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Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Cameroon (International Friendly)

Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Cameroon (International Friendly)

Completesports.com’s live blogging of the International Friendly match between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon at the Wiener Neustradt Stadium, Vienna.

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  • baddest 3 years ago

    I am a bit confused is the match around 7.30 pm or 8.30 pm ,nnf official handle tweets that it’s 7.30 and livescore and complete sports are saying 8.30,who can help out

    • Olupotan 3 years ago

      The match is scheduled for 7:30pm Nigerian time.

      • The match is scheduled for 7:30pm Autria time, which is 8:30 Nigeria time. one hour difference

    • Collins id 3 years ago

      Oh boy, rohr don brake record again oh, cameroun don flog us 1 0 them say make we use am take one one bear each.

  • Jide Olando 3 years ago

    We don’t have to close this case. Let’s explore means on how to compel it to do our bidding. A match of let’s say 120 mins, we cannot be that docile. We can begin to start organizing social media protests on complete sports. #NTA-bringBackSuperEagles2us campaign.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Thank God on the 4th of June is finally here.

    Cameroonian team is talking tough. They said this match is more than a friendly match to them.

    They said they have to beat Super Eagles of Nigeria.

    This want I want in African football. We take friendly matches seriously.

    We shouldn’t be panic on this. Here are the Oga Rohr fans?

    Are people scared? You don’t have to be my people.

    We have what it takes to win in today’s match.

    I’m bit disappointed with the exclusive of Nwobodo, Nwakali and Dessers. These are the weapons to use and your reserve bench should be as good as your 1st 11. Well good luck Eagles. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oga Omo9ja abeg no vex, wetin be your point?

      I no just fit understand this write-up atorl…

      • Omo9ja 3 years ago

        Sorry for my typos. Wahala yin na nimonbakiri lolz ahahaha.

        Let’s sit down and watch the match wella ojee o. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Paschal 3 years ago

          Can u see how stable that midfield quickly became immediately coach moved Iwobi to midfield? I dont know why he keeps playing Iwobi on the wings for heavens sake. And abeg this Oyibo keeper should go he has had enough opportunities. That shot wont score Uzoho. Uzoho is much better than what this Maduka boy has showed us so far. The team is good. In competition mode we will beat this Cameroon team.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      Thank God 4th of June is finally here.

      Cameroonian players are talking tough. They said this match is more than a friendly match to them.

      They said they have to beat Super Eagles of Nigeria.

      This is what African football should be. We have to take friendly matches seriously.

      We shouldn’t be panic on this. Where are the Oga Rohr fans?

      Are people scared lolz, you don’t have to be my people.

      We have what it takes to win in today’s match.

      I’m bit disappointed with the exclusion of Nwobodo, Nwakali and Dessers. These are the weapons to use against Cameroon and Mexico if Oga Rohr knows and your reserve bench should be as good as your 1st 11. Well good luck Eagles. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Latest information. The match is by 7.30pm Nigerian time.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Omo yi tun gbe wahala de ooo,
    We thank God every day, not only on June 4.
    Yes, Rohr fans are here. We no dey dodge. For wetin na?
    Cameroon want to beat us so badly. It is expected. In our last 5 meetings, they have collected 4 defeats, and managed a draw. Even that draw should have been a defeat right there at their back yard. Nigeria dominated that game from start to finish. So their ego has been badly bruised and battered. They are so eager to get a win, their first win against us since 2000, over 20 years ago!
    Nigeria have tamed the lions so much, they are now the Indomitable Pussy Cats. So, they badly want to remind us that they are lions, not pussy cats. And they have the opportunity today. They come in war, not in peace!
    But as always, we will be ready for them.
    There is nothing friendly about this friendly.
    Let the game begin!

  • Ikeben 3 years ago

    Match has started o, 30 mins gone. This is not looking like a friendly match. Showing on Gotv channel
    29. Cameroon has just scored.

