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Kalu Set To Join Fenerbahce On Loan

Kalu Set To Join Fenerbahce On Loan

Nigeria winger Samuel Kalu is on the verge of completing a loan move to Turkish Super Lig outfit Fenerbahce, reports Completesports.com.

Kalu has featured in Girondis Bordeaux’s two Ligue 1 games this season.

Last season, the pacy winger scored one goal and provided two assists in 21 league appearances for Les Girondis.

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According to EuroSport’s journalist, Fenerbahce have reached agreement with Kalu but are still in discussion with Bordeaux to finalise the deal.

Fenerbahce as part of the agreement will pay Kalu’s full salary for the loan period.

Galatasaray have also been linked with a move for the player.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Going from Bordeaux to Ferner is not the best move considering the fact that there’s a huge battle for the LW (Super Eagles)…I just hope he performs in Turkey so he can go back to his parent club or still move to a club in one of the top 5 leagues…all the best tho

  • Abdul andah 10 months ago

    This guy is really retrogressing instead of him squaring up to the task. I expected Bordeaux to be a step-up in his career but reverse is seemingly being the case here. Kalu really needs to work very harder because competition is getting tougher everywhere. Getting a shirt in the super eagles these days is very expensive and task bearing.

    I wish him all the best because he had really shown promises to be a very good prospect.

    • JimmyBall 10 months ago

      … His problem is legover… Always wanting to do one before he applies productive action. This shows the name of the game now is “business football” not cute and fancy skills with scare goal delivery to back it up. I believe that was onyekurus problem at first too… Those fancy showboating impulses don’t get any team ahead these days and players with fancy styles are soon tossed around… Ricardo Quaresma comes to mind… I wish him well and a quick turnaround!

  • One of my fav Super Eagle, who always delivers for the national team. Some of those off the pitch issues may have kinda slowed him down a bit. But I trust him to bounce back really good. Sometimes you must have to take some steps back to make a mighty forward leap. Wish you good luck @ Samuel Kalu.

  • Ikeben 10 months ago

    It was his decision to go on loan after the disciplinary issues he had with the club last season. He obviously lost interest in his club after falling out with the former coach.
    But everyone thought, he will settle down now the previous coach has been sacked by the club. Yet he maintained his stand on going on loan.

    I think lack of maturity is worrying him and attitude issues. Despite all of the close mentoring Rohr has been giving to this lad because he knows his potential, he seems bent on going his own way.

    Well i wish him all the best knowing that the competition is getting tougher in SE now, and many of guys in Turkey are finding it hard to maintain their place in the team.

  • Chairmanfemi 10 months ago

    If you go to Turkey, you’ve just sold your Super Eagles slot to Ejuke who just made a move to CSKA and will be playing in Europa next season. Except you bang goals week in week out there in Turkey

    Self-discipline is very important to rise in life. Talents without good Character is just a waste. That’s Kalu’s case. Shame. Please brace up

  • A good player, always performs for SE. PLUS Rohr brought him in as replacement for Victor moses and he did well. But loss of form and uncertainty surrounding his next move has put a question mark on this guy. Hope it works out for him, rohr’s patience will eventually run out especially if there are lots of players who can do better.

  • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

    When I talked about the issue of showboating here a few days ago, I was countered with all guns blazing. The man on the other end even threw in the race card, encouraging our players to continue to show-boat, and cited the likes of Neymar, CR& Ronaldinho etc…..what the chap forgot to check is the no of goals, assists, secondary assists and key passes this guys make/made per season after dribbling and whether their dribbles were pro-play or anti-play.

    The same things I spoke about is the same reservations a section of observers pointed out in Ejuke’s just 25 minutes on the pitch on his debut for CSKA Moscow.


    Showboating in itself is not bad, but what is bad about it is showboating at the expense of the team. I recall despite okocha’s obvious talent, Westerhoff would usually prefer to put him on the bench…why….”HE DRIBBLES TOO MUCH”…that was westerhoff’s reply to journalists. While a quick pass may have sent Amokachi into space with his diagonal runs, or outrightly Yekini through on goal, okocha’s showboating would inadvertently break down a potentially dangerous opportunity and by the time the ball is eventually thrown forward, the next thing you will hear is the referee’s offside whistle. Anyone who has access to most of Nigeria’s games circa 1994 (especially vs CIV, Zambia or Italy) can go and re-watch them. Contrast it to Oliseh’s usual on-time long balls from midfield to attack. Is it any surprise Oliseh a 4 probably had more assists than Jayjay a 10 during that period or in their entire SE careers…??? Is it also a coincidence that Oliseh a 4 was more sought after by bigger clubs that Jayjay during their playing careers…? Against Italy, Okocha recorded the highest number of dribbles in a WC game as at then, but we eventually lost the match to even a 10 man team despite having numeriacl advantage for close to 50 mins in total. So who the dribble come epp…?

