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International Friendly: Iwobi Laments Super Eagles Defeat vs Algeria

International Friendly: Iwobi Laments Super Eagles Defeat vs Algeria

Alex Iwobi has expressed his dissatisfaction over the Super Eagles 1-0 defeat to Algeria in Friday’s international friendly in Austria, Completesports.com reports.

An early goal from Bensebaini Rami from a corner secured the win for the reigning African champions.

It is now 19-game unbeaten for Algeria and a third straight win for them over the Eagles.

Reacting to the defeat Iwobi who was in action for the Eagles before making way, however praised the effort of his teammates.

“Wasn’t The Result We Wanted But We Gave It Our Best …” Iwobi wrote on his verified Twitter handle.

The Eagles will take on Tunisia in a second friendly which comes up on Tuesday.

By James Agberebi 

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  • Michel 4 years ago

    Iwobi should be ashamed of himself 

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      Your father should be ashamed of himself. Hypocrisy you think a tree can make a forest when things doesn’t work out your kinds will come here and start spitting shit. Low thinkers littered all over the place!

      • That was his opinion, What has he said that generates to you calling out his father. abeg take am easy

    • For what?@Michel….are you sure you watched the ball?

    • GLORY 4 years ago

      When I say some people are evil, wishing some of our players to fail, some forumites won’t understand. Despite all the good play Iwobi played yesterday, someone would come here and say Iwobi should be ashamed of himself. These lots will continue to fail in their evil plot. GOD FOREVER BLESS ALEXANDER THE KING IWOBI,to the shame of all you satanic agents. He will continue trample on you lots.

    • All your comments so far has been senseless @Michael, you need some sense

    • Royal 4 years ago

      You are full. Where were you when he was fielded. Honestly you are the biggest fool. That game was meant to test some new legs in SE that’s the reason it was a friendly match.

  • Osaro osemwegie 4 years ago

    Iwobi poor finishing and casual play caused Nigeria the match.Iwobi should keep quiet.

  • some people usually come here to type rubbish with their leprosy fingers,they have to be ashamed of what if I may ask,

    • VIRGO 4 years ago

      Super eagles needs to work on the confidence in our team. Let us  not be too quick to shoot long ball out of fear of losing possession or confusion, specially in our defence. Please we need to encourage build up play from that position even the keeper must be involved.

      If you notice the trend in football lately build up play is very very important and even small football teams lately are getting  good performanes or results from it for example Atlanta and leipzig at the last champions League gave Account of themselves against big teams possessing the ball alot before making way to attack.

      This is so because buildup play allows players to play collectively as team while also having opportunity to calculate, position for loop hole to penetrate against the opponents as they proceeds play.

      Please Correct me if im wrong, I observed few people in our team with rare confidence level and mindset to buildup play in our defence especially ebuehi balogu n and iwobi. Others likewise must follow suit.

      Let us also forget about who played or who was supposed to featured or not yesterday we need to instill the mind set of build up play in our players, those ones Losing our possession by shooting the ball, it is 50/50 chance of gaining such possession back. 

      Also I noticed our marking was not good enough, we allowed the opponent to press us while they do not allowed us to breathe when we have the ball. If they oppress us let us equally frustrate their play too. Then start our build up play. 

  • Are the Super Eagles actually soaring under Rohr?

    The Super Eagles of Nigeria kicked off the 2020/21 season with Coach Gernot Rohr overseeing his 11th loss in 38 matches for the West African country following a rather deflating 1:0 loss to Algeria on October 9 which has left a section of fans asking questions about how good the team really is.

    The build up to the match had been very exciting with fans waiting to see what the players they had recently been showering endless praises will do against a formidable opposition. This was much an examination on Coach Rohr and to see whether he has learnt the lessons from his previous 10 Super Eagles defeats leading up to this encounter.

    From the way I see it, the German tactician provided more ammunition to those who for a long time have questioned his tactical acumen going into this match.

    Coach Rohr is liked by a large section of Super Eagles supporters who are only too happy to overlook his glaring shortcomings because of Nigeria’s meteoric rise in the FIFA rankings since he took over.

    And yes, certain things are undeniable in so far as how well Nigeria has fared under the German. For me, it’s all about the ‘D’ word which is “DIRECTION”. A lot of fans – rightly so in my view – see the Super Eagles going in the ‘Right Direction’ under the former Niger Republic coach and how the hell can you argue against that?

    Upward trajectory in FIFA rankings; assembling an exciting cohort of players; qualifying for tournaments with games to spare; injecting stability and discipline to the national team and providing a solid foundation for at least the next 10 years for Nigeria with the calibre of players at our disposal – it is hard to see why Rohr fans would not be vitriolic in their condemnation of anyone trying to tarnish what Rohr is doing for the newly so called rejuvenated Super Eagles of Nigeria.

    But is the 67 year old German beyond reprimand? I don’t think so!

    And watching the game last night, I saw quite a lot of areas that caused me concern about this Super Eagles side that cannot seem to “get the job done” when the chips are down. The same areas of concern I saw against Serbia, England, Czech Republic and Croatia almost 2 years ago were re-enacted right before my very eyes in 90 minutes against an Algerian side who proved to me that Nigeria seldom learns from her mistakes under Rohr.

    The tactics of the Algerians last night weren’t too dissimilar to the same ploy they employed against us just over 12 months ago: neutralise the wings by ganging up on wingers who would rather attempt take-ons than release the ball early; isolate Nigeria’s lone centre forward (who lacks mobility anyway); pile on pressure earlier on to force Nigeria to be complicit in the goal they concede; hone in on individual Nigerian players like a pack of wolves (or foxes) all across the pitch thereby rendering impotent any hope of Nigeria dictating the tempo long enough to bring about Algeria’s downfall; and (most annoying to me), stab Nigeria with the 1 dagger which seems to always strike straight their heart – set pieces (they won with a set piece in the Afcon and they won with another set piece here).

    All these were predictable but Nigeria has now blown away 6 points against Algeria within 18 months due to factors all too familiar!

    I saw a Super Eagles side yesterday that laboured to gain the respect of their opponents. The Algerian goalkeeper would hardly call this his most challenging match whilst their defenders could give themselves a pat on the back for effectively neutralising our tame attacking forays.

    Where the Super Eagles did string together decent passes leading to the Algerian delicate zones, the key passes to do the most damage in the final 3rd were often lacking. When the Super Eagles did settle into a rhythm, it was often at the part of the pitch where no horror could be brought to bear on the Algerians.

    It just seemed as if Coach Gernot Rohr had no answer to the tactical approach and defensive discipline of the Algerians. Whereas Nigeria could bounce back from going a goal down against the likes of Lesotho and Benin, Algeria were always going to be a tougher proposition.

    It then begs the question: did Rohr learn anything at all from conceding first against Benin and Lesotho? People say lightening should not strike twice but the same lightening has struck Gernot Rohr’s Super Eagles 3 times with the German seeming clueless as to how to respond.

    Nigeria lost yesterday’s match 1:0 against the Algerians but it wasn’t all that bad. They did contain the Desert Foxes for patches in the game whilst players like Sanusi, Iwobi, Okoye and Balogun gave fans something to cheer about.

    Next stop now is another friendly against Tunisia before crucial Afcon and World Cup qualifiers for the reminder of the 2020/21 season.

    We Super Eagles fans can rave about all the exciting indigenous and foreign-born players currently at our disposal. But until key lessons are learnt and these players can play as a cohesive, well-oiled, well drilled unit, they will always come short when faced with opposition with the sort of technical nous that Algeria displayed yesterday.

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago

      Nice write up@ Deo
      Balanced,insertive,more importantly; asking the right questions!

      Why it is agreeable some players didn’t live up to expectations, some didn’t take their chance to cement their place as part of the team (Onuachu and Onyeka) and yes,we missed key players; all that said; what about gaffer!
      I think as much as partial blame should go to some players, Gernot Rohr disappointed as well. He has become too predictable. His conservative method of holding the line and hit on the break could be effective against less tactical discipline side but against formidable technical sides like Algeria, it would always come short.
      Rohr’s play is total similar to Ole Gunner Solksjaer at Manchester United,a 4-2-3-1 formation, seeding possession to the opposition ,expecting to play on the break,mostly through the wings. Like I said, it could come in handy some times but in today’s football with better teams playing the press, high line ; it is definitely going to be hard to break these teams down. They would simply cease the midfield and render our wingers useless.
      Though I appreciate Rohr’s calm and patient tactics, he needs to try to be much more flexible with his formation. Some times in football, when the players aren’t up to the task,the coach tactical prowess always comes to bear.
      Looking forward,I expect to see less dependency on player’s ability and more of tactical and technicality from the coaching crew.
      For what is worth, it was a good match to learn from.

      • GLORY 4 years ago

        @ Hush welcome back. Nice to read you up once again. But I won’t put any blame on Rohr or weep over the team performance but celebrate the match helping everyone of us to aggregate areas to work on for which reason friendlies are played.
        Some of the key observations:
        1) Onuachu is not for this team just like Richard Owobukiri of that 1994 team
        2) Onyeka, Agu not on that level yet.
        3) Our wingers, very talented but should watch loads of Luis figo video to understand wing play better. Luis figo style of wing play helps both a teams midfield/attack to be more compact. Such wing play are almost impossible to mark down, Celestine Babayaro can attest to that.
        3) Anyone trying to blame Rohr must first ask; when last did SE play together and how many days training did Rohr have to bring the teams method to bear on the many first time invitees. For if Rohr had refused to use these new players, same fans will come here to spew rubbish. Also, what was the chemistry of that midfield combination playing together for the first time? wherein that is supposed to be the engine room of the team?.
        So I will say that match truly achieved its desired purpose in shutting down continuous call for certain players as well as see, what we can add to our wing play.
        I personally, seeing the line up wasn’t expecting anything better, honestly I am happy it didn’t turn out a disaster, because you dont throw out rookies against defending champions, some qualities made them champions, and you don’t just cast that in the bin. But satisfyingly it was a friendly,so qualms.

        • Mr Hush 4 years ago

          Much greetings @Glory.
          Always a pleasure.

          Though I share your sentiment on the fact that some of the players just flawed their chances of ever getting invited again; I have never been one for Onuachu. No matter how many goals he scores for his club sides, he is simply not a national team player. His style doesn’t suit Rohr’s Eagles which predominantly play from the break, quick counter attacking flowing football; Onuachu simply doesn’t have the hold up play and quick feet to play such game. I already knew this from what I saw of him at the last Afcon, I expected the gaffer to have seen same and not invited him. I was surprised he was called up(albeit a late call up) because I thought Rohr wouldn’t be hoodwinked by Onuachu ‘s season goals so far cause he already gave him so much opportunity at a bigger stage in the Afcon. What’s to give! We could have just played with Iheanacho,Dessers or Heck! Musa upfront as a false nine. That is the tactical tweaking I expect from the gaffer.

          Always down for Rohr and man management but as said,my worry about Rohr is his riggedness and his lack of flexibility. And that what I am bringing to the forefront.

          The Algerian coach already did their home work and studied our craft yet Rohr still played into his hands. A bit of flexibility could have proven otherwise or such.

          I am not one to nag over spilled milk or “what ifs” but I sincerely hope to see a bit of technical and tactical improvisation especially as it relates to playing against formidable and more tactical opponents. They are the ones we need to take care of to be counted.

          Any way we wait and see.
          Just glad to watch the Eagles. again. Even more so,to learn a thing or two .

          • Naija Man 4 years ago

            Forget about any tactics changes from Rohr. He has spent enough time with the team for us to know what he’s capable of doing. He is not likely to bring anything new to the table.

    • SUGAR DADDY 4 years ago


  • @Deo…

    For the first time i would support your write up,,,

    atleast u have outlined the mistakes SE made in that encounter….

