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Ligue 1: Moffi Bags Brace In Lorient’s Draw At AS Monaco 

Ligue 1: Moffi Bags Brace In Lorient’s Draw At AS Monaco 

Terem Moffi scored two goals but it was not enough as a stoppage time strike saw Monaco force Lorient to a 2-2 draw, Completesports.com reports.

Moffi opened scoring for Lorient in the 7th minute from the penalty spot before Wissam Ben Yedder equalised on 48 minutes.

Moffi made it 2-1 in the 62nd minute but in the 93rd minute Ben Yedder equalised to force a draw for Monaco.

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Moffi has now scored three goals in his last two games and has taken his tally in the league to nine.

The draw means Lorient are unbeaten in their last six games  (four wins and two draws).

They are in 17th place on 23 points, four points away from the relegation play-off spot.

By James Agberebi 

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  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    We don’t need Terem Moffi… Please Gernot Rohr… Hand call-up to Odion Ighalo to comeback from retirement and lead our line. The likes of Sadiq Umar, Terem Moffi, Taiwo Awoniyi, Peter Olayinka and Paul Onuachu are light-weight attackers and should continue to work harder… Ighalo is Super Eagles saviour we need him back.

    • Why are you people like to make issues out of no issue? Who is clamoring or begging Ighalo to come back? The point reasonable are making is that, if Ighalo wishes to come back, and he is in top shape, and the coach is also willing to invite him, why not? Is he not a Nigerian?

      Of this all your so called striker, He and Oshiemen remains the only tested and trusted stricker, so what is the fuss all about.

      This how you all clamored for Onuachu, Dessers, Josh Maja, Simi Nwankwo, etc what happened when all this guys were given their chances? The same Ighalo that you are sarcastically castigating was the one that saved us at AFCON, if not we won’t pass group phase.

      Moffi is a talent, he is good, no doubt about it, but give this guy some space, allow him to improve and grow, do not placed too much pressure on his shoulders, he is quite young. He need to learn from experienced players.

      I don’t have any problem with GR inviting him, it will be a big plus to us, but he is not yet ripe to be trusting him as our arrow head, by ignoring experienced one. He can come and learn, have a feel of international football, enjoy few minutes on the pitch and let’s see how it goes from there

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Ola… What is Ighalo coming back to do? Bench Osimhen or make other young options have a stunted chance to also contribute to Super Eagles and Nigeria progress? Only Osimhen and Ighalo are tested? Young enterprising players are beginning to shame all of you hypocrites with their performance and rising profile… People in Saudi Arabia playing for pension should be invited and not others in Egypt league or Qatari League… Go and read about what Anthony Okpotu and Moses Orkuma are doing in Qatari league after their huge exploits in the Tunisian league… Why not invite Tony Okpotu also who is a solid player in his rights? Most of you here just use on stick for some while using another for other players… If Rohr invite Ighalo it shows has senile he is fast becoming… won’t be a surprise since he is almost seventy years anyways… We never had a coach so old coach the Super Eagles!

        • I thought you understand English, or maybe your mind is just myopic or set at auto rigid. Read my post carefully again and understand the content

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Ahhh….it seems you are new to this forum. That one doesn’t talk with his head, he talks with his emotions….unfortunately for him,, 95% of the times he ends up either telling lies or saying the wrong things. He is suffering from partial blindness both physically and mentally….that is why he has not seen/read Rohr categorically stating that he has been watching Moffi and Awoniyi with a view to calling them up for the next games but NEVER said he WILL invite Ighalo for the matches.

            Hatred has a way of blocking peoples reasoning u know. Imagine someone comparing Okpotu to Ighalo….LMAO. Comparing someone playing at the highest level of football he has ever played to someone playing at the lowest level he has ever played….LMAO
            Manchester United nor see Okpotu for ground before dem go sign Ighalo…..????LMAO. Nothing wey eye nor go see for this CSN.