    If as a winger, or wingforward as the case may be, 9 out of 10 of your dribbles always ends up creating half a chance, a real goal attempt or ultimately a goal, you will be highly sought after anywhere in the world…but if 9 out of 10 of your dribbles end up just being for the cameras with no eventual output up to the 3rd to 5th phases of play…you will only end your career moving from one average team to another and people who are blinded by sentiments will say its because you are black…..that is what we need to start teaching our kids right from the academies. The likes of Neymar, CR7, LM, Hazard fall in the former category, the likes of Kalu, Qnyekuru, Ejuke fall in the latter category. I could remember Ronaldo da lima during his playing days, he hardly does leg-over, but once he does legover…bros…if you are on the side of the opposing team…jus off ya tv, because the goal that will come out of that legover will be used for advert the next season…you nor go wan see am.

    It is even worse when you now add indiscipline, bad attitude and non-nonchalance to it. Anyone who is close to Kalu and Onyekuru should draw their ears….I’ve always said that here on this forum severally. Soup wey papa of the house nor dey chop, mama of the house nor dey cook am. Has anyone noticed the seeming turnaround for Moses Simon (but at club and national team level) since when he threw senseless dribbling into the dustbin for some more mature purposeful positive pro-play…??

    Some of these youngsters need to just find a balance between dribbling and making a key pass in a key phase of the game. Anyone who wants to show boat should go play futsal, not professional football, especially at the highest level. So as a younster, when next you want to dribble….first ask yourself…

    • Pompei 10 months ago

      Nice points, Dr Drey.

    • Oga Drey. Always surgical in his analysis and making sense. Even CSN dey gbadun you.

    • Very valid points Dr Drey. Indeed, showboating without the stats to back up the end product is useless (to be honest).
      And as you said, being patriotic should never blind us to the truth.
      Thumbs up Drey.

      Kel – I throway salute o.

      • Hi @deo. You’ve been missing in action for some time. Howdy? Nice to read you again :}

    • @Dr Drey stop talking Shyte you were in Full support of Gernot rohr dropping Chukwueze and Henry Onyekuru for Kalu against Madagascar in Afcon when I said otherwise. and I will say again we will still see this Dizzy coach Rohr selecting People like Kalu and Musa over More talented players and then we will wonder why we never have that extra bit of quality come crunch games when we need that bit of X Factor. Then ingrates will start saying Nigeria doesn’t need Bukayo Saka bunch of deluded fools Jare

      • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

        Now if we start raining abuses on myopic morons like you they will say we’ve started again.You better stop sports betting it’s not good for you especially your health. Who is the Dizzy coach you’re talking about? Is it the coach who is trying to harness and assemble the best talents we have anywhere or your African Guardiolas who failed to qualify us for back to back AFCONS?? What is wrong with selecting Kalu ahead of Chukwueze and Onyekuru in a dead rubber match?? Was it not the same Onyekuru that blazed a glaring goal opportunity almost outside the stadium against Algeria??? As much as you can cry from now till Jesus come, Chukwueze was mostly hit and miss at that AFCON in Egypt. Now the team looks even better than the AFCON team and they will continue to be better.  

        Maybe the money you lost in betting during the AFCON is still affecting you. Kalu can be the gaffers favorite but at this point he knows he needs to be in top form to continue to get a call up. Bukayo Saka will decide if he chooses Nigeria ahead of England that doesn’t mean we don’t have other options if he chooses otherwise. As long as we have a team that’s what matters and I believe we do a SuperEagles that will make us proud in the imminent future. 

        • So Onyekuru is called upon in a game last minute when there is no hope for us and he hadn’t even kicked a ball prior to that MOST CRUNCH MATCH OF THE SEASON against Seasoned Algerian stars who where supremely Fit and had momentum from and Tournament Match Fitness from having 5 games under their belt were as Onyekuru hadn’t kicked a ball. Also he was Frustrated at being overlooked for the entire game. I don talk am oo. only people wey don play and sabi ball, go gbedu wettin I de yarn.

          • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

            Hahahahaha…all these excuses…for your x-factor onyekuru who blazed what should have been 2-1 to Nigeria into the stadium’s car park after being put clean on goal by Ahmed Musa…..LMAO.????
            Nor be only x-factor….na algebraic polynomials.
            Someone should pls give this kid some aspirin…LMAO

      • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

        Hahahaha…whatever this kid smokes must be of premium quality….LMAO. Someone should pls help us chain him to his bed till it all wears out…!!!

    • Chairmanfemi 10 months ago

      Drey, I love this write up and am in full support of it.

      I was watching Juventus-Lyon with a friend of mine during the Champions League Knock out round and the guy jokingly said “Baba no dey Dribble again oo, Na just goal e dey find now”..i laughed but that’s just the truth and same thing can be said of MOSES SIMON. Post-World Cup, he changed his game and it took us time to understand what’s going on. It really worked for him as he’s now regarded a star in Nantes due to his ability to create and score goals.