  • Michael Adelami 3 years ago

    Please Onuachu should not be starting our matches anymore

  • Cameroon bossing the game in all facets. Make our players just string three passes together, i will be happy. I tire for these our players attitudes.

  • 1st half don finish o, too bad for poor information on csn…. Meanwhile wahalla be like bicycle… Hope to see a better 2nd half, attack lacked bite and purpose…

  • I think over all, the current scoreline not withstanding, Nigeria has been a better team, only unlucky in front of goal so far. Just some missing some key players are n vital areas. Aribo (seriously, Etebo is not SE material), Sanusi, Osimhen, Kali etc.

  • Super eagles playing with fear and confused like it’s government. Abeg why ekong like to loop ball like that.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 years ago

    Hahaha! I laugh because I can not cry! This is absolutely dire, what a sight for sore eyes, IF I’VE SAID IT ONCE, I’VE SAID IT A MILLION TIMES, YOU PEOPLE SHOULD NOT PUT YOUR HOPES IN THE LIKES OF IHEANACHO AND IWOBI, IF YOU DO, IT WILL SURELY LEAD TO TEARS.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    No be who first call police dey win case.
    Cameroon have drawn first blood. And they have played very well too.
    Apart from that header, Onuachu has not been allowed to do much damage.
    Iwobi has been ineffectual. Seems a bit tired. It’s been a long season.
    Simon is the only guy trying to service Onuachu with crosses.
    Ndidi and Etebo are having a battle in the midfield containing goal scorer Anguissa, who has been rampaging all over the place. The energetic Fulham midfielder has been full of running.
    Our back four have been good, without being spectacular. And Okoye has done well too. That goal could have beaten anybody. It was unexpected, and very accurately hit.
    The Lions are roaring, but it seems the Eagles left their wings at the hotel. They need to step things up.
    Hope to see Moffi and Marcus in the second half.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    How did Simon miss that chance???

    • If u ask me , Na who I go ask? Make nobody just no blame onuachu for this match, because the guy try and he is here to stay, overall not a bad match.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 years ago


  • Cameron has always been blessed in the goalkeeping department. Nigeria has had more shots on target. Imagine an AS Vita of Angola goalkeeper o. But how did Simon blast that ball over the bar with an open net in front of him?

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    I have a problem with this coach and his quality of substitution plus the late timing too. Where is Izu and why play Markus simon very late? Coach is terrible for real! Till date after Enyeama we don’t have excellent keeper, yet the coach will not give Alampasu a chance to grow as i see him as the real deal when it comes to goal keeping department.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahaha….Rohr will not give alampasu a chance to grow…LMAO. Are you talking of the same Alampasu who hasn’t kept 20 matches IN ALL COMPETITIONS in the last 5 seasons or another one…? LMAO.

      It must be Rohr too that also relegated him to the bench in his club after starting this outgone season as 1st choice.

      In case you dont know, your “real deal” goalkeeper was only listed 12 times, started 4 times and came on as a sub 2ce (total of 6 appearances) in all competitions this season.

      Okoye, Uzoho, Yakubu, Noble will all be injured or unavailable before Alampasu will get a look in…LMAO.

      Somebody is still judging a goalkeeper based on u17 performance 8 solid years ago…..LMAO

    • Jide Dola 3 years ago

      We had Ikeme, I miss him so much

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Rohr needs to do better with his timing and substitutions…… We learn and move.

  • QuestZone 3 years ago

    Musa still very relevant to the team.. there is this charm he brings when he is on

    • Jide Dola 3 years ago

      I don’t know why pple are natural against Musa, I can understand pples complain when he was without team a little buh prior to that every match he played for the team he perform excellently well. And the kind of small stature pasie player he is, he can not easily go out of shape like that and training with his team mates can also help keep him in shape as well

  • Abdul 3 years ago

    We lost but im not really disappointed because it was not a very bad performance, regarding the quality available. However, i think the players would have themselves to blame for this loss because they could have shown that tenacity and ambition we saw in second in the first half. I know @Omonaija is preparing his “sotan yin” epistle.