    But i would never blame the coach in this game….

    The first 10-15 minute of the game saw algeria dorminating our boys not bcos of the coach tactics but some respect the players gave to the algerians….

    Etebo, ndidi are players with big heart; they don’t respect your person…
    They mark u bone-to-bone….
    Exactly what BALOGUN did.

    Algerians were all over our boys, until their first goal which they retrive back to wait for counter but by then our boys raised the tempo of the game to another level to the point that the algerian coach some times got frustrated when ever the camera faces him…

    We started slow and we evntually paid for it…

    So let our boys learn to start well, with power, strength, even if it warrant bullying just to intimidate the opponent (like ETEBO/NDIDI always do) they should go ahaead….

    I think the algerians used this approach and scored first…

  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    When ever  one mentioned the weakness of the coach he will be quickly tag a hater , regressive fellow and so on.

    Some of you refused to be Super Eagles supporters instead chooses to be Rohr fans, I refused to follow that thread.

    Players like kalu and chukwueze are feeling too relaxed because they know the gaffer is predictable, they must always start games no matter what.
    They refused to improve only doing the same thing over and over making the much revered Super Eagles a toothless bulldog, no threat to opponents center back, it’s a shame.

    When onuachu was called up as a replacement for osihme I question such invitation but I got so many criticism, some even questioning who  am I to instruct the coach even when all of us knows that the team plays counter attacking football which didn’t suit onuachu.

    I remember clamoring for maja as osihme replacement even Dennis is a better option but here we are , minus one player .

    Coach Rohr is an average Coach without any fresh ideas simple .

  • @Goal

    i knew from unset the direction u were heading to…. “peddle critics on coach ROHR”……
    U never failed my thought…. Hahahahaha….
    But whether u like it or not; ROHR till 2022….

    I’m still waiting patiently (like one nkita waiting for his master to throw him bone) for @Omo9ja to come up with his own criticism….

    Although the main reason for his sudden disappearance is bcos he’s the chief scout….
    He scouted PAUL ARISTIDE BANCE ONUACHU for nigeria….
    but ARISTIDE BANCE ONUACHU finally falls his hands…..

    @Omo9ja abeg come out ooooooo!

    We’ve been waiting for u since yesterday….

    If u no kill BANCE ONUACHU; BANCE ONUACHU go kill u…..

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      It’s not about the direction I follow but what is true.

      Can you fault my above statement?

      You can’t as my remarks are faultless, if not drey would have been here defending the indefensible.

      The point is that we want improvements from everyone. 

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahaha…stop overating yourself…Lolz. Your statements above are over the bar as usual. Your problem is that you dont even know who to blame, whether its the players or the coach……reality and you conscience is telling you to blame the players, but your hatred is pointing you as always to the coach. LMAO. Only a few days ago you were the no 1 supporter behind all his successes. Why are you also running away from taking responsibility for his failures…?LMAO

        When this same Chukweze and Kalu played vs Ukraine, Brazil, Benin and Lesotho, they weren’t relaxed….all of a sudden they are now relaxed and shouldn’t be featured anymore. But it is this same you that will come and accuse Rohr of not having a recognizable starting XI. What else will the man do to please you. When he rotates the team…you complain, now he’s having a starting core, you still complain. When he doesnt invite new players, you cry….now he invited new players…including the much clamoured for Onuachu….you still cry.
        Your remarks are indeed faultless….always jumping from pillar to post just to make sure you have something to say…..that is why Ejuke should have replaced iwobi when Simon and Musa where already on the pitch…3 wingers in on the same pitch……faultless comments indeed….LMAO.

        Coach Rohr is an average coach…..abeg is that news….???
        Give us money so that we can hire a Klopp or Martinez or Pochetinno….who will demand nothing less than $1m monthly, since $50,000 is a burden on the NFF that doesnt get paid as at when due?.

        Talk is always cheap…this is christmas for you. You have been muted on this forum since the last AFCON….now is one of those rare times when you and your likes find your voices…..LMAO

        • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

          You can try to twist the issue the way it suits you as you like but the issue remains that kalu and chukwueze knows they will always start games and that they don’t have competition in the team despite all the  good wingers we possess.

          Saying the truth doesn’t mean hatred but fact.

          I know oga Rohr’s  conservativeness  is his nature but there’s still all the time room for improvements and flexibility not all the time doing  the same thing always.

          I have no need to hate Rohr but I don’t want my love for him to becloud my judgement on the team performance .

        • JimmyBall 4 years ago

          Usual slave mentality at @Dr Drey. You want money to hire pochetino, Wenger and klopp. Will Germany, Argentina or France ever hire a Nigerian as coach? Give half of the money you pay old Rohr… a physical education instructor because of his white skin to a Nigerian… Finidi, Amuneke or Amokachi and see what wonders they will perform. We can even try Manu Garba. Just pay any of then even 25000 Euros monthly and see how they transform Eagles. We never learn… From Bora Milutonovic to Phillipe Trousier, to Thijs Libreghts to Berti Voghts… AFRICAN slave mentality always giving a Whiteman job they can’t give their own… even though this whitemen have nothing to offer. Sunday Oliseh, Stephen Keshi and even Samson Siasia have all been treated like shit in the past and these are the ones who have put their career, sweat and blood on the line for the country during their playing days. Treat a Nigeria coach with half the luxury you threat a Whiteman to and see if their performance won’t shame those of any white mercenary we have ever had…

          • Oakfield 4 years ago

            Amokachi has been there before and we saw him all. Amuneke was in charge in Tanzania and we saw how it all panned out. Your finidi?????…. Last time I checked, he was snubbed for the “u17 job”! Why should an aspiring coach of the almighty eagles apply to coach the u17 team if he knew he was at par with senior team coaching standards?? Some people just come here to comment just bcs they have spare data. Think, analyze and dissect before u speak.

          • Glory 4 years ago

            @Jimmyball, if ever we bring in a local coach tomorrow, and he starts doing the right thing but unfortunately things not happening as quick as he may have envisaged, I can put my money that Drey will stand firmly by him while someone like you castigating Rohr will still start castigating whoever that local coach will be. One thing about Drey’s argument is, they are founded on deep reasoning supported by those very salient/silent contributing factors many fail to put into consideration, reason most people think he/many of us support Rohr blindly, whether for or against. There are many factors that made that team not to perform yesterday. So just casting blame on Rohr only makes one see your view as very narrow minded.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            “…Give half of the money you pay old Rohr… a physical education instructor because of his white skin to a Nigerian… Finidi, Amuneke or Amokachi and see what wonders they will perform….”

            This boat has passed long ago…this argument is stale….Hahahaha…that old Rohr, that PE instructor, started this job in 2016 with the same $30,000 salary Siasia and Oliseh were collecting (go and search the internet and educate yourself), the last time I checked the only wonders they performed, put together, was not qualifying for AFCON 2ce and taking us to 16th in Africa and 70th in the world. Amokachi took over from Keshi on interim basis and we lost to ordinary Uganda in Uyo….LMAO…..He was our 1st or seconf CHAN coach and couldnt even qualify for CHAN. Finidi has not even coached beyond Mallorca U17s before….his biggest job yet is a 2 month intership at the U19 side of a dutch club…he is the one that will perform wonders…LMAO. Rohr has been working under the same conditions your African Guadiolas were working and we know where we were b4 he came and where we are now, I dont need to elaborate on that. Even your African Guadiolas still had foreign assistants -Siasia had dutchman Kalika, Oliseh had belgian Luscioto – who were paid separately by the NFF. But Rohr’s pays his own assistants from his so-called increased salary of $50,000. But still, between this PE intructor and your African Guadiolas we know who has performed wonders so far. Go and use your tongue to count your teeth, if you still remember how to count

            The real slave mentality to which you are enbondaged is not seeing beyond the colour of a person as well as sacrificing competence and professionalism on the alter of nepotism in hiring a person for a job. All the rubbish you just spewed out there shows your shallow mindedness, lack of exposure and low level of reasoning. Go and tell Dangote he has slave mentality for contracting his refinery project to foreigners. Go and tell Mike Adenuga too that he has slave mentality for hiring foreigners as top technical executives in his company. You think it is a coincidence that the 2 biggest Nigerian brands are run by foreigners.

            Your illiteracy has not made you understood that the world is now a global village and every man is a citizen of the world. Your illiteracy and lack of exposure has not made you realize that as foreigners are being hired in Nigeria for jobs, Nigerians are also being hired in foreign lands too. Go and emancipate yourself from you inferiority complex and racist tendencies.

            The funny thing is that the same way Ignoramuses like you insult this Rohr without facts or basis is the same way you will still be insulting the local coach when the time comes. Because if he doesnt call up Onuachu, you will all cry….if he calls him up and Onuachu messes up, you will blame him for calling Onuachu. It he starts Kalu and Chukwueze and they dont perform, you will insult him….If he benches them and we loose, you will blame him for benching them. If he has a usual starting XI….you will insult him and call him consevative and say he doesnt create competition…..if he decides to invite new players and give them their debuts, and we loose, you will insult him for giving them a chance. That is how unreasonable most of you have been, including you who claims you played to highest level yet everything you say are always off point and ridiculous.
            At a time when the whole world was against Keshi, I stood by him till the very day he was sacked….the same keshi people like omo9ja rained curses on and called all kind of names back then is the same one you all call a hero today. This is the same way I will stand by Rohr too till the day he is sacked or leaves on his own volition. I’ve said it here before, and mark my words all of you running your mouths today will someday refer back to “the days of Rohr” wen the time comes. I am seriously praying that we should make the mistake of sacking Rohr and replacing him with one of your bojuboju local coaches who only win under something competitions where 35yr old will be masquerading as u20s. Wetin eye dey find, eye go still see.

          • JimmyBall 4 years ago

            …@Drey. Truth always expose your maniacal tendencies… No be you sabi write pass… Otondo! I will give you uppercut after Tunisia match. Confused analyst… You never kick orange before you the blame Onuachu… How you see that Shambolic performance yesterday na so teams like Spain and other serious people the build up play and transitions? Go to owngoal site and educate yourself how to be an objective match analyst and not a fraud… Team mates exempted Onuachu from Blame… Play station football analyst. Rohr is at his wits end on coaching if e pain you go sniff pit toilet…

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


            Hahahahaha….You dont have any response to the glaring incompetence of your African Guadiolars even when they were given equal treatment with Rohr…LMAO…that is why you have just compiled a load of crap and dumped here….LMAO. Calm down, there is no need to get physical…keep your upper cuts for the day you start a boxing career. only idiots believe they can beat up people they cant see or touch.

            Pls what exactly is your point, because i am struggling to make any sense out of what you just wrote…..you are just talking directionlessly. That Rohr that is at his wits end of coaching is still preforming FAR BETTER, Miles ahed your African Guadiolas who cannot qualify for CHAN or AFCON. Obviously, na you body dey pepper since that is why youve been ranting aimlessly for over 24 hours not like a mad man who drank pesticide. That headache wey dey worry you on top Rohr matter, e go still worry you for the next 2 years till in contract finish…LMAO. You afflictions have just begun…LMAO

            Even if I be police station football analyst abi wetin you dey talk sef, I am still FAR FAR….MILES better than a bloody lair like you wey claim say you play for highest level LMAO. Who is the bigger fraud between you and I…you wey claim say you play to the highest level, yet till today you nor fit talk the so-called “highest level” wey you play. All the nonsense wey you dey talk nor dey even resemble person wey even play table soccer….olayinka a traditional forward naim you go play for as left midfielder….Nwakali is better than all super eagle midfielders including mikel…LMAO…..Onazi is better than mikel, yet mikel still dey ball at 33 while the onazi is nearing retirement at 27….LMAO. Abeg explain that nonsense “spacious football” wey you bin dey talk about last night.LMAO. In all my years of playing, scouting, mentoring and following football, I never hear of “spacious football”…LMAO. Abeg who invent am….na Johan Cryuff abi na Arigo Sachhi abi na your local coaches…wey nor fit qualify for ordinary CHAN and AFCON??LMAO. Pls do well to explain this your “spacious football” give us o make we learn am…LMAO

            Infact tell me say I never kick mango before na you headache be that, i no need argue with you….if you wan argue am go argue with the rest of the forumites wey dey read wetin both of us dey write on daily basis. They will tell you between the 2 of us, who sounds like someone who played the game and someone who has never kicked an orange.

