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Live Blogging: Cameroon vs Egypt – AFCON 2021 Semi-final Match

Live Blogging: Cameroon vs  Egypt – AFCON 2021 Semi-final Match

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the AFCON 2021 Semi-final match between the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon and the Pharaohs of Egypt at the Paul Biya Stadium, Olembe, Yaounde.

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  • Caf should look into world cup qualifications for Africa.. how will one of Egypt or Senegal be in the world cup. They are both some of the best teams in Africa..

  • Greenturf 10 months ago

    Cameroon’s only strong test and they got beat.

  • Mr. Nice 10 months ago

    Egypt played boring tactical football and ends up in the finals, the other only country that defeated them in the group stage with the best brand of tikitaka was bundlded out at the round of 16. CAF should create special awards/recognition for the best coach and team of the group stages so that Nigeria can always play beautiful result and collect their awards immediately.

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      Hahahahaha…as one of them said earlier, it is more honorable to get booted out in the R16 by a B team led by a B coach than to finish on the podium with a bronze medal……LMAOooo.

      Ndi any coach can win the AFCON with the ‘calibre’ of players we have in 2 weeks…..LMAOooo. Ndi let us fail with our own…..LMAOOOoo I hope you are all enjoying that best team of the group stage trophy yall brought back home to be celebrated by Sunday Dare and his hoard of mediocrity celebrants…..LMAOoooo.

      If there is anything 24 team AFCON has taught us, its

      1. The group stage is only a qualification process (a preliminary to the main course), the real deal starts in the knockout phase. If you masqurade dances too early it will become a spectator and cheer other bigger masqurade when the are dancing at the climax of the festival.

      2. Only the tactically savvy end up making it to the podium.

      3. Don’t employ riff raffs as assistant coaches. Woe betide you if you listen to the advise of the likes of Segun Odegbami that 100 caps is enough qualification to lead the national team 6 years after retiring from active football into idleness…..LMAOOooo

      Anybody who hasn’t still accepted the vantage and sole place of coaching in this our AFCON disaster deserves a place in the darkest parts of hell.

      The end always justifies the means. I hope Eguavoen will not pour our players unto the turf to just go expressing themselves on the pitch against Ghana.

      I dont think many people will survive 3 heartaches in the space of 3 months.

      • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

        Lmao!! Group stage entertainers are sulking popcorn and Pami at home while the real teams are in the final. I’m sure both Egypt and Senegal have given us the best TikiTaka football in history to reach the final. Lmao!!

        • KENNETH 10 months ago

          obviously the parrot and his ass licker will come out and comment to defend there oyinbo boss. Same way we were unfortunate to win is the same way cameroon went out. yes they should have won in regulation, thats football. Egypt were boring to watch. So whats the big deal even the best country get booted out. Wasn’t England booted out of European football. even has masters of the game. So both of you can crash your Tv’s when the Eagles play.

          • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

            Yes Egypt were boring to watch but they’re in the final asshole. Your sexy and expressive TikiTaka has since bundled you out in the round of 16. Lmao!! If dem born your own well let him play TikiTaka against Ghana. You will be sulking the same popcorn by your TV during the WorldCup. Just like you crash your TV when Rohr was in charge. Lmao!! Foolish Donkey.

          • Boring and they are in final and even tip to win because of their tactical discipline? Didn’t we tell you that good football and expression on the field does not win anything?. if they win the cup on Sunday it will increase their AFCON trophy to 8 while those that played tiki taka without any real intent are still on 3. They will be regarded as 2021 champion and nobody will remember the kind of football they played. When the statistic shows they dominated the possession against Nigeria you and your cohorts said it is a lie most of you don’t know that Nigeria was fortunate with that sublime Iheanacho goal that day now they have perfected their tactics and that is why they have been flying since. I hope most of you have learn

        • Chinenye 10 months ago

          When Nigerian outplayed and defeated Egypt you couldn’t show ur kidnapping face. Instead you and ur fellow enemies of Nigeria progress hide in 1 corner.

