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Kingsley Sokari Set To Join Egyptian Club Pharco FC On Free Transfer

Kingsley Sokari Set To Join Egyptian Club Pharco FC On Free Transfer

EPremier League newcomers Pharco FC have reached agreement to sign Nigeria midfielder Kingsley Sokari on a free transfer.

Sokari has been a free agent since his contract with Tunisian club CS Sfaxien came to an end last July after a five-and-a-half-year spell with the White and Black.

The 26-year-old linked up with Sfaxien from Nigeria Professional Football League club Enyimba in 2015 for a fee of €500,000, making over 135 appearances there in which he scored 12 goals.

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Pharco were promoted to the Egyptian Premier League for the first time in the club’s history after topping their Second Divison group last season.

The team was founded in 2010 and climbed its way up the football pyramid to reach the Second Division just four years later.

The club is strengthening its ranks as they have renewed head coach Magdy Abdel-Aaty’s contract and released 14 players to make room for new transfers.

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  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    One of the MANY TALENTS making “upward career progress” once again after 5 years in Tunisia. @Jimmylie oya roll out the drums and start celebrating o.

    • Sincerely, @Dr Drey, I thought Sokari would have climbed a higher football pedestal than he currently occupies. but I think the Egyptian league is better structured than the NPFL.

    • OmoEsan 3 years ago

      ‘Jimmylie’. @Dr Drey this one got me rolling with laughter.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @OmoEsan… You are still here singing hallelujah behind your master instead of conducting feasibility studies for the carwash business idea I suggested to you yesterday without charging you consultation… see why Nigeria youths should not be spoonfed? You are looking for work yet spend valuable time here chaffeuring for @Dr.Drey… hunger never catch you! Sidon there…

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Is that the reason why you are a bold-faced liar…? LMAOOoo.
          A highly fatuous liar that even the devil runs away from in order not to get burnt by the toxicity of your lies……LMAOOoo

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    He will be playing at Ismaily, Zamalek or Al Ahly after just two seasons at most… Watch. Still better than NPFL.

    • 1naija 3 years ago

      Guy you sef no try with that comment. In 2 seasons Ismaily or AL ahly e be like sey ur head no correct lmfaoo

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        …hahaha. It’s you @Dr.Drey who even cloned 1naija to write that comment up there… just to try to mock me that I am the one talking down on myself… hahahaha. After rightly supporting Solari… why should I make such a comment. It is you… I can write comment with your alias @Dr.Drey if I want… but I no be you wey the live on ego to win arguments… Chidi Osuchukwu moved to Sporting Braga after Ahmed Musa… @Dr.Drey after consulting Google will say… no he did not move to Braga, it was Braga B that signed him… Ezekiel Bassey moved to Barcelona… @Dr.Drey… no he did not move it was Barcelona B that signed him… what about Abduljeleel Ajagun moving to Panathanaikos from Dolphins of Portharcourt after Ahmed Musa… no he did not move it was Panathanaikos B that signed him… Which lie can be bigger than claiming to be a PhD holder but you have never thought in any school in Nigeria or abroad, neither is your profile in any known research institute… tell us where you the teach make we verify… lol. You only teach your minnions on CSN how to argue and research on CSN database because you actually work for CSN with a side hustle in draft playing, cash wash and battery charging… Hahahaha. But as for PhD you claim… you are a fraud on that…

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hehehehe…olodo. You can clone @Dr.Drey….of course we’ve always know…..you dont need to tell us again. We’ve always know you are one of the filthy ragtags on this forum. We know you can clone, the way you have been cloning 1naija/onenaija to fool yourself thinking you are fooling the world. 1naija that only appears on CSN to throw insults when Jimmylie has been busted, braised and battered by his own lies and arrogance…..LMAOOoo.

          God works in wonderful ways….see them revealing their dirty antics by themselves. The other day, it was his twin brother in lies bragging about being married to a lawyer….LMAOOoo…..demostrating to us all how he manufactures likes and dislikes the way he manufactures lies. Today its the second chronic liar who brags about everything including getting a new job recently and demonstrating his skill at cloning and impersonting identities on a sports forum….LMAoooo…what infantile senility.

