, they need to learn from history. It must be recalled, how the VP Aikhonmu directly took çharge to bypass the Bottle neck that always stiffles the chances of the super performances of the SE ,by personally telling Bonfre,the SE coach at the time : “If you need anything, come directly to me”
        We all know what happened. Today, we talk of the magic of Bonfre.
        It wasn’t only the talent of Bonfre that did the magic; it was largely due to the fact,the VP took off the lid ,to bring the full potentials of Coach Bonfre and the super talents of the SE to the maximum.
        I see a possible similar problem right now.
        I would, therefore, suggest an experienced oneman sports administrator at this critical stage, to work hand -in -hand with Rohr to put things in proper course.Rohr is an extremely experienced coach.Bring out the best out of him and the SE.
        Thirdly,the SE are very good at “field works”.What they need right now ,at this critical stage, is coaching them the techniques of scoring goals.
        The Nigerian adage says “he trow way basket after trading in the market. ”
        It would bring celebrations to see SE players crown their beautiful midfied-football displays with sensational goals.
        Mr Rohr is good Manager. Borrow a leaf from the Germans:There is a single Manager who works closely with the coach,be it at national or regional or clubs levels.

  • Emeka 2 months ago

    He’s got no credibility left. Fortune smiles at the braves.What are we afraid of? He has to go immediately.

  • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

    Hahahahaha….the NFF will be the perfect authors of the book “How not to win the AFCON”……LMAOOoooo

    This is week 4 of looking for how to let go of Rohr since they’ve tacitly admitted he’s not failed in any of the tasks assigned him and hence have to cough out seven digit dollar figures to fire him…..LMAOOOoo

    And with 3 weeks to the AFCON, when real contenders are putting touches to preparations, we are hearing Kranktijk (week 1), Bonfrere Jo (week 2), an unnamed Belgian coach (week 3), and God knows who else (week 4), will lead the team to AFCON in less than 30 days time…….LMAOOoooo

    If all these are not indicators of where the problems of Nigerian football are really coming from, I wonder what else is……LMAOOoooo.

    For the umpteenth time, we wont tolerate excuses from anybody…..local or foreign.

  • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

    And why is identifying a BETTER replacement with 100% guarantee of success “with the calibre of players” we have now taking so long…..LMAOOooo.

    Where are the people who touted Joseph Yobo as good enough to lead Nigeria to Qatar 2022 just a year ago…..LMAOOoo..? have their pens suddenly run dry…???

    What of those who employed him with “he has played 3 world cups and many seasons in Europe” CV, but cannot even dare deploy him to lead ordinary CHAN team to mere friendly games….?

    And the many cheerleaders who hailed the move back then…LMAOoooo.

    NFF pls hand the SE to Yobo NOW and save us time and money. If he was good enough to lead us to Qatar 2022 only a year ago, he is even better placed to lead us to AFCON now……LMAOOooo. Already there is a beautiful excuse on ground for whatever the outcomes may be…..LMAOOooo.

    I have said it before, that we are just 1 unfortunate incident away from having a coachless national team……and its even more unfortunate that it is happening in a matter of days to an AFCON we hitherto were high level contenders for…..LMAOOOOoo

    We will learn someday…..LMAOooo

  • NFF tied themselves to an awkward contract that will be messy, tedious and expensive to get out of, more so as Rohr hasn’t failed in all the targets agreed with him thus far (though the brand of football played by the Super Eagles lately left a lot to be desired).

    When they signed the contract, they obviously did not put in place a credible contingency plan in case they find themselves in such a pickle.

    A reasonable stop-gap would have been to have a reputable and competent local coach work as Rohr’s deputy so that the coach would take over temporarily if Rohr had to be sacked abruptly.

    Instead they brought in a rookie (which is even an understatement) in the way of Joseph Yobo and only recently recalled Salisu Yusuf who has sadly lost credibility due to the bribery scandal he got embroiled in.

    Now neither of them is remotely suitable to handle the Super Eagles even in the short term as the rather shortsighted and incompetent NFF scramble to put together an acceptable severance package to disengage Rohr.

    The whole matter is becoming a huge embarrassment for the NFF. I have always felt Rohr is a good coach but just not good enough to take the Super Eagles to uncharted territory.

    The big question now is: so late in the day, where and how will this NFF find that supremely talented coach with cutting edge capabilities who can take the Super Eagles “to uncharted territory”?

    At least Rohr brings a measure of zen to the Super Eagles even with his questionable methods.

    It is that zen that can be replaced with upheaval if care is not taken with the ludicrous way the NFF is handling this matter.

  • Sacking rohr MAY jeopardize our chances but I feel keeping him WILL jeopardize our chances. Hes playing favourites without any regard for the result. Bringing back players the team doesn’t need and starting players who are obviously not good enough while ignoring those who are very active and doing very well at the highest level. He should be replaced and the sooner the better. If we dont win the afcon at least we would use the competition to prepare our talented players adequately for the world cup playoffs and possibly the worldcup itself.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      HAhahahaha, you will use the AFCON Rohr qualified for with 2 games to spare by playing the same

      “……favourites without any regard for the result. Bringing back players the you claim the team doesn’t need (AS IF YOU ARE GOD THAT DETERMINES PEOPLES DESTINIES) and starting players who are obviously not good enough while ignoring those who are very active and doing very well at the highest level……”

      to prepare for the same world cup playoffs that the same Rohr qualified for, toping his group from day 1 till the last day with at least 2 points lead with the same

      “……favourites without any regard for the result. Bringing back players the you claim the team doesn’t need (AS IF YOU ARE GOD THAT DETERMINES PEOPLES DESTINIES) and starting players who are obviously not good enough while ignoring those who are very active and doing very well at the highest level……”

      Rohr did not jeopardize your AFCON and World cup play offs qualification playing the same

      “……favourites without any regard for the result. Bringing back players the you claim the team doesn’t need and starting players who are obviously not good enough while ignoring those who are very active and doing very well at the highest level……”

      It is your AFCON proper he will jeopardize……LMAOoo…the way those who couldnt even qualify back to back did……LMAOOooo.

      I hope like 2002, you get you tactically better coach that will go and use the AFCON to “rebuild” and come back home with a disaster.

      Just play you are still ranked in the top 5 in Africa by the time your are done using AFCON as experiment for world cup playoffs.

      Other nations are approaching AFCON with all seriousness……Nigerians who know football more than the rest of the world want to go and use it as a friendly invitational to “Prepare for World cup playoffs”……LMAOOooo.

      Apparently, the reality of your mistakes are beginning to dawn on yall…LMAOOOOo…..no wonder AFCON 2022 is now a dress rehearsal for you…..LMAOOOoo. I thought your new guadiola that you want to employ was gonna come and steam roll everybody in Cameroon with the “calibre of players” we have……LMAOOooo.

      We will learn…..!!!!

      Just tell your NFF to stop boring us for weeks over what other countries do within hours……LMAOOoooo

      I dey laugh o (apologies to the great OBJ), its been a while we watched this kind of thriller.

      • Same bullshit they always say about 2 games to spare. What has Rohr won that any indigenous coach hasn’t won or done?

        • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

          At least Rohr did not drag us to 16th in Africa and 70th in the world like you overated Guadiolas did.
          indigenous coach ever inherited a SE team ranked 16th in Africa and went ahead to win something with such team in his 1st attempt…..LMAOOoooo

  • I’m surprised with the comments that i am seeing from nigerians especially with ex players that’s why our leaders today they don’t care to listen what we want them to do imagine after nff have agreed to do what super eagles fans have been clamoring for suddenly comments have started flying right left and centre am i permitted to say most nigerians don’t know what they want let stop complaining that the team is not performing well since we agreed that the team is doing well.

  • Some ex players i think they don’t know what they’re saying even though you are from nigeria it’s not compulsory that you must make comments regarding some issues.

  • Bobby 2 months ago

    A new coach would be named this week and would start work immediately. We’ve got a group of technically gifted players but unfortunately, the current coach doesn’t know how to utilize these players. It’s always better to try out something new when the need arises. Even if Nigeria Rohr 100 years, he cannot win any trophy, for he has never won any Cup through out his coaching career. He isn’t good enough to handle a team like Nigeria. Those who are supporting him right now, would turn around to castigate him when disaster occur.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      When did you suddenly become a Nigerian….? Are you no longer a Zulu from South Africa…? LMAOOOooooo.

      What trophy had Westerhof won become coming to Nigeria…? What had Bonfrere Jo ever won before and after coaching in Nigeria…? What had Keshi won in 15 years of coaching before coaching Nigeria…Was Keshi’s team not so poor that the NFF even bought their flight tickets back home b4 meeting Ivory coast in the AFOCN qfinals in 2013? What had Maurizio Sarri won before leading chelsea to the Europa cup….? Every coach has their 1st time stories.

      I was expecting you to name the coach that comes with 100% guarantee of winning AFCON……LMAOOoo…the coach that will “…be named this week and would start work immediately…” and win AFCON for you after shelling out $2m to sack a Rohr who has met ALL his target till date…..including targets world class coaches like Le Guen said emphatically were IMPOSSIBLE.

      If the NFF is so sure Rohr will not meet his next target, why are they running helter skelter to look for pay-offs running into millions of dollars when even the players are still owed 2 years bonuses. If I was sure my staff wouldnt meet a target to pave way for me to sack him, I would rather leave him to bath himself in petrol by not meeting it so that all I’ll just need to do is to strike the match stick….but no….the NFF knows that the man has his methods however ugly they may look, by which he meets his targets…that’s why they want to hurriedly leverage on “he didn’t play beautiful football” to see his back……LMAOOoo

      I hope the something new you want to try now does not burn your hands like it has been burning it since 1989…….LMAOooooo….and I hope the new coach will remain on top of his game after being owed 8 months salaries and the player owed 2 years bonuses heading into the world cup playoffs.

      We will learn…….LMAOOoooo

      • Coach come and go, why you making case for Rohr though? The coaching field come with hire and fire worldwide and incentive or whatever due paid, Nigeria won’t be the first to pay off underperforming coach now, it beats me why you making it look like heaven gonna come down, with or without Rohr as the head coach to the nations cup, the probability of winning it it’s still very low, so why not get him off the hot seat and get a new coach? After all we’ve seen new coach with immediate positive results everywhere now.

        • I normally don’t comment here but the guy is a lunatic. Two games to spare and ranking is always his excuse. Angola and Togo qualified for their first ever worldcup with a horrible ranking. These fools here use thatbas a yardstick for Rohr’s achievements.

