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It Will Take A Miracle For Nigeria To Win World Cup- Rohr

It Will Take A Miracle For Nigeria To Win  World Cup- Rohr

Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr says it will take some time before Nigeria can win the FIFA World Cup.

The German tactician stated this in an interview with News Central, where he highlighted reasons why it will be tough for the team to lift the trophy.

Recall that Rohr took Nigeria to the 2018 World Cup, where the team crashed out from the group stages of the competition in a group that consists of Iceland, Argentina, and Croatia.

“We are not ready to win the world cup, for several reasons,” Rohr told NewsCentral. First reason for me is the organisation.

“France is the champions at the moment, where they are playing? They are playing in PSG, Bayern Munich. Four of them are world champions at their clubs also.

“So when you have so many of your players from your countries playing in the best clubs, so the probability that you also have one of the best teams in the world is very big.

“So what we have in Nigeria for example, we have our players in Fulham, in West Bromwich. It’s not Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Manchester United or Barcelona. But the other ones they have their players there.

“So it would be a miracle if we actually win the world cup, Rohr concluded.

By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • Benado 4 months ago

    Total Baldadash from Coach Rohr. Uninspiring and ofcourse demoralising. So if this man was a full flesh Nigerian does that mean he cant inspire his children to be world beaters and leaders?? For heaven’s sake, you have anihilated d home grown players and now he is saying even the international professionals are not up to scratch… O ga o…

  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    Now it’s obvious that CS are looking for traffic comments, I rest my case.

  • Peter Genger 4 months ago

    This man is only here on a roller coaster, to chop our money without hope, ambition and plan to develop the SE and win the coveted ware for Nigeria.
    We have low image and believe about itself and sell it to outsiders like Thor to exploit and enrich themselves.

  • Akunde 4 months ago

    This man is only here on a roller coaster, to chop our money without hope, ambition and plan to develop the SE and win the coveted ware for Nigeria.
    We have low image and believe about ourselves and sell it to outsiders like Rhor to exploit and enrich themselves.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

      CS is cloning you stick to a particular name before they come at you for speaking the truth.

      • Michel 4 months ago


      • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

        Hahahahaha….CSN is cloning him…???? LMAO.
        We are not as daft as you man. CSN does not clone people…..people clone themselves. See the useless people always accusing Dr.Drey of using multiple IDs….God don they shame them 1 by 1 oooo…..LMAO. Only 1 person commenting on an entire thread to make it seem like a majority….LMAO. We know them, we know their group….same group of Liars Utd members looking for numerical and popular advantage they can never get…LMAO. They are the ones who will clone IDs, Impersonate others, do whatever they usually do to seem like many people are giving them thumbs up….but turn around to point their rotten accusing fingers at Dr.Drey…..LMAO. Breeze don dey blow….LMAO. Accusers of the brethren are now being exposed.
        When you begin to see strange names in quick succession like this….na dem

        • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

          Fuck off don’t talk on my thread if your name is not mentioned. Motherfucker ugly duckling!

          • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

            LMAO!! See frustration. This is not even your thread. It’s Akunde’s thread and by the way CSN is not your father’s property. Therefore, everyone is entitled to talk on anybody’s thread if they so desire. The coach has said the truth it takes a lot of organization, discipline, dedication and talents to win a WorldCup. That’s why only 8 countries share the WorldCup among themselves out of over 200 countries in the world. Win WorldCup kọ win WorldCup ni. You will win WorldCup by owing players bonus and owing coaches 6 month salary LMAO!!! 

          • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

            Hahahahaha….Fraustrated he-goat…We don bust all in dark arts and filthy antics for this forum…..Idiot. See as he dey fume like rapist wey dem catch red handed….LMAO. Thats how much useless and stupidly arroant you are. CSN has not stopped me from commenting on this forum…it is a useless riff raff who was born by mistake like you that wants to stop me…? You will have to first stop your mother from giving birth to you first…..LMAO. Mumu…..Idiot.

            Bloody Liar…..”CS is cloning you”…..LMAOOOooooo. CSN indeed.

            Idiot is cloning himself and trying to play on our intelligence by acting neutral…you think we are as daft as you….LMAO.
            Bloody fraudster. These are the people who have turned this place to a public toilet where all manners of flies can be found

        • Nigeria Bebeto 4 months ago

          Dr drey to be honest with your self , are you not ashamed of this man sometimes when he talks ? he uses every means to degrade us…he is giving his haters more talks to dwell on, ok we are not good for the world cup , the cup of nations did you deliver it to us ….No common i am a supporter of rohr but he should be quite and talk less to the media , every opportunity he gets he talks down on our national team …. no form of giving this lads confidence , we have our guys play in top leagues in the world , spain , England , france and italy, Germany …. and they all play week in week out, if we can not get world cup oya give us Nations cup or stop talk talking …. mumu.

          • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

            Hahahaha…Bebeto….wait. You wan win World cup…??? LMAO…with unpaid bonuses since 2019 or with fulham and wesbrom players or with NFF penchant for suspending star players in the team…?? LMAO. Pls why do we hate sincerity like this. Its an honest opinion…..IT WILL TAKE A MIRACLE FOR NIGERIA TO WIN THE WORLD CUP…and that is a FACT. Infact a monumental miracle sef. Infact it will take more than a miracle for ANY AFRICAN TEAM TO WIN WORLD CUP.
            Take your time and go check the roaster of players that have won the world cup in the last 20 years. Go and look at the clubs they played in….IF WE CAN GUARANTEE 15 players playing in those caliber of clubs then we have hope…..but when the biggest club our players are playing in at the moment is Leicester FC….my brother don’t even dream of world cup. LMAO. We have our guys playing in top leagues yes…for Huesca, Granada, Crotone, Fulham, Wesbrom, Nantes, Lorient (all these ones are battling relegation)….then Napoli, Leicester City, Glasgow Rangers….all the rest are in between….including Junior Ajayi and Anayo Iwuala, and you think someone has said something wrong by saying it will take a miracle to win the WC with such players…??? The France XI that didnt go to the last worldcup is even better than our greatest team of all time…..and you want to win World cup…Lolz

            You might want to argue that Korea reach Semifinals…..but we all know they would ordinarily have been knocked out in R16 but for referees + home advantage.

            Even Atlanta Olympics we won in 1996 was it not a miracle laden feat…? Lets even forget it was an Under-something tournament (we know what we do in such tournaments)….If Zagallo had not underrated us and pulled out his best starters to rest them for the final after going 3-1 up you think we would have won that epic Semifinal…???.

            In this same Interview, this same Rohr mentioned about “going forward” at afcon after winning Bronze the last time. I know say una no go hear that one. Na the bitter frank truth una go hold tight for una right hand like umbilical cord.

            I hope you also listened to the part where the man said he played football for 17 years and as coached for as long too. So if you think you are the one to teach him how to speak to the press…then go ahead and contact Tunde Adelakun for a teaching contract.

            Hehehehe…Nigerians love sweet deceptions like ‘we are the giant of Africa’, ‘we are the largest economy in africa’, ‘we have abundance of talents’ LMAO. Let just 3 or 4 regulars be unavailable you go come see wonders…..LMAO

  • Baba na baba 4 months ago

    Na wao for this man sef, so him no fit give us and his players small confidence. When he will leave Nigeria I will see the world stars team he will coach. Is like our team is low class for him.

  • Shame to nff for retaining this man as our coach.i don’t know what they saw in this man.

  • Benado 4 months ago

    CS so u guys took out my post why? I thought this platform is for us the readers to air our unbiased opinion?? It’s a shame. If u people like go and invent comments the truth is that when we are ready, Mr. Rohr ll be shown the door. I jst pray it won’t be too late.

  • Rohr is working on available data at his disposal anti-Rohr are wailing because the man is not sugar coating the truth.

    After dishing out the truth, he then consoled them with “it will take a miracle” oh boi eh! Is Rohr not saying the truth? In sport, you don’t set up a team on believe and motivation while ommitting the capability of the team.

    Believe and motivation works when the team fall short of intending capability.

    The team is work in progress and with the inclusion of awaiting players about to pledge their allegiance to Nigeria then we’ll have a more stronger SE. It might take another three years. Biko, get use to the process.

    The man is telling us a bitter truth, the current SE cannot beat France and if SE play against France and beat them, the entire football world even the commentator of such match will say it’s a miracle. Shikena!

  • Collins id 4 months ago

    Though mr Rohr is right on his thoughts about africa winning the wcup, but i dont agree that its only africa that need miracle to win world cup, i think every national team in the world needs miracle to win wcup, its not necesary by having players in big european clubs, though can help in confidents but not hundred percent bcos sometimes overconfidents is not too good for such big competition. Nigeria defeated greece, spain and bulgaria in the world cup, without up to 3 bigclub players, ghana almost reach semi final with normal club players,
    We saw how iran and russia handled allmighty spain in the last worldcup
    Costa rica defeated england uroguay italy and lost out in penalty shoot out against holand,
    These are all former wcup winners and finalist.
    Turkey took third in the 2002 wcup, without big names
    Korea with unknown players, defeated italy and spain same year. And germany of late.
    Senegal did likwise.
    I agree that with the right preparation(like europeans do)
    Plus strong motivation, sound tecknical crew, and ofcourse miracle, an african team with good and brave players can win wcup.
    The european so called big clubs dont make good players as rohr is assuming, its the otherway round, the european big clubs pay big money to gather the bestplayers from every corner of the world to make a strong team, meaning its the best players in the world that makes the big clubs in europe big.
    Lastly, pele(greatest ever) who happens to have won the most wcup gold didnt play in europe, there for the theory of big clubs by Rohr is false.
    If the other continents teams presents a strange type of game and unknown soldiers that the europeans cant predict or read their games like we did in 1994
    The europeans are most likely to fall to such strange surprises, but when you select familia faces that they already know and can easily predict, and try to play like europeans type of play(copyright) the original will always outclass the copy copy.

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      European clubs pay big money to gather the best players……wow…I like that. So that means Rohr is right, logically speaking then, the best players (gathered by the big clubs) are the ones who are more probable to win the world cup rather than relegation battling players…..SIMPLE AND CLEAR. If our players were among these Best players, big European clubs will pay Big money to have them, the way Napoli paid 70m to have Osimhen. We presented strange type of players and unknown soldiers in 1994 but still got beaten by 10 man Italy in R16 despite playing with a man advantage for close to 45 mins. Pele may not have played in Europe, but Brazilian football was as big as any other league in Europe as at then and Pele played for the Santos – one of the biggest clubs in Brazil and in the world in his days…even winning the Intercontinental cup twice. European and Brazilian (nay South American teams) teams have always shared the Intercontinental club cup amongst them since time immemorial.

