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Fashanu: Rohr Has Underachieved; Must Do More, Take Charge of Home-Based Super Eagles

Fashanu: Rohr Has Underachieved; Must Do More, Take Charge of Home-Based Super Eagles

Former board member of Nigeria Football Federation John Fashanu has expressed his displeasure with the manner Gernot Rohr has worked over three years as the Super Eagles head coach, Completesports.com reports.

Speaking at the launch of 60 goals Soccer Stars Project in Abuja, Fashanu told Completesports.com that Rohr has not done well enough to excite him and most Nigerians since he assumed work as Nigeria’s senior soccer team coach.

“I think Rohr has underachieved as the coach of Super Eagles. What has he achieved, what has he won? That team is certainly not good enough to dominate African Football. We still have a lot of work to do to be the best in Africa. For now, we don’t have a team yet,” the former Wimbledon FC of England striker stated. .

“At the moment, this is one of the lowest time I have seen of the Super Eagles. I am sorry to say that, but I am not excited about the team now and I feel the coach is not doing enough with domestic players. Rohr should stay in Nigeria and develop our league players”

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Fashanu continued: “lt amazes me anytime I hear Rohr saying that Nigerian league players are not good enough to play for Super Eagles. It is a shame that he could say that of a team that won the AFCON in 2013/with about nine home based players. A local boy [Sunday] Mba even scored the lone goal that won us the cup.”

On Tammy Abraham, choosing to play for England, Fashanu says the Chelsea striker is a massive miss for Nigeria. He reckons that Abraham and Osimhen combination would have been very wonderful for the Super Eagles, and blames the authorities for not doing enough to convince him to play for his mother land.

“Rohr should work on our domestic players and stop complaining. Part of his resume I guess must include developing local talents and coaches. He should emulate what Late Stephen Keshi did with domestic league players before going ahead to win the AFCON in South Africa in 2013. I urge the NFF to caution him about his utterances and get him to work on home-based players.

“He should take charge of the home-based Eagles and groom them for the main team. It’s a shame that we could not qualify for CHAN and WAFU, competitions meant for home-based African players. Rohr need to step up his game,” Fashanu concluded

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja

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  • Ekene 2 years ago

    Let the debate continue what the black man sees is way different from what the white man sees! Although mr fash I would have loved you attribute majority of the blame to the football administrations and not Rohr who happens to be working under the wrong atmosphere.

    • Adisboy 2 years ago

      Ekene my bro, you understand the situation more than Fash. Fash’s statements make absolutely no sense. It seems he has an agenda. IT IS NOT THE JOB OF THE NATIONAL TEAM COACH TO DEVELOP DOMESTIC FOOTBALL!. Bro, as you rightly pointed out this is the role of the football administrators. Fash should please mention anywhere ib the world where the it’s the coaches’job. Thank God he’s not in authority otherwise our football would be worse off.

  • A nonsensical statement from a player who has underachieved himself. Its not hard to see why John Fashanu underachieved in his career, shooting shots at the wrong target.

    Those harking back to the Keshi days fail to understand that in 2013 we had a competitive and vibrant domestic football league to pick players from. No footballer in Nigeria has played a full season for two years, since the end of the 2016/17 season, not one. In the last two yearsthe season has been stop start, abridged, delayed, rushed and without consistency. This is the responsibility of the NFF, the LMC and the NPFL, not the national coach. In the 2 years since the league has been disrupted we have had ALL teams U17, U20 and SE fail to qualify for AFCON or the world cup in 2017. 2018 and 2019 Underachive at international competitions, ALL, both male and female as well as junior and senior, local and international. ALL.

    Is he also going to blame Rohr for the failures in the U17, U20, U23 as well as the Super Falcons and the WAFU plus CHAN?

    At this time, the buck stops with the NFF and subsidiaries, the only team giving us any semblance of performance is the Super Eagles. And its not surprising to see the NFF president acting as “international scout” crowing on social media about meetings with players in England, and at the same time Coach Rohr being announced at local matches MFM and Rangers. Talkabout a role reversal

  • Fashanu should swerve abeg, make we see other people wey give us something to remember. Not him. Even if the message was right (which isn’t anyway), I also need to see the messenger before I listen. The message and the messenger – all join for the matter. So, Fashanu should fashii!

  • Frustrated Fash, what did u achieved during and after your playing career? The highest team you played for was Winbledon, and what did you achieved? Nothing! You are rated the 22nd most worst player in Fifa list out 50 players that were rated. So who are you to say someone is an under-achiever. How many foreign coach can work successfully under the ash and corrupt system we have presently? Rohr is patiently building a great team and someone somewhere is talking rubbish. If I may ask you Mr Fash, how local matches have you watched this season, and how many local players can you spotted that is good enough for SE? After all you are a stakeholder. You are part of the people disrupting the progress we are making SE, after all that’s the only national team we have for now. As a former NFF board member, what’s your contribution to the growth of the game in the country? Nonsense man! Go back to your Adopted country if you are that relevant

  • AR Franklin 2 years ago

    fash shd go stick his nose @ England football n leave Nigerian football peacefully. everything he said here re just arrant rubbish. How can a National team coach b tasked with d job of developing our League? Fash or whatever he calls himself shd leave rohr alone.