          Tell us the last NPFL player to MOVE to top divisions of mainstream European league in a decade, oversabi is still desperately rigmaroling around with Portuguese 2nd division, spanish 3rd division and east/central europe moves as if the part of his brain that interprets english has suffer a stroke….LMAOOoo. Worse still, Chronic liar lying to us Omeruo moved straight to chelsea from sunshine stars….LMAOooo. What desperation….LMAOOoo.
          Everybody comes on CSN to make comments and back them up with facts and verifiable info, Onuku comes to attempt to “win arguments” with lies…..LMAOOO…FAT FAT LIES for that matter….LMAOOoo.

          His MANY TALENTS cant even make Belgium or Holland talk more of the top 5 leagues…..LMAOOoo…..top divisions of mainstream European leagues have become an abomination for MANY TALENTS NFPL players.
          Current Season’s Best Defender – trials in South Africa.
          Previous season’s topscorer – Saudi 3rd division.
          Current season’s MVP and GOAT – Esperance……LMAOooo.

          Pls hang yourself since Dr.Drey has refused to give you his personal information……LMAOOoo. Everybody is not a village goat like you who stumbled his way to the city and thinks there has never been anyone like it.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehe….who is this one fooling…? LMAOooo.
      He desperately wants to portray his 1naija identity as another personality…..LMAOoooo.
      Mr man, your writing DNA is vividly conspicuous …stop ridiculing yourself any further…..LMAOOo. No amount of name changes can obliterate your writing signature…..LMAOoooo

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      “…We go use their mind play chess…” LMAOOOo.

      Is this the chess you were referring to…? LMAOooo. So your IQ is this low that you dont realize you are failing woefully already…..LMAOooo. And you claimd Dr.Drey is going nuts. Please who is going nuts now…..commenting and replying your comments and even telling yourself how dumb you are…….LMAOOooo.

      • Onenaija 3 years ago

        You are a crazy individual. Trying so hard to play detective. Talking about your writing DNA, u don turn forensic expert. You go still run mad. I can tell you authoritatively that this is not Jimmy Ball, I’m a completely different person and you seem so stupid trying to present yourself as smart and being able to decipher other people’s “writing DNA” you will and I repeat never ever in this lifetime figure this out. Continue to wallow in your estate of arrogance. Onye ara

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago


    “…He will be playing at Ismaily, Zamalek or Al Ahly after just two seasons at most…”

    Not He will be playing at Porto, Villareal or Olympic Lyon in 2 seasons at most….LMAOOoo. Even their own brains have refused to be lied to by them anymore.

    Its his 12 goals in 5 seasons (average of 2 goals per season) performance that didnt earn a contract renewal that will earn a move to Alhaly and Zamalek…….LLMAOOOO

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    …Sokari is not begging anyone for Super Eagles invite. He has done well for himself 5years at SC Sfaxien… one of the best teams in Africa. He has taken good care of his family and peoples… not everyone will play their professional football in Europe to be fulfilled… even Victor Ikpeba one time went to play in Sudan… atleast Sokari is better than those parading fake PhD toga to Balloon their ego… those claiming to have had PhD 22yrs ago with no picture or certificate to show meanwhile are just truly 35yrs old at most hiding their identity so we won’t catch them… a PhD holder whose only social media account is that on CSN forum where he is the loudest… his other accounts Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter have been hacked 15yrs ago and he no longer operates any of them… if you get liver tell us just that your village name now… we will see you live on Facebook and just another jobless youth but ego won’t make you put your guts where your loud mouth is… a guy wandering the streets of Alimosho and sagamu with draft board on his head and N200 naira in his pocket looking for senior citizens to play and gamble for his rents… hahahaha. Kingsley Sokari who has been a good ambassador for Nigeria in football is the one he is coming to ridicule now… a guy who can expand your mobile phone battery charger business for you… hahahaha… even add an adjoining cashwash shop also for you… bad belle no the increase bank account… you should be touring Ajegunle now to look for one to play draft with you because everyone already knows you are the champion in Alimosho and Sagamu… you won’t mash up rent money there again… take your draft board and try in Lagos suburbs where you are yet to be famous… hahahaha.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      CS Sfaxien…

