Finidi Disappointed Missing Out On Golden Eaglets Job

Finidi Disappointed Missing Out On Golden Eaglets Job

Former Nigeria international Finidi George has expressed his disappointment after missing out on the Golden Eaglets coaching job.

George was touted as one of the possible coaches to be appointed for the Golden Eaglets job.

But following last week’s announcement by the Nigeria Football Federation, the position was given to Fatai Amoo.

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And reacting to missing out on the position, the former Ajax star said despite the disappointment, he wishes Amoo and other coaches appointed in other coaching roles all the best.

“I’m disappointed at the same time no hard feelings. I have to wish them well because whatever they are going to do is for Nigeria,” he said on Tuesday on ‘No Holds Barred’ a radio programme on Brila FM anchored by former Super Eagles defender Ifeanyi Udeze.

“No matter who they have appointed it is for the good of the country.

“Personally I will wish them well it’s not up to me to put myself there. If you apply for a job you still have people that will take decisions.

“They have appointed the coaches they feel are good enough so no hard feelings.”

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  • Jones 4 years ago

    Hahaha….after attacking Rohr few months ago….now you are not even good enough to coach an age grade team….

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      Lol…… Isn’t that funny. Una see am, upon all his qualifications he couldn’t get the golden eglets job. Very laughable you know. They know what they are doing. Imagine someone in the caliber of rohr saying he’s disappointed missing on the golden eglets job.This shows everybody (including the ex cricket international) that coaching get class and level and this guy hasn’t gotten to the level of coaching the senior team. He should start with the cadet teams before he graduates to the senior. Even yobo that was given a kangaroo appointment knows his class. In fact, he’s not even qualified to coach even the eglets talk more of coaching the almighty super eagles. And yet, some people were supporting the descion to coach the senior team.

      • JimmyBall 4 years ago

        @Oakfield… Stop talking like an idiot. Do you known that Finidi’s brother Igenewari George was murdered in the climate of chaos that has long characterized Nigeria football? Despite the authorities then not even solving the murder case from an unknown assailant, finidi will have to still accept playing for Nigeria despite an initial vow to stop due to that incident? He is a good youth coach and deserves to be tried at U-17 level. You are making a mockery of a legend who has seen first hand in Ajax Amsterdam what first class youth coaching is… You think Finidi is poor? He just wants a chance to do an honest job and help lift up true future stars of high perdegree. Fatai Amoo was tried before and failed just like Ladan Bosso… Can’t you see that Amaju is being controlled by powers above him which should make us all cover our faces in shame and anguish?

  • Greenturf 4 years ago

    Feel sorry for George a legend of Nigerian football much respect to you a world class player in your prime.

    It’s a shame you weren’t considered for the job.

    In my opinion I think with the short time we have to raise a team a home based and experienced coach is needed to raise a formidable team but in an unfavourable conditions which Finindi George may struggle to meet.

    I think your time will come and this time you may not need to go through huddles of screening.Carry on with your good job in Spain and God shall see you through.You put a smile in the faces of many with your great football talents.Many of us still remember your exploits and selflessness to your nation.

    We love you Finidi George.

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    U17 coach Fatai Amoo……U20 coach Ladan Bosso… 2 coaches who have been out of job even in the local league for a while now…LMAO. Seriously, I still dey laugh o. Whatever happened to young coaches in the likes of Fidelis Ilechukwu who took MFM from amateur league to CAF champion league, Kenedy Boboye, Henry Makinwa, Fatai Osho, Ben iroha, Nduka Ugbade (who has assisted 2 or 3 times), Finidi and other consistent coaches like Abdu Maikaba, the Guy who is presently coaching is Sudan and other fresh minds. And they said it was Phillips consulting abi na PWC that select coaches…Lolz. I wont be surprised if Ismaila Mabo is named the next Falcons Coach and Adegboye Onigbinde is named our next CHAN coach. NFF of backwardness.

    With just 22 days to the U17 AFCON qualifying tournament, common sense should tell that at least Manu Garba be retained so that having had a dossier of hundreds of sub 17 players he has worked with in the last 2 years, it will be easier for him to quickly assemble a team for the tournament. This is a winner-takes-all tournament in which only the winners will proceed to the main U17 AFCON.

    Most of us who have been labeled “Rohr fans” have never been scared of Rohr leaving the SE…afterall the SE is not his property…it is whomever he will be replaced with by this NFF we have always been scared of (because it has always been where their bread is buttered, hence their battle for control of the team so that can dictate what is what…competence and merit would definitely not be involve both in selecting th coaches as well as in selecting the players)…and they have not disappointed us in any way with the names rolled out for the junior national teams after more than a year of “screening” coaches. Even without being employed yet, Bosso was already supporting NFF’s decision to hire someone who isnt a coach as SE Asst coach….imagine what will be happening in the U20 camp now that he is their employee.

