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Dare To NFF: Hold Rohr to Higher Standards

Dare To NFF: Hold Rohr to Higher Standards

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has given the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) the marching orders to hold Super Eagles head coach , Gernot Rohr to the higher standards contained in his contract following the team’s dismal two-leg draw against Sierra Leone in the 2022 AFCON Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

The Minster of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare made this position known at a meeting with NFF officials on Tuesday to review the Technical Report of the Nigeria/Sierra Leone AFCON qualifiers and other matters.

He said, “The recent dismal performance of the Super Eagles in their qualifiers against SIerra Leone has raised a few concerns and brought to fore the need to do a quick critique. The government, while concerned about the dismal performance and non discernible pattern of play and team harmony in the Super Eagles is looking beyond the outcome of the Nigeria versus SIerra Leone matches and AFCON. We are looking at the present and future administration of football that speaks to the development of the front room and backroom.

“The NFF must tightly hold the head coach to the KPIs in his contract. Thus, we cannot wait for those conditions to come to life, before we tighten the screws or demand a higher or better performance, better technical depth, better player mix and team harmony and a functional national team, else Nigeria and Football lovers in Nigeira will be the greatest losers. In this area, NFF must take necessary steps and actions beyond Rohr to protect our football fortunes.

“The federal government will ask the tough and relevant questions. The NFF should do the same The right of Nigerians to ask of government and indeed NFF explanations for dismal performances and football administration cannot be simply characterized as interference. On our part, we will work to support the NFF but we will also demand for answers and changes too on behalf of Nigerians. CAF and FIFA while we appreciate their working partnerships are expected to support Nigeria in its quest to ensure an effectual football administration.

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“Football is now both business and politics. A tool of diplomacy. Governments are more than interested in how its run. The FGN is interested even beyond that. Football is a source of national pride. A rallying point and promoter of peace and Unity.

“Nigeria at this point must use the opportunity of the the outcome of the Nigeria/Sierra Leone March to X-ray the other factors beyond the because that must have contributed to the dismal performance. We must raise the necessary interrogatories about the general administration around the team, the absence of local content or home based players in the team, the domestic league development and growth, issues of ethics, nutrition, Psychology, content and so on.

“NFF should be more concerned about the failure of technical depth and absence of a defense mechanism which were glaring during the encounter with Sierra Leone rather than the rush to defend the contract of the Technical Adviser.

“Starting now, Nigeria must demand a higher or better performance from the technical adviser. We can’t wait until he fails to qualify our team for AFCON and the World Cup before we start to ask the tough questions. In this respect, I charge the NFF leadership to immediately take necessary steps to protect our football fortunes working with the MYSD,” the Minister declared.

The NFF President, Mr. Amaju Pinnick, while providing a background to what happened, assured the Minister that NFF will not shirk in its responsibilities. He said a few changes and adjustments as discussed and suggested by the Ministry will be put into motion.

Some of these changes and adjustments include a Super Eagles’ administrative structures that will include a physical trainer, nutritionist, a psychologist and two match readers or more, injection of three to four home-based players into the Super Eagles picked from the professional league, the head coach must watch weekly NPFL games and evolve a scientific template to benchmark the performance of the Technical Adviser and the Team. NFF must operate contract as an active document and hold the Technical Adviser to a higher standard.

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  • Ako Amadi 8 months ago

    Is a minister of sports in Nigeria is appointed to be head of the NFF, coach of the Super Eagles and chief selector?.The cumbersome terms of reference for this portfolio will certainly attract sanctions from FIFA in due course. Ironically the only Nigerian who is ignorant of the FIFA statutes is the minister himself. But then this is Nigeria where in competence reigns.

  • KangA 8 months ago

    “…. injection of three to four home-based players into the Super Eagles picked from the professional league. ….” Aren’t we telling ourselves lies several times, believing that these lies will transform into truths? Where will these local players come from? Boys selling ‘pure water’ on the streets of Ogbomosho? Or from a moribund league? 