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      Carwash… lol. Typo… before smart Dr. Dreola Olanrewaju will come to write dissertation on my head.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Dr.Drey…Kingsley Sokari was never a forward… he has always been a good ballplaying midfielder… So don’t rate him on goals should we check how many goals Etebo has scored for club and country since being asked to play in midfield? That’s how any serious minded person should know you just skew your arguments to blindfold people always… Since you insulted Paul Onuachu for a whole season despite the youngman winning every personal accolade their is to win in Belgium in just one season… any serious mature person would know you are just a jealous hater… how can any sane human being criticize Paul Onuachu who was bought for goals and has done just nothing other than score goals… So in essence he did his job. Paul Onuachu does not hustle… he does not go to the midfield to retrieve ball… he falls from every challenge and has no skill… he is lazy… he waits in the box for Finidi and Amuneke to come and cross the ball for him to score… jeeeez! The guy Paul kept doing his thing and on nights he scored… he was continuously shoving shit into your mouth until he gave that job to Anayo Iwuala to continue… Lol. Since Anayo Iwuala popped up at Enyimba… did his thing in the league, confed cup and have moved to Esperence of Tunis all in one year… your life hasn’t changed much… you are still the old angry, idle and frustrated fake PhD brandishing fruity fellow on CSN insulting ex-internationals, and footballers on here… hahahaha.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Hehehehe….are you done…? Are all these the reason why you are a chronic liar….? LMAOoooo. Last month you came here bragging you have it on good authority that your goal demon will sign for a big club within the next 72 hours…..LMAOOooo….as if it was your pen they borrowed when the agreement was being signed…LMAOoooo…5 weeks later goal demon never see who guy buy am comot for Genk…..LMAOOoo.

    Some people can lie….! LMAOooooo.

    I agree, I am a 35 year old battery charger in Ajegunle….its way better than being a chronic pathetic shameless liar….LMAOOooo.

    • 1naija 3 years ago

      My guy you wish you were 35 lmfao. You na over 50 year old loser wey get time to dey dig up comments from yesteryear. Who does that? Lol

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hehehehee…..the one wey you dig up few hours ago na last week comment…? Madness in motion.
        When will you answer the question @omoesan posed to you yesterday

        “..but what happened to your own full time job? Haven’t you been on this forum since yesterday?..”

        Idiot has been on CSN 3 straight days fighting everybody and including himself with psuedonames because his highly talented worldclass NPFL MANY TALENTS cant couldnt cross the Mediterranean sea…LMAOOoo.even if it is just Turkish league….LMAOoo.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Hahaha… I am on CSN to check people like you who insult players and ex-internationals at whim… yet have no gainful activity of your own… I am just lounging and attending to mails and work orders at my garden… Lol. The Ahmed Musa you worship today will become an ex-international tomorrow and when they smuggled washup coaches in Europe across the Sahel covered in dusts and sand dunes… to coach our darling Super Eagles tomorrow and he offered his candid opinion after apparent failings and average results from such white moongods who are over the hill with their coaching careers… you will start insulting him again… let’s bet, you will surely insult Ahmed Musa once he becomes ex-international soon… no be you wey we know? Hahahaha… I will upheave your lies again… Kenneth Umeruo moved to Standard Liege directly from Sunshine Stars after Ahmed Musa… after Standard liege… Chelsea picked him up… your casted assertion that Ahmed Musa remains the only player to move from NPFL directly to mainstream Euro league is long out the window…

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahaha….attending to work order from his “garden”….LMAOooo. Why not make it from your “penthouse”….LMAoooo…just like your twin Chima. See liar that was complaining whites are not letting houses to riffraffs like him only a few days ago acting up a lxury life…..LMAOooo.
            Your mates own companies and run their own businesses….village boy (who is living the life he stumbled upon and dreamt of) is bragging about being an employee.