    • olabode samuel 4 years ago

      You are totally right. This is the worst NFF set in recent times in term of developmental football policies. Check the records in term of Golden Eaglets and Flying Eagles performances at various competitions. it has always been woeful and I dont think this time will be an exception based on the coaches selected for these assignments after wasting time and resources on Philip Consultant to select these coaches.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      Drey I think Covid-19 has made you come clean and start talking well. Hmmm as for Oakfield his comments above speaks more of the need why some people need deliverance.

  • olabode samuel 4 years ago

    If this is what NFF could produce as coaches for the age-grade categories after months of waiting on Philip Consultancy Ltd, it is quiet unfortunate. It means the whole process is a waste of time and resources. This is because the records of Ladan Bosso at age-grade level did not give any ray of hope as he has not coach any club for the past two years. If all our age-group teams fail to perform at the various competitions, this present NFF under Mr. Pinnick should be held responsible. Personally, I dont believe in the ability of any of these present age-group coaches appointed to give us a good team that will surprise the world. We live to see what happens.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Later they will say youths are leaders of tomorrow. People who have served as coach and asst coach 13-15 years ago still coming back to be appointed as U17 and U20 coaches when they’ve not done or achieved anything tangible in the last decade, whereas there are young, fresh minds who are active and “on form”. Its like these people dont know coaches also have “form”…..Once upon a time anything the likes of Mourinho, Capello, Hiddink, Ancelotti or Benitez touches turns to gold….now it is the likes of Klopp, Pep, Zidane, but it wont be for ever. By the next decade these ones too will be begging for jobs at Newcastle, Everton and give way to the likes of Tuchel, Nagelsman, Arteta etc

      • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

        What else can be added to such an intelligent submission.

  • Ladan Bosso again???

    After he fail in 2007 where he took us to U20 world cup and we were battered 4 NIL by CHILE in the quater finals after struggling to edge out fellow african team MALI in the 2nd round…..

    No hope shar, we are already out of the tournament unless a miracle take place….

    By the way who and who are they going to invite when we don’t even have a league?

    Let’s just go and waste the money shar….

  • When odegbami said the NFF lacks vision, and love to recycle positions amongst themselves. they said he doesn’t know what he is saying. Just imagine what the NFF can come up with. This is a shame. There is no continuity. What is wrong in Manu being reappointed, what happened to his assistants that went to various world cups with him

  • Finidi George who played the game to the the highest level rejected by Nigeria.Wonders shall never end.Something is going on at NFF which we may not know. Just go through the full list of the newly appointed coaches again.If you’re a careful observer, you will discover something strange about the list.Perhaps,the same reason also explains why a certain player in Saudi Arabia and another,placed on standby, who just moved to Cyprus from the second division in Turkey keep on getting invites to the Super Eagles without making any impacts in those lowly and unfancied leagues.Maybe ,just maybe,Pinnick and Rohr are both under some kind of pressure from very powerful people,who knows? Check the list of coaches once again,add geopolitical zone beside each of the appointed coaches and assistants,and you will find out what I mean.The sad and unsavoury side is that some fans on this forum are simply defending the indefensible!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      “….Check the list of coaches once again, add geopolitical zone beside each of the appointed coaches and assistants, and you will find out what I mean…..”


      SE: Joseph Yobo (S), Alloy Agu (S), Tunde Adelakun (S)

      U20 BOYS: Isah Ladan Bosso (N); Oladuni Oyekale (S); Jolomi Atune Alli (S) Samaila Marwa Keshi (N) Suleiman Shuaibu Akanmu (S)

      U17 BOYS: Fatai Amoo (S); Ahmed Lawal Dankoli (N); Nnamdi Onuigbo (S); Hassan Abdallah (N); Danlami Kwasau (N)

      U20 GIRLS: Christopher Danjuma (N); Moses Aduku (S); Bilikisu Tijani (S); Charity Nwere Nnedinma (S); Audu Yahaya (N)

      U17 GIRLS: Bankole Olowookere (S); Queen Okpa (S); Adanna Nwaneri (S); Moroof Nojimu (S); Mohammed Abubakar Ndanusa (N)

      U15 BOYS: Omoniyi Haruna Ilerika Usman (S); Bassey Patrick (S); Olubunmi Haruna (S); Mohammed Kalli Kachalla (N); Baruwa Olatunji (S)

      U13 BOYS: Abdullahi Tyabo Umar (N); Salisu Ibrahim (N); Bamai Bukar (N); Mohammed Kwairanga (N); Ifeanyi Uba (S); Abubakar Abdullahi (N)

      Oga kindly tell us what exactly you mean….?!
      Do we really have to attach tribalism and sectionalism to our discussions…??? Its rather old fashioned and becoming irritating and nauseating. Who cares if all the crew are from one part of the country so far they get the job done and lead us to victory.
      All we need in our National teams is merit, merit, merit. If them like make all of them come from sambisa, so far they are all the BEST we have to execute the damn job at that time.

