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Live Blogging: Central African Republic (CAR) VS Nigeria (2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers)

Live Blogging:  Central African Republic (CAR) VS Nigeria (2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers)

Completesports.com’s live blogging of the return leg World Cup Qualifier match between the Les Fauves (The Wild Beasts) of Central African Republic and the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the Stade Omnisports, Japoma, Douala.

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  • Technically and tactically deficiency coach doing it again in central part of Africa in a good Turf and a well organized football minded nation, Cameron.

    • Dr Simone 3 years ago

      Goat after he lost 3points against a team 100 places lower and denting our home record. This is a bubble team.

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        Monkey we are stills top of the group and sure to qualify. If dem born you well bet your life on it that this team will not make it out of this group. OmoAle.

  • This completesports is the most useless sport newspaper I have know. They will just wrote headline for live blogging without any update. What is the essence of the above headline now when there was no any update as the match goes on. Very lazy set of journalism all they do is to copy and paste from other site mtcheeeeew

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Not going to argue with anyone but if we meet bigger teams we will get punished for these numerous scoring chances that we missed. It is clear that Ejuke is crucial in this team and Osimehn needs sit up but kudos to the team for avenging the loss.

  • Before this match, I had a hunch this match was going to end 2-0 in Nigeria’s favour and the Cape Verde vs Liberia today 1-1.

    Ejuke should succeed Okocha. His strength is being underutilised. Scoreline could easily have been 5-0.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Kel, if we use Ejuke correctly, that boy can be a huge advantage for us.
      His direct forward-moving type of dribbling is a weapon we can utilize.
      Ejuke can dribble into the opponent’s danger area and cause freekicks and penalties. He can also give assists and score goals. His game is still coming together. With more games, confidence level will go up, and we will have a BOMB OF A PLAYER.

      • Yes, pompei. When Okocha burst on the scene circa 1993, he was also overdoing the dribbles but Westerhof and some club coaches helped him play more purposefully and he went on to captain the Nigerian team, became a legend of the game and narrowly missed out on APOTY to Etoo that year.

        I’ll prefer Ejuke in the middle with Iheanacho pushed upfront as an SS (his preferred position). Only if players are properly utilised in roles where they’ll become wizards and the team will transform. I thought Awoniyi and Calvin should have had minutes too – even if it’s 10.

        • Olusegun.B. 3 years ago

          You have given a good point . Jay Jay had the gift but he overdid it which of course cost him the African player of the year twice or thrice first to mustapha Hadji and later to Etoo on two occasions .
          Ejuke still needs work .

          Whether he can be the number 10 is up to whether he is ready for more responsibilities.

          Rohr is stil a suspect when it comes to coaching this team as he’s not been that impressive to me

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    Ejuke was really impressive.I wish we started him instead of Iheanacho,he opens up defences,he has confidence and can run at defenders,with him behind Osimhen in our subsequent games would be a big threat.

  • walking 3 years ago

    For me even with this unconvincing win, Rohr should be sacked.

    I will state my obvious reasons.
    1. I see no reason why Uzoho should not have kept his place in this match.
    He needs to create competition in that department.
    2. Ekong is not consistent. He launches the ball out unnecessarily without aiming anyone.
    3. Onyeka is not clinical, he will cost us if a more technical team plays against the SE.
    4. Moses Simon. I wonder how he wins his teams player of the month with this style of football he plays.
    5. Iheanacho,he is not dependable.
    6. Oshimen might cost us some chances if we do not create room for competition in that position.
    He lost some clear chances, and he could have made some passes which could have been converted into a goal but instead,he latches the ball whenever he gets close to the post.
    The movement ejuke made at a point in the match, he should have moved together with him. I sense some pride in him.

    Conclusively outside the individual game, I see no reason why Rohr should not have brought in Awoniyi, either to top strike or partner Oshimen.
    You need to start this cohesion now.
    The preparation towards the world Cup is now.

    Note: I’m a big fan of Rohr but, with what I have observed in our recent matches, there is no tactics at all.


    • Greenturf 3 years ago

      I didn’t see any sense in your post.It looks like your wish for us losing didn’t happen because you are bent on NFF showing Rohr the door

    • Ndubest 3 years ago

      Your post did not make sense you wasted your time writing off point

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahahha….you fired with your very 1st sentence that Rohr should be sacked….only to list faults attributable to individuals in the team as your reason for him to be sacked….LMAOOoo. How that makes sense beats imagination. People who are sad anytime we win, but roll out the drums when we lose.