  • Sammy 2 years ago

    This guy can’t be serious. How is it d job of d coach to develop your football? There is so much ignorance in this interview, it is beyond belief that a reasonable person could have made them.

    John Fashanu will have us absolve the sports ministry, NFF and LMC of responsibility for d state of our domestic football, while blaming Rohr? My God, what is wrong with these people?

    And then he wants to rewrite history about Keshi’s achievements? When all men and their dog know the influence football agents had in team selections during Keshi’s time in charge?

    If Pinnick does not want to renew Rohr’s contract he should go ahead and let it lapse; why use his goons in d media to belittle the poor man’s achievements. He should give d job to any other person he likes, Nigerians are watching and waiting to see and measure that person’s results against what Rohr has achieved.


  • Glory 2 years ago

    Discrediting Rohr and his achievements is just not acceptable. This man Rohr n NFF have done fantastically well.Any right thinking person must first look at the situation our football was before Rohr took over, where sponsors were not even proud to sign on with us n also even the condition he has had to work. This is just evil witch hunting. If these critics had asked that Rohr be made to coach/ manage our home based, there I will listen. Developing football league n managing/ coaching are two different things. And for Fashanu n others to pretend not to know this leaves loads of suspicion about their intentions.

  • PeePee 2 years ago

    Fashanu should please leave Coach Rohr alone. By making such statement about the present Super eagles team portrays him as insincere and full of suspicious agenda.
    He should even leave our football alone. Tomorrow now, Tammy Abraham, Tomori or even Dele Alli go come de chook mouth for our football mater. As far am concerned, John Fashanu is an outsider when it comes to Nigerian football. So make he talk about three lions of England or kukuma keep quiet!

    • The comments from everyone of you are courageous and overwhelming. Firstly, Fashanu did not in anyway merit the previous role he was given. Did he serve us to deserve that role No. All of you have hammered on the relevant points and there’s nothing for me to say. Rohr has not achieved but he’s been nominated by CAF for an award. Out of a population of about 200 million hes the only that sees that Rohr has underachieved so hes irrelevant. One of our former players who even served us Akpuegbu mentioned that Rohr has done well. It’s a highly irresponsible talk coming from Fash. He and Odegbami should please leave super eagles and Rohr alone. Why will the national team coach develop your league for you?

  • Somtochukwu Ugwu 2 years ago

    All shades of wrong Fash!
    Thought you knew better!

  • Marlian 2 years ago

    Fashanu kalakpoka who you help baba u no gree play for us like tammy so fuck off marlians where una dey? Confusion is in the air

  • Two people are disliking all the comments but not speaking or giving an alternative view

    • Glory 2 years ago

      We know them. Do you care @ bigD? I honestly don’t look for like or dislike over here. I only come here to express my views to ease my anger or release my happiness about certain happenings.

  • Patrick 2 years ago

    The failure of our youth teams in various fifa competitions and the failure of our clubside in continental competitions is as a result of our football ball administrators ineptitude and not the fault of rhor. Nigeria is not the only country relying on players playing in European leagues .the Algerian national team, Senegalese team all rely on foreign based players. If our best players are in Europe then let our coach rely on such players. In terms of accomplishment fashanu is not the right person to assess players like ndidi, osimihen, aribo,chukwueze,kalu,Ahmed musa,simon,ekong,ola aina and others.he should leave our coach alone.even the shortlist of African footballer of the year consist of mainly players in Europe such as mane,mahrez,Salah, ndidi,osimihen etc.

  • Most of you blaming Fashanu is he the topic on ground the poor has his own view why cant you people contribute your own part than jumping on peoples head this is why Nigeria football is going down alot of you wont hit the nail on the head and correct the mistakes the coaches and Nff are doing, fashanu is like any of us is not among the Nff boards ,you wont accused the real people in charge

  • abba rossi 2 years ago

    Fashanu ask a very simple question that needed and answer, what have Rohr achieve in the past 3years now as a coach? we all know how Nigerian football is? There is nothing new, our owned keshi win AFCON not third place? he make a very good point? rohr try by bringing new players in the team but yet to win anything? fashanu is very right rohr stop making noise yet, we need trophy not feeling big while u re still an average coach, whom his CV ve no trophy at all.

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Before Rohr we couldn’t even qualify for Afcon, and World Cup was in jeopardy. He came in and qualified us to the world cup from a group that had the then champions of Africa and the current champions of Africa. He qualified us with ease without calculators and stuff. Did the same for Afcon, and currently on the right track for other tournaments.

      What has Rohr brought?
      Stability, merit based system, organisation, planning and transparency. Even with the difficulties involved in working with the Nff, he has handled them in a mature way. Our local coaches have failed and our local league players are not up to par.

      Although he is yet to win a trophy, I’ll stick with him because he is an outsider and does not get mixed with the biases in Nigeria (Religion and Ethnic). Any time I watch the SE, I may insult him for late substitutions and all, but when I think of the options we have knowing the type of people ruining the NFF, I’d rather stick with Rohr. Trust me…a draw with Ukraine (in Ukraine) and Brazil!

