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Live Blogging: Liberia vs Nigeria – 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

Live Blogging: Liberia vs Nigeria – 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

Completesports.com’s live blogging of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier between the Lone Star of Liberia and the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the Grand Stade de Tangier, in Tangier Morocco, a 45-seater stadium which is also fondly called Stade Ibn Batouta, in memory of a Muslim explorer

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  • Larry 2 years ago

    Super Eagles are playing against Liberia and Cape Verde and the Roar is on panic mode. Imagine a team blessed t with highly rated youngsters/MOM winners :
    Okoye, Aina, Balibero, Awazy, Zaidu, Ariball, Ndidi, Onyeka,Ejuke, Ajayi, Alhassan, onye, Chukzy, Nacho, Osi, Awo, Onuachu, Desser, Umar, Moffi, Amoo, Adeleye, Iwobi, Oladoye, Akpoguma, Lookman, Ejaria, Dele-Bashir.
    Roar is just an agent of his corrupt employer. He lacks the confidence and the technical capability to get the best out of SE. Questionable and compromised players invitation, wrong mentality and attitude to matches, poor player selection and tactics.
    A team with reliable, trustworthy and transparent coach will select the best players, apply the best tactic and instill winning mentality.
    Teams with strong mentality don’t really care about home/ away. In most cases and crucial matches, they devour teams ranked lower.

    Rwanda. 0 3 Mali
    Tanzania 0. 3 Congo DR
    Djibouti 0. 4 Algeria
    Sudan. 0. 3 Morrocco
    Malawi. 0. 4 Cameroon.

    • Dennis 2 years ago

      Please can you tell me where super eagles were ranked before Rohr took charge? Can you tell me our current ranking? How many tournaments have we failed to qualify for since he took charge? Do players report to camp on time compared to previous eras? Do we use calculators and permutations to see if we can qualify? Do players fight in camp as compared to previous era? I’ll wait for the answers to these questions. Thanks

      • chuxs 2 years ago

        Can you tell us what he has won since he he took us high on the ranking system. Last time i checked those that coached us and were below the raking won us the something. So kindly use your brain before coming here to rant. All the tournaments he has gone what has he won. Please spare us all this noise

        • Dennis 2 years ago

          He’s only been to two tournaments. We were never gonna win the World Cup. As for the AFCOn, we came 3rd after missing 2 consecutive tournaments. We lost to eventual winners, Algeria. You clowns act like we’ve been to 10 tournaments. Please find something better to say. Where were you when we couldn’t qualify for these tournaments?

          • chuxs 2 years ago

            its is you that should get pussy. look for some pussy to keep you company. Because all you saying here is stale news. And how many tournaments have we missed mr know it al, just 2, your messiah has gone to the world cup what was the result, nothing to write home about.

          • John-I 2 years ago

            Qualification is not a trophy. He has being in-charge for five years and still yet to win Afcon. Late Keshi won Afcon with Sunday Mba. He also got to round of 16 at 2014 World Cup! Let Rohr win something, its long overdue. Was he hired for just qualifiers? Yes, we missed qualifications before he came but after five years, he needs to win at least an Afcon trophy. If he doesn’t win the next Afcon, he should be shown the exit door fast.

        • Jide Dola 2 years ago

          Senegal has every right to win trophy ahead of us. So stop acting as if we have the best players in the world expecting us to win world cup, not even now, mentioned your coach that came from another world that would have won the world cup for us.

      • Larry 2 years ago

        If you want to use ranking and qualifications as yardstick then Roar has no business in the team..

        Can you tell me what our ranking was before the contract of Roar was renewed?

        Can tell me our current ranking ?
        Do you believe with current performance,, that Roar will go a step higher by reaching the final of next ANC ?

        Compared with the past Era (since 1996), do we have better players and more players in top leagues and top 5 league teams now ?
        Can you tell me under which coach SE lost their first qualifying match at home in 40 years; lost a 4 goal lead, lost to Cameroon in regulation time in 32 yrs, unable to win a single match in a Calendar year

        Can you tell me under whic

        • Jide Dola 2 years ago

          I would have preferred to loose four goals lead and qualify for world cup those years we didn’t qaulify

      • Michel 2 years ago

        ur coach is not good simple,u guys should stop defending him

        • Sommiebiafra 2 years ago

          If we get Joachim low to coach se..you fit pay them

          • Geepals 2 years ago

            Nigeria will not win anything with this coach.. Players excellent.. coach sucks.. substitution sense.. stupic

      • De Star 2 years ago

        @Dennis What was Super eagles ranking when a local coach Keshi won Afcon ?
        Please forget this ranking stuff phoney achievements that did not translate into meaningful achievement. I wondered how you could have hyped Oga Rohr aka Belmadi boy if he had taken Nigerian to highest ranking in Afrcan and 5th ranked in the world as Westerhof did in his 5 years in charge ; Oga Rohr the longest ever coach by next year he would have spent 6 years , yet no pattern and we cannot confidently say we are winning Afcon.

