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Gernot: Why Onovo Got Late Call-up For Nigeria vs Cameroon Friendly 

Gernot: Why Onovo Got Late Call-up For Nigeria vs Cameroon Friendly 

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr has explained why Ujpest of Hungary midfielder Vincent Onovo got a late invitation for Tuesday’s friendly against Cameroon.

Speaking with the Super Eagles media after the team’s training on Monday, in preparation for the second friendly with the Cameroonians, Rohr said:”We decided to invite Onovo because we did not have any defender on the bench. He came from Hungary which is not far, two hours by car.

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“He came in the lady moment and did well in training. He can play central defence or defensive midfield and with Anthony  (Izuchukwu) we now have two guys on the bench who can come in.”

And on how Monday’s training session went, Rohr added:”We have Moses Simon who can play full-back, he did it very well in the training session and (Abraham) Marcus who normally is a winger but had to play left-back and did well.

“The players are working in good spirit and the quality of the last training session was very good.”

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  • 3-5-2 formation and Cameroun will fall.

  • Michel 1 week ago

    He has turned Marcus to a defender,u have six defenders in camp now,play them in thier natural positions ,if u don’t have players who can play wing back,why not try 4-1-4-1 formation,442 and co ,must it be 352 ? With attacking players ,wwhen Marcus fails there,u won’t invite him again ust u did to others

    • JimmyBall 1 week ago

      @Michel… Thank you. You will never see someone like @Dr.Drey making noise now to even question why Rohr is attempting to try Moses Simon and Abraham Marcus, serious offensive weapons in a wingback role, but it is @JimmyBall mooting same with Olayinka and Chukwueze now in a 3-5-2 formation as once suggested, you will see @Dr.Drey coming to speak all the grammar in old Michael West dictionary just to try to mock one… I have never seen niggers so two-faced as we have on CSN… We will continue to expose their double standards and about-faced attitudes… Hahahaha.

    • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

      Hahahaha…Rohr is not so senseless as to play only 1 natural CB in a 3-5-2 formation. He isnt that stupid….LMAO….infact no coach is that stupid to do so…unless if he has a badly depleted team….otherwise, even a mad dog knows fire when he sees one. There’s still some bit of sense in every senseless coach to know that he will get killed if he ever tries such…..LMAO. I natural CB in a back 5…??? NEVERrrr….LMAOooo

      If Rohr is going to play converted players in defensive position, be sure that at least 3-4 of the remaining 5 in that backline will be natural occupants of that position. If Rohr will play any of Simon or Marcus in LWB role, be sure that Ozonwafor, Awaziem and Anthony will at least be the CBs and Shehu will be the RWB….but at least 3-4 of the back 5 will be natural occupants of their positions. He wouldnt be senile enough to play only Balogun as natural CB in a back 3 of Balogun, Zaidu and Ebuehi and then flank them with Chukwueze to the right as RWB and Olayinka to the left as LWB…..LMAOOooooo…whether in the present of in the future…LMAO

      So Dr. Drey wouldnt need to speak grammar or question it. Till today some video game addicts are yet to tell us any team in the history of football they ever saw playing a 3 man defence with just 1 natural CB…LMAO…whether in a competitive match or in a friendly …LMAO. Somethings are just common sense…..LMAO….but if you want to see senselessness at its peak, just come to read town criers on CSN when they cry over everything….LMAO