            Those nameless players wey defend Onuachu should also tell us
            if it was last night’s wingers that were also responsible for his poor showing at AFCON too….?LMAO and his poor showing when he came on vs Ukraine and vs Brazil too…? Was it also the wingers that didnt allow Onuachu to mark well the set piece from which we conceded the only goal of the game, was it the wingers that prevented him from being able to control balls…? maybe it was the wingers too that prevented him from making diagonal runs, pressing high the Algerian Centre-backs, holding up play, dropping backwards to link up with his 10 and other duties of a Centre forward. Someone wasted 65 mins on the pitch and they are saying it is the wingers that did not cross for him…he too how many knockdowns did he give to his wingers…?? How close was he to Iwobi. How involved was he with our build-up plays. There were several times iwobi will be advancing with the ball, you Onuachu go go sandwich himself in between the 2 Algerian centre backs. Nor be the same wingers Osimhen they play with dey score and give assists…? His Onuachu’s only duty is staying in the box and waiting for crosses…?? What of other phases of the game, does he not have responsibilities as the target man…??
            When you are done with your excuses for him tell him to go back to his club be a ‘wait and get’ striker. We dont want ‘wait and get’ strikers in out SE.

            I can see you are deeply fraustrated and it is affecting you mentally…LMAO. Go and sleep ehn.

          • Sunny 4 years ago

            Oga go and park somewhere you just seeking cheap publicity. IF they were treated well by the same administration and not trying to interfere with the job, most especially imposing certain players the song will definitely be different

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahahaha…… Between the 2 of us who looks like he’s looking for cheap publicity…..??? LMAO. You are commenting on the same forum where I am commenting yet you are talking about cheap publicity….LMAO.
            Got to hell with all your stupid excuses for your incompetent african guadiolas….LMAO.
            Yen yen yen…..so they have not been interfering with Rohr’s job too….did they not insist the must “have a say” in his lists and even inserted it in his renewed contract…? Or have they not been owing him salaries too…? or which of your guadiolas was paying his assistants from his own pocket the way Rohr is forced to pay his 4 assistants from his pocket…?
            The heartache wey dey worry una ontop rohr matter go worry una for the next 2 years….LMAO..Una never see anything. Una just start……LMAO

          • JimmyBall 4 years ago

            … @Drey, what always makes your argument very light and shallow is the knack with which you always misquote someone just to make counter proof which always veer off facts… I said Peter Olayinka comfortably plays on the left side of midfield in a 3-5-2 formation or 4-5-1 now he also was traditionLly a top 9 when he played in Belgium. In the formation of 4-5-1 and 3-5-2 the 5 are all classed as midfielders… out of the 5 you have 3 core midfielders AM, CM and DM then the other two personnel making up the quintuplet, you could call wingers, wing backs or left midfield it’s all just nomenclature… That was what I said as regarding Peter Olayinka in a 3-5-2, preferably the three back men are essentially central defenders and you have wing backs running the flanks making up the 5 midfielders… In 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 from the middle 4 and 5 you have tradional wingers… Whether you invert them or play them as original uninverted duo is a matter of choice… I never said “spacious football” go back and read my post well… I said you should know how spacious a football field is before you tell Onuachu to be running and attackig every breath of space in the name of hustling Algerian defenders to bring himself into play. Onuachu did his birth pressing Algerian defenders too… If you expect him to be running everywhere like aimless Fulani cow just to get balls which strength will be left for him to attack the opponents goal? Go and sleep Dr Drey and if you must know I played for Lobi Stars Makurdi and MSV Duisburg… I am in Germany still after hanging boots…

          • onwajunior 4 years ago

            Hmm… This one that we’ve graduated from Onuachu to Olayinka.. Issorite!

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


            You have started beating about the bush again…going further to expose your stark ignorance. Save your 442, 352, 4411, 550, 028 etc lectures…you are not saying anything new. In any formation…a full back is a full back….a DM is a DM….an AM is an AM…an out and out winger is a winger….they are not classified as Midfielders….Stop all these your ramblings. You are bringing yourself into further disrespute.
            A wide forward is NEVER a midfielder, a Supporting striker is NEVER classified a midfielder. Peter Olayinka is a FORWARD who attacks from the wide areas, right or left, but mostly from the left for his club…..the same way an Anthony Martial and Aubameyang currently attacks from wide areas for their clubs. The are not Midfielders and can NEVER be classified as Midfielders. In Slavia Prague’s last match vs Midjtylland which I watched live, he still played as a forward. A forward who is given the freedom to rove. Stop concocting fallacies to justify you goof in claiming Peter Olayinka plays on the left side of midfield. You even posted a video here to justify your anti-thesis that a player widely known all over world as a forward plays as a left midfielder, simple becuase he tracks back into midfield to provide cover when his team is on the defensive. Unfortunately for you, in the said video he was tracked back to help in the defence and I asked you can we also call him a left back too since he tracks backs to the defence to help and till today that question has not been met with an answer.

            Keep your deficient knowledge of football to yourself, you always sound more like the play station, table soccer football star who never kicked an orange when to talk an these your bladderdash. Your gaffes on this forum are too numerous to mention. No matter how big a soccer pitch is, it is still the same pitch where osimhen runs “aimlessly” around like a fulani cow, scoring, assisting and contributing to the all round play of both club and national team….its still the same pitch Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Mario Madzukich, Lewandoski etc run ‘aimlessly’ around like a fulani cow to produce results. You excuses for your ‘wait and get’ striker (who spent 65 mins on the pitch and contributed nothing…absolutely nothing to the team) is becoming sillier and sillier by the day

            By the way I have checked the first team squads of MSV Disburg from 1990 to 2019 https://www.worldfootball.net/teams/msv-duisburg/20/ your name is conspicuously missing…and pls dont tell us you are Obinna Nsofor, Mannaseh Ishiaku, Kingsley Onuegbu or Darlington Omodiagbe….None of them is Idoma, from Benue state or ever played for Lobi stars.

          • JimmyBall 4 years ago

            …@Drey. Hahaha… even if my name no appear for MSV Duisburg roaster according to you, because you feel, a Benue born has never been there, I would not disclose my identity so that you can start planning kidnap. Sorry… let me tell you, I was in the same camp with Edward Ayamkegh and James Obiora at U-17 level way back in 1994/1995… in Germany injury cut my sojourn short… Just know there are those amongst you here that have played good football. You started watching ball at sydney 2000 Olympics and would not allow person hear word here. . I am married to a German and reside happily in the country. I live just 20minutes from where Kevin Akpoguma was born and one hour from Coach Gernot Rohr home town of Mannheim.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahahaha….he has started with soap opera stories….LMAO.

            What concerns us if you are married to the German chancellor and living in the kremlin in Moscow……LMAO. Bloody lair. Who asked you for life history confessions that you are giving us silly out of point autobiography here…? How does where you live and whom you are married to explain why your name is missing in ALL the team roasters of MSV Disburg since 1990…? LMAO

            Before YOU PLAYED TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL…..Now that you have been found out….INJURY CUT SHORT YOUR CAREER…..lmao. Na spinal cord injury you get…LMAO. Some people really dont have shame. Pls explain to us how you managed to PLAY to the highest level when you were injured. LMAO. You think its you illiterate villagers in adoka or ugbokolo you are lying to here right…? LMAO

            I knew you were just a pathetic lair since the time you claimed you played to the highest level yet talk plenty nonsense here that even okada riders will not talk wen discussing football.

            “…EPL is crap league where they run around like headless chickens…”
            “…nwakali is better than all SE midfielders including Mikel…”
            “…onazi is better than mikel…”
            “…Olayinka plays left midfield…”

            You really played at the highest level…LMAO
            Some people can lie….?!

          • JimmyBall 4 years ago

            I will neither insult you or get to your level… the problem with you is ego… Even when you are loosing an argument you clutch to straw because of pride… It’s very childish to always insult someone in making your submission… Mr stats. Guys who have played football can relate to what I am talking not someone whosd experience is from internet pages… You are very loud. That’s why in a bid to drown superior argument you always go the gutter way of insults… funny dude Dr Drey. Make points without insult because I no be your mate for anything… Whether education, exposure… OTONDO!

          • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

            Hahahahaha…..The only person loosing an argument and clutching to straw because of pride here is you.

            Tell us the highest level where you played football all this years…e hard you. Finally you lie you played for MSV Disburg. You for just respect yourself limit am for Lobi stars since Nigerian football is so useless it has no repository. A quick check on the repository of MSV disburg showed only 5 Nigerians ever playing for that club….and none of them is you…..LMAO you quickly rush here to tell us injury cut short you career, you married a Angella Merkel…..you live very close to Manuel Neuer…bla bla bla and other confessions nobody asked of you like a witch that just eat okpobo leaf. Who ask you question…?

            From playing at the highest level to giving flimsy life history about injury cutting short your career…LMAO who looks like clutching at straws between the 2 of us…? LMAO

            If there is anything that is childish, it is claiming to be what your are not in public.

            You dont even need to lie to make a point. This is a public forum, when you talk people will know if you know what you are saying or you are just being a wannabe. And for all its worth, most of assertions you make here cannot even be made by people who never kicked an orange before not to talk of a fictitious ex-footballer…LMAO. Thats was were your lies first started catching up with you…LMAO

            I will always give you stats to shut you up whether you like it or not. Facts and Figures dont tell white lie like you do. Like the ignoramus that claimed Eze is a more attacking player than Iwobi…..a look at the stats showed zero goal contribution from the ‘More attacking player’ so far this season while the “less attacking player’ already has 7 goals contributions already this season in even less matches. The best way to burst people like you is to show the figures. If you say you are richer than me, bring your books and let me bring mine and lets see the figures.

            I know that your frustrations has always been the fact that you cant argue with the facts and figures anytime they are shown to you….that is why your pride makes you think you can flaunt things you are not as a means to earn approval.

            Its so funny that people who claim I insult them actually have been the ones to first insult me. Hypocrites should learn to remove the log of wood in their eyes before seeing the spec in another man’s eyes.

            Of course you nor be my mate for anything, I pass you nor be from here go north pole….including education…unless you are already a professor. Even for football analysis and knowledge of the game, I still pass you.

            Bloody lair…!

          • JimmyBall 4 years ago

            …@Dr. Drey. Dont out of pride speak of what you dont know. If someone tells there was a certain Mike Idoko, who was suppose to sign for Coventry City in England division 1, in the late 80s and did not sign after sustaining an injury playing carelessly for BCC Lions after coming back from England with a contract already in the bag how would you know? No be everybody the lie like you if you be liar… I will never claim what I am not… I took a light injury from Nigeria to Germany and it aggravated in test games versus Hansa Rostock after I collided knees with an opposition player… of course I later went to FC Thun in Switzerland but my kneee never healed. I had to accept fate despite going back home for local treatment and it never healed… I later enrolled for postgraduate in Germany and settled to life there… let it be known to you that while playing for Lobi Stars, I was doubling as a student and had my B.Eng in Electrical/Electronics before I ever left Nigeria… I will tell you that Anthony Ujah and Onazi Ogenyi know me personally and I used to be with Ujah all the time because he was my junior from home and played at Mainz, which is close to where I live in Kaiserslautern… I hate to publicise personals on forum like this but your insults made me point this to you but of course… a guy like you will always think because we come on forum like this to contribute some of us have never experienced professional football when we talk from experience! It’s not all of us that are loud noise makers… Dokinta Drey! Go and rest, we both love Super Eagles and want the best for Nigeria football, we no the quarrel… but I can assure you if proper team assessment and changes are not corrected before Tunisia game we will loose again… Tunisia are as hard if not more conservative that Algeria… Insults are not my thing so be guided and stop treating folks to insult here because you could be talking to your better…

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahahaha….more and more stories.

