Kalu Certified Medically Fit To Play At AFCON 2019 After Health Scare

Kalu Certified Medically Fit To Play At AFCON 2019 After Health Scare

Super Eagles winger Samuel Kalu has been certified medically fit to play for the team at the ongoing 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt, Completesports.com reports.

Kalu slumped during the Super Eagles’ last training session before
Saturday’s 1-0 win against the Swallows of Burundi at the Alexandria Stadium.

He was later revived and reported to have suffered from dehydration.

Completesports.com scooped from a reliable camp source on Monday that the Bordeaux winger has been cleared by the medical team of the Confederation of African Football to resume action in the competition.

Completesports.com reported earlier that Kalu alongside the injured Shehu Abdullahi missed the Super Eagles training on Monday.

Kalu is expected to resume training with his teammates on Tuesday as they perfect strategies ahead of Wednesday’s clash against the Syli Nationale of Guinea.

The Super Eagles will face the Guineans at 3.30 pm at the Alexandria Stadium.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Richie 5 years ago

    Hmmm, they should tread softly o!

    No hurry in life.

    Let it not be that, they’re just patching him up to further aggravate his condition.

    Remember, this is Africa.. With gruelling, physical games. Hmmm.

  • Steve 5 years ago

    They should seriously check and scan him well before putting him in actionoo!!..life have no duplicate!!…well, so happy he is back if the doctors say so!!..wish him a wonderful games ahead, bring the cup back bro!!

  • Finally Odegbami has said the same thing we have been complaining about Rhor’s lack of confidence.
    Maybe all Rhor’s supporters will finally believe that this Rhor lacks what it takes to coach a country like nigeria or a team lile the all ambitious SE.


    • Brainboxz 5 years ago

      And who’s Odegbami to be taken serious Rhor is doing fine with super eagles what else do you want him to do that you think other local coaches that failed to qualify us for the last two editions would do, after failing to qualify for last afcon who ever thought Nigeria for world cup so easily in same group with Algeria, Zambia and Cameroon! nawa for the football fans of this country nothing can ever please us.

      • luckylee 5 years ago

        @ brainbox lol i was about writing an epistle on this odegbami comment and am a bit disappointed that some fans expect someone to tell them something that they watch…odegbami advocating for local coach to handle eagles when we fail to qualify for the previous 2 editions n olympics due to local coaches…
        i hope the fans understand reversed psychology on opposing team and d lots..GR uses it alot and if u really pick in btw what he says u will get him…

  • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

    Allow me to die before you bury me is a popular saying. Rohr has the opportunity to prove you guys right or wrong. Nobody will celebrate failure. What we are saying is that he has not failed yet but if he does he should be shown the exit door. Odegbami is entitled to his own opinion just like every other person. Amuneke qualified Tanzania for nations cup and may be sacked for poor performance after the tournament same thing happened to late keshi with Togo. Nigerian coaches has been tried but failed and Amuneke is not the messiah either. I didn’t see Liverpool coach in him against Senegal just as I didn’t see that in Rohr also. Whether you guys like it or not Rohr took us to nations cup after missing two editions with your local coaches. Rohr has beaten notably big teams in Africa during world cup qualifiers. Cameroon, Algeria and Zambia still he lack confidence. In nations cup we lost to south Africa I will say he was still studying African football then but the same team managed to escape in their home due to poor officiating yet he still lack confidence. Lets wait and see we will judge him at the end of afcon.

    • Barney 5 years ago

      Ndubisi has given us an objective evaluation of Thor’s performance and I think that’s fair enough

    • Adeniyi 5 years ago

      Well said about ROhr. Looking at his performances against top African sides, i think he has done well. My only issue with him is that he is killing our local boys, he hardly gives them opportunities to prove themselves. A lot of our local strikers are better than Onuachu, and Afelokhai and others are better than Akpeyi. I wish he can be more indigenous with our home based players…..enough of this search for ‘the golden fleece’ of Nigerian players abroad….he should look inward!

      • Adisboy 5 years ago

        Adeniyi, stop that gist about local players. Is it the one he invites today by next week the player moves abroad. A beg leave that argument until we fix our league.

      • Adeniyi
        , it is the NFF And politics issue that is killing our local players.
        If the league was not halted for 8 months last season our players would have had ample playin time AND REST before AFCON.

        Standards and record keeping is also hampering Nigeria football development plus facilities.
        There is no central record of the number of games played, number of clean sheets number of saves for our keepers playing locally.  We only know who the top scorers are, but do we know who gave the most assists?
        Do we know player stats? How do we measure who is better than those in the squad?

        The Aiteo cup and the Hifl (Higher institutions football league have started) but there are NO Central stats for either of these competitions. So a player may be the top scorer in the league, but we don’t know if another player has overtaken them in the scoring  Sheets?

        Our league continues to suffer as we have not followed the fifa and CAF football calendar. Imagine league games going on the same time as the super eagles have a match.

        We don’t have a league for our under 20s likeother successsful football countries have same for the women’s football league. The women’s World Cup has finished, the girls have returned to their clubs but the local girls will not kick a football again until next camp because….. no league.