          Rohr has gone for good and y’all can keep moaning

        • Steve O 10 months ago

          You guys are still sulking Lamoa!!..well Egypt is boring, they can attract any good football fan and certainly Senegal will beat them come Sunday !!!..your boring Rohr couldn’t deliver the goods even when we gave him 6 years , so shut your trap and let give others chance to entertain us !!

    • Greenturf 10 months ago

      Nigerians got what they deserved.
      It could be Nigeria v Senegal final but slow and steady wasn’t good enough rather they want to play the brand of football Brazil played in 1970 and 82.
      Rohr is like Quirez,they grind out results even in the most unfashionable ways

      • JimmyBall 10 months ago

        It was never going to be Nigeria vs Senegal final… If we continued on a winning path we would have met Senegal at semis… Our boys did ok… it might just be the reality check that jolt them to put in good performance in WCQ playoff…

        • Greenturf 10 months ago

          What about if we had finished behind Egypt in the group stages?

      • Chinenye 10 months ago

        Shame on you if you find that Rohr’s eyesore football anything good

        As for Egypt the luck was simply on their side. Cameroon outplayed them. It was simply penalties that can swing in anyone’s favour

        Sacking Rohr remains the best thing to ever happen to Nigerian football. He’s not the first or last coach to be sacked. Y’all can continue crying

        • Greenturf 10 months ago

          But Egypt’s eyesore football has got them to the final just like Rohr’s qualified us for the nations cup which your choice coach with his 1940 beautiful football destroyed and could only get as far as the round of 16,schooled by a rookie coach and a reserve team of Tunisia who are domestic players disgraceful!Just like Rohr’s eyesore football also qualified us for the final phase of the world cup playoffs,hope it doesn’t get ruined again by your one tactics coach?Shame on me?I think you and your likes should be the ones to feel ashamed of what you have done taking our football back to 1982 pathetic!

  • Egypt first match…Egypt 0 1 nig
    Nig out
    Now Egypt in final

  • Douglas john ufuoma 10 months ago

    Is omo9ja still alive, what of chime and jimmy, hope odegbami has order for new pen. This is just the beginning, I learnt amonike has join the coaching crew, that is nice. March is around the corner, I know those selling bp drugs will make money

  • Igbekun Abo 10 months ago

    Lolzzzz. I no go laff tire. In a thread of Cameroon v Egypt na so so Eguavoen and Nigeria we dey read. This ouster pepper Nigeria fans no be small o. Una do. Make I help you take hot water rub una heart.. Lolzzzz. Wetin make fans of Ghana and Algeria wey crash out of group stages do? Even the Tunisia wey defeat us kukuma leave Cameroon empty handed lad las. Ivory Coast, Morocco Congo, where dem dey? South Africa no qualify sef and hosts Cameroon now have to settle for bronze yet some Nigeria fans wan give themselves heart attack…. If we no qualify for world cup heaven no go fall jare. I tire for my country people o. Lolzzzz, lolzzzz.

    • Sun tzu 10 months ago

      I dont know what gives these fools and fake drs the assurance that Rohr would have had a better tournament. The bloke was already on a downward spiral losing to CAR and almost lost to Cape verde at home. Player selection was sketchy based of agent connection. Fuck Rohr and he will never coach Nigeria again. You dumb lots can keep gnashing your teeth till you grow white hair. We didn’t even make it to the Second round if the WC and all we needed was a draw against Argentina and these fools have the audacity to complain about a coach who had 2 weeks to work and we just heard he gets paid 3 mill naira monthly compared to Rohr’s $45000 and being the longest serving Nigerian manager and all he has to show for is bronze lol.

  • Marvelous 10 months ago

    Where is Odegbami? Is he on sick bed?

    @Omo9ja @Chima E.Samuel @Jimmyball etc

    Can you all see the Egypt you defeated with tiki taka football, they are now in finals with their slow football.

    This is a prove of all the nonsense you guys have been commenting here. Always talking without sence, especially @Omo9ja.

    Look at Egypt!!!!! You guys would have allowed Rohr finish his project, but I too Sabi and selfish interest blinded your eyes. You guys teamed up with Mr.Dare to destroy the only team that gives us joy in a slow and steady manner like this Egyptian team.

