INTERVIEW – Rohr Speaks On Tactics, Injury Situation Ahead Nigeria Vs Guinea; On Goalie Selection Dilemma As Ezenwa Returns

INTERVIEW – Rohr Speaks On Tactics, Injury Situation Ahead Nigeria Vs Guinea; On Goalie Selection Dilemma As Ezenwa Returns

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr spoke to the media ahead of his side’s 2019 Africa Cup of Nations Group B encounter against the the Syli Nationale of Guinea. Adeboye Amosu monitored the press conference for Completesports.com

On Super Eagles – Guinea Clash

We have three points already and another three points will put us in a good position to qualify. I have few injury problems with the fullbacks. Shehu Abdullahi and Jamilu Collins are out. Samuel Kalu is fit and I must commend CAF for their support.

We are ready and are in a positive situation. We want to stay on top and we are motivated to win because we can then qualify. This match is our most difficult because Guinea have a lot of very good players. The pressure is on

Gernot Rohr fields questions from journalists at the post-match press conference in Alexandria

Rohr On His Tactics For The Game Against Syli Nationale

We are putting a good plan to help us qualify so that we can give some game time to other players against Madagascar on Sunday. A draw isn’t bad but we prefer the three points. We are ready for our opposition.

Thoughts On The Guinea Team

Guinea are a very good team who are capable of winning against us. We know that tomorrow’s match will be very hard, but we’ll try our best to win and we can make it. It’s going to be hard, but we can do it.


Rohr On Who Starts In Goal For The Super Eagles Against Guinea …

Akpeyi started as number one against Burundi because Ezenwa had an injury in camp in Asaba and he (Akpeyi) did well in the friendlies. Uzoho is Number three .

Now that Ezenwa is back, we have a tough decision to make ahead of the game. Akpeyi performed well against Madagascar.

On The Fitness Situation Of Super Eagles’ Players

Ahmed Musa is fit to play and we are happy that the players are coming back to provide more competition. Players have come in and have done well. It shows that we are mentally strong.

Update On Jamilu Collins’ Injury

Jamilu got injured here, but the injury isn’t too serious and he should be fit to play on Sunday (against Madagascar). Shehu’s injury is a bit more serious and will keep him out for a longer period.

On John Mikel Obi’s Best Position

We have options like in the first game with Iwobi playing in the middle and Ahmed Musa from the flanks. John Ogu is fit again, so we have options to try different formations. We can bring in fresh players from the bench to give us an advantage.

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  • This is the useless coach I have ever seen, even if he wins the competition. A coach that does not excude confidence is not a coach. The way speaks to the press is a bit worrisome. Oga rohr speak with confidence. Not excuses.

    • chidi 5 years ago

      ahahah Bros were did GR go wrong again must we critizie him in everything,be liberal bro n put yourself in his shoes ( that job no eazy oo)

    • Ugwudede 5 years ago

      Pls even one is not pleased with another person’s disposition on issues there are bether civilized way of airing your view without using foul languages. More so here is a public domain. We know that Rohr’s team is doing well because of the quality of the youthful players at his disposal not because of his technical ability. The tuth is that he is the most fortunate coach among many coaches that have managed the super eagles in the recent past. If our local coaches like Samson Siasia, Sunday Oliseh, Amunike Emmanuel, Daniel Amukachi even Egwavon handle super eagles at time they will surpass Rohr’s achievement the way the NFF supported this coaches now but financial and nonenterferance with team selection. Imagine what the team will achieve with the combo of Amunike and Siasia or Olisah with Siasia

      • Kai Oliseh with Siasia is mouth watering.
        I wud be trying to put a call tru to the Spains,Belgiums,Germanys to come play us because, I know we will surely measure up.

        • Siasia and Oliseh will just be fighting everyday. Who will be boss and who will be the assistant.

      • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

        Your local coaches had the likes of Yobo, Odiah, Taye Taiwo, Obafemi martins, Ike Uche, Yakubu Aiyegbeni, Kalu Uche, Ahmed Musa, Vincent Enyeama, Mikel, John Utaka, Chinedu Obasi Ogbuke, Obinna Nsofor etc yet we couldn’t qualify for ORDINARY AFCON 3 SOLID TIMES out of 4 attempts in the space of 7 years. It is a matter of fact that we had more quality then than now. This is the first time we are going into a tournament with so many 2nd division players in the SE…yet the team has been molded together so brilliantly by the coach not to reflect that.

        You make your own luck bro. Your local coaches had plethora of young talents in their time too…but will rather collect bribes to call up all sorts of nonsensical players and make the SE eagles a trialist team. The so called lucky one calls up the best at every point in time and that’s how he’s gotten to where he is now…even this afcon squad is the most complete squad we have taken to a tournament since Ghana/Nigeria 2000…the bench is as good as the first 11 and can easily swap and still produce same results.
        Luck alone doesn’t make a coach unbeaten on the continent for 3 years.
        Pls tell us another story…not this flimsy “he is the most fortunate coach among many coaches that have managed the super eagles”.

        Your local coaches left us in 14th position in Africa and out of the top 60 in the world. Today we are no 3 on the continent. Tell yourself the truth and stop trying as hard as you can to water down someone else’s hard work…its not luck…give credit where and to whom it is due.

        • Pascal 5 years ago

          Shut up you idiot what do you know?

          • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

            Born by mistake…what are you doing here…? where did you steal money to subscribe for internet data

        • 2nd Division Players like who besides Etebo?? who else please tell Me MR Know it all Drey

          • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

            Mr olodo Iwunze….in which division did the following players play (all or part) their football in the just ended season
            -jamilu collins
            -mikel obi
            -Oghene Etebo
            -Semi Ajayi
            -Simy Nwankwo
            -Francis Uzoho.
            And when last did the SE eagles have as many 2nd division players in the national team within the same period…?

        • Edoman 5 years ago

          I completely agree with you. I am proud with the way you presented and organize your thoughts. Thank you.

      • onwajunior 5 years ago

        They’ll still mess it up. Rohr is not doing anything extraordinary. He is just choosing the team based on form and merit. He is a neutral – no ethnic or religious bias, also his leadership is mature, he approaches nff and agents diplomatically, hence the reason the hardly influence him.
        When we had local coaches they messed us up. We didn’t qualify for Afcon a number of times. There were sentiments when selecting the team. We the fans saw these things. It’s not rocket science.

      • And so what foul language did i use,u have not been following comments made by rohr, other wise you would see that he does not inspire confidence. How more do you want me to express the truth. You want me to garnish it with butter and cheese?

        • Ololo 5 years ago

          Nigerian is so filled with ungrateful elements… This is the only Nigerian coach in recent years to qualify us in major tournament with having to press calculator.. That only is an achievement. What do you have him do. He won Burundi. Didn’t guinea draw Madagascar yet even their fa president still thinks they have what it takes to overcome Nigeria.. Did Tunisia not draw Angola, didn’t Morocco win Namibia by just same one Nile, did Ghana not draw Benin.. If rohn is not the best coach I know for sure he selects the best available players for each tournament and each match.. Do you want him to manufacture goalkeepers alampasu is not playing in his club hence not match fit, maduka was suppose to be invited to compete for space but he is out injured.. The others are what the nation at hand.. Let support a coach who doesn’t collect bribe it’s never easy

    • Eromosele K.F Ejianreh 5 years ago

      @ Ugwudede, no army general at war with another nation goes to grant press interviews and discloses his weak and strong hold knowing fully well the enemy will use such information to their advantage. We have seen situations in the past coaches tells the press x, y, z players will not be able to feature in a certain match but on match day, the reverse is the case. Rohl might come out and say he is starting with the same players against Guinea and at the end of the day he starts Musa and Ighalo. Every coach has his surprise element; planning for every game as it present its self. We are not in the training grounds or the dressing room to know what he says to the players.
      So lets rally round the coaching crew and the entire team for success.