  • Jide Olando 3 years ago

    Very bad I didn’t see the match o.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Bringing Marcus in 3 minutes to the end….I don’t understand. Anyway, the boy came in and I’m convinced we would have fared better if he was given more time.
    Our guys played well. Just unfortunate not to have drawn level. The Cameroon goalie put in a huge performance to deny Nigeria several goal scoring opportunities. He should have conceded one goal though. Only Simon can explain how he managed to miss in front of open net.
    A defeat to Cameroon has happened again. We were missing more than 50% of our regulars, so it was always a possibility. We need to be smarter about arranging friendlies in the future.
    We have a chance to avenge this defeat next Tuesday. That chance should not pass us by.

  • OmoEsan 3 years ago

    Oya ooo @ Omo Naija; “what is happening here ke” lol.

  • Mutum 3 years ago

    Lol….we no get number 10 simple!!! Any1 who mention onouchu again eh..the guy legwork is zero

    • That is what I have been saying all the while. But because he came in as substitute and scored goals for us in March, people said he is such a good player

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Omo9ja dey beer parlour dey celebrate. The I TOLD YOU SO speech will soon drop.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Rohr needs to leave his preferred 4-2-3-1 and adopt 4-3-3… the latter is the most effective modern football playing system, the former is often heavily defensive and we will never win anything serious playing that… I indulge fellow forumites to search and update themselves on modern playing systems… Siasia will never play any system other than 4-3-3 and his team always shows a fluid attack… I don’t see how our performance in this Cameroon game is any different from the average performance we had last time against Algeria and Tunisia in our last series of friendlies. Well… Let’s see if Rohr does anything different on Tuesday… If Cameroon do a double over us it will be very unfortunate Sha! One love… Nobody should come and say we are missing regulars o, that’s a lame excuse, Cameroon also are missing players! But Rohr’s subs are often too pitifully late…

    • So we lost the match, well it’s friendly, anyway I though uzoho will start the match? Anyone that fails to utilise his opportunity I wish he gets another. But the next match rohr should use those he didn’t start today. I believe he has seen what he wants now. Good luck next time boys.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Siasia will never play any system other than 4-3-3

      Ngwa see for yasef.


      The same Siasia used the same 4-2-3-1 you are condemning to win bronze medal in the Olympics just 5 years ago. Infact from all available records in his managerial profile, he never won any match in which he played a 4-3-3.

      Facts and records do not lie.

      Please we dont want people dragging us back. Siasia ko…..LMAO

    • @Jimmyball I was expecting you to criticize the coach and his lads….
      U disappointed me….. Y?

      Is it because your tin god (OLAYINKA) finally got his chance?

      I thought he’ll come and dribble the whole pitch but he did nothing special other than the rubbish his team mate were playing right from first half…..

      Let’s stop hyping these boys and allow them play football to their satisfaction…..