    • JimmyBall 10 months ago

      Egypt being in the finals means Super Eagles were absolutely good and just met misfortune at the hands of a mischievous reference whose country we would have met in the semi final.

    • Edoman 10 months ago

      @Marvelous. To say that it pains us to the marrow of our bone is under statement. To see the way, we were humiliated & bunded out by Tunisia is unforgettable. Oga Rohr would never have used all those schoolboys.

      • Chinenye 10 months ago

        Shut the fuck up you tribalistic twat! If there’s anybody that jubiliated about our ouster it was you, simply because your Edo strikers were absent in the tournament

        The only thing that makes you a fake SE eagles fan is seeing your ekpoma, Ishan, Auchi and Benin players players in the national team.

        You don’t need a civilization orientations, it needs to be transplanted into ur brain through surgery

  • KENNETH 10 months ago

    What is this sick one talking about now. Another asslicker, abeg you better keep quiet. Like i told the 2 moronic idiots earlier, thrash your Tv whenever the eagles play because you have an indigenous coach at the helms of affair. Your comments have being boring. Looking for excuses to look good

    • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

      The comments are boring and you’re reading it. Lmao!! Regarded Lizard. Continue drinking and sulking the trophy of the group stage entertainment. Lunatic fool was here asslickingTom Saintfelt. This stupid idiot was the one blaming the appointment of Oliseh and Siasia back then now sucking Eguavoen Penns. Lmao!! Na Ṣọpọna go kill you there.

      • KENNETH 10 months ago

        Liar of the highest order, abeg show us where i was asslicking, Guess u don inhale to much engine oil. Better go detox your bastard or have your tainted brain examined. Look at this ex convict looking for cheap publicity, better go pay your bills.

        • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

          Lmao!! Big time Opurọ. You think we don’t know your type?? Stupid asshole claiming Oliseh was rubbish back then that Siasia was a waste of time back then Lmao!! Now licking Eguavoen Pennis Na God go punish you and your generation. By the way tell Ade and Kingsley that it’s been a while since we see them here. Lmao!! Make sure Pe O Jiṣẹ oo!! Oloshi Oniranu.

          • KENNETH 10 months ago

            Look at this maggot filled bastard, one thing i will give your parrot boss, he will go out and look for where i made such statement, (Even though he has yet to present us with the cup your oyinbo boss won has a coach in switzerland, and where bercanbaur was player coach for NY cosmos). Iya eeee ni o ba ranse. weeere omo. hope u have paid your child support for this month. Asslicker like you. Better go inhale
            kerosene tomorrow, heard it would help clear ur clouded brain

          • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

            Lmao!! Liar of the highest order. So you can still lick Dr. Drey ass Lmao!! So you know he’s ardent at finding facts?? Lmao!! Your life is a mess. You’re the loser here you claim Oliseh was not good enough that Siasia was a waste of time now you stupid dumb idiot is now licking Eguavoen balls. Na Ṣọpọna go use you do Barbecue.

          • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

            Like I said tell Ade and Kingsley to come out from their shithole you’re not enough. Lmao!!

    • Chinenye 10 months ago

      Hahahahahahaha @Kenneth unlook that kidnapper called @ayphilidegreat for your sanity. Man has been ranting like an unstable dog

      • KENNETH 10 months ago

        Na so we see am. Seems the biscuit bone wey dem dey offer dey keep am sleepy. How i dey take lick parrot ass. Person wey till date no fit give us facts about where rorh won cup, throwing it here he won this in switzerland, only to find out its a lie, and this dog/maggot started kissing his ass like shit on his plate. Me i get his time and i sabi am well. If you like no go open shop tomorrow, this useless mechanic

        • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

          Tell Kingsley and Ade that we miss them. Lmao!! Idiot why haven’t you gave us the proof that player coach doesn’t exist?? Lmao!! The idiot think we don’t know his type. Claiming Oliseh and Siasia were rubbish now sucking Eguavoen dick na Ogun go banish both you and your antelope Olosho called Chinenye. Abi na Chinmadcat.