      Seb Brodericks won U17 with all players from Old bendel….heavens did not fall. Eucharia Uche won AWCON with all players from SE….heavens did not fall, it was NIGERIA that was written on both trophies

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Honestly, observing carefully what’s going on with Nigeria football, anyone will notice that AMaju Pinnick has thoroughly being boxed into a “begger leave me piece” corner hence all these recent questionable appointments. The AMaju I know will definitely not allow this. DEM SAY MAN WEY DEM HOLD HIM BLOCOS, NA SO SO,YES YES; WE GO MARRY YOUR WIFE, ” YES MARRY”, WE GO KILL YOUR PAPA, YES KILL, OGA ROHR NA 120 YEARS , YES OOO NA 150…. AMaju is no longer in control.

    • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

      Rolling on the floor….hahhhhaaahhhhaaaha…lol

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      In one word, that is the work of a former politician for you @Glory.

      Politicians are not straight people. They are very tricky and biased.

      The man calling Mr. Amaju have not stated yet.
      We are about to watch another episode called “kerewa kerewawa” show soon. Stay tuned. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • GLORY 4 years ago

        @ Chairmanfemi and Omo9ja. Yeah it might sound funny but it’s a bitter truth. There seem to be a cover up somewhere over financial misappropriation, hence this present board is losing its voice/control. Now, enemies of our football are using that tool against this Pinnick led NFF board to take control. Pinnick has suddenly become a mouth piece for those bulldogs behind the scene. Just what meddling in corruption could do to great men. It’s robs off that power of control. I have always respected the huge talent in AMaju Pinnick, for he is highly gifted in making things happen. He has that quality in him. Many times I imagined having a combo of AMaju Pinnick, Koko Williams and John fashanu etc run our football, which I m sure with their talents, will benefit massively but that dream seems like it’s gonna remain a forever dream, as every next one just seem finishing at same end point; CORRUPTION.

  • “Its rather old fashioned and becoming irritating and nauseating” -Dr.Drey

    @Dr.Drey,remember ,I said “newly appointed coaches”.So why include the Super Eagles coaches in your submission? Well ,it may be old fashioned,irritating and nauseating to you. But the question is this: Is it also old fashioned to them? One of the the most abused and misapplied words in our clime is the word “detribalized”. Politicians ,admnistatrtors,policy makers,decision makers and opinion moulders only use it when it suits their objectives. It’s not about grammar and semantics. Spare us the didactic pontifications ,please..Let’s face the truth. Believe it or not ,tribalism is killing almost every aspect of national life,football inclusive. You will soon eat your words when we crash out of both the U17s and U20s. Keep on defending the indefensible!

    • olabode Samuel 4 years ago

      The question we all should address always is the capability of any coach appointed for any of our national team and whether they are up-to-date in term of technical-know-how of the game. As for me none of these coaches appointed for the under-age is capable unless I am proved wrong with the results each coach will get when the competition starts. That is why I said ” Let us wait and see”. Owngoal.com.ng of toady reported that he (Ladan Bosso) has called 40 players to camp for preparation. The results will prove us right or wrong. We are waiting. But if the coaches fail NFF should be held responsible and accountable for all resources and time wasted on Philip Consulting

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      “….Check the list of coaches once again, add geopolitical zone beside each of the appointed coaches and assistants, and you will find out what I mean…..”

      Those were your very own exact words. That is why I always put them in quote….yet some liars will claim I twist their words. I don’t see “newly” there. Thank God CSN does not delete comments.

      I did as you asked and you’ve still not told us what exactly you meant. Maybe your realization that you tribalistic insinuations does not hold water is bitting you. Even if you remove the SE appointees they recent appointments still has more southerners. So pls tell us what you mean……or Is it only people from Southern Nigeria that are entitled to national team jobs just like some ethnic and regional bigots like you on this forum have once said only people from one part of Nigeria should be invited to our national teams…?!

      If it is not your tribalistic goof that is bitting you, you would have read where I wrote

      “…All we need in our National teams is merit, merit, merit. If them like make all of them come from sambisa, so far they are all the BEST we have to execute the damn job at that time. Seb Brodericks won U17 with all players from Old bendel….heavens did not fall. Eucharia Uche won AWCON with all players from SE….heavens did not fall, it was NIGERIA that was written on both trophies…”

      If you have also read my comments above you would have seen that my grouse is not the ethnicity of Amao or Bosso,but their merit and appropriateness for the jobs they have just been given…..so I don’t know what it is you say I am defending. So pls show us where tribalism came to play in the recent appointments….??? Tell us how Pinnicks hands are tied…?

