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Genk Chief Conde: We Are Yet To Receive Right Offer For Onuachu

Genk Chief Conde: We Are Yet To Receive Right Offer For Onuachu

Genk sporting director Dimitri Conde says they are still waiting for the right offer for Nigeria forward Paul Onuachu, reports Completesports.com.

Onuachu has been linked with a number of top clubs in Europe following a superb campaign for Genk in the Belgian Pro League.

The 6ft 7in forward has smashed an incredile 32 goals in 37 games in all competitions this season.

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Genk are believed to be willing to sell their prized asset as it could be the best time to cash in but won’t be selling for cheap.

“Onuachu? He’s a top scorer, scoring 30 goals and turning 27. If a club puts an amount on the table that we cannot refuse, we will cooperate for a transfer,” Conde told HLN.

“At the moment that offer is not available.”

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  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Black players ate always underpriced….. the only thing that can affect his price is his age but 32 goals in a season is no joke abeg. I was a critic of this guy but you can’t tell me that his 32 goal haul this season was out of luck..

    • I didn’t like the guy too, but sentiment apart, stats don’t lie… This guy has something working for him, and the 2 goals he scored for d SE last time out proved to me that he can adapt to the times… I hope he gets a good club that can sign him up.

  • You see a lot will work against him in the transfer market. His age, his playing style, his club’s asking price. Clubs with the same playing styles like genk are the ones who will come for him. He may not the attention of the big clubs. I ll nitbbe suprised if he still remains with genk next season.

    • Sam k 3 years ago

      Becos you are God to conclude abi? Leave onuachu , he is man of grace.watch his trajectory

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Victor Osimhen 18 goals – Napoli – $80m
      Terem Moffi 15 goals – Dortmund, Atalanta
      Sadiq Umar (2nd division) 18 goals – Bayern Munich, Sevilla ($60m)
      Paul Onuachu 32 goals – “…we are still waiting for the right offer…”
      When you have been stereotyped as a player that can only be useful to the team only when Finidi is playing by your right and Elaho by your left….waiting for crosses to be floated to your head……dont be surprised if big teams do not come for you. Modern football has evolved beyond that sort of 1-dimensional style of play.

      Top teams these days will rather go for a complete forward than go for target man. That is why even while playing in the 2nd division, a whole BAYERN MUNCHEN is asking after a 24yr old Sadiq Umar.

      • Abdul 3 years ago

        That’s kinda harsh bro. I don’t know why you guys keep a “forever enemy” arguement,just to prove you have been right all the way. From inception, I also didn’t like the guy, but he has recently showed that he’s a fighter and can adapt to situations to achieve great things. You will be shocked when he moves away from Genk and he keeps scoring. It’s not new, we’ve seen people deviate from their natural playing styles to become a better player. Moreover, this guy is a Nigerian baba.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          There is nothing like “forever enemy” here brother. It is the way is and it just has to be said. Aren’t you shocked that a 32goal striker isnt generating any buzz whatsoever from any known top club, but his more dynamic and versatile compatriots with far lesser returns are…??? Think my brother, think…! You think those big top 4 clubs in top 5 league have not heard of Onuachu…? Or you think their scouts have not watched him….??? Is it not shocking that the biggest club that has been linked with Paul so far is Lyon….??? Think once again my brother….think..!!!
          If you think any striker will survive the top 5 leagues by mere waiting in the box for crosses, you are seriously mistaken. Even the likes of Peter Crouch, Jan Koller and Nikola Zigic who had similar physiques with Paul offered far more than that to stay afloat and relevant. Paul is just 26yrs so we wont say his age is working against him….but for Genk to still be “waiting for offers” for their record scorer at this time shows he isnt really fancied by most clubs who would gladly shell out the amount of money they are hoping for. The simple implication of Onuachu’s stereotype is that any club that will sign him now will also have to also go sign wingers that can deliver pinpoint crosses to his head…..because old fashioned wingers who only work the bylines and float crosses into the box arent readily available nowadays. Inverted wingers are the trend now. Unfortunately, we are made to believe Paul cannot function without oldfashioned wingers.

      • It is obvious that you have not watched Paul’s highlights at all….he is a very skillful lad who is very good with his two feets….he is also very flexible and pacy for someone of his height… please go and checkout his highlights on YouTube.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        Honestly… I will say this is a very negative rendition of Onuchu’s situation and what he has achieved. Even if a striker only waits in the box for crosses to score and does nothing else… which is actually not the case with Onuachu, it’s still not everyday you get a striker who can manage what he has done into just his second season at Genk. He is turning 27,which is around the peak performance regime for a professional football player… we are not privy to all clubs that have submitted offer… Genk will want to cause a media attrition to get the most fee for him and at this point will stop short of naming clubs who are already throwing-in bids… ONUACHU has proven that he is his own kind of player who has delivered wherever he played… Rather than diminish an outstanding performance of one of our own… We should give him his due respects and keep it all positive with him to get his next career move right which will turn out to even be more fruitful later… Life is not all about playing for the Chelseas, Bayern Munichs, Real Madrids and Barcelona’s of this world… Ighalo, Rohr’s Super Striker can write a “Hardcover” textbook on that experience… Lol, Onuachu is a top striker and he is in grace to even do better… I want him to head where he will be respected and trusted, not just a move for money and club-hype that will turnout in the end a nightmare… May God help the youngman get his next move right! He is not an Osimhen, Yekini or Haaland but he has shot to world recongnition and so rightly deserves it because he has put in the work needed… One love all!

