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‘Football Is The Least Talented Sport In The World’ — UFC President, White

‘Football Is The Least Talented Sport In The World’  — UFC President, White

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) boss Dana White has claimed that football is the ‘least talented sport on earth. Are you looking for best UFC Betting in Canada?

Dana went on a scathing rant on a podcast about how easy it would be to play football.

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“Soccer? Whole other ball game. Can’t stand soccer, I think that it’s the least talented sport on earth.

“There’s a reason three year olds can play soccer ok? You run around and kick a ball.”

White is interrupted by someone suggesting he wouldn’t repeat the opinion in South America.

“You wouldn’t say that if you were in Brazil.”

But White responder: “Dude I’d say this in any country ever.

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“When you’re playing a game where the net is this big right, and the score is 3-1, are you s**ting me right now?

“Do you know how untalented you have to be to score three points when the net is this big?”

Meanwhile Arsenal defender Rob Holding replied White by explaining what makes football different from other ball games.

“Least talented sport. You think of how long other sports, involving a ball, are in control/contact with the ball.

“In baseball a pitcher holds the ball with their hand and controls which type of spin and speed they use as they throw, same with a QB and a basketballer when they pass or shoot. A footballer has less then a second of contact with a ball to make it go a certain way, and oh yeah, that’s with their foot.”

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  • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

    Dumb ass redneck! 

  • MONKEY POST 2 months ago


    E dey pain my guy cos the whole WORLD right now is WATCHING the WORLD CUP and NEGLECTING his KICK BOXING…


    • respect is reciprocal 2 months ago

      He is right, talents count for nothing if there is no team cohesion. Football goes beyond individualism unlike ufc . Talents is over rated,

      • MONKEY POST 2 months ago

        OGA HE is not RIGHT anything!

        HE is just trying to get in the HEADLINES amidst the WORLD CUP.

        HE thinks is about the BIG NET and just people running after an object?


        It takes much more than that!

        When faced with ONE on ONE situations or sometimes 2 or 3 DEFENDERS, it takes a TALENTED and SKILLFUL PLAYERS to know what to do with it…

        What about FREE KICKS in a very tight and difficult ANGLE, it takes TELENT to to put it in that BIG NET that he don’t just pick it up with your hand and run with it straight into the net…

        Even if you are to do that, people will still run after you and it takes talent to maneuver your way and put it inside that big net like he calls it…

        What about those DIVES, REFLEXES and STRETCHES from keepers to keep the ball out of the so called big nets, it also take individual talents and skills to do all that…

      • Detruth 2 months ago

        You made no sense. How is he right, did you read and understand what he said in that article ? He just made a dumb comment which is the same argument most Americans who don’t understand the game make and you say he’s right!!!

        This is his reasoning ““When you’re playing a game where the net is this big right, and the score is 3-1, are you s**ting me right now?

        “Do you know how untalented you have to be to score three points when the net is this big?”

        I’ve personally argued and debated people that made the same comments about football( ⚽️ soccer) being a low scoring game hence they don’t like it when the truth is they do not understand the game. I always remind them that American football is not football because your foot/feet is used 0.00000001 percent of the total duration of the game, the goal post is the whole width of the field and when you run pass anywhere on the line just once, it is considered 6 points then you have the chance to kick a field goal to add to the 6. That one field goal will bring your score to 7. Look at this,
        One touchdown + one field goal equal to 7 points in other words 1+1=7.

        You go to basketball,one dunk is 2 points, a hoop is two or three points depending on where you threw the ball from. Back to football ⚽️, does not matter where you scored the goal from or how beautiful the goal is, it counts as one, not two, three or six.

        The fool should have asked people with football knowledge to educate him on the sport and not stupidly displaying ignorance on public domain.

        It take a whole different level of the combination of stupid, idiocy and ignorance to make that comment, you know you can fix everything else but you can’t fix stupid.

  • Detruth 2 months ago

    Dana white is the second dumbest idiot after his buddy Trump on the planet. Someone should just bring a ball, take him to a field and engage on a one on one with him so we can see how it is for that dumb moth**fu**king a**hole.

  • Glory 2 months ago

    A tiny anopheles mosquito gol make you know say big muscles/body na water while one suck of blood na threat. That alone should tell you how your years of training could prove talentless in a most bizzare manner. Yeye man.