      SO Take it or leave it…Accept it or not…It will take 5 times miracle for Nigeria to win the WC than for France, Germany or Brazil to win it. Infact odds will favor Croatia to win WC ahead of any African team…..and that’s a FACT. If e easy to win world cup Africa for don use juju win am since….LMAO. We for don ask Benin people to help us with that ministry, But even our Juju nor strong reach to help us win World cup….LMAO

  • Oga Rohr na dey BADEST man.


    Pepe them for me biko.

    See how they’re crying with twisted face.

    Oga Rohr abeg find another bitter truth and tell them.

    We want them to cry us blood….

    Now i understand why our politicians always promise us heaven and earth which they end up doing none.

    If our politicians mistakenly tell nigerians the truth(i.e what they can do and the ones they can’t) then that politician should forget about winning the seat…. LOL

    Just tell them lies and they’ll vote for u…. LOL.

    If Rohr promise us 2022 WC trophy, even his adent haters would start aplauding him.

    But now the man is telling us a bitter truth, see the way they’re gnashing & grinding their teeth.

    Some people are telling us that we’ve players in top leagues.
    They fail to tell us how many of them are player in big teams like BARCA, MADRID, ATM, JUVE, MILAN CLUBS, MANCHESTER CLUBS, LIVERPOOL, BAYERN, PSG or even ARSENAL.












  • Patrick 4 months ago

    Please take us to the next world cup then you can talk about our chances of winning the trophy. We have to Overcome tough teams such as Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Egypt, Tunisia and ivory coast before we can talk about our performance at the world cup.

  • Oakfield 4 months ago

    But wait o, were u expecting him to say we can win the world with what we have with the current situation of things.???? U want us to win the world cup with players and the coaching crew being owed months of renumeration and match bonuses. Travel to next door Benin by road or water instead of by air or maybe with the proposed good for nothing players from our domestic league which is already dead???? And before you crucify him, he said not at the moment but until we get our acts together. Truth is bitter!

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      Hahahaha…they expect him to speak like Onigbinde in 2002 who boasted he can win the world cup after finishing our pre WC friendlies unbeaten. I still remember that particular edition of complete football magazine vividly. Oga Mumuni can help us dig it out. LMAO

      Na for tournament proper the Old man learn lesson wey e never learn for in entire career….LMAO

      Hatred na VERY BAD THING. See as human beings jus begin dey reason like hippopotamus because of hatred. LMAO

  • B4 u come here & disgrace your generation and your village people, go and check the world cup winning team of:

    FRANCE 98 won by FRANCE,

    KOREA/JAPAN 2002 won by BRAZIL,

    GERMANY 2006 won by ITALY,


    BRAZIL 2014 won by GERMANY,

    RUSSIA 2018 won by FRANCE.

    After all this analysis, if u still insist that what rohr said is wrong or u still believe that it would “not” take a miracle for NIGERIA and other AFRICAN/ASIAN teams to win world cup, i think your own mental problem is beyond what YABA can handle….

    U need a serious deliverance where all the international preachers need to fast for atleast 3months, take the person KILMANJARO MOUNTAIN and use correct koboko to deal with the demons….

    When that is done, come to CSN and thank me.


  • Chairmanfemi 4 months ago

    So what’s the essence of qualifying for the tournament in the first place. Since I’ve been born, every serious minded human being goes into a Competition to win it. But this man’s mentality is just probably qualify and get eliminated in the Group Stage. His mentality cannot even take us to R16 talk more of Quarter Finals where we haven’t been before.

    Little wonder we’re now loosing 4 goals to Sierra Leone because our players are not playing in Barca, PSG, Bayern. Mtcheeww.. rubbish. I refuse to support mediocrity here. This is rubbish! I won’t be surprised if we draw Cape Verde at home and loose away in the WC qualifier. We had better not qualify sef cuz we now know what to expect in the World Cup which are Shabby displays and Group Stage elimination. Please Nigeria save that money and feed hungry people on the street of Nigeria with it.

  • This pure rubbish if of truth the coach said it, I mean this uncalled for and unnecessary , we sure know we not ripe enough to win the WC, but for a coach to say it out openly to the press and the entire nation, that’s real wow and a disgrace, to worsen the case, mentioning the team we have much SE players playing for, how will the lime of lookmon,
    aina, maja and the rest take it though? There is time a complete silence is necessary in an interview. We all remember how leceister won the epl with complete unknow players now, and we read and see how zidane always defend his players and take all blames and we see how the players always play for him which is more reason he still the head coach of the best team in the world. 

    • Ugwudede 4 months ago

      Ur very right my guy. Even if it true must he always open his month and be talking. How will he multivate his so called below average players. In the first place the coach is also lacking confidence in himself and ambition because and ambitiously coach will not take a job which he knows very well that he will not win anything with the team except he only want to collect the money and waste their time. No wonder our brilliant boys are struggling with him. No pep talk to psych the players up. Look at what happen when we are winning syrialone here 4 zero and Victor got the injury instead of the world class coach to called the rest of the players to the touch line while the medics are taking care of the Injured striker so that the sight of the injury will not demoralize the other player he left and was wandering like the rest of the player because he is berate of ideas on who to substitute or how to reshuffle the team to maintain their lead. Then their opponent local coach used the opportunity to turn the game around. With this comment, if it were the so called world football power countries they would have fired him by now and let him go and coach France his favorite. This rubbish he is doing, Amunike, Oliseh, and co will do a better job than this zombie. What rubbish. I don’t blame him I blame our Nigeria administration that believe that home made products are not good enough

      • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

        Hahahahahaha “….Amunike, Oliseh, and co will do a better job than this zombie….” LMAO. ‘Amunike, Oliseh and co’ could not even qualify for ordinary AFCON 3 out of 4 times (I mean ordinary AFCON) and left us in 16th position in Africa…. This zombie is about to qualify for his 3rd tournament in succession with games to spare and led us to 3rd best in Africa position from the gutters where your ‘AND COs’ dragged us into…..LMAO. We even had the luxury of dropping 4 points yet we still leading the group….Lolz. Amunike, Oliseh, and co really did a better job than this zombie indeed….LMAOooo…!

  • Can Nigeria Win The World Cup?

    Super Eagles controversial coach Gernot Rohr has come out to state that it will take a miracle for Nigeria to win the Fifa World Cup simply because the country does not have players in the biggest clubs in Europe (among other factors).

    The German’s best results have come in qualifying Nigeria for major tournaments (with the readily touted ‘games to spare’) however in the competitions proper, the Super Eagles have come agonisingly short.

    Firstly cashing out of the 2018 World Cup at the group stages with passage to the second round within 10 minutes sight and then failing to reach the final of the 2019 Afcon after being outfoxed by an indigenous Algerian coach.

    Even in the Fifa rankings – something that had one time been the acquired holy grail of Rohr’s reign – Nigeria has started experiencing a reversal of fortune with a noticeable backward trend in recent times.

    As international football resumes next month, the 67 year old tactician revealed in an interview recently (according to the article above) that Nigeria is by no means ready to win the World Cup. My bone of contention continues to be that journalists aren’t asking the German the right questions.

    For me, the question is, with the resources at his disposal and with what he now knows about Nigerian football, can he raise a tournament winning outfit? Though I am expecting a backlash, I have to say that my answer to this question is that ‘I am not so sure’.

    Let’s be true with ourselves and touch on another potent angle, football mal-administration more than most factors is the bane of African football.

    It is one thing for the coach to raise a formidable team, it is quite another for the football authorities to provide an enabling environment that will promote success.

    To have a chance of winning the world cup, at least 3 factors have to be present:

    – A competently run football administration
    – An astute and highly technical and tactically gifted coach aided by a supremely capable coaching team
    – A team of highly motivated, technically sound, fit, focused and experienced footballers.

    For me, the footballers do not necessarily have to be drawn from the best clubs on the planet. They simply have to be technically gifted and hugely experienced. They then need to have a sound coach who can unlock and then harness the huge (and hidden) potentials of these players to punch above their weight at the biggest stage of all.

    Cameroon 1990, Nigeria 1994, Senegal 2002 and Ghana 2010: these were all potential world cup finalists. With luck on their side, any of these teams could have at least reached the final or, worst case scenario, semi finals of their respective world cup tournaments.

    Could the Super Eagles have won the world cup in 1994? I don’t know but they definitely had it in them to go farther than they actually did. Each of those African countries had it in them to go one level higher: Cameroon, Senegal and Ghana could have reached the semi-finals ( within a touching distance of touching the world cup) whilst Nigeria also had it in them to push towards semi-finals in 1994, 1998 and 2014.

    And one variable is distinct: never has any of these African teams been pre-eminently populated by players from the best clubs on the planet.

    Actually, I agree with Gernot Rohr when he says there are a lot of factors working against Nigeria’s chances of winning the world cup. Where I disagree is when he says success comes with players drawn from the best leagues in the world.

    No, decent (highly motivated) players from decent leagues can ‘push’ to win the World Cup (if the Football Authorities play its own part).

    If it is all about playing in top clubs, Nigeria should never have won Spain at the 1998 World Cup with their armada of Uefa Champions League winning players. Neither should Senegal have won World Cup Champions France in 2002 nor Cameroon pulling off an astonishing 1:0 win against Maradona’s Argentina in 1990.

    Despite what Gernot Rohr said, I will end by saying I choose to believe former Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Mr Goodluck Jonathan when he said:

    “The Super Eagles can, with more hard work, dedication, resilience and further honing of their skills and tactics, fulfill the national dream of being the first African Nation to win the World Cup.”

    If nothing, I find the statement by our former President to be comforting and more uplifting than the statement attributed to Gernot Rohr.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

      “Cameroon 1990, Nigeria 1994, Senegal 2002 and Ghana 2010: these were all potential world cup finalists. With luck on their side, any of these teams could have at least reached the final or, worst case scenario, semi finals of their respective world cup tournaments.”

      Well you said potential WorldCup finalist not winners. The fact remains that non of this team ever won the WorldCup nor even reach the coveted Semifinal stage. Let’s assume they reach the semifinals Cameroon is not defeating that Germany team if they’d beaten England in that 90 tournament. If Nigeria had gone past Italy which we failed to do despite Italy playing with 10 men for most of the second half, there’s no guarantee that we will beat Spain in the quarterfinals. Even if we had made it to the final we are not beating that Brazil team. Senegal in 2002 if they had beaten Turkey will not be able to beat that Brazil team in the semifinal and Ghana lets assume Asamoah Gyan didn’t lose his cool and dispatch that penalty clinically they’re not  beating Hollland in the semi.

