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Turkish Women’s Cup: Super Falcons Thrash Equatorial Guinea 9-0; Claim First Title

Turkish Women’s Cup: Super Falcons Thrash Equatorial Guinea 9-0; Claim First Title

The Super Falcons emerged winners of the Turkish Women’s Cup after a comprehensive 9-0 win against Equatorial Guinea at the Emir Sports Complex on Tuesday morning, reports Completesports.com.

Randy Waldrum’s charges won all three games in the games in the competition.

Ogbonna Kanu put the African champions ahead in the eighth minute.

Captain of the side Asisat Oshoala scored twice from the spot in the 11th and 13th minutes.

The Barcelona forward completed her hat-trick with the fourth goal in the 26th minute slotting into an empty net after beating the goalkeeper.

Toni Payne then set up Uchenna Kanu for Nigeria’s fifth goal in the 36th minute.

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Kehinde Akinwande replaced Onome Ebi in the 37th minute as the Super Falcons made their first change of the game.

It was the turn of Charity Adule to register her name among the scorers as she powered home a beautiful header seven minutes before the break.

Payne got her first goal of the competition with a fine finish in the 43rd minute.

The Super Falcons scored two more goals after the break through substitute Gift Monday and Oshoala.

Equatorial Guinea finished the game with 10 players after Gina was sent off for a harsh tackle on Ramat Abdulkareem three minutes from time.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Now, you guys ought to have understood what I’ve been saying. It doesn’t take a long time for a very good and tactically sound coach to win something for Nigeria with the calibre of players we have. Multi Milinotovic did it. He won the Calsburg Cup for Nigeria. Bonfere Jo also won something for us. The Afro-Asian Cup and Atalanta’96 Olympic and other coaches too including Christian Chukwu, late Stephen Kevin, Westerhoff and so on. Rohr has been coaching the team over five years but doesn’t inspire confidence. NFF, please employ a highly technical and tactical assistant coach for him, otherwise we won’t win the next AFCON and the team won’t go far as well. Going here means reaching the final. We have what it takes to get to the quarter-finals of the next world cup. Football has changed a lot. We only need to go for the best and hope for the best.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    Watched the match from A to Z. Total dominance as expected but it shouldn’t cloud the need to get the team captain back because serious tournaments will need the best legs. This also highlights what is expected of Rohr against teams like Lesotho. In life there’s no excuse for anything, everyone should always take responsibility or walk away to avoid excuses.

  • Gattuso 4 months ago

    I’m sincerely impressed, not that we should be struggling with African countries when we are aiming to challenge Football World Powers for Intercontinental and World titles

    The truth is, Mr Randy has started on a brighter note with three straight wins

    • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

      I ask myself who’s behind this dislikes here and yet they only come and like their own comments? What negative has @Gattuso written. Drey you weak indeed together with your cheap acquaintances. No time to continue this cheap time wasting. You guys need to grow up for real, I sorry for una Sha.

      • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

        Hahahahaha….see senseless he-goat trying to play on our intelligence and emotions on this forum…?? Go ask yourself and your crew who use multiple IDs on this forum na…go and ask you Peter Ganger, Akunde, Toto, SD jones and all the fake IDs you and your useless folks have created on this forum to pollute it. Your nefarious activities are being blown open on this forum little by little and yáll will be weeded out one by one when the time come.

  • Emmanuel 4 months ago

    Ask yourself a simple question,how many competition has Rohr attended since he took over.And what calibre of team took part in this Turkish competition. My guy no two situations are the same.over the period in view Rohr has played Brazil,Agentina,Ukrain and some of the best teams in Europe and was not disgraced,let Waldrum play the best in the world first th3n you can make the comparison.Thanks.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

      Rohr has also played against Sierra lone at home and away what was the scoreline? This guinea team we beat despite the fact that they’re out of form or whatever they are two times champions of women football and has denied us the title before. It takes a good coach to take advantage of lapses to win. CSKA women are also champions of Russian league go and check it out Uzbekistan ladies too are also in line at Asian qualifying league if you go and take a look. Although these teams are not super powers but they are not walkover like you think. If you watch the second half of our first two matches you’ll see how these teams came out fighting with good football but we held on to win.

