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Kalu Collapses During Ligue 1 Game Against Marseille (See Photos)

Kalu Collapses During Ligue 1 Game Against Marseille (See Photos)

Super Eagles winger, Samuel Kalu collapsed on the pitch on Sunday during a Lige 1 game between Bordeaux and Marseille.

The incident occurred just five minutes into the game amid searing temperatures at the Stade Velodrome before medics carried a stretcher rushed to attend to him.

Concerned teammates formed a human shield around him, the like of which was seen when Danish player Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during Euro 2020.

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Samuel Kalu: Super Eagles Striker Collapses On The Pitch During Ligue 1  Match Against Marseille

The Nigeria international resumed playing several moments later but appeared groggy and was substituted in the 14th minute.

This is not the first time the Bordeaux star would be collapsing on the football pitch.

Samuel Kalu: Bordeaux striker collapses during Ligue 1 match against  Marseille before briefly returning to the pitch | Football News | Sky Sports

Kalu collapsed in training on the eve of Nigeria’s Africa Cup of Nations opener in Egypt back in 2019.

He was said to have suffered from ‘severe dehydration.

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  • This guy needs our prayers o. From one problem to another every season.

    • This guy might not know now that there are forces that doesn’t want him to succeed.

      A fine but an unfortunate player. They first got at Him from His attitude. Now that attitude has improve, the village people had switched to His health. Ho! kalu Smauel. Please pray so that you will not pray.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    These are signs something isn’t right with him… Let him take time to check it. I wish him well…

  • Kalu is going to be fine just dehydration and fatigue…..he will be playing the next match for his club….One thing that baffles me most about kalu is that he is always in the starting lineup of his club when he is fit…..he never sits on the bench…..When is injured he is not in the squad but when he is fit he is always in the starting eleven…..There must be something special about that guy…..Get well soon bro Kalu.

    • Mr. Nice 3 years ago

      This is part of the reason why some of us empathized with Gernot Rohr at the last Afcon tournament. Kalu was supposed to be the jocker of the team considering his role & exploit during the Afcon and world cup qualifiers, but he collapsed at the eve of the tournament and the coach at to redesign the team and it took the eventual winner of the competition with a renowned free kick specialist to deny him the final, so it’s strange when someone or some people who claim to have played the game at the highest level to always come to remind us of giving us a bronze at only his first trial. Newsflash: the Madagascar team that has become the toast of some Rohr’s critics couldn’t qualify for this communication from their seemingly easy group. Some of us who understood what westerhoof was building were not eager to get him of his job after several attempts until boom 1994 a star was born, some of us who saw what keshi was doing with the super eagles were not surprise when he couldn’t qualify for the next Afcon because he wasn’t building he was always about winning a tournament, experts in the game know the difference between both. I come in peace!

  • This guy needs a comprehensive medical check, it’s becoming one too many. Just 5 minutes into the match and you say it’s dehydration? Something is not right somewhere!

    • @ola France is not Nigeria o….That comprehensive medical check is carried out on players by world class doctors with state of the art medical equipment from time to time…..So rest your mind Kalu is fine and if there is anything to worry about it would have been seen by now….It’s dehydration and you can take that to the bank because world class medics have run various tests on him since yesterday and they have satisfied him fit…..No need for this storm in a tea cup.

  • Elijah Samson 3 years ago

    If they satisfied him fit, can it be spiritual attack from home. Anything is possible. I will advise he gets more closer to God in studying the Bible, in prayers, tithing etc.

  • So your “world class” medics doesn’t check Eriksen before he collapsed at Euro tournament, they didn’t check Fabrice Muaba in London then abi, and many more, incase you don’t know, there are some underlying ailments that require real special equipment for it to be detected. This is what am advising him to go for not arguments about world class medics or not.
    Collapsing within 5mins under the guise of dehydration requires a second thought, how many kilometers has covered that could dehydrate him within 5mins?, was he the only one the weather affected among the 22? My man, as I have said he needs to critically look at himself@Akp

    • Heart issues can crop up unditected because it can arise even on a daily basis or through your daily activity or diet but it must surely be diagnosed when it manifests like Erikson and muanba cases….Kalu’s incident happened since yesterday and they would have diagnosed heart issues by now if it was the case…..so rest your mind Kalu is in safe hands in France.@ola

  • @ola European sports medicine is the best in the world….. Erikson’s and Nuamba’s case might have evaded them because of timing but once it manifests they have the instrument to revive such patient and carry out further tests…….But there is no way by now almost 24 hours after the incident occurred they will still not know what is wrong with Kalu…….Even Nigeria will even do better….so rest your mind Kalu is in safe hands.