            Tell us the ‘Highest Level” where you played. Simple and short, you are beating about the bush. Wetin carry mike idoko matter enter the question now…we nor know.

            Pls keep this your autobiographies to yourself. Your are sounding more ridiculous by the day.

          • Sunny 4 years ago

            The question you for ask thisokoto meow meow is was the salary of the local coaches stable. Were they given free hands like they are giving rorh without interruption. Mr man you have no point, just like jimmy said, you brain is still tainted with slave mentality. If he is paying his assistants, thats his choice, he needed them and the NFF didn’t see any need for them.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            So was Rohr’s salary too stable…mr big mouth senior advocate of liars. Has NFF too not been interfering with Rohr’s job…even having the effrontery to include it in his contract that they MUST always have a say in his list…??? Pinnick leaving his office in Abuja to go and scout players in london. Or are you so daft that you didnt understand all the hullaballoo the NFF generated when they wanted to renew his contract..? Bloody racist illiterate like you cannot see beyond the colour of a man’s skin and judge him based on his hardwork.
            The fact remains that Your fake guadiolas were given the same opportunities they gave Rohr they a FAILED. PERIOD.
            Open your wide mouth and cry a river all you want. LMAO
            Your pains will continue till 2022….una nevr see anything yet…LMAO

  • Adejumo Oluwafemi 4 years ago

    Nigeria needs to work hard to create new team in the squads

  • What we saw in that match was example for what will hapen in the next afcon and w/cup. We dont have a good coach. the team is biger than GR he cant hadle SE. Nff made a mistake for rewing his contract.

    • GR didn’t go for a win.He was testing his players and trying to get them into the rhythm.
      Those clamouring for” Paul Aristide Bance Onuachu”(according to UBFE) should be be satisfied by now.Lolzzz…

      • If you have been following reports before the match,Rohr wasn’t too concerned about what the outcome of the match will be.Infact,these two matches are for discovering and blending in new SE players.

  • Tell your farther to come and coach the team since it is bigger than him.mtchheeewww…

  • JimmyBall 4 years ago

    …@Tayo atleast I have a father. No be bastard born-throway you be? Ewedu eater… have you flush that bucket-full of shit you always keep under your bed over night for piss and shit? Monkey…

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    All of u talking nonsense all bcs we lost yesterday’s friendly are just very stupid. From the ones saying that rohr is an elementary PHE teacher to the ones saying he doesn’t know his job. You people are very stupid in the sense that you have failed to acknowledge that a friendly match is a scenario where new boys and strategies are trie d out in order to get the right rhythm in a team. That’s the main purpose of friendly games. A win would be an added advantage to the progress of the experiment being performed by the coach. A scientist can never make meaningful discoveries without experiments and that’s Exaclty what rohr is doing much to the surprise of the algerian coach who said we fielded a totally different starting 11. Sequel to our greatest ever feat at the world cup mundial in 1994 (our first ever world cup) we virtually lost all the friendly games played prior to the mundial. A stupid person would say the coach didn’t know what he was doing but we could see what later happened when the mundial started properly. The team performed beyond expectations which to this day has been used as a yards stick to judge the performance of our senior team. 2ndly, you are stupid in the sense that you neglected that glaring fact that our team on the day was made up of mostly irregular players, most of whom were either making their debut or were returning after a long absence. How then do you expect them to perform wonders or play like Brazil with this kind of set up? Is it not foolish to think in that direction after taking the above into consideration? In fact, the result clearly shows the tactical prowess of the coach against the best team in Aftica who fielded mostly their very regular players with the exception of just a few. Imagine, a team without ndidi, aribo, etebo, osimhen etc were able to hold the african champions with almost their regular team to a draw (I should say bcs the goal scored against us was scrambled). At least, if not for anything, yesterday’s game has given us the opportunity to assess several players and their abilities- okoye seems to be stepping into the shoes left by Karl ikeme gradually as a trusted hand, giving Uzoho the right competition he deserves. Iwobi is a world class national team player in sharp contrast to onuachu who appears to be club side material (although I expect him to improve and prove so many of us wrong about our impression of him). keep this team for at least 2 and a half weeks in camp and and they shall be world beaters. oh, lest I forget, Ghana (coached by their indigenous african guardiaola) got whipped mercilessly by Mali. Expect a totally different team against tunisia on Tuesday.

    • Dr Kingsley 4 years ago

      Guess your parrot from has called you because he deosn’t know what else to type. Please kindly read back the shit you typed up here and go back to bed. You clearly delusional. You Have a Physical Education teacher, with some below average players to ruining the legacy of the super eagles.

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      This are just mere excuses to justify mediocrity!!!!!!

      So if ndidi, osihme are injured a big country like Nigeria can not have an alternative?

      The same ndidi caused the late free kick which mahrez took advantage of in the last AFCON, so if he was there we will see a different eagles?

      With all the young strikers we have that are painting Europe red we can’t have a deputy to osihme?

      Someone that was not on standby list made it to first eleven ahead of those who are actually called up?

      Does that make sense to you?

      Why not study players extensively to see if they suit the pattern of the team before inviting?

      A midfield full of defensive midfielders how can there be creativity in such team?

      When the list was released I raised alarm but as usual I was seriously criticized with many insults that followed, people who think they know it all where telling that the creativity will come from the wings, where are the wingers? 

      If we don’t have  good midfielders it’s a different story but they are not called up.

      Abeg spare us those lame excuses!!

  • Kenneth 4 years ago

    To all the block heads screaming onachu doesn’t pressure. oshimen will do this and that. Hope u read the link below.

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Brother that report looks fictitious, probably to cover up Onuachu’s disappointing performance. If the midfielders were far from him, was he glued to a particular position, what stopped him from playing close to the midfielders to bridge that gap. Be honest and go watch the match again, without those tension of watching live match and I bet you, your opinion on Onuachu will change. Our team even had to slow than their pace a little to play with him. This team is not just for him. A good suggestion to him is he should learn to use his hand to gain proper balance when in physical battle with opposing players as well as running quickly in front defenders to be in control. And please let just rest this Onuachu issue before we start pointing out the many negatives about his game. That won’t be too nice for his confidence. Lots of people survive off his talent and we should not make things difficult for them.

    • Hahahaha…GLory…dont mind that rabble-rouser. The report is as nonsensical as the guy himself…one minute he is anonymous, the next minute he is kingsley…another minute he becomes Dr. Kingsley, by the next hour he becomes kenneth…LMAO. That’s how you know when someone is having personality imbalance…LMAO.
      Which SE players defends onuachu…they players nor get name…??? Did they also defend his poor showing at AFCON too….?LMAO and his poor showing when he came on vs Ukraine and vs Brazil too…? Nor be only defend, Na attack.
      Pls help me ask that animal if it was also the wingers that didnt allow Onuachu to mark well the set piece we conceeded, help me ask him if it was the wingers that prevented him from being able to control balls, maybe it was the wingers too that prevented him from making diagonal runs, pressing high the Algerian Centrebacks, holding up play, dropping backwards to link up with his 10 and other duties of a Centre forward. Someone wasted 65 mins on the pitch and they are saying it is the wingers that did not cross for him…he too how many knockdowns did he give to his wingers…?? Osimhen did not score from open play for the SE until his 8th or 9th game, yet nobody had cause to complain…bcos he was always applying himself. He hasnt scored for Napoli in the seria A, despite the huge money spent on him…..yet they are prasisng him lfet right and cenre and he even made team of the week in Seria A……for the same reason that he bring himself to play all the time. As if nor be human being Ighalo and Osimhen be. Nonsense.
      He should steer clear of the SE and go back to his club where he plays his “wait and get” style of football. We dont want him again. Those who are defending him should go and form their own national team and make him their top striker. There are better strikers who are hungry for a place in the SE and are ready to use all parts of their body to play, and not waiting for crosses for 90 mins.

    • Annette v Egbochuo 4 years ago

      Most of these people lambasting the players should tell us which teams they are playing,so that Rohr will invite them into the team.I thought friendly matches are for trying new players and new techniques.All the name calling,please.

    • Dr Kingsley 4 years ago

      Can’t stop laughing that u calling it a cover up, Your brother Dr drey is always quick to rub it in our faces how authentic the news from owngoalNigeria. na wa ooooo. Bros whats up with what exactly my name is am Dr kingsley. So whats the noise about. Why don’t you defend your own goal now. You this pathetic moron

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      It is so funny now how these wannabes are now quoting owngoal. But I thought owngoal was a fake site….LMAO. All of them that were thrashing owngoal are now going to copy news from owngoal….LMAO. Once again Dr.Drey is vindicated.

      What pains me for them is not that they are senseless…..what pains me for them is that they are pathetically senseless. People who stand for nothing will fall for nothing. If only they had small sense they would ask questions beyond the stupid excuses they are giving and corroborating for Onuachu’s disgraceful performance last night. That’s was how this buffon was ranting that Eze with ZERO goal contributions for crystal palace this season is a more attacking player than Iwobi with 7 goal contributions already this season from same position…..LMAO….more attacking indeed. In his mind he is making sense to homself…LMAO. By their comments ye shall know the level of their intelligence. We shall continue to shut them up with facts and figures

      That ‘wait and get’ striker was useless for 65 whole minute….was the team supposed to be crossing balls the whole of the 65mins…? Are there not other phases of the game where he has responsibilities as the target man…? Are the wingers also to blame for those gross incometences he exhibited in his 65 mins of waste of space…..?LMAO. Ball control…absent. Link-up play…absent. Diagonal runs….absent. Even to defend corner kick…absent.
      Maybe it was the wingers too that was responsible for his disgraceful outing at AFCON and in all the matches he has played after his debut……LMAO

      The bottom line is that Onuachu is a waste of space in this SE…he should give way for others who are seroius of giving Osimhen a fight for the no 9 spot. All those who are making excuses for him can go and form their own national team and make him their star striker.

      • Dr Kingsley 4 years ago

        Who are the wannabes, please go suck your thumb. Isn’t it one of your supporting saying the story is false, coming from a site his boss holds in high stem. Abi you didn’t rehearse the story he was meant to type properly. If Onuachu starts banging in more goals in belgium than dessers. Wonder what you and your cohorts will then say

  • chuks haifa 4 years ago

    I am happy that our goalkeeping department is taking real shape. With Okoye,Uzoho, Osigwe and Lawal developing to world class chaps in a few years. No matter no matter, one or two of these goalkeepers will be world class in 3 years from today. Hardwork and luck will see one or two of them through. Onuachu just messed himself up. With what Ademola Lookman is doing right now, once he come into the group, i predict that Kalu and some of these boys that feel untouchable will sit up Rohr is doing the right thing and has been the best coach Nigeria has ever had, Quote me anyday. The Rohr we have now is just the replicate of Rohr that took Bordeaux to UEFA cup finals. He wants to make a mark and luck on his side, he will do that with Nigeria. This team is taking shape and will explode soon.