    Pinnick, take our Benin clash next year to Sokoto and hope to trash them 8-0. The fact is that you two know the truth, but you’re hiding it. By the way, how did your dazzling display in Benin contribute to our present state?

  • Dr Drey 8 months ago

    Mr minister….you forgot to include putting an end to turning SE trainings into playgrounds by jobless politicians and administrators ahead of important qualifying matches as some of those high standards that must be upheld going forward.

    • Collins id 8 months ago

      @Dr drey, so na the training wey the Nff and Edo state government members train with the boys(to show them love and attention,) naim make them score 4 goals and allowed the Leone stars to score three in less than 20 minutes left to go abi? You are a primitive ignorant bastard, your foolishness is smelling out of my digital system, cursed Dr fool. Your crabs will not be tolerated here anymore bcos they makes You feel comfortable in stupidity, You will never make any sense that is understandable here. always ranting like one old market woman in an abadoned market square. Anything NFF or a Blackman does, never seems right with you unless oyinbo own, low life Idiot, making your self important from an unofficial amateur goalkeeping low lifed position, you are not better than the lowest Nff official, even the cleaner in the glass house have a better life than your miserable cursed life, nomatter your internet restlessness, you will never be as famous and important compared to our ex international! inferiority complexed bastard. Since when your Rohr drew home and away, tell me one technical or even tactical analysis from you regarding that match rather than primitive reasonings and unnecessary gagons, stupid excuses like a compound fool that you are looking for one or two forumites to quarrel with, your brain have a wrong addiction (to always look for point to counter points) you made your self the police, lawyer and judge of csn. Anyways like i have always said to you, to be learnet have no connection with intelligence.

      • Dr Drey 8 months ago

        Hahahahaha….Mr attack Dog, defender of the black race….clap for yourself, you that is intelligent without being learned…LMAO…..Your father is the bastard. I used to think you were a responsible human being, I didn’t know you are the younger brother of a dog. No wonder someone said here sometime ago that the ID in front of your name stands for Idiot, because that’s exactly what you are.

        The team is being owed bonuses and allowances since last AFCON and in your stupidity, the best was to show them love and attention is to go and turn their training to child’s play. A team has 2 days to train and deputy gov disrupts day 1, while sport minister disrupts day 2 and you open your wide stinking gutter of a mouth to call it show of love and attention….stupid illiterate. Why didnt they follow them to freetown to train with them…..or the players dont need love and attention too in freetown too…? If we were to play Cameroon or Senegal, will your useless governor and his entire cabinet together with the Minister go and turn their trainings to childs play and disturb their focus on the task ahead..?
        I can see my comments here pain you so much…..go and drink sewage since you cannot do jack about them….LMAO. You can continue to lick the shoes of your incompetent thieves in running the affairs of the country, continue hailing their nonsense so that they can throw N1000 note at you. Hungry dog.

