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2023 WWC: How Excellent Super Falcons Rated In Win Against Canada

2023 WWC: How Excellent Super Falcons Rated In Win Against Canada

Completesports.com’s ADEBOYE AMOSU rates the performance of Super Falcons players in the thrilling win at the Lang Park, Brisbane


Brilliant as ever. The goalkeeper kept the Super Falcons in the mix early in the game.


A near flawless performance from the right back. Kept things easy throughout the game.


The 31-year-old scored her side’s second goal. A superb showing at the back.


The young defender proved a worthy partner for Osinachi Ohale for the second consecutive game.


Another elegant performance from the versatile defender. She was replaced by Gloria Ogbonna 13 minutes from time.


Picked up an injury in the second half. A good shift from the defensive midfielder.


The Benfica midfielder put up a solid display in the game.


Showed her versatility once again. She is no doubt a blessing to the team.


The winger played a big role in the Super Falcons victory. Provided the assist for the first goal and also had a hand in the second.


The forward scored the first goal for the Super Falcons. She was replaced by Asisat Oshoala early in the second half.


She was isolated upfront and didn’t affect the game much.



Took the place of Ifeoma Onumonu in the 63rd minute but didn’t do much in the game.


“Agba Baller” made a tremendous impact coming off the bench. The Barcelona Femeni star scored the decisive third goal.


She replaced the injured Halimat Ayinde and contributed positively to the win.


Helped ward off the threat of the Australians after replacing Ashleigh Plumptre.

Not Rated

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  • How can you score Ayinde 7/10 and Plumtre 8/10, when it should be vice versa? Plumptre almost cost us as the Aussies kept penetrating from the right flank through her, while Ayinde was always coming to save her blushes.

    Oshoal and Ajibade should also have 9s. Oshola forced the penalty that lead to the second goal just 2 minutes after coming in, before capping it with a signature strike about 10 minutes later. Her experience shone through and the opponents were obviously wary of her and made forced errors, both for the corner kick that led to the second goal and the poor attempted back header that Oshoala capitalized on to score.

    The ref had to come to the rescue of the Australians, making sure any one-on-one duel wein is a call against us. FIFA and the ref really tried for the Australians to rescue a point, even dashing them 12 minutes extra time. Nah Canada go hear am becos FIFA no go wan make Australia no scale first round.

    • Kingsley emenyi 11 months ago

      The girls really shows the world that they are the African best,they played classic and mature football to the administration of all,more success girls ! Keep it up!!kudos .

    • Marvelous Sunday 11 months ago

      She was our best player in first half, our real savior in defense.

    • Nweke Uchenna 11 months ago

      Ayinde deserve woman of the match to me. His recovery runs is freightening. 9/10

  • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

    CSN are you people trying to be BIASED? Why give my PLUM PLUM (PLUMTRE) 8/10 instead of 10/10???

    If not for HER we would have been getting set to FLY the AVAILABLE PLANE HOME!

  • The Super Falcons put up a masterful display today to zoom to the summit of their group with 4 points following a fan-pleasing 3:2 comeback win against hosts Australia today.

    Below is my rather brief compilation of Player ratings:

    1. Chiamaka Nnadozie (6/10): She pulled off routine and some tricky saves. Looking very assured, Nnadozie continues to exude confidence. But her precarious long ball led to a goal while she was in no-woman’s land for the corner kick for Australia’s second goal.

    2. Ashleigh Plumptre (6/10): The fact she was beaten in a number of 1 on 1 situations does not diminish the overall quality she brought to bear on and off the ball. Plumptre always sought to support the team’s transition to attack.

    3. Tosin Demehin (5.5/10): Despite a jittery start, Demehin grew in confidence as the game wore on. She contributed her fair share of defensive duties in keeping Australia at bay as her partnership with Ohale continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

    4.Osinachi Ohale (7/10): Her presence in the early stages helped to calm the nerves of Demehin. She took a whack for her goal that was taken with a centre forward’s tenacity. A true leader, Ohale can be proud of her overall contributions today at either side of the pitch.

    5. Michelle Alozie (6.5/10): Despite initial anxieties going into the tournament, Alozie has grown into a solid fullback with today’s display underscoring this. Okay, Australia’s first goal passed through her territory, Alozie posted a solid defensive display in this game. The Australians struggled to breach her area while she supported the attack at times, even having a long range shot sail wide.

    6. Christie Ucheibe (8/10): This lady has to make the tournament’s team of the group stages. Her dispensation of her centre defensive duties is top notch. Her availability to support the centre defence is otherworldly. The grouds she covers are remarkable. Blocking, shielding, intercepting and booting away dangerous balls encapsulated Ucheibe’s output today.

    7. Halimat Ayinde (7/10): I lost count of the number of times Ayinde tracked back to bail out Plumptre and other defenders. She kept it simply and effective in winning back position and sending the ball on its way. This lady has bags of pace and, on the evidence of this performances, I struggle to see how Abiodun would yank the starting 11 slot from Ayinde.