      My point here is that is takes a good technical coaching ability to take advantage of other teams weakness. Rohr doesn’t have what it takes to perch on lapses of his opponents that is why we always failed to killed games at second halves for the past 5 matches. Many of you think we hate the coach it highlights your mindsets. But come to think of it who will derive pleasure in seeing a man loose with his beloved country if not the devil? This debates never ends because of our various mindset.

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      May your wisdom never dry up my brother. I’ve always believed there should still be people who have senses out there.

      We are playing (albeit struggling against) CSKA women’s team, UZBEKISTAN, Equatorial Guinea who has NEVER been a football powerhouse in Africa….yes…I repeat, they have never been a football powerhouse in Africa even though they are the only team apart from Nigeria to have won any of the 13 editions of AWCON ever played. Its no open secret that they used to raise “united nations” team from Nigeria, Brazil, CIV, Cameroon etc by shady naturalization processes
      and even use MALE players disguising as females (Salimata Simpore and the other one) in their women’s national team, until CAF 1st banned them for 4 years and then FIFA too later hammered them with another ban from FIFA competitions. Same thing applied to their men..FIFA stripped them of 3 points in 2014 WC qualifiers for fielding players who weren’t born of Equatoguinean heritage.
      They are just beginning to raise their own team of real Equatoguineans….who are not even a match for our U17 flamingoes. Imagine 7-0 in 1st half alone…does that sound like a match…?
      This is what they are comparing to WC Qualification unbeaten in a group with Cameroon, Algeria, Zambia, wins vs Argentina, Poland etc….LMAO. One clown is even mentioning Carlsberg cup where we played the likes of Hong-Kong….LMAO.

      Let Waldrum go and play Cameroon, France, Japan, England or Netherlands 1st then we will see how market be. Lolz. Person dey flog dog wey moto don jam dem dey jubilate….LMAO. Na so Dennerby give us hope with wins vs clubsides b4 WC, come go world cup go start with 0-3 finish with 0-3….Lolz

  • Nawa o! It’s so clear some people has personal beef with coach Rohr, comparing him with a new coach that is yet to play with any power house team in female football…tueh.

    Anyways, congratulations to coach Waldrum and the girls. Go go girls

  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    Some people are contacting themselves already, same people who make excuses when Rhor draws against average teams are the ones calling Uzbekistan and Russian club champions CSKA average teams that River Angels will beat. LMAO fowl yash don dey open just because a tactical coach was able to make with technical ability count.

    I hope to read so many nonsense on this thread as they continue to make excuses for Rohr when he draws and looses to average teams. I have said it countless times that all their aim is to make argument even though inside them they agree with you that all is not well. Make thunder fire haters just because the comments is coming from a particular name some will go and bug you with multiple dislikes and all sort this is exactly why Nigeria government is not making head when some youths have refused to come real and embrace the reality.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago


    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      Hahahahahaha….and how is it your business if we contact ourselves….LMAO…are you afraid of you impending defeat…??? Go and watch the on going ‘She Believes Cup’ where Brazil, Canada, USA are competing….you are playing clubsides and Uzbekistan and you and jumping up and down like a monkey. CSKA are Russian league champions where have they reached in UEFA womens champions league…??…LMAO. They’ve only EVER played in the UEFA Womens CL 2 times since they were founded 20 yrs ago and they’ve never gone past 2 rounds of preliminary matches…LMAO…dem be real champions….LMAO. Even Burundi league champions are champions…but e no place them on the same level as Champions of Egyptian or Tunisia league…LMAO.

      Uzbekistan are in line in which lie lie Asian league….LMAO. Who are you coming to tell lies here…?? You think we are all daft like you. A team that has never played at the world cup, never played at the Olympics, last played at the Asian women’s cup almost 20 years ago…….LMAO. You see you didnt even know how to coin your lie, so you ended up making a statement that makes Zero sense….

