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How Online Betting Is Shaping Pro Sports, And Vice Versa

How Online Betting Is Shaping Pro Sports, And Vice Versa

Online gambling and sports betting have taken off by leaps and bounds over the years. Technology, awareness, and the growth of revenue as a whole are creating plenty of new opportunities in this field.

When you’re considering your options, it’s important that you first get to know what kind of trends are shaping the industry right now. Here’s what you should know about the 2.0 rendition of gambling and sports betting.

Casinos Are Ramping Up Their Gambling Options

The first thing you should know about the online gambling landscape today is that casinos are growing their offerings to include more customers than ever. The Paddy Power online casino has several traditional offerings, such as craps, poker, and baccarat. The site also offers a sportsbook that lets people place wagers on their favorite sports – such as soccer, boxing, NFL, and more.

These sorts of offerings are becoming more commonplace. People are placing wagers on their smartphones, and playing interactive games both for fun and for real money, with live dealers and instant chats.

Sports Leagues Have Embraced Gambling

Some of the biggest sports leagues in the world that are televised every week feature betting information that people can study to place their wagers. It’s partially responsible for the growth of sports media as a whole, as TV time slots, online segments, and other portions of sports programming are beginning to post and discuss betting odds.

The XFL particularly is using the growing world of sports betting to its advantage to boost the product. They have sports betting experts on staff serving as on-air anchors to clue fans in on the matchups. It’s been particularly helpful for the league since they have fewer established stars than the NFL and college football, so this is helping to bring in and educate new fans.

Fight sports leagues like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Professional Fighters League (PFL) also heavily incorporate sports betting into their product. The PFL mixes data from the league’s “smart cage” to learn more metrics about the fighters, which can also help with betting odds and wagers.

Betting is a reality for all sports today, and even sports entertainment leagues like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) are looking to get in on the action. They recently filed paperwork with gaming commissions to allow fans to place bets on their matches. The writing is on the wall, and it’s clear that sports betting fans will have more room to participate in the near future.

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The Sports World Has Embraced Las Vegas

Finally, the pro sports world has embraced Las Vegas, the epicenter of sports betting. This is a clear indication that leagues want a presence in the city where the industry thrives so that they can further participate in it. For example, the NFL’s former Oakland and Los Angeles Raiders are now the Las Vegas Raiders. Also, NBC Sports reports that the franchise owners spent nearly $2 billion to usher in the new era with one of the NFL’s most expensive stadiums.

The NBA is also exploring options to place a team in Las Vegas. There’s been talk that rather than bringing back the Seattle Supersonics, they would place an expansion franchise in Vegas. This would be a fitting evolution, as the league already plays its summer league in the city, in addition to other league activities. Expect to see a new sports franchise or two in Las Vegas within the next decade or so. Since Polaris Market Research reports that the global sports betting industry is growing by 11.7%, it makes sense that the major leagues would want to take part.

All of these points add up to evidence that sports betting and online casinos as a whole are alive and well. Stay tuned to the industry so that you know where business is headed.

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