  • Larry 4 years ago

    When SE players moved to new clubs, they attribute it to GR.
    When players switch to SE is completed, they give kudos to GR..
    When SE win/draw a match, GR is praised to heaven
    When SE lost a match, the players became the scapegoats..
    I will not join the bandwagon of GR buttlickers who are always quick to hail GR And ignore his deficiencies.
    The technical deficiencies of GR are well-documented by some smart coaches. These set of coaches have exploited fast breaks, winning 50-50 balls, and closing out the wings to win games again SE..
    Once again, the Algerian local coach displayed his technical superiority against world class GR.
    Like we witnessed at the last ANC, the Algerian team were the better team, had better possession and more scoring chances. Their GK was holidaying…
    The last time we won against algeria, it took the exceptional skills and trickery of VM to devour them. Now they have the bragging right..
    The current talent pool of SE is enough to give a better performance than we saw against algeria.
    Tunisia is next….

  • Well..both departments are to be blamed.
    Some players pleaded on behalf of Onuachu that the coach(Rohr) asked them to change the pattern and play close to Onuachu through the middle but they insisted.
    Even though Iwobi tried that many tyms but it didnt work well. I can remeber like 3 occasions that iwobi tried one-two with Onuachu and he(Onuachu) played the return pass to the opponents, even struggled to hold on to the ball.
    On Rohr’s part, its clear that we are trying out some players which supposed to be the reason why we can try like 5 to 6 players but was surprised Rohr had to keep the likes of Chukwueze, Kalu, Ekong and Onuachu on the field and waited till 75-88 minutes before making changes after Onyeka.
    Even when switching to 3 – 5 – 2, he started Chukwueze as a wing back and later Musa and removed the player that can play it better (Ebuehi) or A in a.
    I know it will be a case of ..we should have played this team against Algeria blah Blah Blah..after Tunisia Match but all the same,
    Rohr is still doing a good job and I don’t see anything bad for Coach to believe in a player, its the player that supposed to make the coach proud.
    At this moment, we need a winger as a starter like finidi to first weaken the defense for player like Babangida to come in and finish things off.
    Against a team like Algeria, Chukwueze supposed to be coming in.
    Chukwueze enjoys his game with the presence of Osimhen.
    In all, we are still on the right direction cos I know, by the time Uzoho, Indidi, Aribo, Udokhai,Ejaria and Osimhen finally join the Team, most of u people like @Glory, @jimmyball , @Ugo nwunze, @Ade ,@ Omo9na, @ Goal, @Larry etc will be reformed even though not 100% cos its in you.

    • GLORY 4 years ago

      @ Sean what are you bringing in my name for?. Are classifying me as being against Rohr? or you have typed wrongly?

      • Sorry @Glory..its an error

      • Your name came into my head first. Sorry for that.
        As u know nowadays, they come with different names but from their write ups, we shall know them

    • JimmyBall 4 years ago

      So when Osimhen is not available our wingers should be tolerated to play nonsense?

      • GLORY 4 years ago

        @ Jimmyball, sentiment aside and with respect, kindly rewatch this match and be honest with your observations. Regardshttps://youtu.be/ohQgSXMFOuM

          • GLORY 4 years ago

            I was excitingly expecting Onuachu to grab this opportunity with both hands but he totally disappointed. There were balls floated to him , where he could have used his size ala a strong/powerful arm to wade off the defenders to make space for himself but painfully he just allowed the defenders win the balls floated to him. I bet you, that one floated to him by Kalu, a very hungry striker would have gotten to the end before the defender. Onuachu just seem not ready to take all these many chances given to him to establish himself at the national team level period.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            @Glory dont mind all these wialers. Onuachu’s only duty as a target man was to wait inside the box for crosses. The whole 65min he spent on the pitch was meant for crosses alone….LMAO. The same wingers that played the last 4 matches and combined beautifully well with osimhen have suddenly become bad because they didnt play crosses for the tall for nothing “wait and get” no 9. LMAO. I cant remember the last time any SE striker made ZERO contributions on the pitch for 65 mins. From AFCON till yesterday anytime Onuachu is on the pitch its always like we are playing with one man short. Maybe the wingers are responsible for that too….LMAO

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            I just took another quick peek at the 1st 45 mins of the video you posted above. I saw nothing less than 3 crosses to onuachu, but the slow as snail wait & get striker was always second best to even the crosses. No control of the ball, heavy touches, no hold up play, his aerial advantage was never put to productive use. Even his runs were suspect…score to 14.45 of the video…chukwueze was advancing with the ball, instead of him to run into the space behind the blind spot of the man waiting for Smau’s advance, he rather ran farther away to the other end of the pitch to go and sandwich himself in between 2 defenders. Also in the 15:56 of that video….Kalu was similarly advancing from a break away, instead of Onuachu to run into space in the blind spot of his marker for a tee-up from kalu, my guy was running further away from play to sandwich himself in between the opposing defenders…..all these despite instructions from the crew that the forward guys should play close to one another.
            I am sure our wingers are to blame also for all these deficiencies….LMAO

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      ***Some players pleaded on behalf of Onuachu that the coach(Rohr) asked them to change the pattern and play close to Onuachu through the middle but they insisted.

      So this your own  excuses on why the team failed?

      How do you expect a defensive midfielder to do the work of a CM or AM?

      The problem with you guys is that you think you know it all!
      When it comes to the Super Eagles There is no room for political correctness ooh!

      We must say it the way we see it simple.

      Creativity is very important for any serious team, it wins you possessions and scoring chances, we have such players but the coach didn’t called them up, he  is too defensive for my liking.

      • @Goal, am I surprised that that’s all you can see from all I wrote up there? No.
        I know your type.
        THE SAME PEOPLE..lol

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Honestly @ Drey. Sometimes the level of intelligence of some write up here gives credence to the belief that Nigeria rate amongst the highest in term of illiterates. Forget about the display of paper qualifications. The level of reasoning is monumentally frightening, hence I have ceased from blaming our leaders but put Nigeria’s problem, right at the doorstep of the level of reasoning of majority of Nigerians. God bless you @ Drey for the work you are doing here. It’s really painstaking. These lots will be thinking you just wanna be troublesome but intelligent/ honest mind will understand you are pained that people are not wholistically looking at things before coming out here to spew rubbish. Their writeups are all laden with sentiment, selfishness, ego, carelessness etc. And annoyingly, they expect you to buy into such nonsense. How laughable albeit sad. Thumbs up @ Drey,you forever my man for standing up to these charlatans. Nigeria needs more of your type than them, so we can get to the promise land we truly deserve. God bless to you @ Drey.

  • GLORY 4 years ago

    Watching this game over and over again, I observed something. That defensive midfielder, that can win the ball, and hold it, bring other midfielders together to keep possession for a while, was what was missing yesterday. Ajayi, Agu, Onyeka in that defensive midfield position just couldn’t do this. Ajayi can be pardon as he was a makeshift defensive midfielder but Onyeka and Agu, definitely not on that national team level. Mikel is one of the world’s best in doing that, Etebo’s taking over from him, Ndidi can do that too. Sadly Mikel has retired and I suggest he stay so, as we cant be going back n forth, Ndidi and Etebo were not available. I think this is one area along with another attacking midfielder, that we need more options. Maybe it’s about time we tried Azubuike.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      Glory your observations about that match has been absolutely spot on. I’ve watched the game over and over again. At least there were about 4 to 5 crosses from the wings either from Sanusi, Chukwueze and Kalu in the first half that Onuachu couldn’t connect.  The guy lacks pace and couldn’t hold up play to save his life. Even to defend opponents corner kicks was a problem despite being an Iroko. I think he might’ve played his last match in a SuperEagles Jersey.

      The DM area was a disaster. Like you said I can pardon Ajayi because that’s not his natural position. Onyeka and Agu were garbage and I hope Agu in particular never come anywhere near the SuperEagles henceforth. He’s been given numerous chances to stake a claim to a spot in the team and he has failed woefully every time. Maybe Onyeka is a bit jittery on his debut, but I don’t think he’s better than Azeez or Azubuike Zubby. The rookie Tijani from his little cameo might be the future, but he’s not there yet. With more exposure and valuable game time in Europe he’s got a future with the SuperEagles. 

      The positives are Sanusi and Okoye. The left back position and the goalkeeping department seems to have been finally fixed which has always been an issue during Rohr’s tenure and I’m glad he’s made progress on that aspect. None of the naysayers are talking about that, but they’re quick to request for his sack all because he lost a game since the AFCON to the African champions. Lmao!! 

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    Glory, good talk but maybe its bcos I just watched the replay of the game with a settled mind from the back of my phone lol, but i didnt think the team performed as dismally like i initially thought.

    To be honest, Onuachu worked hard for the team yesterday although he didnt do too well, he pressed but was not fast enough in his pressing. He came to the midfield a few times, he had some knock downs albeit in the centre circle. In the box, there were always 2 defenders on him, I guess this was something the Algerian coach asked the defenders to do considering the form for his club which the coach must have known. However, I wil sill admit that his style of play doesnt fit this particular SE team.

    Chukwueze didnt play too badly as I initially thought, he took his man when he needed to and was fouled on numerous occasions. His 3 freekicks and corner in the 1st half was where they were supposed to be, it’s just that they didnt connect. If they had connected and we had scored, we would be saying what great set pieces. The only few mistakes were when he tried to take on 2 players in the box and lost the ball. He made a few darting runs at defenders and released the ball, he was a threat.

    Kalu, many times have scored with his runs into the box after doing his leg overs but yesterday it didnt come off. If he had scored like he did against Benin abi Lesotho when he took on 3 defenders, na different story we for dey talk. People would say he was absent yesterday which I kinda agree with but he kept tracking back to support Sanusi considering Sanusi was new to the team and the imminent threat of Mahrez, I concur yesterday wasnt his best day.

    Onyeka is a player many are faulting for the collapse of our midfield, I think he was culprit to the only goal scored by Algeria, however I will ask people to watch the game again, the guy worked his ass off, his workrate was immense albeit he was played out of position. Play him in his usual role just infront of the back 4 and you will get the best out of him. Watch the quick 1 touch pass he gave to Kalu, he is the kind of player that is always asking for the ball but cos Semi was playing his role he was kinda of all over the place. He is only 22yrs and I believe given more opportunities and playing him in his natural position he will come good. I will play him as a 4 and put Tijani with him but the coach should ask them to play the simple ball and leave the creating to others like iwobi.

    People asking the coaches to bench Chukwueze and Kalu are been sentimental, other than Ademola Lookman, who do we have that are better than d duo, I am pretty sure that if Lookman plays badly his 1st game for 9ja people will still complain. Lookman remember struggled in Leipzig and it’s still early days at Fulham, I really hope he does well there as his addition will be good for the SE, i just hope we are patient, the same patience i will ask for Onyeka.

    Overall, I didn’t think the boys played too badly honestly after watching the game again, i will go as far as saying we controlled the game for the most part, we just didnt score. like I said maybe I was watching it from d back of my phone.