    8. Rasheedat Ajibade (8.5/10): what a performance. She was the proverbial thorn in the flesh of the Australians with marauding penetrative runs, multiple delicious crosses and pullbacks, long range shots and eloquence in ball control. One official assist and a second unofficial assists today shows why Ajibade was one of the standout performers today.

    9. Toni Payne (7.5/10): Her suitability for the centre attacking midfield role is now undeniable. Payne dominated her area with delicate ball control and fluidity that was instrumental in Nigeria’s attacking initiatives. Once in flight, it was tricky to try to stop her without risking a freekick in a dangerous area. A delicious through pass almost found Onumonu in the first half before a superb long ball caused chaos before Oshoala pounced and scored.

    10. Ifeoma Onumonu (5.5/10): She made herself available for a number of passes into dangerous areas. She helped Nigeria press from the front and even helped retrieve possession at times. On the wings she helped the team maintain its shape. All in all, she wasn’t as influential in this game as perhaps against Canada.

    11. Uchenna Kanu (6/10): She was well caged in the left wing but found a new lease of life on the right where she pounced on a lose ball to poke home at close range. I had expected Kanu to impose herself on this game but she made few mistakes earlier on with her passes, ball control and decision making. She redeemed herself with the well taken strike and did pose sporadic problems to Australia before being subbed.

    12. Glory Ogbonna (5/10): She seemed slightly erratic in the execution of her defensive duties. She was chopping at the bit to get stuck in which robbed her game of finesse. But her professionalism wasn’t in doubt.

    13. Onome Ebi (5/10): Her presence failed to help the team prevent Australia’s second goal. She added body to the defence and support the team in preventing a seemingly possible Australian comeback.

    14. Asisat Oshoala (7.5/10): She tracked back to help the midfield on occasions where defending was priority. Her decision making was suspect as there were times when laying a pass would having been better than chasing a lost cause. Her Patented run, bully tactics and keen eye for goal gave Nigeria an unassailable lead.

    15. Jennifer Echegini (6/10): She slotted into midfield seemlessly but didn’t seem to enjoy the defensive aspect. But she got stuck in and put her body on the line when the situation called for it.

    16. Esther Okoronkwo (5/10): She tried to find her feet severally as she helped the team see out the game with an admirable display. She was competent enough on the ball and she really helped the team maintain its shape.

    Randy Waldrum (8/10): His 4-1-4-1 in game formation when the team is not in possession is working wonders. Orchestrating the change of position between Kanu and Ajibade led to the opening goal. Introduction of Oshoala led to the final goal. Instructions given to Ayinde and Ucheibe to support the defence is tactical Gold. Organisation is the game, Randy Waldrum is the name.

    ** Apologies for grammatical errors, I have no money to pay for an Editor **

    • Please Complete Sports should copy these more realistic/indepth ratings and analyses and paste to replace the cut and join in the news above. As far as CSN’s in-house analyst is concerned, when Nigeria wins, everyone gets 8 or 9 over 10. When we lose everyone gets 2 or 3 over 10.

    • Bros, you dey stingy with your grading hahahahahaha…. Well, weldone for your analysis on this platform. I really do enjoy them as they are spot on. But I think Ohale should have scored higher. I think she was one of the best on the field of play, and she capped it off with a goal. She was, also, named the woman of the match.

    • Deo, thank you for this accurate rating. I 3njoyed your work.

    • Rotimi 11 months ago

      This article must covered the match against Australia and not canada

  • Deo’s analysis is topnotch. God bless you for this detailed and incisive analysis. Always enjoy your knowledge of the game, even if unable to watch the game, I can always bank on your analysis.

    • Ah! Noooooo, I will not want coach waldrum to resign after the world cup oooh, that means we are going back to square one. His contract should be extended by five years, who knows, we may win the next world cup

      • And who told you we can’t win this present world up? Australia is one of the fav. And we just beat them, with zeal, rigor and determination this ladies can spring more surprise, but we need take it each game at a time.

  • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

    Ive just seen the replay of the game….my gosh why is everyone not tatooing Chiamaka’s name on their skins at the moment.

    Dont get me wrong, everyone was massive. From Ohale who sacrificed her womb and a few unborn children to bundle in the second goal, to Toni Payne whose drive and carriage of the ball from our half to the final third, to Rasheedat and Assisat…..Everyone was massive.

    but is it just me, or did Nnadozie just pulled 4 massive saves after our 3rd goal to help us secure this win…..???

    And finally, again I will say this, I have NEVER rated this man called Waldrum…..but the tactical discipline and organization he has brought to this falcons team in this world cup is what we have been lacking since 1991 when we started playing at the world cup….something Denerby tried to do in 2019 but really didnt suceed with.

