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France 2019: Dennerby Expects Tough Test Against South Korea

France 2019: Dennerby Expects Tough Test  Against South Korea

Super Falcons head coach Thomas Dennerby is expecting a tough encounter against South Korea in Wednesday’s Group A clash at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, reports Completesports.com.

The African champions fell to a 3-0 defeat against Norway in their first game last Saturday at the Stade Auguite Delaune, Reims.

South Korea on the other hand were thrashed 4-0 by hosts France in the competition’s opening game.

While reflecting on the team’s unfortunate loss in Reims, the 59-year-old coach, who is upbeat about a Round of 16 place, insists beating the South Koreans remain their top priority for now.

“First of all, we have to focus on winning our next game against South Korea because if we don’t have three points, then we are totally out,” Dennerby told a news conference on Tuesday.

“So, we want to win this game and I know it is the same situation as South Korea. Definitely, it’s going to be a battle.

“I’m still confident that if we can bring our good performances against Norway to this game, we have a really good chance.

“We know that South Korea is a skilful team with very good passing play and quick players with good buildup play.

“We definitely respect them and will to come the game with a lot of humility. I feel if we use our best strength, power and speed that we really have a good chance.”

Wednesday encounter at the Stade des Alpes, Grenoble will kick-off at 2pm Nigerian time.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Leigh 5 years ago

    South Korea not that good Nigeria will win

  • It’s not about winning today’s match; in fact, it’s not about reaching the second round anymore but about the legacy that this Dennerby-tutored-team can leave behind.

    The legacy of good football, fluid play, compact defence, creating dynamic goal scoring opportunities, unearthing a new star, and displaying character.

    What did we see in the first match? Sloppy defending, hasty build up play, poor shape, poor pattern, predictable build ups, lethargy, unimaginative approach to set pieces, no star player. Even the physicality we are known for was not channelled to cunning use.

    But Dennerby continues to talk tough.

    I am still behind the team and by implication, I am still behind Dennerby.

    If nothing else, his tough talking and decent results in friendly matches (which had mixed results in truth) instilled a lot of confidence and hope in some of us.

    Like a skyscraper that is being blown apart by dynamites, all that hope and confidence came crumbling down to earth with the defeat against Norway the other night.

    But we remain steadfast, ready to support the team again this afternoon.

    • Pompei 5 years ago

      If the girls can rally and eke out a win against the Koreans, that will be a big boost. It will repair damaged and shaky confidence levels. Our weapons upfront (Oshoala and Ordega) should be deployed in such a way as to maximize their impact. Defensively, we need to be solid. Most importantly, we need to focus for the entire duration of the match. In the Norway game, naivety and absent-mindedness in key moments hurt us more than the Norwegians could ever do. I’m talking about the 2nd and 3rd goals especially. This must not repeat itself. Hopefully, the girls can handle the Koreans. I’m not too sure about the rampaging French though. Stopping the French will demand a ruthless, flawless and disciplined tactical performance. It will be difficult, but it is not impossible.

  • Thank Pompei. Funny thing is, the girls actually came out all gun blazing in the Norway match which was really good to see.

    But defensive frailties cost them all 3 goals:

    – poor response time led to the first.
    – poor shape and positioning led to the second.
    – poor distribution from the goalkeeper led to the third.

    Yes the defense is aging but with better shape, greater awareness and better positioning, they should be able to stand strong even against France.

    But, my brother, the defeat against Norway has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Should they even go on to win this match and draw the one against France, inferior goals difference may yet rub them a place in the second round.

    • You nailed it, deo. Those were the exact blunders that led to the 3 goals — a defeat that could have been totally avoided. It says a lot that no goals were scored again for the nearly 3/4 rest time in the match (All 3 goals scored within 35 minutes). If SF had been calmer and had better positioning as they did for about 65 minutes, the worst result would have been a 0-0 or 1-0 loss.

      In their own game, South Africa played with an ultra-defensive plan against Spain and it almost gave them the planned result. Spain had to work extra hard to unlock their opponents. Cameroun played a balanced game, probing the Canadians and at the same time guarding their final third with 6-7 women every time. But Nigeria went gung-ho at the blast of the whistle, as per Africa’s Mike Tysons (Lol), leaving the defence to a porous, ageing, lead-footed and jittery lineup (Ohale, Ebi, Michael & co. The keeper was not bad though).

      Even Halimat Ayinde, Okobi, and Chikwelu didn’t really come to the party. Ordega was by far the leading light in that match. Oparanozie, not sure what to say about her really. Short one? Oshoala, ok, but the team generally lacked communication, and she and the goalkeeper were guilty in most cases. But I have this sneaky feeling They’ll beat South Korea. It’s a do-or-die to both teams, but I think we’ll see a different team today.