        Now the match has ended with the so called the retiring Odion Igahlo no where the field as he was never needed but only used to deprive the informed young players that have long years to play for Nigeria.

        Anyway, Congrats to the team , Congrats to Odion , he will surely get his tips back in allowance, Congrats also to inactive Enyiba displaced goalkeeper Noble . If Nigeria did not kill corruption, Corruption will kill Nigeria

        • Nigeria has average players but the country wan win World Cup

          Shey na iwobi or Simon wan win World Cup?

    • Jide Dola 2 years ago

      What about Ghana and Ethiopia that ended in draw or Egypt that played 2 all draw, you forgot to mention that, we are not even better than Ghana when it comes to individual players, they have some good and talented midfielders more than us buh they couldn’t qualify for the next round of qualifier, what about that.

  • Dapsy 2 years ago

    Any link for live viewing of this match?

  • Kinesis 2 years ago

    What exactly are these Eagles playing? This is a good pitch right here and I still cannot see any meaningful and serious build up play

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    People need to see what time it is for real so we can guide this conversation the right way, The problem is not Rohr even though he is now complicit and a part but it really is the SYSTEM and if we have to dig a bit deeper and be a little fastidious then we need to be talking about removing Picnic (again, note that even though he is in the firing line, we all know that at the end of the day he is just another poor soul who has to manage this rotten system we have in 9ija).
    Rohr is actually doing an amazing job (given the circumstances), We need to get rid of the NFF leadership and board and constituent and also change the blasted Government and implement a whole new way of thinking and doing things in our country – until thjen, I don’t want to hear anything about Rohr, lets get our house in order and all good things will follow, we arer not the only one who know -0 Haba! even the whole world knows that Nigeria is blessed with talent they can only dream of, but it is US ourselves that are the weak link in the equation. If ive said it once, I’ve swaid it a billion times and I probably have too! Up the SE!

    • Shege luzzy 2 years ago

      When we complain about the gaffer’s lack of direction that is evident in the Eagles pattern of play,some people become more catholic than the Pope with Google extracted and stale news of qualifying us for major tournaments with games to spare.Danger looms.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago




    The question I want to ask is… what pattern of football is Nigeria playing please? It looks like kick and follow today… I am not impressed at all… the game is just a ding dong affair!

  • Emenco 2 years ago

    Where are these officials from? Two good scoring opportunities wasted because of poor offside decisions by the linesman.

    • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 years ago

      Yes, these offside calls are becoming questionable !!

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 years ago

    I’m not impress so far, no going for the ball or marking the ball, but watching!!

  • Kinesis 2 years ago

    This team is in dissaray, no flow, no chemistry whatsoever. They can’t even do the simple passes right.
    If Rorh isn’t interested in this job anymore, I think he should just quit, not seeing any coaching input in this team at the moment

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    So far I can say the SE have been lucky because it is obviously a lacklustre performance and if we had been playing a better side then they will probably be in trouble or already losing this game, we must be thankful that it seems Liberia are a very poor team, this performance must improve, Iheanacho is not a reliable player and applies absolutely no press on the opponents, he makes us too easy to play against!

  • Rubbish first half performance. I’m getting tired of these eagles team. Mmmmmttttccchhheeeewwwww

    • francis 2 years ago

      No let them come after you. this game is just boring, its like you watching some secondary school game at agege stadium

    • We are making Liberia look like a good team. No compact play. Porous midfield. Lack of playing pattern. Can’t string passes together. Running like headless chickens. Lack of coaching input. I don tire.

      I guess we are waiting for the main players

  • Afeez 2 years ago

    Watch the match on sporty.com

  • Walking 2 years ago

    Let’s be frank here.

    I will drop been defending on Rohr.

    We really do not have a pattern.
    Why play Simon ahead of a natural full back.
    Rohr looks clueless to me.