      For our local coaches you mentioned, you might have a point but most of them as manager of the super eagles at one time or the other equally had the best of Nigeria talents at their disposal coaching the national team and they all had their fare share of results. Some of them would have done better than Rohl and others would have not, One thing about football, no matter how much you think you no as a coach, you still need one element to succeed in your coaching career which is LUCK.
      Even if your team is composed of the best players and play the best brand of football, there is always one day when they put in all their expertise on the pitch of play and having all statistics on their favor, they will still loose that match to their opponent that had nothing to show the entire duration of the match, still come’s out winner of that particular match.
      Let me rest my case.

  • Glad he now sees Iwobi as a central midfield candidate,for me it’s a no brainer.
    You know in the team list Iwobi is put among the attackers and I cried that the coach shouldn’t repeat the same mistake of the WCup,dat there must be competition for all spots,that Iwobi shud compete with Mikel. Someone argued that,do I know more than Emery? I told him I’m an Arsenal supporter and so I know the team so well. Infact Iwobi thru d middle cud av helped my Gunners at times. Iwobi is d best dribbler in d Arsenal team.
    Let me add another one that people may still argue again. Play Iwobi thru the center and u wud see him hitting d back of d net more.
    I know Mr. Rohr is stubborn by nature,but I’m glad whether by mistake or on purpose he has listened to this one o.
    Wish you well.

  • God'sown 5 years ago

    Pls somebody should recommend Mr Fred to nff to help Rohr in his interviews, even if you don’t respect his age, respect his experience. I don’t think that man is new in this business, what he is saying in media will be different from what he will telling the players behind cameras, and Nigerians are expecting too much from this team,thy are young and inexperienced and there are countries with better players out there, no Nigerian player is in the top 5 or maybe 10 in Africa. Am sure we have a good team, but players , no, let’s hope the team plays well. I love what I saw with the game against Burundi

  • Vitalis 5 years ago

    @Fred, life is full of uncertainty, so one has to be careful when making promises, what if after speaking with so much confidence and he loses the match at the end of the day , u will still be among the first to criticize him for boasting before the match, calm urself down, the man is still giving us results for now, even if he loses, no team is unbeatable in the world Ok, and life goes, football is a game, is either u win or u lose, ur opponent also has opourtunity to win, because it is 11vs11. I know u might be rude but try and show some respect whenever u are in the public,because people from other countries are also reading ur comments and they might think that every Nigerian is like u.

    • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

      Thanks for your reaction to @fred comment. I know how many times they have attacked him here saying his talking too much. If he keep quiet they say he lack confidence and if he talks they say he’s boastful. “AMAKEME”. Go to nairaland sports forum and see comments some are wishing him dead. For what? This is football and we have 24 teams desiring to win the trophy and only one team will win. Does it mean the other 23 coaches are not good for failing to win. Ghana has not won for 38yrs but still claimed to be better than us and even the best in Africa but nobody has died. Let Rohr be abeg.

  • I don’t know what is wrong with some people. Pls for Christ sake what has the said wrong that made him useless? pls fear if this man had this man happened to be your father managing the team would you have called him useless. ‘ the man did not exhume confidence’ pls which confidence because he did promise heaven and earth like your siasia, olishe used to later they still fail for 3 Afcon within d space of 7years idiot that have no respect.

  • Bomboy 5 years ago

    Dear Coach Rohr,

    Congratulations for the win against Birundi. Here are a few suggestions from a zealous Super Eagles fan:

    • Please reconsider your goals sir: a draw is NOT okay. Aiming low is not humility; it’s mediocrity

    • Please, do not play two defensive midfielders. We need goals!

    • You can keep faith with Akpeyi if Ezenwa is match rusty, but the mere mention of it makes my heart beat with fear. Hope his saves will be more and his blunders less!

    Good luck!

  • abba rossi 5 years ago

    Is really unfortunate we still ve rohr as a manager, is also unfortunate we ve officials that care much of their pocket than national team? I keep wandering how NFF did not sack a coach who approval his tactical deficiency and still with the team? Anybody that is dreaming of super eagle winning this competition should better wake up? We ve the quality but we don’t ve the bench support? We all watch premier league, la liga,serie A within without so nobody will tell u if a team tactic is sound or not? Mr rohr CV ve speak for him from the beginning is just how corrupt our system is? If not he ve no business with super eagle to be honest but selfish interest of some people at the top despite is not NFF or government re paying for his service but still we cannot go for the best? How can NFF bring someone like from Niger?Niger wooh?haba, haba? Nigeria we should better than this? if country like Zambia, Ghana or Cameroun can afford a sound tactical manager why Nigeria? Look at wat happen to our U17,U20 and falcon?So, for how long government will just be spending money and yet no result?