      • JimmyBall 1 week ago

        @Dr.Drey… You did not win this argument and you and Rohr have bicycled back to my suggestions again… it’s high time you and gaffer Rohr begin to consult me in official capacity… Walahi, my services are no longer free of charge. When I wrote that piece, my first line was that given personnel available to us then… So that precondition still fits our current scenario… I said if we have everyone with us who are still in process of country switch… I will like Balogun as RCB, Torunarigha as LCB and Tosin in their middle… but I will opt for Balogun middle, Zaidu as Left Centre Back(LCB) , and Ebuehi/Aina Right Centre Back… I went ahead to tell you a good defender should be one who has mastered all positions on the back, and I assumed our defenders are good defenders… I listed Ebuehi not caring his frame because Diego Godin is not bigger than him, same height and if Ebuehi is fit, I believe Godin is not stronger than him… I saw Umeruo and Ekong that I could have listed even Awaziem but to me Umeruo is slow and prune to mistakes of which you @Dr.Drey almost ended his career with insults because of how that Tunisian Attacker ghosted him in that recent friendly, and his epic loss of concentration with Lionel Messi at WC 2018, Ekong is a lousy ball-playing CB and is too brawlish when pressured, in other words Ekong is not refined, Awaziem can be rash on the tackle… these were my reasons for putting that suggestion forward as the list of Zaidu, Aina, Ebuehi and Balogun seem the only clean defenders we have then who could do a good job without much calamity… So I do not see see how continue to talk as if I don’t know that in a back-3-defence formation is should be traditional central defenders by trade first before one could consider any other tweaking with personnel based on those available… Then I asked you to list your own prefence given those available and you went mentioning Umeruo and Ekong as if I do know they exist… See what Ekong did against Cameroon, he is prone to silly clearances and mistakes… You put Umeruo again, if another fast attacker ghost am again you go start to campaign to end him career prematurely… As for Chukwueze and Olayinka, I said if Ancelotti can make Iwobi do it, and now Rohr can make Marcus or Simon do it… Why can’t the duo of Olayinka or Chukwueze be considered for same wingback roles if situations necessitates? Guy… You know I am formidable yet, you go wan still the spar me. I will start commenting consultancy money from you and Rohr, then una go no say professional service no suppose be free… Hahahaha!

        • JimmyBall 1 week ago

          *Collecting consultancy money…

        • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

          Hahahahaha…oga….Rohr has been playing 3-5-2 before you ever started commenting here on CSN…LMAO. Infact he has been familiar with the 3-5-2 system before you dropped from wherever you dropped from….unless you will tell us another big lie today of how you are older than Rohr and tell us to go and call Mike Idoko, Dominic Iorfa and the Kpakor brothers to confirm from them…..LMAO. So how Rohr happens to be listening to your suggestions om 3-5-2 beats common sense….LMAO…and you have the temerity to claim someone else’s problem is ego….LMAO…with the way you are even battling tooth and nail to “WIN” an argument that has been long dead and buried on arrival as if there is a medal awaiting you somewhere…??? LMAOOOoooo.

          Even at that, even if you claim Rohr is listening to your suggestions, he wont be so dense as to play to 2 attacking players in both wingback positions and 2 converted players at CB leaving only I natural CB…whether personnel is available or not, or whether one thing one thing you are claiming happens or not. No coach does that…..LMAO….Even the dumbest of coaches wouldn’t do such. They’l rather look for alternatives, even if it means crossing the boarder to Hungary or Slovakia to get more naturally fitting options.

          So whenever you saw Ancelotti play Iwobi at RWB, did you ever see him play another converted attacking player at LWB and 2 converted CBs in central defence….??? LMAOOOOoooo….. ehn Mr coachillla la’coacheee….LMAO.
          Every time Ancelotti risked iwobi as wingback, he played a 3 solid centrebacks behind him, in Godfrey, holgate, keane or Mina, not some converts and then Lucas Digne at LWB and not Richarlison or Sigurdsson….LMAOoo….Ancelloti is not a stupid man bros. Infact no coach will be so stupid to play Olayinka and Chukwueze as wingbacks and then put Zaidu and Ebuehi behind them as CB partners to Balogun….for whatttt…????? LMAO. You think real life soccer is like the fantasy whatever you guys play on the internet…?? LMAO. Pls if you have seen any coach set his team up like that in real life kindly let us know.

          Mr man. i wouldnt allow myself to be dragged into this dead and buried matter, no matter how much you want to now change your mouth about whatever it is you said then…..LMAO. Its dead and buried and completely.

          Meanwhile we are still waiting for you to give us answers to any team at all in the world you’ve ever seen playing a back 5 with only 1 natural CB…..LMAO….Mr Consultant….LMAO. Anyone who consults this one for anything should make sure he has a very strong insurance company behind his back…LMAO

          Rohr has bicycled back to his suggestions….LMAO….this guy really overrates himself hey….LMAO. You must have been the one that instructed him to play a 3-5-2 all of the times he’s done so either with V.Moses, Sam Kalu or Simon in one of the WB positions.