    Down to the players.
    Iheanacho is a lazy player, now I see more reason Rogers bench him.
    Oshimen needs to sharpen himself in front of goal.
    Aribo still the best on the pitch so far.
    Ndidi looks unfit.
    Iwobi had contributed little so far.
    Collins decision making is poor.
    Ekong needs a contender for his position.
    Balogun lacks pace but, has been cool so far.
    Awaziem, why is he loading the ball almost everytime.
    Simon can’t make a simple cross.
    Okoye has kept his cool so far, needs to work on his ball distribution though.

    Officiating is poor, Collins goal should stand
    The second chance for Oshimen should not have been ruled offside.

    So far,its a boring match.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

      I hear you!

    • Chris 2 years ago

      That’s Rohr’s new philosophy. Make the opponent run around the field while you do the scoring. His only error was fielding an unfit Iwobi.

  • Sean T 2 years ago

    This Eagles has no pattern of play from the few minutes i watched. Everyone is just playing his game. It seem as if all the players are playing together for the first time. Not impressive at all.

  • Patrator 2 years ago

    A bit of questionable officiating
    Super Eagles haven’t been super thus far, this kinda approach shouldn’t be taken against real teams.

    Osimhen should have scored that ball or at least make better use than that.

    I really don’t like the mentality these guys are playing with, every damn match is important, approach it bravely

    Hoping for a better second 45 mins


  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    I am really not impressed with Simon and Collins so far, weak links to me. It’s been a controlled game so far.

    For those bashing Rohr as been too conservative in this match, I agree he has to be, the idea is to control the game defensively, allow midfield to snuff out any threat, give breakthrough pass to the attackers to pounce on for goals. Then once we are about 2 goals up we can bring in Ejuke and Chukwueze to mesmerize them further to kill the game.

    Good luck to us as we Navigate the 2nd half shortly.

    Meanwhile CAR is still leading Cpe Verde by 1:0, let’s hope it stays that way comrades

  • David bright 2 years ago

    This coach is not good. It is simple as that. His choice of selection, his tactical ineptitude speaks volume plus his is too defensively minded to take risk and play good football. His is as good as Ole of Manchester United. With his mindset and retaining him would occasion an irreparable damages and regrettable memorials in the mind of football loving Nigerians. The worst being that he has the collections of resourceful talents (Arsenals) and he doesn’t know how to use them.

    For me, as a tactical change, remove that Collins of a player and introduce Sanusi. Collins so far is a liability defensively and attacking wise.
    Moses has been unproductive, he deserves to be replace with Chukwwueze. In terms of creativity, Iwobi has really been found wanting there, it is either he is replaced with Ejuke or this guy from Brentford combines with Ndidi and as a result, Aribo would be moved forward.

    So far in this game, I have ended up wasting my data this first half hoping that the needed spark would be introduced in the second half or we would regret it by repeating what happened during the first leg. This is my humble opinion.

  • Sammy 2 years ago

    They’re here already; trying to create a false narrative.

    Rohr is useless!
    The Eagles have no clear pattern of play!
    We’re lucky to be in front!

    All these even though it’s half time and the boys are leading and currently about to qualify for the next round with a game to spare.

    The way these people talk it would seem like our national team was beating all comers and winning everything in sight before Rohr arrived to spoil everything. Or maybe na just chop money wey him commot from the mouth of the “jeun jeun” boys that pass for journalists and administrators in this land of ours.

    Make una go find work. Leave Rohr alone or if you hate him so much, stop watching his team, until he leaves.

    If you need something to criticise look at the NFF. Ask them what has happened to the age grade teams and home based Eagles in the last 6 years. Where are the next set of Eagles coming from? If you love Nigeria and its football, Rohr is not your problem.

    • Derrick 2 years ago

      Shut up your mouth, there is no clear pattern of play all we see is anywhere belle face. We are playing a team ranked 150 in fifa ranking. This game is eye sore and nothing interesting to write home about.

      • Jenyo Samuel 2 years ago

        Why is Nigeria plagued with angry, bitter, unrealistic and some ignorant fellas? Abeg make una leave Rohr alone jor…We know how your Africa Guardiola left us and the state we were in before this man came…We are winning the game yet you are whining….Even England sometimes fail to gel properly after meeting briefly during the international break….As that good fellow has already stated…If you hate Rohr and have an agenda against him, do not watch the matches as long as he is charge period….P.S its immature to be rude when stating your opinion, it reeks of insecurity, be a gentleman.