          • Chinenye 10 months ago

            Lmao your mother’s pussy is gushing out maggots thanks to her olosh business. Agberos don fuck your mother so tey her pussy is crying for help
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          • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

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          • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

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          • KENNETH 10 months ago

            O ma se, se ur mama miss kingsley and Ade. Your mama na past tense for there side, na if them just wan find rest dem fit look your mama way. you don chop craze. Abeg, se na me talk say bercanbaur na player coach. See has you wan twist the story. Obviously, your papa sperm dey watery wen dem conceive your maggott self

          • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

            Your own papa sperm was full of maggots when they conceived you. That’s why your mama use your life do menstruation. Lmao!! Tell Ade and Kingsley that you’re not enough. At least my own Mama dey do her Olosho for Yankee while your own mama don rotten inside one useless grave. Tell us where your own mama dey. Lmao!!

          • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

            Lmao!! You have now finally admitted that you’re the same worthless miserable useless bigot assholles of Kenneth ade Kingsley Lmao!! See as the dumb fool exposed himself. Lmao!!

      • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

        Hahaha!! Look at this Antelope Olosho. Lmao!! You better go and continue sulking on your round of 16 exit.

        • KENNETH 10 months ago

          Maggottt, you never prepare for work. idiot am ok with the loss, because i see a future for the eagles. Not the one you qualify with game to spare and yet get to tournament proper na rubbish una go dey play. Same bronze wey ur oyinbo master win collect. eguavoen collect am. And with 2 weeks u saw good soccer, you self dey salivate here. But the moment the parrot offered you biscuit bone, you began to change tune.

          • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

            Sewage infested brain. Your good football dumped you out in the round of 16. Lmao!! Keep sulking on your loss miserable Moron. Stupid fool never even accepted Eguavoen appointment in the first place now the idiot is licking his balls. Lmao!! Go and play sexy football against Ghana. I hope he’s not as dumb as you are anyway.

        • Chinenye 10 months ago

          Kikikikikikiki to think you ain’t even good at insults. Keep working hard to level up or convince your pathetic self of being a troll. We’ve really given you a job after you failed at kidnapping business

          • Ayphillydegreat 10 months ago

            You ke your 1 million no reach. Keep sulking on your loss. Antelope high way Olosho. That’s why it took you 5 years to find a reply Lmao! Miserable mad Antelope. Na sideways den go find your dead body las las. Useless Anumanu

  • Musa Yahaya 10 months ago

    Sebi na ya village pipo e for use ode @EDOMAN. No be you dey prause EGUAVOEN here xey call am EGUA PALACE in Benin?

    You are a dicksgrace.
    I love what someone wtote sometime ago. Thats its only Dr. Drey he respect among ROHR cock suckers because heof didnt change his mouth. For me I resoect POMPEI, GLORY…they support ROHR before but moved on. When SE got beat im roubd 2 they didn’t start praising ROHR again. Thats real men. Thanks @Jimmyball for that parting salvo. That we totally dominated and beat EGYPT shows we were SUPER GOOD but for ill luck!

    EGUAVOEN had 4 days training sessions and played tiki taka…ROHR had 5+ years and played any where belle face football without results!.
    May we never see the likes of ROHR COACHING SE again!

    If he’s good why has TUNISIA, ALGERIA and GHANA not scramble for him?

    • Chinenye 10 months ago

      Man submitted his cv to Ghana. They didn’t consider him, he went on about ranting he wasn’t linked with the job

      • Oviman 10 months ago

        For the upteenth time will you guys stop all these nonsense. Why would mature men constantly, and with reckless abandon, abuse one another? Haba!

      • Dennis 10 months ago

        Please can you show us proof that he submitted his CV to Ghana? I’ll wait for the proof. Don’t disappoint please. To think that people who claim to be sane can badly say that being kicked out in the round of 16 is better than coming 3rd just makes me wonder. One simpleton said rohr has been in charge for 6 years and won nothing. Then I ask, how many competitions did he play? Just World Cup and AFCON. Realistically, we were never gonna win the World Cup. The AFCON he coached us, we were just coming from the darkest days of our football. The AFCON had just being expanded to more teams, thereby making it difficult.
        Did rohr fail to meet his targets? No.
        I wonder what would happen if we don’t qualify for the world cup.