            Of course we will insult jobless, lazy exinternational who come here to feed us with lies like you….your gods who lie to us they cant list 14 SE players…..your gods who claim nobody wants to give them jobs because they are black…whereas they have blank CVs…..your gods tell us a fashionista who has never coached even elementary school kids in his life is the best person to lead us to the world cup…..Exinternationals who will tell us the essence of the olympics is participating and not winning, yet countries are flying back home with bagful of medals…..LMAOooo. Those ones will continue getting lashed on their buts….LMAOOooo. While the ones who say the truth, the likes of Kanu, Ikpeba, Mutiu, Jayjay etc will continue to be hallowed.

            Pls hurry up, what are you waiting for, go and bring the coach who will drop the national team captain, most experienced player, soon-to-be-most-capped, all time world-cup topscorer and best winger for the national team since Odegabmi. Pls hurry…dont waste anymore time. When Ahmed Musa retires he wont be a hungry ex-international who needs favor from NFF or the sports ministry to put food on his table, so he wouldnt need to align with saboteurs, tell lies in public to get favours or put himself on the path of ridicule….unlike some people who have sold their integrity for crumbs and jamboree trips from the ministry.

            Hahahahaha….fat liar that claimed he doesnt consult google…from Omeruo transfered straight from NPFL to Chelsea….LMAOOoo…Dr.Drey has educated him Omeruo actually transferred from Standard Liege to Chelsea….LMAOOoo. So did Omeruo Move to Standard before 2012 or after 2012…..LMAOOo….See desperation…..Olodo, he doesnt know how to calculate “within the last decade” anymore. When its time to tell lies, every other part of his body experiences an erection except his brains….LMAOooo

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahahaha….dumb he-goat fell for the bait…LMAOooo. I posed a question to 1naija…..jimmylie answered. What a cheap fool.
            And you want whites to make you a departmental head or project teamlead….LMAOooo. Who would saddle responsibilities meant for intelligent folks on the shoulders of a dumb liar who cannot even maintain a single line of discussion, but always rigmaorlling and “summer-tumbling” all around when his lies have been busted.??? LMAOooo.

            I’d always known you are dumb and hardly think before you talk….but this is an all-time low for you…LMAOOoooo. See as bold-faced lying hypocrite just expose insef….LMAOOooo

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    …hahahaha. I am being called a liar for suggesting without the care to be exact as it was needless seeing that my argument was just in trying to say it is not playing top 5 league that makes a player but rather the stuff the player has in himself… Goal king… Rashidi Yekini was playing Liga 2… with Victoria Setubal as of 1992/1993 and banging goals and all of Africa knew he was the most lethal striker on the continent without a doubt… at this time Richard Nwobuokiri was even in Liga 1 in Portugal scoring equal number of goals as Yekini was banging in the lower division yet Yekini was Nigeria’s arrow head anyday just like Victor Osimhen today… nobody cared where Yekini was playing… Whether Africa Sport of Cote d’voire or division 2 in Portugal. In Tunisia 94, and from then onwards it could be said of all the squad members… it was Efan Ekoku who was sitting on the bench for Yekini that was playing the highest division football in the squad with Norwich City and not juts playing but banging a lot of goals and was their own number striker… that was even the point I was trying to make that he was on the only one really conspicuous in a top 5 league going from Tunisia 94 to USA 94… even the other guys in the squad… Adepoju, Ikpeba, Okocha, Okafor, Agbonivbare, did not hug headlines in their leagues like Efan Ekoku… at the USA 94 world cup proper… Efan never played, Ikpeba never played, Mutiu Adepoju never had a combined total 90minutes… Mutiu always came in from the bench late into the game, Okocha never started until against Italy, Siasia was the only player who started in our squad as a top 5 league campaigner and he did not play against Italy… against Italy Okocha started… So of the 11 squad members starting our games at the USA 94 Mundial… it was only one top 5 league player who started games for us at a time… but of all of them Efan Ekoku was the one with the most impact in his league in England… folks look at his starts for yourself…


    …ans just because I did not have the time and carefulness to relay my thought as I should have meant I was a now liar… even Siasia himself who was the only top 5 league guy to have started 3games for us at group stage was not playing so much at FC Nantes… he only started 16games for FC Nantes out of a possible 76games over two seasons because he sat on the bench more often than not for Patrice Lolo…