      I’ve told y’all your festival is over. Crawl back into your caves and wait till next year October for another 3 days of happiness.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Walking… you know something! Thumbs up to your very mature and lucid observations… invited Calvin Bassey and sat him on the bench for two games… meanwhile this quack was saying a few days back that Calvin Bassey will become his first choice left back… trust Rohr on your life and loose it! That guy is like an old German Robot… not even flexible or inventive at all!

    • MAJOR FLEX 3 years ago

      i doubt you are from Nigeria, you write like a two year old kenyan, illiterate

    • Ikechukwu 3 years ago

      You get sense bro, osimhen has some pride in that match. I was expecting him to run together with Ejuke but he was there blaming the guy for over doing. Assuming if a Napoli player did the thing, will he stand there watching?

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    At first, to God be the glory. Secondly, Nigeria won the match.

    I watched the first leg and the second leg of the match against CAR and I have come to the final conclusion that
    Amaju, Oga Rohr and coach Agu should be fired immediately after this match if Nigeria must win something meaningful with this team.

    Madagascar, Algeria and Sierra Leone have exposed the Technical deficiencies of the coaches of the Super Eagles.

    The current Super Eagles can’t play against strong opponents.

    Also, why the gaffer invited Bassy and he didn’t play. No pattern. No clues and CAR made their subs early around 55mins.

    CAR’S coach being a local coach have shown the definition of Strategy and game plan to the Super Eagles and NFF that we don’t have what it’s required to win anything under Amaju Pinnick and Oga Rohr.

    No more no less. Nigerians have to send Oga Rohr, Pinnick and Oga Agu packing before the next match. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ndubest 3 years ago

      Why did CAR not win the match? You are sick and the earlier you realise that the better for you. You are highly disappointed they won right? Take some sleeping tab so that you will be fine tomorrow morning. This team is in a mission. Mind you some key players will return in the next round of qualifiers including chukwueze. We will only get better. Mission accomplished in cameroon and that’s the most important thing. We asked for reaction and the team did it today. Be happy for ones.

      • @Ndubest are you still taking omo9ja serious. I hardly read his comments.

      • Omo9ja 3 years ago

        @Ndubest, If truly you know anything about football then you should join me and other real Nigerian patriotic Super Eagles fans to make the protest.

        Yes Super Eagles won the match today but are you happy with the performances of the Super Eagles after the last world cup qualifiers and besides that, what I am saying is beyond today’s match.

        I am thinking ahead of next year Afcon in Cameroon and world cup in Qatar.

        I am more concerned about our performance, the next Afcon and world cup.

        If this is what the coaching crew of Eagles can present to us over the five years then, we should let go of them. Shekena.

        I am expecting the announcement from the NFF tonight.

        If they failed to do that today then, no hope. Amaju, Oga Rohr and coach Agu must gooooo.

        However, a typical example of Oga Rohr is our president Buhari. You can see the next level of Mr. Buhari ba?

        See young man, if that CAR coach, the local man have the opportunity to coach oga Rohr’s Super Eagles team between now and January Chai, you will see the difference.

        Hmmm. I must be honest with you Nigerians. At this stage, we don’t need a foreign coach. All we have to do is to create a well suitable environment for our ex players to be in charge of all our national teams.

        Transparency is what it’s required.

        The rules and regulations must be in place for this to work. Nobody above the rules of law.

        Then, Amunike, Egbo, Manu Garba, Enyeama and Ikeme can come on board. We have world best coach in these men.

        Instead to waste our Afcon ticket and the world cup ticket if we qualify to Qatar, it is better to put our own people there because, they are better than Oga Rohr.

        Enough is enough. The current NFF should stop milking Nigeria.

        The 419 contract NFF signed with Oga Rohr should be called to order.

        Mind you, we are Nigerians and we have players every where and there’s no excuse if one or two regular players got injured that the coaching crew couldn’t find a better replacements for them.

        No Ndidi no Super Eagles, is that a team?

        No Etobo no Super Eagles while we have Okechuku, Nwakali and Nwobodo?

        Even with these players, Eagles failed to produce a world class display. So, what do you talking about.

        This kind of match requires at least three types of strikers. Dessers, Osimeh, Kayode/Dennis.

        Nonetheless, Nwakali, Nwobodo and Ejaria will compliment their efforts.

        I know that Nigerians love OYINBO coach but I am not sorry to disappoint you, we have to move away from that mentality if we have to win the next Afcon trophy in Cameroon and take the world by storm in Qatar.