      The only thing all this aforementioned teams have in common was capturing the world’s imagination with gusto, physicality, panache, improvisation and dynamism that can only take them far, but not the end. The Cameroonian  team that defeated Argentina in 1990 had been together since early 70s, went to a WorldCup in 82, played in 3 straight AFCON final and won 2 between 84 and 88. They reached their peak in 1990 and never reached that milestone again for 30 plus years now.

      The SuperEagles team that defeated Spain in 98 had players from Inter Milan, Ajax, Monaco, Chelsea, Everton, and other top clubs in the top 10 European leagues like Fenerbahce, Strasbourg, Real Betis, Roda JC and the likes. They’ve recently won an AFCON in 94, went to a WorldCup and was the second best entertaining team behind Brazil in 94 had been ranked 5th by FIFA in 94 and had shocked the world by winning Africa’s first ever Olympic gold. Despite the fact that it was a major shock at the WorldCup to beat that Spain team, SuperEagles of that era totally matchup to that Spain team. Yet we were dismantled by Denmark in the round of 16 because they were fighting over unpaid bonuses which is part of the bane we’re talking about plaguing African football administration. You can never win a WorldCup in that circumstances. 

      Senegal had all their first 11 in 2002 playing in the French top tier including Monaco, Lille, Auxerre, Marseille and the likes. Even though it was a shock to beat that France team yet they were eliminated by Turkey. The Ghana team in 2010 was more pragmatic than proactive that’s why they ran out of ideas despite getting a favorable officiating on African soil. 

      I’m not saying the coach is justified by this statement as he needs to install believe in his players which I’m sure he does whenever he have them regroup for qualifiers. However, the truth and the fact remains that it takes a collection of extremely talented players drawn from the top clubs in the world and a competently run football administration to win a WorldCup that’s why only 8 countries out of over 200 countries in the world share the Mundial amongst themselves. Didier Deschamps is not the most technically or astutely gifted coach in the world, but he was able to select a formidable collection of talents from the world’s top clubs to be able to win another Mundial for France. 

      I think we should focus on qualifying for the WorldCup first which is not even guaranteed before even thinking about winning it which will be a monumental miracle if that should happen. Definitely not with players from Fulham, Westbrom, Lorient, Nantes all fighting to survive relegation. We can only present a formidable team that can capture the world’s imagination. But winning the Mundial!! Yes it will take a monumental miracle for that to happen. 

      • I am glad you appreciate that the heart of my argument is not to boast carelessly and rather recklessly that Nigeria can win the World Cup. Rather, it is focus on the release of statements to the press that will go a long way in instilling confidence and belief to fans.

        Whilst your point about the make-ups of the 1998 Nigerian team, the 2002 Senegal team and the 1990 Cameroon team is well founded, it still does not (in any way, shape or form) negate the fact that they faced and defeated teams superior to them almost-man-for-man and in terms of world cup pedigree. For example, in 1990, Maradona was the best player on the planet and Argentina the then-world champions, Cameroon triumphed. UEFA Champions leagues is arguably the most high profile club continental competition in the world. The Spanish team of 1998 had no fewer than two current Champions League winners in their squad while Nigeria had nil – Nigeria humbled Spain.

        My friend, it is a matter of choice: I choose to believe the uplifting statement of former President Goodluck Jonathan (whether it will come to pass or not) , if you so wish, you can choose to believe the words of Gernot Rohr, it is a free world.

        You are right: Rohr should rather focus on qualifying Nigeria for the World Cup first and foremost and then (in your own words) raise a formidable team that will at the very least capture the world’s imagination (with a brand of football laden with panache and dynamism) rather than releasing press statements that have the potential of demoralising a large swathe of fans.

        • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

          Nigeria in 98 had two players that had already won the champions league and two players that won the Uefa cup that year. Like you said it doesn’t matter to me if you choose to believe in the words of Goodluck Jonathan that’s your own opinion and it’s a free world. In fact I don’t even think the coach is saying this to demoralize his players. What I know is that non of those teams you attributed to despite defeating superior teams in the group stage ever won a WorldCup and that’s the fact. The Argentina team with Maradona still went on to play in the final and Cameroon went home in the quarter finals. And never came close to reaching that feat again in 30 years plus. Like I said you’re entitled to your opinion and it’s a free world. The truth remains that it will take a monumental miracle of the 8th or 9th wonder of the world for Nigeria or an African team to win the FIFA WorldCup. 

          • Absolutely spot on! It is a free world and everyone is entitled to their opinions. After all we can’t all sleep in bed and face the same direction.

            Collectively, the Spanish team of 1998 had by far players for “A” rated clubs and had more players with more recent Champions League medals than the Nigerian team, that is fact. But when it came to the match day, Nigeria triumphed. You are right though, despite the earlier successes of Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon etc, they still fell short when it mattered most. This is indisputable historical fact.

            However, Former President Jonathan made his case for factors he believes would need to be met before Nigeria can even dream of winning the world cup. I tend to bind my hope to his. Others can choose to believe Rohr and rely solely on history. But yesterday does not always equals tomorrow.

            I continue to be unshakeable in my belief that some of Rohr’s Press statements have the potential to demoralise (some) fans (I didn’t say players). I say “some” fans and not all.

          • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

            You’re right some of Rohr’s statements can have a penchant of demoralizing some fans, but not the players absolutely. Gladly we have few players at Napoli and Leicester who can stand their own against any opponent including Brazil under this same coach. It is only the fans that thinks that Nigeria can win a WorldCup by owing players bonuses and coaches salaries that can be demoralized by a truthful statements born out of facts. I know we can win the U17 WorldCup more than any country in the world, but the FIFA WorldCup seems insurmountable to be realistic. A lot has to be right and a collection of talented and experienced players selected from the top clubs in the world. That’s why teams like Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter, Juve, Liverpool, ManU and the likes are some of the biggest brands in not just football, but sports entirely . 

          • Lord AMO 4 months ago

            If I may chime in @deo and @Ayphillygreat, one shouldn’t confuse winning against a better team on paper with winning the world cup.  Using the examples of Cameroon’s defeat of Argentina in ‘90 or Naija’s “upset” of Spain in ‘98 as an example of teams having the capability to go all the way is a stretch.  Tournament football is littered with one off upsets.  Those can happen in any given game.  However, to pull off the ultimate feat would require that effort at least 3 or 4 times and this is where it gets tough and probably why there is a need to have the quality of players, not only in the starting eleven but also on the bench, that play for the top top clubs.  

            I will however agree that the gloss has started to come off Mr Rohr.  Us Naija fans are hard to please, plus once something’s been done we want the next step.  Right now, it’s definitely a down period in the fortunes of the coach being that we went winless last year, our ranking is slipping, and the debacle against S. Leone.  These things happen and let’s be honest, is it really that big of a deal that we may qualify with a game to spare when we are up against lesotho, benin and sierra leone? We don pass that level na

  • JimmyBall 4 months ago

    … at almost 70years senility becomes to set-in. Gernot Rohr has seen better days both mentally and physically. One love… he holds the record of the oldest coach yet to coach Nigeria. That must be collosal…

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      But he is still doing better than your 40 yr old guadiolas who couldnt even lead us to common AFCON and are now coaches only on twitter….LMAO. We needed that senile man to come and rescue us from the septic tank your ‘exuberant but incompetent’ guadiolas buried us. Leave our old and senile coach for us, we like am like that…at least his senility has not yet pushed him to abandoning quality youngster firing from all cylinders in Europe for strikers who struggle to score 10 goals per season in north africa……LMAO

  • Mr Hush 4 months ago

    No matter how innocent Rohr’s statement seem, not every statement are meant to be made ..
    There is a thin line between humility and cowardice.

    Stranger things have happened in football and still do .

    Even miracles occur when there is belief.

    I am sorry but Rohr’s statement lacks belief and conviction.
    The question arise;
    What’s the point?

    • Chairmanfemi 4 months ago

      Am happy some matured minds on the group share same thought with me instead of the lame arguments most of our long time forumites are making here. Well said @Mr. Hush

  • Why did he win Europa when he was coaching a French outfit with Zidane being one of his players? Even if you give this man Christian Ronada, Messi and Mpeppa all together, he will still fail. We won Atlanta’96 beating all the South American teams with their highly talented players. Rohr doesn’t inspire his players at all. In Europe, he would have been sacked for such a silly statement.

  • Guys if a lamb leaders a hard of lions to war against a hard of lamb lead by a lion, d hard of lamb lead by a lion will win d war, out of d abundance of d mind d mouth will speak, ds guy does not instill confidence in d side after 5 yrs he still can talk like ds it is a disgrace

  • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

    The world cup is the highest level of football in the world. To win the world cup in this age, you require winning 6 to 7 matches. 6-7 matches that require the highest level of football you can muster, from personnel to techniques, tactics, organization, physical conditioning, mental conditioning, psychological balance, focus and discipline. Infact research shows that teams that win the world cup always have their methodologies in all these areas adopted by most clubs and national teams for another 2-4 year cycle subject to the evolution of the game in between. Most FA technical departments often use the FIFA TSG report of ever WC tournament as the guiding template for technical planning for the subsequent cycle.
    How many African teams can produce 100% of ALL those key ingredients over the course of 6-7 matches….?

    We keep talking about “highly motivated”, “determined” etc…..and when your opponents are as motivated(if not more motivated) or as determined (if not more determined) as you are…what else do you have to offer to give you an edge over them…?? It is that extra value offering that we dont have to offer that most players playing in big clubs process and imbibe daily in their big clubs for 4 years leading into the world cup. In the 2018 WC one thing was common place with African teams…conceding from set pieces. ALL…I mean ALL African teams conceded goals…either opening or winning goals from set pieces…and we never scored from any if my memory serves me well. Anyone is free to correct me if I am wrong. So simply put…we were either prodded open or finished off completely by a typical example of extra value offering. No matter the amount of determination or motivation you have if you dont have the right amount of skills and talent (and maybe some of the other ingredients I listed above) to take you beyond a certain stage of the World cup, you just wouldnt scale it. As dey say in local parlance “E no get medicine”.

    I’ve read us mentioning defeating Spain, Cameroon defeating Argentina, Senegal defeating France etc of course these one of situations are possible. Instances where we play out of our skin to create upsets, but for how long and for how many matches do we get to ‘play out of our skins’ without our skin losing elasticity….? That is the big question. In those instances where Cameroon was winning Argentina, Nigeria winning Spain and Senegal defeating France….how were the other African representatives faring…??? How many of them will end up qualifying from the group stages. The higher you go in the world cup the tougher it becomes and the more you need to dig into your avalanche of comparative advantage over your opponents to scale through…sometimes it ends up boiling down to individual brilliance and even in that case, even the most patriotic African knows we cant stand the Europeans and South Americans. 9 out of 10 times its ends up being one of these players from the “big clubs” that ends up being the “game changer”.
    So for how long or how many matches can we punch above our weight before we crumble..? For how many matches can we have self belief and high motivation b4 we meet opponents who eat, drink and sleep self-belief and high degree motivation…?