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

            And how did Angola and Togo performed at the WorldCup?? Have they ever qualified for the WorldCup since then?? You are the real moronic fool. If you have nothing meaningful to say better keep salivating behind your keyboard.

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Hahahaha….it is the animals that raised you that are lunatics.

            So why didn’t your guadiolas qualify for ordinary AFCON with 2 games to spare if it were that easy.
            Rohr that is not good will drop points yet still top the group till the last day. LMAOOO.

            Rohr is not good, Rohr is not good but your NFF is looking for $2m to pay him off since they cant find no cogent reason to sack him….. LMAOOOO.

            The fact that that does not bother you shows the magnitude of your homebred lunancy.

            You would be better remaining anonymous and not commenting than opening you foul smelling mouth to ooze such stupidity.

            If you cannot counter my opinions with simple logic, facts and figures then go to blazes.

            I’m not the one who frustrated your destiny…… LMAOOOOooo

          • Internet thugs and touts. I don’t trade abuses like you and your stooge above. All I know is that both of you are lunatics who act like rabid dogs when confronted with facts and logic. Never agreed to an opposing argument before because you fools are always right. If ranking and games to spare are yardsticks for employment then Coaches will never be fired. Imbeciles like both cows above me act like Rohr was hired to do us a favor of qualifying and playing rubbish. Have you fools ever asked why some players are missing in the national team that deserve to be there?

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

            Moronic imbecile and a miserable lunatic which players deserves to be in the team that has never been invited at one point by the same gaffer? You stupid chronic mad dog. Why can’t you go and erase the facts that he has qualified us for two straight AFCONS with games to spare and also go and erase the facts that your Guardiolas couldn’t qualify for two straight AFCONS stupid fool of the highest order. Reasonable people are debating with facts and civility a miserable scumbag of a monkey like you come here displaying his miserable upbringing. Lunatic animal.

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Useless bastard…….you dont trade abuses indeed. LMAOooooo

            Sensible people who have sensible things to say have been commenting since 13 hours ago without polluting this place till an animal bred hippopotamus like you barged in here with your lunacy because you have nothing upstairs to provide a logical counter opinion.

            They will be the ones to throw the first jab of insult and yet be the first to start crying when Dr.Drey fires them back…..LMAOOoo

            Go back home and tell the animals that raised you that you aren’t an island of stubbornness afterall …….LMAOoooooo.

            Apparently you are so brainless to know that a national team can on take 18 people at a time, hence not all can be in it all at the same time, except for times when pre-tournament preparations allow as much as 40 or 50 to be called to camp at once. At it remains the prerogative of the coach who call whoever he wants that will help him get his job done….not any bastard.

            But what does a senseless empty headed imbecile like you know…..LMAOoooo

            CSN needs to start activating parental and IQ control on this forum ASAP…….LMAOoooooo

          • See this d bastard writing epistles. You no dey shame? Uncle Nigeria 99 and 1989 wcq lmfaoo. Old ass fool arguing here like his life depends on it. You must be sooooo old tradi g insults with individuals old enough to be your kids. Useless old imbecile.

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            It is because you were raised by animals that you can even sit behind your keypad and call someone who is old enough to be your father a lunatic in the first place. I am imagining how many times you have practiced calling your father and mother lunatic in your house first before coming out in public to demonstrate what a gutter-bred pig you are.

            CSN, please we need parental control here pls…….LMAOOoooo

  • Mr Hush 2 months ago

    Let me play the devil’s advocate.
    The question is;
    Are we confident of winning the Afcon with Rohr?
    Why not impossible,its probability is low to average.

    So why not change him( if we’re really going to) rather than beating around the Bush and dragging like an indecisive girlfriend that doesn’t know what she wants in a relationship.

    The new coach could as well use the preparation for the Afcon and the Afcon itself to gel and prepare for the other task at hand; qualifying for the world cup!
    Even at that,how are we sure the new coach wouldn’t win the Afcon no matter the timing,it is more like a knock out competition and our boys aren’t technically bereft.
    We shouldn’t be afraid of tomorrow because what we seek might never come If we continue to.

    That said;

    It is quite simple. If you are letting go of Rohr. Pay up and let him go. Enough of the brouhaha. Let’s face whatever tomorrow brings.
    If you aren’t letting him go then let the noise stop. Let’s rally around him and focus on preparing for the Afcon.

    We need a concise meaning to what we are doing right now. Everything should be clear and organised, so the fans,players and coaches know where we stand and where we are heading to.

    • Mr Hush,

      Thanks for your entry above. The fact of the matter is that the relationship between Rohr and the NFF has fractured mortally but they struggle badly to come up with the financial package to sever ties.

      To address your questions above, I am the firm belief that changing coaches this close to a tournament is crass and has the potential to do more harm that good.

      As you somewhat allude, the future is not set; no one knows tomorrow. Rohr could stay and lead Nigeria to Afcon gold with dour style of football. A new coach may come in and play a beautiful brand of football only to crash the Super Eagles out in the second round (or even lift the trophy at the first time of asking).

      There are several possibilities.

      But what is certain is that introducing a new coach this late in the day throws up uncertainties. Additionally, it gives the impression of poor management of football in Nigeria and sure to make us a laughing stock in Africa if (as expected) things go horribly wrong. We can already see how shambolic the NFF have been in handling this matter thus far.

      Plus we have precedence in this sort of late coach-sackings which all ended in tears.

      Why repeat the same mistake time and again?

      At least with Rohr we know what to expect and hope that the team can raise their game.

      As someone who isn’t a (huge) fan of Rohr, I ordinarily will not mind him being sacked. But at that the timing is way off!

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      It remains a FACT that no matter how low our probability of winning the AFCON is with Rohr in charge..even it is tis just…..1%…..it is ten times lower with a completely new coach be it Nigerian or European taking charge with just 3 weeks left. Our probability of qualifying for the semifinals of the 2013 AFCON was so low that the NFF had already started book the team’s flight back home even before the qfinals had been played. The rest they say is history. Every coach knows when its time to raise his game was the crunch battles are over.

      I dont even think we have time for grade A friendlies before hitting the turf in Cameroon against Egypt. To make matters worse, our rankings for January would depend on what happens in the first few games we play under this new coach……so that new coach had better be an Antonio Conte or Pep Guadiola.

      If you think it is 2 weeks of training it will take the new coach to screen 28 out of maybe 45 players and at the same time instill his own philosophy and style on the team, with all those NEW exuberant young players yall want to see in the team all at the same time…??? And you think the team will come out superior to those who have had less of the confusion we have had in the last 4 weeks, couple with the fact that the team is owed for 2 years now and heavily demotivated….??? LMAOOooooo.

      I remembered this was also the type of false enthusiasm we had when we assembled Siasia and Amuneke to supervise our winner takes all double header vs Egypt in the 2017 AFCON qualifiers after Oliseh ran away….LMAOooooo…..thinking they both will just come in to wave their magic wand and sesame will open for us to pass…..LMAOOoo. Lo and behold we couldnt even win our home leg…..LMAOOoo

      Is that how football works for you….??? LMAOoooo

      Anyways, we are waiting for this magician that you all trust so much that you have all subconsciously reduced our dream of winning 2022 AFCON to a mere preparatory tournament……LMAOOoooo. It is even going to be worse if its a coach that is entirely new to the African terrain.

      We will use the AFCON as preparatory tournament, with a new coach and a new team, to prepare for the playoffs….as if those we will play at the playoffs will be sleeping in cameroon and waiting for Nigeria to come and steam roll them home and away….LMAOOooo

      We are waiting….!
      We will learn……!

  • Bobby 2 months ago

    @Dr. Drey, I am a Nigerian. Not a South African. Something is really wrong with you.

    Second, Rohr is poor and does not understand the mentality of African players.

    Bonfrere, Westerhof and co played a high level of football which attracted world’s attention. If you are happy with the kind of football we play now, it means you know nothing about football.

    • Festus 2 months ago

      Egypt our first opponent is busy preparing, beating Lebanon and trashing Sudan recently and you are here chatting trash. Which game has the Super Eagles played of late? This is where good sports administrators should be focused on getting the lads play friendlies. The football of today is not the same as Westerhoff or Bonfrere’s era. The game has evolved. You needed to qualify for the playoffs and here you are, so what else would an FA want? Just 22 days to Afcon camping isn’t possible for a change to the wheel of progress only a fool does that. Trust the foolish people at nff to begin the sacking game instead of how to prepare the team for glory.

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

      There’s a Bobby here from Zulu who always claims he’s South African. Maybe you should had Bobby2 or something to your name so that we can differentiate Una Lmaoo!! And if you’re the same Bobby continue living in fantasy land. You couldn’t name the replacement coach that will win the AFCON by calling up new set of players that have never played together and expect them to win the AFCON in 4 weeks time Lmaoo!!

      • Immediately I read his comment, it’s easy to know he is not the stupid Bobby from SA, that fool dnt comprehend or write this good, but you make a valid point asking him to put Bobby2 or something to differentiate himself from that asshole from SA.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      On the contrary…..it is you that something is really wrong with. After coming here severally to tell lies that you are a south Africa, claiming to be a yet unable to properly spell the ancestral land of zulus, you’ve all of a sudden recrystallized to becoming a Nigerian.

      Rohr is poor and does not understand the mentality of african players yet he has taken us from the doldrums of obscurity where you so-called tactically savvy Guadiolas dumped us to back to 1 step to the pinnacle of African football.

      Westerhof and Bonfrere did not inherit a team ranked in 16th position in Africa. They both inherited SE teams at the top of the pyramid in African football. And the last time I checked, we never played tiki taka with them in charge…we play function, efficient and athletic football, thanks to the superior advantage of our players being exposed to professional football earlier than most of the rest of our opponents then.

      The last time I checked, I dont remember us wining all our away games in a qualifying series with any of them in charge. The were both nobodies before they came to Nigeria and remained nobodies after leaving Nigeria. They had won nothing and got their first (and ONLY if im not mistaken) silverwares in their coaching careers with Nigeria too. The only thing Westerhof and Bonfrere had that Rohr doesnt have now is the backing the presidential villa. Left to the then NFF and Sports commission, Westerhof would have long been sacked before 1994.