      “…Uzbekistan ladies too are also in line at Asian qualifying league ….”

      Abeg which lie lie line…?? Assembly line for you village primary school…???LMAO
      Or Which lie lie Asian qualifying league…??? LMAO. Do National teams play “qualifying leagues” in Asia…..LMAO
      As a matter of fact Uzbekistan are the 2nd to the last in the all-time Asian women’s cup participation rankings….LMAO…like 2nd to the worst female team in Asia
      Those are the people you are scrapping wins against together with Equatorial Guinea who can not longer use their “United Nations” Mercenaries anymore after being cut to size by CAF and FIFA bans….LMAO.

      Let your tactical coach go and face Brazil, Norway and Germany 1st and lets see if he wont pack goals like Dennerby’s team did…..LMAO.

      The thunder wey go fire you don already dey use your head play cashew. You have even said you hope to read many nonsense on this thread….LMAO….you dont need to read many nonsense…just read your own comments. They are enough nonsense to last the whole week.

      Body never pepper you….I nugo….you jus dey start….LMAO. E go still pepper you sotey you go begin rub ya mouth for sand…LMAO

      • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

        And Rohr is playing Lesotho, Benin, Sierra Leone, you idiot never ceases to hide your fucking face in shame when you talk. You are less ambitious I tell you and it’s written all over you and your acquaintance.

        • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

          Bastard…pls who is still topping the group despite dropping 4 points….LMAO. Mr Ambition did we ever have the luxury of dropping 4 points and still topping the table during the days of your Guadiolas…???..or were they playing Brazil and Germany in their own groups then…?? LMAO.
          Rohr is playing Lesotho, Benin, Sierra Leone…..who played Algeria, Cameroon and Zambia and still qualified with games to spare…?? LMAO. Imbecile…Rohr is playing Lesotho, Benin, Sierra Leone…is it not better than struggling to win a clubside…?? Fool that has ambition…is 1-0 win over the 2nd to the worst team in Asia and a clubside that has never gone past the preliminary stages of UEFA womens CL your own definition of technical and tactical coach….??

          Useless fraudster…..God is beginning to expose you on this forum….LMAO….you and your many lies and fraud….multiple IDs….cloning of other people. Continue. Your doom is smiling at you, waiting for you patiently in one corner.

          Useless born by mistake. I pity whoever calls such a senseless fool like you ‘father’

        • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

          We beat Lesotho away and didn’t lose to Sierra Leone. Despite that we are still top of our group and on course to qualify for another major tournament with games to spare. Compare that to losing at home to Congo, losing away to Sudan. Failed to qualify as the second best team in a group that has SA, Congo and Sudan. 

      • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

        Idiot see your life again Uzbekistan who just defeated Russian champions CSKA Moscow and only lost to Nigeria in their last five matches, they are also second in their Olympic qualifiers group on verge of nicking a ticket if possible. Your head is full of maggots go and manipulate your fellow villagers succum bag.

        • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

          Which Olympic qualifiers are you talking about?? Is it the Olympics that’s supposed to be played last year and shifted to this coming summer?? Are they still playing Olympic qualifiers when the competition should’ve been done last year?? Am I missing something?? 

        • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

          Hahahahaha…..see Mumu oooooo…LMAOoooo. This one na confirm anumanu….LMAO….2nd in their Olympics qualifier group….idiot. Fool. Go and update yourself. That was the 2nd round out of 4 rounds of Asian Olympics qualifiers…only those who topped the group moved to the 3 round. Asia is currently in the 4th round of the qualifiers and Australia, Korea, China and Vietnam are the ones to contest the final round…and already Australia has defeated Vietnam 7-1 to qualify. Uzbekistan’s last 5 matches were against CSKA, Jordan, Hong-Kong….LMAO…mediocres beating sub-mediocres….LMAO.

          Mumu…iberibe…better go and hang yourself instead of remaining alive as a stupid man.