        People think rohr was the problem. I laugh. The corrupt NFF board gets exonerated everytime. Rohr was never one to invite local based players because of our league and then suddenly, he invites a keeper who isn’t regular and you guys think that was what rohr wanted. That man suffered in the hands of Amaju and his cohorts. He wasn’t paid, he complained about venues of matches and it fell on deaf ears. People like odegbami wasn’t pleased that they couldn’t bring in players like Ndah into the team
        Eguaveon said if he had more time, he would have invited 7 home based players. Then I ask, which players would make way for the home based players? Eguaveon planned on inviting a nassarawa united striker to replace ighalo. Not even dessers was considered. Not even Steven odey. It was a nassarawa united player that was deemed better

        These guys just want to bring in their players and that was rohr fought against. You all should wait for the World Cup qualifier against Ghana and you’ll see the list.

    • Just as Egypt coach has been playing anywhere body face football and he is now in final but your tiki taka that was invested within 2 weeks that has now become an achievement for you and your likes are at home forgetting that they once participated in the competition. Continue to deceive yourself by using one useless good football to console yourselves. Nobody is pained about Rohr sack as it’s a norm in football but it’s good to let you know that sentiment and tribalism can not take one to anywhere. You played boring football getting results and even delivered the mandate they ganged up and said we want to avert impending danger appointed someone who within a finger tip destroyed everything and you come back praising that at least the football is good to the eyes. Some idiots will still come here and start defending rubbish instead of them to bury their head in shame.

  • Papafem 10 months ago

    A good number of us think football is mathematics. We bring too much logic into analysing the result of a football game. So funny. This sport defies logic with reckless abandon. And no matter how you look at it, this element of unpredictability makes the game so beautiful.

    Many of us praised the Nigerian team after that match against the Pharaohs. We loved what we saw, that very purposeful, intense approach which handed us a well deserved victory. Egypt kept it simple, relying on slow build-up and counter attacks to beat us. But that day, Nigeria’s tactical set up prevailed. That was what we needed to win at that material time. It was a sufficient panacea for Egypt’s approach. But the point here is: Egyptians back home may not like Carlos Queroz approach, but that doesn’t make it less efficient, just that that day, it didn’t work for them.

    On the other hand, Nigeria’s approach seems beautiful and appealing to many, especially to Nigerian who are so used to sexy, free flowing football. But that doesn’t make it supremely superior to all other tactics which other coaches may subsequently bring, just that against Egypt, it worked.

    As far I’m concerned, beautiful or ugly, it is the tactical approach which wins a match at any point in time that is superior to the losing tactic at that material time.

    This is the reason a coach should possess a very deep and rich tactical depth. Not sticking to a monotonous style of football, but constantly draw from his arsenal the exact playing style or system that is the best for every match. It may be ugly or beautiful, boring or entertaining, defensive or attacking, as long as you can reasonably conjure a way, then you are good to go.

    Egypt may be boring generally, but there were instances in all the matches they played at AFCON where they were very beautiful to watch. I saw a lot of brilliance in their game against Morocco. They were also very good in the second round. The point I’m making is: in the course of a competition, a coach should know how to vary it’s tactics because he will come across different teams with different tactical approaches and complexities. That was the major difference between Eguaveon and Carlos Queroz.

    While the latter presents a seemingly boring tactical template which adjusts to the demands of a game in the course of play, the former came to all his games with a tactical template that was rigid and almost unadjustable while those games lasted.

    People shouldn’t expect Egypt to change their “boring” tactics against Senegal. And trust me, it will not make them less efficient against Senegal. They will allow Senegal to come at that them with all the West Africans’ attacking fire power. They will soak all the pressure and hit on the counter. Egypt will slow the game down when they have to. Increase the tempo when they have to. And get the needed result if luck smiles on them. I see them as a serious title contender. As a matter of fact, I see them winning the title. Greece did it in 2004. Chelsea did it in 2012. Egypt can do it this year in the same fashion.

    If Eguaveon will continue as the coach of the team, he needs to improve his technical capacity. Let him look for able assistants who are not only proponents of other playing systems, but know how to set up their teams to play such syatems. This will make SEs flexible, unpredictable, and battle ready for any team.