  • For Me Rohr must go it is hard to Rally around a coach we don’t want this way of talking @Mr Hush has no basis 6 years on, Yourself and @Dr Drey got away with it before the qualifiers to Afcon but now we are fed up. We can’t rally behind what we already know is a calamity waiting to happen he will not all of a sudden grow a footballing brain the man is clocking 70 for goodness sake you can not teach an old Dog new tricks. again some coaches take average teams to glory i.e. Herve Renard Zambia 2012 the Burkina Faso Coach that played final with us in 2013. That is quality give Rohr average he perfoms poor – Gabon , Niger and co. Give Rohr Quality he performs Average – Nigeria. The man can’t give what he doesn’t have he is still selecting players he has seen all to well off and cannot6 bring the best out. what is stopping him from trying more quality players who may even give him what he is seeking after maybe a run of 3 games. This coach lacks tact, strategy and most importantly sense


      • It’s not about coach 100% it’s about underperforming players.

        Is it the coach that will string 5-10 passes, premier league players?

        NFF have their favorites like Musa, Onuachu, Ighalo

        NFF is not doing it’s job full stop . Bad employer results in bad employees

        Now want the employee to turn water into wine abi?

      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        And why did your tactical coaches not even qualify for ordinary AFCON…..LMAOOooo. When has the SE ever lacked quality players…? The fact that our players now play in good clubs now is thanks to the profile and level the SE has risen to since Rohr took over.

        He was the one that came in and changed the mentality of Nigerian players to always aim for the top leagues where the challenges are greater. He practically forced Nigerian players to start aiming for the top 5 leagues by refusing to invite those who have not gone there to prove themselves and rub ankles with the best footballers on earth.

        Our Rankings and ratings were so low in the days of your tactical coaches that Onazi couldnt even get a work permit to sign for a championship club (Birmingham city) back then. Now, even players who get to play in just 3-4 grade A matches get work permit in England without fuss. It is still down to him and his influence that we get our players to earn smooth sailing loan moves unlike before when they rot on benches in their clubs…..the stories of Uzoho, Osimhen and Awaziem are still fresh in mind. Its still due to more foreign borns are more willing to suit up for Nigeria than before, because he doesnt consider them as “less Nigerian” compared to those born in Nigeria like you guadiolas used to and will probably still do.

        Look closely at our starting 11 today and our starting XI under Siasia and our Starting XI that plyed the 2013 AFCON final, apart from Ndidi and Osimhen, none in this current team will walk straight into both XIs….so who is deceiving all of you that you have better or more talents today. There has always been tonnes of Nigerian talents in Europe since the mid nineties. Your guadiolas only refused to explore as many as possible the way Rohr has done. At a time Keshi was building up his team around Obaobona and Eguekwe, we had the likes of Daniel Adejo, Ugo Ukah and a certain Kenneth Otigha in Holland who were chunning out star performances in Italy and Holland every week as centre backs. We had a certain Abiola Duada who was painting the Dutch league red with goals, we had a Micheal Olaitan a midfield dynamo. We had Ezekiel Imoh whom the Belgian federation almost naturalized to play for beligum because of his scintillating performances in Standard Liege to name a few. Your Guadiolas NEVER look towards their side.

        That we now have a large pool of players, playing at an appreciable level than before is still down to Rohr’s hardwork. For the next 10 years in the life of the SE we will still continue to feel his touch on our national team whether we accept it or not.

        We are still waiting for you NFF to name the BETTER replacement that will do what Rohr hasnt been doing before now…..that will chase out all the old players in the team for the new ones…..that will feild 11 different players from the previous 11 every matchday…..that will call up 10 CF to the SE at the time because all of them are hitting top form at the same time……that will brag and brag before matches about roasting opponents yet will struggle to qualify to ordinary AFCON……LMAOOooo.

        We are waiting for the so-called better coach that will play tiki taka when he’s being owed 8 months salaries and the players owed 2 years of bonuses. We are waiting for the coach that will play tiki taka on a pitch filled with Jollof Grass and Weeds…..LMAOOOooo…..according to CAF’s damning verdict on the Teslin Balogun stadium.

        No wonder we won all our away matches in these qualifying series which in unprecedented in the history of Nigerian football at this level.

        We are waiting…..and the wait better be worth it. I wish NFF can just disappoint me for once and replace Rohr with a truly BETTER coach because our fears has never been that of Rohr leaving, it has always been that of NFF going to repeat the same things they’ve been doing since 1989.

        • Bro nobody is here disputing the fact Rohr have done well for our players morale and his time with the eagles, but those that mean he shd stay there forever till he die even when the team have lack zeal? He did his job that he is been paid for, and now is time to move on, this happen daily and it’s what coaches all over sign for. Your loyalty to this man should be study in our colleges though lolll.

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Hahahaha…which job has he been paid for…? The one they are still owing him 8 months salaries, still owing him 2022 AFCON qualification bonus, owing him match bonuses from 2019 and still looking for $2m for the past 4 weeks to pay him off because he has MET ALL THE TARGETS they gave to him…?

            Wake up…..wake up mr man and stop sleep-talking.

            No coach will stay forever, but every coach deserves what has been agreed in black and white to be given to him. Nobody need to tell lies and come up with all sorts of calumny because they are looking for excuses to fire him. Just look at what you signed for and previously agreed and execute it. Its that simple……LMAOoooo.

            But your NFF are still dancing showkey bobo all over the place while other countries already have their eyes fixed on spectacular outings in Cameroon

          • JimmyBall 2 months ago

            Africans like looking for colonial masters to come save them… Lol. Nigerians thought they found a messiah in Rohr not knowing they got a man tightly versed in the game of hypnotics… even Amaju Pinnick cant understand the level of embarrassment he got himself into being tricked to sniff Rohr’s fart… the moment Amaju did that after laST AFCON… he has never been the same man exuding with an all-knowing poise ever since… whatever political ambition that Amaju was nursing in later life has been grounded from his stupidity signing a contract that embarrassed the whole country… imagine two whitemen… one, a lawyer… the other, a 68year old wannabe Arrigo Sacchi… came and tricked a whole country of 200million proud and smart people… from now on we should start singing praises to Rohr because the man na streetman wey know road… NFF thought they had a stooge with an innucuous outward meek persona of Rohr… even Buhari now cannot tell the man to go… a case where you are told dont show your face here again and baba just go relax say those idiots no sabi say I hold them for scrotum… we never see anything! Carpenters please do your market forcasting well because Rohr and his team come January 2022 is about to command heartattack upon the lives of helpless Nigeria football fans… as you watch the Eagles in January be sure to have your doctor in the same viewing centre… or else… toh! Na God go help us…

        • @Dr Drey you have seen a situation and turned it upside down. Rohr has been compromised the days of him giving players a chance looks over he is too lazy to do his job. So like I always said a Coach with no sentimental attachment can do a better job because any new coach Coming in will not being doing the favoritism shenanigans Rohr is performing now Amunike did well with a below average Tanzania imagine whathe could do with Naija and he has a eye for talent ask Osimhen and Chukweze and Ejuke and co.

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Amunike really did well with Tanzania winning only 2 official matches throughout his tenure…..LMAO.

            He did so well at AFCON the his Tanzanian team couldn’t even pull a draw Vs KENYA.
            If you are claiming Amunike did well, you should hang Madagascar coach’s picture in you room and offer sacrifices to it every morning then.
            Amunike is currently still doing well having been demonstrated from head coach position to academy coach. I’ve never seen such ridicule ally life….. LMAOOOO.

            If you think amunike wouldn’t have his favourites, you are heavily mistaken.

            We saw how siasia brought back his Stanley Amuzies and Okechukwus when he was given the job after Oliseh ran away.
            We saw how Oliseh kept foisting his igbouns, onobis, and ugochukwus from his brother’s management team on us throughout his tenure.

            Wait till Amunike is given the SE job and see him bring back all his own boys from 2015 U17 from all the ends of the obscure earth where they may be now.

            I am eagerly waiting for this new coach that is giving you all this false utopian feeling…… LMAOOOO.

            I’m dying to meet him to see what he’s gonna do differently.

            That was how y’all were praising waldrum when he was first employed, telling us how he was hundred times better than Rohr until qualification for ordinary AWCON became a thing of fasting and prayers….. LMAOOO.

            I also remember when y’all were praising Mike Brown when he was all braggadocios when he just took over as dtigers coach. By the time the Nigerian factor touched him and the team crashed and burnt at both the Olympics and also at afro basket. A little bit of humility and reality is beginning to set in for all of you now….. LMAOOO

        • @ Drey, it’s obvious you are very biased and sentimental in your reasoning and blind support for the old outdated Gernot Rohr.
          Always writing volumes to brainwash the unsuspecting.

          Have you ever condemned Rohr’s tactical ineptitude?

          What about his gross lack of vision on how to harness the great talents and potentials at hand?

          What about turning our midfielder (Aribo, Etebo) and wingers (Moses Simon, Kalu) to defenders?

          You kept mute when the old man goofed by bringing back retired Ighalo from Saudi to the same attack where we are most gifted with high attacking fire-powers from the top 5 league of this world (Osimhen, Dennis, Awoniyi, Dessers, Iheanacho, Terem Moffi, even Sadiq Umar, et al.), leaving the AM & goal keeping roles vulnerable!

          What about benching our best players,late substitutions and inviting new players and not giving them enough time to prove themselves (Dessers, Awoniyi, Bassey, et al)?: Rather the old man came out to solicit for time and patience with the retired Ighalo who was outplayed by the Napoli heatman (VO9) on the day.

          ‘Dr’ Drey you are a Hypocrite and a big Clown! Coming here to make blind, fallacious and deceitful arguments with concocted internet data…. (native daucto)!

          Coaches come and go, Gernot Rohr Will not be an exception (QED).

          You are such a jobless clown @Drey. I wonder who will employ you after Rohr’s Sack (Ewe eee!)


          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            So after all these sewage you just vomited, did we qualify for the world cup play offs or not…??? Has the SE failed to reach any milestones given to them or not…..???

            Thank you.

            You will tell us if Rohr’s contract emphasizes achieving targets or if it is the personnel he must use as SE coach that the contracts places emphasis on as the yardstick to keep is job……LMAOoooo.

            I even thought you had small sense…..LMAOOooo.

            Its obvious even my having concocted internet data which you can only wish you had is the genesis of your life problems.




  • He needs to inject the players we are reading about in the head lines of late. We ned to have a coach who wants to do well. This coach does not have our confidence because he is still saying my players will come good in Afcon when he can see players making headlines in Europe whom he can add to strengthen the spine of the team it is only 5 or 6 and now you have sure the team up. But this flogging the dead horse with underperforming players is what is proving our undoing and why we simply just can’t get to the next gear of late.