  • Prince 2 years ago

    Haba Nigerians !!!

    First half gone and we are winning !!

    And some people dey complain about the coach and pattern of play !!!

    Na waooo
    To satisfy people hard oooo!!

    You Dey win and them still dey complain !!

    For those of una wey no like the coach, go and get your coaching badge and then apply !!!
    For those of una wey no like the players, go market and buy boots and go screen for SE camp for selection !!

    No Dey come online and Dey complain like say you too good Forbes your line of profession!

    Abeg make I face the second half joor !!!

    • Patrator 2 years ago

      We know what lies ahead and it’s why we are complaining.

      • Prince 2 years ago

        Don’t complain my brother !
        Whatever lies ahead, when we get to that bridge, WE WILL CROSS IT !!!

        Match has ended.
        It’s 2 goals, a win, clean sheet and 3 points !!

        Is it the best of match. Maybe not but with Cape Verde winning against Central African Republic, that means we play our next matches with less pressures !!!
        That’s how I like it ooo

        We move !!!

        Congrats to the boys.
        Congrats to the coach.
        Congrats 9ja.

  • Emenco 2 years ago

    Can this team survive the next round and qualify for the WC? My fingers crossed. No cohesion,no pattern, no team work,no tactical imput.

    • Jide Dola 2 years ago

      And that will not be first time, we are used to it already

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Lol watch them draw this game oooo, the most overhyped team in Africa no pattern, no leaders no coach Yeye team

  • Patrator 2 years ago

    This Iwobi needs serious competition abeg…

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Our team needs like complete overhaul, starting with Simon Moses and the entire defence. A more established team such as Morocco, Egypt etc. would finish us.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Quiet please..my boy ejuke is on. Go ahead! Show them star boy!!!

    • Charles 2 years ago

      So the rest boys won’t play since our coach doesn’t want to sub

  • Patrator 2 years ago

    Talking about team play in this particular match, Liberia is better

    I really do hope these guys up their game against better teams….

    Iheancho better sit up

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 years ago

    Is now Cape Verde 2-1 CAR.!!

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    I think we need chukwueze now to ejuke. We need to use the minutes left to watch some attractive football. Cos it seems the score will stay like this. I mean we gat nothing to loose

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    *to join ejuke* I mean.

  • Deluchi 2 years ago

    I can see the similarity between naija coach and ole of man u

    • Jenyo Samuel 2 years ago

      Not really.Ole is inept and has great players like the G.O.A.T, fernandes e.t.c…Instead of surrounding himself with great coaches to cover his weakness,yet its job for the boys and keeps, has favorites like Mctominay and fred while benching the likes of VDB and sancho…..Rohr does have some good players but how many?

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    Ok so where is Ighalo na? shebi unu talk say him dey squad? you just gonna leave him on bench??





  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Why is Rohr bringing some old pussy. Why musa, instead of chukwueze?

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      They even had to give him the penalty instead of Osimhen increasing his tally and goals for the national team. I feel Osimehn will break Yekini’s record but still learning and will continue to progress.



  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    We saving the best for the last. Don’t worry we will unleash the dragon(ighalo)next week against cape Verde

  • Derrick 2 years ago

    We celebrate the win but the overall play is just too strange, against a good team I wonder how chances will be created. The coach is just gathering players to play because there’s no building up or whatever only individual brilliance of Osigoal and Ejuke did the magic but the question is for how long will this go on? I sorry for my country when we face the tactical Arabs.

  • Cant say much because the Super Eagles won the match but its not over. They still have to draw or win the next match to qualify for the play offs. But seriously we need a new coach. Someone who can use these players well. Who isnt afraid of making substitutions and can mold these players into a real team and not a bunch of ball passers.

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    Not the best of football from our team and I can say that Liberia played more cohesively.cohesiveness. 3 points in the bag is the most important thing as this group will be going down to the wire btw the 2 expected teams. The loss to CAR at home put us in this position. This is a dangerous last game

    • SE is playing with fear….I can see the caution in their play….. unwilling to take risk especially the wing backs and central defenders…… Ejuke came in and added a little spark but the infectious caution also entered him later on…….The center back are not sharp to initiate balls out of defence,they duel and hesitate on the ball for too long and Allow themselves to be put under pressure by the opponents which results in them releasing meaningless and wasteful balls to the attack…….This team is nowhere yet believe me if we meet a top side we will be grossly exposed

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        Our central defence is really suspect and you can see it when teams make an incursion. Balogun and Ekong hold on to the ball too long and sometimes find it hard to deal with long overhead passes. I think Rohr should start trying Akpogunma. Balogun will be exposed soon. He us not the fastest and for Ekong I reserve my comment.

