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Laliga: Chukwueze Suffers Heavy Defeat With Villarreal Away To Barcelona 

Laliga: Chukwueze Suffers Heavy Defeat With Villarreal Away To Barcelona 

It was not the best of nights at the Nou Camp for Samuel Chukwueze and his Villarreal teammates as they were hammered 4-0 by Barcelona, Completesports.com reports.

Chukwueze was in the starting eleven for Villarreal before he was replaced by Takefusa Kubo on 74 minutes.

The game was Barcelona’s first game of the season while Villarreal featured in their third fixture and suffered first loss of the campaign.

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An own goal by Pau Torres a brace from Ansu Fati and Lionel Messi strike got Ronald Koeman’s reign off to a perfect start.

Fati scored two quick goals in the 15th and 19th minutes to put Barcelona 2-0 up.

In the 35th minute Messi made it 3-0 after converting from the penalty spot.

And on the stroke of half-time Torres’ put into his own net to make it 4-0 to Barcelona.

The win put Barcelona in 10th place while Villarreal are in eight position on four points.

By James Agberebi 

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  • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

    While watching Barca vs Villareal last night, I couldn’t help but focus on Ansu Fati vs Chukueze, 2 youngsters who burst on the scene in spectacular fashion for both clubs after staring for their respective B teams and something got be thinking all through the match…..Is Chukwueze evolving at all….or am I just being over expectant.

    • Nnamdi 8 months ago

      I hope he improves in this present campaign because what he had last season wasn’t so encouraging at all, he also needs to recognise that Kubo is in the team now to compete. Chukeueze needs to diversify his style of play, he needs to add to himself the character of aiming the centre of the post with intensity rather than often hugging the flanks

    • Footballfanatic 8 months ago

      Chukwueze might have let the early fame catch up with his game not realizing that he still has alot of rough edges. Pure talent no doubt but talent without enthusiasm, determination, and extra hard work will be average talent in a pool of many.. and also Fati is 4 years younger than Chukwueze and is doing extremely well in a very big club.

      • GLORY 8 months ago

        I think a lot of thing’s playing up in his head. I see a bit of his energy gone, his fire, a bit down. Again he seems not to be thinking about scoring but just playing for the team. All of these must have been brought about by too many transfer rumours. Chuzzy the wazza dazzler is a super talent not a pinch of doubt, but he just has to refocus and get really angry,while focusing purely on scoring,scoring and scoring in every match even if it’s means being a little bit selfish.

    • Aleks 8 months ago

      @Dr Drey, I’m pondering also…
      I started watching the game focusing on Chukwueze, but after the second goal, the lenses in my eyes converged permanently on Fati, whether he was with the ball or not. Watching the way he picked his spots and the precision that he delivered those two goals, I could only conclude that there must be a trade secret being taught only in Barca academy, something that other clubs may not even know about. Whatever it was yesterday, Fati not only took the shine off every other player, but managed to make our own dear Chuzzy appear less than ordinary (and that is being generous).
      For some reason, last weekend wasn’t quite a good one for majority of our players. Apart from the cheering news of Balogun’s return and Calvin Bassey’s 90mins on SPL, Osimhen showing a little glimpse of his real abilities in Serie-A and a few results going the way of our players in Bundesliga, majority of our guys either had a no show or a less than adequate performance. I pray and hope that our guys experience better fortune in the coming weeks.
      By the way, what could be going on with Kelechi Nwakali? The substitute appearance in the debut game was not bad, so I’m a bit surprised about his going two games without even a listing in the match day squad. It would be most heartbreaking to suffer another disappointment with this guy after everything had suddenly started looking in the upwards direction.

      • Greenturf 8 months ago

        Kelechi Nwakali was not selected because he is nursing an injury

        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

          Hmmm…which injury…? Where and when did he sustain the injury…? For how long is he expected to be out…? Can you kindly share your source of this info or a link in respect of that…?

  • Abdu handsy 8 months ago

    That boy called chukwueze is not serious at all. Perhaps,he has been overwhelmed with millions in his accounts already but forgetting the fact that football needs much more than money…

    Instead of him improving he’s rather dwindling considering what I saw yesterday night in his game. An attacker like him should always be hungry to scores goals as well as making an assists.
    When Samuel played against this same Barca last 3seaons(while he just got promoted to the first team) He was a cenosure of all eyes, in fact, a delight to watch but against all our expectations by the time he got signed up with rock nation sport as well signed his professional contract with Villarreal,he started loosing his original driving force and focus. Nawa o.

    I was heavily feeling asleep last night but decided to watch and see how Samuel has really transformed but on the contrary,that boy really disappointed me with his misplacement of single passes . I had to go to bed immediately the first half come to an end.