    • Dr Banks 2 months ago

      Nobody is disputing the fact that Rohr must go presently, but the problem we are having is …..why is it taking NFF more than 3 weeks just to fire a coach? This has never happen anywhere in the world. You met and concluded at an extraordinary NFF and stakeholders meeting an came to a conclusion to sack him almost 4 weeks ago. Rohr was informed of his sack verbally since then and till now there has not been any official announcement of his sack neither do we have any inkling of his possible replacement.

      This goes to show that our main problem is NFF and it’s supporting looters. Let us for once direct our anger towards these NFF miscreants and thieves.

  • it is only minute but very important changes. All he had to do was give Awoniyi those last games by now Awoniyi would have been more assured you see has fate has it and how Rohr decisions always come back to bite him now Osihmen may be injured (Fingers crossed he may be fit reports just out). look at it Bassey playing well in CB a position Balogun and Ekong have been struggling of late, yet Rohr had Bassey in camp for the CAR games yet he couldn’t figure out what the NEWLY appointed GIOVANNI VAN BRONKHOST of Rangers discovered in less than 2 games for Rangers, WOW!!!. there is many occassions like Dennis picking up Man of the match awards all through two months he was overlooked by stubborn rohr. I mean Rohr then calls on Onuachu for Osimhen in a Crucial game where if CV scored Nigeria was DEAD!!! period. no ways Rohr must Go it is simple this week no later !!!!. New coach needs to start Asap!

    • Johnson 2 months ago

      You are making the same mistake over again. Playing for a club side isn’t the same thing as playing for the national side. If you’re still in the dark, ask Sadio Mane of Senegal what happened when his side filed out against Togo recently. You people begin to populate stupidity for just no good cause

      • Really you are the stupid one Mr Man hence teams from around the world europe and South America select from a category of players that are effective in International football and those like Bernado sivla of Portugal that are good in club football. My friend your stupidity has no boundry

        • However these teams are constantly outperforming Nigeria in major competitions using players that are in Form on the Club stage My Friend!!.

        • Johnson 2 months ago

          Either you are correcting your legions of error or abusing people, aren’t you ashamed? I never called you a stupid person but you did, yourself.

  • Hassan Tia 2 months ago

    I ask Nwosu can Rhor now offer or produce a formality team whitch vie for holding the cup; I think he can’t, because he hasn’t a proper pattern of playing offer it for Super Eagles,Rhor hasn’t played SE style of playing whitch mix with rigid and drastic defensive style with depth and deep midfield(attackting midfield) with pace wingers who play a crosses balls for forwards; Rhor only depends on counter attackts on attackting side,then leave the wide distances for the rival to hunt the goals against SE; this make defenders and midfielders committ lapses, also this make the rival to press SE then they loose keeping the ball on a long time; so Rhor must be sacked and go to his country.NFF must hire a formidable and vetern coach who can offer a strong and proper pattern of playiny whitch SE used to play(drastic and rigid defensive on midfield and defence; playing depth football on attackting with pace wingers offer high or ground crosses for the forwards) this pattern or style of playiny Rhor lacks; this pattern SE is needing now to change it’s shape and face on African mirror.African football has changed and has become a modern football with a drastic football on midfield and defence like Algeria,Morocco,Senegal,Mali,Tunisia,Ghana, Cameroon; new coach must recall a new players who can perform SE classic football with a modern pace and pressing and ferociouness drastic football;he must recall in center defence(Oboabona,Ozornwafor,Awaziem) on defensive midfielders(Ndidi,Okechukwu Azubuiki,Alhassan Ibrahim,one at NPl) on attackting midfield(Ovie Ejaria,Michael Oliseh,Keleche Nwakalwe)on forwd(Dessers,Ighalo,Sadiq Umar, Amoo)on backs(right backs:Aina,Ebuehi);(left backs:Sanusi,Calvin Bassay,Collins);I forgot Kevin Akpoguma and forgot also James Igbikeme. If Rhor is acoach in Africon. in cameroon,he will make calamity and disaster on SE ;I think he will be knocked out from 16 playsoff, I think so because of his cluless of tacticts on the ground and clueless of how to read the rival and how to press on th rival and how to control over it;rembmber if he plays with Algeria,Morocco,Senegal,Egypt how can he deal with these matches with thoes heavy power teames in Africa,they will beat SE really if Rhor is still on the reign, and with his shaky and weak style of playing with shaky and weak and lazy players like:Iheanchu,Iwobi,Balogun,Troost Ekong,Etebo,Moses Simon,Samuel Kalu,Ahmed Musa,Oneyka.

    • Johnson 2 months ago

      Hassan Tia, kindly explain what is formality team? And by the way, what are you even trying? Even without your so-called SE pattern, playing style or attacking whatever, Rohr qualified us for the WC playoffs which was the target handed down to him in the agreement with the FA. He did also agreed to take the SE to the finals of AFCON, so, why can’t we wait and see before this unnecessary trash. It will be very stupid of any FA to relieve such a coach of his appointment and don’t forget the FIFA angle is well alive.

      • Vincent Ituma 2 months ago

        Don’t mind him, he’s a confused baby goat who’s laboring to be heard. Whether Rohr is sacked or not is not my concern but that the super eagles camp are not left in disarray with the prevailing distractions. Worst of, none of the state actors have putting the feelings and concerns of SE players into focus.

  • Johnson 2 months ago

    Kindly explain what is formality team? And by the way, what are you even trying? Even without your so-called SE pattern, playing style or attacking whatever, Rohr qualified us for the WC playoffs which was the target handed down to him in the agreement with the FA. He did also agreed to take the SE to the finals of AFCON, so, why can’t we wait and see before this unnecessary trash. It will be very stupid of any FA to relieve such a coach of his appointment and don’t forget the FIFA angle is well alive.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

    It’s quite unfortunate that the only thing that unites us as a country is what is currently dividing us as a country. Some have even resulted to faith that we should use the AFCON as an experiment. Already expecting a disaster and a shambolic performance if Rohr lead the team to Cameroon, yet claimed a new coach of which no one has come up with a reputable name to replace Rohr will win the AFCON with new set of players in a months time Lmao!!

    I can guarantee anyone who cares to listen that we have a better chance of winning the AFCON in Cameroon with Rohr in charge than a Klopp or Guardiola that will come in less than a month to the AFCON and will still use the same set of the players Rohr has assembled over the last 3 years. I will be an ardent supporter of any foreign coach because I’m sure he will continue from where Rohr has stopped. The only logical issue is the timing. Everyone know that Rohr will move on eventually, but at a time we have major tournaments and qualifiers in front of us It begs for logical reasoning. Watching how Egypt Algeria Morocco and Tunisia are demolishing Arab countries, perfecting their strategies for the AFCON we are here still deliberating on who should take the SuperEagles to Cameroon.

    • Omo9ja 2 months ago

      Some times, it is better not to say a single word @Ayphillydegreat and Dr.Drey.

      You and Dr.Drey and the rest of you that backing Oga Rohr to stay know nothing about football.

      I have to talk to you young men.

      You Ayphillydegreat, you have a business as you claimed abi? Can you hire somebody like Oga Rohr to manage your business for you yes or no?

      For you Oga Dr.Drey, you ran away since our last match and you are now talking as if we don’t know Oga Rohr.

      I don’t blame you Oga Rohr followers but I will blame NFF. Most especially, Amaju.

      The best they could do is to put Oga Rohr somewhere else. That way, NFF will not pay he coach a kobo.

      Oga Rohr can manage our home based team or other national teams.

      However, hiring a new foriegn coach is not the solutions because of the time but the best thing NFF can do now is to get Amunike, Egbo, Marnu Gerba, Peter Rufai and Enyeama involved.

      We can win the Afcon with these coaches because they know what to do. They have ideas.

      You people saw the way Eagles played against CAR, CAPE VERDE? and Liberia on a world class pitch and you failed to identify the problem?

      As I said above, if you people doesn’t have what to say, please allow others to talk.

      You government officials should be careful.

      Amunike and co can build a team within a month. Keshi did the same thing and though Eagles were struggling during the tournament but Super Eagles won the tournament in the end.

      Nonetheless, with what I saw recently with Eagles under Oga Rohr, Super Eagles will struggle in Cameroon and they might not win a single game if Oga lead the team to Cameroon. Why not tryout a new set of coaching crew since Oga Rohr hasn’t done anything so spectacular over the five years?

      Long story short, I am not here because Oga Rohr but I am on here because of Nigeria and I am representing Nigeria not Oga Rohr and his fans. So therefore, Oga Rohr and Amaju must go. The gaffer have failed. He can not build anything for Nigeria. Let’s see what Amunike and co can offer Nigeria. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

        Oga abeg go sit down somewhere. I will hire him as long as he’s meeting his targets that’s the bottom line. You never came up with a reputable name to replace him. Amunike and co can come up with a formidable team in a month. Lmao!! Why can’t him and Siasia came up with a formidable team to beat Egypt in the 2017 AFCON qualifiers when Oliseh ran away?? Benching Iheanacho and Simon for Aminu Umar? Amunike that couldn’t win a single match at the AFCON with Tanzania. Guess what? Tanzania are doing better since he left. Amunike that fought with Iheanchos agent after the U17 WorldCup. Be careful what you wish for. Watch out how Rohr’s team will take on the rest of Africa in Cameroon. Anything other than that will definitely lead to disaster. Watch this space.

      • NA ME TALK AM 2 months ago

        @Omo9ja .. Amunike, Egbo, Marnu Gerba, Peter Rufai and Enyeama involved.

        Who is going to be the HEAD COACH and Assistant Coach between Amunike and Egbo

        Because if Amunike can’t work under Rohr as assistant , He’s not going to work beneath EGBO .

        Egbo already won a league cup in Europe with the senior team and Amunike is yet to win anything tangible with any senior team ( both club and country ) .

        Give me a good reason why Egbo would work under Amunike that is yet to prove himself in any senior tournament or league .

        Brotherly , You don’t just assemble names and assume that they will preform magic in a tournaments and league matches , because many top world class coaches have failed miserably in different tournaments and league matches .

        NFF should pay Rohr is fees and stop the drama . Last time I check , every coach deserve their fees after every contract / agreements.

        Below is a Chelsea legend in Frank Lampard that is paid for his fees after the cancellation of his contract

        Man-U Paid Jose after his Sacking .

        All coaches worldwide get paid for their services , if there’s a clause in the contract . SIMPLE AS ABC

        Rohr deserved to be paid in full for his services , if NFF decide to sack him and stop putting your emotions into every conversation

        Likewise @Jimmyball and other fan of Nigerian football .