  • See guys u should impact confidence in ur side not come out to say Nigeria can win d world cup, it means he does nt have faith in himself and d players

  • You should be heard saying nigeria can’t win d world cup, how many yrs does it take to get a degree in Nigeria 4 to 5 yrs and still we don’t have a good side to present, u keep saying we are building or we a young side in ds County nobody is held accountable its pady pady we should fight we should look at facts

  • You should be heard saying nigeria can’t win d world cup, how many yrs does it take to get a degree in Nigeria 4 to 5 yrs and still we don’t have a good side to present, u keep saying we are building or we a young side in ds County nobody is held accountable its pady pady we should fight we should look at facts

    • Dr Banks 4 months ago

      After getting the degree in Nigeria, you go still go do NYSC for 1 year before you are thrown into the market to begin dey apply everywhere for the next 5 years, if you are lucky to get the job after 5 years of graduating, then you go still understudy someone senior for another year while on probation before you can be allowed to do your job independently. 
      See yourself na……….that’s 12 years already. However Rohr did well in his first 2 years to qualify us for WC unbeaten against 3 previous AFCON Winners, gave a good fight against Messi’s Argentina after mauling them 4:2 in friendly, beaten by eventual finalist, Croatia. He went to AFCON and came 3rd only behind vastly improved Algerian team inspired by their Legend Mahrex and Mane’s Senegal. You still say he no try? Who in this SE team can match Mahrex in skills and artistry, or who be Mane’s mate for your SE team?
      You guys should stop this sentimentalism of overhyping your team, Osihmen enter Napoli finish and only have 2 goals to show while Mane and Mahrex are banging in goals for fun in EPL table topping teams, you think say na main-moin? 

  • Sunnyb 4 months ago

    @Chima, bro stop wasting your precious time on rohr and his supporters, even me I supported him for a while because i believed if he succeeds Nigeria wins,but the man lost me completely with rubbish he did against the Lone stars home and away, the man hasn’t brought anything new to the super Eagles, record are meant to be broken, Rohr’s not setting any new records with the Eagles. After five years his team still lacks identity and character.His supporters will use anything to justify Rohr’s shortcomings as a coach, watch him start  Aribo in Cotonou ahead of etebo knowing fully well that Aribo can’t cope with the ruggedness and the  speed of those  Beninoise players, it doesn’t matter anyway this’s just my opinion,Nigeria is a failed state anyway..

    • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

      They have nothing to justify Rohr, that same Aribo a better coach will make him do wonders. They’ll come here and say the pitch is why Ariball can not play well but when he is on carpet grass he will score hattrick. These guys are just full of junk mindsets. Na only addiction to sports dey bring person come here else wetin wan bring Eagle and chicken together before?

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

        Did he not play Aribo and Etebo together in the first leg in Benin??? What happened to Etebo in the second leg in Freetown?? Aribo lasted 90 minutes in a Sambiza pitch in Freetown, while Etebo was withdrawn before 20 minutes because he couldn’t cope with the intensity. LMAO!!! Liar United have run out of excuses. 

        • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

          Another idiot I know you’ll come out and what sense are you making now. You just wan talk make them hear your voice too. Ayphilly aka dislike machine the brain behind the dislikes bugs and auto likes. Motherfuckers thunder fire una for that country make poverty kill una with that backwards mindset.

          • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

            Thunder wey don already fire you and your fellow liars…..LMAO? See as e don throw confusion for una midst sotey una don dey reveal una devilish activities and multiple IDs for this forum by una self….LMAO. EWu. Senseless fool. And later you go say you be person papa…..LMAO. If na me get papa wey mumu like you I go don change surname long ago. Imbecile.

          • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

            Lmao!!! You sef no me that if I start with you your life will become miserable on this forum like I’ve done to you in the past. I thought by now you should be more matured but unfortunately your problem is beyond you. I’m only making my points without insulting anyone. If you want to return to that thread I’m game. If you want to have a healthy conversation with me fine, but if you want to resort to derogatory comments we can continue with that too. Be warned. 

  • Chima E Samuels 4 months ago

    Nigeria is a failed state and with people like drey and etcetera i doubt if there’ll ever be light rather a recycling of badwagons with negative mindsets. I rest my case and go back to duty as I have ten minutes less to spare going back and forth with cheap wigs.