        • Collins id 8 months ago

          @Dr,fool, you see how you are very consistent in fooling your self, how you continue to show off ur ignorance. What did my governor did wrong that made you lebel him useless? A governor that presented a modern and well updated stadium for our national team and also for the state clubs and national sport festival to be hosted by the state, with the state’s resources, the vehicle that was used in attending to osihmen’s injury shows how effective and ready the stadium is. The only stadium with VAR updates in West Africa, is a useless Governor to you? A governor that just completed a state powerplant that is presently powering the stadium and some part of the city with 24 hours consistent power supply which is expected to power the entire state and also donate to national grid, is a useless Governor to you abi? For the Nff to acknowledged the states effort by appreciating the stadium with the supereagles match vs SL is now your problem? A match that was played behind doors without no ticket sold was politically influenced in your low sense of reasonings? I remember Southafrica afcon and even wcup pitches 2013 and 2010 where not even up to the level of that ogbe pitch that suddenly becomes your problem(self hating). Even some european fields had more challenges with slippery pitches like the one in Ukraine (wey they draw our player’s fall like say na wet bathroom floor) you nor complain that one? Idiot, you will never stay in the goal post that you belongs , your oversabi will always push you away from ur lines, embarrassing your self and your fellow empty handbags, that was how you cowardly used the name Zeha to insult your entire generation and when you had a better chance with me you shamelessly opted to Directly insult Benin and her land (bcos of me? or bcos of football? I still can’t get it) Mannerless bastard, is that your level of literacy? And your fellow moron (awkward) followed by labelling his parents witches, this is a man that was angered when someone made an unnecessary reference to Awolowo’s civil war controversial statement, every wise persons in this forum supported his objection to that statement! When he says the statement was disrespectful to the entire igbos,(wish was reasonable enough) Bloody hypocrite, why didn’t you do thesame when you saw your foolish Dr, going out of line by addressing his entire house hold as cursed. Internet student, is this your level of education? My name ID can be idumota it can be iduroko can even be idriss, at list it has an original background, what is the meaning of Dr drey, it shows how limitedly wired your castrated brain is, you have to hide under an already made name of a well renouned rapper like Dr,drey to decorate your insecured miserable life, you must have a funny name like ODE that’s why you can’t show it off, Dr Drey worked hard to brand that name you are fooling your self with. An attacking Dog is better than a snake in the monkey shadow. I will remain responsible to those that knows what the word responsible means. You and I have disagreed and agreed in different cases, some of our arguments are still pending on to be continued, we have trade arsh words betwin ourselves which is acceptable and above all, fun to me, I am not afraid or shy of any kind of confrontations regarding my comments and don’t take them personal, but insulting an entire ethnicity is totally unacceptable.

          • Dr Drey 8 months ago

            Have you finished barking…? Oya go to the backyard, your neighbour’s pikin has just pooed on the floor. Go and lick it.

  • mercy 8 months ago

    Nobody can convince me that this minister meant well for Nigeria. How can he be calling for the inclusion of the homebased players when the whole world knows the league is dead and buried. Oga minister if people are pushing you, you better use your sense.

    • Dr Drey 8 months ago

      Even westerhof stopped inviting home-based players the moment he had enough players playing in Europe. Edema Fuludu was the only homebased player in the team in Tunisia 94 and zero homebased players in the subsequent USA 94 squad. This was at a time when we had a truly professional league, with sponsors, with fan base, with competitiveness and when our teams where winning CAF competitions year in year out. They want 4 homebased players in the SE in 2020 when all our best players are in Europe, in 2020 when academy players get signed in clubs where league players cannot pass trials, in 2020 when even Sudanese clubs no longer find Nigerian league players useful and attractive anymore, in 2020 when the league has not been concluded in 3 seasons, in 2020 when the league has been on hold since March, has not restarted in November and has once again had its restart postponed.
      Sometimes I just ask myself if these people’s brains are under their feet.

      • Mr Hush 8 months ago

        I sincerely doubt if they have brains.
        Because I can’t understand the rational for the call of homebase players when there is simply no base for football at home at the present.
        It is simply ilogical.

        Why don’t we get the league running first and well organised . Then we can get to see if there is any quality good enough to be in the Eagles camp.
        The Eagles camp is simply not a sabbatical and not one to fulfil quota but a professional camp for the best of the best we can provide.
        It is war over there and we simply need the elite.
        And even blind Barthemeus can see that elite is far from what the NPFL can provide at the moment. There is simply nothing to work with from home.literally nothing.

        Leagues across Africa is presently running why we still have no date.. Even the Ghanaian league is so organised they can afford to bring back good ex internationals;players like Asamoah Gyan now features in the league for a club called Legon city. Not even a great one like Ashanti Kotoko or heart of oaks.
        The other day ,Complete sports did a bad job trying to paint the clubs of the new season but even got their templates wrong! It is that bad. But who can blame them.

        I can go on ranting ; blustering about everything wrong about this but it is of no use. There is no way you can cure a mad man that insists he is well.