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      “if country like Zambia, Ghana or Cameroun can afford a sound tactical manager why Nigeria?”

      Let me remind you…
      Ghana’s coach – Kwesi Appiah (finished with 9pts in afcon qualifying)
      Zambia’s caoch – Sven Vandenbroeck (left in march after finishing bottom of a group that had Namibia, Guinea-bissua, Mozambique with just 4 pts in afcon qulifying)
      Cameroon – Clarence Seedorf (zero coaching experience at international level)

      These are the “Sound Tactical Managers” that who are better than a man who finished afcon qualifying with 13pts.
      Clap for yourself….you are too good.

  • @ Dr. Drey
    Us Rhor better than Keshi or Amodu record for record?
    Were they not local coaches?

    Have we not had white coaches who failed as well?
    The kind of support given to Rhor, give to any nigerian coach , they will do better.

    Even Segun Odegbami has finally spoken up that this kourney man lacks self confidence and that a team requires confidence when the going gets tough.
    Check the dailies today for his interview.

    Did you hear the Falcon’s coach interview before France?
    That is what confidence is.

    We should stop defending the indefensible.

    Rhor has no self confidence and you can give what you dont have, and you can teach an old dog a new trick.

    It is this attitude of the black race, we can manage it, (MEDIOCRITY) that is why we are so backward.

    If we send you on an assignment to get the Super Eagles a great coach with enough money at your disposal , the best you can find qill be Rhor?

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Please highlight in details Keshi and Amodu record. Agreed Keshi won the AFCON and also failed to qualify for the same AFCON. How many games did Amodu win despite having a plethora of talents available during his reign. Keshi started well, but he allowed bribery and corruption to take over his good work afterwards and we all know the end result. Where are Gabriel Reuben, Ejike Uzoenyi, Agbim oh Agbim, Egwueke, Babatunde, Uchebo and co??? All now playing in backwater leagues despite claiming to be young players when they were called up. While he was sharing match bonuses with most of them. Abeg find another excuse. 

    • Sorry,I reply ONLY to ur last paragraph @CJ.
      My broda I wud quickly discuss with Carlo Ancelotti,my 2nd choice wud be Lius Enrique.

  • @ Dr. Drey
    Is Rhor better than Keshi or Amodu record for record?
    Were they not local coaches?

    Have we not had white coaches who failed as well?
    The kind of support given to Rhor, give to any nigerian coach , they will do better.

    Even Segun Odegbami has finally spoken up that this journey man lacks self confidence and that a team requires confidence when the going gets tough.
    Check the dailies today for his interview.

    Did you hear the Falcon’s coach interview before France?
    That is what confidence is.

    We should stop defending the indefensible.

    Rhor has no self confidence and you can’t give what you don’t have, and you can’t teach an old dog a new trick.

    It is this attitude of the black race, we can manage it, (MEDIOCRITY) that is why we are so backward.

    If we send you on an assignment to get the Super Eagles a great coach with enough money at your disposal , the best you can find will be Rhor?

  • abba rossi 5 years ago

    imagine many of this writers re saying why rohr use Alex Iwobi in d wing instead of midfield? This re common errors u should always expect from average coach? U will quite agree with me his team doesn’t ve cohesion, team work, vision of playing and positioning problem? Just compare his team attitude with Guinea or mali or even Burundi? This re teams that ve some1 in charge and willing to achieve something. Rohr is now in charge of super eagle for almost 3 to 4years but we re still on trying to test some players for setting position? Die trying kenan

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Why does Alex Iwobi plays as a winger for Arsenal??? So both Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery that uses him in that position at Arsenal are also average coaches abi?? Abeg find another excuse mr rossi. Iwobi is versatile player who can play effectively on the wings and in the midfield. Go and watch the passage of passes that led to our goal and come back here to deceive yourself that the team doesn’t have cohesion. By the way Rohr has only been with the SuperEagles for only two and half years not yet three or four years. Stop spreading lies trying to deceive people because your google player are not in the team. 

      • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

        Very on point. Wenger and Emery must be very stupid coaches.
        A team without cohesion, team work, vision and positioning has a win ratio of close to 60%.
        Wow….pls let them continue not to have cohesion, team work, vision and positioning. LMAO

  • staco 5 years ago

    @fred i will not insult you because of God. You are insulting an 65 years old man God will pay you back

  • Walking 5 years ago

    Now, the amunike you guys said has been giving strong words, wetin him team chop from Senegal.. No be by mouth, make we enter field play ball even if no luck or rough goal.. A win is a win and a loss is a loss..

    Let the man lose first, then we can lash our words at him

  • abba rossi 5 years ago

    Is not rohr fault? Is NFF they fail to go for a better sound tactical coach with the money that is been paid from sponsors not them or govt bcos of corruption on the system, if Ghana,Zambia,cameroun can afford a better coach why Nigeria?

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      No we should go and hire Mourinho, Alegri, Sarri, Conte or Guardiola so that all your google drive players can be in the team. 

  • @Drey only mikel enyeama, musa. moses, was the only best player at that squad u mention. apart from okocha, kanu,yekini,olishe the rest super eagle u call best players are all middle-class for iwobi, ndidi,kalu,onyekuru,chukwueze, osimhen,olaina. oyibo wall. apart from okocha who is to be compare with a dribbler and creator like iwobi? rohr is too lucky to have this squad, OK?

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      So you mean our current strikers were better than the Uche brothers, Chinedu ogbuke, Obinna Nsofor, Obafemi martins etc…? Our current defenders too were better than Joseph Yobo, Taiye taiwo, Chidi Odia and the likes…? Ok…weldone, clap for yourself. Hatred sure beclouds objectivity. A man who is hated will still be accused of raising dust even if he falls in a pool of water.
      Pls give credit to whom it is due. The previous coaches had talented players just as we have now…infact more talented and experienced players….there as never been a time when talents ran dry in the SE. The fact that the man in charge now is making the best use of what he has and has moulded them into a team that is difficult to crack with a win ratio of close to 60% is something that should be commended.
      There were talents all over europe who the coaches could have invited then too…but will rather throw merit to the dustbin and collect bribes from agents to call players up into the team.

  • Pls someone should tell me this man is joking!!! Uzoho is number three goalkeeper. Wonder they say will never end. So Mr rohr what changed between the world cup and now? We the true football fans know from the word go that uzoho has never done anything in his short carrier to justify being Nigeria number one, well it’s better to be late than never.

    • My broda,”what has changed?”, is a very good question. The boy was not good enough for the WCup and the coach stubbornly made him our number one. We screamed,for him to call up Austin Ejide then,he won’t listen.
      My issue with him,is that he hardly accepts his mistakes. Look at Guardiola,Mourinho,Ancelotti dem ,they are humble enough to own up,if they make telling errors,but Rohr won’t.
      I think he is learning d hard way,you also see how he tried Iwobi in d center against Burundi,something we have been crying about, dat cud av helped us a lot in dat WCup.
      Wish him well.

      • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

        You should have screamed for him to also call up Ike shorunmu. The 12 years Ejide was in the national team…what impact did he have. Pls can you remind us of 1 match that he kept and was so outstanding and saved the day, for us to have gone back to him 4 years after he had left the national team…? The peter rufai we recalled from holidaying in miami to lead us to France 98 pls what was the result..?