  • It seems he is converting two very good wingers to full backs for this game. By so doing he will be exposing the back and reducing the bite up front. Simon is one player who can unlock and trouble defenders but he is being asked to play right back and probably musa will take his spot upfront. Its a gamble that could go very right and very wrong. As for marcus it seems this is the one way he can get a starting place in the team, as a defender. He will have to combine his attacking and defensive abilities in the game same as simon. Hope it all works out for the team.

  • JimmyBall 1 week ago

    … Anyone see how Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis is being lambasted by FC Cologne? They said they knew the player was difficult to manage and still went ahead to sign calling the guy a disaster. The unfortunacy of a one-sided story… FC Cologne making reference to the player Dennis’s attitude as being difficult because he was frozen out from the Club Brugge first team firstly for expressing discontent that Club Brugge scuttled his transfer to a premier league team the season before last for demanding outrageous transfers fee of around Euro 25million in Covid times… Well… that has worked badly for Club Brugge because the player is only worth Euro 11million as of now… There was an incident when he was asked by his team coach in an effort to spite and disrespect the player that he should seat in the back in places reserved for players in the fringe reserves-team and he refused and was ordered out of the bus and dropped from traveling with the team subsequently for matches and ultimately axed from the whole group till he transferred to FC Cologne… Well, FC Cologne were clearly struggling and lacking in quality and have their continued Bundesliga stay due to success in their playoff. The club may have a right to characterise the player as they choose but to suddenly label a player a complete mistake and flop us to me too harsh… His loan did not work out to the clubs ideas and that should be it… I am wishing Emmanuel Dennis peace and stabilty in the upcoming season and where he will choose to play… One love. Story is on owngoal.com

    • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

      So, what exactly does your story teach us…?!

      • JimmyBall 1 week ago

        @Dr.Drey finally found his courage to ask a question after Rohr has extended invitation dragnet to third leagues in Hungary and Slovakia… Lol. It’s not my story. It’s owngoal story and I rightly credited them. It teaches that a one-sided story is misleading… Just like Ademola Lookman was largely seen as inadequate and flop is his second season at RB Leipzig, this one-sided tales without hearing the player’s own side is often misleading… In this day and age of tactics simulation football… every coach has an idea of how he wants his players and side playing… those things can atimes push too many information and restrictions on players that normally play with natural flair and make them look out-of-sorts… The reason why players with flair and ingenuity in the mold of Ronaldo da Lima, Farias Romario, Zidane, Batistuta, Okocha and Baggio are hard to find these days…

        • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

          You see @jimmy, so many people have advised you here to stop opening your mouth waa, but rather think before commenting…..LMAO.
          In the initial 31 man list, did you see players from Hungary and Slovakia? No….LMAO

          In the pruned-down 23 man list released afterwards, did you see players from Hungary and Slovakia? No…..LMAO

          In the past 2-3 years have you seen players from Hungary and Slovakia in the lists…? No….LMAO

          Does anybody need to explain even to a kid that there is/was a crisis situation in the lead up to this friendlies…? No…LMAO

          Having exhausted most of our options from the top leagues, with a good number of other alternatives already back at home after the season, should the coach have left the vacuum created by late withdrawals unfilled? No……LMAO.

          Should the coach have gone to call up foreign nationals to play for Nigeria in such instance because he doesnt want to go out of th ‘top 5’? No….LMAO

          Should he have called up his children and jimmy’s brothers in his village, thousands of kilometers and flight hours away from the Austria camp…? No….LMAO

          Some things are common sense in life, even to the commandant of an army where rules are rules and commands are commands….When the desirable is not available, the available becomes the desirable.