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Wow Caf has postpones the June WCQ till the september…..which kain bastard football organization is this??? Why is everything in Africa backwards..

  • Ololo 3 years ago

    It was actually the best decision and it came from FIFA..

    Pre covid testing and other logistics has to be properly addressed before world cup qualifier begins.. FIFA is doing a good job esp with disapproving certain stadium

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      I really doff my hat for FIFA for taking the bull by the horn.

      It is only in Africa competitive games are played on millet farms and grazing ranches. It is only in Africa opponents are frustrated at the airports and hotels by their hosts. It is only in Africa fake covid positive results are used to rule out key players of opponents in order to gain undue advantage (the case of Sierra Leone vs Benin is still pending)……and we have a so-called CAF sitting and watching the game being brought to disrepute….Ahaaa…dem curse us for Africa. And some people in 2021 will blame colonialism and slave trade as the problem of Africa in 2021……LMAO. Who do us like this…???

      I particularly forsaw that sccenario where teams will want to start using COVID results to weaken their opponents….Thumbs up to FIFA once again for rising up to nip these shameless acts in the bud before it becomes a norm..! This is really coming at the right time knowing the final phase of the WCQ will be a double-header, do-or-die, winner-takes-all home and away confrontation between the 10 teams that top the groups.

      Any country that is not ready to do the needful should be ready to lose their rights to host qualifying matches.

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      @Ololo thanks for the clarification I though it was a decision that can took…

  • Onuachu is already attracting interest from big clubs like Liverpool. It is whether the Super Eagles striker will be happy with the conditions attached to such a move (if indeed a firm offer is made).

    Speculations have it that should Onuachu accept to move to a top club in Spain, Germany or England he would be required to acceptance of not being the first choice striker. His situation will mirror those of Divock Origi of Liverpool and Olivier Giroud of Chelsea. In effect, either a Plan B from the start or an impact sub from the bench either of which comes with a much reduced playing time.

    Will Onuachu accept such a package? Regardless of the calibre of league or club, my sense is that such a move will almost certainly spell the end for Onuachu’s currently-flaky Super Eagles status.

    There’s no gainsaying in conceding that Onuachu’s brand of centre forward play is restrictive meaning he needs a club in which the beat of their attacking drum and philosophy plays to the tune danceable by Onuachu.

    The single most important factor making him relevant to the Super Eagles narrative is his goals-to-games ratio which is contingent upon (very) healthy game time.

    Onuachu should go to where his attributes will be maximised not where it they will be repressed.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    In my opinion I don’t think there’s anything wrong in him remaining at Genk next season. I believe the best offer for him will come from a French club which I don’t think would be a bad idea. With the standard he has raised this season in Belgium a league like the French Ligue 1 or German Bundesliga can be the best options for him. I will really like him to go to France. If a Slimani can be scoring goals in France Onuachu should be able to take the French league by storm. If a club like Lyon come calling I will accept it with all my body if I were him.

    As regards the never ending debate about who should be our top 3 strikers to be called up by the gaffer. I believe it will all come down to their form between the beginning of next season to the first qualifiers in September. Once the transfer market reopens in the summer we will know who is moving or staying. We will know who will be playing in the top 5 leagues and who will likely remain in the second division. However, if I have to be objective based on the output from this season Onuachu, Sadiq and Simy are all relevant to the current SuperEagles. Anyone of them called up by the gaffer as he has the final say will surely deserve the call in my opinion.

    None of them is getting into the side ahead of Osimhen and Iheanacho at this point. Though Kelechi can occupy multiple roles in the team especially in the somewhat thin midfield at the moment until something changes. The new kid Moffi can also be used in multiple roles depending on his consistency. This are the best we’ve had in a very long time and it will be very interesting to see how they can offer different options to the team. Now we can use the June window to arrange some friendlies and tryout different options and personnel.

  • I fear all this Nigerian agents… you will be shocked to see Paul in fernabache galatasaray cska or even China or Saudi Arabia at the end of the season….look at ejuke that destroyed Dutch league last season and he could easily have moved to laliga or any top 5 league but gbam greedy agents landed him cska a lower league than where he was….this agents don’t consider the age of their Nigerian clients all they’re after is their pockets….I hope Paul onuachu’s case turns out to be different….hope to see him in a top5 league next season..at all at all french league abeg

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