    Samuel ought to have scored the first goal last night and boost the morale of his team mates exactly the same goal Ansu later score. You could understand while the camera was pointing to the direction of Samuel after Ansu’s first goal…

  • D-cardinal 8 months ago

    Ansu unlike chukuwueze is surrounded by much quality players. You can’t compare both teams.so don’t rush into conclusion. In a team like barca ,chukwueze will do wonders

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      …so is that the reason why Samu has remained a 1 dimensional player with no plan B to his game…? Whereas Fati is evolving into an all round attacking midfielder right before our eyes. Needless to say that there’s hardly any player currently at Villarreal who is not as good as those in Barca. Remove Messi from barca and wear them a yellow jersey and they wouldn’t be too different from Villareal. Teams are all gradually decoding how to stop Samu, and if he doesnt add another dimension to his game other than hugging the touchlines even when the ball is at the other end of the pitch…i fear for him

      • JimmyBall 8 months ago

        … In the game yesterday he was criticized for not doing enough defensively as most goals were created from his flank in opposite direction! Fati was running down that channel.

        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

          If only he was doing enough attacking wise, maybe it would be Ansu Fati being criticized by now. But he was completely decoded last night, same as against Algeria and that gave Fati all the leverage he needed to remain up front and poor Samu just couldn’t work out a plan B because he has not evolved his game to have one.

  • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

    Chukwueze will need to improve on his stats of last season for the soccer world to take him as seriously as it did 2 seasons ago. He is slowly becoming an underperformer but he is capable of a whole lot more. Again, we should not make excuses for him. Anyone pointing out the obvious is not an enemy of progress.

  • pompei 8 months ago

    Chukwueze is a talented player. But his game is too predictable. His decision making could be a lot better. Knowing when to dribble and when to pass, how to use his skills and pace to create opportunities for goal attempts and assists, among other things.
    He also needs to become proficient in the use of his right foot, as this will increase his options, and make him less predictable and more dangerous.

  • @Abdu hadsy you are on point and I like the way you put it,We celebrate mediocrity in this part of the world,you cannot give what u don’t have,I always read comment on this platform and at times I laugh because the fans are the one killing all this players,firstly they are old men parading themselves as youth,someone even said because he is not surrounded by qualities players,firstly let’s ask ourselves does he have End products?can he score those goals  scored by the real 17yrs old boy,let’s be honest and speak the truth ,chuckwueze,nwakali and co are all average players that is why they are struggling,you don’t give what you don’t have and u cannot cheat the nature

  • Mr Hush 8 months ago

    While it is true that Chukwueze hasn’t really improved like we expect him to; it would be totally unfair to compare him to Fati.
    They are totally on different path in terms of development,coaching and club side.

    No matter how talented or average a player is, a bit of coaching is needed to advance his/her style. You can never take away coaching in development of a player.

    The system laid out in Barcelona is built to coach players to be dynamic in their way of playing.even a player has gifted like Messi was coached to unlock his true potential and advance even further. It is all about the system.

    Yes. It is the prerogative of a player to train himself and improve himself to be even better but good coaching can take that player further.

    Fati is lucky to have come through the Barcelona system and have been coached through such hence his level of technicality.
    Chukwueze on the other hand hasn’t has such great opportunity been in Villareal which is renowned for their inconsistency in coaching. They change coaches and system has the wind changes course.

    I take Chukwueze like Sterling in Liverpool, talented but one dimensional. We could see the difference when he got to City under Pep. Same for most Arsenal player’s right now under Arteta, Maitland Niles has improved; even the Egyptian El neny has improved in his style of play. Not forgetting Gnabry and his metarmophis improvement from a one dynamic player at Arsenal to a all round threat in Bayern right now. The list is endless. This thing happens in football. No matter the talent; every player needs a bit of coaching guidance to advance more.
    Chukwueze is unlucky to be in Villareal in terms of his development; but since he is there , he has no choice but to learn ,train and improve on his own. Talent is never enough.

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Your point is quite logical as always @ Mr Hush.
      But Fati is having his 3rd coach in 2 seasons, while Samu is having his 3rd coach in 3 seasons. If anyone’s evolution is to be affected in that regards, it probably should be fati’s. I take a wholistic look at what samuel has offered in the last 2 seasons and I try as much as to avoid saying he was even better in his debut season than now. Unai Emery has tried several times in pre season and since the begining of this season to play him in a more central role, but the kid somehow seems stuck on hugging the by-lines. Will we be right to say the kid has stagnated…? Is it time for him to move on to another club…? Or is it another case of another talented African youngster having the feeling of having arrived….?
      I am really so so bothered about this kid. He started out as a messi-to-be but could hardly even match 17 yr old Fati pound for pound last night. Thank God Fati is not white, otherwise people might think….you know….!

      • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

        See analysis devoid of crass or making baseless excuses. The Heavens will continue to bless Mr Hush and Dr Drey for us.

      • Glory 8 months ago

        Quality talk from Hush and @Drey. Always satisfying to read comments from you both and not some wasted space town crier, struggling to recover from just one knock out punch.I am ever here to point out any decorated evil comment. You can blab forever, I care less. The satisfaction I get from doing that,a million times out weight any form of name calling. So aint going na stop broda man. Lolzzz.

        • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

          Ha ha ha! Stinking comments from a filthy football fan. Waste of space. The satisfaction you get from chatting rubbish is written all over you and the baseless arguments that you waste the space with. Knockout punch. Knockout punch my ass. So E pain you? I mention your name? I did not need to. You known you are the only one who chats breeze. Me I dey here for you Kampe. Lunatic. Ha ha ha ha

        • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

          Decorated evil comment,,, see talk. Only Glory the glorious gorilla can come up with such nonsense. Reprobate

        • Igbekun Abo 8 months ago

          If you truly care less as you claim, you would not respond now. It either shows you care or you are a two faced liar with twisted evil motives… Twisted evil motives? I am starting to sound like someone here… Ha ha ha ha!!!

      • Mr Hush 8 months ago

        @ Dr Drey

        As always,all respect.
        It is always nice to read your view.

        I do understand that Fati has changed coached as well but the difference in Barcelona is that , the Catalans already had a system, a system which Fati grew up in and every coach that has come in must abide and adapt to that system. You can do a little tweak here and there but the system remains the system. That’s one of the reasons Ernesto Valverde was given the boot even after winning trophies; his style didn’t suit the system and the long run didn’t suit the players bringing about a bit of stagnation to the development of Puig,Alena,Ruiz ,Fati and the likes youngsters from La Masia. Hence the arrival Setien, who many thinks plays similar system to that of Barcelona while at Betis.
        With the coming of Koeman, I definitely know things would change cause he has a different ideology to that thinkered in LA Masia.
        So yes; Fati must have changed coaches but he has already been imbibed in a culture and ideology that is part and parcel of him based on the his foundation of been coached in the Barcelona system. It all starts in the mind.

        That said, I would agree with you that the case of Samu might just be the same thing that affects most of us from sub Sahara Africa; the lack of will to push further. We have a non challant attitude towards development. We simply lack the will to evolve. When we get to a stage,We get so relax and feel we have arrived so there is nothing more to achieve. Forgetting that life as it is, is a continuous process and in sports, it is hard to get to the top but even harder being on top. Innovation doesn’t sleep, it moves with time. It is all about the mentality.
        Fati is lucky to be raised in a place where he was trained in a different mindset. A mindset to always innovate. Chukwueze like most of us in Africa, are not trained to look further than the river. We simply want to cross that bridge.
        My prayer is he works on himself and improves .we need him to.

        Greetings and [email protected] Igbekun Abo
        Respect @Glory

  • Abdul handsy 8 months ago

    I really want samu to improve as it will benefit himself, his club and super eagles. May Almighty God show you the rightful direction and guide you in this your chosen career path Ameen.

    The two players I really want to eventually play for Nigeria comes 2022 world cup (by God’s Grace we shall qualify with ease) are Felix uduokhai and Saka because these are two types of players having watched them very well, I think we don’t possess for now in the national team.

    Rohr once told us that two defenders have agreed to come with us which was a very good news. We have known the first of the two (Akpoguma) but I haven’t really known the second as I hope it is going to turn out to be Uduokhai.

    Sooner or later we shall know it.

  • Well i’m just muted & speechless

    When’ll we’ve a player like ETO, DROGBA that’re never satisfied with mere currencies but want to make name & turn legends in their clubs?

    When’ll we’ave players like YAYA TOURE, ESSIEN, that were fearless, not shaky when holding the ball but feel so confident on it?

    When’ill we’ave players like MANE, SALAH, AUBA. MARHEZ that prefer taking the ball to their opponent with confident, tricks, skills, speed?
    A player that can play any role in the attack line?

    When i see MANE, SALAH, AUBA, MARHEZ, ZIYECH or even HAKIMI, KOULIBALLY, PEPE(yet to rediscover his talents) play soccer i feel sad & ask myself the year our own boys will rise to this stage in life.

    At first we hoped that IWOBI, IHEANACHO & SUCCESS will take us back to the days of KANU & OKOCHA, but they just fizzle out like vapour.

    We saw CHUKWUEZE coming like a dynamite, we rejoice, celebrate and started druming all over the world, but imagine what is going on now.

    Soccer pls don’t deny us a star in OSIMHEN biko.

  • Collins id 8 months ago

    my people make una take am easy. haba wat about the stars in man city 5 2 lost are they now average bcos they lost. wen bayern spelled barca in the last champ league was messi and suarez not there does that makes them average. in football everyday nor be thesame. even if you are maradona you can have a bad day (fatique) no matter how much you will try that day will be bad. as for me chuks is doing very ok and only needs to relax his mind when aproaching games. the process of trying to impress fans is cosing him lots of errors too. as for improvement i think he has well improved. besides this guy have three assists and a goal already. he have a very good finishing when he gets chances. the goal he scored against lesotho with his head shows how intelligent he can be. if anyteam is playing against vilareal the biggest focus by coaches is chuks. he and osihmen are highly rated by deffenders at the moment. only time and more games can get them used to such preasure. there are times in realmadrid where c ronaldo couldnt even dribble past a statue, losing the ball to oponents. its does happen and doesnt mean that the players are not improving i simply bad times. lastly in all round play chuks is a talent to rely on. he shoots, dribbles, crosses and play well both in the middle and deffence. a game against barca can be either good or bad for anybody, even hazard havnt done miracle in madrid. is hazard average? or overated?