      Finally, we’d get there eventually. To achieve something one needs foundation, structure and plan. What foundation do we have in Nigeria? Same can be said of other sectors. Everyone in Nigeria wants to become a success overnight yet nobody is willing to work towards for years for it.

  • John Fashanu is not saying right thing here. Rohr has done well by raising this set of talented players. We all knew when our brother Keshi was sack and Oliseh took over. No nonsense guy Oliseh dumped the team when it was clear SE was not going to qualify. Siasia took over and eventually we didn’t qualify. Rohr too over and started all over again.i remember he picked few players from the chann eagles then, but they couldn’t prove a point. Since then we can have national team that would qualify us World Cup and AFCON even came 3rd. John should not blame Rohr. He has met the target set for him by NFF.

  • Fashanu ara gbawaa gi onu idiot like you,who cares about your opinion animal,fuck off go and give ur opinions to England because u choose to be an English not Naija so dnt advise super eagles or Mr coach Rorh ewu Hausa like u.u are in Lagos robbing children their Akara money in the name of being football scout,

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    I’m not 100 percent agreed with Fashanu but he has a point.

    “I think Rohr has underachieved as the coach of Super Eagles.

    Absolutely correct. I have said that over and over again and another have said it today.

    With the caliber players we have now, Bronze medals and third place was our level.

    With what we had in Russia last year world cup and compared that to Keshi’ team 2014 world cup, coach Rohr failed.

    Secondly, “What has he achieved, what has he won”?

    Yes, he’s trying to have a solid team which I like but the technicality and tactics acumen of Oga Rohr letting him down. That is why is said NFF should renew is contract and hire new assistant coaches with him.

    No need to send him for a refresher course in Germany because that is what the new assistant coach are there for.

    NFF are the problem of our sports.
    Simple arithmetic, 1+1=2 but for them, 1+1=100. That is reason why they are still using analog system. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ekene 2 years ago

      Omo9ja you are wrong here with calibre of players we have we can’t win gold either because if players like mane had to settle for silver then we don’t deserve better. The blame should be our sports development on their failure unearth true gems so I forward the blame to @thenff

      • Ekene 2 years ago

        So I will excuse and absorb the coach of any blame rather focus on our administrator who have failed from grassroot due to corrupt practices thereby depriving us of real talents

        • Chuck 2 years ago

          I like John Fashanu but reading this comment attributed to him made me know that he is full of s**t.

          This is the kind of crap you expect to hear from people that have never kicked a ball in their whole entire life, not someone that played at the highest level of English football.

          The comments make you question his intelligence or maybe if he has a hidden agenda but all the same it’s sad to hear those comments coming from someone that is supposed to be knowledgeable about the sports.

          The coach’s job is to select the best Nigeria has, and the best Nigeria has at the moment are all in the Super Eagles. His job is not to improve our league, that is the job of the NFF in conjunction with the LMC.

          Fashanu was shamelessly calling on the coach to include the home based players in his team when the home based players have been out of active football for more than five months. Fashanu should understand that the home base Eagles failed to qualify for CHAN primarily because of the inactive state of our league and making them part of the Super Eagles like Fashanu suggested would mean a disaster for the team. I thought he knew better, but I guess I was wrong. Fashanu has demonstrated that although he played the game of football, he is still ignorant about it.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Another odegbami in the block, mr fashunu, what did u achieve for nigeria during ur playing days that gave u the impetus to say that rohr has under achieved? Were u not the one that snubbed Nigeria several times, hoping that you’d play for England only to start looking for your roots when they knack ur small opiora head for brick wall?. Do you know where nigeria was when rohr took charge? I mean , how we struggled to qualify for tourneys? How every household had super eagles calculators? How we always had our hearts in our mouths when nigeria played? How super eagles sent so many to their early graves? How we were nicknamed super chickens by no good countries? How our players’ opportunities to play in top flight leagues abroad was a mammoth task bcs of our pitiful fifa world ranking? How the top brass of our coaching crew were swimming in corruption and took our football 10 steps backwards. Our football was in deep shit when mr rohr came around and hence he (mr rohr) has really done a good job with the eagles to the admiration of the world that the eagles are becoming a global football brand again in the world attracting grade A friendlies as a result. Is it rohr’s responsibility to develop our domestic league?
    So in your small opiora head, u think it’s his responsibility??? Chai, smh. Ur utterances show that u lack complete knowledge of our football history and hence have no right to whatsoever to criticize rohr. If u have nothing to say, pls shut ur moouth abeg. If ure seeking attention, go strip ur sorry self naked in the streets of Lagos so that u go get the desired attention u are looking for.

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      Oakfield, before Rohr came, Nigerians had no choice but to become proficient at advanced maths, programming, statistics because of Super Eagles qualification palaver.
      I had some friends who were writing computer programs for Super Eagles matter. IF…THEN SQL statements. And other programming languages like Python, Java, C++.
      Rohr has come and made life simple and easy again. Nobody is buying calculator again. Yet some bad belle haters want to send us back to the dark ages!