    By the time Senegal was playing Turkey in the Qfinals of the 2002 it was clearly evident these guys had lost steam. They were not their usual fast, sleek, deceptively dangerous selves anymore….it was obvious something had left them. Their elastic don slack. By the time Illan scored in extra time it was like the players were just waiting for that goal to catch the next flight outta Japan to go join the new clubs whose agents were already swarming them. It was almost like “nna we don try, make we begin dey go”. Roll back 1998….Mutiu Adepoju, Eguavoen, Amokachi have all at different times and in different interviews revealed they couldnt just wait for Nigeria to crash out for that team to just be dispersed and everyone go home in peace, because despite beating Spain 3-2, the team’s camp was a disaster. Roll back to 1994….same thing. The coach even deserted the team b4 the Italy match…the whole team was in disarray and were just playing along in their R16 match…that was why despite being 1 goal up and 1 man up we still lost the match with 45 whole minutes of having a man advantage. Roll back to 1990 the mental exhaustion too was boldly written of the face of the lions. Had they played that game with same fire as they played their group games they could have buried England even b4 Milla came on. The only exception was Ghana in 2010 with Rajevac adopting a “defensive approach” he had built the team on for years, despite staunch criticisms from the ever ‘oversabi’ african local press and fans, but knowing fully that we lacked a large chunck of those ingredients spelt above he took a very pragmatic approach 2 walls of defence….counter….goal….Lock up shop..! And how did it end…..lack of mental strength to finish off Uruguay from just 6 yards out. Probably Gyan was trying to ‘think outside the box’ and rather put the ball on the crossbar than underneath it. Let Argentina or Urugauy or Brazil or England or Spain have a 94th minute penalty that will send them to the WC semis and see if it wont hit the back of the net 10 out of 10 times. Yea…people say it is luck…but hey….you make your own luck.

    We could go on and on, but there is no nicer way to coat it…..but we are not just ready to win the world cup yet in Africa…and that’s a FACT. If we like we run away from it all we can. And it will take a big Miracle for that to happen within the next 2 decades. Lets stop lying to ourselves…..we know ourselves. Zaire had a commendable start to their 1974 WC campaign only to destroy it with bonuses-inspired internal rancor. 40 years down the line we still have SAME PROBLEMS plaguing us at the mundial. When we can have ZERO BONUS fights and at least 4 out of 6 representatives making in out of the group stages for at least 2 consecutive world cups…then we can start hoping our time is near…..otherwise an African Team winning the World cup will continue to remain a pipe dream that will take a miracle of MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS to bring to reality.

    Anyone can go take a statistic of World cup winners (at least in the last 30 years) and 8-9 out of 11 would be those who had been playing the highest level and quality of football at club level on weekly basis. Rohr was 100% correct, you cant win the WC with players battling relegation in their clubs. The luck you will need fasting and prayers to have to win the world cup with such calibre of players….15 players from top clubs, competing in later stages of UCL and UEL, will bring that ‘luck’ along with them to camp from their clubs. We have not even outrightly dominated Africa yet….we are talking world cup. Wake up gents…..wake up.

  • GLORY 4 months ago

    @ Aphillydegreat.. You have done very well by meritoriously dishing out your points, just like @ Deo. I am a fervent supporter of Rohr n will always be if not for anything but simply for the sacrifice he’s made and fact that it’s now too late to get rid of him. It’s only sensible to now just let him finish his contract. That being said, Rohr now seems to have lost every motivation to work, only being held down by contract agreement and love for certain players. Do I blame him for that? Definitely no. Why? Nigeria is an impossible place to do things well. You only need a miracle. Guess that must have been Rohrs mindset reflected in his statement above. But this is where Rohr again is letting I n I down. Rohr seem not to have grasped the nigeria way; nigerians survive by miracle and always believe. Even when the obvious is stack against us, we believe. Here lies the problem Rohr is having with fans and if I must say here, some senior players are not happy with Rohr tagging them as inexperienced n this n that. Those tags are very demoralising and I want to advise that Rohr should just stop talking to these media men. He is playing into their hands. Now if you tell me that our biggest problems to having the ambition of winning the world cup is Mal-administration, I will concur but if Rohr keeps telling us that because we don’t have players in big clubs, I will totally disagree with him and anyone. There is the politics side of football that is skewed towards promoting the European brand, another way of colonization, all for financial gains, hence the Cameroonian team, the Nigerian team, the Ghanian, the Senegal team could only be allowed to progress as far they did,just so power of control won’t shift away from the Europeans. If it’s the football politricks Rohr is codedly refering to in terms of that miracle, then I am in agreement with him. Clemence Westerhof, used the power of positive statement to turn our the home based players into stars that eventually ended up playing and making names for themselves in Europe. ROHR HAS TO UNDERSTAND THERE IS A GIANT INSIDE A MAN. THAT GIANT, SLEEPING, CAN ONLY BE WOKEN UP BY CONSTANTLY SOUNDING IT OUT AND NOT BY SHUTTING IT DOWN, AS IT MAY GET BORED AND JUST FALL INTO DEEPER SLEEP.

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      Hahahahaha…wait till that Giant (without requisite skills, talent and experience) meets a front 3 of the calibre of Giroud, Griezman and Mbappe with a Pogba playing behind those 3 and Ngolo Kante covering 70% of the grass behind them. You don ever see where person skeleton run leave am b4….??? Lolz. Na dia you go know say Giants get height variation. The opponents wey you wan play nor get giant inside them abi…?

      • JimmyBall 4 months ago

        @Dr.Drey… This your tone how a low note. We defeated a star studded French team some years back mind you. Football is 11 against 11.

        • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

          So why didn’t you defeat them at the world cup where it matters most….? Or did Rohr also tell you it will take a miracle to defeat France (or any team for that matter) in a friendly match…? When it matters most you think it is only our players that will be determined or motivated….? You think their own motivation is not 10 time ours…? When determination cancels out determination what else do you have to give you an edge over superior quality and talent. The Argentina we struggled against was the team France tore to pieces without leaving gear 2. No go dey do pass yourself

      • GLORY 4 months ago

        @ Drey only one team out of the lots win the world cup. That only tells us winning the world cup goes far beyond playing in so called top clubs. There are many many factors. So Rohr should not continue demaging the morale of the players. He should be projecting n vibrating belief across; both to players and fans. At the end of the day if we fail to win the world cup, no one is gonna kill him for only one team wins it while the many others go home empty handed.

        • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

          Glory…you are the current coach of the SE….I am a journalist:

          Journalist: Coach are we winning the 2022 world cup holdingin Qatar next year….?
          Ngwa answer the question let us hear you.

          • Mr deo (coach of the Super Eagles): yes Mr Journalist, the Great Super Eagles of Nigeria will never go to the World Cup to make up the numbers. Any suggestion to the sort will be absurd. We are definitely here to win the World Cup. We will do our best and hope all other things work in our direction. Whatever happens, this players are in the world cup to do Nigeria proud. We will take each match as it comes, do our very best and take it from there.

            The boys are in Qatar to make history.

  • Collins id 4 months ago

    @drey, you are the biggest fool on earth, senseless with pride. You brain is worth less than the egg of a lizard.
    Your orphanage experience have really damaged your brain, your inferiority complex really shows how poor and hopeless your miserable life must have been. Annoying bitch.

    Giruo mbappe grizman kante vs osihmen iwobi chukueze Ndidi even the French president cannot place a bet for France in that kind of 50 50 chance, you are indeed a ram.
    Amodu took Nigeria to France and and dominated and defeated Henry,anelka,malouda,ribery,benzema with the likes of osaze ike uche akpala ayila kanu kalu uche,
    Like ODE like Dr drey

    • Dr Banks 4 months ago

      Don’t you compare friendly match with competitive match bro, make your point wisely

    • GLORY 4 months ago

      @ Collins, pls must you insult Drey? He made his point. You made a really good counter point. But why all these insults. This site is becoming very uninteresting.

      • Collins id 4 months ago

        @Glory, he thought me how to do so, you should have first asked him why he mentioned benin ( could have helped in juju ministry) when he was responding to my post, he, drey cannot respect an entire ethnicity in a platform he knows alot of edos are active. Then he is planning to run mad soon. I have every reason to insult him.
        You should direct your question to drey let me help you.
        @Dr drey, must you always show off your foolishness. Na Benin matter go kill you very soon. Capital letter ODE.

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      I don’t have time to join issues with a dog.

      • Eldridge Cleaver 4 months ago

        Sleep don dey catch you, Doc.

        • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

          Abeg when that my dog don stop to dey bark, Biko go help me tie am for cage. I dey discuss with humans for here.

  • Dr.Drey,

    I believe that there is a difference between ‘being able to win the World Cup’ and ‘ being able to raise a potential world cup winning side’. You know you said something sometime ago that has lived with me ever since. Although I did not see your face and demeanour when you typed it, nonetheless, your message captured your mood perfectly. This was about the Chan Super Eagles of 2014. Although they came third, you said to me in 2017 that deo ‘that was a such a tournament winning side.’ (I am not comparing Chan with World Cup, I am just citing an example).

    You know what, Dr Drey, we Nigeria fans are never satisfied. Not that long ago, we bemoaned that fact that a good number of Nigerian players played in average leagues. Indeed, our main striker to the 2014 World Cup played in Turkey whilst it was to get worse in 2018 as our main striker hailed from the almighty Chinese league.

    Now, as we stand in the precipice of greatness with the nucleus of our squad playing in Italy, Germany, Scotland, England, Holland, Portugal and Spain, we are now diminishing them with this rather annoying narrative that ‘they are playing in struggling clubs’ or ‘playing for league 2 promotion chasers’.

    For heaven sake these are players playing at the highest level or second highest level of European football. Whether their clubs are struggling or not, these are players scoring against Liverpool (who are incidentally struggling by the way) and scoring wonder goals in the Europa League. These are players playing with the best players on the planet week in week out (regardless of how well their clubs are doing).

    Are you telling me that it is beyond the wits of Gernot Rohr to mould Osimhen, Iwobi, Chukwueze, Ndidi, Aribo, Balogun and others into a ‘Potential World Cup Winning Outfit’. I believe there is a coach out there who can mould this set of players into an outfit that is able to shake the established order of things in World football.

    Not all tournament-winning-sides win tournaments. But in the way they play and the way they announce themselves, the global football community stands up and take notice.