        A contract is a contract , No emotion needs to be attached to it .

        Sack Rohr and Pay him OFF .. Simple as ABC

        If they can’t pay Rohr OFF , then NFF and everyone should stop being emotional about the whole incidents and allow the Rohr do his JOB .

        Simple as ABC

      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        From the nonsense you write, it’s evident you have never managed anything successfully in your life…..not even your family.

        Because if as an employer you don’t hire people who have track records of meeting targets (just like Rohr) I wonder what sort of employees you will rather hire…..maybe you will hire guadiolas that never met even one target when they were given the chance.

        For your information in the corporate world today, people who have a track record of delivering on set tasks are the highest in demand. Companies with track record of delivering projects to their clients and getting the damn job done are highly sought.

        Amunike will raise a team that will win AFCON in 3 weeks…..when his combined efforts with siasia didn’t win even the home leg of our qualifiers Vs Egypt….. LMAOOOO. O ma go o. It took just 3 weeks for the same Amunike to be demoted from head coach to academy coach in his club…… LMAOOOO. That is the person that will win AFCON in 3 weeks….. LMAOOOO. Even Keshi that won AFCON didn’t promise us the trophy when he was going to SA in 2013 after more than a year in charge. Infact his team was so terrible to watch up till our 3rd group match that the NFF bought our flight tickets back home (It has never happened in the history of Nigerian football) and already concluded negotiations with Oliseh right there to replace in once the team returns home and Keshi is fired. Even you nicknamed him gather and play coach until God intentionally decided to humiliate you by turning things around for our good. Today you have the shamelessness to mention the same Keshi’s name after you did exactly the same things you are doing to Rohr now to him.

        Keep living in dream land thinking your next coach will win a 24 team AFCON within 3 weeks you really know football….. LMAOOOO.

        You will tell me which coach in history has won AFCON in his first 1 month on the job. LMAOOO

        • NA ME TALK AM 2 months ago

          @Omo9ja .. Amunike, Egbo, Marnu Gerba, Peter Rufai and Enyeama involved.

          Who is going to be the HEAD COACH and Assistant Coach between Amunike and Egbo

          Because if Amunike can’t work under Rohr as assistant , He’s not going to work beneath EGBO .

          Egbo already won a league cup in Europe with the senior team and Amunike is yet to win anything tangible with any senior team ( both club and country ) .

          Give me a good reason why Egbo would work under Amunike that is yet to prove himself in any senior tournament or league .

          Brotherly , You don’t just assemble names and assume that they will preform magic in a tournaments and league matches , because many top world class coaches have failed miserably in different tournaments and league matches .

          NFF should pay Rohr is fees and stop the drama . Last time I check , every coach deserve their fees after every contract / agreements.

          Below is a Chelsea legend in Frank Lampard that is paid for his fees after the cancellation of his contract




          Man-U Paid Jose after his Sacking .



          All coaches worldwide get paid for their services , if there’s a clause in the contract . SIMPLE AS ABC

          Rohr deserved to be paid in full for his services , if NFF decide to sack him and stop putting your emotions into every conversation

          Likewise @Jimmyball and other fan of Nigerian football .

          A contract is a contract , No emotion needs to be attached to it .

          Sack Rohr and Pay him OFF .. Simple as ABC

          If they can’t pay Rohr OFF , then NFF and everyone should stop being emotional about the whole incidents and allow the Rohr do his JOB .

          Simple as ABC

  • Great 2 months ago

    The way forward for our national team right now, is a new coach. We have seen all the current coach can offer.

    He is not good enough for our national team. I can’t advice any clubside in Nigeria to hire him as a coach.

    For those supporting him. I don’t think you meant well for Nigeria. Its very obvious that you are all clueless like the coach.

    In your very eyes, we lost to South Africa in Uyo which has never happened before in the history of the Super Eagles, we were also beaten by Madagascar, we threw away 4 nil to draw 4:4 against Sierra Leone, we were beaten in Lagos by CAR.

    With the above, you are still supporting this coach to destroy the team further. It a shame…..

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

      All those results are inconsequential because they didn’t affect our progress in any way shape or form. Maybe you’re the one who is as clueless as the NFF. If sacking a coach meeting all his targets is not cluelessness and lack of foresight then continue living in cluelessness.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      You lost to SA in Uyo but still qualified for AFCON with a game to spare. You lost to Madagascar when you were already through to R16 of AFCON….the same R16 that was the bus stop of Madagascar while we went all the way to the bronze medal match. You played 4-4 with Sierra Leone but still qualified for AFCON with 2 solid games to spare.

      Your guadiolas never lost to any of these teams yet never smelt even ordinary AFCON….. LMAOOO.

      You will tell us the medal SA won that Nigeria lost or the trophy Madagascar denied us with their victory, or the shield Sierra Leone denied us with those matches….. LMAOOOO…

      The end goal of all those matches was qualification which we achieved in the end.

      You can tell us the targets set for Rohr as coach of Nigeria is to not lose to certain countries or to ensure we qualify for tournaments and mount serious challenges in them….. LMAOOOO.

      The 5-2 you defeated Algeria in Oran and 5-1 you defeated Zimbabwe in Abuja in the 2006 WCQ, i hope they made up for the heartache of not qualifying for the 2006 world cup…… LMAOOO.

      I’ll rather lose to CAR at home and still qualify for AFCON and world cup that win Ghana 5-0 in Accra and still not qualify…… LMAOOOO.

      I wonder how you will win a tournament you never qualified for in the first place….. LMAOoo

      All of a sudden, 2022 AFCON has turned to friendly matches to be used to prepare SEfor playoffs for all of your….. LMAOoo. I thought “any” coach can win AFCON with the “calibre” of players we have the no other country in Africa has…… LMAOOOO. Ngwa go and bring the “any other coach na”…. LMAOoo.

      And please don’t pay him or the players a cent from now till march o….let’s see the tiki taka the team will play….. LMAOoo

  • – In 1997, the NFA sacked Philippe Troussier after qualifying Nigeria for France ’98 World Cup only for the Super Eagles to crash out of that mundial under disgraceful circumstances by losing 4:1 to Denmark in the second round.

    -In 2002, the NFA sacked Amodu Shuibu after qualifying Nigeria for the World Cup and winning bronze at the 2002 Afcon. The Super Eagles failed to win single match at the Japan / Korea World Cup.

    – In 2010, carbon copy of what happened in 2002 transpired with Amodu Shuibu sacked after qualifying Nigeria for the World Cup and bagging a bronze at the 2010 Afcon. The result was the same: the Super Eagles failed to win a single match at the World Cup thereby crashing out ignominiously from a benign group.

    – In 2016, Oliseh jumped the Super Eagles sinking ship that he was navigating towards the iceberg. With 3 games to go and qualification still (an outside) possibility, a consortium of local coaches made up of Siasia and Amuneke failed to divert the course of the Super Eagles from the Afcon qualification iceberg as Egypt sank Nigeria’s hopes over 2 legs.

    My question is: why do we like shooting ourselves in the foot? I take Mr Hush’s argument that ‘nobody knows tomorrow and that anything can happen with a new coach’. But even at that, Nigerian football history teaches us that changing coaches perilously close to a major competition, or close to a crucial stage in a qualifier, never works.

    I don’t like Rohr’s brand of football and I am equally dismayed with some of the embarrassing losses against lowly teams recently. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

    Rohr has met his Afcon qualifier target and is on course to meet his world cup qualifier target. That is the bigger picture. Sacking him now is not only unadvisable but also potentially reckless.

    However, if that is what will happen, we just have to hope and pray for history not to repeat itself!

    • Omo9ja 2 months ago

      Deo, where are you belong to?

      The issue is not about Rohr “has met his Afcon qualifier target”

      We are not enjoy watching good football under Oga Rohr period.

      Nigeria doesn’t have a team and this is why NFF hired a foreign coach to build a young team for Nigeria.

      With the caliber of players we have under Oga Rohr, by now we should be thinking about winning the Afcon trophy in Cameroon and taking the world by storm in Qatar.

      We need to have a team you and I can be proud of kę.

      If Oga Rohr can not build a solid team over the past five years, is it now he will build a rock for Nigerians?

      If Oga Rohr can not count on his young strikers/young team while he decided to recall Ighalo and Akpeyi back into the Super Eagles, is he moving the team forward or backward?

      Please Deo, let’s call a spade a spade Shikena.

      You know better now. If Oga Rohr stays, no hope and if he goes, there’s hope of winning or doing well in Cameroon.

      So, life is a risk and we have to make the move if we have to do something so special in Cameroon and at the world cup if we qualify.

      • Omo9ja 2 months ago

        I won’t argue with you no more since you said you can hire someone like Mr. Gernot Rohr to manage your business @Ayphillydegreat.

        In that case, you don’t care about your customers?

        What can you do if you don’t have customers to patronize your business?

        We the fans of the Super Eagles are like customers. We have a right to complain because customers are always right.

        I am still expecting Deo to say something about what I said above. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

          That’s a big lie and it shows you can’t even manage your own household. If my workers are meeting targets there’s no way we will lose customers. If they’re delivering the required targets to the customers they will always come back. Why does Rohr’s sack generate so much comments?? And I’m sure dem no born you well not to watch the AFCON with Rohr leading the team to Cameroon. All of you saying you will not watch the AFCON if Rohr’s in charge are just making noise. Let the AFCON commence today all of una will be glued to your TV. Lmao!! Keep deceiving yourself that an Amunike will raise a formidable team within 4 weeks Lmaoo!! Better don’t argue with me because you already know me. So go find somewhere sit down. Your inputs here are very delusional and reeks biased sentiments.

      • Even the C in C of Rohr haters is asking where @deo belong at times I try to fathom where he normally belong too

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

      I can only take that kind of argument that ‘nobody knows tomorrow and that anything can happen with a new coach’ with a pinch of salt. History tells us otherwise and history always repeats itself. He who fails to plan, plans to fail. There’s no problem in sacking a coach for meeting his targets, but we should braze up for a woeful outing at the AFCON and not qualifying for the WorldCup. After all they’ve already said we should sacrifice the AFCON and use it as an experiment. Lmao!!

      • Respect is Reciprocal 2 months ago

        Nothing will be more woeful than what we have seen under ROHR recently are you going to tell me that we can be four goals up in any match we play at the nations cup and still draw or lose the match. This is nation cup and not World Cup Nigeria will get to second round at most.