    The team hardly losses its shape and somehow manages to keep its concentration for a large part of the game. The players, especially the starters always seem to be very very alert and aware of their positions and tactical responsibilities. Everyone on that pitch had a job then were doing on or off the ball.

    Its indeed been 2 tactical masterclasses from Mr Waldrum so far.

    So Aunty Ngozi Okobi-Okeoghene…..how far…you were too emotional to run your mouth against your coach. You may have just ran you national team career to a glorious end if NFF surprisingly are not petty enough to sack Waldrum for exposing them to the whole world.

    And Mr loudmouth NFF spokesman Ademola Olajire, “waldrum is making excuses for failure” just becuase he asked for monies given by FIFA for preparation to be spent on preparations.

    If this guy should deliver a win vs Ireland and get us into R16, which i am seriously praying for now, for the sake of the hardworking girls…..like Gernot Rohr, he might just become too difficult to sack which would lead to NFF regretting why they didnt sack him earlier in order to “avert disaster”

    Should NFF humble themselves and renew this man’s contract if he makes the R16…? Capital YES.

    Should Walrum accept a new contract from this NFF even if he leads the SF to the final of the WC….? Capital NO.

    Its best to leave when the ovation is loudest. This NFF has proven to be a very vindictive bunch of wolves and will stop at nothing to sabotage him whenever the feel his profile is growing bigger than theirs.

    • I certainly agree with you that Waldrum has done very well. You build your team to play according to their strength and according to the formation of the opponent. Frankly speaking our coach has proven that he is good.
      Ngozi Okobi was just being emmotional in her reaction from being dropped from the team. The coach knows indepth the kind of players he has, and it looks like Okobi does not fit in. I don’t think she would have been a starter anyway probably a bench warmer. I don’t think she would have been able to take the place of Tony Payne (she has been massive for this team) or the younger Echegine.
      For Olajire, Communication Director of the NFF, well, I think he should just humble himself and publicly appologise for publicly undermining the quality of Coach Waldrum. It’s very clear that there is much we need to know about the dirty antics in the NFF.
      Lastly, I agree with you that Waldrum should quietly resign, no matter how far our girls go in this world cup, but should first collect all his money before he is rubbished by the NFF people who will be on a vendetta against him.

    • Papafem 11 months ago

      Dr Drey, you seem to leave out the silent contribution of Dr Eguaje, the guy always before the computer, right beside Randy Waldrum. As the match analyst, I noticed Waldrum has his ears and could be a key figure in those Tactical ingenuity of the technical crew. I’m yet to see the full detail of his brief in that team, but he’s always got something to show Waldrum anytime a game is on. We might need him too in the SEs if Peseiro will be humble enough to take him in. A French-Tunisian guy also served in a similar role for Genot Rohr.

  • pompei 11 months ago


    Talking about ratings, after seeing this clip, there is no doubt who the best dancer in the SF is!
    Congrats to the entire team!

  • Ah! Noooooo, I will not want coach waldrum to resign after the world cup oooh, that means we are going back to square one. His contract should be extended by five years, who knows, we may win the next world cup

  • The day we played with 9 girls against The Moroccan Ladies at their backyard, The CAF, The referee with the assistants (VAR officials inclusive), The Arabian crowd with their lasers and their home advantage problems and most especially, against NFF and their cohorts was the day Waldrum started getting my support and respect. Knowing fully well that playing against Australia a better team in their backyard will be same as we played with 9-men against Morocco , A battle we’ve fought before and nearly won with the same coach on the bench gave me that confidence heading to the match and they didn’t disappoint me.
    I prayed NFF and some inpatient Fans learn from this.

    Na operation #paythegirls … we dey now.

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

    Abi o! Operation pay the SuperFalcons na hin we Dey now. I’ve been buzzing all day. One thing I noticed is that this is the most disciplined set of SuperFalcons in history. I know it’s still early like someone said we shouldn’t be complacent. Ọmọ I will be complacent with this win to high heavens. 

    The discipline and the tactical astute approach to the last two games were impeccable. Another thing is that there were no individual player looking for glory. I saw a Nigerian team for the first time in a long time play as a team. The last time I saw something close to this was Keshi’s team in 2013 AFCON. 

    VAMOS ARRIBBA SUPERFALCONS!!!! Let’s top the group as it is there for the taking. 

  • Thank you Deo. Thank you Dr. Drey. Great comments and analysis. The coach should not stay. Nff is a rotten association. A good picture of the general Nigerian community

  • for dos condemning okobi i really feel bad abt it,, one even said okobi had no place in d team,, we dont nid dis as a fan,, okobi was superb at d last afcon infact our last wwc she had a goal and a great perfomance..

    esther okoronkwo ax neva for once impress me but shes in all games witout not much impact …

    im happy wit our performance and i so much wish we ll top d table to avoid tough r16 opponent,.

    the female team are so committed to d national teams unlike d male team..

    i love u ladies

  • Rotimi 11 months ago

    This article must covered the match against Australia and not canada

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