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            @Dr.Drey… You finally found your voice. Rohr Ranger who was swearing for folks on this forum to go take rat poison if Rohr calls up a retired Odion Ighalo… Ighalo who is better than Okpotu thundered a simple chestdown tap-in to the stands against Argentina when his temperance and savviness were called to duty in World Cup 2018. Ighalo and Ayegbeni hold a. Wonderful open-goal miss record for Nigeria in the annals of world cup fiesta… hahaha. If we don’t shout Rohr down na so the old senile man go invite Yakubu Ayegbeni come back because of panic. He was always boasting to consistently use a young squad in Africa and the world… in his usual….”my team is a young team” chorus of an excuse each time Nigeria is embarrassed from his slow and predictable coaching… So what happens to calling up young players again? We have a panicky fraud for a coach and you can be sure you will have incredulous ones always singing his praises here… See the quality of Lookman and Adarabioyo and the German who ran away from his country of birth to take up French citizenship to pay reduced taxes in an adopted country is spewing kak that he does not need new players… after he will crap in his pants on the touchline losing a 4 goal advantage to minnows… He has been thought hard lessons in African football to be savvy and witty with a blend of flexibility of playing styles but he has continued to remain his old robotic plough-machine! Hahaha…

          • Dr Simone Toto 3 years ago

            Drey your stupidity is the great of all time. You are indeed a GOAT of self deception. Ola is just a simple idiot thinking he will gain attention by following the line of your idiocacy little did he know that you’re just an example of mockery to your family. This should sound as warning to more aspiring idiots like Ola we are watching and will deal with any fool in line with you.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            @Jimmyball…sorry to disappoint you….I didn’t lose my voice…I’ve only been away enjoying the beauty of valentines day.
            Ighalo missed a goal vs Argentina and then…?? Pls what is news about that…? If your Okpotu was a 1 shot one goal striker how come his highest ever goal tally in a whole season is just 13 goals…??? LMAO. Shame nor even catch you, you dey mention Okpotu and World cup in the same piece….LMAO.

            Ive been reading you foaming in the mouth all over the place over what is not even an issue. I know you read news with your brains shut down…So im not suprised you have almost contracted rabies becuase of Ighalo matter. Rohr never said he was recalling Ighalo for our next qualifiers….a journalist only asked what was his take about Ighalo securing a big deal in Saudi Arabia and if he still thinks of a recall for him…..and he simple answered IF Ighalo is still FIT & PLAYING WELL (as we all saw of him in Man U) and IF….I repeat IF he still wants to come back. So what was bad in that reply….Oh…he should have said NO, IGHALO IS NO LONGER A NIGERIAN, HE CANT COME BACK TO THE NATIONAL TEAM……LMAO. As if Ighalo will be the 1st Nigerian to come out of international retirement to play for the SE. Or as if Igahlo will be 1st footballer in history to do that. If not for your in-born hatred and your tendency to rant with your emotions without even thinking with your head, I dont know how that has become a problem.
            From day 1, Rohr has always wished anyone who retires from the SE well and maintained that the doors are still opened to them if the choose to rescind their decision so far they are still active. So if your like boil in anger to the point of comiting suicide…so far your anger cannot roast yam….you cannot do jack IF/WHEN Ighalo chooses to rescind his decision. All you can do is to have the mental epilepsy who are currently having at the moment.

            Its the same Rohr who mentioned that he has been watching Moffi in France and Awoniyi in Germany with a view to calling them up o……but because your emotions have shut your brains down as usual….it hasnt come to your consciousness yet. It is Ighalo whose invitation is at the remotest of possibilities and coming with various terms and conditions that is making you flame out like a damaged aircraft turbine…..LMAO.