      On a side note, the NFF should have given this team the name of a more predatory and fearsome bird than ‘Falcon.’ I know ‘Eagle’ doesn’t have a female name. But check Cameroun’s female team, the Lionesses; the team has a resemblance to how their male team plays and the dread and confidence they carry even when losing. Bayana Bayana is also the direct version of Bafana Bafana. It may sound trivial, but names do matter. NFF should do their research for a more fitting name. We know the massive transformation the change of the male team from ‘Green Eagles’ to ‘Super Eagles’ brought to the team!

  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    Left to me…If I were to be coach of this team, I could set them up to be a counter attacking team…a 5-3-2 or 3-5-2, depending on the opposition. Whether we like it or yes, we are inferior to all other teams above us in the FIFA rankings at this world cup, we cant match them player for player, technique for technique, but we can match them tactically by simply setting up to cancel out their own tactical approach and leveraging on our comparative advantage….which is our physical edge. I’m not the one to quickly blame coaches, but after over a year and more than a score of matches in charge, I expected Dennerby to have understood this team now and fashion out gameplans that suit the nature of players he has, rather than trying to make the players suit his own gameplan. In all honesty, I wasnt expecting the state of disorientation and disorganization I saw against Norway.
    I had said it on this forum earlier, more than anything else, this falcons team needed to up their physical regime much more than anything else going into this world cup, they need to be more of athletes than footballers. If you are not fit…physically, you will lack mental fitness. It is when you are fit that you can make a complete pass…it is when you are fit you can have stamina….it is when you are fit that you can take a shot and the ball will travel at the right velocity, intensity and direction …it is when you are fit…as individual players and as a team…that you can cover every blade of grass on the pitch.
    After the friendly against Canada, i remembered pointing out that our defence is too lethargic due to the age of the defenders and that we need to anchormen (or women) to sit as a pivot right in front of the defence, hence the need to drop either of chikwelu or okobi for a younger anchorman (ogonna chukwudi or osarenoma igbinovia readily comes to mind) to partner ayinde in that defensive midfield role…of course with one of them having the liberty to roam (which ayinde always does and hence gets drawn out of position many times). Playing Rita and and Okobi is a liability on our week defence as Rita too is aging and cannot combine defensive, creative and attacking roles all in one plot, while ngozi is ultra attacking and it will be a disservice to the team to saddle her with both defensive and attacking roles.
    Against Canada, the two goals we conceded came from unmarked attacking midfielders ghosting into our box unhindered to have all the time to pick the right spots for their goals. Same issues we witnessed against Norway.
    The koreans are going to be even faster in their style of play and more technical in their approach….we need this match very badly and coach dennerby will have to ring drastic changes if we are to come away with anything tangible from the game. 20yrs ago is too long a time for us not to have had any meaningful impact at the world cup, other than to go there and be shipping in goals.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Absolutely my thoughts exactly Dr. Drey. We can’t match any team in our group player for player or technic for technic. This team is supposed to be set up as a counter attacking team. Obviously, Nigeria plays with pace, power, and skill. But the skill elements is diminishing from our game. However, we still possess the pace and power that’s why it’s better to set them up to be a defensive team and break on the counter. This is the reason I will implore the coach to adopt a 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 formation going forward. Utilize the pace of Ordega and the power of Oshoala. LEEEMAOO!! Dr. Drey. Chief Zebrudaya is nowhere to be found to at least give us some insight on what to do to help the SuperFalcons. Omo9ja. Iwo da? Gbe body EEE go get data. LEEEMAOO!!!

    • greenturf 5 years ago

      @ Drey good analysis though i didn’t see the Norway game,can’t be bothered really knowing the team is not a match against their obvious superior Norwegian opponent.

      Meanwhile,irrespective of tactics drawn the falcons will definitely go down against a far superior opposition.

      However,Nigerian teams are not known to defend.Whenever we adopt this system it usually leads to regrets because we are not set up to play that way,in other words,are terrible defending.

      I believe the coach has tried his best you cannot give what you don’t have.Let us be honest we are not good enough to compete favourably at the world stage.Our league is not good enough and our girls play for below average teams in Europe compare to their more illustrious opponents who ply their trade in top teams and best female leagues in Europe and beyond.

      LESSONS:Our football authorities should draw a road map on how to improve female football in Nigeria.This can be achieved by following similar developmental stages by top female football countries and improving standardisation especially in the league.

      I hope we could get a victory against Korea republic,though seems unlikely hey!this is football expect anything.

