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French Clubs Battle For Ndidi’s Signature

French Clubs Battle For Ndidi’s Signature

Ligue 1 clubs, Monaco, Olympic Lyon and Olympic Marseille are jostling for the signature of Leicester City midfielder Wilfred Ndidi.

Ndidi has few days left on his contract with Leicester City.

The Foxes are desperate to extend the Nigerian’s contract following their return to the Premier League.

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According to French news outfit, Foot Mercato, Ligue 1 clubs; Marseille, Lyon and Monaco have all approached Ndidi.

Aside from the French trio, Everton and Sevilla have also been credited with interest in the defensive midfielder.

Turkish clubs; Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are also reportedly interested in the player.

The 27-year-old joined Leicester City from Belgian Pro League club, KRC Genk in January 2019.

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  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    AHMED MUSA, MIKEL OBI and DIDIER DROGBA would have been the ones to call OSIMHEN to ORDER and make him APOLOGISE to the LEGENDARY GEORGE FINIDI….

    • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

      And IGHALO too

      • @Monkey post can we just move on from this VO and FINIDI saga already? Most of members here who supported his action already assumed we that condemned his act are doing so because we hate him, personally nobody love that dude more than I do, same way I criticized VINI few season ago and we all saw the monster he had turned to, is the same way I’m positively asking VO to change his way, it’s left for him to yield to adults advice or decide against it, most of us here are old enough to be his dad, so why are we gonna misled him? Now arsenal have asked Napoli to splash there asking price to $75m, that from $150m his worth few months ago and yet people didn’t see nothing wrong, we will continue to air our opinion, he is above juvenile age and shd able to hold on to his act.

        • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

          I don’t CARE what they THINK my BROTHER…

          There was a time I CRITICIZE him and sometimes I HAIL him too…but this one noooo I must CRITICIZE him…

          Do you know when I saw the VIDEO I almost SHED TEARS?…

          Anything that will get me to the point of shedding tears my bro I will strongly condemn…

          The same feeling I had too when they sacked GENERAL ROAR and we all saw how I frustrated everyone here(especially the anti roah)…

          So I will continue to frustrate osimhen and the rest that supported him till the needful is done… even if nothing is done I will continue to frustrate him till he retires….

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            See who wants to “frustrate” Osimhen….LMAOooo.

            You sound more like the frustrated one….LMAOoo

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          Hahahahaha…So it was because Osimhen ratted out Judas IsFinidi Arsenal declared they wont pay more than 75m for Osimhen….?? LMAOOo

          Wetin we no go hear for CSN.

          The true story is already out on Score Nigeria. I still find it unbelievable that Finidi still had the nerve to lie to the public through his proxy that he did not mention Osimhen’s name in the meeting with the Minister…LMAOoo

          No wonder Osimhen made video recordings of his conversations with that Iscariot. He sure knew what that man was capable of.

          Legend my foot…!

          • Nope, the splashing of his worth gat nothing to do with his utterances with finidi, it’s a whole lots abt his person and character in general, keep supporting him, came across one of his video with chief priest and some other socialites where he was smoking shisha and drinking liquor freely and openly, yes a young dude having fun and enjoying his youthfulness, but most everything come to the open space? He got into it with Ikpeba, uzoho and all, na only him ? Like I said and still saying, I do not care whatever he does with his life.

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Hahahaha…stop spreading fake news.

            Arsenal not willing to go more then 75m for osimhen has nothing to do with his character…LMAOoo. They’ve pegged that bar long before last week.

            Ab initio only 3 clubs were ever going to be able to afford Osimhen – PSG, Chelsea and the Saudis

            Chelsea pulled out because as it stands, they need to sell 1 50m worth player to balance their books.

            Arsenal are naturally a prudent club, and with financial fair play rules now taken seriously by UEFA, clubs are now more strategic in their spending.

            130m for an injury prone striker in this era of financial fair play is always going to be a risk by any club.

            But it is with the same injuries Mr Iscariot wants osimhen to come and play for Nigeria before he can defeat Benin republic on a neutral ground…..LMAOo.

            So find another story to cook up about Osimhen’s transfer. It has ZERO to do with his character as you want to claim.

          • Okay ooo, so what’s the cause of his frequent injuries? Why closer to the treatment room than the pitch? Playing 1,989 minutes from possible 3,420minutes to me represent low return for a star player of a team, and you expect all this big teams not to take all that into consideration before splashing the cash? If Arsenal can splash above 100m on a DM, what stop them from spending more on a proven striker that’s what they actually needed? I go rest untop this VO matter, make him handle his life how he want it I beg, my own dey my body.

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Hahahaha….I thought you said Osimhen’s character is the reason why Arsenal is refusing to spend 75m on him.

            Yes Arsenal spent 100m on a DM….but that was because he is a British player. Quality british players are scarce but they are in high demand because of FA rules that state that clubs MUST have at least 8 British groomed players in their squad.

            It’s a simple principle of economics….when there is high demand and low supply inflation of prices is imminent.

            So stop comparing Arsenal’s Rice’s pricing to Osimhen. Arsenal’s policy on transfers has always been public knowledge for ages.

            So you recognize osimhen’s injury prone nature yet you join your Finidi Iscariot to want to question his commitment to Nigeria when he has at many times played with injuries (like at the last nations cup where he hardly trained with the squad throughout the tournamet) or even carried serious injuries from international duty back to his club.

            From blaming him for losing to Benin republic, to blaming him for not visiting the camp in Uyo or traveling with the team to Abidjan, now you want to dictate how he must spend his off season too…..LMAOoo

            Pokenosers who wouldnt mind their business deserve all the bullets Osimhen has showered them with.

          • Nobody is Pocknosing here and uou sure read to comprehend my stance and not to attack, lots of things caused athlete to be injury prone and the main one is there lifestyle and inability to control what goes into there system.

            Dani Carvajal, Ferland Mendy and loads of other players address what they consume when there realize injuries is abt to end there career prematurely and we all saw the outcome, nobody is asking him never to enjoy his money and free time how he want to, but smoking, drinking and posting it a sure not the way to groove if you asked me.

            Again I’m done involving myself in whatever he gat with FINIDI, all I’m doing is advising him the same way I did to my son who is in same age bracket and athlete as well bar in diff. Sport. If he read our submission and adjust, it’s for his own good, if he as well yielded urs and others advice that’s contrary to what myself and many other forumite gave here, that also is good.

      • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago

        Useless ghanaian upon all that hell hole called ghana’s own frustrations, this homeless peasant will be trolling on Nigerian sites seeking attention among people he hates but has completely deluded even himself that he has blended in – classic signs of loneliness, sadness, poverty and madness lol
        If you had known never to have started smoking weed, maybe your life would still be on track now lol – I can’t even find the words to describe a leach like you hehehe

  • If the Sevilla interest still on the table and they are serious, pls NDIDI grab it with both hands, La Liga and Sevilla definitely represent the best among them all and let me have y guys makes me stay glue to the matches unlike when I have to watch only my dear RM matches and sometimes Barca matches. 

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