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How To Bet On Soccer Matches: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Bet On Soccer Matches: A Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, we look at how to bet on soccer to give you all the useful knowledge that will allow you to place the best bets and increase your winning percentages.

Beginner tips, mistakes to avoid

First of all, it is essential to talk about money. People bet to try to win money, but this should never cross the boundaries of healthy fun. Betting is not a shortcut to making easy money; sums of money should not be put on the line that puts our personal and financial peace of mind at risk. It will therefore be a case of figuring out how much we can afford to invest in this hobby. There is no set amount because everyone has different standards of living, needs, and sensibilities.

Taking the first steps

The first winning move is simple: study. To be successful you need to know teams, players’ psychophysical situations, soccer stats trends, disqualified, injured and all the information you can gather. Soccer, unlike other sports, is more unpredictable. But that does not mean that a statistical base, which can be found on any legitimate soccer portal, cannot come in handy. It is only after we have a good amount of data in hand that we can begin to evaluate the types of bets offered on a match and look for the most suitable one.

Administering the budget

In any self-respecting guide that knows how to give valuable help in understanding how to bet on soccer, a paragraph dedicated to budget management cannot be missing. To achieve long-term results, one of the biggest secrets is to manage your budget carefully and wisely. What you should never do is gamble the entire sum at once. To keep your investment safe, start by betting 5 percent of the amount you have. It will increase or decrease depending on your capital and will always be proportionate to your assets. In this way, you will be able to play more often and practice slowly.

Soccer betting: the mistakes not to make

In this paragraph, we explain what you should avoid doing. We stress again that making crazy bets will lead to a sure loss of money in the long run. Below are 2 of the most common mistakes that betting novices run into.

  1. Betting on cup competitions as if they were league competitions

Betting on cup competitions can sometimes be risky if you don’t prepare for it properly. For both domestic and less important international tournaments, big clubs often do not field their best eleven, especially in the early stages. Assuming that the strongest team will be the winning team just based on name and blazon is a very common mistake among the inexperienced ones. Inquiring about which lineup will take the field, the condition of the players, and the motivations of the teams are more necessary than ever.

  1. Betting too far in advance

“Time is money” is a well-known saying and certainly valid in many areas of life. When betting on soccer, the opposite applies. Placing a bet too far in advance is a very serious mistake. If you get caught up in the urge to bet on a match that will be played in a few days, what you need to do is to mark it down and inform yourself about it. It’s a good idea to close the bet only a few moments before kickoff, because the injury of a key player, even during the warm-up, could compromise the outcome of your bet.

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How soccer betting works

You are the one who creates your bet, the way you want it. The simplest solution, as well as by far the one most practiced by those who approach betting more seriously and professionally, is the single bet, in which you predict which team will win the match, or whether the match will end in a draw. But let’s look at two other different examples:

Double Chance

The Double Chance bet is another popular mode where you bet on two different outcomes in a single match. This allows you to bet on a draw and a win at the same time. It is the perfect bet for players who prefer to play with little margin of risk. The payoff is lower than other types of bets, but the odds of winning are considerably higher.

Exact result

Predictions on exact results are among the most entertaining and popular bets. Generally, the sportsbook quotes the results of a match from 0-0 up to 4-4. In most cases, the odds for these types of bets are higher, and making a winning prediction could guarantee you a larger sum.

Soccer matches can also be followed online on sites such as Hesgoals or Rojadirecta, so you can follow the progress of your bets live. Now it’s time to bet!

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