        So it is not Rohr killing our local players, it is the NFF

        • Interesting revelations @BigD. NFF sef.Kai!

          For me,I think it’s still a matter of prefrence.If a Super Eagles coach insists that his fullbacks will mostly be drawn from the local league,I can assure you,that the coach won’t regret his decision,with what the league has on ground from 2015 till date.
          But that’s not the Rohr’s policy and I won’t fault him on that.Every coach has his own methods.

          Bottom-line, NFF should work to help the league,admin,etc.

  • @Ndubuisi,For the records THERE’S NO PLAN to sack Amunike because they know he’s a good coach,they know where they are coming from.
    That they lost to a better team(Senegal) than Nigeria, doesn’t dent Amunike’s records one bit.
    This a country that doesn’t have the talents many other nations have and you imagine they might sack him because,of one nations cup? Tanzania is not Togo pls.Definitely Tanzania wud get some decent results at this nations cup and the FA has promised to stick with him no matter the outcome.That’s how to build,when you have a sound coach.Klopp has the players,when Amunike had the players, he won the U-17 WCup.

    If you are offended by people saying Amunike is better than Rohr,you are free to defend Rohr with every gusto you can muster,but by all means try not to rubbish Amunike to defend Rohr.

  • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

    You got it all wrong @Oge, Cj was quoting odegbami that Rohr lack confidence unlike klopp that will play with his team from the side line and he mentioned Amuneke as possibly a better coach with confidence. My question is did you see klopp in Amuneke in the match between Senegal and Tanzania? No is the answer. Talking of achievement he did well with the U17 and surprisingly failed with the same team in U20. No doubt he did well with Tanzania qualifying them for nations cup after 32yrs but if you are current Tanzania for some years now has always been close but luckily got it right with Amuneke as head coach. Remember they nearly missed out again. Nobody is rubishing Amuneke records. Let him concentrate with Tanzania and help them win some matches and possibly come out of their group. Being a good coach with the youth team does not guarantee success with the senior team.I repeat again if Rohr fail let him resign or sacked but Amuneke is not a better replacement.

    • OK I get your drift now.
      Yet u still talk of a Klopp in d Senegalese game. Maybe that is referencing Odegbami,well not read him.

      Again I reply to this.Klopp has the players,Senegal has the players, Tanzania hasn’t got the players. It’s not fair to look to rate Amunike only by this very first match. Are u not d one who dropped a parable of not buried before death? Ehen,so when Tanzania is done with the group stage you can look for Klopp therein.

      You believe Amunike is not better than Rohr,well you are entitled to your very opinion. Just don’t try to reduce Amunike by looking for Klopp in him,in ONLY his first match(with limited players) and against the best team in Africa.

  • Akins 5 years ago

    If Rohr cannot make a significant impact with this crop of players that dominate his team, then, there is problem and he will really need to answer some questions bothering on his tactics and professionalism.

    Aside the goal keeping department that seems doubtful, all other departments are effective to an extent.

    Selection and playing of players in their righful position to achieve a set goal is the hallmark of a good coach and this appeared questionable in the opening match against Burundi where he wrongly used Musa, Mikel, Iwobi and benched a more experience Ighalo for Onuachu till 75th minutes.

    We were lucky on that day because we played debutantes and inexperienced team like Burundi which helped us to narrowly escape with a solitary goal against them.

    If Rohr should repeat same mistake against the already wounded and desperate Guinea, we would obviously pay for it and Rohr will have to answer questions.

    • luckylee 5 years ago

      Akin i hope u read where musa was disussing d coach that he will like to play against burundi but d coach was treading cautiously cos of what happened to kalu, alot of d boiz were down will illness or so even collins is just resuming training sessions so why d hullaballo

  • If he start Ighalo and the result doesn’t favour you will still say why did he use Onuhaco. You recalled some fools here especially omo9ja, cj etc were at some point insulting this man on inviting this same ighalo that turned Messiah suddenly ahead of Onuachu. pls I have always been saying it,this is not your work let the man be

  • Mr. Nice 5 years ago

    God bless you o jare, some people are just irritating. when uzoho kept well against Argentina in the friendly match before the world cup the same people crucifying him now were hell bent on singing his praise until he became our first choice at the world cup, now we can all see what they are tying now.

    i really don’t know how difficult it is for people to just sit down and enjoy a football match while it last, almost all the teams in this competition have struggled with debutants or smaller times and we feel our case must be different bcoz we feel we are the giant of Africa, Giant of Africa that doesn’t the kind of records like Cameron or Egypt on the Africa stage or the kind of records that the likes of Ghana, Senegal or Cameron have on the world cup stage. some people should just park one place and allow Gernot rhor and these super eagles be joor…. mtcheeew

  • Greenturf 5 years ago

    Rohr is a fantastic coach who has done well for Nigeria.I think he’s not getting the credit he deserves.
    He is a good and humble gentleman who has respect for other teams he came up against.
    That’s professionalism.
    I do like him.He stands tall with his humility and placid nature.
    I hope he comes back with the trophy that’s the best way to prove his die hard critics wrong.

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