    They might not win the World Cup but my goodness they can get mightily close.

    Can Nigeria win the next World Cup? I don’t think so.

    But do we have enough to raise a World Cup winning side? HELL YES! What else do you need?

    Okay, our football management is pants (i.e rubbish), I know that. Players are being owed wages and there is corruption everywhere.

    That is a pity.

    But, if I can be allowed to ‘dream’ that our football administrators will put their house in order, then I can see no reason for me not to believe that we have players that can do wonders all other things being equal.

    Winning the world cup itself is a tall order, I know that. But to be able to raise a team that ‘push’ for the title is something I feel we have the resources for.

    Before, we didn’t have enough players playing in big leagues, now the narrative is that they are playing for struggling clubs, whatever next? If there is a Word Cup for generating excuses, Gernot Rohr will win it with games to spare……..

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      The crux of this matter is “winning the world cup”….not “having potential to win”. While you are still dreaming to have an FA that is professionally set up to ensure we WIN a world cup, the likes of Germany, Italy, Brazil, France etc HAVE ALREADY BEEN PROFESSIONALLY SET UP over 30 years ago (30 being conservative) to WIN the world cup. So if we are still dreaming….then we are 30years late already.
      Now talking of potentials….every world cup has 32 team, which will swell to 48 soon. All 32 teams have statistical odds to WIN the world cup and hence all 32 have the “potential” to win the world cup. Hence any coach that successfully qualifies his team to a world cup and leads them there has abinitio moulded a potential winning side.
      Meaning it’s our Potential vs the potentials of the 32 others. The team with the biggest and strongest “potentials” ALWAYS end up winning….bcos the game of football is structured in a way that you have to do something (s) better than your opponent to win a match. It either you were better at finding the back of the net or you were better at stopping your opponent from doing so. Football is a game of 11 against 11 but according to the law of motion resultant momentum of equal masses is a differential effect of their velocities. If every coach forges his team into a “potential winning side” what will seperate them eventually will be the aggregation of the comparative advantages of both teams. And there goes the question what comparative advantage does our team have at the moment. We all painfully saw how a balanced AFCON semifinal turned to heart break for us. If we were the ones with Mahrez on our team…..we would sure be the ones contesting that final match. So when push comes to shove and potential meets potential, what do we have in our back pockets to settle d scores once and for all….?
      Yes we now have players competing in the top 5 leagues…..good step in the right direction, but are they in the mould of their peers challenging for the title and playing in the later stages of the UCL….? Can they match them….? Remember these are the same players we will face in the knockout stages of the World cup. While our own players are requiring extra determination, extra motivation, extra prayers, extra luck, extra this and that to face these guys, they have already been eating and drinking all these extras in their clubs seasons b4 the world cup….. challenging to top honours with the best in the league and in Europe. So we are already 2-3 seasons late already.
      Look at when we took on Argentina in our friendly…..only the presence of Aguero threw our entire defence line into confusion……till aguero was removed. Even akpeyi didn’t know when he picked up a ball e hand initially drop just because kun was charging at him. Trust me if our defenders were even bench warmers in Mancity they wouldn’t have been scared of Aguero the Way they were that night. You could practically hear them breathe a sigh of relief wen Sergio was stretched off….that was when we gained some measure of composure in defence. Same scenario vs Brazil. We were in 5s and 6s at the back the short period Neymar was on the pitch. Contrast that to How Nacho and Iwobi handled the Argentine defence without respect and how Osimhen kept going at the PSG defensive pair of Brazil that night and one thing jumps to mind……FAMILIARITY. Familiarity they say breeds contempt. Otamendi and Nacho were clubmates training together on daily basis. Iwobi too was an Arsenal player training since the age of 18 with defenders of similar clout. Osimhen was powering his modest Lille beyond defenders to contest the same titles Marquinhos and Thiago where contesting in France. The confidence of facing world class opposition on daily basis was already there……they didn’t need any sweet talker to start pumping them up minutes b4 stepping into the pitch. It was evident that c’mon I Sabi these fellas Na. Now same Argentina team, same Nigeria team…..same coaches, world cup…..a team we hit for 4 became difficult to contain…..why…..our defence wasnt contending with just Aguero this time around…..we also had Hugain and Messi. Trust me if Omeruo were to he Varane, Ekong were to be Kompany and Balogun, Gerrard Pique we would have still won that game too. A defender who trains with Messi at Barca on daily basis will not shudder when he meets Messi in the world cup. A defender who marks Karim Benzema everyday in training will not lose sleep if he is to face Benz at the world cup R16. A defender who keeps Kane quiet in training will not need a session with a psychologist when Nigeria is paired vs England at tue world cup. Just 1 extra player was the difference between a 4-2 win and a 1-2 loss…..Messi. Similarly, a striker who is used to breezing past Sergio Ramos everyday in training will not need shiver when faced with him (Remember Gambo vs Victor Valdes, tell me chukweze will not bury that one on one Gambo played to the corner flag at the confed cup…LMAO). A striker who leaves Van Dijk for dead in training on daily basis will not need extra bonus to believe he can repeat the feat at the world cup). A striker who played in the UCL final will not suffer stage fright at the world cup (the way Anthony Ujah froze in a half empty stadium vs Tahiti at the confed cup according to @Jimmy).

      The question remains then…..Who is the “one extra player we have” that can make the difference for us when potential meets potential. What is the potential we have that makes other people’s potentials potentially less potent than ours. The winner of a world cup is one whose amalgamation of potentials translate to a comparative advantage over 31 others.

      @ Deo…..how potential is our potential….? Till then……it will take a miracle for an African team to win the world cup. Infact the odds are that a North American team (Mexico or USA) will win the world cup before an African team will. Let’s all be sincere with ourselves and drop this self deceit which always blinds us from seeing how weak we are even in face of trying to be strong.

      We have won all the U-tournaments……why haven’t wr won even half a world cup. If it was so easy…if it was by sheer determination, if it was by sheer high degree motivation….. if it was by fasting and prayers, then we should have won the world cup.

      Rohr was right…..take it or move on. Instead of rioting on CSN we should be tasking the harbingers of this game on the homefront on what to do to also one day be considered as Favourites to win a world cup. We were heavily favoured in 1998….. but it all ended in tears. Istead of asking Pilate for the head of Rohr on CSN, we should be asking ourselves what we need to do to get to pre 1998 (when we had produced about 4 of the last 6 AFOTY), what we did wrong then and what we can do to avoid the mistakes of the past. it’s even rather funny this argument is coming at a time when our players haven’t been paid their bonuses for 2 years and we risking a players revolt anytime from our next game.

      Leave Rohr alone….he is the least of the problems plaguing us. Infact if not for his managemnt skills things would have been worse. At least we can all see how “well” our other national teams have been faring.

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      Maybe we should even first dream of winning the club world cup first b4 dreaming of the world cup. CWC…
      Annual tournament….8 teams….1 African rep. Just 2 final appearances in close to 20 yrs. It’s WC that happens every 4 years with 32 teams we are dreaming of winning without thinking of changing status quo as highlighted by the gaffer in that interview. Sweet dreams to y’all then. See you when you eventually wake up

  • Dr Drey,

    As I had said repeatedly, winning the world cup is itself a tall order even for teams that have won it in the past. I have noticed that South America teams (Super powers) have started to struggle to win the tournament even on home soil.

    Europe is taking all the spoils.

    But we need to believe, Dr Drey. We need to believe that we can go far in the tournament. We need to rouse our people and we need to encourage ourselves.

    We don’t have to be deluded and we also don’t have to build castles in the sky. In the same time we don’t have to bring ourselves down.

    I read all you wrote up there intently but the laws of science that you presented was not too helpful in helping star-studded France and powerful Portugal (with Ronaldo and Figo in the same team) from preventing minnows and perennial failures Greece from winning the 2004 Euros neither did it hold true as Denmark swept Germany and others aside to win Euro 1992.

    The World Cup is a different ball game, I know that. The odds are stacked against Nigeria, yes they are but I still believe we can raise a formidable team to give it our best shot.

    Football is coming home, we shall reach the promised land. Not by power, not by might, not by the laws of science but by something deep, deep inside.

    The greatest problem I see is poor football administration. If you tell me that this is the single most important factor working against Nigeria’s chances at the World Cup, I will listen to you.

    But to say we don’t have the players or to disparage the players because of their clubs’ league positions, I refuse to accept.

    I will believe what I want to believe. Yes, corruption and maladministration is killing our football. But for a coach to single out position of the clubs of our players as perhaps the greatest hindrance to winning the world cup, you have to forgive many people for seeing that as cowardice on the part of Rohr.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

      The coach didn’t say the position of our players is the greatest hindrance in us winning the WorldCup. It is one of the hindrance along with maladministration. Without those two correlating together an African team can never win the the WorldCup. The reason Europe has won the last four WorldCups is simply because the FAs in Europe compared to South America have been efficient. For instance, Argentina have changed their FA chairman 3 times in the last 4 years if I’m not mistaken, same with Brazil and Chile which culminates in them missing the last WorldCup. European teams on the contrary have matched administrative competency with a collection of talents from top European clubs to win the last four Mundials.  Historically, when we talked about the Brazil team of 1970, older generations still believes that’s the greatest team ever to win the WorldCup. Jazinho, Rivelihno, Carlos Alberto, Pele the great and others who all plays for Santos and Corinthians along with Fluminense, Botafogo and Cruzeiro teams that where dominating European clubs at the time. Even up till this moment, Barca and Madrid are still finding it difficult to beat those teams at times. Of course a team like the USA and Mexico have the potential to win the WorldCup ahead of any African country at the moment unless we just want to keep deceiving ourselves in the name of belief and dream. Everyone is entitled to their opinions anyway. 

      • Yes AY, the coach did say maladministration and the quality of players but I guess Gernot Rohr just needs to be careful with his Press releases. See for instance the same article ran by The Punch newspaper (with the link provided below). It has a headline boldly written: AFRICA DOESN’T HAVE THE QUALITY TO WIN THE WORLD CUP: GERNOT ROHR.

        Like you say, Rohr hinted on the 2 hindrances but much emphasis has been placed on the ‘quality of player aspect’. That has the tendency to demoralise (some) fans.


        • In the article, Rohr described the players aspect as a BIG HINDRANCE.