        Look young man, the current Super Eagles lack creativity. Can’t you see that ni e?

        I have decided to stay away from football since last Thursday against CAR.

        I have said a lot about the coaching crew of the Super Eagles but NFF did not listen to me.

        Also, I wanted to know if truly I hate Oga Rohr and it is very clear to me now that I don’t hate him but I am saying the truth.

        Why replacing Uzoho with Okoye in today’s match?

        Oga Rohr is killing Uzoho confidence, moral and ability.

        The reporters should ask the gaffer why did he changed Uzoho for Okoye.

        Against Cape Verde, Okoye conceded a cheap goal, the coach didn’t replace Okoye but why Uzoho?

        The goal scored against Nigeria in Lagos wasn’t Uzoho fault.

        The coaching crew should blame themselves for the defeat in Lagos. Wrong tactics was the main reason Eagles failed to win or draw against CAR.

        We should count ourselves lucky that Super Eagles scored on the first half.

        CAR has their own plans but they were unlucky today due to the Eagles first goal from Balogun.

        You can see the CAR reactions after the goal.

        I repeat, we have to do something meaningful about the coaching crew of the SuperEagles before the next match.

        I’m not convinced with the display of the Super Eagles in both legs.

        We can’t fire Oga Rohr without chasing out Amaju Pinnick first.

        Good bye to Oga Pinnck, Oga Agu and Oga Rohr. We appreciate them. It’s time to goooooo. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Omo9ja 3 years ago

          Something just came to my mind now and it will helping us to rule the world of football⚽️ again.

          Now, I am directing my message to NFF.

          For sure Nigeria football Federation doesn’t have the money to pay Oga Rohr to see off his contract but I can tell NFF that there’s another way they can do it to make life easier Super Eagles players and Nigerians.

          Here is what to do, NFF should put Oga Rohr in another role.

          Oga Rohr should be moving to another department.

          He doesn’t have to be the Super Eagles coach from now on but he can scout for players because he is very good at that.

          Scouting for the new Super Eagles coach will be the best thing for Oga Rohr.

          By doing this, Amunike and co will have time to build the current team of ours and by doing this, NFF still going to have Oga Rohr in the coaching crew as the chief scouting staff.

          Since NFF decided to signed a contract with Mr. Gernot Rohr and Super Eagles is struggling to complete among the best teams in the world under Oga Rohr and since his contract is still intact until next year if am not mistaken and NFF have no money to pay him to go then, scouting for Super Eagles shouldn’t be a bad idea.

          What do you think my people?

          It is not about Oga Rohr, the entire team but it is all about Nigeria and Nigerians. We have to think about our image first.

          I hates nobody. Nigeria
          come first before Oga Rohr
          and Amaju. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • @Omo9ja, don’t mind them. I even want Rohr to coach Super Eagles in coming nations cup and take them to world cup for their eyes to open.

  • kudos to the guys. Ejuke really stand out. it’s like we are about having another Okocha

    God bless Nigeria.

    • Ndubest 3 years ago

      Yes but he should play more with the team. He will do better in future games.

    • Papafem 3 years ago

      No doubt, but only if this man will allow Ejuke to thrive in that team. On what basis did he even bench him after that scintillating performance in the previous match? That guy is good, and you benched him for Musa? What exactly did Musa do on the field of play today? Why didn’t he give Bassey some minutes, even if it’s just to jog to that field and get back to his seat, at least to secure his international future. It’s so awkward that in two matches , this dude had no single minute of play.

      Our team under Rohr is “apology”, and I can bet anyone that if this team comes up against a technically sound, well coached team, they will surely flop. I’m not putting much hope on them o

      • Klistivivi 3 years ago

        The plan was clearly evident when Ejuke was substituted in!
        Allow a more experienced and mature player dominate the first half and early second half, being in Ejuke when CAR defence is wearing off to finish the game; However, Ejuke let’s himself down, he could have easily gotten two assist today.

  • Maybe I watched a different match from those who made comments already. Though I believe rohr needs help tactically but he reacted tactically today bwith a change of formation. The team also played with a particular style today compared to the last time.

    My concerns

    1. Why Musa started . We played minus one today

    2. It was clear iheanacho was not fit. He stayed too long on the pitch.

    3. I see no reason why uzoho did not play today. Rohr’s rigidity again. Uzoho did very well last time out.

    4. He needs to counsel ejuke. His dribbles are good but should not be selfish with it.He should also shoot very well after his dribbles. I think these are what the coach cam do to help improve. But that guy is a material for us..