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      Look at this product of a refuse dump. You wey be the ring leader of impostors, Identity clones and thieves on this forum naim go bring light to Nigeria….? You get positive mindset naim you dey celebrate wins over team wey never qualify for any tournament for their life and club wey never qualify for UEFA womens CL group stage…?? Idiot…..May you perish in petrol tanker fire.

    • Dr. Drey 4 months ago

      Mumu wan dey tell us lies yanfu yanfu like say we be in nephews for village….LMAO.

      “…Uzbekistan ladies too are also in line at Asian qualifying league…” LMAO.

      Hell fire nor go fit contain you and lucifer.

    • These people ehn? Make u no let my oga sack me from work o!
      “Your doom is smilling at you”
      “Better go and hang yourself instead of staying alive as a stupid man”
      “Product of a refuse dumps”(a Graduate?)
      “Hell fire no go fit contain person and Lucifer” I.e two cptains can’t control one ship…
      I beg CSN…we need only gentle men in this forum pls. Na these kind people forced some players to early retirements with insults… Haba.
      I no suppose dey laugh but I can’t help it and its already pissing my oga off I beg.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 4 months ago

    Must we insult each other in this forum to comment?

  • Sorry to say this, some folks here don’t really know much about football. A coach who took over a team less than one week and won us a tourney but some people don’t realize that it doesn’t take long for a quality coach to deliver the goods.

    If Rohr is great, why couldn’t he defeat Algeria at the AFCON or take the match to extra-time? Why couldn’t he beat the Argentines or even get a draw? The Argentines at the world cup weren’t great.

    Well, the NFF knew the truth. They already knew the fact that he lacks confidence when it matters most. Qualifying for a major tournament and not delivering the goods is not good enough for a country like Nigeria. He is still thinking of recalling Ighalo when there are other strikers doing well in Europe.

    If Rohr wins any major tournament for us, I will stop talking about him but for now, it does not have it takes to win tournaments.

    Algerian coach met a team in shambles and within six months of handling that team, he won a major tourney but our own coach keeps giving excuses upon excuses, saying my young team. Even after five years, he keeps on saying my young as if these boys are that young. Anyway, justifying failure cannot take us far.

    • Dr Banks 4 months ago

      “Algerian coach met a team in shambles”………were they ranked 16th in Africa or 75th in the World ranking?
      Answer Yes or No please, then rewrite your comment after that.

  • This is the problem with us, we cant have a decent chat without being rude to one another. We all see things from different perspective which makes us human.
    The bottom line is that the Coach assessed the girls pure and simple.

  • SAMUEL 4 months ago

    All that i see here are immaturity minds.I see people that are babies and talk like kids.Must you all insults each other !!!! Its a pity

  • This is what I call winning in style!!!. They didnt concede a single goal and scored 11 goals in 3games, now that is class. E.G were out played, out scored, out manoeuvred. The new coach must be happy he took the job to coach the falcons. Congratulations to the girls for winning their first tournament outside Africa. I think this should be a sign of things to come. They should keep it up and continue with this mind. Continue to make this stronger by injecting new blood into the team like my girl toni payne who showed herself today. Well done Super Falcons

  • Omo9ja 4 months ago

    Congratulations to Super Falcons. I’m very excited about this. First international achievement for Nigeria and Africa in women’s football history.

    Coach Waldrum should be proud of his achievement so far.

    He used most of his new players in this tournament which Oga Rohr failed to do.

    He benched Onyekuru, Alanpasun, Dessers, Yakubu and many other players.

    Less than a month, the new gaffer took Super Falcons to a tournament without having any idea of his team and he took a risk by including new players and playing them in each game he has played in this tournament shows his capacity, tactics and his experience.

    11 goals in 3 three matches. What a record.

    He’s going to build this team in less than a year. He has started building his team in this tournament. Kudos to you Mr. Waldrum.

    Congratulations Nigerians. God bless Nigeria!!!