        • Collins id 4 months ago

          @deo, great minded fellow, did u observe the part he adresses akpoguma,(He left Germany under 23 and u20 team, to play for us and for that reason he is now a VIP in the squad,) if you relate to that statement you will see that akpoguma played ahead of aina and ebuehi not becos of any stupid failed technical reasons he first claimed rather it was an act of favouritism. I put it to Rohr that Germans are not better than Nigerians. Germany managed to win nigeria in their only meeting 1 0, German under 23, 20 to 17 cannot be compared to Nigeria under age achievements. If he desides to play for us, we still have to decide if we need him, ( bcos of this sentiments rohr resulted in inviting about 12 defenders for a match) yet he collected 6 goals in 4 matches. We didn’t beg for akpoguma and akpoguma is not better than Valentine of galatasary, not to talk of awaziem or the rest, I don’t think he is even better than the npfl defenders, you forced akpoguma on us when we already have surplus and better defenders, he came in and rohr used him for 4 straight matches without any positive result. When asked why he invites new players and don’t use them for games (cases of ejuke,Dennis,maja,olayinka, dessers etc) he claimed that it’s becos they are new and needs time to adapt and that claim doesn’t apply to akpoguma. Who is Rohr fooling, he need to go and ask German police about Nigerians, they will tell him how smart and intelligent Nigerians can be.
          I can’t wait to see him flushed out of our system he is just a playstation coach.

          • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

            “…Rohr should go and ask German Police about Nigerians..”

            Rohr shouldnt go and ask Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst about Nigerians…!

            Rohr shouldnt go and ask Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit about Nigerians…!

            Rohr shouldnt go and ask Deutscher Fußball-Bund about Nigerians…!

            It is the German Police he should go and ask. For someone who publicly supports and has severally encouraged young Nigerians getting involved in yahoo, internet fraud and cybercrimes, this really tells the kind of person you are.

            “…Rohr should go and ask German Police about Nigerians…” That is why the green passport is worth less than a tissue paper today

  • OmoEsan 4 months ago

    In my opinion I think Rohr isn’t doing well with his press statements. He can surely do better.

    Few days ago he said only few of our defenders are doing well and now this.

    Of course we all know that going by the present state of our football in Africa, it will indeed take a miracle for any African team to win the world cup. It’s no news to anyone of us here including those argueing that we can win.

    However, anyone in Rohr’s position should know that it isn’t just enough for him to say the truth, but he must also learn to be politically correct.

    How do you intend to motivate players whose ego you have battered by saying they’re playing for struggling teams?

    How do you intend to motivate players to do well in a competition when you have already made them know that they can’t win the competition.

    How do you motivate your players when you begin to give excuses of ‘having a young team’ even before your team kicks a ball?

    In 2018 World Cup ‘our team is a very young team’ was Rohr’s pre tournament excuse and heading into 2022 world cup we already have another ready made excuse of ‘our players are playing for struggling teams’ even before the world cup qualifiers commence. Common Mr Rohr.

    How do you even lead a team into a competition with this type of mentality. This is a losing mentality if you ask me.

    Someone should please tell Mr Rohr that there’s something called Public Relations and by virtue of his position he can’t talk anyhow, no matter how true his utterances are.

    If this is what he calls expectation management, then I’m sorry to say he goofed.

    Like I said earlier, everyone of us here knows that of a truth, it will take a miracle for Nigeria and indeed any African team to win the tournament as at now, but if anyone will rob this on our faces, I’m afraid it shouldn’t be Rohr.

    In as much as I love Rohr and I sincerely pray the SE flourish under him, I must say that as far as this statement is concerned, Rohr goofed.

    Rohr will do himself and his players lot of good by avoiding the press. He may just keep silent or learn to evade or avoid some questions. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

  • JimmyBall 4 months ago

    …from Rohr’s comment, the man does not appear to even have confidence in the team he has been BUILDING for over four years. Spain that has all their players in Barcelona and Real Madrid, we beat them in 1998. When we say this man is a fraud… his praise-singers will bare their fangs to attack. Hahaha… A man spoilt for choice with a glut of good players everywhere does not even have the balls to go to war… Gernot Rohr is an old quack!

  • Omo9ja 4 months ago

    “It Will Take A Miracle For Nigeria To Win World Cup- Rohr”

    So, because we don’t have players in Barcelona, Real Madrid and so on, that means we can’t win the world cup under coach Rohr a.k.a our world class coach?

    Chai, I’m still laughing lolz.

    This is quite interesting and funny as well.

    This is why I said Mr. Rohr have to change his mindset.

    I’m not sorry to say this, we have to fast and pray before this man can win something for Nigeria.

    So, with few game left to be played in every qualifiers since Oga took over the team accordingto his followers, Nigerian team is just going to the world cup to watch Messi, Mbape, C.Ronald?

    They going to the world cup to show the world that we have a Oyinbo coach abi?

    Continue Oga Rohr. Continue.

    Kai, what can I call this now? This is what we get because the gaffer doesn’t know our value.

    If we have to be sincere with ourselves, Oga Rohr should be fired after the Afcon qualifiers.

    We can’t continue like this.

    A good coach can build a world class team without having big star players and it shouldn’t take a world class coach so long before he can building a strong team for us.

    Madagascar didn’t didn’t have players in Chelsea, Man United before they hammered Oga Rohr Super Eagles 2-0

    Leone star didn’t have Mbape or Osimhen before they proves themselves to Oga Rohr who believes his team is not good enough to win something while the new coach of the Super Falcons Waldrum proves himself that it doesn’t have to take long before you can win something for Nigeria.

    Can someone tell me how many days or months the gaffer have spent with the Falcons so far now?

    Less than a month ba?

    How market Oga Rohr deciples? Do you all have something to say about Mr. Rohr?

    Shall we continue with him?

    Just a quick question. If you have a company and you want your business to grow very quickly and you hired somebody like Oga Rohr to help strengthen your business and you are seeing this happening, what would you do?

    That question is for NFF and Oga Rohr followers.

    I’m sorry for our Super Eagles. We don’t have a coach yet.

    Fingers crossed. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • When Madagascar beat Nigeria, are you not surprised? It is not why you are complaining? How can Madagascar beat your all mighty SE?

      Omo9ja…that is a miracle.

      If SE gets to the semi final of 2022 world cup, it will be by a miracle.

      Imagine say nah indigenous coach nff dey owe bonuses since, the team go don scatter tey tey

  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    Dr. Drey or whatever you term yourself I stand up to your accusations that if I am not one of the aforementioned names you call my clones that may you and your household plus generations never find peace or positives in your lives, may you all be mocked as take bearers. I curse you with the power bestowed on me that you in particular shall be the face of the shame from now till your 3rd generation. I decree endless suffering and pain on you because you have chosen the wrong person to mess with and if I am behind the so called clones at top on this article I shall suffer from this curse I laid by my mouth in this early hour of Wednesday morning 2021. Amen

    • @Chima why? Because of football? That’s spirit of anger. It can destroy your future. Please take those comments back please. God bless you. @Dr. Drey you should also be careful with your comments too. We are not here to fight. Haba.

      • Eldridge Cleaver 4 months ago

        That is exactly what I am saying. A lot of contributors haven’t returned to this platform after being cursed. Look at Dr. Toto, he is still grappling with the curse placed on him by Drey. I have that heard he now feeds off rubbish bins. What Chief Omiyale, he stopped coming here after a curse was placed on him that he will continue to wet his bed for the rest of his days. We must stop cursing each other please. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Please, we don’t want to lose the minds of Drey, Ayphilly and Oakford. UBFE can go to hell. That one is an idiot with nothing meaningful to add here. His best and only meaningful contributions are the SHALLOMS at the end of his posts. That guy UBFE is such a worthless fool. But please, let us spare the rest.


        • Dr Simone Toto 4 months ago

          Sir Cleaver I follow the news and comments here, I just don’t want to continue going into conversation with these people because they are not worth it. Their argument is baseless and I didn’t even read where I was cursed by anyone. I just let go channel my energy into my daily life because these people are mostly based in Nigeria so their wisdom is limited to what naija government has exposed them to. I am very active here I just don’t want to waste my time on sadists.

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      Hahahahahahaha…..fool. This is not the 1st or 2nd time you are ranting like a dying rat placing fake curses on me up and down. You have said worse things and I am still waiting for them to come to pass till this moment. You even prophesied I will die but I feel healthier than even when I was undergoing cardiotheraphy a decade ago. Not 1 of mine has been lost since your fake prophesy and death wishes….can you say same of yourself…???

      I am an Iroko tree….anyone who attempts to shake an Iroko tree will only shake himself. I am an African as much as I am a global citizen…..If you want to take this battle into the spiritual realm, then I’ll assure you the powers that you rely on cant save you from destruction. Your evil has caught up with you….that is why you cannot find peace anywhere…including on your own bed where you sleep at night. The evil you do will continue to live with you if you dont change your ways and get your riff-raffs and dogs out of this forum.

    • D Murphy 4 months ago

      Omoh, Chima you be the real definition of snake. You be very shady person.

      On so many occasions you have come here to accuse Dr Drey of using clones to comment and like his comments. You have now been served a piece of that same pie and now look at you trying to play victim. Is it that you don’t understand that CSN is a public space that has records of every news thread. Why do u make a fool of yourself thinking you are smart.
      I have read different people ask u on this forum. ” Who do you think you are?”. You attack and condescend to anyone who tries to have a conversation with you here even when you are not making any point or sense at all.
      You find it hard to make few sentences without talking yourself up.

      Mr. you better calm & humble yourself in life or life will do it for you.

      • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

        Hehehehhehehe…..pls tell the arrogant fool trying to play victim….LMAO. Thank God people have been watching his antics from afar but just chose to let the riff raff wallow in his who-I-be-ism. LMAO.

        I never used to be a regular commentator on CSN….same as when KON and APlays were still around. Those who were on those platforms can bear witness. I became a regular commentator because of the arrogance of this nitwit called Chima. 90% of the times he is either spreading fallacies or not making any sense, yet he will deign and belittle anybody who dares oppose him. Sometimes he will even curse anyone who opposes in even b4 they comment or anybody who support the views of someone who has just opposed him. What manner of useless egomaniac.
        Even when he is completely ignorant and outdated he will still be acting superciliously and telling everybody fake life histories that do not match his low level of reasoning we are not interested in. He bragged to be a financial analyst….LMAO….Fake financial analyst who doesn’t know the importance of stats and figures in inferential and deterministic decision making. Infact he at one time bragged that he is close to top managers in Europe and doesn’t even know why he is condescending too low to be in this CSN forum…..yet the fool keeps coming back. His popular phrase used to be “I live in Europe where I have access to internet”….until I cut him to size when I asked him if the sun rises and sets differently in Europe that makes him feel living in Europe is a accomplishment…LMAO.