            And as for the top 5 leagues issue you raised in your earlier comment…..status quo remains. ANY player….I repeat ANY player who intends to break into this SE should go and PROVE himself in the most difficult and highest standard leagues in the world. And there is not going back on that. Even you knw that all leagues are not of the same strength or difficulty level…you claimed you played in Nigerian league (one of your most epic fictions on this platform) for years with an injury….but you couldnt even pass trials in one small club like that in Germany and Switzerland….LMAO. Ordinary trial match o….you failed woefully, yet who had been playing in the Nigeria league under the same medical state. Its simply down to the level at which they operate out there being way higher and more difficult that where you were coming from and since you couldn’t raise your game….you failed. Its that simple. 100 coaches in the world will pick a Terem Moffi who has scored 10 goals in France over a Junior Ajayi who scored 10 goals in Egypt 100 time over and over. I can bet if Umar were to be playing even in Belgium, he would have been called up way before whenever is will eventually be called up. Unfortunately for him…its the same period when he was scoring 17 goals in Serbia that Osimhen was scoring 18 goals or thereabout in France, Onuachu even as a bench player was scoring 10 goals in Belgium, Dessers was scoring 16 plus goals in Holland and Ighalo was top scoring in African competitions plus 21 goals in China. So tel us…how many no 9s can we have in one national team at the same time. After Ighalo left, the likes of Osimhen and Onuachu being the ones who had already been with the team at AFCON needed time to show they can fill Ighalos’ shoes….so. What’s the your problem with that. If Rohr had called Umar than and left one out of these guys out…its same you who would have still insulted him for doing so.

            The full interview is below. It least if your eyes dont help you to read right, your ears should be able to help you hear right.


            If in future, ighalo is amongst our most inform strikers and willing to come back to SE……he will be invited. Anybody wey in pain make e go hand himself.
            This time last year, Dessers was Hot, Ejuke was Hot, Samu was Hot…..are they still hot like that today…NO. If this time next year, these ones arent as hot as they are now, and Ighalo is amonsts our hottests……IF HE DECIDEDS TO COME OUT OF RETIREMENT…THE DOORS OF THE SE CAMP IS WIDE OPENED TO HIM…….gbam

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            As for our CSN dog @Simone blokos……

            “Eranko, I don’t join issues with animals like u”


          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Run past the typos…not time to edit.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            @Jimmyball, lest I forget, we want more of our players to go prove themselves in the top 5 leagues because we dont want them to start feeling intimidated when we start playing top nations or even when they come to camp and see MEN playing football in legaues where MEN play football. If you meet the same players you play with or against on weekly basis at international level you wont feel intimidated…look at the way Osimhen messed up marqinhos and thiago silva when we met Brazil in the friendlies…he was used to seeing and playing them in the ligue 1. What about Nacho vs Otamendi in the Argentina friendly, Iwobi vs rest of English squad etc….they matched these guys head on. But if we ask junior Ajayi to go and face Casemiro now everything he will be thinking of is how he will bracket Neymer to get his jersey after the match…..LMAO. He can even suffer from stage fright the way your Anthony Ujah suffered from stage fright vs Tahiti in a half empty stadium at the confed cup in 2013….(another epic lie from you)…LMAO. Or didnt you see then way Ezenwa was running after messi for a handshake at halftime of Nig vs Argentina at the world cup in Russia…? I could remember when Keshi took the homebased to face Catalonia with Xavi, Pique, Valdes….etc….( this was after they had been camped for almost a year and played about 5 international grade a friendlies o)….they were shivering the whole first half until the big boss talked to them during half time that they should just be themselves….Lolz. We dont want people who will come into the SE camp and fear nor go let them train as the home-based who ahve so far been called up to the SE camp always confess. Frank Onyeka was the best CM in Denmark and player of the year in his club just last season…..on a good day one would even think ah…this one suppose fit dust Ndidi or Etebo commot for SE……we all saw how he struggled. Let that same Onyeka spend just one season full season playing regualrly in Germany of even France….you will see the difference. The confidence Terem Moffi will use to enter SE camp today is different from how he would have felt if he was still playing in Lithuanian league.