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      I just dey look Fashanu pic…..dat em head na real OPIORA MANGO head. Original one. How can you expect something reasonable to come out of OPIORA MANGO head?
      Fashanu dey there dey yarn okpata. Common sense is not common at all ooooo!

  • Arthur 2 years ago

    It’s only in Nigeria that you see people like this man that refused us his services coming to critise us for not been good enough. Please Mr John, where were you contributing your quota? Paying your taxes? Who are you to talk about nigerian football? The other day you said you are paid 5m, without saying its insurance you paid for pension. Please go back to England and talk about Southgate and leave Rohr alone.

  • Pompei 2 years ago


    Ekene, you don leave Simon, your next target is Aribo, abi? Hahahahahaha! What kind of human being is this?

    Ekene, Fashanu and their comrades are talking RUBBISH. So Rohr has underachieved, ba? He has qualified us for every major competition since he took the SE coach job in 2016. Improved our FIFA rankings. Big football nations now want to play friendlies with us. The team is now filled with young talent, some of whom can play for the next 10 to 12 years. Yet, he has under achieved? Oh, so he should have won the world cup and Afcon, abi? Going by Fashanu’s logic, every team that did not win a trophy in 2018 underachieved. So, the only teams that are good are world champs France, Afcon champs Algeria, and Copa America champs Brazil? Na so craze dey take start oooo!
    Well, Fashanu is not one to be taken too seriously, in my opinion. He turned his back on Nigeria when he was needed. Now he has the audacity to criticize and complain, as if he wants the best for the same Nigeria he shunned!
    Ekene, if you are so hungry and frustrated, you can ask Simon for a handout. I’m sure he can spare you some change. That is much more honorable than the path you’re currently taking, which is viciously tearing down your fellow countryman! You keep talking about Salah and Mane. You, Ekene, are you the best in your profession? What tangible achievement have you had in your life? Whatever you have achieved by your sweat and effort is yours, it will not be good for someone else to BELITTLE AND INSULT you because you have not achieved more. So, I ask you to give Moses Simon and other players the same deference!
    Ekene and Fashanu, please stop being killjoys. Our football is getting better and better. Just last month, we almost beat a fully loaded Brazil in a friendly. As I mentioned earlier, going by Fashabu’s logic, Brazil is one of the few good teams on the planet. YET, WE ALMOST BEAT THEM! We now have a strong first team and a bench that is just as good, for the first time in decades. Enemies of progress are experts in seeing faults and problems, but refuse to see the improvements and the progress.

    Once again I say to all enemies of progress – GET A LIFE!

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Mehn @Pompei, I find it hard to understand why some people are sooo evil. How can somebody (a lost fool) in his right senses say that rohr has under achieved?? This is ridiculous! It’s very clear that there are forces who are jealous of mr rohr and the great work he’s doing with the eagles bcs of their own selfish interests. I swear, if not for the love rohr has for the eagles, he would’ve resigned a long time ago. They can’t hide their wickedness and jealousy anymore that they ain’t ashamed to come out in the public and spew rubbish. Karma is a bitch, mr rohr won’t be there forever, he’ll have his time and leave one day and then you all wicked good for nothing wizards (including u fashunu and odegbami, the ex cricket internationals) will know the difference. You will confess with ur mouth that mr rohr was the best coach nigeria has ever had in the last 15yrs.

      • Pompei 2 years ago

        Honestly, if I were Rohr, I for don waka long time ago. How can people be so unappreciative? After everything Rohr has achieved for Nigeria, some people can’t point to anything good he has done! Not even one thing! It is pure wickedness and jealousy. Bad belle haters, why don’t you people monitor your own lives the way you monitor and criticize Rohr and the players? You want to vent your personal frustrations and failures on others! SHAME ON YOU ALL!

  • Glory 2 years ago

    Fashanu should just try behave to continue to enjoy some respect yeah. Make e no force Man dem open im yansh o..We never forget im attitude towards Yisa shofoluwe when de Man dem ask for e help years back o. Behave behave behave, many more dey we I go yarn here but for d respect I have for this brother man fash. See, when we decide to open man yansh, na from back we dey tear im pant come reach front, you hear me so Fash?

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      Abeg, make we fashi de guy jare. Fashanu should go and give his valueless opinions to his country people England. We don’t need him!

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Guys calm down, let’s review the contracts signed by Mr Rohr first, before we draw any conclusions, let’s see what his contract says, is there any where in his contract that mandated him to develop our local leagues, or there any clause In is contract that instructed him to develop and scout our local players for National assignment.Rohr has done well he was recognized today as one the best national team handler in the world, that being said we must review is contract and sees what is contract stipulates.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    The highest ranking we achieved in the last 10yrs was 31st…shortly after keshi won Afcon in 2013. By the time Rohr was engaged in 2017, we were 70th and couldn’t qualify for ordinary…ORDINARY AFCON 2ce In a row. In order words we were on the same level with teams like Rwanda, Kenya, Namibia, Niger who only qualify for the nation’s every 3 editions.
    After 2019 afcon we were ranked 31st….our highest since 2013, and we haven’t even won anything yet.

    Underachievement to fail to fulfil one’s potential.

