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‘I’m Open’ — Adepoju Keen To Manage Super Eagles

‘I’m Open’ — Adepoju Keen To Manage Super Eagles

Former Super Eagles midfielder Mutiu Adepoju has said he would be willing to coach the team, reports Completesports.com.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is currently looking for a new coach to tinker the Super Eagles following Finidi George’s resignation few weeks ago.

The NFF has however narrowed down the choice to an expatriate.

Adepoju is one of the few Nigerians, who holds a UEFA Pro coaching licence.

The former Real Sociedad player stated that he has what it takes to manage the Super Eagles.

“We had several players in the Castilla team who are brilliant coaches today, and we didn’t see it at the time. I have a UEFA Pro license myself, so if there’s an opportunity, I wouldn’t mind,” he told the Managing Madrid Podcast.

“I’m open. I once coached Shooting Stars in Nigeria, but I haven’t coached since then.”

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  • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

    May God deliver us from evil.

    The last time “the Headmaster” coached a team was close to or over a decade ago, when (as he rightly said) he coached 3SC of Ibadan….and he didn’t even last half a season if my memory serves me right.

    After close to a decade handling admin and marketing roles, he also want to join his 94 cult to intern with our national team job.

    God why…..?! If we have sinned Lord have mercy..!

  • Festus 4 weeks ago

    May God deliver us from evil.

    The last time “the Headmaster” coached a team was close to or over a decade ago, when (as he rightly said) he coached 3SC of Ibadan….and he didn’t even last half a season if my memory serves me right.

    After close to a decade handling admin and marketing roles, he also want to join his 94 cult to intern with our national team job.

    God why…..?! If we have sinned Lord have mercy..!

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        • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

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          • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

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    • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

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  • KING TUOYO 4 weeks ago

    What is the set of 94 Super Eagles smoking? When we are yet to come out of the debacle Finidi and George put us in, this Headmaster is boldly coming out to show interest in coaching the senior national team.

    I don’t even know where this guys get their jujus from. A Coach whose last job was more than a decade with a Nigerian League side should be starting with the U-20s and the Super Eagles. Haba, wetin sef. Do these guys feel entitled to the Eagles job? Must they start with the team?

    Abeg, whoever knows Adepoju should warn and advise to stay clear of Super Eagles for the next 100 years. We have cried enough with regular below and substandard performance from our indigenous Coaches. Togo, Benin, Chad, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Eritrea are all available for our ex-internationals to go and learn.

    I come in peace.

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      I can bet the likes of Togo, Benin, Chad, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Eritrea would make that mistake of hiring a coach whose cognate coaching experience 20 years after retiring from football is just a total of 6 MONTHS…be he black or white.

      I have no personal problems with these 94 squad dudes….fantastic players they were. But what they have become as they grew older is awe-striking.

  • I would have suggested him to be in charge of under20 or Olympic team but we don’t want another disaster again.
    Let him be in charge of wafu team and see what he is able to do

  • ‘Togo, Benin, Chad, Ethiopia, Mozambique, ………’, I doubt if these aforementioned countries are even available for this entitled class. They are so over themselves like spoilt kids.
    My simple advice to them. Stay away from the Super Eagles. Being a legendary player doesn’t make you a good coach. And having a coaching license doesn’t make you a shoo-in Manager.

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      It will be an insult to the likes of Gbenga Ogunbote, Kenedy Boboye, Stanley Eguma, Usman Abdallah, Abdul Maikaba, Fidelis Ilechukwu, Daniel Ogunmodede and other coaches who have ground consistently in the NPFL for years with results to show for it, if the NFF should hire any of these 94 squad guys again.

      Their attitude is becoming really really annoying these days.

    • Absolutely

  • But is Nigeria the only Country with Ex Footballers!!!!! Why is it in Nigeria where people think if you played ball you can coach?. and some people in this forum will still agree!.. I tire for this country, it is clear success means nothing in this country sentiments is all that matters. What a waste of potential Nigeria is !!!!!!!!

  • Diran 4 weeks ago

    sorry Mutiu. We do jnoit want the 94 class to run the Super Eagles anymore.

  • If there is an opportunity to manage the Super Eagles, I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity, stated 1998 World Cup star Mutiu Adepoju.

    For me, therein lies the problem.

    Indigenous coaches never seem to learn their lessons.

    They are always only to keen to hang their coaching hats where their tactical know-how can never reach in the short-term.

    Finidi and Eguavoen took on-board the mammoth challenge to produce short-term success to the Super Eagles only to fail spectacularly and have their reputations forever tarnished.

    So, why Adepoju – who is rusty coaching-wise – would put himself forward to coach the Super Eagles is mind boggling.

    The national team only needs capable and experience hands. Ideally the candidates could be drawn from local and international pool. But, for the immediate tasks on hand, i think only an expatriate can do the job effectively.

    If we have thrown the towel on 2026 world cup qualification, then perhaps I have no qualms giving a local coach the opportunity to manage a long term, project for the national team. Even at that, it will be a joke to consider an Adepoju who last coached in the age of the dinosaurs.

    With qualification for the next world cup still theoretically and mathematically possible, I don’t see any local coach qualified for such a challenge.

    Mutiu should please desist from making himself available for the Super Eagles job, otherwise people will stop taking him seriously.

    • @deo

      even if we chose to continue the shaking route of an indigenous coach, why do we have to pick from this entitled 94 class?

      why not go coaches from the local scene that has been consistent. Names like, Gbenga Ogunbote, Kenedy Boboye, Stanley Eguma, Usman Abdallah, Abdul Maikaba, Fidelis Ilechukwu, Daniel Ogunmodede @Dr Drey mentioned.