      Rather than cooking up stories and innuendos without basis why not learn to do plenty of factfinding before you come to the public to say things you can’t prove even from 1st principles.

      I will not eat my words if Nigeria crashes out of U17 and U20 because I have severally questioned the merit behind the hiring of Amao and Bosso. But it is you who should eat your words right now because the balance of the scale of national team appointments from SE to U13 tilts towards the South and not the North as you claimed in your biased and fact-deficient statements above.

  • “Just go through the full list of the newly appointed coaches again.”-That’s my exact words ….someone is trying to be mischievous here. I don’t even want you to believe it . Your belief is immaterial. There is something we call federal character and quota system in our clime. If you think it does not exist,then, I bet , you must be from another planet and may be out of tune with reality. Let’s wait and see how the cat jumps. You said it’s 22 days to the qualifiers. Let’s wait and see!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha…..if there is anyone who is trying to be mischievous here, then its probably you.

      This was the assignment you gave us in the last 2 sentences of that comment unedited.

      “…Check the list of coaches once again,add geopolitical zone beside each of the appointed coaches and assistants,and you will find out what I mean.The sad and unsavoury side is that some fans on this forum are simply defending the indefensible…”

      I gracefully did the assignment and asked you to tell us what you claimed you “…careful observed…”, What you will discovered to be “…something strange…”

      But rather than tell us your discovery you are busy switching mouth from pillar to post telling us things we know and using reverse psychology to try to bail yourself out of your own gaffe.

      Oga Pls TELL US WHAT YOU MEAN that we don’t know…..that all coaches must be southerners….??? Or that no northerner is qualified enough for any position in all our national teams from U13 to U20…..?

      Because even going by federal character, it is not fully reflected in the appointments…they are still skewed to the south, while some zones have more than others.

      So pls tell us WHAT YOU OBSERVED THAT IS STRANGE and WHAT EXACTLY IT IS THAT YOU MEAN. If it is merit, we are on the same page….if it is ethnicity, regionalism or religious bias you are no different from the same whites you accuse of racism.

  • Fellow Nigerians, by virtue of the list before me right now, as possible recruited coaches of our national teams, our football is heading back to the woods. Sincerely I am dumbfounded why the female national teams were not given to our ex-national team female players who are duly qualified as coaches within the country and abroad. Some of the analysts on this platform can do far better than the so-called consulting firm assigned to do this disservice to our country’s football.
    who has bewitched our beloved country?

    • @Philip Ogbeifun,thank you for saying it the way it is. That’s raw truth without mincing words!

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    At the end of every tenure it is natural that egunje becomes the reality, now Pinnick is about leaving post so he has to start showing his true color which is normal to every corrupt ex Nigeria chiefs. Corruption is just in our DNA ask the Nigerian Police…

  • De-Star 4 years ago

    @Philip Ogbeifun You are very much on point @Greentuff I can’t agree lees with you time constraints may have counted against Finidi as Finidi has been out of Country for long hence there will not be enough time for him to get used to the local boys (that is a good alibi but why picking from the past failed coaches Landan Bosso in particular? ) 

    Anyway, It very unfortunate and Embarrassing and shameful that an Ex International like Finidi that has played the game of Football to the highest Club in the World Cup , few privileged to have lifted UEFA CUP as player (the highest in Europe football competition) not as a fringe player but the highest rated then as the World best crosser of ball ( World 7) , and runner up in the same competition  , thoroughly served Nigeria with his blood , put the death of his killed brother behind him to continue playing for Nigeria, a football  professional that have trained under the best coaches in the world to have acquired great exposure and experience plus coaching training needed that would have made him to be coaching the best team in the world if he were not to be unfortunate to come from this SORRY country Nigeria with black colour .
    In any sane Country , where we value our own on merit , would Finidi have descended low to apply for ordinary Eaglet coaching job of his country when he should have been at worst handling U21 or Olympic team if not as Super eagles coach ( Can anyone tell what exposure and experiences that the European ex footballers like the Pep of this world have that Finidi did not have equal or more than that at the local and at International level , Zaidan chooses France at the expense of Algeria , today he enjoys what European ex footballers enjoy by coaching the biggest football club in the world) .

    Now that Finidi is disgraced at home in his father’s land Nigeria, would any country or serious big Club in Europe entrust him with any team that build his profile as Lampard of this world ?
    What a country with corrupt officials in every strata of governance and administration 

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