        • Dr Drey 8 months ago

          LMAO…and the hypocrite of a minister is talking about “high standards” and at the same time forcing not 1, not 2, not 3…..FOUR (4) players from a league where teams struggle to reach the group stages of CAF competitions on the Super Eagles….LMAO. Our CAF confed cup representative in was dumped out in the 1st round by a 2nd div team from sierra leone 2 years ago or thereabout….LMAO. The ones who have been invited to the SE just 2-3 years ago have all faded into oblivion…and they are talking about high standards, building a solid team, sustainability and plenty nonsenses….LMAO. They should sack the coach and coach the team themselves…since they know who and who must be invited to the SE.

          • I hope the Sports Minister is having this same sort of conversation with Shehu Dikko. If Dare works to deliver a functioning league to all Nigerians, then we can take the issue of homebased players in the national team more seriously.

          • Ako Amadi 8 months ago

            Can Hon. Dare our Sports Minister name just one home-based footballer he thinks should be in the Super Eagles?

          • Dr Drey 8 months ago

            @ Ako Amadi…..nice assignment…LMAO.

  • Proudly 9ja 8 months ago

    Oga minister of soccer instead of sports, what are tge key performance indicators for tge sports ministry? Have u met any? What do u think ordinary citizens who u claim u are fighting for score you? If GR gets a C, yours is F9. How diverse is your cabinet? How many youths do u have in your cabinet, afterall its youth development we are talking about here? Did u come out to condemn the killing of youths in Lekki, aren’t you supposed to be tge one at the forefront of help and improve the lives of our youth through sports?

    “The NFF must tightly hold the head coach to the KPIs in his contract. Thus, we cannot wait for those conditions to come to life, before we tighten the screws or demand a higher or better performance, better technical depth, better player mix and team harmony and a functional national team, else Nigeria and Football lovers in Nigeira will be the greatest losers.” In a developed country, the people will be holding you to the statement you made, if held to this statement, oga u have failed.

    Chai see soccer minister calling for at least 4 home-based players in the team, so other more deserving players should be dropped bcos u want quota system and u expect the country to reach its potential. Are the ones playing overseas less nigerian than the home based players. Is this minister a dinosaur from the past? How many players in the Brazilian national team are home based? Even though they have a functioning league and arguably better players and administrators than us. We
    Nigerian demand a higher and better performance from you soccer minister. We can’t keep waiting until your failures ruin our sports and endanger the lives of millions of our youth with tremendous potential. U need to be held accountable. You that leave in a glass house is throwing stones. Odegbami, how come you have never said anything to the sports minister concerning lack of sports development in 9ja, don’t you see the problems in our sports? Since tge minister likes talking, other people should come out and tell him that he too is a huge part of the problem facing the country.

    GR if dem wan add that useless clause (4 homebased player) to an already signed contract, if u are smart don’t agree ooo. Call dia bluff and walk away with ur cash, Oliseh did it and they had to pay up. NFF knows once bitten twice shy. They will leave you out to dry if u mistakenly agree to their stupid demands. Who on that team van a home based player who hasn’t played in several months bench. Tge worse player on GR teams is better than tge best NFPL can offer otherwise they won’t still be in 9ja, that’s tge truth.

    Last thing, we should check Dare and Pinnicks bank accounts b4 being minister and chairman respectively and what their bank accounts balance are right now knowing what their monthly salaries are supposed to be. Abi we want to hold people to tge highest standard, isn’t transparency and accountability also part of holding someone to a highest possible standards?

  • Michael Adelami 8 months ago

    I don’t know why having only 4 home based players is an issue.
    Minister, you are supposed to demand for 25 home based players, so that we can sack all foreign based players.
    1. Our national team doesn’t need 4 home based players, she needs 25. If not that we have foolish leaders everywhere, if you were sure that you have quality and well trained professionals in the league and also have the best league in the world, then why did you limit the number to be invited to only 4. It only shows that deep within you, you know the league is poor and as such difficult to get good players from.
    2. Any invited home based who gets signed to another league abroad has to stop being invited since we must have local players by force and it will help our team a lot, so that we can continue having caricature players to continue to have Nigerian international to their names and then our super eagles can be export ground.
    3. Anybody in any of the top 5 leagues must not be invited henceforth. We need people from Egyptian league, namibian league to compliment our sunshine boys,nasarawa and akwa United.
    4. Any Nigerian playing for teams outside Africa should cease to be a Nigerian and as such doesn’t have right to play in our dear super eagles.