        I started commenting by always drop facts here for everyone to see and I am glad I really put him in his place these few years. The fact that I always shredded his fallacies and that he was always powerless in furthering his blind and warped arguments is the reason he is so frustrated (together with his likes) and even threated to kill me if he meets with me one on one….that was after his prayers that I should die did not work…..LMAO. Anytime Dr.Drey comments and he sees people liking the comment he will get mad and jealous and start throwing all sorts of accusations around about multiple IDs but he wont state whether the dislikes too are also products of multiple IDs, neither will anybody else whose comments be like be products of multiple IDs. Only Dr.Drey’s likes are products of multiple IDs…LMAO. Jealousy don kill the idiot finish….LMAO. I’ve asked them to point out the multiple ID Dr.Drey is using, till today they cant. One of them even went ahead and duplicated my name (the height of their foolishness) yet I remained myself. I will still open that one’s case later…..I know him and he knows himself…one of those oversabis who always claims he is smart. He can change name all he can but you cant change his writing signature….its like a DNA….the more he writes the more his comments can be matched. I will open that one’s file on a later date when I’ve gathered enough resources to checkmate him at a crossroad.
        I and this arrogant fool have had lots of running battles here…from Success is FAR better than Ighalo, Musa Muhammed is far better than Ola Aina, the latest being “Uzbekistan is in line to qualify for Tokyo Olympics”…..LMAO…very ignorant fool. And I am glad i’ve always smacked his back on the ground and will continue to. Let the name Dr.Drey continue to be a hot coal upon his heart till he changes his ways or can breathe no more.

        Person wey get loaf of bread dey brag, wetin make the owner of the bakery do…?

        Any small thing, I am a father…I am a parent…..LMAO…Does it look like people here on CSN are your children or grand children…? God punish you and your irresponsible fatherhood that teaches you to be such a blatant lair and arrogant fool. Who isnt a father….???

        Many thanks for speaking up @Murphy

        • D Murphy 4 months ago

          My Respects @Dr drey.
          The guy’s blatant arrogance pisses me off.

          • SD Special Delivery Jones 4 months ago

            Na jealousy dey worry you. Do you know who he is?

  • pompei 4 months ago


    Countries that win the world cup have facilities like this at their disposal. In this video, a 15 yr old German kid is being trained by Bayern Munich to be a goalkeeper. Look at the first class facilities available for training this kid. Germany have a great football league, great football administrators, they develop talent from the grassroots, like this 15 yr old boy. If Germany say they plan to win the world cup next year, the world takes them seriously.
    Nigeria at the moment is lacking in all these things that make Germany a world cup contender. Even the players we have, many of them are foreign born. It is a classic MONKEY DEY WORK, BABOON DEY CHOP situation. The foreign countries like England, Germany, etc invest in the training and development of young lads, then when the lads are ready for football at the highest level, HERE COMES NIGERIA COMING IN TO REAP WHERE WE DID NOT SOW.
    We can win the world cup. It is possible. Unlikely, but possible.
    Talent is something we’ve always had in abundance. What we severely lack is proper administration. The sooner we get the administrative part right, the closer we get to the world cup trophy. But without better football administration, our world cup aspirations are likely to remain a pipe dream.

    • Omo9ja 4 months ago

      @pompei, Come on my man. Nigeria didn’t have world class facilities before we qualified for the Olympic games and we be came the champions in the end.

      Cameroon didn’t have the best stadiums but they proved their worth at the world cup.

      Senegal didn’t have the best stadiums still, they did well at the world cup.

      Don’t forget that Nigeria did well at their first appearance in USA 94.

      All we are saying is that, you doesn’t have to have money in the bank before you can become a billionaire period.

      We can make the best out of the stadiums we have in Nigeria.

      This same Nigeria that Mr. Westerhof built his own team. Jo Bonfrere, Siasia, Keshi and Amodu shuaimbu also did but Oga Rohr is giving us unnecessary excuses without winning big things for Nigeria.

      What can we call that, waste of time?

      Just think about it and stop making unnecessary excuses for Oga Rohr.

      We can win the world cup if we have the right people in charge of our football but NFF are their milking from our sports.

      That is why you are seeing the likes of Mr. Rohr,
      Mr. Agu, Akpeyi and many others in the national team.

      Don’t expect nothing as long as Mr. Pinnick and Oga still in charge of the Super Eagles. That is the bitter truth. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    I got up this morning to read various filthy things from the idiot and it seems nobody can call him to order, since he has found no joy in his life that is why he has resorted to coming here to make all sort of disrespectful utterances times without numbers I am addicted to sports like most people on this forum in a decent manner but can not allow myself to be ridiculed by some tyrant, Ayphilly I also call you out to be very careful most of you idiots will hide behind the internet talking down people you will dare not in real life. You all need to be very careful I mean very careful because talk is cheap but you don’t know who’s behind the name.

    I don’t know why on earth uncultured citizens who are pained by life will resort to making a mockery of people and level childish allegations just to bring down identities and voices. You all need to be very careful most of us are parents and if you think you can come here talk trash because of sports you will be cursing yourselves. I repeat Ayphilly, UBFE, Drey, UBAH, Oakfield and etcetera be very careful. I will give this page a break briefly so you can carry on with your callousness or turn new leaves vagabons.

    • Oakfield 4 months ago

      Amadioha fire u there!!!!Have been overlooking your stupid and senseless overtures here but have not uttered a word. You’re very dum and foolish by making a reference to me. Who do you think you are??? Small thing u go begin talk about level. If most us give u a snipet of who we are, you’ll never surface here again for the rest of life to utter rubbish. Anu offia nwa nmuo. Make u no start what u cannot finish. make I hear my name for your that ur dirty mouth again. Ewu gambia.

      • Bobby 4 months ago

        Mumu see your village sense person use God correct una you dey use juju, who come get sense now? You people have been fooling here for ages but now is revolution all this nonsense must stop. Dr.Drey abi police wey be una oga self go still come yarn nonsense instead of una to get sense and respect yourselves to make peace and respect each others opinions on this page for once.

        Make una get sense o, football is unity not war.

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      I repeat…may you perish in petrol fire. Who the hell are you…?? Who is the bastard behind your demonic name…??? Who is the useless idiot you are in real life. Look at this filthy pig. You must be one of the most useless and irresponsible parents alive. Its a shame a child out there has a worthless pig like you as a parent. You are a parent and so fucking what…?? Who is not…?? Who the hell are you……see this cheap good for nothing gambler o. I am wara wara wara….I am wara wara wara …..Perish with whatever you are. Are you Dangote..?? or Are you Mike Adenuga….?? or are you Ngozi Okonjo Iweala…?? God punish you in whatever state of penury you and wallowing.
      You come here polluting this place with your hatred and jealousy….using all sort of dark arts and underhand tactics to try to impose yourself or your will on everyone. Cursing people who oppose your stupidity EVEN B4 THEY COMMENT, the same you is the ring leader of those who multiplicate identities and impersonate people here and you open your filthy mouth to vomit rubbish and point you rotten fingers at others…..you must be more than an Idiot. Look at this dog that declared here on CSN 2 years ago the I will die and prayed death upon me coming here to act sanctimonious…..once again may you perish in petrol fire.
      You have not seen anything yet. The restlessness and discomfort with which you sleep and wake up everyday will remain with you for as long as your hatred and jealousy persists. You will never know peace in your lifetime. For as long as you remain the devil your are, a legion of you will continue to bite the dust each time the name Dr.Drey comes to your mind. Your nightmares have just stared.
      Arrogant fool. I am a parent …yen yen yen. Who isnt…??? What do you have that is making you raise shoulders….?? You have cars…who doesnt…?? You own a house….who doesnt…?? You have a company of your own….Who doesnt…?? You are educated…who isnt…??? You have Firearms….who doesnt…?? What uselessness do you have that is making you arrogantly foolish…???
      Even the owner of CSN is not as arrongant as a useless idiot like you who owns nothing.
      Go and hang yourself if you are this frustrated in life. Nonsense. If you are too big to be on CSN go and join them in Illuminati. Bastard

      • Dr Simone Toto 4 months ago

        Shut up it is today that I heard you insulted me. May your father and your useless mother who failed to raise you up die a reckless death. Dr dry this your big mouth will take you into a big problem that no one on earth can save you. May you die a shameful death you are so full of pain and stupidness. You will never find joy all the days of your life. Chima cause na small you useless ingrate. You think people don’t know how much inferiority complex is making you offensive to people at first hand. The revolution is here indeed watch out for more to come from me. Accident will kill you except if you will not leave your house. May you die in fire and you will never be fruitful. ÍSÉ

        • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

          Eranko….I dont have time to join issues with an animal..! The fact that you named yourself after your mother’s genitals has already made you a cursed being. Cant you see you are a nonentity and boject of jest on this forum already…??? LMAO. Human beings dey talk he-goat sef wan follow. Chima eberibe Samuels come at drag your he-goat outta here

          • Dr Simone Toto 4 months ago

            That same hole you came out for abi, your mother’s genitals and to correct you and your illiterate line of clowns my name is Simone Antonio…. Toto is the short form of Antonio but because most of you Naija villagers you don’t know anything but just talk anyhow like you know but you know nothing. Now ask google what name abbreviates Toto. Useless Pig

      • Dr Simone Toto 4 months ago

        Thunder fire your mama, how i say na face to face you dey here, I for sound sense enter this bastard head. Dr Drey send me any of your social media handler name if you are man enough as you speak. If I no treat your fuck up then I am not the son of Nigeria. I dey find you like this, you open your rotten mouth insult me abi wetin I dey hear self. Make God punish you I dey find you rubbish son of a shameful poverty stricken father.

        • DMurphy 4 months ago

          Omoh, Chima leave you be real definition of snake.

          You have come here plenty of times to accuse Dr drey of cloning himself and liking his own comments. You get thrown a slice out of that same cake and you come here and start playing victim. You insult and condesecend to anyone that tries to engage you in any kind of conversation without realizing you aren’t even making any sense yourself.
          Guy you had better calm and humble yourself or else life go humble you.

          I’m sure there is a larger no of people who just visit and read the comments on csn compared to those who actually comment. I never comment myself but instead prefer to read the many diverse and intelligent thoughts from the many great football minds here. But lately football has begun to take the back bench for insults & abuses and it’s becoming unbearable.
          We are all love the super eagles & Nigerian football inspite of whatever side of the argument we are camped. There’s no call for the insults and strong words. I do not wish to mention names.