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

          Please tell me what is woeful that you are experiencing if not ungratefulness?? Did Sierra Leone not qualify for the AFCON at the expense of Benin that almost qualified for the WorldCup playoffs?? How many times has the coach complained about the state of our pitches?? And why did he always win his away matches and never lost a single one since he’s been in charge?? Don’t worry you will win a 24 team tournament with a new coach in less than a month.

          • RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL 2 months ago


          • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

            Unfortunately you don’t have your way my friend. So deal with the outcome. If the NFF decides to sack him so be it and if they stick with him so be it. Coaches are hired to be sacked and let them pay him his dues. What matters is the targets he has met so far. When his boys went to a better pitch did they lose?? The last time I checked we had more possessions than our opponents on our away matches. I prefer pragmatism as always to flamboyance. Which outdated players is he inviting?? Name them and I will tell you why they’re invited. Can you swear with your life that all deserving players have never been invited at one point or the other by the same gaffer??

          • RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL 2 months ago


          • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

            I’m on the same page with you brother. Maybe they shouldn’t have extended Rohr’s contract last year after all and let us swim with another coach since after the pandemic. Now it’s taking them a month to name a substantial replacement and don’t even have the funds to pay him off and I don’t think the government are ready to fork out that amount.

            It begs reasonable logic at this point in time to let go of a coach who is meeting his targets. Maybe after the AFCON we can be talking of another coach who is better than him. And if he wins the AFCON there’s no way he won’t take the SuperEagles to Qatar if we qualify. I don’t know about others I’m looking forward to a fantastic AFCON by the SuperEagles with Rohr in charge.

    • Olugbenga 2 months ago

      I agree with you Dr Grey,even though super eagles need to improve, the coach has done the needful by qualifying us both for the world cup and nations cup, so he should not be sacked, time is too short to higher a new coach to win the nations cup, because the coach will need time.

  • Finally a functional brain, making sense. Just hoping da delusional lousy twats dat are listening !!

  • Dear Omo9ja,

    Thanks for your entry above. I put it to you that no coach on the planet can guarantee you Afcon trophy. At best you will see an assemblage of players who can gell well and have the potential to go far in the tournament under the guardiance of a capable coach.

    In football, no matter the coach, anything can happen as tournament favourites can be knocked out early. Heavyweights Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Ivory Coast and South Africa all fell by the way side in the last Afcon instalment, the same tournament where this same Rohr reached the semi-finals and at least did not come back empty handed.

    Let’s learn to be grateful for little mercies.

    Rohr is not brilliant but he is not bad either. With him in charge, we have had lows but equally we have had highs too.

    As a man of years and wisdom, one would expect you to appreciate that and give respect and acknowledgement where due.

    The brand of football of late have been bland and uninspiring, I agree. But we are still qualified for a tournament that heavyweights South Africa failed to qualify for and on course to qualify for the World Cup, which is the bigger picture.

    You said with the calibre of players we have now we should be thinking of winning the Afcon and taking Qatar by storm: you make me laugh. Players alone don’t guarantee success, a competent Football Administration does. Is it with your NFF owing players and coaches wages and your local league the laughing stock of African football, that is how you want to take the world by storm?

    Get real, Omo9ja!

    So you honestly believe that sacking Rohr is the only route to Afcon success, how naive are you? So, with other teams firmly focused on preparing for the tournament whilst your NFF are running from pillar to post about firing and hiring coaches, then a new coach will simply wave the magic wand and solve all of Super Eagles problems.

    Please, stop being delusional.

    With Rohr in charge, the NFF should – as a matter of urgency – dispense with Joseph Yobo and Salisu Yusuf and employ a reputable Nigerian coach to work as Deputy Manager so that if Rohr fails to hit his Afcon target (where a legitimate grounds for his dismissal would actually manifest), then a local coach can take over seamlessly (on the short term) before a longer term suitable replacement is found.

    That I think is a more sensible contingency approach.

    • Omo9ja 2 months ago

      @Deo, I should get real? NFF have started owning coaches since when?

      You are taking this personal my dear friend Deo.

      Did they pay Keshi before he won the Afcon trophy in South Africa?

      Deo, deep down inside you, you know the right thing to say but you won’t say it.

      NFF have been like that forever and for us to change the system is a huge task because Rome was built in a day.

      First, we have to change ourselves. The way we think and the way we do things in Nigeria.

      I can see now that to make Nigeria a better place to live, it will be difficult because of our attitudes. Only God can help us in this country.

      Oh well, fingers crossed. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Omo9ja,

        Yes the NFF is not new to owing coaches but that doesn’t make it right, does it?

        Also, despite owing Rohr several months of wages, he has – thus far – met his targets, hasn’t he?

        Yes, I am not a Rohr-fan but I try to be pragmatic rather than let sentiments cloud my judgement.

        Charity begins at home; football management rather than a specific coach, is the problem.

        Deep down inside me, I believe the wrong thing to do is sack a coach currently hitting his targets for flimsy factors.

        Whatever happens, I am addicted to supporting the Super Eagles so I will lend my support to the team even if the NFF goes to on to hand Rohr is walking papers.

        However, it is high time we overhaul our management of football in Nigeria. The handling of this Rohr’s sacking or not sacking has been shambolic, a microcosm of everything wrong with how football is run in Nigeria.

      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        Tell us whether Keshi was owed 8 months salaries or his team owed 2 YEARS bonuses you bunch of ungrateful people. You owe Rohr the same salaries from which he pays his assistants and fly them all over the place bcos your NFF laid off all his assistants and stopped being responsible for them in their desperation to sabotage him.

        Siasia’s foreign assistant Kalika was paid by NFF, Keshi’s Valere Houndinou was under NFF’s pay roll, Oliseh Jean Lucsioto was bankrolled by NFF….none of them ever got owed 8 months salaries. On top of that the same NFF hired a Yobo, whom they are scared of giving our CHAN team to lead to a mere friendly in Congo against other homebased teams, as the assistant coach of the SE claiming he doesnt need a coaching badge because he played at the highest level that the Zidanes, Guadiolas and Gerrards of this world did not play yet still went to coaching schools……LMAOOOoo.

        If all these arent derailing enough, the last time our players received bonuses was after the group stages of 2019 AFCON…running to 3 years now.

        It is inspite of all these that the man qualified for this same 2022 AFCON with 2 games to spare and still met his target of qualifying for WC playoffs by topping our group from the matchday to the last.

        Only last week CAF gave a damning and very disgraceful report of the same pitch Rohr and his boys have been complaining about that it is made up of patches of grasses of various species and the rest is mere weed…koriko….Yet we have UYO which only needs constant watering and less overload from Akwa Utd and Dakkada FC to comeback to life


        I pray to the God that owns this day that may you and the rest who are demanding for that your ‘good football’ in the midst of playing and coaching in this nest of thorns be owed your salaries for 8 months and yet be asked to move mountains by your employers, while being flogged with a horsewhip.

        We will learn….!!!

      • So since you know they don’t pay coach and players wages as at when due yet you are still advocating for new coach. U think that one will be motivated in that case to perform magic. In fact your comments always shows who you are

  • Derrick 2 months ago

    I have made up my mind not to watch Nigeria matches if Rohr takes us there

  • Mr Hush 2 months ago


    Vivid points as always.

    But trust me when I say; the NFF has always been a laughing stock. Everyone knows that. Ineptitude, poor management are synonymous to the NFF. There is nothing new there.

    Like I stated clearly in my write up; the future is uncertain. No matter the path we take.
    The NFF indecisiveness is making things worst. We are stagnated. Let them make a decision and get things over with it. So we have clarity.
    If Rohr is to be sacked. Let’s get it done. Get the funds, pay him , so we move. He wouldn’t be the first coach to be hired and fired. Whatever comes next we face it head on.

    If we are sticking with Rohr. Let the noise of his imminent sack cease and let’s focus on prepping for the Afcon. Let’s take our chances and see how it goes. We keep positive with that.
    It is that simple. Clarity is all we seek.

    @Dr Drey
    Bringing other teams into this, is inconsequential.

    No one is saying others are sitting idle.far from it. Most (if not all) are in better shape than Nigeria right now. Their aims and path are clearer. Ours isn’t. Thanks to the NFF indecisiveness

    Once you get your get clarity on your path; you focus on your own preparation; how others prepare has nothing on yyou.At the end, the field decides which preparation has been better.
    Every team is on different pedestrian right now.We just have to focus on getting our acts right and make a decision.

    That said;

    We all agree time is against us.

    We just need to make a decision rather than slugging around and having a debate that heads nowhere and changes nothing.

    Sack Rohr! Don’t sack Rohr.

    Please. We should be decisive for once.

    • What are you seeing is a quite agreement based on the confidence in Rohr. Everybody must accept it. If there was any need, Rohr would have long been sacked but NFF can’t do that now otherwise it would incur the wrath of the silent majority. Preparing the team for Afcon is what the NFF is now concerned about.

  • Solomon 2 months ago

    NFF should find a way to nip the confusion and distractions at the bud. This is what the players are saying


    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      “…. Africa Cup Of Nations is in January. We don’t have a coach three weeks to the start of camping. This is poor timing and the NFF should know this. They know how they divided the team and it showed on the pitch. This is beyond Rohr”, he concluded…..”

      The truth coming from the players themselves…..LMAOOoo. Under line that part that reads “THEY KNOW HOW THEY DIVIDED THE TEAM AND IT SHOWED ON THE PITCH”

      Now wonder all our problems always come during “home” games.

      The distractions and divisions always seem lesser when the SE are away from home. No wonder Rohr NEVER LOST ANY qualifier away from home (another record for those who are good at keeping records…..LMAOOO).

      As a matter of fact he only failed to win just 4 qualifiers away from home out of a possible 12 (again for the jobless ones who are good with record keeping)

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 months ago

    I said it before, the NFF will not sack Rohr at this time.All these arguments here are just waste of time.They are not ready to pay him off and the AFCON is almost here. In as much as i want coach Rohr to be replaced, but i think the timing is wrong. We should be thinking of that after the AFCON. I still believe we can win AFCON in Cameroun, and we will meet and beat Cameroun enroute to the cup; i still beleve that.