  • Papafem 2 years ago

    Something is fundamentally wrong with this team. I can’t really figure it. But it’s always extremely for a Nigerian team replete with this kind of talents to be playing with type of lethargy. This coach has totally run out of ideas, I must say. The attack had no biting cutting edge. Osimhen is falling too deep to retrieve the ball. Yet you kept chukwueze and chidera on the benc. Why is this team playing like this?

    • uclaw 2 years ago

      Guys, this team has won three away matches out of three. That is called efficiency. Getting the job done. Modern football is all about efficiency.
      You guys want to see attractive football, but what will be the end product?
      Pls Commend the team for securing the needed three points.

  • Dennis 2 years ago

    Even though I’ve been an avid supporter of gernot rorh, I must admit that we were extremely poor today. We lacked purpose and direction. We’ve got an array of stars but struggled against Liberia. Collins, Iheanacho, iwobi and Moses Simeon were woeful today. We couldn’t string passes together. We must do better against Cape Verde. I trust the coach to fix the issues with the team
    Ejuke was brilliant when he came in. O hope he starts on Tuesday. Also Sanusi should replace Collins, chukwueze should also starts these players would keep Cape verde in their half all day with chances coming our way

    • AllenP 2 years ago

      Nice analysis but that was the Coach’s game plan and it work. What some fans don’t understand is that there are no more minows in football.

      • Coachie 2 years ago

        Bros, abeg forget that thing, if a certain Algerian team catch this same Liberia team that could not even put a single shot on target against such an abysmal Super Eagles team, dem go collect 5 goals minimum I swear

        • AllenP 2 years ago

          That one na ‘if’ oooooooos o! Make Algeria 1st come na

  • JAMES OCHOECHI ECHE 2 years ago

    Maybe a loss to Cape Cade in Lagos will spare us the boredom of watching this team play. Very very play from a team with quality players. This coach has lost it all. I wondered how he escaped been sacked after the CAR Match in Lagos. It’s a torture watching Nigeria play now.

    • Machaveli 2 years ago

      @James: Shut up! Fool. Who won? These aliens coming here disguised as Eagles fans. The 3 points is what counts.

      • Papafem 2 years ago

        Stop insulting people na because they agree with you. Why call someone a ful for airing his opinion ? Chai….some people sha

  • Chidi 2 years ago

    That was the game plan. The boys were careful and didn’t want to sustain injuries. Replace Iwobi with Ejuke was simply a class act.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Folks let’s stop deceiving ourselves, we don’t have the players to take us to the next level, iheanacho Iwobi aribo would be chopping bench in africa top four teams, these guys can’t give what they don’t have, so the team struggling or losing to this african minnows is understandable.Verdicts are out our coaches are either deliberately trying to sabotage the team or they’re not good at all, something urgent must be done before the next round.

  • Nice1 eagles, you deserve the rest.

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 2 years ago

    Coach Rohr’s plan was to have them run around the field while his boys do the scoring. A nice1.

    • Coachie 2 years ago

      Which scoring did SE do today safe for the schoolboy mistakes from the Liberia rookie keeper. The Liberian keeper single-handedly dashed Nigeria two penalties and you’re here saying we were doing the scoring.
      I am saying it again, an average team with good hunger and a good coach will soon expose us

  • BHG LA T 2 years ago

    Ok what will making noise give us nah? Ghana our lifetime rival couldn’t get 1.5 points from common Ethiopia and here we are pocketed a whole 3. Time to plan ahead folks.