          It is so shocking that with all your bragging about living in Germany and having an EU what what, you still dont know the geography of Europe enough to know that its much easier, quicker and makes much more managerial sense to, in such an emergency situation we found ourselves when and were struggled to even put a team together, invite stop-gap players from close proximity to your location, who will only need to drive 1 or 2hrs from Slovakia and Hungary respectively (being border nations with Austria) rather than trying to invite players who will need to start looking to book flights, get travel documents and fly hours from Nigeria or which ever parts of the ‘top 5’ they are based.

          We have done that before, we played a friendly in London in the 2000s and we barely had 13 players in camp, we had to invite players from the English league 1 and league 2. Greg Etafia had to be dressed on matchday as an outfield player. Also under Chukwu in the 2000s too, we played a friendly in Japan vs Japanese national team after landing in Japan hours before the game. We barely had substitutes for the game, we had to call up 2 Nigerians playing in the Japanese league.

          And in the first instance, please is there even still any available defensive options in the top 5 we haven’t explored for this window yet…? You can tell us if you have any..? or maybe we should have invited your Junior Ajayi to come and partner Awaziem at CB, or Kelechi nwakali as stop-gap for the injured Troost-Ekong….since for you all professional footballers can play all positions….so we neednt look the way of Hungary and Slovakia for stop-gaps since we our top 5ers where not available.

          I guess the phrase when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable is still strange to you. Mr, I join my voice with those of others to encourage you to always think before you rant as always. On a good day Rohr at least wouldnt call up players from Hungary and Slovakia if top 5ers were available…..even you will shout your skull out if he does…and it is also sure for anybody that cares to listen then we will not be seeing any of Anthony or Onovo in the SE for the foreseeable future….at least not when we are not in another crisis like the one we just had. So I really dont know what innuendo you are trying to cook up…..really i dont. There’s no question to ask here, neither is there any aspersions to cast….well except for people who rant senselessly over everything as usual, just to perform their duties of being perennial town criers…LMAO

          As regards the Dennis story, do you think we will rather believe your own side of the story or believe the official statements of the clubs…? You that told us Lookman was being victimized at leipzig for being black-skinned, in the very same team where 5 black-skinned players where getting regular play-time, or you think we should believe you who said Siasia always used 4-3-3 and never used the “outdated” 4-2-3-1 formation Rohr uses, whereas records show Siasia as a master of 4-2-3-1, used it throughout the Olympics and never won any match he ever played using a 4-3-3…..LMAO. Or we should believe you who told us Anthony Ujah suffered stage fright in a half empty stadium vs TAHITI….?!

          Oga, biko save your “other side” of the story. You were never in Brugge, neither were you in Koln to have know whatever was going on. You are the least person to provide a valid perspective or “other side of the story” on this issue.

          Dennis is another case of damaged career due to fans, media and agent “over-hype” and he seemed to allow it get into his head and affect his attitude. He started acting as if he’s arrived, arriving late for trainings and showing gross disregard for the same club he has played in peacefully for 2 years…thinking he was now bigger than the rest of the club. Why does that movie also sound like the one Kelechi Nwakali acted in…?

          What sort of superstar names have we not heard sycophants call him (Dennis) on this forum…? This time last year, the only clubs we didnt hear were “FIGHTING” themselves to purchase Dennis was Barca and Madrid. Infact one news outlet even included EPL clubs like Mancity and Arsenal in their list, for a winger who did not yet have any UK work permit requirements and any serious statistic to make heads turn apart from scoring vs real madrid. When I was pointing these things out then some of you who hate Dr.Drey’s guts called him a hater, enemy of progress, wara wara wara…..your rants dont krubihs move me 1 bit. I say what I say and stand by them because they are FACTS….anybody who thinks otherwise you present his own body of facts and lets weight both. Just 1 season later, from being an instrumental Brugge player, he’s become a leper nobody wants to touch.

          As a footballer if you say this coach is bad, that one is wicked, this one hates me, that one doesnt like my face…mr man go and check yourself and work on your attitude. The likes of Ronaldo da Lima, Farias Romario, Zidane, Batistuta, Okocha and Baggio were not undisciplined players or players who will start acting up thinking they are bigger than their clubs, as world class as they were in their days….not to talk of one player who hasnt reach anywhere yet but thinks he’s bigger than the entire team simply because he scored against real madrid.