  • pompei 2 months ago

    It’s so unfortunate. Our situation in Nigeria is like the Yoruba proverb of a fellow that has a head, but has no cap to wear on his head.
    We’ve got good players, but the football administration is as bad as it gets! Perhaps the worst on the African continent. Maybe the worst on the planet!
    As far as Nigerian football is concerned, it’s a tale as old as time.
    NFF ONIGBESE’s ineptitude, as it has done so often in the past, is once again set to derail our Afcon ambitions.
    If they decided to fire Rohr weeks ago, WHAT IS HE STILL DOING HERE?
    When they made the decision, did they not factor in that they would have to pay him a stipulated severance, per the terms of his contract?
    So they just sat together cluelessly, and arrived at the decision to fire Rohr, without evaluating the aftermath of that decision? Are you kidding me?
    NFF ONIGBESE are taking incompetent and inept management to new heights. Just as people point to the likes of Peter Drucker and Lee Iacocca as authorities in management, NFF ONIGBESE will soon become a reference point in the world of HOW NOT TO MANAGE OR ADMINISTER ANYTHING.
    If the decision to fire Rohr was reached weeks ago, we should have a new coach by now. The objectives should be:
    1) Try to win the upcoming Afcon.
    2) Use the pre-Afcon preps and the Afcon tournament itself to gel the players and prepare for the do-or-die world cup final round play offs.
    3) Set a target for the world cup tournament.
    Fortune may smile on us, and the new coach may win the Afcon. It is possible.
    Dilly dallying on the decision because we want to win Afcon makes no sense. Winning the Afcon is never guaranteed.
    A competent NFF would not have made public a decision to fire the SE coach when that decision has not been finalized. If Rohr is to stay, why rock the boat by announcing his firing, creating all kinds of confusion and apprehension among the players, fans, and other interested parties?
    If Rohr is to stay, let him be allowed a free hand to do his job.
    If he is to go, let him be gone already, and let his replacement start work immediately.

  • MONKEY POST 2 months ago

    So many ex internationals have come out to warn you NFF about the idea of sacking Mr Rohr. I mean the likes of Ikpeba, udeze, nwosu etc.. NFF why don’t you respect and listen to the elders in the game, heed to their warning and drop this disastrous idea of sacking him. They by far know what it will feel like sacking a coach just few weeks before the main tournament.

  • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

    @Deo, you forgot to include Nigeria 99 when Tunde Disu was fired after the group stages simply because we played 1-1 draw with Costa Rica, won Germany 2-0 and lost to Paraguay but still qualified from our group. This was a team assembled only weeks to the tournament, yet we wanted beautiful, “convincing” football and wanted to steamroll everybody else with a less than 5 weeks old team……LMAOooooo

    He was replaced by Dutchman Thijs Libregts and guess what, we were dumped out of Nigeria 99 3-1 by Mali right at the quarter finals stage…..LMAOooooo…..I can never forget that sad, dark evening in Enugu…..LMAOoo

    You also forgot to include the fact that we were topping our Italia 90 WCQ group in 1989 till when we foolishly shoved aside Hamilton for Westerhof with 1 match left in Yaoundé. New coach playing his 1st game in charge on a dusty Sunday evening in Yaoundé lost to Cameroon when all we needed to seal our position on top of the group was a draw……..LMAOOooo

    I am still waiting for that part of Nigerian football history where we ignominiously sacked a coach (without any sensible reason) and went on to succeed immediately after……LMAOOOoo.


    No wonder 2022 AFCON has become a dress rehearsal for WC playoffs in the eyes of some people. Their conscience is begining to tell them the truth, but the hatred of their heart and their emotions are at war with their inner beings…..LMAOOOoo.

    And same people will insult Jurgen Klopp for calling AFCON a “little tournament”……..LMAOOooooo. If AFCON has been reduced to preparatory zero stacked tournament because we hate Rohr’s guts and wouldn mind having bloodied faces after cutting our noses to spite our faces, why wont AFCON be regarded as a “little” tournament by outsiders…???

    • My brother Dr Drey, thank you sir. I remember Nigeria ’99 well. It is like we never learn….

    • Mr Hush 2 months ago

      @ Dr Drey

      It seems you are misreading a lot of people’s opinion or you are just being manipulative just to buttress your point.

      Firstly, Klopp’s statement on the Afcon was taken out of proportion. It was simply a misunderstanding.
      He was simply being figurative in the most respectful way. In fact he made that statement to back the Afcon, when a ‘deceptive ignorant’ journalist asked him about his prediction for the season with Liverpool in mind. While asking the question, The journalist skipped the Afcon; emphasising more on the Champions league, cup games and such. Rohr corrected the journalist
      and pointed out that there is also a ‘little cup called the Afcon’; a tongue in cheek reproach to the journalist for being chosenly ignorant of that fact.
      I am not Ķlopp’s advocate but I watched the full interview so I know what was stated and how it was stated. There is nothing there.
      The interview is on the internet , it’s advisable for one to watch and observe oneself to get the correct details.

      But I digress;
      Using the Afcon to prepare for the task of qualifying for the world cup doesn’t mean one is belittling the Afcon. It simply means it gives us more opportunity to gel as a team and build a unit for further task ahead.it is a win win scenario.
      Besides; it doesn’t mean we lack believe or can’t play to win the Afcon.
      Why can’t both be done concurrently?

      Or maybe , most lack confidence in Rohr and don’t believe he would do well at the Afcon, so have totally lowered expectations and just seeing how things goes.
      Just maybe!

      Suffice to say, the Afcon is colossal to us and as always given us so much pride and nothing would change that.
      No one thought or opinion would make it less so.

      • Mr Hush 2 months ago

        *Klopp corrected the journalist and pointed out that ‘ there is a little cup called the Afcon’..

      • Dr Banks 2 months ago

        Bro you are wrong to imply that we use AFCON to prepare for WC, we stand a chance to win AFCON but no chance in this world to win WC at this time. So why will you toy with a tournament where you have a realistic chance of winning a laurel just so you may try to qualify for one that you are only guaranteed of playing 3 group stage matches

        • Mr Hush 2 months ago

          @Dr Banks

          ” Using the Afcon to prepare for the task of qualifying for the world cup doesn’t mean one is belittling the Afcon. It simply means it gives us more opportunity to gel as a team and build a unit for further task.it is a win win scenario.
          Besides; it doesn’t mean we lack believe or can’t play to win the Afcon.”

          The above was Stated in my earlier piece.
          Never said we can’t win the Afcon.
          You seemed to have missed the part where I said, we can gel within the Afcon and play to win it.

          Don’t misconstrue my position.

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Mr Hush, the AFCON is an End in itself and not a means to an End. Claiming we would be using AFCON to prepare for a qualifier is absolutely ridiculous and belittling of the biggest soccer fiesta of the black race.

            A France, Germany, Spain, Italy or England will not go to the Euros to use it to prepare for a qualifier. Its like saying you are going to the Olympics to prepare for the world cup. Its never done.

            All the football we play on the continent, from the streets to the national teams dovetail toward being the champions of Africa via the African Cup of Nations. Its rather innocuous to claim to want to use AFCON as a preparatory competition when we are not even preparing for the AFCON itself

            As the saying goes, “…Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. ..” If we are going to Afcon to use it to prepare for playoffs and others are going to Afcon to win it……pray tell us, who then will be more prepared for the Playoffs in the end…?

            It is your subconscious resignation to fate having used your own hands and emotions to bungle whatever chances (how slim it may have been) we had of winning 2022 AFCON, that is pushing most of you to bring the issue of using AFCON to perfect strategies for the playoffs.

            If you understand whatever that means, simply put, we are going to AFCON to experiment…..experiment with strategies, selections, methods, etc for the sake of C playoffs. And the last time we treated a major tournament as an experiment (2002), WE FAILED WOEFULLY.

  • pompei 2 months ago

    Well said, Mr. Hush.
    The Afcon is the most important football tournament in African football. We are not going to Cameroon to sample their eclectic cuisine. We are going there to win the trophy. With or without Rohr.
    Having said that, winning tournaments is NEVER GUARANTEED. I recall my astonishment watching Greece pip a French team with Zidane and other super stars to the Euro title in 2004. Or little heralded Denmark beating Holland to the title in 1992. Or Zambia overcoming more established African opponents to snag the 2012 Afcon. My point is, we will go there intending to win, but success is never guaranteed. So if Rohr is to go, we might as well begin the journey without him asap.
    A good Afcon inherently prepares the team for the challenges ahead. That should be obvious.
    And there may be no precedent in Nigerian football for firing a coach and experiencing success immediately. But this has happened in football nonetheless. In 2012, after the dismissal of Andre Villas-Boas, Di Matteo was appointed as Chelsea caretaker coach, and by the end of the season, he had delivered 2 trophies – the 2012 FA cup, and the 2012 Champion’s league, Chlesea’s first ever Champion’s league win.
    Tuchel accomplished the same thing in the Champion’s league after the dismissal of Frank Lampard last year. So yes, it is very possible for a new coach to take over and succeed immediately, Never guaranteed, but always possible.
    If Rohr had kept up the good performances that we’ve come to expect from him, given his past, the decision to keep him on would have been a no-brainer. But recent SE performances make it hard to ignore the possibility that Rohr is just not as motivated to succeed s he once was. The NFF are of course to blame for this, for a plethora of reasons, including nonpayment of salaries. However, the way the SE have performed of late raises significant doubt as to their readiness fot eh upcoming Afcon and the looming world cup playoffs. So the decision must be made to stick with Rohr, or to dismiss him.
    NFF need to be decisive now. If Rohr is to stay, give him all the support he needs. If he is to go, send him on his way, hire a new coach, and let preparations for the Afcon begin in earnest.

  • Coache 2 months ago

    David Moyes was doing well at Everton years back, then Ferguson anointed him as his successor. He flopped because he has never handled quality players before and a team that is desperate for results. Though a good coach that can guarantee results with average players and low budget teams, he failed at MANU because he has an average Coach mentality.

    Compare a coach of Niger, Burkina Faso who failed with those mediocre teams with less pressure now been made SE coach in the Moyes-MANU miasma. Rohr is a Big Sakamaje. Average coaches for average teams…

    At the 2013 AFCON, Could you believe that Musa was on the bench when a home based SUNDAY Mba scored the winning goal? Musa is crap and if you want to use catchment, why not invite Sofia Umar and banish Musa that Mba benched in a final

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      A former coach of Niger and Gabon is not good for Nigeria…..but a coach who failed with Tanzania and was demoted from position of club head coach of a ragtag club in egypt to coaching U13 and U15 boys in their academy and couldnt pass interviews at Kano Pillars is the one that is good enough……LMAOOooo

      Where was your homebased when Ahmed Musa was peppering Argentina at the world cup…? LMAOOoooo

      • Coache 2 months ago

        You know I know you guys too well, the so called Progressives of Amodu and Keshi days. I will never descend that low again to be arguing with you people again.
        NEVER. WISHED the others will borrow a leaf and learn to ignore you guys comments.