    5. Oshimen lost goals but overall he worjed week and worked for the team. He is still the best for that position. He missed the iwobi pass.

    I want to ask: It’s like this pitch is bigger than the pitch in Lagos. I hope I am correct.

    Eagles usually struggle in smaller pitches. The reason why we always do well in uyo and Abuja. I may be wrong about this.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 years ago

    how dis live blogging ting be naa?
    Una say na live blogging but una neva sabi say live mean say de ting they on ie “live” during the match!? which means this post by it’s own self identification should be on while the game is on, but I have noticed your pattern of only opening the supposed “live blogging thread” after the game is no longer live??
    Is this a lack of understanding of the word “live” or is this just a wind up??
    Na wah o!

  • Ejuke should be given a playmaker’s role in the team…… someone who can attract several players towards him and open up spaces for his team…..Ejuke played something similar to that today and he had a shot on target 5 minutes into his introduction……Ejuke took alot of the opponent out of their position and created chances……. Ejuke can play the playmaker role without stress if only the coach can figure it out.

    • Klistivivi 3 years ago

      Is playmaking not creating chances for people to score?

    • pompei 3 years ago

      You’re right, Akp. CAR were actually gaining confidence, and had us pinned back.
      I really feared that they were going to snatch a goal.
      It was when Ejuke came in and scared them with his dribbling that the pressure on our defense reduced a bit, as CAR players started falling back to try and contain Ejuke. At a point, you would see 4 or 5 of them bearing down on Ejuke, trying to stop this guy at all costs. But he just effortlessly glides past each challenge!
      Just incredible to watch!

  • When we tell you this omo9ja and co are enemy of Nigeria football. He didn’t lose today but see ranting he is to refering to matches played over1 years ago. One is even saying why was some certain players not featuring, pls help me ask does it matter and can all the invited players features?

  • Dennis 3 years ago

    I saw people blasting rorh when we lost our last match. Are you guys aware that rorh was owed 8 months salary and only 4 months was recently paid? Are you aware that before renewing his contract, rorh was tasked with qualifying us for the nations cup, reaching the semis, qualifying us for the World Cup also which he did with a game to spare? After meeting the target set for him, NFF drew up a new contract for rorh with a reduction in his salary. Who does that. Are you aware he pays his assistants from his salary? Are you aware that yobo was forced on him as an assistant coach despite having no coaching qualifications at all? Are you aware that we missed 2 consecutive nations cup before rorh took charge and the highly praised oliseh was in charge when we missed 1? Are you guys aware that we were ranked 72nd in world football and 15th in Africa before he took charge? Now, we are ranked 36th in world football and 5th in Africa. Players never report late to camp and the only player who ever did was okoye in the last match and he was dropped. There’s been no fighting in the camp compared to under oliseh’s reign. Rorh isn’t perfect but we’ve made visible progress under him.
    How many of you would give your all to your employers if you were owed 8 months wages? I see people crying for a better coach. Which A-list coach would tolerate his salaries being owed? Which world class coach would accept an assistant being forced on him? Would conte accept that? Zidane maybe? Let the man be please

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Hahahaha…..some people are actually sad that we won today…. LMAOOOO. May their sadness remain with them for another one year… LMAOOO

    I told them 3 days ago when the SE chose to shoot themselves in the foot to come back on Sunday to vomit their sewage…..Shame never gree them….. LMAOOO.

    Pls someone should quickly go check the changing rooms at Teslim Balogun stadium, Savoy must have forgotten his “tactical prowess” there on Thursday night.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Dr.Drey… is it Egypt we defeated? Senegal? Cote d’voire? Morocco? We are just preparing to get to the stage that we will meet formidable teams… what happened today was just normal in a CAR vs Nigeria matchup! Make we hear word abeg!

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha…..go and die if it is paining you we won, even if it is CAR we won….LMAOOooo. Look for a tie or any thick rope and help yourself with it….LMAOOooo.

        Sorry ehn….this sadness and frustration is not leaving you any time soon. Go and resume your prayers for another one year for the eagles to be complacent and lose a game as a result.