    For those who have sense wat was the SE’s potential wen Rohr arrived, what is their potential now…?

    The thunder that will strike some people is waiting for Buhari to reopen Nigerian’s land borders.

    • Pompei 2 years ago

      The thunder dey airport dey do warm up exercises, hahahahaha!

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        No o…the thunder no gree pass air routes o. Na from fouta djallon mountains e go collect petrol and matches come dey from dia dey trek pas Mali, Guinea,cotedivoire, Ghana, Togo reach Benin come see say dem don close borders.

        The thunder just dey dia jeje dey drink pammy with bush meat patiently, dey wait make dem open seme border.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Nigeria National Team coach Gernot Rohr has been ranked among the top twenty national team coaches in the world by German-based organisation International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS).

    This year’s award was won by Fernando Santos, coach of Portugal national team, with whom he won the UEFA Nations League in June 2019.

    Football experts and journalists from 90 countries of all continents in the world chose Fernando Santos to receive the 2019 Award and he received 112 points to place first.

    Super Eagles manager Rohr ranked joint-nineteenth with one point along with Jan Olof Andersson (Sweden), Paulo Bento (South Korea), Age Hareide (Denmark), Marcello Lippi (China), Oleksandr Petrakov (Ukraine U20) and Marc Wilmots (Iran).

    The head coach of Algeria, Djamel Belmadi got into the top five (5th, 61 points), Madagascar’s French coach Nicolas Dupuis placed 10th with 11 points and Senegal coach Aliou Cisse ranked 18th with two points.

    World’s Best National Team Coaches

    1) Fernando Santos (Portugal) – 112
    2) Tite (Brazil) – 102
    3) Roberto Martinez (Belgium) – 97
    4) Didier Deschamps (France) – 87
    5) Djamel Belmadi (Algeria) – 61
    6) Gareth Southgate (England) – 45
    7) Roberto Mancini (Italy) – 42
    8) Andre1 Shevchenko (Ukraine) – 41
    9) Ricardo Gareca (Peru) – 22
    10. Nicolas Dupuis (Madagascar) – 11
    10. Felix Sanchez (Qatar) – 11
    12) Zlatko Dalic (Croatia) – 10
    12) Ronald Koeman (Netherlands) – 10
    12) Roberto Moreno (Spain) – 10
    12) Oscar Tabarez (Uruguay) – 10
    16) Senol Gunes (Turkey) – 4
    17) Jerzy Brzeczek (Poland) – 3
    18 ) Aliou Cisse (Senegal) – 2
    19) Jan Olof Andersson (Sweden) – 1
    19) Paulo Bento (South Korea) – 1
    19) Age Hareide (Denmark) – 1
    19) Marcello Lippi (China) – 1
    19) Oleksandr Petrakov (Ukraine U20) – 1
    19) Gernot Rohr (Nigeria) – 1
    19) Marc Wilmots (Iran) – 1

    Omo9ja, where is your Baxter and Amrouche is the above list….where is your Amunike and Bonfrere Jo…abi you nor see Nicolas Dupuis of Madagascar for d list….???

    Rohr is not a coach, Rohr is a dullard, Rohr is useless, Rohr is tactless, Rohr is a bastard, Rohr is an idiot…..ntoiii…!!!

    God sure has a way of vindicating his own.

    CAF coach of the year nominees, Rohr dey inside o…..hihhihihi

    Top 20 coaches in the world Rohr dey inside o……hihhihihi

    I say d thunder wey go strike some people ehn……e go borrow CR7 boot use strike them…..bcos that boot nor dey miss target…..hihhihihi.

    When I wrote a piece about Nicolas Dupuis last week, CAF and IFFHS never talk anything den o.

    I’m waiting for what all those agents of darkness will say about Rohr after now….LMAO

    • abba rossi 2 years ago

      German base organization? German base organization na wooh? I thought is FIFA Ranking? beside what re there parameters in ranking? and sources for this info pls?

  • Saint P. 2 years ago

    Good comments from FASH but the U 17, 21, and 23 that failed to perform recently are largely made of Home-Based Players handled by Local Coaches so If Coaches that know the league in and out, that have been in the league for decades cannot develop these guys after been in camp with them for months and watched them played virtually every week what then are you expecting from a foreign coach ? Asking foreign coaches to stay back in the country and monitor a league that is non-existing won’t work If you don’t like their Idea of them spending most of their time in Europe where all your players ply their trades then stop hiring them and go for a local coach instead if that will do any good after all local coach will stay here and do what you want, only a desperate foregn coach will stay back in Nigeria to monitor this leauge.

  • Gbenga 2 years ago

    3rd place is not the same as gold we need to be realistic bro!

