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Finidi Reveals Reasons For Quitting Super Eagles Role

Finidi Reveals Reasons For Quitting Super Eagles Role

Finidi George has revealed the reason behind his season to quit his role as head coach of the Super Eagles.

Finidi submitted his resignation letter to the Nigeria Football Federation,NFF, on Saturday.

The 53-year-old took the decision after the NFF announced it will hire a foreign technical adviser to tinker the team.

In a video posted on social media hours later, a former media officer of the Eagles, Colin Udoh, confirmed he had spoken to Finidi after his decision.

“Finidi confirmed to me that he resigned his position indeed,” Udoh said.

“The reason being that he met with the NFF on Thursday and they had a very good conversation.

“They spoke about the things they need to do going forward and he (Finidi) asked if he will be back.

“At no point during that meeting did anyone tell him they were going to appoint a foreign technical adviser.

“The NFF board had met on Wednesday and made that decision. But it was when Findi landed in Port Harcourt after that meeting that someone called him and informed him. He (Finidi) had to park his car and read the link to see that it actually was true.

“So he waited for two days to see if anyone would contact him but nobody spoke to him. So he (Finidi) felt they didn’t want him anymore and so he decided to turn in his resignation.”

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  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    Lmao… GENERAL ROAR why na? Hahaha you just made someone UNEMPLOYED… hahaha because of you? Hahahaha

    But seriously apart from the late STEPHEN KESHI you want to tell me that all the 94 SET of the SE are DAFT??

    No one is COMPETENT enough to LEAD our SE… Hahahahahahahaha

    Abeg joor for now till a long time na FOREIGN COACH be the SOLUTION ooo…. hahahahahahahaha

    • Chudynak 1 month ago

      People are shouting foreign coaches up and down..we did not just simply appoint the best indigenous coach! There are very good coaches of Nigerian descent doing well globally, it must not be NPFL coaches. See what Otto Addo is doing in Ghana. Favouritism killed us here

      • Papafem 1 month ago

        Bro, mention one.

      • I will not blame the players or the coach, is this useless NFF [serious lack of organization in many ways crying for money running to sports minster with not seeing that money is in front of them super eagles is a brand to top sponsor all over the world if all these people can step aside. anyway, they will go one way or the other because they will miss the 2 World Cup consecutive and there will be no money coming in to steal. , we should start protesting NNF privatization[the best and only solution without this 2030 world cup qualifiers will repeat itself.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    Devil don use and dump you that’s what the NFF is all about. Any bad average coach will be exposed with incompetent NFF jokes aside.

  • What I can only say is that if you don’t know what you are doing and not technically sound don’t accept Super Eagles coaching job.

  • He lack good advisers. That is the problem. And he has people behind him that has someone who dey wanted on the job even down to the gate man in glass house . U think I m joking.
    The gateman in glass house has all phone noba of people coming to see the nff people. Not to talk of the sec .
    Not to talk of S A or pA .
    Even by reading comment in this space in complete sports a new coach wil get idea of wat to do in a game without paying anyone . Only just by data a week to a game and begin to monitor comment for and against a system of play or best player to use in certain areas on the field.
    I remember tell him to. Camp in Cote D’Ivoire for a week. Before coming to play the last 2 games
    The rest his history now .
    If. Dey. Had done . The team would have had at least 4 points. Instead of zero point from the two games.
    Anyway calculation has started. We pray Lesotho , Rwanda, Benin. Will help us out . For Zimbabwean hope dey will be serious with games . And not chicken out to south Africa.

  • Sunnyb 1 month ago

    You lucky not  be in jail, you padded ur resume you lied to Nigerians about your qualifications and your mental capacity. Slim shady needs to answer some questions. Who sent him to sabotage us, why did he applied for the job knowing he wasn’t qualified, who’s agenda was he implementing by  favoring certain players based on tribes and regions.

  • Coache 1 month ago

    Truth be told, Finidi told the NFF to camp the team in Abuja until a day before the match before flying to Uyo. Had they agreed, the strike would not have affected the transiting players.

    Remember the slay queens in UYO…..and the likes

  • Pompei 1 month ago

    Now dem never leave you?
    They have left you behind!

  • So Finidi seriously wanted to continue after the meal he was cooking was badly burnt?

    Wonders shall never end.

