Guinea Advance Despite Loss To Zimbabwe In Historic AFCON Clash; Senegal Top Group B

Guinea Advance Despite Loss To Zimbabwe In Historic AFCON Clash; Senegal Top Group B

Despite a shock 2-1 defeat to Zimbabwe who have already been eliminated, Guinea have qualified for the round of 16 from Group B at the AFCON 2021.

History was made in the tie as Rwandan referee Salima Mukansanga becomes the first woman to officiate an AFCON match.

Liverpool star midfielder Naby Keita’s goal was only a consolation for Guinea, as first half goals from Knowledge Musona (26 minutes) and Kudakwashe Mahachi (43 minutes) was enough to earn Zimbabwe a first AFCON win since 2006.

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Guinea ended the preliminary stage on four points behind group winners Senegal (five points).

And in the group’s other game, Senegal settled for a 0-0 draw with Malawi and advance into the knockout round as group winners.

The Teranga Lions picked up their second straight draw after a hard fought 1-0 win against Zimbabwe in their opener to finish top.

Malawi now have to wait to see if they will finish as one of the best third-placed teams to reach the next round.

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  • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

    Rohr Haters come and see American wonder. Zimbabwe beating mighty Guinea. For say na Gernot Rohr, na sewage Una go dey foam for mouth like obalende slum. Tomorrow we will see what your Eguavoen will do against Guinea Bissau. Rohr has to return to Nigeria immediately. He has been proved right. Local coach ass lickers go smoke agbalumo.

    • Bello 2 years ago

      Ah ah, this guy dey craze What concerns Eguavoen with Zimbabwe defeating Guinea. Or are you praying for your defeat tomorrow?

    • Abdul 2 years ago

      Oga, Una no dey tire? Why is it so difficult to just support Nigeria and not Rohr. Una know Rohr before he became super eagles coach? Abeg, he is not the only coach that will be sacked at the eve of a tournament. I was his supporter until he left, and this happens everyday in football. Do your part and leave, if Nigeria suffer am, that’s our problem. The man is gone already, so abeg make Una stop all these emotional tantrums.

    • Mayowa 2 years ago

      This man is truly suffering from dementia syndrome. Rohr is now history.

    • Wale Akinlatun 2 years ago

      Must you compare yourself with the least? Never settle for second best ogbeni and leave Right to pick his wounds jare. He is Nigeria’s oast

      • Douglas john ufuoma 2 years ago

        Who is the least, rohr who qualified your teams for all qualifiers he undertook, a man that never experience backroom issues throughout his stay, dispersed they were holding him and his boys they still deliver the result, and he met all his target. Is he you refer to the least, then what will you refer to people like olise, siasia and co who fail to qualify us for nations cup

  • I hope the wailing wailers will learn. Senegal almost lost to Malawi Guinea lost to Zimbabwe, Comoros is currently showing Ghana pepper ahaaaaah I hope all these coaches have a winning mentality and are not clueless lol

  • Olusegun 2 years ago

    Guinea mighty? since when? oga shift. You no like as Super Eagles dey play now? Go and join Rohr wherever he is as you love am so

  • Douglas John Ufuoma 2 years ago

    hope those that crucify rohr are watching the nations cup, those that praises senegal to high heavens watches their match against malawi. GOD in heaven will judge those that gang up against the innocent man for no just cause, down to were some persons were praying eagles should lose s as the coach can be sacked. this persons have gone deaf and dumb since the beginning of nations cup. we are watch, eagles will surely come back with the cup

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      You and SD delivery are the same person….You can only fool yourself. Idiot!