    • Chuck 2 years ago

      Fashanu is Nigerian right? Why don’t he take the coaching duties of the home based Eagles, ,also develop and improve the domestic league

  • @dr drey stop celebrating failure why? he is not among the top ten.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      @Stan….if rohr was amongts the top 10, u would ask y he wasn’t amongst the top 5. By the way, are u amongst the top 100,000,000,000 in your own profession in the world??? If u are, then u deserve a world acclaimed award.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Santos – 2.31m
      Louw – 3.31m
      Tite – 3.02m
      Deschamps – 2.58m
      Southgate – 1.8m
      Mancini – 2m
      Shevchenko – 3.5m

      Gernot Rohr – 596k (not paid as and when due, allowances and match bonuses too are not paid as and when due)

      Common sense should tell anyone who has it that to who much is given only should much be expected. If you want Rohr to be amongst the top 10, pay him what those in the top 10 earn, or forever hold your peace…!

      • Jones 2 years ago

        Well said bro, well said

      • Chuck 2 years ago

        Salary wise he’s not amongst the top ten but when it comes to performance, he is up there amongst the top. He is one of the best in what he does.

        • https://iffhs.de/iffhs-awards-the-worlds-best-national-coach-2019-fernando-santos-portugal/

          Nigeria National Team coach Gernot Rohr has been ranked among the top twenty national team coaches in the world by German-based organisation International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS).

          World’s Best National Team Coaches 

          1) Fernando Santos (Portugal) – 112
          2) Tite (Brazil) – 102
          3) Roberto Martinez (Belgium) – 97
          4) Didier Deschamps (France) – 87
          5) Djamel Belmadi (Algeria) – 61
          6) Gareth Southgate (England) – 45
          7) Roberto Mancini (Italy) – 42
          8) Andre1 Shevchenko (Ukraine) – 41
          9) Ricardo Gareca (Peru) – 22
          10. Nicolas Dupuis (Madagascar) – 11
          10. Felix Sanchez (Qatar) – 11
          12) Zlatko Dalic (Croatia) – 10
          12) Ronald Koeman (Netherlands) – 10
          12) Roberto Moreno (Spain) – 10
          12) Oscar Tabarez (Uruguay) – 10
          16) Senol Gunes (Turkey) – 4
          17) Jerzy Brzeczek (Poland) – 3
          18 ) Aliou Cisse (Senegal) – 2
          19) Jan Olof Andersson (Sweden) – 1
          19) Paulo Bento (South Korea) – 1
          19) Age Hareide (Denmark) – 1
          19) Marcello Lippi (China) – 1
          19) Oleksandr Petrakov (Ukraine U20) – 1
          19) Gernot Rohr (Nigeria) – 1 
          19) Marc Wilmots (Iran) – 1

  • @Stan…to you, Rohr is a failure?
    If yes, explain.

  • Wallace 2 years ago

    These are the enemies of Nigerian development. I remember vividly how this man shun Nigeria to play for England. Now he is a redundant general he quickly accept to be football ambassador for Nigeria when people like Rashidi died of poverty, Nwankwo been harassed and Okocha been swindled by same people that hire people like Fash. How on earth can fash, claim to care about Nigeria and her football? Tomorrow Abraham and Tomori will come to talk how important Nigerian football is to them and take up appointments while Balogun,Aina,Ekong,Ebuehi etc will be left to suffer alone.
    Honestly if I am in the position of power, those that saw everything wrong in playing for Nigeria,will never get anything out of Nigerian football except charity work(without pay). I feel very insulted seeing people give this man right to discuss Nigerian football. Even as a pundit he is least qualified. He should go to where he took his bath to dry himself. NFF and sport ministry should be advised to let these African football killers alone. And he should be advised to put his mouth where he sacrificed!!!! This will serve as a deterrent to upcoming ones. Nigeria is not a burial ground for wasted foothballers(talents), if we are not good for your services and sacrifice then let us also not be good for your advice please

  • @sean i can explain. Tell me his archivement since he took over as se coach? what has he done better than our previous coaches? He qualfied 9ja to w/c and afcon. Won bronz. Late shaibu amoudu qualified 9ja to w/c twice 2002 & 210. Won afcon bronz twice 2002 & 210. Late keshi won afcon.qualied 9ja to w/c and get to the knock out stage. tell me what your father GR has done better is it because of the latest fifa ranking? he played draw with ukarine brazil. late amoudu deafeted france in marseile. Imagine how we lost to argentina and algeria. We strugle to deafet burundi and guinea and lost to madagascar. He went to afcon with only 2 mildfielders. You guys should stop prasing this man the team is getting better not because GR is good is because we have good players now.GR cant do more than what he has been doing since three years. We need a world class coach majourity of you does not know the talents we have now. Nff employ a w/class coach and see what will hapen. Ire ooo GOD Bless 9ja.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      And who is the world class coach u think is better than rohr?? Pls, let’s see a list of at least 4names .

    • Adisboy 2 years ago

      Stan, so In your wisdom a world class coach will agree to work and perform under the normal working conditions provided by the NFF? By the way, who are the world class coaches out there that the NFF can afford when they are struggling to pay Rohr’s salary. You just dey live in a dreamword with no concept of the realities on ground. Your statement that the current improvements in the team have nothing to do with Rohr is just being dishonest. The reality is it has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ROHR. His project is coming to fruition before our very eyes. If you like deny the truth.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hehehehehe…see them…dem nor get anything to talk again.