      My best wishes super falcons!

  • If dey can beat korea and draw with france den it wil be another record for d book Guinness 2019.

  • omo 9ja is d causes of dis team calamity cos, his d one telling d coach to instigate confident and arrogant in to the team desame system he want d Super Eagle to apply. what is our gain now…….?

    • Omo9ja 5 years ago

      Lolz…. I can’t stop laughing lolz…
      So, I’m responsible for the shaking performance of the Super Falcons abi? Lol.

      Point of correction.
      I didn’t tell the coach to installed phobia, arrogant or over confident in the team but I asked him to produced us a solid and indomitable team that Nigerians and other Africans can be proud of.

      The confidence is back.
      But what of now that the team is back?

      What can you say about me? Am I not deserves a loud ovation from Nigerians? I’m still expecting my accolade o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    My brothers i feel we are missing the main link where our play is affected psychologically.

    If anyone can take time to analyse the first 10mins of Nigeria against Norway and that of South Africa match before they eventually lost then we will realise that from the onset the referees negatively intercept our positive play and psyche with crazy calls that tends to demoralise our team play and this European teams are made to take advantage of this cheap false calls and tactics implored by the whites against African teams just to stop our offensive threat and make us inferior in the process.

    I almost can not watch an African team in a world cup because of officiating and racism at its peak in an organised fashion. I am not using referee as an excuse for our failures but fifa referees are the focal point of most losses we suffer.

    Until we have a mouth piece who will voice out and take the bull by the horn to put an end to all this discrimination we will continue to be treated like animals.

    Check out the VAR how it is been used against African teams to eliminate them on countless occasions in less than 2years of its implementation what do we have to say about this? Lets not be deceived of the recent two penalties awarded to our u20 team that recently crashed out of WC. Majority of other decisions has always gone against us in a haste and when it comes to the whites they take their time to favor them.

    Against france at the world cup the team led by late Keshi eliminated 5years ago we saw how the french players man handled our boys like a rugby match and the referee was no where to be found else we had upper hand in that match but the bias killer officiating was at work as usual.

    Oshoala led u20 world team against Germany in the final, Mikel u20 world cup team against messi Argentina and Mikel u23 team against same Argentina in the Olympic finals and many more we lost this crucial gold winning matches not because of bad team but because of Bias officiating coming from the influence of the higer authorities.

    If we dont speak out our teams will continue rounding circles till thy kingdom come.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    When you look at the french team comprising of blacks both male and female national teams. If they were Africans i bet you they will not be allowed to express their offensive plays but see how far they are going simply because of the flag these Africans are representing called France.

    These alone should tell you that if countries like Nigeria Senegal where Europeans we will be winning world cup like play every 4years.

    Chukwueze of Villareal is worth less than Hudson Odoi and most youngsters yet if he was a french or english player you will hear figures like 100 to 150million Euros not Naira like our Nigerian journalism will quote.

    The question still remains who will fight for Africa? Is it the recently fingered Ahmad or uncle Pinnick???

    • Omo9ja 5 years ago

      Well spoken my man. Wow, I’m really impressed. Please keep it up. I wasn’t around at the moment you guys were discussing this but I’m very happy with what I’m seeing. Akasalika, you nailed it too much Chima E Samuels. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Ayodele 5 years ago

    God bless u sir Chima. Let us prepare on the mountain and play 100 friendly and have 3 messi like players in one team  so as far is an African team they can never win a senior WC talkless of seeing the semis of WC.This referees hate Africa and the female ones are even worst. So playing Korea today is as good as bn lost to bias officiating.thanks

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      So it was the referee that played Asamoah Gyan’s 120th min penalty against the crossbar in 2010 abi..?
      It was the referee that made Nigeria to throw away a 1-0 lead against Italy (playing with 10 men) in 1994…? Or was it the referee that also made Senegal to be throwing away begging chances against turkey in 2002 only to conceed a golden goal in extra time…?
      Colonial mentality….!

      • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

        Drey learn to respect yourself before you get disrespected i made my points based on the happenings and you come here with different scenarios to show your talkativeness! Waka pass my post in this forum if you are looking for who to disrespect.

        This is exactly where UGO Uwunze messed up the other day after Deo posted. Some of you your attitude will never take you anywhere in life. 1 plus 1 is 2 and you come here telling me 7 minus 3 equals to 4 how does it concern what is been said above. You always try as much as possible to misbehave at any given time.

        Argument is mother of stupidity i cease to comment further and i will not use strong languages for some obvious reasons just to respect the forumites else it is easy to give a definition of this attitude of yours!

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