  • Dr Banks 3 years ago

    Guys forget about this dehydration story, it’s just the layman media rhetoric which is highly misleading. Kalu needs a thorough medical check up before he is allowed to play again to be on the safe hand.

    @Ola you are very correct, @Akp forget about the term “Best European sport medicine”, health issues can be very unpredictable and serious complications may occur at any time while medical attention may not be immediately available on the spot. Certain heart condition like Arrhythmia (abnormal hearth rhythm) may not be easily detectable at early stage as it might be transient (occur infrequently) and once the rhythm normalises before the test, then it won’t be recognised. Erickson was very lucky as his case occurred during a major International match with all the attendant top brass medical team available, if that happened while at home or in the gym, he might not make it.

    A stitch in time saves nine, Kalu needs to go through a comprehensive and periodical medical check up to keep him alive

    • @Dr Banks, God bless you bro, I stopped replying @Akp because he seems not to understand what am saying.

      Health issue can be very complicated and for someone like Kalu that’s experienced such twice now, he needs to undergo a very thorough medical check, for his own benefits, thank God that Kanu heart condition was discovered through a check and not on pitch, it would have been a very different story. No one wished him bad, but his safety is my own concern.

      • Weather you guys like it or not you guys are not in a position to even debate such decisions…. Retirement from football on health ground is not decided on a football forum it is decided by well trained medical personel who have access to state of the art equipment…..Kalu won’t be the first to retire from football on health ground if the need arises…..and I believe the doctors won’t hesitate to give such advice when the need arises…..Kalu is in safe hands to make such decisions if need arises because he is sorrounded by the best in the business…..how is that an issue for God’s sake……We all have our area of specialty and yours is not sports medicine…..leave that decision to the expert….or do you guys think you love Kalu more than the club medical team?…..NA WA O

        • pompei 3 years ago

          Are you implying that the doctors are completely flawless? Only God is flawless. Even the best doctors make wrong decisions, fail to properly diagnose issues, make mistakes from time to time!
          Footballers are some of the fittest people you will ever meet.
          When a footballer collapses on the pitch the way Kalu did, something is wrong! So it is only prudent that he takes some time off to really have himself checked out.

          • Doctor are not flawless but they are the closest we can get interms of knowing what is really wrong with the dude….. Hanging his boot is a very huge decision in the life of the young football player and it must be taken as a last resort after many test have been carried out and all points to him hanging up his boots…..Most times it’s only heart issues that result to hanging of boots that is if the heart has a major defect…… you don’t just hang up a footballers boot hastily like this because of the heat of the event…..Likei said he is surrounded by experts who will help him make such decisions not us football lovers commenting on a football forum…. You guys should take it easy on the lad he needs our support not everyone predicting doom for him and his career.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Great point, Dr. Banks.
      As I said on another thread, his priority now should be his health, and staying alive for his family. If he needs to hang up his boots temporarily or permanently, so be it. He needs to invest a big chunk of time in his health at this time.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    It is you that needs to take it easy on kalu. Haba! Would you be happy to see him drop dead on the pitch?
    We are saying he should hang his boots, temporarily, and take the time off required for a COMPREHENSIVE checkup. The checkup he has received so far IS NOT ENOUGH. He needs to be watched closely for weeks, if not months, so the root cause(s) of his issue can be brought to light and resolved. If he is certified ok after that checkup, he can resume playing. But if not, he should quit for the sake of his life. That is what we are saying.

    • @Pompei, better look for town crier to drum it into his ears with the help of a Samsung speaker

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