    • JimmyBall 4 years ago

      Ajayi is not a DM of Super Eagles quality. Rohr should henceforth invite players according to what position is their craft… We cannot continue to build after four years… Onyeka is not Eagles material yet… Samson Tijani is a good midfielder and should start the next game… Ola Aina is very skilled and balanced in defence and I believe he was used at DM a couple of times at Torino… He should start ahead of Ajayi. Against Tunisia I will suggest Iwobi, Tijani and Aina in the middle as a momentary solution… Neither Ajayi, Onyeka should be thrust their again… Ajayi is now a central defender… If Torunarigha switches with Oduokhai, then the first choice central pairings should be drawn from Balogun, Torunarigha, Akpoguma and Udokhai. Ajayi is decent from what I saw against Brazil… Awaziem should be left to compete at right back… He acquired himself well at the Nationd cup. Ola Aina can comfortably play right or left fullback and should always be in the callups for defence… I want to see Dennis and Olayinka properly in a real test game so that we can once and for all properly access those two and begin to really prune our squad and focus on integration… The super Eagles is nobody’s parlor and if new players come in and do a good job better than old regulars… We should not be sentimental and drop those previous regulars straightup… I don’t care if it’s Ekong or Musa… Lookman once Switched should be starting… His game is so mature above the likes of Samuel Kalu and Moses Simon… Peter Olayinka played incredibly well against Inter Milan and Barcelona and Dortmund last term. Likewise Dennis showed class against Real Madrid… to me those two appear they are of age and big game players who can withstand the rigors of football at the highest level… Last time Rohr invited them and gave them 2 – 3 minutes. If you must test a player atleast give him 25-30 minutes depending on the importance of the game… I have seen enough of Peter Olayinka and Ademola Lookman to know those two have levels that those being giving chance now don’t have…

      • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

        Jimmy, I agree with you concerning Ekong, if we can get Udokhai, Torunarigha, then Ekongs place in the team will be threatened. I disagree though with your premise of Aina as a midfielder, u mentioned it doesnt make sense playing Semi as a DM when he is a natural CM (in d game if you noticed on view occasions he was going back to the CM position based on instinct). I think Aina would better serve the SE operating from the RB position, it’s just one game and I still think our best bet is Onyeka and Tijani midfield imho. Someone said Akpaguma struggled to catch his breathe, note he is only playing with these guys for the 1st time and out of position, he normally plays with the German youth teams that dominate possession instead of chasing the ball which we sometimes did last time. Remember as well African players are men and fast compaed to youth football. I have not seen enough of Olayinka to comment, you are right that players need 30mins typically to have an impact in a game, I will concede that point but there are supersubs too tho. Musa since he doesnt have a club at d moment can be excused but his experience can not be understated, however playing him from the wing is no longer feasible since we have options there, I will suggest playing him as a support striker, coming to get the ball and playing one-two b4 shooting. I remember one goal he scored like that, he and ighalo (or someone), he collected the ball, made a 1-2 with our striker and made a run into the penalty box, received it and converted with aplomb.

        One thing I noticed which I didnt b4 was iheanacho waistline, should the coaching crew be monitoring footballers weight? I think they should, Pep monitors players Weight but the people (nutritionists, doctors etc) should 1st find out based on BMI what the optimal weight should be for our players to ensure they perform at an optimal level and communicate these to them to avoid any ambiguity by providing stats to buttress their point, then enforce this. If called for National duty and u are overweight u are sent back and someone on standby can take your place.

        Another thing I observed about the game yesterday, in the 1st half few of our players were falling down, was it the pitch or the footwear they used. I do see some of your points tho.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hahahaha….Ola Aina should play DM. LMAO. People who played at the highest level, yet their names are not on the squadlist of the team they claimed since 1990 have come again o…..LMAO.


        Above are the stats of ALL the games Aina played while at Torino, not once did he ever play as a DM. Aina since his youth team days at chelsea was never a DM. Even Ajayi that had at a point in time played as a DM for Rotterham struggled vs Algeria…it is Aina who thrives on having spaces to run with the ball into that should partner a rookie like Tijani in the DM…..later they will be insulting Rohr……even person ‘wey never kick orange before’ would know that you dont play a player in the national team in a position he has never played before in him club(s) LMAO.

        DMs should play the DM position vs Tunisia. PERIOD. Either Onyeka and Agu or Onyeka and Tijani. Enough of all these crap name dropping and analyses

        • JimmyBall 4 years ago

          @Drey, let me tell you something about football. A very good footballer with two good feet as Ola Aina has and with very good defensive awareness can easily play anywhere on the pitch… defence in football is the most difficult and challenging position to play… if you allow Ola Aina, he will even acquit himself well at attacking midfield… positions on the pitch are not cast in stone… Ola Aina is a utility player with very good left and right leg… he has the most balanced feet in Super Eagles, that is why he can comfortably play at right and left full backs… there is not much difference between right full back and defensive midfield so you know. That was why Rohr talked about Awaziem initially for the makeshift DM… stop pulling stats from internet, we can all do that but with experience some of choose to be practical based on seeming abilities of our players… atleast those we know and have seen quite often. I will try Ola Aina as a makeshift DM with Tijani, and allow Iwobi roam in front of them… Tijani is not a small boy, atleast, truly, he Tijani will be something around 20/22 years in reality… he is mature enough to play in midfield versus Tunisia if trusted and that is the essence of test games… dont bring a wet log and throw into the fire place… what you will get for warmth is just disturbing smoke.

        • JimmyBall 4 years ago

          …@Drey still advocating for Mikel agu that cannot trap ball without commiting foul even if opponent is not close to him. I am ready to still see a bit of Onyeka and he should be told to keep it simple and not unnecessarily overwork himself… as for Mikel Agu that guy should be allowed to take train ride back to Portugal, he is no national team mterial… he has been given too many chance and has never convinced… @Drey, I bet you if we try Ola Aina as a makeshift DM, he will shut your mouth up and surprise you bigly… a good and well coached footballer can play anywhere on the pitch. Football is brain and not power…

          • JimmyBall 4 years ago

            Bros… @Dr.Drey… Again understand posts first before commenting. Calm down and cool your nerves… the video was to show you Ola Ainas quality as a footballer… his footwork and all round play. I never told he played DM anywhere in it… I am just saying he will to me be a better adaptation to DM in a makeshift role than Semi Ajayi if we still want to see onyeka with someone else different from young Tijani… Ola Ainas role we know but as the one who is most suited as a utility player in Super Eagles now being blessed by too good feet and confidence… he will do a good job in DM. My video posted had nowhere I said he was playing DM… argue on the substance of the post brother! If you have made up your mind that I am lying of having ever turn up anywhere professionally then I can’t help you on that position! Goodnight… But learn not to be quick to insult… Nigerian footballers those who were not as lucky are everywhere in the world… Talent is never enough in the structure Nigeria runs… I played grassrroot up till Sports festival and YSFON… I have been in camps under tutelege of coaches of the likes of James Peters and Sébastian Broderick… I won’t respond to you again. See you after Tunisia game…

          • Sunny 4 years ago

            My brother abeg no dey waste your time on this fake man. He knows absolutely nothing about soccer. Since the day he said ball control is not part of soccer training, i gave up. He is quick to rubbish peoples opinions and feels he knows it all. Soccer is not all about stats, it is a team effort, and thats how to bring the best out of each other, instead of some selfish display all because of stat. Please just enjoy your weekend and let him continue to rant. Lets see what the team will be offering on tuesday.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Oga…I watched Ola Aina almost every weekend while he was at Torino…there’s absolutely nothing new you or your video will teach me about Ola Aina. Infact I have become Chima’s enemy here on CSN over Aina’s matter.

            We are not adapting Ola Aina to the DM role in the SE this Tuesday or anytime thereafter. FINIS EN KLAAR..!

            If his coaches whom you know football more than adapt him as a DM is their clubs, we “may” play him in DM someday….but as long as he has never played DM before all his life and will not play it in future in his club, we are not adapting him….Finish

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahahaha @Sunny…another fat liar has jumped in to support his co-lair. My statement was that ball control is not something to be taught at national team level, especially during the final phase of camping for a global tournament like the Confederations Cup. And that was in respect of keshi teaching his home-based raw diamonds ball control and 1st touch with only a few weeks to commencement of Confederations cup. And many readers here can bear witness to that. LMAO.

            I understand the need for you to show your co-lair some support, birds of same feather always flock together. Pls help me pat his back very well ehn…..I have been busting him and schooling him for hours now. The only stories he can tell now are the ones we cannot easily verify.

            According to the African adage, a lair’s witness is always in heaven

            I can see my stats and facts always frustrate you and your brothers anytime you come here to show yourselves with lies and comments you cannot substantiate. Sorry ehn…..LMAO. Next time always get your facts right before coming in public to open your wide mouth. If you dont have anything to say, rather shut up. Always speak because you have something tangible to say and not because you must talk.

          • JimmyBall 4 years ago

            …@Sunny very good and mature talk. I will always maintain that Defenders put in the most difficult work on the field of football.
            If you are in defence and come up against a good attacker or midfielder for 90minutes after the game you will feel as though you fought somebody… the hardest positions on the field of play are rightfull back and left full back in any system… midfield is art and mistakes can be tolerated because your defence will cover your shortcomings… attackers have liberty to do what they want while taking on defence… the phrase… “to take on a defender” can be replaced as a thug-of-war for that defender… an attacker and midfielder can be anything but a defender has to be quick, alert, and strong both on ground and air… that’s certain physical stats are always key for any defender… @Dr Drey… understand me, defenders put in the most difficult task on the pitch especially for two sides almost evenly matched for 90minutes…

          • Sunny 4 years ago

            Who is lying bro, even your supporters called you out that ball controlling is still part of soccer training, now you twisting the story like you normally do (Not Surprised). Go and sit somewhere, you this fat liar, i don’t need to give anyone support, if you are wrong i will call you out, if you right will do the same. Stop having this childish mentality

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahaha…dont worry, I dont need to prove anything to you. I stand firmly by my response above. Take it or leave it. I will find time and look for that article and post it here so that the world will know who the real liars are. You sef know say e nor dey hard me….na these kind things I dey like. Many have tried like you before now an they have failed. Pls do well to also try and look for it and post it here if you are sure of urself and not just try to smear me since I have been teaching your brother a lesson for hours now. Im not like some people whose records we cant find. LMAO.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          “…A very good footballer with two good feet as Ola Aina has and with very good defensive awareness can easily play anywhere on the pitch…”

          That is a FAT LIE

          Once again, you have goofed and displayed another ridiculous lack of knowledge of football. Football is not plug and play where you can put any player anywhere… Players are like fish, take a fish out of water and it will struggle. Put it back in water and it would swim. Players have their comfort zones on the pitch. They have where the function optimally, based our their innate and nature style of play and how they know how to play football. They also have positions they DEVELOP into with time, age and experience after several months of training and testing. Many players have fallen out with coaches for being played in positions they dont like. Many players have had to quit clubs because their positions is filled up or because they are not ready to play in alternative positions. Most players even include the positions they must be played in their contracts. There is a reason why when a club needs a defender, they sign a defender….when they need a midfielder, the sign a midifielder and whn they need a striker, they sign one. No club signs a damn good striker with the intention of playing him as a midfielder and no club signs a damn good defender to then go and play him as a striker because a “good footballer can player anywhere” according to your fictitious proposition. Shove that your every good footballer can play any position nonsense into the trash can. Every footballer can kick a ball , but not every football can be a striker, same way every football cannot be a defender…..even as basic as shooting…the way a defender shoots differs from the was a forward shoots. Football is not plug and play like video games….even in video games if you play a player in a position he is not accustomed to his rating and abilities will drop.

          So when you were busy “playing at the highest level” did you play anywhere on the pitch too. LMAO. So Aina could play anywhere on the pitch an all his coaches at the 4 clubs he has played so far did not play him everywhre on the pitch….??? It is you who played at the highest level that has 4 eyes to see he can play anywhere on the pitch. Maybe he can play as a striker too so that he can replace that fumbling ‘wait and get’ Onuacho….LMAO.

          Semi Ajayi who has two good feet as Ola Aina and also has very good defensive awareness and has even PLAYED DM FOR ALMOST A WHOLE SEASON for his former club struggled vs Algeria…it is Ola Aina that has NEVER played there all his career in any of his clubs that should now partner a rookie vs another similarly strong North African team like Algeria….LMAO. You really know football……LMAO. Infact NFF should hire you as a technical consultant ASAP.