    • Dr Banks 1 week ago

      @JimmyBall, your admonition should rather be directed to Emmanuel Dennis if you truly love this guy and want him to progress in life. Stop the blame game to these clubs and coaches, you can never be bigger than your employer no matter how good you are (and he is not even that good). You will always need a recommendation from you old employer to get a new one and even if the new employer take you on without following the recommendation, it will be at the back of their mind and they will always be looking out for that old trait to surface.
      So please do advice your guy appropriately to change his attitude if he wants to progress in his career otherwise he’ll be back in NPFL before he knows it.

      • Peter highstar 1 week ago

        I like Dennis but the guy should know that he’s not Neymar yet..

      • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

        See sensetalk…..my people see sensetalk. My brother, may God never forsake you. You just made my day. You apparently posted your comments while I was still typing mine. Some people want to assume the role senior advocate of Dennis here and tell us tales by midday. They must have been in the same camp with dennis to be in position to give us “the other side” reports….LMAO.

        Infact not only Dennis needs to read this you comments and save it in their memories. Every young man out there needs to. Leave sycophants and broad day lihgt lairs let them continue cook up defenses for every misadventured career. If its not racism today, it will be cold weather tomorrow, if it isnt cold weather tomorrow it will be stage fright next week, if it isnt stage fright next week it will be the grass was too gree..or the boots didnt fit properly. LMAO .

        My brother may you continue to walk without stumbling…!

        @Peter Dennis is Neymar o. This time last year some people stopped-short at calling him Neymar. They said he was even worth $30m.

        Even Arsenal and Mancity and Borussia Dortmund where “fighting” themselves to sign him….LMAO. I wonder why they didnt fight to sign him when he eventually became available on loan when they wouldnt need to even pay huge fees to have him

        • JimmyBall 1 week ago

          @Dr.Drey… The only problem with you is ego, you can never leave a comment without slurs and curses. Guy, you appear smart but very uncouth, learn decorum, na public forum be this and even our gaffer and Pinnick keeps themselves busy here reading our comments to gauge fans’ pulses… Calling people names liars(which I know you mean me) and names does not make your submissions intelligent, neither does it make them responsible… If no one will advise you, I will. Remove emotions and sentiments… be tolerant of views… No be everyone go tow your line…

          • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

            Hhehehehe…its time to play the victim….LMAO. Ndo oh. I’ve heard you…..LMAO

  • JimmyBall 1 week ago

    Everybody throwing shades at Dennis now may not be privy to everything about the scenario… One minute a player is the darling of the club, the next he is a villain… It was on this same forum we kept reading how Club Brugge were holding out the hammer that it has to be Euro 25million or he stays put at the club, Atalanta bidded and were rebuffed, Leeds United tabled a Concrete offer and were told to fuckoff… A club has to help a player as much as the player himself… You buy a player for maybe 2million and you want to sell 25million, for most African players such sort of valuation is pure greed as Africans especially cost less than South Americans and Europeans on the average except cases where a player is already fully established… A player who thinks a valuation is just right will begin to feel his club as wanting to stall his career just for their own gains only if they continue making outrageous demands… It’s like Genk now wanting to sell Onuachu for as much as 35million after signing him at a comparatively cheap price… Like I said, a good club will not just seek to destroy a player just because there are disagreements, and that mutual respect on the part of a player and club is part of good footballing culture… Some players are good at bottling up emotions more than others, we saw Juventus mates going against Moise Keane, for standing up for himself… We saw how Guardiola humiliated Eto’o and Yaya Toure, we have seen attitudes from Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Zlatan, Joey Barton, Rooney… and even seen recently Sadio Mane angry with Salah, and more recently refusing to take and shake his gaffer(Jurgen Klopp) hands before the full glare of the whole world… until we hear the player’s side of the story, let’s leave an opening realism of what can cause deviant attitude in global world of sports… No one is killing Naomi Osaka for shunning Roland Garros in the last days in the face of what could have been media undue pressure and bully… Make we the learn to listen and support our own and advise them as e suppose be. We can only hear from Dennis Emmanuel once he secures a new club as doing that now may be sending the wrong message to would-be potential serious suitors… There is ongoing talk of Galatasaray! Let’s be patient and wait… He will definitely open his lungs and talk once he is comfortable to voice his hero-to-villain story…

    • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

      So Dennis is now Neymar, Messi, Zlatan, CR7 nde…?! LMAO. Mama albino dey decieve insef say in pikin na Oyinbo…..LMAO. You dey for club brugge fans dey call you Neymar…you sef wan come do wetin Neymar dey do…LMAO…no problem, body go tell you…LMAO. You will soon know that all fingers are not equal even though they are on the same hand.

      It is you who wants to play advocate and tell “other side” stories of what you are not privy to or know jack about, yet it is same you who is saying we should be patient and let him tell his own story….LMAO…who sai..? which one you no dey…? Who were you trying to impress before…LMAO? Somethings it will do you good if you listened to your own advise…LMAO.

      When you have now been busted you will start flinging irrelevant tales all over the place….pls what has Naomi Osaka and Rolland Garros got to do with this matter now…?! LMAO

      You should quit jumping the gun and being atrociously pre-emptive. You are not a flying antelope (apologies to Enugu Rangers fans)….LMAO. That was how you came here 2 weeks ago bragging that Onuachu has signed with a club and will be announced in 72 hrs as if you were right there and it was your biro Paul borrowed from you to sign the papers.

      Heed your own advise and always let pateince be your virtue, keep your eyes and ears opened and your mouth shut.

      We have to support our own, yes, but it doesn’t mean we should cook up stories in their favour. That’s not support….that’s pejury. Nobody can tell us Dennis himself is blameless in all that is happening to him currently.

  • JimmyBall 1 week ago

    …@Dr. Drey… Please as a Senior Special Assistant to coach Gernot Rohr on media and publicity, you have a tough job to do to help your boss refine how to talk to the press before players go do am “shege” o…lol…………. read:


    • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

      Hahahaha…If Rohr has lied, they should point out his lies…..if not then they should buckle up. Respect is earned, not bought. At least as his SSA on media and publicity, i wouldnt have to tell lies to the public, unlike some wannabe advocate people who will be giving us fables here claiming they are “supporting” their own….LMAO. The day they dont play the race card, they will play the stadium crown card, it its not that one, they will play the “doesnt like his face” card, otherwise they will say the jersey was too thick….LMAO

      Come to think of it….is owngoal no more a fake site..?! This one some people now patronize the site after once using derogatory words about it…?

      • JimmyBall 7 days ago

        @Dr.Drey… This one is for you. The black player must be three times better to start… isn’t that a familiar line? Now watch and hear the first black man ever to play for Germany debutting in 1974 World Cup and having to be imprisoned in 1990 as the only one in a police lineup that requires atleast six persons before prosecution can be concluded… the authorities in defence said, they just could not find any other Blackman who “fit the description”… Brother… Some things will never change! This should open your eyes properly:


        • Dr. Drey 7 days ago

          Hehehehe….so the events of 1974 are the validation of your lies that Lookman was not getting to play at Leipzig because he was black, when there were about 5 other blacks on the team getting regular game time…?!

          Who has ever argued with you that racism was not rife or worse half a century ago than it is now…??? LMAO. Even at that a certain Gerald Asamoah won silver with Germany at 2002 World cup. A Jerome Boateng won gold at the 2014 edition while A certain Anthonio Rudiger has been a mainstay in the german national team for years now. So I really dont get the sense in what you are trying to dig up now and how it relates to the current converstion we are having….LMAO.

          This thread was on Onovo, later you moved it to Dennis, now it is about the first black to play for the German national team….LMAO. Mr man stay for one place and stop going up and down like Nigerian Nepa

          I have no time for directionless arguments biko…LMAO.

  • Mutum 7 days ago

    It’s only a friendly Mr rohr…see his lineup again
    Moses Simon
    Valentine. I dey suspect this coach,seem him be “attaru abuga”(gather and play) kinda coach.y not try the newly invited guys.