  • To me if I should contribute to these,I think most of us have been following these super Eagles team all our lives and we all know who fits in well in every position.so Why do want me to believe that a coach who thinks that mikel is a better attacking midfielder than Iwobi has a proper technical knowledge of football.Mikel was not there during the qualifying and we played a very balanced and standard football,and now you decided to bring him in to help with experience so I didn’t you fix him where he is an expert in and nor putting him in a positive he has no clue or an atom of experience at.mikel as a defensive midfielder for over a decade and to me he is an expert on that but if you think he is off age and you want to make his duty more flexible than keep him as a central midfielder in that way he will be the middle man between the defensive players and the attacking players.and as far as a good coach is concerned we have only two players in the super Eagles that can play as an attacking midfielder and is only Iwobi and Etebo.and I pray and hope that these my not gets to you mr Rohr 

    • Exactly Iwobi and Etebo. Chikena.

      But oh that day Mikel signed for Chelsea,I wish it never happened. Mou changed our jewel forever. I blame Mou,but again more blame to Mikel’s camp.
      Infact it shows how excellent he was as a footballer that he was converted to a nmba4 and he became a force world over,in dis new role. John Terry will admire him and call him-the catalyst. But truth is our jewel died in Chelsea- that jewel that was clearly better than Messi in that 2005 WCup,never mind FIFA wayo.Well,doh just my musings jare.

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      The same Mikel played as an attacking midfielder at the Olympics and we won bronze…same mikel played as a 10 at tianjin for almost 2 years…the coaches of these teams must have been bereft on technical and tactical knowledge to play him in such a position.

  • abba rossi 5 years ago

    this is wrong approach by NFF or who ever is making this promise? Football is not all about money is about how well you re prepare mentally, emotionally, physically and psychologically, u can not be making promise to boost your players performances while the team is not well prepare tactically even if you give them $20000 dollars each for every match ,they will not win this tournament cos of poor tactical ability and the level of preparation? Surely we ve the quality or talent but we don’t ve the parameters to win, the passion of wearing the national color is not there, football is about passion is not money.

  • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

    Pikin wey go strong go strong. Nor be until dem name am Samson.
    Brazil, Germany and Italy are the strongest teams in the world of football….always the favorites to win any competition, but you will hear neither them nor their players brag or disrespect their opponents going into any competition. Infact, they will so praise you that you will go to sleep thinking you have arrived.
    Na overconfidence naim make February nor complete. Shebi Amuneke bin dey brag before this afcon…? why in quiet all of a sudden…? all the brag wey denerby brag before world cup…nor b only 5 shots on target and 1 goal in 4 matches he carry come back…?
    The likes of Keshi and Amodu were local coaches whom I really respect…..and I will in no way undermine their achievements…and guess wat…they were never even the bragging types. The same way most of you are insulting Rohr today is the same way y’all insulted them too.
    But to try to water down someone’s hardwork and tag him as just fortunate is outrightly unreasonable. To say it us just becuase of the talented players and not his hardwork is nothing short of hypocrisy. Which team goes unbeaten for 3 yrs without a coach…? Whc team defeats continental powerhouses like afcon defending champions and afcon host without the tactical input of the coach….? Which team tops its qualifying group with a game in hand back to back without the tactical input of the coach…? if that was actually the case, then the coaches of the teams who couldn’t defeat us all these while should be sacked ASAP. they must be even more useless than our own useless coach.
    If under Rohr we have risen from 14th in Africa to no 3 without his input then let him continue on the job. it was some peoples tactical input that drag us down to 14th in Africa and out of the top 60 in the world an initio.

    • Wetin be ur own sef Dr. Drey can’t you make your point without pulling someone down?
      How Amunike take brag now? How?
      OK if u please post any of his comments before d nations cup and pin-point which line was braggadocios. Someone is not allowed to be confident again? There is a clear difference between confidence and pride/arrogance.
      You like the way Rohr talks,good for you but don’t come here and say Amunike was bragging,otherwise show his comments here.
      You even use his first match to conclude him? Someone said he didn’t see Klopp in Amunike in dat first match. I told him Klopp has d players,Senegal has d players,Tanzania hasn’t got the players. That in any case, he should wait till after the group stage before,it wud now be fair to look for Klopp in Amunike.
      You can’t use a match against the best team in Africa to conclude a man. Who does that?

      • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

        First of all, i am in no way pulling anybody down…if i have perjured, pls point it out. I want to believe you are not an entry level user of the internet…why not scour the net yourself and find out if what i’ve said is incorrect.
        Even if you say he was ‘just being confident’, didn’t he know he was gonna be meeting the best in Africa before expressing such unfounded confidence..? So where has the ‘confidence’ suddenly ran to after that match. His mien since then has been more of that of an humble servant rather than that of a loquacious achiever.

  • Abdulrazak 5 years ago

    A lot of clowns here vent their anger on Gernot Rohr for the personal and professional failures that they are! One who i believe must be speaking from the bottom of a bottle, even suggested that Zambia and Ghana had world class coaches!

  • joelspets 5 years ago


  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    Well spoken Oga Rohr. I understand you can’t do anything about the injuries.

    However, what I’m so concerned about is your patern of play. For me, you should rather use what you have to get what you wants in this situation.

    Using Akpeyi when we have Enzenwa I still don’t understand. Anyways, I’m not really concerned about this year Afcon under coach Rohr because I don’t trust the coach upon how much I love him. No excuses this time around. Good luck coach. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      How much do you love him? LEEEMAOO!!! So you now love coach Rohr??? AYÉ MA LE OO!! BOYA O KETI SAPO  when he said Ezenwa has been injured and just got back to full fitness recently. Leave Rohr alone let him do his job. This is the best I’ve seen the SuperEagles play since the days of Westerhof. Take it or leave it. 

      • As far as am concerned, rohr has succeeded in modelling our football pattern to a better one, I love the way we play and I also like the way he assemble players.
        But he is consistently doing a particular mistake, by playing Mikel behind a striker and playing him ahead of Etebo which in my opinion is wrong. This mistake was done in wcup and he is bent on doing it again in this competition.

      • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

        Hahahaha….he really ‘KETI SAPO’. Some have eyes but cannot read…while some can read but cannot comprehend…lolz

    • Peterside Udah 5 years ago

      People should bow down when come to this site, bow down when they are about to make their contribution, bow down when they see contributors greater than them.
      Omo9ja, I bow.
      You see what we don’t see, hear what we don’t hear, say what we can’t say to magnify the aura of your greatness.
      We have submitted ourselves to you to be led.
      Lead us o great and noble one to the promise land.
      All the nefarious elements seeking to bring down your reign shall be hunted down and liquidated one by one.
      Carry go, your excellency.

  • It even took westerhof some years before he could come to term with the team. When the coach was talking about fitness issue do to fever to some players they said he was making excuses. When he released the team list before the match they all said good list. When he recalled Mikel and he played very well against Zimbabwe they couldn’t say anything. When he started Mikel in that position and he saw that it doesn’t work none of you teach him to switch the tactics and he won the match. Why una wahala too much that you complain about everything? When I look at some people comments I sake my head. is Clarence Seedorf a word class coach? so because he coached Niger makes him a bad coach. Your Amunike is currently coaching Tanzania and you are mentioning him to come and coach Nigeria now. Some of you are pained and full of hatred.

  • Destiny 5 years ago

    One truth that some people dont want to agree here is that gernot rohr lacks tactical acumen and he is not good as a coach of nigeria national team. I dont know why some foolish people just come here and start siding him. the truth is there and everyone can see it the man is not good, well if you are not seeing it consider yourself a dullant and stop coming here to comment rubbish and saying we are insulting  the coach innocently,so as we dey see rubbish make we nor talk,
     when you see someone that lacks motivational and confident speech ahead of mAtches,he is stubborn and he dont even know anything when you watch the super eagles against zimbabwe and then burundi you will see they lack creativity,counter attack,attacking style and set piece, mr gernot rohr has been coaching the super eagles for 3 years and yet they do not have this attributes, you guys siding gernot rohr
    Are u nt observing that the team lack those attributes when u watch nigerian match,then again he (gernot rohr) was asked how the super eagles would perform at afcon 2019 and he said semis is fine for him,how would you be going to a competition for semis instead of getting the final product or runners up
    So is that a good ideology as a coach for those siding gernot rohr , cause if he reaches the semis its like final to him
    So the truth is there and we cant  change it he is not good as a coach many super eagles fans would know about this when we reach the round of 16 but still I support the super eagles to go for glory at 2019 

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      ” but still I support the super eagles to go for glory at 2019 ”
      So after all this your lamentations, you still think the team built by the same stupid, useless, senseless coach is good enough for glory…?
      So who us the real fool and ‘dullant’ now…???