          Rohr didnt tout Awaziem to play DM simply because “…he is a very good footballer with two good feet and with very good defensive awareness..” He touted him to play there because Awaziem was a DM in Nigeria and got converted to a CB when he got to Porto…go and get your facts right. Any player who is moved from his natural position will struggle for at least 7 matches. If you really played meaningful football at all, you will know the ‘7th time rule’ in football. It is shocking that such nonsensical assertion can come from someone who doesnt know football at all…not to talk of someone who lies to have played at the highest level.

          Wherever you got that idea that “…defence in football is the most difficult and challenging position to play…” beats imagination when the opposite is the case. Defense is easiest to play, that is why it is easier to convert any player from other parts of the pitch to defensive players. You will mention 20 players who have had to be converted from forward or midfield players to defenders and struggle to find 1 that was converted from being a defender to midfield or forward player. If defense was the most difficult to play, why do defenders generally attract less transfer values and earn less than midfielders and strikers. I can name 20 midfielders and strikers who commend transfer fees of 60m and above, can you do same for defenders…?

          All these your fallacies only expose you the more. A good and well coached footballer CANNOT play anywhere on the pitch. he can only play in positions that suits his innate abilities. No matter how well you coach Virgil Van Dijk, he van never become a striker. No matter how well you coach Sergio ramos he can NEVER be an inverted winger. No matter how well you coach messi he can NEVER be a goalkeeper. Nop matter how well you coach CR7 he can never be a DM. Stop talking rubbish.

          Ola Aina cannot excel as a DM. Period. Not least in a friendly coming up in 2 days time. If a Mikel Agu who has been a DM all his career cannot play there, if it an Aina who has NEVER played there that will now slot in like a flash disk…? Rohr might be dumb according to you, but he is not as dumb as you to play Aina in a position he has NEVER played before on Tuesday. Against Tunisia DMs should be made to play in the DM. Either Onyeka starts with Tijani or he starts with Agu….PERIOD.

          If it happens that way, smash your TV on the floor.

          Stop coming in public to talk fallacies in the name of football analyses…you have made enough gaffes on this forum to last a career….save what is left of your little integrity. You have always been promising to shut me up but the reverse always ends up being the case. Nwakali will sparkle this season….yet it is other SE midfielders that he is better than including Mikel that is sparkling. Onazi will sparkle this season…same story. Na by force to talk football. If the tin nor gree you why not look for something else you are good at to do.

          • JimmyBall 4 years ago

            …hahaha. @Drey how can you know when all you do is read internet pages. Defence is the most difficult position to play on the pitch. Dont argue against that anywhere because for the analyst you claim, people will laugh at you. Football is about goals that is why attackers earn more… it’s defenders who do the most work if you dont know… their mistake is costly to both their own carrier and team progress… countering you is such a task because you always refuse to read one’s messages properly to understand before your keypad-light fingers go to work typing… read posts before you start with your egoistic writings… we should award you for writing loud here, but mostly twisted comments from others just to make a point based on ego… I have played all positions on the field except in goal and talk from experience… I was a guy blessed with an equally excellent feet like Aina, another player of such gifts of two good feet was Phillip Cocu of Netherlands… you will never be able to tell whether they are rightfooted or leftfooted… I bet you if faith is placed in him, Ola Aina will do a good job anywhere in midfield…

          • JimmyBall 4 years ago

            watch Ola Aina and feed your doubts… then go back and correlate my post about him… Dokinta Drey…………

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahahaha…Mr man. you have told enough lies here already…..have small shame and go and rest. You have played all positions on the field except in goal and talk from experience…LMAO….Indeed, you really played all positions…LMAO. no wonder your name was not on the records of the club you claimed to play for. You were so good they couldnt find a position for you. The only position they found for you was outside the stadium…LMAO. Very soon the next lie you will tell us is that you have also coached in all leagues too.

            Some things are not even meant to be argued…..like saying Kano is more populated than Lagos when almost every Nigerian has a relative or someone they know living in Lagos which is a coastal city and a former federal capital and current economic capital, wereas kano, a landlocked desert city is just a state capital…..it wasnt even the capital of Northern region in the days of regional government.

            Even in life, to destroy is very easy, but to build is very difficult. Also jobs that require brains and technical knowledge are more highly paid than those that just require brawn and strength.

            It is very simple….tell us how many players have been converted to defensive players and juxtapose that with defensive players who have been converted to attacking players. It is a very simple thing. I can remember our own Mikel who was converted to a DM….and since then, no matter how much we tried, he couldnt get his attacking vibe back till today.
            Not forgetting others like V.Moses, Jesus Navas, Quadrado, Ramires, Kwadwo Asamoah, Micheal Essien, Yaya Toure, Ballack at chelsea etc. so many. Even our own Jayjay okocha eventualy was converted to a DM at Hull city. Apart from gareth bale who started as a left back, pls tell how many professional player you know that has been converted from defensive positions to attacking positions.

            Why are we complain that we dont have creative players in the SE today. If it were easy would we not have converted one of our many defensive players to and attacking player…? LMAO. Why has it been so difficult to find creative players if forward play is easier than defense.

            Even on the pitch of play, why is it difficult to successfully initiate attack but when a team needs to defend, all they just need to do is get all the players behind the ball…?

            You even shot yourself when you said football is all about goals…LMAO. That statement alone has indicted you

            There’s nothing to argue about there.

            It so funny after their lies have been busted, they will claim their words were twisted when it was actually copied word for word and even in quotes.

            Ola will do a good job in DM, why has all his coaches (including those who groomed him from U7) discovered that up till now. Na your wey play football to highest level for newspaper joint get 4 eyes to discover that now…LMAO

            Even if I read internet pages, im better than you who will never update himself but will rather prefer to come here and tell us lies.

          • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

            Hahahaha…sit down there and be sharing clips….later you will claim someone else read only internet pages….LMAO.
            Show us anywhere in your clips where Ola Aina was played as a DM.

            I am very sure sometime in future, you will come back I deny you never made this statement, or claim your words where twisted even when it was referenced verbatim. LMAO

          • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

            Dr Drey you have make so many noise here,
            Leave @ jimmyball alone and tell us why your idol failed to beat Algeria for three consecutive games now?

            You said that creativity mustn’t come from the middle ( you were defending invitations of four defensive midfielders and only one attacking midfielder without a CM) that it will come from the wings.

            Where was the wingers?
            Were they clipped?

            You were even defending your idol invitation of onuachu as osihme replacement, how far na?

            It’s seems you are now changing mouth ooh .
             Abeg stand like a man, do not forsake your oga.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahaha…it is your friend jimmy that was telling us sweet moonlight tales here…LMAO

            Goal ⚽️ 1 week ago
            A very poor midfield!!!!!!

            Here comes Rohr again with his defensive pattern.

            When there is no creativity in the middle i wonder how we intended to win?

            Ndidi _ defensive midfielder
            Frank Onyeka _ defnsive midfielder
            Tijani _ defensive midfielder
            Agu _ defensive midfielder

            I’m very disappointed with Genort Rohr in this list.

            Dr. Drey. 1 week ago
            There is no creativity…..pls what is the job of Iwobi and Iheanacho…? Goalkeeping….? Some people just like crying. Lolz

            Goal ⚽️ 1 week ago
            So only no 10 that has the sole job to create chances ? What happened to central midfielder ?

            Dr. Drey 1 week ago
            Hahahaha…so why are you weeping…? LMAO. So you know creativity does not only come from number 10 alone, yet you are moaning upandan. In a team that has Ejuke…Kalu…Simon…iheanacho…chukwueze…Musa plus Iwobi (7 people) plus marauding full backs like Aina and Sanusi. In central midfield Etebo is named, together with a capable onyeka who won the POTS of his club playing all but 2 games in the past season as a CM and and Azeez a CM named in the standby list, your intellect and hatred has not told you where the creativity will come from… you are still looking for creativity. Don’t worry….go and check inside your cooking pot…you will find the missing creativity there….LMAO
            That the discusion thread above and that my response is sustained. Etebo withdrew thereafter while Onyeka failed to perform. Iwobi was his usual creative self and that was why he was our best player on the night, what we lacked in midfield on Friday was steel and solidity, coupled with our wingers who chose to play to gallery rather than being as serious as Algeria was to win the game.

            Now pls go and copy and paste where I praised invitation of onuachu as osihme replacement? until you can do that, I put it to you that You are a fat Lair like your crew @Jimmy’fake’ball and co…LMAO. maybe you are mistaking me for Omo9ja.
            When on this forum I have always told you guys Onuachu is useless to the SE and I will pick Sadiq Umar and Simy ahead of him anyday any time. Even in my hypothetical list, i NEVER included Onuachu.

          • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

            So what were you defending when you made this comment?

            You even called me a town crier for questioning why onuachu was invited instead of Maja

            You are about to take over from lie Mohamed as the chief priest of lies !

            By the way I didn’t see your marauding full backs you relied on for creativity , what happened? You even called him this:

            “the most prolific Nigerian striker in Europe since the last list came out

            Again your so called ten creative players, they didn’t show up, what happened too?

            Abeg I need answers.

            Dr. Drey. 2 days ago
            No sir. They are not happy.

            I’ve said it before, some people will make good town criers, because they cry about everything. They cry all the time. If Rohr invites the usual 23 players they cry that rohr is too rigid…to conservative, he does not create competition bla bla bla…..he calls up 6 new players at a go, they still cry for the old regulars. When he calls up players from the top 5 leagues alone…they cry…now he calls up players from denmark, austria etc….they still cry. They cry that his team lacks creativity, he names 10 creative players in his call up, they still cry looking for where creativity will come from. He does not invite Onuachu…they cry….its politics, its federal character, rohr knows his starting XI (I dont know which coach in the world does not know his starting XI), bla bla bla…..Rohr calls Onuachu (the most prolific Nigerian striker in Europe since the last list came out), yet they still cry…..it is politics (againnnn), why onuachu, why not maja, why not others.

            I only thought it is on the last day there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, but the weeping we see here on CSN makes one feel the dreaded last day is here already.

            Ndi town criers…una ndo o…! LMAO

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          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            So how is this a praise to Rohr for inviting Onuachu…? LMAO.
            In the context of the comment, is it not a description of your tendency to cry over every action the coach takes…?

            In case you have comprehension issues that was an apt decription of your continual contempt for every action and inaction of Rohr, not a commendation for inviting Onuachu. Or is it a lie that Onuachu is the most prolific Nigerian striker in Europe…?? LMAO

            Go and buy NOEC and re-learn English comprhension….LMAO

            I repeat, i have always maintained on this forum since after Ukraine game, we dont want Onuachu in this SE. He is useless to us. And i am stating emphatically again, I will pick Umar and Simy ahead of Onuachu anyday anytime.

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    Am glad we kinda have the left back position covered in Jamilu and Sanusi, let’s just be patient with Sanusi, if we remember when Jamilu came to the SE, he did really well b4 the AFCON until his form decline just a bit b4 fans started calling for his replacement. Let’s be patient with Sanusi as he will definitely have bad days (I hope less days tho) which is inevitable in all works of life. He is still young, he is right now a Luke shaw kinda player but soon with hardwork and dedication he will get to be a player like Andy Robertson of Liverpool, if I were close to him I will ask him to watch videos of Robertson how he joins the attack and how he weeps the ball in box, joining in the attack to add goals to his game, I understand tho that 9ja is no liverpool.

    As for Onyeka, my advise to him and Tijani is to watch videos of Thiago Alcantara currently with liverpool and see how they can incorporate some of his play to dia game. The way Thiago connects the defense to attack is a thing of beauty, his passes never strays from dia intended position, constantly seeking the ball while also doing his defensive duties very well.