      My Prayer for Ejuke is that he won’t be a bench warmer at CSKA after his debut. I watched how he bottled a clear goal scoring opportunity after dribbling like 4 defenders and all that was left for him was to pass the ball to his teammate that was in a clear scoring position but Ejuke decided to go for it himself and the keeper caught the ball neatly. That can cost him regular shirt there if he continues that way or his teammates won’t want to give him the ball. I pray he learns how to balance both oo

    • @Drey, this few lines you dropped is a masterpiece. Succinctly and aptly stated. CSN is supposed to pay you for this piece of advice to our players (lol). Anyone who gave this comment a thumb down in my opinion is simply full of hate or the person cannot read and understand.

  • Pompei 10 months ago

    The major drawback to Okocha’s game was excessive showboating, especially earlier on in his career. As he matured though, he learned how to use his skills more for the team, resulting in greater end product in terms of goals and assists.
    The difference between a good player and a great one is end product. Okocha had great talent, but his production on the pitch was not adequate for the biggest clubs in the game. Today, we’ve got players who are quite talented. I believe thay can transition from good to great by focusing on end product delivery. As Dr Drey and others have pointed out, a quick, intelligent pass is usually more valuable and more practical in the modern game, than excessive dribbling which only gives the opponent more time to regroup! A team with pacy, strong players with plenty of stamina has the advantage over teams with individually gifted players. Case in point, Bayern Mmunich’s dominance over Barcelona in recent games. The Super Eagles are blessed with players that have great physical and mental qualities. What we need to improve on is end product. More focus, more discipline, more goals, more assists.
    The football pitch is not a circus!
    A dribble move should be for a reason. Players should be willing to give their better positioned team mate the ball during a goal scoring opporunity. I recall the 1996 Olympic semifinal with Brazil. Tijani Babangida had Kanu wide open in the Brazil box. All he needed to do was square the ball, and Kanu had a tap in into a yawning net. Babangida went for glory instead, and missed. Brazil immediately launched a counter attack, and scored to make the score 3-1 in their favor! The results of poor decision making may not always be as costly and dramatic as this, but it always works against the team. On the other hand, great things happen when players cast selfishness aside, keep things simple, and work hard for each other.

    • Nice points @Pompei. Ikedia, Babangida, IK Uche, Okocha, Kalu, maybe Ohenhen too etc all come to mind. These players never really reached the peak of their potentials, the most painful being that Okocha never won the coveted African Player of the Year award.

      But be that as it may, you’ll also agree every player has his own area of greatest strength. For some, it is making incisive passes like Oliseh. For others, it is doing all the dirty work in the midfield, dribbling, nutmegging and making the lives of the forwards easier.

      I guess we need a combination of these 2 kinds of midfield maestros, except that balance with the team’s overall objectives is key. How exciting it would be to have a kind of clones of Oliseh and Okocha in the SE today – even if they’re the more modern versions.

  • You guys are all bull shitters on this site, I said it once and will say it again.. The only supreme talents Super Eagles have in terms of X FACTOR PLAYERS. are Samuel Chukwueze, Kelechi Nwakali, Victor Osimhen, Wilfred Ndidi and Henry Onyekuru joe Aribo is also showing flashes of brilliance. If we get Bukayo Saka we must thank our lucky stars. and hopefully Eberechi Eze at the moment Nigerians saying that we don’t need Bukayo Saka are clearly on drugs Period….. Kalu can come good but still he is not an X FACTOR PLAYER I Say again like i did during Afcon. Nigerians you people need to watch football from a person who has played the game.

    The sooner people on this forum start taking my word for it the better.

    • Emecco 10 months ago

      Ugo Iwunze, you must be extremely crazy for calling everyone on this site, “bull shitters” who told you that your opinion is binding to all of us.? Just say your mind and allow others to air their views also, be warned !!!.

    • Goal ⚽️ 10 months ago

      I don’t think anyone here can say we don’t need a player playing in a big club like arsenal, the thing is that these players sees us as second option, using Nigeria to bargain for England call up and that’s not acceptable.

      What we need are players that are committed to the team, players we see it as an honor to play for us.

      No player is bigger than a big nation like Nigeria, soldier go soldier come but barracks remains.


    • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

      You already mentioned about 6 supremely talented players in the current SuperEagles. Is that only?? At least if you have 6 top talents in the first 11 and a solid defense what else do you want more than that?? You’re talking as if all our players play in top European teams. If a player from Arsenal try to make us beg him before he don the green and white, SuperEagles have had players from Arsenal willingly and proudly donned the green and white in the past. I believe the current SuperEagles is more than one player. Just watch out and see what Rohr’s building. I’m sure we will all be having the nostalgia of this period in decades to come. As far I know this is the best I’ve seen our players making waves in Europe since the 90s. Any player who wants to play for this SuperEagles should do so willingly. When you choose Nigeria without pressure the fans gives you so much in return 

  • @Emeka Be warned for What abeg make I word Joor.. Don’t you know that Gernot Rohr Reads this site?????????? or are you also deluded???. So the sooner we start airing constructive advice to the gaffer the better for our football. Let us stop celebrating mediocrity and start saluting brilliance and quality that will heed results. I hope you see my point if not I tire for una ooooooooooooo