        They shd not be carried away nor be intimidated by you people’s claim of wishing the SE team well or think you will submit to others superior argument.

        • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

          Hahahahaha…..are we not vindicated today for backing Amodu and Keshi back then….???

          That is to show you we are sensible and intelligent people who have the foresight people like you never will have.

          You are already at your lowest ebb, so you have nowhere to descend to any more, so you are not even worthy or in the class of people to table any kind of sound argument.

          So do your self a world of good by just keeping shut and not bothering yourself with your senseless arguments.

          I mean, what sort of sound argument do you have to put forward if you are berating us for supporting the 3 best coaches Nigeria has had in the last 20 years…..LMAOOoooo

  • Detruth 2 months ago

    Gernot Rher is actually saving Nigeria and NFF a very huge favor by sticking around and not resigning from his job. NFF can’t afford to fire him and actually has no good reason to do so because the man has met all the targets set for him by NFF.

    I can guarantee you that if they succeed in getting Rher to quit which I know is not going to happen, no reasonable coach will want to be his replacement because of so many negatives associated with being Nigeria’s coach.

  • Detruth 2 months ago

    Gernot Rher is actually saving Nigeria and NFF from a very huge embarrassment by sticking around and not resigning from his job. NFF can’t afford to fire him and actually has no good reason to do so because the man has met all the targets set for him by NFF.

    I can guarantee you that if they succeed in getting Rher to quit which I know is not going to happen, no reasonable coach will want to be his replacement because of so many negatives associated with being Nigeria’s coach.

  • Larry 2 months ago

    There is no need discussing Dumbo Roar again.. As far as it looks, He is a Goner..
    Our saving grace is Ndidi. If he had not blocked that shot in the dying minute, Roar would have left to his native home and Nigerians would be the one bearing the pains.
    I remember vividly when some forumites like yours sincerely raised many concerns about retaining Roar. It was obvious that his technical capability was on the decline. But the usual die-hard supporters were brandishing winning ratio..

    What is Dumbo Roar’s winning ratio since contract renewal ?

    What is Dumbo Roar’s winning ratio against top ten teams in Africa since contract renewal ?

    Do you know the numbers of unwanted records he created since record renewal ?

    It is only the enemies of SE or rival supporters that are still backing Dumbo Roar.

    Ndidi is the major reason why we are still talking about football..

    If the nff can’t get a good and affordable foreign coach, they should try and get a combo of Finidi, Egbo, Olofin, Rufai, and Carl..

  • OmoEsan 2 months ago

    Hmmm. Interesting perspectives so far.

    I have noticed that many Nigerians think with their hearts instead of their brains.

    After the Cape Verde match, they told us Rohr will be sacked , but nothing happened.

    They later came and said they’re waiting for technical report before they will take sack or no sack decision. Technical report has been submitted for almost 3 weeks now, but nothing has happened.

    Again they came with another tale of how they’re finalizing discussions with a sponsor that will pay Rohr’s severance package and he (Rohr) will be relieved of his position in few days. Days have become weeks now, yet nothing has happened.

    Come to think of it, the same sponsor (Sports ministry, Federal Govt or Corporate Organization) that couldn’t bankroll Rohr’s salary efficiently have suddenly agreed to cough out $2m severance package abi? We’re talking about a billion naira here, please tell me that corporate entity in Nigeria that has the capacity to cough out that sum at such short notice. The company must have preempted this scenario since December 2020 when serious companies had sealed up their Year 2021 budgets, so they probably made a provision of one billion naira in the budget for Rohr’s sack. Even the media guys reporting this fable are jokers, as it is obvious they didn’t think it through before rushing to press.

    They even threatened Rohr that they can no longer guarantee his security (like they guaranteed his security when they employed him or the NFF is now the NPF), yet Rohr still dey kampe.

    For those still waiting for the official pronouncement of this long awaited sack, trust me you’re living in a fools paradise.

    The truth is bitter but must be told, NFF doesn’t have the capacity to sack Rohr until Rohr falls short of his target.

    It is becoming obvious by the day that Rohr is leading SE to AFCON. The NFF may try every trick in their books to frustrate him, but this may even propel the players to unite and give their all during the tournament, and should SE win (very possible, even with Rohr) then we’re stock with Rohr till November/December and the man will go home from Qatar like Westerhof and Bonfrere did.

    This one na season film, abeg, where my popcorn and Coke.

    • Omoesan Rohr has ,made no targets he plays boring football and scrapped through a group one of the weakest groups had it been we had a second seed like Ghana, Tunisia or Cameroon in our Group. I am sure you can safely say, it would have been bye bye Qatar before knock outs. Now we have a second chance to Get rifd of Rohr before March Knockout and AFCON and you are talking about Pop corn and Coke and Rohr meeting his targets you guys are really twisted in the head and want nothing good for Nigeria, you clearly only want the best for Rohr.

      • @Ugo Iwunze just shut Up. Nigeria got what we deserve in the contract negotiations with Rohr on 2 fronts. The first is from the history we have with hiring coaches to do a job then fire them after meeting their goals with regards to Philippe Troussier And Amodu. The legal team that Rhor hired was gave him the perfect terms to deal with us. That us why it is always good to study your employer before you get a contract with anyone. The 2nd note, Amaju Pinnick did a brilliant job by getting a corporate sponsor to take charge of the Coaches salary and not OFF or the Sports Ministry, if you recall an article last week that was published on CSN,the Sports Minister was canvassing for the employment of a local coach and wanted the NFF to pay that person through the same Sponsor only to be informed by Amaju Pinnick that the contract they have with the sponsor is for a foreign coach and if the Sports Ministry wants a local coach, then they should be willing to take responsibility for the payment abi? Talk of putting your money where your mouth is. Sunday Dare has been making noise up and down about his love for a local person to take charge of Super Eagles, yet he can’t guarantee the local person his salary. What a great way again to silence Sunday Dare after his first embarrassment of the Nigeria vs Mexico match. I believe he has learnt a major lesson in humility even at the top.

      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        The last time I checked, we qualified for the last world cup in a group that had Zambia, Cameroon and Algeria with the same Rohr in charge with a game to spare and a 5 point lead…..LMAOoooo. So what is the fuss about Ghana or Cameroon or Tunisia…..LMAOoo. Pls look for something else to tell us.

        Every time, our group is always the weakest group……LMAOooo…as if it was Brazil, Italy, Argentina and Germany we had in our groups when we missed AFCON 3 out of 4 times under your “tactical” Guadiolas.

        It is people like you who are twisted in the head. I wonder what you gained in the years when you played beautiful football but couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON…..LMAOoooo

        • JimmyBall 2 months ago

          @Dr.Drey… Can you be truthful to yourself that Super Eagles is currently, or has in the last 2years played at the level of World Cup 2018 qualifiers?

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Please define your so-called “level of the World cup qualifiers”.

            Can you also be truthful to your own self that the working environment now is at the level of the 2018 qualifiers…?

        • @Dr Drey that is the point simple. I have never been one to hide my disdain for corruption and I will say again. We missing out on 2 back to back AFCON tournaments was purely down to the ripple effect from Corruption in our ball (Bribing agents and Quota system selection as well as imposing locally based players on Keshi). Agent bribes the kind that sees unmerited players taking place in the squad set up ahead of the players who Merit an invite, it is all linked. Keshi as good as his football brain was his corruption side was just as good (His down fall). Now I will say again ROHR HAS BEEN COMPROMISED AND THE DODGY ENTRY OF IGHALO AND MUSA CONTINUED STAY IS NO DIFFERENT FROM KESHI COLLECTING BRIBE TO INCLUDE MICHAEL BABATUNDE OVER EZEKIEL IMOH IN 2014 THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, IF DENNIS MISSES OUT TO SIMON WE CAN LINK THE TWO SITUATIONS AND SAY IT IS IDENTICLE. NOW ROHR HAS BEEN COMPROMISED HE MUST GO, PINNICK HAS GOT TO HIS HEAD AND CAN EASILY INFLUENCE HIS DECISIONS. HE HAS BECOME AS CORRUPT AND SECRETIVE AS HIS EMPLOYERS AND AS KESHI WAS DURING THE PERIOD OF 2013-2016 after lifting Afcon.


          • Let Me put it in simple English to you, Layman’s terms if you like @Dr Drey. Rohr has OVER STAYED!!! his Welcome!.

      • OmoEsan 2 months ago

        @Ugo Iwunze, if you know me very well in this forum, you sure know I will not descend to the level of exchanging insults cuz of difference in opinion. Saying some people are twisted in the head is totally uncalled for as I didn’t insult anyone with my post. It’s just not in my character.

        I wish you and your likes the ‘best’ as you continue your $2m wild goose chase.

  • Mr Hush 2 months ago

    @Dr Drey

    Let me concise and clear with my take..

    I want us to win the Afcon.
    We should go there for the win. What’s the point of going if not to win?
    We are Nigeria!

    But to say the Afcon is an ” End itself” that I don’t agree. Football is a continuous endeavour and there is always a further challenge.
    We simply don’t have a team right now. Even if you think we do, We can always use the Afcon to build a more cohesive unit to win the Afcon and for further events as it were.
    It is simply a win win situation. What do we have to lose?

    Even if we bring in a new coach(which I am against due to timing) or we stick to Rohr. The Afcon is always a good stage to build and keep the momentum going forward. Remember, the national hardly have time to blend and gel,so this Afcon period is a great time for that to happen. We are not the Europeans who have it good with The UEFA nations league to blend and build a team. Not forgetting most play at home or close to home.so it is much more easier for them than us in Africa. All pedestrians are different.

    All I see is opportunity. One we can always tap in going forward. We just have to be smart and decisive.

  • Dennis 2 months ago

    The NFF messed up big time. Rohr might have his deficiencies but it can be corrected. I would have suggested the NFF take him and a couple of his assistants on some refreshers course immediately after the qualifiers. By now, video analysts ought to have looked at our opponents at the AFCON and come up with strategies to overcome them.
    The NFF ought have have had a one on one talk with Rohr and tell him that the past couple of games have been abysmal and noted what went wrong. We’re the players unmotivated due to salaries being owed? Did that eyesore of a pitch contribute to our poor performances? Do we need fierce competition by injecting in some new players? These are some things that ought to have been discussed. Rohr may not be the best thing to happen to us since slice bread but he has delivered when called upon and his area of weakness should be worked upon
    I know that silly old twat, segun odegbami is patiently waiting for the coach to be sacked so he can foist his players who probably play in Albania 3rd division into the super eagles. Shame on him