      • Douglas john ufuoma 2 years ago

        Which software did you use, becos some has once claim in this platform that he has software he use to identity multiple users. Proof that the person you quote write is wrong and stop calling names becos you are not better

  • Olga you are the one that should move on from involving Rohr in everything. Isn’t what you said can never is what we are currently witnessing even with the team and coaches that you usually site as good examples. Imagine Algeria loosing to EQG and Senegal almost to debutant Malawi and haven’t scoring from open play 3 Nations cup matches. We saw Cameroon who struggle against and presently Ghana is loosing to Comoros. Its Ghana 0: Comoros 2

  • Oga you are the one that should move on from involving Rohr in everything. Isn’t what you said can never happen is what we are currently witnessing even with the team and coaches that you usually site as good examples. Imagine Algeria loosing to EQG and Senegal almost lost to debutant Malawi and haven’t score from open play 3 Nations cup matches. We saw who Cameroon struggled against and presently Ghana is loosing to Comoros. Its Ghana 0: Comoros 2

    • Douglas john ufuoma 2 years ago

      No mind those losers, they have all gone deaf and dumb. Omo9ja no longer have mb, that liar that claimed he played football to highest level no longer have network in his area, chime or what ever he called himself has place his phone, odegbami has lose his pen. All they accuse the rohr of has not been solved, but all of them are OK with it becos they can manipulate this one. We dey watch

      • Papafem 2 years ago

        A lot of you don’t get it here. Rohr was sacked not just because he was losing to lowly rated teams; the kind of football Nigeria was playing under him in his latter days was terrible. You should get that point! I’m sure, if Nigeria had lost against Egypt, many nigeian fans wouldn’t have complained as such especially with kind of football we played that day.

        You wanted to rubbish NFF’s decision to sack by validating other power houses’ poor performance at AFCON. That’s not smart in anyway. Did Ghana play well today to deserve a win? What did Algeria do against Equatorial Guinea to earn a win. Those performances were shambolic, to say the least, and if you asked any their fans, you’ll hear the same thing. Asamoah Gyan was close to tears today on SuoeeSport with awful display of Black Stars’ defenders against their opponents.

        It’s not about the smaller teams becoming super human overnight making them unbeatable; it’s about the the bigger teams not bringing their A game to party. Pure and simple! If we didn’t play well against Sudan, those guys will beat us like Comoros beat Ghana. And everything is down to coaching because you can’t say we don’t have the players. It beats my imagination that the same players we watch on weekends doing great for their clubs became pathetic all of a sudden in Super Eagles colours under Rohr. The way Simon Moses plays now Eguaveon is the same way he plays for Nantes in France. Why was he then bad under Rohr but became suddenly unplayable under Eguaveon? Please think!

        I’ve come to realize that many of these Rohr supporters are like a little mischievous boy holding a butterfly. He walks to you and says, “is this buttery dead or alive?” If you say “Yes, it’s alive. He pinches the head of the butterfly and shows you a dead insect to prove you wrong. And if you say it’s dead, he shows you a living butterfly and allows it to go. Meaning they will always find a way of making us look stupid for sacking Rohr. If Eguaveon’s team hasn’t been playing well, they will troop to this page and say “Hey, shebi your Eguaveon na Goardiola and better than Rohr. Why hasn’t been winning his matches AFCON?” And now that God’s grace is making the team to do well against their expectations, we shouldn’t be surprised they they are continuously looking for validation by making it look like it’s not a big deal a deal Rohr’s team was struggling against those small teams. After all, the same minows have been creating upsets at AFCON.

        If you’re smart enough, you’ll know it’s of no use arguing with them because every of their post on Rohr is manipulative. I don’t know how talking about a man that is gone and gone for good will benefit the current Super Eagles doing so well in Cameroon. They’ve forgotten that many of us supported Rohr abinitio but withdrew our support when we started seeing red flags here and there. Anyone that is happy with Rohr’s performance since those friendly matches against Brazil and Ukraine in Singapore is either daft or mischievous!

        • You think you have said something smart only to show how shallow your reasoning is. If you don’t know that a team with over aged players hardly perform against a younger team after watching many years of football with Super Eagles, then you know nothing.
          I can begin a history lesson here from France 98 World Cup for you.

          Eguavoen is only reaping the hard work Rohr did on Super Eagles so far. That’s all, tomorrow some of his players including Nwakali will show whether Eguavoen got his inclusion right or not.

          Go and check the average age of the Ghanian, Algerian, Egyptian and Tunisian team, then post your answers here.

          I am waiting. You guys abused Rohr for calling his team a young team, yet this is the advantage Eguavoen is reaping today.