        • Dr Banks 4 months ago

          Your parents give you better name Antonio but you come think say you are wiser and changed it to TOTO (Vagina). Can’t you see how foolish you really are? No wonder your only contributing comment you ever make in this forum is just to say “toto is better than brokos”
          Better check your life out and make necessary changes

          • Dr Simone Toto 4 months ago

            You are not part of the discussion. Another bush man after checking facts you still come here to expose your naive self. Better go and read sports before you carry curse go house too. Ewu

  • Eldridge Cleaver 4 months ago

    Please, let us forgive each other. @Chima, please, don’t place curses on other Forumites. This is because once the curse is placed, there is no going back. You cannot recall your curses. These Forumites will be doomed. They will be condemned to a life shrouded with the fog of curses placed on them. Their contributions on this platform will cease to make sense and the will lose their sense of place in the family, community and wider cyberspace and we can’t permit that to happen.
    So I beg you, recant your curses, free their souls, liberate their minds and let’s all live in harmony.

  • We can’t go far with this coach. He is fine talking rubbish and killing the morale if the players. This caused us the nations cup.

    Let me remind this low confidence coach.

    What makes you ein the world cup is not just about the players and the clubs they play for. So many other factors come into play.

    His job is to look at all these other factors and see what he could do. In 1994 not all our players were in big clubs. If we had beaten italy we would have gotten to the final. But some other factors prevented us.

    Senegal was another good example, they beat teams with players in too clubs.

    Germany failed woefully in the last world cup with all their players in too clubs.

    Rohr is confused. Even if you have such stupid view, you keep it to yourself.

    Westerhof was always boasting about his team and players. He was always talking tough. This even made opposition to start criticizing him
    With this nonsense he just said, you should not expect anything from the team if they qualified for the world cup

    That was why he kept on making useless statements about semi final at the last nations. The players got to the semi final and lost the steam. There is power in your word.

    Somebody should call this low confidence in order. He is confused. He has nothing to deliver again. He has tried his best.

  • JimmyBall 4 months ago

    … A coach of a national team like Nigeria blanketly saying Africa is still bunkers thinking they have a chance to win the world. Even his native Almighty Germany were demolished by Algeria in 1982 only to racistly play an accord (a shame to world soccer) conniving with their fellow kind and brothers, Austria to oust Algeria from progressing to the next round. Cameroon humiliated a vibrant Argentina team in opening game of the 1990 world cup going all the way to the quarter finals before two cheaply and racistly awarded penalties helped favored England to the semis… Africa has worn Olympics (Nigeria and Cameroon) against strong soccer nations with their own stars… Yet we as Africans will continue to get disrespected because a coach like Rohr will come and assume leadership amongst us because of his white skin where we have better indegenous alternatives and then start ridiculing us as people. If not for FIFA politics always preferring traditional football super powers at the expense of less fancied teams like those from Africa and Asia, by now an African team should have reached Semi final of the senior world cup atleast… Gernot Rohr was a coach who took the Super Eagles job and started with excuses from day 1 and he continues to find new excuses and store them to use when failures as it is sure comes knocking sooner than later… This is a coach who has never won anything of note in any coaching capacity… Right now he is even not confident of winning the next nations cup and will soon fashion an excuse lying in wait to use… Shame on us how we continue to degrade ourselves occasionally projecting frauludent and daft Whitemen above our own. Who is Rohr… What has he ever won as a coach?

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      What had Maurizio Sarri won b4 managing Chelsea…?
      What had westerhoff won b4 managing the SE…?
      What had Bonfrere won b4 Managing the SE…?
      What had Keshi won b4 managing the SE…?
      What had Oliseh won b4 managing the SE…?
      What had Siasia won b4 managing the SE…?

      *Cameroon won Argentina at Italia 90…..was that the world cup final…??
      *Nigeria won Bulgaria in 1994….was that the world cup final…??
      *Senegal won France in 2002….was that the world cupfinal
      *Nigeria won Brazil in 1996….Brazil wen on to play the WC 1998 final and won in 2002 we didnt even near quater finals on both occassions
      *Cameroon won Spain at Sydney Olympics 2000….Spain won WC in 2010….Cameroon did not come out of group stages of WC
      *Beijing 2008 we lost to Argentina in the final….by 2014 Argentina was playing in the WC final….we struggled to get out of group stages. Argentine players who played 2008 olympics are mostly still active at the top level up till date…..our 40yr olds masqurading as U23s have since burnt out even b4 2014 world cup….LMAO
      I am sure if the WC had a U- in front of it …..Africa would have won it many times


      Hehehehehe…it was FIFA racism that hacked England strikers down 2ce in the penalty box vs Cameroon in 1990. It was FIFA racism that told Eguavoen to bundle/wrestle down an Italian striker in the box in 1994. It was FIFA racism that made Nigeria lose 1-4 to Denmark in 1998. It must have been FIFA racism that also made Senegal concede a golden goal and Gyan to smash his penalty on the crossbar in 2002 and 2010 respectively.

      After all these una rants, I was expecting somebody to boldly say AFRICA WILL WIN THE WORLD CUP IN 2022 OR 2026…..lmao…..I was already expecting someone to show us the blue print, the work plan, the template we have design in Africa for us to win the world cup…….but till now, na so so rant and conspiracy theories una still dey…..LMAO…..nobody can show us anything to indicate our high probability of lifting the world cup anytime soon….LMAO. Everybody just dey rant dey refer to once-off victories as it 1 victory wins the WC….LMAO…… liver don fail all of una ontop una braggado…..LMAO. Noboy can say we are winning in 2022…or we are winning in 2026. The one we hosted on our soil with 6 representatives….only 1 could even qualify from group stages. Every year only 1 makes it out of the froup stages….yet we CAN WIN WORLD CUP. Na by mouth…..LMAO. Lazy people will say it is FIFA racism…..LMAO….FIFA racism is making your players hack opponents down in penalty box…..LMAO

      No matter how much anyone fights the truth, the truth will remain the truth until you change the narrative behind that truth……LMAO.

      Maybe we should tell fifa to put U- in front of the world cup…so that we can do what we normally do to win U-tournaments. Until then…..if we dont alter the status quo….even USA and Mexico will win the world cup before anyone in AFRICA.

      Africa needs to change its methods in all footballing sphere if they really wish that to happen.

      • Dr Simone Toto 4 months ago

        Dr dry idiot with low self esteem no wonder you try to polute others with this sickness of yours, go back to your gutter and tell them that they can not make it. May you die in that your low esteem world where nothing is impossible. Wretched Pig with a big mouth may you wallow and die low in your gutter you call home. Village tyrant i heard they have sent milliary to your village it’s all over the news no wonder you come here lamenting instead of crying to your Godfather Bhuari.

        • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

          @Chima Eberibe Samuels come and put your dog back in its cage.

          • Dr Simone Toto 4 months ago

            Big mouthed Pig. Drop your handler name let Nigerians see the goat behind the confusion on this page that he is not worth it. Drop your handler Biko

          • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

            Eranko….LMAO….your owner has not come to claim you…??? LMAO.
            When kindergartens sing the song “…H.I.P for the HI for the HIPPOPO…” they are singing about you. Infact the rhyme was composed with you in mind….LMAOoooo.

            You are looking for social handle….keep on looking for it na….use that your long snout to look for it….you should find it somewhere in the Amazon where you came from.

            Humans dey talk on CSN since lame rat nor fit make any input….LMAO. He’s coming here to lie to us his name is Antonio….LMAO…Antonio ko, Marcaroni ni….LMAO. Some of these animals actually do thing people here are as daft as them.


    • Shame on you not us

  • Complete sports Nigeria is the cause of all this i think some people have to be suspended from this place and majority of them don’t know anything about sports because of free data they will come here to insult sports loving Nigerians,

  • D-cardinal 4 months ago

    People that lay insults and curse on this forum that is meant for own view,get me wondering the kind of examples they are to their children.. I can’t believe grown up men behaving like wild animals..if someone gives his or her view, you argue logically. You guys are defeating the essence of this platform.. For all the persons insulting and cursing same on you.

  • Larry 4 months ago

    The day people are prevented from using fake online ID will mark the beginning of reality checks. When people ran out of ideas to defend a failure, they turned to curses or bullying.
    More importantly, when people start tweaking common logic continually to drive their narratives then it becomes a mental health issue.
    The same coach that us talking about the lower status of SE players in global soccer is still the same person that benches a player playing regularly for a top division for a second division, the same coach that prefers to bench a top SE performer for a converted CD, the same coach dropped young and enterprising Aina for a retiring defender.
    The wise man discovered that “my young team” is no longer popular, he figured he could use “playing in top teams” as cover-up..
    Belmadi’s boy, Keshi won several matches playing against countries with top-team players.. same applies to Westerhof and Bonfere. These three coaches won because they did not give room for excuses or intimidation.
    The same coach that is talking about the significance of playing in top teams, gas no issue giving the captain’s band to a championship player who has not played 75% of his team matches and who is not even the best SE player in his position..
    So many irregularities with players invitation, the same coach that wld give excuses for not inviting Sadiq (18 goals and 18 assists) invited one Solomon Viv..
    A leader that openly berates his team is not fit for that role. Well, its utterances are not surprising, it takes some level of intelligence and characters to win something in life..
    Belmadi’s boy, show me your trophy-shelves!!!
    Mr.Picnick, stop the fraudulent picnic and get to work.

    • Oakfield 4 months ago

      “Invited one Solomon viv” Which solomon viv did rohr invite ahead of your boy, sadiq bcs the last Solomon that played for the eagles was Solomon kwambe and it was under keshi. Pls, clarify this allegation with undisputebable facts. Make una take am easy with these una lies abeg, haba!

  • Oakfield 4 months ago

    “Invited one Solomon viv” Which solomon viv did rohr invite ahead of your boy, sadiq bcs the last Solomon that played for the eagles was Solomon kwambe and it was under keshi. Pls, clarify this allegation with undisputebable facts. Make una take am easy with these una lies abeg, haba!

  • pompei 4 months ago

    Omo Nigeria,

    I acknowledged that it is possible for Nigeria to win the world cup, if we qualify. All the teams that qualify have a chance. However, some countries are CONTENDERS every time the world cup tournament comes around. These countries have a common denominator. Good football administration and good facilities.
    Are we satisfied with the state of affairs of our football? All the trophies we’ve won are as a result of the individual brilliance of players and coaches. We don’t have a working system in place that will feed success. So our success is a product of happenstance and/or good fortune, not careful planning.
    Rohr, like all the other coaches, also wants to win the world cup. If we qualify, he will go to the tournament and try his best with the players he has. However, he will be competing with countries that are better prepared, with better funding. And quite a few of these countries have better players. Just saying
    If we prepare and fund our teams well like other teams do, we increase our chances of doing really well at the mundial. We might even win it with plenty of good fortune. However, if things continue the way they currently are, our chances will remain slim to none.
    We all want Nigeria to win the world cup. I’d be delighted if it happens. However, let us not allow sentiment to becloud our reasoning.