      “….the team is getting better not because GR is good is because we have good players now…”

      So we didnt have good players when we only managed to qualify for 1 AFCON in 4 attempts….the likes Odemwingie, Uche brothers, Nsofor, Emenike, Yobo, Taiye taiwo, Efe Ambrose, Chidi Odiah, Ahmed Musa, Omeruo, Mikel, Onazi, Enyeama, Etebo, V.Moses and the rest were bad players…..LMAO.

      We didnt rank 70th in the world when keshi took over the SE, neither had we missed 3 out of 4 AFCONs when Amodu was called in to tinker the team, but despite not winning anything, we have ridden up to the highest point any of them ever took us, climbing an average of 12 places every year, imagine how many more places we will climb by the next 2 years when we will be ready and outright contenders for the AFCON trophy

      Why didnt your SE get better after winning AFCON in 2013, why is it now they are getting better. You are not even ashamed to admit the SE are getting better, yet you are asking what Rohr has achieved….you will tell us if it is your local government chairman that is drafting FIFA rankings. Despite not winning anything yet, we are currently ranked same level we ranked when we won something, after rising from our lowest ever rankings since inception, to you, that means nothing, it is not worth acknowledging…Lolz

      Football experts and journalists from 90 countries say G.Rohr is currently amongst the best 20 national team coaches in the world at the moment, I dont know what else ‘World Class’ means to people who have never been ranked 20th position in any endeavor of their lives.

      They ask …..”why is he not among the top ten”…..I ask “how come he is amongst the top 20 in the 1st instance if he has failed”. How come he is seen by the rest of the world as a top 20 coach but seen by ungrateful bigots as dumb, clueless, tactless, patternless, boring, defensive and stupid.

      Hatred has isolated their common senses from them, that is why even the meaning of failure eludes them. They know more than the FOOTBALL EXPERTS AND JOURNALISTS FROM 90 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES ACROSS THE WORLD.

      Since “….the team is getting better not because GR is good is because we have good players now…” then let us all conclude too that Portugal is getting better not because of Fernando Santos, but because of the ‘good’ players they have now. Likewise, Brazil is getting better not because Tite is good but because Brazil now has good players they’ve never been having before. Similarly, Roberto Martinez and Didier Deschamps are not good, France and Belgium are just getting better because of the ‘good’ players they have not that they’ve never had before.

      Some people need to go and wash their head in ogbuashi river so that all the evil spirits hovering over them can leave them alone.

      What has Rohr won for us…? He has won RESPECT, yes he has won back for us our Respect and Fear Factor. Its only a matter of time before greater things follow.

    • @stan… here’s what I see as achievement.
      * For a Coach to come from nowhere and quality us for a nation’s cup tournament after 6 years(after missing two editions)
      * For a Coach to agree what another highly rated coach rejected i.e to qualify a team rated 70 in the world out of a group involved current African champion (Cameroon) and No1 rated African team as at then (Algeria).
      Not only that he agreed, he qualified with a game to spare
      ….Keshi won the nation’s cup truly but my questions are …1) how many homebase player is in the first Eleven?
      2) how many homebase from the bench played and made good impact throughout the tournament (apart from Mba)

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        Keshi won the nations cup when Enyeama was the best goaltender in Africa, when Mikel and Moses were in the best shape ever. When Emenike was menacing and they all hit form at the right time. All players discovered by Siasia. What happened afterwards?? He couldn’t qualify us for the same AFCON after narrowly reaching the round of 16 at the World Cup. Thanks to Odemwingie who he never wanted to take to the World Cup in the first place.

        Rohr came in and made us forget about Moses without blinking an eye. Mikel and Onazi are now history with the emergence of Aribo, Iwobi, Ndidi, Azeez, Etebo and some youngsters coming up. SuperEagles hold Ukraine and Brazil in high profile friendlies yet he hasn’t achieved anything according to some who’s only achievements is the data they use to type rubbish. Don’t worry let him leave and see the SuperEagles gradually return to mediocrity. 

  • @dr drey am afraid because the love you have for GR is 2 much you are ready to kidnap or shoot someone to death because of the love you have for him. Abeg no ves i no won die young.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      …and your own hatred for Rohr is so much that you can set him ablaze if you are given the chance. If with all these blatant facts on ground, that even the rest of the footballing world has taken note of, people like you still talk all the rubbish you talk all over the place, then I will advise the old man to be careful anytime he is within the shores of that country.

      Some of you obviously know more that the Football experts and Journalist in CAF and IFFHS from 90 different countries who rate him so highly.

  • @dr drey point of corection am not talking rubish am a nigerian and super eagles belong to every nigerian i have every right to complain or say my opinion. Everybody must not like GR same to mr president and governors many will like you and many will hate you at same time. You even call us agant of darkness na waoo take it easy.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago


      “….the team is getting better not because GR is good is because we have good players now…..”

      – Portugal is getting better not because of Fernando Santos, but because of the
      ‘good’ players they have now…Lolz

      – Brazil is getting better not because Tite is good but because Brazil now has good
      players they’ve never been having before. LMAO

      – Didier Deschamps is not good, France are just getting better because of the
      ‘good’ players they have now that they’ve never had before.