    • abba rossi 5 years ago

      Destiny, u re wonderful, I do appreciate people like u that know how a team should be? that’s the essence of watching football within without across Europe, we all love to see our own country progressing but some people cannot simple identify what a team is liking, people should ask themselves for how long a coach will be experimenting team tournament after tournament? we should be bigger enough to know if our coach have the quality atleast good 3years is more than enough, as usual NFF will sack him after AFCON because Nigeria will not win this tournament. We ve the quality players for we lack all parameter’s, government are just wasting money but no result, look at what happen to U17,U20,Falcon.

  • Alright…so the wise men that can see all, can u recommend a sound coach that can successfully manage Naija squad? That can make them play tiki-taka like Barcelona.
    I’m sure with that, Anti-Rohrs in the house will have a point to prove.

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    I can’t stop looking o. When wise men talking, they call it anti-Rahrs.

    We should all accepted whatever Oga is throwing at us ba? Akpeyi Nigeria best goalkeeper under coach Rohr. F9 be that o lol.

    Out of the 3 goalies, there’s nothing to write home about and his fans said Nigeria have no choice but to follow the coach blindly. Another F9. Really?

    You group of people are joking. These Bla bla bla everyday won’t helping the coach. Oga Rohr and his fans, how market? Shęta? Weldon o Customer da a da ni. Shio. Oga Rohr you know I love? Yes I do love all our national coaches. Ah, if you let that Akpeyi fumble again, hmmm. That is the end of the road o. Remember, we hire we fire. I’m watching you all. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Peterside Udah 5 years ago

      Emmanuel Daniel is doing wonders (gudu gudu meje, yaya mefa) in Gombe United in the division 2 of Nigeria yet Rohr gave it to us Akpeyi.

      Nonsense and ingredient, sacrilegious dicompup, gragatious edifice, ingroucous.

  • Sorry omo9ja…Rohr is silly for his refusal to call Okonkwo,16 year old Arsenal feeders team, Alampasu, 2 games per season. I feel it pain

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    Division 2 in Nigeria league.. But he called ezenwa in division one who stands a chance of still playing.. If the wonder worker goaltender was that wonderful he should be in division one of ordinary Nigeria league

  • Where are these people coming from?

  • i dont know if anyone has noticed that ighalo started scoring again after v.moses retired and mikel went on a sabbatical. im not impling that they was a gangup against ighalo by these two players, im merely suggesting that their style of play didnt suit ighalo and prevented him from scoring goals. we all know that v.moses is the star whenever he plays for the super eagles and he likes to hold on to the ball longer than is necessary. while mikel is a lot slower now, as an attacking and creative midfielder he doesnt get round the pitch as fast as he should, plus he doesnt create as many clear cut opportunities as he should.
    but with the introduction of players like kalu.s to take over from v.moses and iwobi to take over from mikel, the eagles have now got players who are faster and more creative. they play for the team and get around the pitch faster. ighalo benefitted from playing with these new players and the result is there for all to see.
    im just saying.
    that being said, im wishing the eagles a successful afcon and i hope they score many goals on their way to winning the cup

  • Alamin 5 years ago

    Abeg, the great Omo9ja and co criticizers pls have u not yet understand. since am sure u read the statement up there by the coach u should know that
    1. his playing of akpeye is bcos ezenwa is not fit and uzoho didn’t have enough playing tym so akpeye is the only option.
    2. the resting of Musa and Ighalo against Burundi, you should know they are not 100% fit that is clearly the reason is not that the coach did not know what his doing. but if u think he his not capable after reading his achievement up here by sensible forumites I think u can take up the job and I believe in the great, intelligent man(omo9ja and co) will do a better job and get us the world cup. let watch today match b4 talking as if we already know the outcome of the match. ire o.

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