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Belmadi: Super Eagles Made Things Difficult For Us

Belmadi: Super Eagles Made Things Difficult For Us

Algeria head coach Djamel Belmadi admitted the Super Eagles made things difficult for his team despite their slim 1-0 win in Friday’s friendly encounter at the Worthersee Stadium, Klangefurt, reports Completesports.com.

Rais Baseibani scored the decisive goal for the African champions in the sixth minute.

The Desert Foxes dominated possession in the game and were thwarted by Maduka Okoye who made a couple of good saves.

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“It’s a team (Nigeria) that leaves very little space, very fair. We had identified two or three weaknesses that they could have with certain players,”Belmadi stated during his interaction with the media after the game

“Today they played some new players so that somewhat disturbed some of the information that I was able to give to the players, but they adapted very well to that ”.

Throughout the match, the Algerians won the midfield battle against the Nigerians, thanks in particular to the impressive performance of Belkebla and Abeid.

“Belkebla and Abeid were huge in the midfield. In pressing, harassment and physical challenge. Technically they were also very clean. ”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Ikeben 4 years ago

    Yes, the Algerians has clearly studied and mastered the strength of the Eagles, which is their wing play, and for the second time all the needed to the was to clip the wings and the Eagles could not fly, they have masterd how to neutralize Chukwueze and have done it again and again. And their second strategy was to dominate the midfield which they did in the Afccon, semifinal with much difficulty but found it easier now without our regulars.

    So my take, to win this Algeria team with this coach we must play differently and not use Chukwueze on the flank, they already have his gist and unfortunately his is not reinventing himself.
    And we must win the battle at the middle, preferably a 4-4-2 to choke up the middle.

    Well good lessons learned, better to expose your weakness in a friendly match and correct them in the competitive match.

  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    Yes, Nigeria will always make things difficult for any team. The coach of Algeria is right. Good job by the Super Eagles. We tried our best. It is just a friendly match.

  • What we saw in that match was example for what will hapen in the next afcon and w/cup. We dont have a good coach that is just the truth. Nff made a mistake for renewing his contract.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    I decided not to say a single word after the match yesterday. I have said it before the match, Algeria would be hard to crack down.

    We can see clearly in this interview that coach Rohr doesn’t have a game plan?

    The Algeria coach knew his job really well and he kept it simple.

    Our coaches doesn’t have game plans period.
    If we have Maradona, Jayjay Okocha and Kanu in this current team of the Super Eagles, they can only win against the minor teams.

    I have said it severally on here that Oga doesn’t have game plans and his followers were very angry with me. I hope They have seen the truth after the Algeria match on Saturday ba? You can see clearly now that I do not hate anyone?

    However, the only solution is to get an expert to help Oga Rohr.

    We can not continue like this. We have to put the blame on NFF.

    We had no game plans against Algeria in Afcon, Argentina and Croatia at the world cup and is going to continue that way as long as Mr. Rohr still in charge of the team. All his players have bn doing is to put the ball on the pitch and kicking it around.

    You can’t give what you don’t have. The gaffer will continue having fantastic players in his team but I don’t think Super Eagles can win anything with the coach unless NFF hire someone to assist the coach.

    Unpon all the foreign players, the Eagles were struggling to beat Algeria? If coach Siasia or Amunike handled this team chai.

    We should stop the excuses, we have players and better replacements for Ndidi and co.

    I asked why Oga Rohr excluded Azeez in that team? What of Nwakali? Come on Nigerians, what is Agu doing in that team for God sake?

    Why Oga Rohr refused to call Osagwe to camp?

    Why he, Mr. Rohr did put Ebuehi on standby?
    I’m sorry for our Super Eagles. With the kind of players we have in Australia with coach Rohr, we shouldn’t have any problem.

    Stop blaming Onuachu. I told you Glory, Onuachu will continue scoring for his club side but playing at the national team under coach, it will be like watching him dancing to kerewa kerewawa song. Can you see it now @Glory?

    Instead of our players to be more serious with their careers, they have time to do different kinds of hair styles like Lagos women lol. Lagos women, I hail oo. Joke apart, Appearance shows the manner. They have to be serious.