    Foolish leaders everywhere in the affairs of the country.

  • Ako Amadi 8 months ago

    The minister sees himself as the gamesmaster of a school footbalĺ team in his village. He has succeeded in creating divisions within the NFF, among former players, the current players and coaching staff. Nigeria is greater than any one individual. Football is what unites us and we csnnot afford to hsve the game we love managed for greed, tribal and political ends.

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    That day will come when our foreign players will start a protest (like #ENDSARS) against the bad football administration at home. Imagine 3 years without a functional league…who does that?

    Watch this space, Dare and his gang will be on world view when investigations, revelations, and live pieces of evidence come to play.

    The future of our football is in our hands and the foreign players will have to kick start a movement of the century.

    Africa will take a cue from us and do the needful too.

    We are everywhere…

    • Chris 8 months ago

      Hia, na wah ooh… who be this Anonymous ooh. I need to meet him or her.


      I support the movement already. If only our foreign players will see the need to protest.

  • Oakfield 8 months ago

    In as much the idea of including at least 3 home based players in the eagles set up is a very good one, it would be detrimental to the entire chemistry of the team based on the fact that our domestic league is absolutely nothing to write home about. Our league has been in recess for the past 6 good months, even before the covid 19 lock down, our league was in total shambles that all the clubs representing us in international tourneys were knocked out by lower cadre teams from other countries. We couldn’t even qualify for chan with the same set of tools that these idiots want to be included in the super eagles by all means. It’s very absurd to reason this way. So, for your mind u expected rohr to field domestic players who have been inactive and rusty for the past 7mths in the two leagged international games we played against sierra leon??? How can peoplel who call themselves sports administrators reason like idiots???? Is it not even foolish to even nurse the thoughts of including these rusty players in the first place? if u so desire to see our domestic players play a very important role in the super eagles, common sense should tell u that it is imperative for you to do something about our league. Fix it to the so called standard you have set for rohr. Our league cannot give what it doesn’t have. But all you’ve been doing since the sierra leon match is jumping around like a monkey and spewing all the rubbish that has been fed you by odegbami and his clan. Can’t you see how you’ve made a fool of yourself simply bcs u failed to address the key issues bedevilling our football but rather allowed yourself to be controlled by a dangerous clan. Do the needful mr sports minister, stop being a fool. Rohr is not the problem, but you people.

  • Mercy 8 months ago

    I dare Mr. Dare come March when SE will be playing her next match, if I see any homebased player in the squad without the NPL league resuming. I will personally file a petition against him to be removed from office.

  • Glory 8 months ago

    It just seem, these people in position of power in nigeria have had their brains/thinking caps tied to a moving train heading for destruction lane. Even a child of 5, who is into football will easily see how unfeasible it is to bring any homebased player into the SE set up now. But a so called Minister of sport, who is lately, proving he isnt what we once thought he is, struggling to apply himself to quality reasoning. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING TO THINK THESE ARE THE CALIBRE OF PEOPLE LEADING NIGERIANS. HOW FAR DID OUR CHAN EAGLES, CONSTITUTING THE BEST SELECTION OF HOMEBASED PLAYERS GO?, WHERE IS SUNUSI IBRAHIM AND OTHERS? ETC.