    It is good to play beautiful football, but more important to win matches! Rohr was sacked, not because of his “boring” football, but because we were begining lose matches and panic against lesser known teams. In the same vein, Eguaveon will go the moment he begins to lose, even with his beautiful. It’s a favourable score line that makes a style beautiful. Let him always have it at the back of his mind that the end justifies the means and not the other way round.

    • Greenturf 10 months ago

      Our only loss was against the central African republic and we redeeemed our image winning the reverse fixture 2 nil away,so what’s the panic?Great teams drop points every now and again to smaller teams so Nigeria is not the first and won’t be the last.

  • Eguavoen has done very well with SE, take it or leave it. The SE did well under the circumstances, created by the real enemy of Nigeria football; politicians, football agents, NFF n some ignorant fans. That Eguavoen’s SE, played some exhilarating football that given more time, will put our football back to where it truly belong; the top. We lost, not because we weren’t good enough, but because that team already had its playing chemistry built around Osimene as it’s attack arrow head as well as Iwobi, the fulcrum, orchestrating things from the midfield changed suddenly. This is where Rohr’s sack didn’t help and also where I fault Rohr, for not blending other quality strikers and midfielders early into the team in the course of building that team for many years given to him, which could have provided options ever ready when called upon.
    Taking a critical look at the performance of players, it’s very evident that all the newly invited players struggled. That definitely doesn’t mean they are not quality. This has always being the situation with almost every new player appearing on the international stage in a big tournament for the first time, they take a while to fully blend in e.g Ronaldo of Brazil, the phenomenon, who was some super talent but was confined to the bench at the 1994 world cup, Diego Maradona with all his numero Uno super talent couldn’t really perform at the 1982 world cup, even getting kicked out along with Argentina early in the tournament, Yekini was almost being declared a failure in his first major tournament with Nigeria, the list goes on n on..Shocking fans already declaring players like Sadiq Umar n Awoniyi not good enough, forgetting these haven’t really being in this team all the qualifiers. The few good moments showed by these players have Eguavoen’s few weeks of really hard work written over them otherwise it could have been a monumental poor performance for the said players. This is where I fault most fans that went ballistic criticising Rohr for not playing Osimene at the 2018 AFCON. Several quality options should be allowed to be part of the qualifiers for every tournaments, so we don’t find ourselves in such situation where we have to depend on newbies. Truth is, while Rohr has himself to blame in so many ways, especially giving ears to advise from people who were only concerned about their pockets/ego, I will also continue to blame ignorant fans, whose constant attack on Rohr opened the doors for wolves in sheepskin to pounce on him. Is it not clear now, that Rohr albeit he let himself down big time by accommodating questionable persons; both players n coaches in that team isn’t really the problem? How come same personnel are still present under Eguavoen regime. This is where CEREZO has to be really really careful otherwise if he continues to allow egg heads players n coaches to be around his team, he will surely FAIL BIG BIG TIME, NOT A PINCH OF DOUBT ABOUT THAT. And Eguavoen failing again this time around, OMG, will be really really bad for every indigenous Nigerian coach and knowingfully well Nigeria can’t afford to employ a truly dignified/quality foreign coach considering our stinking, polluted working environment, means our football both national n international would have finally come to be nailed in its coffin n buried.

  • Nigeria Get our Best Brace up and the Sky is our limit No team in Africa can stop this Line Up, in short no team in the world with Eguavoen and Amuneke as Coach and Assistant coach..


    C. Bassey, Balogun, Troost-Ekong, sanusi

    Ndidi, Etebo (If fit)


    Victor Moses, Ademola Lookman or Emma Dennis (either Or)

    Victor Osimhen

    Adebayo or Adeleye or Osigwe
    Chukwueze (If fit for me he starts)
    Moses Simon
    Lookman or Dennis(Depending on who is in starting line Up either: are deadly)
    Ajayi or Akpogunma

    For me Moses Simon Showed that big game he lacked experience over dribbled when he should have gone for assists. I think he will be best utilised in as an Impact sub in the 60 mins upwards and he will do big damage on tired legs.. This is the basis of our Team this team will do damage to Ghana mark my words!!!!