            So im sorry…just forget all these your junior ajayi, Moses Orkuma and Okpotu nonsense. Tell them to go and prove themselves even if its Belgium or Holland. Ighalo has proved himself at the very top….scoring goals everywhere he goes…italy, Spain, England, China….even in AFRICA. I know say na the shock wey you shcok say e never even play 45 mins of football for Saudi yet e don nak another goals naim make your mind dey cut now say road go soon block for your Junior Ajayi be that o…..LMAO. Ahmed Musa too is a legend of Venlo and CSKA Moscow…it that is not enough he is Nigeria’s all time top scorer at the WORLDCUP…..and wait for it……AS A WINGER….!!! Wait…what do you want them to prove to you again…?? That they can fit into the SE or that they can score goals at international level ….??? If 2 of them like make dem dey play for ojuelegba thay have nothing to prove to anyone…so far they are still playing and performing….they will walk into the SE with confidence and still get at least a place on the bench over any of these small boys. Bcos dem know as e dey go. If you trully played football as you claim you cant dispute this with me. Its even the young ones that will be under pressure and any of them who is not outstanding will just play himself out of the team. When we were preparing for 2002 world cup Shorunmu came at the last minute and displaced all the other young goalkeepers with just 1 friendly game…just 1 friendly game. Did Mikel not come out of retirement in 2019…just few days in training and Ajayi was dropped for him (we see why its was Ajayi that was dropped with his below par performaces in the SE at the momnet). Nor be the same Mikel use im mouth talk after AFCON say abeg e don do…when small boys like dem Etebo and Ndidi nor gree am see road.
            So if these your so-called young ones arent good and bold enough to PERMANENTLY retire Ighalo by themselves (IF he chooses to come back), then they arent even worthy of the SE shirt in the first place. If for example Ighalo plays vs Benin and scores…plays vs Lesotho and scores and Onuachu is still waiting for finidi to come and be supplying him crosses b4 he can get goals for the SE is that not going to be a slap on his face…??

            Segun Toriola was still playing Table tennis for Nigeria up till a few years ago and when he was asked why, he simply said ‘the young ones cant beat me yet…and if they cant beat me in my old age, how do they want to beat the rest of the world’

            And its not even like the coach affrimed he will invite Ighalo next month. He simply gave an open-ended answer to the question of whether or nor Ighalo should come out of retirement and people with low intelligence and comprehension aptitude turned themseles to online fulani herdmen…..LMAO. No wonder una still dey fail IELTS in this age and time….LMAO

            Abegi make una shift make we see road jare. Una never baff.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            @Simone blokos…if your she-goat of a mother raised you well, you wouldnt use her genitals as your name. Eranko. LMAOoooooooo…keep on bleating all over the place

            Hohahahaha……im still rolling on the floor remembering @Ola’s response to you……LMAO

            ““Eranko, I don’t join issues with animals like u”


            Me I even still pity you and call you sweet names like ‘street dog’, ‘animal’, ‘scavenger’ LMAOooooooo. @Ola didnt even give you the smallest of respect….Lmaooooo. ‘Eranko’…..LMAOOOOoo…! @Ola pls go and pray for forgiveness of your sins o. How can you demean an animal to the point of calling in “Eranko”…..Lmaaaooooooo…..! And not even any animal our very on pet dog on this paltform.

            I dont know you from adam o @Ola but something gives me an impression that you are one to be feared….Lolz

            “…“Eranko, I don’t join issues with animals like u”….” #Epic

            @Simone blokos abeg turn around make we see weda you get feather for yansh or na tail you get…..LMAO…make we for know the type of Eranko wey you be and the type of Erankos wey mate to produce your type….LMAO

            “Eranko, I don’t join issues with animals like u”….this actually made my Valentines day….LMAOoooooo..!

          • @Dr Simone toto, your name alone implies the kind of brain you got in that your coconut skull. Who let this dog out? How you become a Dr is still a misery to, perhaps it’s just a mirage. As I have said earlier, I don’t join issues with animals, I discussed with people with brain not a lowlife scumbag like you.
            If you let me focus on u in this forum you will hate yourself.