  • pompei 8 months ago

    Soup never done, stove come dey blame cooking pot. My pipo, unu see wetin dey shele?
    Our sports minister’s English is impeccable. Queen no speak English reach am. But his knowledge of how to run sports, that is anoda matter!
    Dis man go put us for FIFA ban wahala if care is not taken!
    For Nigeria, players dey yanfu yanfu. Look inside dustbin sef, you go see player. League is overrated na. Who needs league? Just enter the nearest beer parlour and randomly select 3 pipo, and we are ok.
    Brilliant submission from our sports minister! Select home based players for the national team without a functioning league!

    • Actually, I too noticed how articulate he is in his expression. But, no be grammar we wan chop for the matter wey dey on ground.

      • pompei 8 months ago

        When it comes to speaking English and blowing big grammar, who is the queen? Dem never born am! If na to speak English, the man no get equal. The queen no reach even to tie his shoe laces.

  • pompei 8 months ago

    All we want and need is THE VERY BEST players in the national team. If all of them are home-based, great! If they are all foreign based, fine! If you are the best, get in there! If you are not the best, no quota system or politics should be used to put you in there!
    It doesn’t matter where the player is based. As long as there is nobody else better than him/her in that position, and the player is a good fit for the coach’s tactics.
    Leave player selection to the coach and his team!

    • Gernot Rohr invited homebased defender Stephen Eze (24 years old at the time) to the national in 2018. Where is Eze today?

      • Dr Drey 8 months ago

        Maybe the guy was thinking of joining Bollywood now that retirement from football is imminent. A 24yr old in 2018 should be 26 now…almost the peak years of defenders….but instead of an upward movement we see a move from Bulgaria to India. From India its either we never hear of him again or we hear he is back in the NPFL. Let me stop here before they will say I am pulling players down.
        So much for quota system for homebased players. So much for “high standards”.

  • Marvelous 8 months ago

    Dreamers. Even by next FIFA window, no home base player will be in that team. They want to take the quiteness of Rohr as stupidity. Home base that can’t qualify for a tournament meant for their level. No b wen u finish primary 6 u go enta secondary school. OGA MINISTER WHAT IS HAPPENING TO NIGERIAN LEAGUE? Are you blind in that angle. Why not focus on changing that Akamo and akara league to at least an average league, because the league is still far below average. Now we know the set of people buhari should have called lazy.

  • Kingston 8 months ago

    I’ve said it before, I will say it again : rohr is not our problem, men like dare are.
    Dare decision to include quota system would be the root of super eagles mediocrity.
    I’m disappointed!
    Meritocracy should be our primary form of selection. If the best players are from kano pillars alone, then it is them we pick. If it is from foreign base only, then so be it.

  • Beryl 8 months ago

    Omo9ja will not come out now ooo, eeeee.
    What some group have been advocating for is about to kick off.

  • Beryl 8 months ago

    Dare thinks he is doing fans a favor, little did he know he is about to destroy the only thing we can boost of as a country.
    It is time for us to #STOPQUOTASYSTEM and #DEVELOPNPFL.
    Because he is not reading our comments.

  • Beryl 8 months ago

    I am starting it before they will destroy our Super Eagle’s
    #STOPQUOTASYSTEM don’t turn us to super chickens.
    Stop moving the SE home match around.

    Join me

  • Jason Burroni 8 months ago

    Hahahaha… Don’t blame the minister o. The poor man is just a latest tool in an attempt to resurrect their over 4 year dying business. Rohr’s meritocracy has so improvished transactions to the extent they are now flat out unashamedly desperate. I mean how ridiculously low & senseless can it get. Anyways I trust rohr to repel this rubbish, so they’ll either have to find other platforms to sell their below average players or hold on till the end of Rohr’s contract.

    • Beryl 8 months ago

      comments on csn can take us no where, because they don’t even read them. Let’s take all this to Twitter & IG or watch their plots manifest.

  • Kingston 8 months ago

    What platform can we join the platform?

  • Let me just come in but pls u pple should not crucify me o!….

    When the new contract was drafted out for Rohr to sign and “quoto” For homebased players was inserted i thing apart from (DREY, OAKFIELD, APHYLLIDEGREAT and their likes were the ones crying against it)…. Almost everybody on this forum were exited?