  • De Star 2 years ago

    @James : brilliantly well said , can we also appreciate Capt Musa for not only coming up but also daring to take the awufu penalty; after all the so called super player retiring Odion Ighalo cannot even warm up let alone coming into the field and Oga Rohr was not even looking at his direction.
    Why was he brought back from the retirement then ? to come and warm bench ? ….. Corruption

    • Jide Dola 2 years ago

      You should have known how Rohr works, Ighalo came late to camp, that is why he didn’t play him. People that don’t understand football think that this is the way we are going to play against bigger team,Rohr play that way to keep them in check from taking advantage of loose ball and stop them from canter attack which means everyone is going forward together. Stop them from any opportunity and get the necessary 3 points not by allowing them to score and start fighting to come back, keep them in check don’t allow them and go forward from their to get the goal. We didn’t play like this against Brazil, Ukraine, Algeria or Tunisia. Rohr knows how to get the point when needed, you may not know how buh he will get the point for you. Some people are just commenting against Rohr out of fair, while some are against Rohr buh they can’t still stop watching super eagles bcos they are sure that Rohr will get the necessary point when matters. Many people here before the arrival of Rohr SE matches didn’t have meaning to them anymore buh now we are used to qualifying we all want more which is normal. Their conscience we tell them that everything I said is true buh human being can be very funny they will still come here to rant.

    • Jah wadada 2 years ago

      My brother pls, think before you talk. Is ighalo the coach to put himself in the field?

      He has honour the invitation by the coach it is left for the coach decide when and how to use him ok.

  • The problem with some nigerias is that they easily get satisfied, rohr came fine there was an improvement to the super eagles but there is misunderstanding of what some nigerias are yelling right now we are saying that we want more we don’t want to be satisfied currently with the level of the team we want the team to go to the next level we are directly saying that the team needs new approach new ideals new administration to excel properly

    • Michael Temidayo Adelami 2 years ago

      Haven’t you guys seen big teams like Liverpool FC win matches without playing better than the other team they played against?
      This is simple tactics, play to win. You want the coach to win matches, he has won but you are still not satisfied.
      Let him win the next match ugly and also win nations’ cup ugly, I will be glad.

  • Rohr’s game plan worked for him.It’s 3 points in the bag for us.He will most likely want to catch the Cape Verdian team on a counter attack.I pray it works for the SE.Meanwhile Lowly Equatorial Guinea defeated the Tunisian team by a lone goal.They are both on ten points but Tunisia has more goals.I doubt if EG can score as many as 7goals or even to cause an upset in that group.Cameroon vs Ivory coast is also going to be an interesting drama as only one point separates the two teams.Ivory coast is on 13points(the match is still on) while Cameroon is on 12points.If Ivory coast carries 3 points home today, the next match which is between these two teams is going to be an interesting one.

  • Abdul 2 years ago

    Which talents una dey talk about sef. The earlier you guys stop all these hypes the better… These guys are just bunch of average players trying to represent the country at their best. Abi….Is ekong taribo west abi balogun ni Ikechuckwu uche….Kelechi, Aribo….you guys must be drunk. They have done really well and I love all of them all.

    • @Abdul my brother don’t mind them…

      Talent my nyash….

      Talents only seen by Rohr haters…

      I wonder if CAF, FIFA and big European clubs like CHELSEA, MAN UTD, BARCA, MADRID, AC MILAN, INTER MILAN, JUVE., BAYERN, DORTMUND and ARSENAL are blind.

      CAF starting xi for almost 3 years now non of our hyped talent is considered good enough to be selected.

      CAF best 3 players; non of our hyped players is seen.

      FIFA starting xi: our hyped talents can’t even smell the bench.

      FIFA first 50 players: our hyped talents miles away.

      Which one are we hyping these average people which the best player is in LECEISTER CITY.

      I see so many comments relating to the pattern of game we SE are playing…

      Were it not better we play kick-and follow (as claimed by our ghost player that have played in Germany) and win games than play beautiful football and fail to qualify from a group that has CONGO, S.AFRICA, SUDAN.

      MOURINHO once told his players to score dirty goals provided it’s counted goal.

      Our aficionados that have player soccer to the highest order (which till tomorrow can’t be seen on internet) want a country of over 200 milion that keep producing half baked players because of tribalism, godfatherism, from U17 to U20 that fizzles out once the tournament ends to player like soccer minded country.

  • please dont let this 2-0 victory fool u, we played a terrible game today. We can’t stand shoulder to shoulder with Algeria, Morrocco or Senegal, they will wipe us off the planet in our current form. And we want to go to WC and do what???? face Germany, brazil, holland or Argentina???? LOLOLOLOLOLOL… I wont be surprised if cape verde matches into Teslim Balogun and snatches that ticket to the next round from us.. It will be the wake up call we need.. Winning matches now is actually not good for us because it helps shield Rohr from getting the boot. We need to lose on tuesday then get booted from the first round of AFCON so that Rohr can be sacked!!! I seriously believe ANY another coach will be better than Rohr at this point, a fresher perspective.. It’s well!!