    They probably didn’t know how to break the news to you. I think resignation after 2 matches should be a record. You should have declined the job in the first place, concentrate on your Enyimba job and reapply for the U17 role.

    Then wait for people to clamour for you when you have moderate success with those teams.

    You should have quit with Paseiro and kept your reputation in tact. There’s a reason no one was really touting you to succeed Paseiro, except the goons at NFF who wanted to sabotage the nation to make a statement to the sports ministry and force their hand on funding.

  • The way NFF handled the whole matter is a disgrace. Was this outcome not foreseeable?

    Anyway, indigenous coaches should be weary of applying for the Super Eagles role. I don’t think they are ready. It will likely end in tears.

    Good luck in your future endeavours Finidi.

    The brand of football was pleasing to the eye but the task you set yourself was to combine the capabilities of the Super Eagles players with a sexy brand of football to produce success (in the short term) but you were unsuccessful.

    Quite a lot of us wish you well.

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    That is why the job of the SE is not for babies.

    That job is a top job….a top top job. A job that goes beyond just listing players for call up and preparing them for a football match.

    So after spending 2 years with the team, Finidi is still illprepared for the internal politics of the NFF as to be blindsided in this manner…?!

    Your former teammates Eguavoen, Ikpeba and Garba Lawal are all members of the technical committee, yet you couldn’t use them as your moles to get inside intel to stay ahead. You had to learn of your demotion on radio…..?!


    This guy’s brand of daftness is nauseating.

    He should go read books like “The Art of War” or “The laws of Power” to know how to handle top positions in highly political work environments.

    There is a reason why a 20yr career as a footballer can never equate to 1 year on the sidelines as a coach.

  • Omo9ja 1 month ago

    You people should say the truth. Finidi is not among the best indigenous coaches.

    Stop saying what you don’t know. I am so tired of those lies.

    Simply put, you people want a foreign coach period.

    But mind you, We won’t allow that to happen. We need a Nigerian coach. He might be from Nigeria or outside Nigeria. As long as is a Nigerian, that is all matters.

    The guy in the USA should be considered if NFF can’t find a Nigerian coach shikena. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr Banks 1 month ago

      Is the your way of working hard to make our football better? A USA U19 coach now is your true card?

      I pity your life bro

      Tell us your best coach in Nigeria and how you think that best coach is good enough to coach SE to success.

      Let that your best coach take 1 NPFL team to th knockout stage of CAF Champions league first

    • I see why people don’t respect you and your stupid opinion….

  • Paseiro or whatever he is called, is not a good coach. Nigeria came second with him at AFCON was more of luck than technical and tactical inputs. If he is brought back, he will not qualify us for the World Cup. I can bet on that.

    The only coach who can qualify Nigeria for the World Cup despite the bad situation we have found ourselves right now, is Rohr. Rohr knows our players inside out plus he is a master of qualification. In addition, his break from the team have given him the chance to reflect, analyse and strategize on improving what he had done in the past with the team

    Any other coach that is not Rohr, hired by the NFF, whether foreign or local is nothing but another experiment which will very very very likely lead to our failure to qualify. I say this with all certainty and assurance

  • So Finidi is the reason why we could not beat Lesotho and Zimbabwe too? was Finidi also responsible for our failure to qualify home Eagles for their African Tournament? is he the reason we have not been able to qualify for the Olympics too ? Oh maybe he is the reason Nigeria could not qualify for the last U17 Fifa World cup or the one that just took place in Ghana , just to qualify from West African zone for the African competition , we could not. And everyone is calling for the head of Finidi who was only appointed barely a month before two crucial World cup qualifiers. Fellow Nigerians there is a rot in Nigerian football caused by the same people receiving salaries and estercodes to destroy our football. When a house is shaking you don’t go checking the roof or windows ,such incidents will alert you that there is something wrong with the foundation of your house. The problem of Nigerian football are not the coaches or players it is the senseless abandonment of grassroot development and until we go back to real grassroot development of our football through schools where all our talents can be captured without bribery / nepotism Nigeria football may get worse than what it is now – Togo,Niger, Chad, Liberia, Gambia etc will start knocking us out of qualifiers

    • Mikee 1 month ago

      Very well said. You have alot of empty vessels with self hate and inferiority complex embedded in their brains blaming Finidi for everything under the sun. No foreign coach can qualify us for the next world cup.

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