      #Facts or #Rubbish

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        – Tottenham are getting better not because Mourinho is good, but because of
        the good players in Tottenham.

        – Real Madrid is getting better not because Zidane is good, but because of
        the good players in the team.

        Quote of decade by the legendary @Stan himself….LMAO

    • Chuck 2 years ago

      @stan you don’t have to like Rhor but as long as he’s raking in the results which is evidently clear to everyone in the entire universe not just Nigerians, you and all the haters have no choice but to give honor and respect to whom it’s due. Rhor deserves respect for the outstanding job he has done with the Eagles.

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    The question comes to mind;
    How do one measures achievement?
    Achievement is simply meeting your desired goals and more.

    And have Rohr met his goals stipulated to him by FA.
    From the FA president’s mouth,he has.
    He was meant to qualify the team for the afcon and world cup.
    He did.
    He was meant to get atleast to the Semi finals of the Afcon.
    He won a bronze medal.
    And as it seems, he is on the right path of qualifying for another Afcon.

    From where Rohr met the job and from the yardstick his employers gave him; I say he has achieved.

    Given that we keep measruing him to the past good days of Amodu Shuaibu, Keshi ; shows he has achieved cause he hasn’t done less than his predecessors. When you measure positive with positive, it gives you positive. The fact you want more , doesn’t take away from the fact that it is positive.
    The fact that Rohr came to clean a house broken, left behind by Keshi,(who after a great beginning; underwhelmed), shows Rohr has achieved.
    And we shouldn’t forget the circumstances Rohr took over. He wasn’t even the first choice . he came in to cover up the NFF blushes after Le Guen made nonsense of their hiring process.
    So he has definitely achieved from such forbearing.

    Rohr’s case is like Ronald Koeman of the Netherlands. Came in when a great team failed to qualify for two major championship back to back, cleaned house systematically,brought in young prospects based on merit, brought unity and stability to the team and qualified the team to the Euros, after playing in Euro nations league final. Ronald is so similar to Rohr,cause he is arguably not known for his tactics,better yet, for what he has done, he is said to have achieved.
    So Rohr like Koeman; has achieved.
    He deserves recommendation not harassment.
    Yes. There is always room for improvement, and he knows these.
    But to put down what he has done as nothing is a diservice to him, football, the team, the country and facts.

  • Back to 2014 world cup…
    Assuming Rohr was the coach, fanendo Adi will go to world cup instead of Ameobi, Martins will go instead of Uche Uchebo, Ike Uche will go instead of Nwofor and Sone Aluko instead of Uzoenyi those players I listed were on their top form then and we will beat the likes of Iran that we drew, beat Bosnia or may be lose or draw against Argentina.
    And against France , remember we lost that match because onazi was injured and Reuben Gabriel took over…. Reuben Gabriel then can never be part of rohr’s team to world cup…..think about the rest and think we’ll before you compare

  • Chuck 2 years ago

    @Simon your comment is outlandish. Fashanu made uninformed comments and people called him out on his bull crap but you want to jump to Fashanu’s defence by claiming that he is not to be blamed for the state of Nigeria’s football ,according to you he is not a “football administrator”.

    Did you read the article everyone was reacting to?

  • Victor 2 years ago

    Fash the cash is a businessman. We know their type. They profit when a new coach is being hired. Their strategy is to displace existing coach in an attempt to benefit from hiring process. We have many of them around!

    • Ndubuisi 2 years ago

      Exactly my thought @Victor I sensed conspiracy in the whole saga. Why are they all talking at the same time Fash and now NFF? Fash is a businessman and the plan is to heat the polity and sack Rohr then fash we contract a new coach. His write up was disheartening. He is economical with the truth as Rohr records speaks for him. Am in love with his humility and I feel they see it as weakness and want to oppress him. Thank God he has more friends than enemies. We are watching

  • Rohr has under achieved, he is using our team to boost his CV. The Super Eagles is the biggest team he has ever handled in his coaching life and I stroñgly believe he bribed his way to that position because how do you explain that Nigeria chose to settle for the former çoach of Niger ahead of other well accomplished coaches who were eager to coach the Super Eagles. The luck Rohr has is that we have a bunch of young talents right now in the team and it will take a highly technically gifted coach to infuse a suitable playing pattern into the team. Presently, Rohr hasn’t added any value to the team , just go back and watch our match against Argentina at the World Cup and our Semi Final match against Algeria recently and you will discover that we lost both matches from the bench, Rohr didn’t just know what to do.Till date the Super Eagles have no playing pattern and they always struggle around the opponents 18 for lack of any clear pattern. If we are going to hire a coach that will grow with our team then we should go local but if we must hire a foreign technical adviser then we must go for one who can improve our team. I will conclude by repeating that Rohr is boosting his CV with the Super Eagles

    • PeePee 2 years ago

      @Frank Smith, plz keep quiet because you understand nothing about football !

    • Bismack 2 years ago

      Lol… like seriously we have no pattern but Tite talked about our style of play. Sometimes I wonder if statistics tells lies when I see bunch of talkatives act like they have coached Barcelona  before voice out their ignorance. When you are done coaching a high school team then we can look into your ignorance showing it’s bliss.