    …hahahaha. So our best performance at Tunisia 94 and USA 94 were largely the work of guys who played outside of top 5 league and to this day they remained undoubted super talents.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Bloody liar who claimed he doesnt consult google…..LMAOoooo. Wikepidia must be located in your women’s cooking pots

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… Hahaha. Come and eat of you are hungry. She has just made me Chinese rice sourced with cinnamon and Tuna fish… hmmmm. Sehr lecker und scheckt gut… ohhhh…lala! Hahahaha…

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          I guess that’s the reason why you are a very dexterous yet unintelligent liar….LMAOOOoo

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Dr.Drey… Let me help you. I neither @1naija nor @Onenaija… I am beginning to consult Google now because I want to be exact with details of our football even from 50years back now so that when I make a hypothetical statement you and your gang will not caper to harass me again… I am leaving no more loop holes for you and your fruity pack… Lol. It’s not only you with internet access so google makes it easy and it’s just a search away…

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahha…fat liar. You are neither 1naija or onenaija, but your writing DNA is splattered all over comments from both usernames….LMAOOoo

      I sold you a bait, posed a question to 1naija, but because you are one and same person, you swallowed it hook line and sinker and answered….LMAO. Please quickly revert to your 1naija identity again and insult yourself (as you did above) for being so dumb and stupid at a go…..LMAOOooo

      There is a reason why criminals are always offered the right to remain silent…LMAOoooo.

      Compound fool. You think CSN is populated by your younger ones in your village whom you act ‘god’ to…? Please feel free to continue to fool yourself the more.

      I hope google also helps you avoid hypothetical statements like “….Dr.Drey was singing and shouting praises to the name of Anayo Iwuala…” and “….I have it on GOOD AUTHORITY onuachu will be signing for a big bundesliga club in the next 72 hours…” LMAOooooo.

      Kai….some people can lie…!

      Pathological liar.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… Yes. Eintracht Frankfurt have already reached personal terms with Onuachu and it was left for the two clubs to agree a fee… but once bids started coming from England Onuachu told his agents to waive all other offers and leave the ones from England… So it was Onuachu himself that pushed Frankfurt away… I said 48hours… your esteemed self knows in the world of football even in 12hours a lot can change… go and ask Osaze Odemwingie if that is true. Lol…

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          The same owngoal.com which they claimed was a fake news website is now their GOOD AUTHORTY….LMAOOoo. Or maybe they are also close to top managers and coaches in Europe too, like their fellow chronic lying twin Chima claimed a few years ago.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Dr.Drey… Why would you even be interested in Onuachu Paul transfer… according to you he destroys his teams attack whenever fielded in a game… hahaha. He has been destroying opposition defence since and has plundered two already even as season is yet to start…

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha…Fat liar has been busted once again and now wants to rigmarole out of the key point into another off-point topic.

      I have never cared about Onuachu’s transfer, because it is well documented here that I’ve always maintained no big club will sign him….and wow, am I not being proved right once again for yet another on-point assessment? LMAOOooo. Sorry, you cant beat the reach ehn…..even in the next 2 decades of your existence.

      What I have cared about is the eventual outcome of the hype and superfluous transfer proposals fallacious folks like you were peddling for months now about BIG CLUBS jostling for him….LMAOooo….even claiming GOOD AUTHORITY….LMAOOOO.

      Cant you see he has now replaced Osimhen in the SE colours and Lukaku at Inter Milan or Aguero at Man city despite his 50 goals in Belgian league now….LMAOoo. No body wants to sign a “wait and get” striker who cannot even offer something as basic as hold-up play for his partners to run into dangerous space. Hope you saw the way Osimhen destroyed Bayern…. A striker who keeps an entire back 4 busy all through the game. that is the type of striker Big clubs run after…..LMAOOoo

      You have always been quick to tell us Musa rated 4/10 vs cameroon in a single game…pls pick up some courage to also tell us what your goal demon rated vs the same Cameroon in the same games…..LMAOOoooo.

      Grow some balls too to use your 1naija identity to insult yourself once again for being so dumb and stupid to be busted with just 1 tap of the finger……LMAOOooo.

      Filthy liar.

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