    Finally those Iwobi did very well, he misplace a few passes which is normal in a game but if he can cut this out he will be much better.

    • Greenturf 4 years ago

      We have ball playing midfielders like Azubuike Okechukwu,Evia Ejaria who needs change of nationality and Nwakali who plays for Huesca in Spain but needs time to get back to form.

      The players mentioned above are the three ball playing midfielders we have in Nigeria at the moment.When they are ready and available we would beat Algeria.The reason Algeria keeps edging us is because they have ball playing midfielders which we haven’t so they dominate proceedings and make us nonfunctional.

      However,under Rohr we play a different system which is based on quick counter from the wings and tends to have hatchet men in the midfield big brutely built,tough,rugged the idea is to win balls soak pressure and catch the opponent on the counter using fast wingers and a mobile striker,the reason Onuachu struggles because he’s lacking in mobility.

      Apparently,the system Rohr plays puts our defenders under pressure playing against a very good technical teams.This is the reason we couldn’t go past the first round in the world cup because the moment you concede the midfield to a big opponent you are as good as gone.The system works well with a team that are not very technical.The likes of Algeria and bigger football playing countries will beat us again and again unless we change our system.

      I noticed this dangerous formation on the road preparatory to the world cup where we struggled against strong opponents because it so easy to play against us.Chip the wings dominate the midfield put pressure on their defence which will collapse eventually.

      We need a different system going forward we need more technical midfielders we do have them.If we dominate our opponents in midfield the likes of Algeria will not be having us for breakfast,only then every department of the team can function.We need good passers of the ball good ball retainers.The Thiago and Co you mentioned do have their likes here but the manager prefers big defensive midfielders like Ndidi and Ajayi because they suit the system he plays.

      • JimmyBall 4 years ago

        … @Greenturf… good point. Argentina, Algeria, Spain and even the likes of Egypt all play high pressing games these days. The Era of waiting for your opponent dictate the tone in games and you soak pressure and wait for counter attack is gone… There days teams begin to dominate opponents from the blast of whistle and make them chase the game… Psychologically this wears your opponent down and make them loose confidence… Super Eagles have never played high pressing games… that’s what Croatia and Argentina beat us with in 2018 WC. We need ball playing midfielders who can hold balls and call mates into play shrugging off challenge… Nwakali is one, Same as Azubuike and Ejaria as you mentioned… Iwobi is not a ball playing midfielder… he is just good at driving but often he does not have good shooting to back that up… Rohr has not in any way thought our boys anything and the team unfortunately has not really improved from the pre 2018 WC preparations we saw… Once we come up against good opposition we are exposed always having to chase games with poor possession!

        • Greenturf 4 years ago

          Absolutely @JimmyBall,Samson Tijani too is a ball playing midfielder but needs time to mature

          • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

            Greenturf and Jimmy, again great observations. I also mentioned in an earlier post of mine I had mentioned about this pressing game, if I were the SE (glad am not tho as the insults could force me to an insane asylum lol) I would model my pressing game to that of liverpool, bayern and Germany, that’s how u press. I also mentioned with our calibre of players we should be imposing our will on teams especially in the continent of Africa. But I have a question for both of you tho, if we have all our players (ndidi, aribo, iwobi, etebo, even fringe player azeez. Am not talking about the ones who persecuted the Algeria match) who would u take out for Nwakali and Zubby from that midfield?

      • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

        Greenturf, good talk. I had said in my earlier post sometime ago that we needed ball playing midfielders but these guys weren’t available. Azubuike u mentioned tho good midfielder isn’t a regular for his Turkish side if am not mistaken (I could be wrong). Nwakali barely starts for newly promoted Huesca (1 substitute appearance against villareal in lalita if am not mistaken), I doubt u as a coach based on form and playing time would invite him ahead of Onyeka who plays regularly for his Danish club if your decision is devoid of sentiments. I like Nwakali but truth be told he barely even played full games for Huesca in the segunda, so his recall to d team will be premature imho. I will concede that the gaffer needs to be flexible in his formation and change as the game progresses. Ejaria like u said tho a good ball player isn’t available yet and GR has already stated that he likes the way he plays, he is someone if his switch is completed b4 the qualifiers will likely be called. I like Zubby too, he is combative and a ball player, with the wrong formation and players he will struggle. Remember he and Nwakali played together at the U23 AFCON and they both struggled. But both of them I blif have a future with the SE especially Zubby imho.

        I think if the gaffer is to use a CB (which I dont recommend) as a midfielder, he should have even played Balogun there as he is more technical, I understand tho that he hasn’t played there b4 whereas semi has but technically he is a better player.

        As regards the big brute midfielders, what about France that has Nzonzi, Pogba, Sisoko etc or Germany with Goretka, I do agree our midfielders need to be more technical and tactical, the guys I mentioned are more tactical and technical than our boys hence the reason they play for better teams than our boys.

        I do think we are on the right direction tho, replacing the coach in dis juncture will take us back. That being said he needs help tactically as no one has monopoly to knowledge hence his advisers (Yobo included). Yobo should bring all his supersports
        analytical skills to bear to benefit the team.

        • Greenturf 4 years ago

          Thanks proudly 9ja for your submission.

          It’s a shame Zubby is not having good playing time at Instanbul,I am aware of that but his club in Turkey bought him permanently from Pyramids of Egypt a good sign that he’s in their plans going forward.I did mention also that when Nwakali gets back to form hoping he does,but his last omissions at club was rather due to injuries and I believe he should be ready for selection after the international break.

          I do not want Rohr sacked because he deserves to still be with team at least till after the world cup hoping we are able to qualify and hoping we do not come across sides like Algeria,Morocco and Egypt teams that are more technical than we are.If we make it to the world cup eventually I do not see Nigeria making progress unless a change of formation.Conceding midfield battle to the likes of Argentina,Spain,England,France,Brazil will lead to defeat.

          Meanwhile,against Brazil last year,we were lucky to get a draw.Apparently,we were non existent in the midfield.It was Brazil all through,all we did was defend especially in the second half.We all had our hearts in our mouth till the final whistle.We were just hoping to catch them on the break.We are not known for that kind of football.We rather take the fight to our opponents that’s the Nigeria I know.

          Kudos to Rohr he has done a good job so far but if he wants to take our football to the next level we have to start winning against big opponents yes we can but he needs a change of formation.

          • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

            Well said Greenturf, you agree with me then that based on current form and playing time, Nwakali and Zubby wont be able to bench anyone of Ndidi, Etebo, Iwobi, Aribo, Ejaria (when he come in).

            You are right that if we come against teams like France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, England we wi likely struggle and probability of winning is small, most countries will struggle against those countries. Soccer sometime can be a funny game, on a special day we could defeat those countries. Spain barely scrape past Iran last worldcup if am not mistaken.

            I totally agree with u about the Brazil game too, we were under lots of pressure but again, it is to be expected as we are not at the same level as them, they possess better players.
            I enjoyed reading your post bro. At the end of the day everyone wants the success of the team hence d reason why it pains us whenever we lose. cheers bro

      • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

        @ Greenturf  Bro you finish work!!!
        I have made this points over and over but all I received is name calling.

        Rohr is a Defensive Coach, my conclusion.

  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    I watched the match again… The boys try sha. But Rohr should try another centre forward because Onuachu struggled a bit with the tempo of the match……
    Go go Super Eagles….

  • Services missed against Algeria.
    Indidi(Kante): that is our midfielder with highest number of Tackles any time we play. I’m sure those movements from Algerians will be reduced if he’s there.
    Aribo(Pogba): Apart from tackles, in him we have a central midfielder that burst forward to score goals or start the play from the midfield (Ukraine and Brazil on mind). All those link up with iwobi were missed and Even Onuachu might have his day if this guy was on the field.remember, only iwobi made those runs alone against Algeria.
    Osimhen: Rohr’s pattern is understandable, he needed a striker like Girould who can play with the team and score when there’s chance that was why he believed so much in ighalo. In case you don’t know, we use the same pattern with France 4 – 2 – 3 – 1
    (4) Pavard, Varane, Kimpembe, Digne/Mendy
    (2) Kante, Pogba
    (3) Mbappe, Griezmann, Martial/Dembele
    (1) Giroud.
    Osimhen has 2-3 assists to his name already this season(remember the backheel at least)
    And from our last game, he made 2 assists and scored two even the chukwueze that was ineffective againt Algeria scored.
    So…without all these services, if we can play the African champions like this with four new players and a returnee in Ebuehi, then imagine what will happen with full house.
    That team didnt play badly. Only Mane was missing in Senegal and they were disgraced with 3 goals, even Ghana.
    So make u people go stay calm.
    Go and ask Belgium what it was like against the lowly Côte de ivoire without their stars.

    • Greenturf 4 years ago

      France doesn’t concede midfield to their opponents otherwise the last word cup trophy would be out of reach.

      Agreed we play similar formation but with different interpretation.The execution of that similar formation by both nation is different I’m afraid.

      • @Greenturf..then wait till the team is ready. Didier Deschamp also came with few of them in 2014 before they became champion in 2018.

        • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

          Thank you @Sean. Cameroon and Algeria were big team during the WorldCup qualifiers and we beat them to qualify for the Mundial. Rohr’s team also defeated Argentina before the WorldCup and SuperEagles were just minutes away from eliminating Argentina at the WorldCup. The only team we conceded the midfield to at the WorldCup was Croatia. After switching to the 3-5-2 formation the midfield trio of Mikel, Ndidi and Etebo did not concede the midfield to Iceland and Argentina. Even the commentators said “Nigeria is winning the midfield battle against Argentina. The albicelestes were just a bit superior to us in the final third and we paid dearly for missing two great chances and a robbed penalty. Obviously, I think the 3-5-2 is the best formation we can always adopt against top oppositions going forward. The 4-2-3-1 will expose our midfield no matter how many ball playing midfielders we parade in such significant games. There are still room for improvements, but I won’t lose sleep on a loss in a friendly to the actual African champions. Let’s see how the boys respond against Tunisia on Tuesday. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE 

  • FrankL 4 years ago

    Am even surprised the way people are being so negative about that match.. Loosing by a scrabbled 6th minute goal against the African champions.I don’t know if it’s another match I watched but I thought the makeshift team really tried to hold their own against Algeria.I think we even dominated the first half.Infact forget the lucky goal and our make shift midfield, With only Osimehn,we would at least have a draw!

  • FrankL 4 years ago

    For God’s sake we lost to the African champions by an early lucky goal, maybe you were expecting us to beat them 4 nil with a half strength team.Apart from onuachu and Mikel agu,the rest of the boys tried their best, Balogun,sanusi,ebuehi,iwobi were outstanding!

    • Abdul handsy 4 years ago

      I am not comfortable with the incessant “slow start” attitude of our national team to matches. I think for us to be the real super eagles in soccer we will really need to correct that anomaly.

      It happened too against Brazil, we almost conceded before we were able to settle down proper and grow into the game. Had Brazil scored before 2-10mins into the match it would had been a different ball game today.

      When you know the exact time for a particular match and you are being dressed up for it, by the time the referee signals to commence the match there is no need to be dilly-dallying. Algeria studied us very well and took an advantage of that to our defeat. It was painful loosing to them again this time.

      I so much love the super eagles that anytime they loose match it affects my emotional well-being, perhaps because of the mindset I always have prior to their matches, I really need to curb it for the sake of my health.

      I hope FIFA will soon sanction the switch of Felix uduokhai,lookman, Dominic EJARIA. I don’t really trust Ekong and I am not always comfortable while seeing him play for us.

  • Cruise 4 years ago

    We need to work on defending set pieces, most of the goals we concede are through set pieces and it has been a major problem in the team for some time now even before Rohr.

  • bello adekunle 4 years ago

    Eagles tried their best but they need to improve.

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