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How Do You Solve A Rubik’s Cube Step by Step?

How Do You Solve A Rubik’s Cube Step by Step?

If you have previous experience in solving Rubik’s Cube, it will not take a lot of time to solve the puzzle. But what if you do not practice to level up your skill? Or, those who are brand new in accomplishing a cube will find difficulties. Worry less because everything in this universe has a solution. Yes, you have heard the right thing.

You are very close to learning the step by step process on solving a Rubik’s cube. After learning all the steps, you can start solving Rubik’s Cubes like 2×2 cubes, 3×3 cubes, 4×4 cubes and much more. This article on solving the puzzle will lead you to the ultimate solution of rubik’s cube.

So, I think that this tutorial will be beneficial for both an experienced solver as well as a fresher one. So, without making the intro bigger, let’s jump into the exact steps to solve a rubik’s cube.

Before you start to solve a rubik’s cube like a pro, you should know the basics of the puzzle. You need to know some vital terminology and letters and their meaning first. When you are done with the primary learning, it will be your turn to dig deeper.

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The basic understanding of a cube

If you observe, you will find six faces of a rubik’s cube. Its center follows every face. Make sure that the centres do not move. There are some colors combinations. White colors should be opposite to the yellow. Similarly, blue is opposite to green and orange is to red.

While you are starting to solve the cube, you should not the stickers. Instead, you have to move the pieces to match the puzzle.

Make sure you understand the cube notation

Understanding the cube notation is way more important than anything in solving a rubik’s cube. You will find each face with a letter that indicates. There are apostrophe and numeric to make you clear about their rotation and movement.

Keep it in your mind that R stands for Right face, L stands for Left face, U for top face, D for Downward face, F for Front face and B for back face.

When the algorithm says to use only the letters including R, F, L, D, U etc., it means you have to rotate the piece face 90 degrees clockwise. On the other hand, letters with an apostrophe mean to turn the face 90 degree but counterclockwise.

Letters with numeric such as R2, L2, and F2 etc. instruct you to turn the face 180 degrees.

Now, you are almost okay to start solving the puzzling because you have already known everything about the basics as well as the algorithms.

So, what to do next?

Simple! Accomplish a rubik’s cube like a pro.

Here I am going to share nearly eight steps concisely but effectively so that you can end up learning and accomplishing a rubik’s cube by your own.

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Step One: Yellow piece in the center

The first step should be pretty straight forward and simple. Yes, this step is simple and easy for a solver. All you need to do here is to position the yellow piece at the center. When you are done with making the yellow cross, your first step is finished.

Don’t worry about the color of the pieces around the yellow piece. This yellow center piece will be your reference piece.

Step Two: Time for the white cross

In this step, the bottom face of the cube should be white pieces. To do so, you need to match other color pieces to the center color. You may have to turn the face twice to match the center. If you are not finished, accomplish the process three more times.

The face with white pieces should be fixed at the bottom of the cube for the entire process. If there is another color except for white, make sure you have messed up something.

Step Three: Solving the first layer

Now it’s time to apply the algorithms. To solve the first layer, you need to use ‘trigger moves’ like the right trigger (RUR’) and the left trigger (L’U’L).

The white piece should be at the corner in this step. You have to rotate the layer so that they match the center color piece diagonally.

Step Four: Solving the middle layer

Like step three, you have to turn the layer until you match the center color with the corner pieces. By doing this, you will find that the upward-facing sticker is on the edge piece. And, eventually, that piece of sticker will match with the center piece either with the left or the right.

If you can remind that I have already told you two important trigger- left and right, use these trigger to match the cube.

Step Five: Solving the yellow cross

Here the following algorithm will help you create the yellow cross.

It should look like this:

F U R U’ R’ F’

Don’t you find yellow edge pieces? Don’t worry. Apply the algorithm (F U R U’ R’ F’) to make the yellow cross. If you see a line of yellow edge pieces, rotate it and perform the algorithm (F U R U’ R’ F’). You may also see a backward L shape yellow pieces. In this case, you have to rotate the upper face of the cube and perform the algorithm that is F U R U’ R’ F’.

Step Six: Yellow face solution

The top face of the cube now needs to be fixed up. If you see the top face is all about yellow, you are finished. To solve the yellow face, you have to apply the below algorithm here.

R U R’ U R U2 R’

In this section, you need to apply one more algorithm to complete the step. This algorithm should look like this: R U R’ U R U2 R’

But you may also end up just one corner with yellow on the top. If so, you should consider that there is something wrong. To fix the problem, perform another algorithm. It is as follows:

R U R’ U R U2 R’

Step Seven: Corners of the cube should be positioned

Here you need to bring a new algorithm into the play to perform the solution.

L’ U R U’ L U R’ R U R’ U R U2 R’

This is the step of undoing the seventh. To place all the four corners, you have to use the new algorithm. If you see that a switch of two corners is needed, apply the algorithm once.

Step Eight (Last Step): Positioning edges

Cycling the position of the cube’s edge pieces, you can achieve your goal. Here you need to apply two essential algorithms and never make any mistake. If you make any mistake, everything will be messed up!

Algorithms should look like: F2 U R’ L F2 L’ R U F2 (clockwise), F2 U’ R’ L F2 L’ R U’ F2 (counter-clockwise)

Now, it is time to see the result of your accomplishing the rubik’s cube.

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