      • Coachie 3 years ago

        For once, i align with you @jimmy. We are seemingly shouting over the heavens because we beat CAR away 2-0. Serious teams like Morocco, Senegal, Algeria will trash this CAR team 5-0 even if they play on a horse racing pitch. I have also observed keenly that Osihmen is getting too relaxed and not working to improve on his finishing, which is pretty sad. To hit same level like Halaand and co, he needs to get to work and be more clinical in front of goal and not just shooting “anywhere belle face”

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Nobody can claim we didnt create enough chances to win today by 4 or 5 goals. We did. If not for anything, Osihmen could have made it 3 after rounding the keeper. But when we start hyping our players with monikers they dont reflect…”senior man”, “best in Africa”, “Ebeano” this and that…that’s what you get. Senegal, Algeria and Morocco have more illustrious players, we dont hear of such self-hypes….they dont have Senior Men, they have SERIOUS MEN. Always baying for blood even when up by 5. We were just up by 2 today but Ejuke choose to showboat rather than assist at least 2 clear goals.

          We will celebrate every victory of the SE, even if its against Solomon Islands. None of Egypt, Senegal, Cote d’voire, or Morocco is unbeatable for us when our players are serious-minded and prove themselves to be truly “Senior Men”. Infact I want us to be meeting such teams and not these minnows. And I believe none of them will play 9 men in their penalty box when we meet them, they will come out and play. We will play ourselves and whoever is destined to win will win. But NONE of them can steam roll us neither can they rest easy hearing they are facing Nigeria next. NONE

        • Jide Dola 3 years ago

          With this your comment on osimhen, it shows you only watch Nigeria match

      • Edoman 3 years ago

        Jimmy, hope you didn’t forget South Africa, Ghana, and Cameroon as well who are all waiting to teach Rohr a lesson he will never forget in the art of modern coaching modality. Ya-ya-ya, he is a superman all of a sudden. Rohr beat the beast by 2 zero in a return match after shamelessly lost to a 128 rated CAR. Rohr is now beating his saggy chest. A toothless man can not bite. Rohr must go. Follow who no road. Rohr doesn’t know where he is going.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahaha….this same “dumb, senile, fraud” of a coach and his team dumped out both South Africa and Cameroon from the last AFCON with their so-called ‘world class’ coaches. Ghana didnt even make it out of their group….LMAOooo.

          Please tell us another sad story….LMAOooo.

          They should all come and meet us at the AFCON in Cameroon next year. I hope y’all will be able to open your mouths to talk when we start dumping them out of the tournament one after the other as we did in 2019.

          I just pray for injury free season for our boys and all the ones already injured be fully fit by the time the AFCON kicks off.

          See the way all of them are just humble tonight…..LMAOOooo…See them all commenting with tails betwen their legs….LMAOooo. Where did you guys keep all your wara wara wara wara of Thursday and friday….LMAOooo.

        • Jide Dola 3 years ago

          I don’t even know what you are saying about cameroon, Ghana do Ghana even have what it takes to play against Ghana. The last time we wanted to play them in friendly they japa, for cameroon we beat them in qualifier last time we were grouped together, you should go and rewatch the second leg for you to know that they were lucky, we beat them in AFCON. They will not want to play against Nigeria

      • Jimmmball are you sad we won. For once let us celebrate the team. How come Algeria could not beat Burkina Faso away.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahaha…its so glaring they are sad. LMAOoooo. They cant even find the fortitude to write sensibly at the moment….LMAOooo. Very evil set of people….LMAOOoo

    • Ozony 3 years ago

      Please read what Dennis posted above and read again what you posted and observe something. People like you should have their illicit write-ups removed. Learned minds lay down their facts without attacking personalities. The reverse is the case with market women. Maybe, the latter is where you belong.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha…what are you waiting for. Go ahead and remove the write-up na….LMAOOooo.

        Even as much as you wish to demean market women, they are never so stupid to be sadden by a win by the SE yet be happy and gloat anytime the team loses. Only witches and agents of darkness do so.

        Maybe, the latter is where you belong.

  • Ozony 3 years ago

    Now that we are drawing nearer to qualification by grace of God, let the technical crew not be embroiled by the brouhaha and exhilaration of this win but know that the task ahead is far enormous. Let the mistake of losing a home match never occur again. Next group opponents will be tough and losing a home match then will be suicidal. Westerhof in November 1993 lost 2-1 to Cote de Ivoire and Samson Siasia was the culprit by virtue of not passing to Yekini what would have been an open net. Siasia was henforth benched and Amokachi came in and blossomed. The rest is now history. In the same vein a careful technical perusal of the immediate and remote causes of our home loss should be done and measures put in place to forestall future occurrence. At next draw, we may be meeting stronger teams like Algeria, Senegal or Morocco and loss of home match in such situation can not easily be overturned. I wish the team goodluck in their remaining matches.

  • SAMUEL 3 years ago

    Nigeria is not yet a team

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