    Algeria is a complete team not like ours that have no freekicks specialists, they can not intersecting ball on both sides so, what do we expected of them? I will advise Oga Rohr and his troops to go and watch Amunike,
    Finidi and Babangida video clips on YouTube.

    Hmmm. I’m not happy about the result of the match and the way we approached it. It is well. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Thrash as usual…

    • Let me ask one question. Who are the foreign players that were used in this match. If you are talking about foreign based, there is no football currently in Nigeria and have not been for 8 months.

      If you are talking about foreign born, then I’ll respond with EVERY player in a green jersey last night was a NIGERIAN.

      There were no foreign players in the squad, just Nigerians. A Nigerian is a Nigerian whether he is born in Lagos, Enugu, Jos, London, Frankfurt or Tokyo. Every person born of a Nigerian has the right if they are good enough to wear the Nigerian jersey. By calling them foreign players you are guilty of discrimination which is no different to tribalism which is a local form of racism.

      Lets stop discriminating on Nigerians based on the colour of their skin, where they were born or because you dont like how they look.

      We are all one, we are all Nigerian.

      And commenting on their hairstyles, how is what you have said any different to how SARS will kill somebody because of a hairstyle, a tatoo or have a laptop or a nice phone?

  • Edoman 4 years ago

    Every Nigerian na coach. Bring this in, take this out. Yet these so called Nigerian citizens coach
    they had before Rohr came in could not even qualify us for AFCON for 2 years in a row. Why don’t you guys keep mute if you have nothing positive to say about our respected coach who is trying his best to continue his utmost to put Nigerian football up and up (3rd in Africa. 29th in the World). Is Siasia not banned from never to have anything to do with football through out his life time ?. l don’t know, l am asking. Was Amunike not removed with ignominy as a Tanzania coach last year or so ?. Again, l don’t know. l am just asking.
    The football game is not a joke. Lets take it serious or we will go back to what it was when Nigeria was looked down upon or to what Ghana football is today. Mali 3.Ghana 0.

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      What is the essence of having foreign coach and foreign based players without good results and achievements?

      11 Capped Eagles Born In Europe Playing Under Rohr and in the end, the gaffer won Bronze medals.

      Local coaches have never enjoyed their time with the NFF like Oga Rohr still, coach Rohr is not doing a great job. He is doing well in terms of having fantastic players in the team presently but is any achievement after that?

      My friend Edoman, you should have known better than this now.

      Read the Algerian coach statement again, can’t you see a huge difference between this man and Oga Rohr?

      It shows that Oga Rohr’s team can only compete with the lowest teams in Africa and the world.

      Did you remember the way Madagascar humbled our team in Egypt?

      Don’t blame the boys, let’s blame the gaffer and NFF period. We keep celebrating FIFA ranking instead of winning matches for Nigerians? What is going on here my people? Is quite frustrating men. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • King S. 4 years ago

        As usual, Omo9ja and his insensate comments.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        “…Did you remember the way Madagascar humbled our team in Egypt…”

        Do you too remember the way our team humbled Cameroon home and away and at AFCON in Egypt too…? Do you also remember how our team humbled Argentina 4-2…? Can you also remember how out team humbled Iceland 2-0 at the world cup. In case you have forgotten, we also humbled Poland in front of their home fans. We were on our way to humbling Ukraine in their backyard until Rohr introduced your ‘discovery’ Anderson Esiti and our midfield collapsed and Ukraine equalized.

      • 11 capped players born in Europe. Let me count: Maduka Okoye 1, Tyrone Ebuehi 2, Leon Balogun 3 William Troost-Ekong 4, Zaidu Sanusi x, Kevin Akpoguma 5, Frank Onyeka x, Mikel Agu x, Semi Ajayi 6, Alex Iwobi x, Samuel Kalu x, Moses Simon x, Paul Onuachu x, Samuel Chukwueze x, Ahmed Musa x.

        You cannot is a lot to buttress a faulty point.
        Whether born within the shores of Nigeria or abroad, a Nigerian is a Nigerian. All have equal right to play for the country as the other.