    I think this is just the beginning of “SORROWs” for our dear SE……

    Lest we forget; they also inserted what is call “VETO”….
    So pls by the time they start using this one, nobody should complain biko….

    When we were crying against this 2 things, they were happy that the sport minister, ex, nff and co are doing the right thing now…. According to them, they have corrected their first mistake in the first contract Rohr signed.

    Pls let us take it as we see bikonu….

  • @Jason Burroni….

    In this case u don’t trust Rohr at all…. He signed the contract already so no need of saying i trust Rohr…. He must implement what he accepted…. They contract was a bait for Rohr to reject the contract but the wise white man showed them bravery by accepting their self-distructive agender thinking they are doing a foreigner any harm…..
    Rohr is a foreigner, he can go any day but they are the indigens that would suffer the shame….

    The regressive pple were happy that the contract has “qouto & veto” but little did they know the intention of those men….

    We saw it from afar and warned them but they were busy insulting us and calling us names like “Rohr assleakers” et all…..

    Atleast everybody would suffer it now…..

    Now let me ask this question….
    Does ENGLISH FA “vet” southgate’s list of players???

    • Jason Burroni 8 months ago

      Actually I do, I trust that he that he will navigate his way out of this latest gimmick.

      The old man has always been smarter than them (Cool, quiet demeanor but smart).
      He does what is required of him (meets targets), play their games and still beats them at it.

      I mean how else has he lasted this long. It can’t be coincidence that only one other coach has lasted as long albeit through high ranking friends that ensured he remained long enough to gift us our most celebrated team & era till date.
      Look at the lot of other coaches who found it hard to adapt including Keshi who won us our 3rd afcon trophy.

      So to answer you Mr UBFE sir, I do trust Rohr because he has proven over the years to be their match. We can even say he is now street smart or in Nigerian parlance, ‘him eye don tear’.

      So whether they like it or not Rohr is leading us into our next best era.

  • They brought in qouto and veto for th coach to use under must….

    But when it back fires and the team falters evrybody wash off their hands and put every blame on the coach to the point of coming out openly to question his competent….

    When they use all sort of intimidation on the man to invite and use their “boys” nobody hears…. But when the outcome becomes sour the whole world sees Rohr as incompetent coach…..
    A man that finished as runners up in a UEFA competition which none, i repeat none of them has ever reached such stage or even won CAF CL & CAF CC as a coach….

    My hapiness is that “what u measure for a fellow man like u would be measured back to u plus jara…. Even if u skip it ur generation cannever escape it”……

    Go on and wicked a foreigner…..

  • Sam k 8 months ago

    I thought before,that Sunday dare was an intelligent man…now I know bettet

  • pompei 8 months ago

    Unu dey mind dem enemies of progress? Under Rohr’s meritocracy and transparency, HUNGER DON NEARLY SHIFT DIA WAIST GO ONE SIDE!
    Dem don activate desperado mode. Man must wack, anyhow. No shame, no decency!

  • We can now see that these people are the reason why SE performance has been below par for some times now. Imagine a minister telling a coach who has all his professional badges Completed the kind of players to be invited and they said they want to make Nigeria football more efficient..  Asking for 4 home base players from a leaque that is not functioning, active and well organised. It shows that Rohr has been spoiling their market and that is the reason why u see people like Odegbami and his like a taking this man. They thought they ‘re doing Rohr in their eyes. I used to say it that this Dare is the worst sports minister we have ever had his oversabi is too much. Abeg waiting concern sports minister with team and players selection if not for corruptions. 

  • I can see FIFA looking critically at us…. They are just muted for the mean time…. Waiting for Rohr to be fired by the sport minister and boom, the unimaginery sanction from fifa….. The next thing u hear is “NIGERIA HAS BEEN GIVEN 3 YEARS BAN BY FIFA”….

    Our eyes now opens and we see it clearly how we use our own hand to destroy what we spent 4 good years building….