          I am waiting for the average age results search

          • Papafem 2 years ago

            There is nothing abnormal in the average age of these countries. For Ghana, it’s around 25. For Tunisia and Egypt, it’s around 27,28. Maybe the Algerians are getting old. But that is still not a justification. Nobody talked of age when Algeria went on winning streak of 37 games between October 2018 and now. You only began making excuses for them to justify Rohr’s ineptitude. Check the average age of the Italian team that won 2016 WC. Check that of the German team that won the WC in 2010. While I agree that age can slow a player down, but teams you mentioned are not outrageously old not perform. You are only looking for excuses. The good thing is none of you can not bring Rohr back no matter how hard you rant. And you can’t stop Eguaveon from performig either which is a also a good thing.

  • Ghana beaten and out. Debutant Comoros shocker!!!

  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    Imagine Senegal Algeria and Ghana? Especially Algeria. These are teams that were use as yardstick to measure ROHR. They never allow the man rest. Every time they will say he is balmadi’s boy. Now where is Algeria?

  • Mutum 2 years ago

    Make una allow Rohr rest na…haba!! Any Nigerian football fan wen no d enjoy super eagels play under Egwuavoen is a big fool. Rohr na coach? Make una no make me vex o

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      They detractors hoping the eagles fail so they can compare Rohr’s achievement with Eguavoen but they will be shocked what this team will do by a man who had only 2 weeks to manage this team and is also missing 5-6 key players. That would have been an automatic excuse for Rohr. Anyone that thinks Rohr loves Nigeria more than his native Germany is a fool of the highest order..

      • It is your myopic reasoning of USA 94 that will keep you dumbfounded. Havent you seen coaches delivering for National teams beyond their native countries I.e. Philippe Troussier sacked by Nigeria and revered in Japan, Sven Goran Eriksen at the helms of England.

        • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

          Yeah Trousier loves Nigeria more than his native France….mumu

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            But most of you are also expecting the SuperEagles to lose under Rohr so that he can be fired na. Is that patriotism?? At least most of the people that supported Rohr are still behind the team despite Eguavoen reaping the benefits of his team. Abeg let’s move on and hope for the best from our darling SuperEagles. We can only state the obvious.

          • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

            I’m a Suoer eagles Fan and in support of any coach that gives us good football….I was a Rohr supporter initially but in the last year or so I didn’t like the trajectory of our football under him. The truth is that we were not getting better and we were written off for this tournament by mist cou tries not u till we played Egypt. It gets to a point where certain coaches have nothing to offer anymore and truth be told Eguavoen is enjoying this right now but there will be days where he will be criticized too.

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            Yeah you’re right. I think the breath of fresh air is good for the team. No coach is perfect there’ll be some tough games ahead for Eguavoen to prosecute, but I feel this team is hungry to write their names in glory. Rohr did his part, but we move on.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    If that was Nigeria now being humiliated and disgraced like those bad minded jealous ne’er do goods of ghanaland, you would have seen them celebrating in accraland and all their other bad belle towns and villages, even if they also lose, they don’t care, their joy is in Nigeria losing and being humiliated but now just observe how apart from this (my) post, there is not a single other post from any Nigerian laughing or happy at their loss and huge humiliation.
    Shame on the black belles of Ghanaland! lool!
    See as Comoros open bad belle yansh for public! looool!
    Let me hear anything from another ghan man about our football and that ghan man will hear wein!

    • @Papafem, the fact again that you dont seem to know that an African Man of 30 years and above can not perform like his same foreign counterpart of that age baffles me.

      Italy and Germany is known for having players over 30 in their team and win tournaments with them. But have you checked out these players eating habits and things they do to keep in shape???
      Go and look at Zlayan Ibrahimovic training and excercises he does on a regular basis and tell me which African player have you seen doing such at home.

      Pace and ruggedness is the bane of this AFCON. Nothing more, that is why those teams are out. Go back to last AFCON to see how Algeria played with a younger team, the same for other North African teams, you will still sees the same quality of pace and ruggedness.

      Now they can’t compete because of this factor and no new young blood in the team. It is a proven fact worldwide.

      Even Belgium is going to suffer this same thing soon at the World Cup.

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