    • uclaw 2 years ago

      That is evil thinking my man. Just because you did not see attractive football where you will shout Aaaaaa, Aaaaaa, uuuhhh, you pray for the coach to loss matches and be sacked. You are ready to sacrifice the team progression just for the coach to be sacked.
      I hail you o.

      • Bro trust me I want SE to win on Tuesday but what is the point if we are only going to put up such displays. Look at Algeria for instance, this is the same team we handled like panel beater back in the qualifiers for the 2018 WC. Look how much they evolved, they consistently win matches with 4 or more goals. Yet we lose to CAR or manage 1-0 scoreline and Rohr and his staff will jumping for joy on the field after the final whistle. We are only getting by on talent, real competitions like Afcon or WC where we will surely face tougher teams will always expose us…

  • xhuxhu 2 years ago

    The Results are out for all to see, both the Gernot Rohr Supporters and his perceived Non-Supporters. THAT DISPLAY YESTERDAY LACK COHESIVENESS, TEAM PLAY, ZERO TACTICS AND ABSOLUTE LACK OF TECHNICAL INPUT FROM THE BENCH. Yes we won but, something needs to be done to the coaching crew before the playoffs. If not, both the Rohr Supporters and people calling for his sack will all be left HEARTBROKEN!

  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    You guys are devil incarnate. 3 points won and folks with hatred are here talking trash from the pit of hell. The game plan was to absorb the potential treats and win the match. It was never a match for stylish and entertainment football, I see that Nigerians are more interested in entertainment than winning. Even the next match won’t be an entertainment because the plan will still be the case of avoiding silly mistake and also win.
    Ghana lost
    Tunisia lost
    Norway drew a minnow
    Portugal drew a minnow
    Egypt drew a team far below them
    Sweden lost an important win to a minnow etc. But Super eagles won and enemies in disguise as fans are here talking trash. You guys should dust your CV and apply for the coaching job, so you can bring your village people to come play entertainment in an important 3 point match. Football followers that there is a game plan for every match. The plan is not to suit the fans but the players and the team.

    • Jenyo Sunday 2 years ago

      No mind them my broda….Most of the people that are negative about this team were mostly Nomadic football players during their time most couldn’t even hold down a spot in most clubs they sojourned at….Rohr has steadied the ship for us, calls players based on merit and the players seeing the meritocracy involved in the selection respond in kind…Before this man, we know how some players would be called and yet reject the invite, how we used to used scientific calculators to do permutation and combination e.t.c….The next step for this team is for the players to step up…..Some people are just disillusioned for thinking that we have players that are integral parts of top teams Lmao….Our players in top teams that are not benchwarmers can be counted with the fingers in one palm…Ndidi?, Osimhen?, who else abeg?….Lol.Long may we continue to qualify for major tournaments with ease, the performance in thoses said tournaments is up to the players, afterall no coach would jump into the pitch of play to defend or attack for them….

    • Stanley 2 years ago

      Wao Wao Wao! It can’t be truer, three points, what else? . I have nothing to add but to wait till the next match.

    • Jide Dola 2 years ago

      Help me tell people that prefer entertainment football to Winning matches and I want to remind people that are chanting keshi that keshi has certain enyeama that can stop Messi from scoring not to talk of marez, certain enyeama that can stretch and stop the free kick you play to the other side of the goal post not to talk of the one that is played to where he’s standing. The same team that eliminated us scored Senegal in 7th minute of the match and they couldn’t equalize, when Rohr haters talk about not winning that AFCON I always feel as if winning AFCON has become our tradition to the extent that we can’t afford loosing it as if we are being winning it all this while, buh I came to understand that it’s the bunch of desperate people talking, they have seen something that looks like is going to be, their expectations became high, then it didn’t happen and they can’t just believe it or accept other wise, that is what being desperate can do to a man, bcos they have tasted a little of victory, they think if anybody takes over SE he will just be winning without stress, that is the end result of desperation, mistakes upon mistakes, sacking someone that can qualify you for competitions and higher someone that will eventually not qualify you. Mean while anyone can be sacked buh sacking has to be justifiable, if Rohr didn’t qualify for world cup he has to be sacked, if he didn’t get to the semifinal or final of nations cup he can be sacked buh for now no reason justify his sacking.

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