            Can you noticed I have stopped replying to the tread of your second in command dindinrin @Jimmyball? The reason was simple, his level of reasoning can only be compared to a ram. I am too busy to be exchanging words with rogues

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            @Dr.Drey….lol.see how I don force you the change story line because of truth wey I hammer you. My mention of Anthony Okpotu, Moses Orkuma and not even Junior Ajayi who in my opinion will offer a lot of diversity to Super Eagles is just sarcasm because of your usual Odion Ighalo tribute as all of them are now Arab Contractors… hahaha. You wey sabi pass IELTS no even know sarcasm. Odion Ighalo wey the go pump muscle for SAUDI ARABIA how far with him last episode at Manchester United? Make we stop sentiment Ighalo is just a poorman’s Daniel Amokachi at best… not even Yekini. So please he stays retired and we will not entertain any news of Ighalo coming back here… EVEN if he says he wants back in Super Eagles… no Space. Again for Ahmed Musa, Ademola Lookman has retired him already. They have all put in a good shift in the SE career… We appreciate but it’s time for next level players. Adarabioyo is on the same level with Leon Balogun and Ekong also should be getting ready to step back in Eagles and play himself into reckoning in a top 5 league first also. Train don pass championship players stations… hahaha. One love…

          • @Dr Drey, you got me laughing on the bed until my wife asked me what’s going on. Honestly, what other name can you give a scumbag like @simone other than “Eranko” when you suddenly jumped into a peaceful debate with insult? Only Animals act senselessly unprovoked, that’s why I give him that surname.

            The funny thing is no one was advocating for Ighalo returns, not even the coach, he was only responding to a straight question, what do u expect him to reply, that he doesn’t want to hear Ighalo name in his entire life? Where is your sence of diplomacy@Simone? Imagining Jimmyball referring to his miss at Russia world up that was 3yrs ago? Tell me who save our blushes in 2019 if not same Ighalo. Some people hatred is legendary. As I have said, try and read, comprehend meaning of a statement before jumping to comment, because your comments will be used to access the level of your reasoning.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahaha…@jimmyball dey find wetin to cover face…LMAO…Sarcasm…LMAO. Mr Man forget, we don am to our younger ones tey tey….wen we call them big head we go come call them, beg dem say na Joke. ..LMAO.
          You have been breathing fire and brimstone here with your tribal bigotry over the neglect of your Benue born brothers from the national team…not today…not yesterday..not the day b4…and now that you have been checkmated by common reasoning….to want to turn it aroun to be “sacarsm”. pls try another lie biko. So allthose other times too were sakasm….all the times you were lying to us that Anthony Ujah had stage fright vs Tahiti while Oduamadi was scoring hattrick…that one too was sakasm….LMAO Sarcasm ko…Bukayo Saka ni.

          You are asking how far with Ighalo at Man U…?? LMAO. Go and read all the rave reviews about him by the likes of Owen, Berbatov, Scholes etc. Even Warnock that criticized his signing eat his word in public. Infact Ighalo make all of them in haters chop sand. 5 goals in 5 starts. Any time e start match gbam…goal….anytime he start match…gbam goal. He never even play 45 mins for Saudi…gbam goal. I know say if he venture wear SE shirt tomorrow…for where Onuachu still dey find cross from Friday Elaho upandan, Ighalo go don nack like 2 gbam gbam…goal. Okpotu and Junior Ajayi dey Africa there wey be trecking distance from Europe wey Man U go all the way to China to go sign Ighalo o…..LMAO. Even Cavani nor score 5 goals in his first 756mins as man u player.

          Ighalo is a poor man’s Daniel Amokachi…abeg how many goals Amokachi score for Nigeria…13 goals in 44 matches (with all those GOAT midfielders wey we get those years)…Ighalo dey 16 goals in 35 matches already…LMAO. How many goals amokachi score for England…..even in terms of money amokachi make reach $300,000 per annum wey Ighalo dey make every week for almost 3years running now…??? That one too better be sakasm o….otherwise na to carry your matter go meet the mammy water wey own river benue o.