    • Adeyemi 4 years ago

      Well, Nigeria is now the 3rd and 29th best team in Africa and in the world respectively. What excuse will you say when Zambia, Ethiopia and Madagascar beats us tomorrow? There are no minnows inn football? Why can’t we be minnows and beat Ukraine or Brazil in the last friendlies? The same Ukrainian team were flogged 7-1 recently by France. At the end of the day, there is no excuse for failure. All Rohr supporters kept saying is that he qualified us for AFCON. He did and kudos to him but we can’t continue to rely on the past. Let’s see what will happen next match. Rohr is good, don’t get me wrong but he need to fine tune some aspects of his game. I’m not a coach but we can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. Nigeria is blessed with plethora of talents compared to last decade or so.

      • GLORY 4 years ago

        @ Adeyemi. that Ukraine team that France beat,had an assistant coach playing because the team was kinda of missing key players.

        • Adeyemi 4 years ago

          Is that true? The assistant coach replaced the three goalkeepers that tested positive for COVID-19. However, the assistant coach was registered as the second goal keeper. He didn’t actually played. Your statement is misleading and not accurate

    • Be honest with yourself for once, was the NFF fair to siasia and oliseh. Is Rohr being owed salary for months, Is there any interference on who to invite, was once opreating from europe and getting paid for doing so. So my brother kindly be fair in your assertion. Last time i checked, the soccer olympic team, why does Mikel have to charter a flight for the team to be flown to the tournament

  • I honestly expected this hype to end after the algerian match but some people are still shameless with all this hypes….

    Every day “…. We have plethora of talent,,,, we have this,,,, we have that,,,,”….
    By the time u do some thorough check, u would be shock the person they are even hyping is not even a first team player, or even if he manage to be; it’s either in turkish or belgian league yet they keep disturbing us with their useless hype….

    Some of their world class talent they have been clamouring, singing their praises all over social medial were out classed by good and more talented, experienced, serious, humble, noble and hard working algerians.

    When u are good u are good ASAP.

    Useless talent…. Even england that has gifted, talented young boys playing good football for top teams in EPL, BUNDESLIGA, LALIGA; U don’t hear their sensible and responsible ex and fans spewing thrashes.

    Empty vessles are here shouting in CSN.

    Clear road make i pass joor….

    • Edoman 4 years ago

      Totally agreed with UBFE in your two posts. Madagascar beat us in the immediate past, but in today’s rankings, where are they right now.? You can’t continue to pump average players in here and expect everyone who read your post to follow your point of views that are constantly incoherent nor follow logic which most folks can not take
      . Nigeria is lucky to have most of their players in Europe. Where is the Nigeria’s league to pick the locals from today ? May l illustrate a point if l may. English league is considered the best in the World for a long time. Yet England has only won the World-Cup once in 1966 when it took place at home. You will never find English fans talk down their own. Give some respects to Rohr for what he is doing to Nigeria’s football so far.


    we are not saying super eagles should win every match  but just a simple thing play more cohesive football. Some people still have this white superiority mentality that anything a white man does is good and so therefore we can not criticize them. People who are knowledgeable and well grounded in football knows Rohr has reached his limit technically and tactically and he is only learning with our super eagle. Someone raised a biased question that most of our players are not in top leagues , yes i agreed but that doesn’t stop our team from playing easy flowing football look at south african teams with their play pattern even zambia moves the ball offensively and when you compare Rohr’s eagles you see a lot of misplaced passes . The reason why Africans do not grow is because we are satisfy with average results. They will claim that where was eagle before Rohr took over i don’t care the current position of eagles now if the same mistake eagles made against Poland England Croatia and even algeria two years ago still persist today that mean the guy called is not learning. 

  • Mr. Rohr please give us Micheal Olise we need him in our super eagles midfield, before England steal Him. Nff should be held responsible for eagles being defeated by Algeria. Can Nff explained why they brought Yobo to assist Mr. Rohr in the national team? Rohr needs a good and experience assistan coach now. Nff should try and give Rohr a good assistant coach that can read the match.

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