How To Find The Best Betting Tips In Africa?

How To Find The Best Betting Tips In Africa?

The popularity of sports betting is on the rise on a global level and that’s the same case with Africa. In particular, according to AfricaCasinoHub.com, the Africans are mostly into football betting because football is the no. 1 sport on the continent. There are three types of bettors, and this is generally speaking, not only in Africa.

  • Bettors who bet for the love of the game
  • Middle-class bettors who bet for entertainment
  • Youth and unemployed who bet to get income

Nowadays, with the development of the internet and the growing betting industry, people in Africa have more opportunities to find a suitable online betting sites and register. Of course, some people are not very familiar with sports teams and betting and yet, they like to spend some money just for fun.

Frequently, they need some opinions from experts and that’s why they are looking for the best betting tips in Africa. In the sea of tipsters and websites which offer various betting tips, it’s not always easy to find relevant and credible ones. For those who are new to betting, we need to explain the types of bets first.

Single bets

In case you are inexperienced when it comes to betting, a single bet is the best way to get things going. It’s simple; all you need to do is to select one game and make your bet. These types of bets come with lower risk compared to the next two we will discuss.

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Accumulator (parlay) bets

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in singles, you can put less money on several different tips and create an accumulator bet (parlay or ticket). Let’s say you picked four games for your acca bet – you must win all four in order to get paid. Of course, it’s riskier than betting on singles, but it’s more rewarding as every game’s odds multiply. Also, you will not lose a lot of money if the bet is a losing one.

System bets

This is not very popular among beginners or mid-experienced bettors, but those who are into betting for years prefer system bets. It’s because this is the riskiest of all three options. In short, it is a collection of single bets attached to a single-system bet.

Now, let’s give you some info on how to find the best betting tips in Africa. There are several crucial factors you should consider when finding the best betting tips in Africa such as analysis of stats, team form, a strong knowledge of teams (leagues) the tipsters are betting on, and last but not least – the odds.

You cannot rely on your luck when placing a bet. Every good tipster needs to consult numbers (stats) before games. Look for the tipster who often justifies his tips with the recent form of teams, goals scored and conceded, position in the table, and so on. Also, the ones who have an insight into players’ injuries and suspensions are always credible. Remember that the smallest details can be vital in winning your bet, so seek the tipsters who like to explain their tips with many stats, facts, and team news. Going through this will reduce your chances of losing a bet.


Check out some well-known tipster-related sites and look for the tipsters who have a strong winning percentage and years of experience when you search for the best betting tips in Africa. On the other hand, some tipsters only offer superficial information and our advice is to avoid such tipsters.


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