          And mind you…my initial stance remains…you nor force me change any story line. Na your comprehension issues dey disgrace you for public. NOBODY HAS SAID IGHALO SHOULD BE INVITED TO OUR MARCH QAULIFIERS. Na you just they fume and foam for mouth over wetin nor exist…maybe na the goal wey ighalo don begin dey nak for Suadi now naim dey give you nightmare. Even Rorh NEVER said he will do so. He specifically mentioned monitoring Awoniyi and Moffi and simply gave an open-ended answer to Ighalo retuning to the SE…the same answer he has severally given to questions of any other retiree coming back into the team…”IF HE IS STILL FIT, PLAYING WELL and DECIDES TO CHANGE HIS MIND, he is very much welcome”. Status Quo remains. Any new player that will be invited to the SE MUST be better than them….most of the current player have been tested in the BEST leagues in the world…so anyone who wants to show he is better than them should also go and TEST himself in these BEST leagues in the world…..END OF STORY.

          Sorry ehn…we dont have room for Arab contractors who still struggle to score 10 goals per season in all competitions…habaa…fear God na.
          Even Ahmed Musa as a winger still contributed to about 24 or 25 goals in 50 appearances in Saudi to show that his level is way higher that the league. Ighalo never play complete 45mins he don dey shake net….that is how you know those who have been TESTED and can be TRUSTED.

          @Ola…LMAO. Leave Eranko to continue to be Eranko. let we human beings continue to be human beings o jare. LMAOooo…..!

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            @Dr.Drey… Ighalo stays retired na me talk am. If any Arab Contractor must not be invited anymore to SE… Ighalo follow until him change league go back top 5 league for world, na you set the standard, we no go reach Ighalo place come lower the bar… laye e no go work! Lol…

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hehehehehe……Ighalo is really making some people piss in their pants…..LMAO…1st 45 mins in Saudi gbam….goal…..LMAO. When Rohr granted that interview they didnt feel on the edge….Im sure they were like…ahhh…Ighalo is finished…this is just wishful thinking. Next day….Ighalo shake net (just to create awareness for saudi people say I don sho o)….enemies begin get high blood pressure dey spread propaganda up and down say Rohr wan invite Ighalo for Benin republic….LMAO.
            The goalsfather of Africa for year 2019 coming out of his holidays in Saudi is not lowering the bar….its a call to action to the younger ones to stop being pretenders and start being contenders. Nigeria vs Burundi is a typical Case study. If and when that happens, anyone who isnt pleased is free to go jump into the Mediterranean sea….LMAO

      • Eranko, I don’t join issues with animals like u

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Eiii….!!! This right here is what is referred to as #Savage….LMAO. Fantastic response right there.

          @Toto or blokos abi whatever the riffraff calls himself…I hope you see now that your are nothing but an animal…..LMAO…sorry ehn…pele…no reason am…just take it like that…LMAO

          Infact @Ola…you killed it……’Eranko’….LMAO. I am seriously rolling on the floor with laughter right now.

        • Dr Simone Toto 3 years ago

          Hehehe see this two idiots. @shameless Dr you keep producing idiots to follow your ignorant line. Fire burn una two stupid son of bitches. Lmao you two can go to hell Ighalo has no place in the SE. I Dey here na list go still come out we shall see shame go catch una 

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahaha….see our CSN dog @Simeone blokos is back o…..wisky…wisky….see him barking….LMAO.
          Fool, who said Ighalo will be invited for the March Qualifiers b4….LMAO. Olodo dem….lolz. Some people read news online with the back of their heads….LMAO

          “Eranko, I don’t join issues with animals like u”….#Legendary!!! LMAO.