      What makes the 94 Class so special that they feel they are owed the Super Eagles job?
      We appreciate their service, but they should please stay away.

      I stand against any indigenuous coach, atleast for now. As always, I am fulling in for a top notch expatraite coach for the Eagles.

    • Sorry you are still dreaming that Super Eagle can qualify for 2026 WC. No, they cannot qualify, the cannot beat Lesotho Rwanda, SA Infront of their crown. Let’s keep experimenting with our Local coaches @ home or in diaspora. No foreign expatriate/foreign technical adviser can perform any magic. The Super Eagles are out of the already painful but that is the reality.

  • KangA 4 weeks ago

    We don’t want any local coach, especially this ’94 class. We want a top-class expatriate coach.

  • Chris 4 weeks ago

    Amunike may even be better than this Finidi and Mutiu, and he is not shouting his name. Any info about Amunike? I know he managed some national teams and clubs outside Nigeria but not sure how he performed

  • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

    My thinking is quite different to you people.

    You people are saying you don’t want a local coach, you don’t want a local coach. Siasia, Amunike, Keshi and Amodu, they were all local coaches and they did their best.

    After Westerhof and Jo Bonfere, we did not have a good foreign coaches.

    What was the achievements of Oga Rohr who stayed for 5 to 6 years with Super Eagles?

    What of Paseiro? Did he do differently?

    My country people, ILU TI O SOFIN, ĘSĘ O MASI NBĘ KĘ. Meaning, if there’s no law, there’s no crime. Simply put, NFF board is the main source of the problem of the Super Eagles and our sports in general.

    Not that they can’t hire the best local coach but they intentionally hired incompetent local coaches to send our own parking. And our own do not smart thinking enough, this is why Finidi accepted the job instead of Amunike but he failed woefully in the end. Who should we blame for this? NFF.

    NFF will never hire coaches like Herve Renard and Amunike because they don’t take nonsense from nobody.

    The chances of qualifying for the world cup is very slim. NFF will rather fail Nigeria than to hire a good coach.

    This is why Nigeria have no good roads, electricity, and other infrastructures.

    Until we put our ego and selfishness out of our daily routine. Nigeria as country can be a better place for you and I.

    So, the local coaches are not the problem but the NFF. Hmmm. What do I know? I have no power to remove the NFF board and you Nigerians preferred lies. At this point, I can only tell you people the truth.

    Instead of wasting time for no reason, NFF should get Siasia on board. They should give him free hand to select his players and NFF should organize top three friendly matches for Sia1. By doing this in September, I believe Super Eagles can beat any team. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Mr. Nice 4 weeks ago

      Siasia that has not coached for a long time due to the FIFA ban is who you’re advocating for to coach the super eagles, are you guys for real, do you people even reason before you open your stinking tribalistic mouth to talk for the sake of talking. Please if you have nothing sensible to contribute to this discuss kindly keep shut and stay far from this forum….. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • @Chima lol hahahaha the guy has no bounds lol, I knew this about him ages ago you will be surprised how many titles he has on thi forum just the other day he exposed himself as @Dr Banks, I was Laughing people did not Pick it up. Na Wa for that guy men!

    I mean to be having dialogue with yourself is that not tantamount to Madness!

  • Later them go say they were SET UP TO FAIL

    • Too true HJK. The NFF laid the foundations of failure, only for indigenous coach build on that foundation by accepting the appointment with tactical bricks that will collapse in the weight of the challenges on hand.

      So yes, I stand by my assertion that the NFF’s shambolic management of football in itself is recipe for failure.

  • Mr Adepoju and all other 94 sets shd go get there referring license now, Nigeria need quality referee to present to the world, abi is referring not part of soccer again? You all shd stay away from our SE at this point in time biko.

    • yabaoh 4 weeks ago

      looooolz oboy yuh funny o but watin yuh yan na true eh! loolz!
      refree is need yanfu yanfu nau – mek dem mek deyself useful an became refrees instead of cussing surutu and like okramen where they are not needed lolz

  • @Deo I hear you but the wet behind the ears ex footie dudes MUST stay away for good.

    Surely they aren’t solely to blame but many ex players feel entitled to coach a team they’ve previously played for because they believe their past success on the field gives them unique insight and authority. They often think that their knowledge of the game, combined with their personal experience with the team, means they’re more qualified than other potential coaches.

    Granted the foundations no fit for the purpose but why take the job ? E clear Na for the interest of their pockets . Abeg make them climb the hill if they are comfortable with the reality, or NO @deo ?

  • pompei 4 weeks ago

    See Mutiu that I praised the other day for being level headed and staying out of controversy.
    As soon as I praised him, he immediately put head inside big controversy.
    Na wa ooo.

  • Them go jump in and we go make excuses for them last last

  • osaretin 3 weeks ago

    Na by UEFA pro licence. Any one can get it, as long as you can read and right and afford the bills. if they are so good as they say let the NFF appoint a local coach for the local eagles. If they succeed in winning the CHAN. then they can lay claim to handle the super Eagles

  • Chukwuka Henry Morah 3 weeks ago

    You started again with siasia, did he not coach eagles and we failed to qualify for nations cup? Why do we forget easily? His only success is with the junior teams where age cheating is rampant. Besides the man will be coming back from a ban. There are also rumours that he takes bribes. Come on such a character should be nowhere near the team

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