          Can you see how everyone avoids you like a leprous dog on this forum….???? LMAO. Your scavenging never start…..you go still chop from dustbin till you see welcome to Libya…..LMAO

        • Dr Simone Toto 3 years ago

          The two idiots who wake up everyday thinking of who to debate sorry to let you down but your words do go beyond your doorsteps that’s life you have a proper door. I don’t have to read all your garbage all I have to do is come back and update your curses even more. Ola you’re one of the weakest dude I have seen here nobody even sabi you I sorry for your mumu. Well sha I have seen your kinds on this page when your data finish you go get sense. As for Drey I blame Nigeria glo if only they know his nuisance they’ll have long disconnected him.

  • He has really settled into the french league and has become their top scorer. Too bad that they dont have a solid defence otherwise it would have been a victory. But moffi is a real standout. Hope he continues in this manner, scoring goals aplenty, improving his game, getting more and more confident. He may not end up as top goal scorer in the league but he will command respect among his teammates, especially when his goals take them out of relegation. Will he be invited to the Super Eagles, time will only tell.

  • Abdul handsy 3 years ago

    Congratulations to you Terem Moffi.
    I wish you more goals aplenty!

    May you be able to replecating this form in the super eagles when you come on board soon…Ameen!

  • Unique 3 years ago

    If Rohr is the 3 Lion coach, he would have been sleeping at Vardy door begging him to come out of retirement. Dear Rohr let ighalo retire in peace.

    • Dr Simone Toto 3 years ago

      God bless you by now Lampard and Gerard would have been begged to leave their coaching post and play as for the English team as well. I have never seen cowards like some fans here glamouring for Ighalo because he score a goal in Saudi. The matter tire me o. These alone should let the forumites know that some people here must stop the follow follow syndrome and let their instincts judge for them.

      • Unique 3 years ago

        Haha , I don’t mean to go to this extend. I have a little argument with my football lover friend that who do we need the most between okocha and ighalo when both retired, he said okocha but… I told him don’t but you have clarified the argument. If we can get pass a top class okocha even when our mildfied was crappy. There’s no need for ighalo return because we are better without him.

  • Dr Banks 3 years ago

    Goal made in 9ja for Fulham, Aina to Lookman, passed back to Aina and Aina squared it to Maja who bursted the NET. Goal for Maja on debut. Everton 0:1 Fulham on 54″

    • Ikeben 3 years ago

      Wow, what a goal. This Aina, lookman link up is a joy to watch. And Maja is a future no 9 for Eagles. Tosin is full of confidence. But lookman is a beast. We need these 4 players in our team. Making Everton look so ordinary. Fulham 2 and Maja 2.

  • Dr Banks 3 years ago

    2nd goal for Maja, what a debut start to life in London for him

  • J maja has scored again! 2goals today against everton. Whats happening here. Aina moved to his more natural left full back position. Lookman playing in the left wing. They are out scoring everton. Carlo ancelotti put out a team that I dont understand, sigurdson should be in the midfield not upfront. Iwobi is on the bench, at least they wont blame him if this game ends in defeat. Seems like a little too late for fulham though, there were about 10 points behind Newcastle in 18 before this game, Dont know if they can close that gap. Naija players representing this weekend though, good for the National team that is if the man in charge is seeing what we are seeing and will allow the right players play in the right position.

  • Michael Adelami 3 years ago

    When is England/UK going to release Tosin and Lookman to Nigeria

  • Josh Maja is welcome to showtime bigtime

  • lanre 3 years ago

    dr totoblokos u well so?ahahaha dr drey is miles ahead of you if for nothing else but facts nd accurate figures nd statistics so gba fun oga e

  • Please, before we recommend strikers for SE, we must be doubly sure that they are not the type of strikers that rely more on penalties for goals. This is very important, because, penalty is not a gift that comes to SE frequently. In essence, we need strikers who can hold up play, have pace and dribbling skills amongst others.
    Okocha was really an enigma while in SE. Those days, our players usually give him the ball when the pressure becomes too high. He will easily dribble one, two, three or even four of our opponents……our fans will start clapping and cheering, and, the pressure will go down.
    If it were possible for him to become younger and active again, I will actually endorse his return.

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