      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        Is Rohr not the one in charge of the team? Is it the 10minutes Olayinka played you want him to make a difference, Rohr even played Iwuala on the left and Olayinka on the right… It’s supposed to be the other way round. Infact person don tire for Coach Rohr matter… One step forward and five backwards. We can’t win palm kernel with Coach Rohr in charge… Players like Etebo, Jamilu Collins are waste of space… just pitifully average… I can’t comment on Shehu because he was played at the RFB position and not paired with Ndidi. What is the sense in playing Marcus for only 3minutes? Rohr biggest problem is lack of balls and timidity… Nigerians should not expect anything from the Franco-German period.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    We are missing Osimhen, Sanusi, Balogun, Aina, Chukwueze, Kalu. Lookman and Ejaria too potentially. Cameroon had a full squad. Almost all their guys were there. Even Choupo Moting from Bayern joined them. If we had met them with our full squad, the result would be different, most likely. Even today, their goalie saved them. If not for him, we could have scored a few.
    So it is not a lame excuse to say we missed players. Not at all. It is simply the fact.
    My issue with Rohr now is the late subs. Marcus should have been given at least 30 minutes to show himself. Rohr needs to be better with his timing of subs.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Pompei… Ain’t you tired of advising Rohr and hoping he will ever change with improved urgency regarding timely substitutions? The man get thick eardrum… expecting him to change is like expecting a chameleon not to change colors… Wait for Rohr to improve his substitution game and grow white hair on your palms… I am tempted to say coach Rohr gets confused when losing a game but I will stop short of saying that till Tuesday… let’s see Rohr swag now since we are starting to square-up now with our mates.
      it’s no longer Lesotho, Eswatini or Benin Republic

  • Ikeben 3 years ago

    From the game, I watched, the defence and midfield did well. But the strikers did not turn up. Kelechi and Onuachu missed too much chances. Simon did better in the first half and tested the keeper. But missed a glorious a chance in the second half.

    Iwobi comes alive in Super Eagles when he plays no 10 and usually below average when played on the wings.

    Onuachu does not really fit into our fast attacking football. Should be rather used as an impact sub when plan A is not working. Kelechi, should rise to the occasion in Super Eagles and forget this senior man title. As of now, Osimhen still has no rival in Eagles.

    Our strikers failed the team especially in the first half.

    But in all not a bad friendly if only the coaches learn the lessons.

    • Michael Adelami 3 years ago

      Well articulated.
      The most objective comment so far

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      “…Osimhen still has no rival in Eagles…”
      Pls RING it in their ears…..LMAO

      Make dem wait make Sadiq Umar come, some people seat for bench go even get seat belt….LMAO

    • Jide Dola 3 years ago

      Na only you sabi watch ball, every analysis on point

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    To me the most exciting stat from today’s match was how many times onuachu fell on the floor yakata. Laff been wan kee me when him do dat legover inside the box and fired a shot cum cross. It took me back to the Sierra Leone match.

    How do u start 2 players (Simon and Onuachu) that arrived 2 days b4 a game and you had players capable who arrived early on the bench. As much as I like GR, he messed up today. What did we learn about the new players today? Absolutely nothing. What do u expect when u play someone for 10-15 mins.

  • Otebo has passed his prime, Shehu is not reliable to deputies for Aina, Iwobi should had played in the middle from the start. Kelz should have a speedy partner as his supporting striker not Paul. Simon is still the best corner kick taker in that team. Overall they were just average. Cameroon played with almost there full squad.

  • Rohr may be slightly above average, but you can’t but question his judgement sometimes. In particular, as it relates to goalkeeping. How really has Okoye convinced to start ahead of Uzoho (not an A goalkeeper himself, but at least the most manageable).

    A goalie that conceded 4 goals against SL, that has not really been tested and he’s your No 1. And why exactly is Agu still our goalkeeper coach? He was never a spectacular goalkeeper during his playing days and has been totally zilch as a coach now. Until we change our goalkeeper coach, that department will continue to be our Achilles heel.

    Nigeria really didn’t lose today (compare shots on target). We lost against a solid goalkeeper. If Cameroon had half of our shots on target, we would have lost 3-0.

    Today, the Super Falcons are solid in the goalkeeping department and they’re now a vastly improved team overall. Fortify your defence line and build from there. It was one of the greatest philosophies of Alex Ferguson that made him a loud success. Rohr should request for a new goalkeeper coach from NFF.

  • @omo9ja please come and carry your ONUACHU…. We have seen enough of him ….

    How on Earth must he miss such a great chance of scoring?

    A well taken low Cross from Simon to his leg that needed not much work than a tap-in but he decided to balloon the ball over the cross bar and later appeal for a corner kick.

    I think some players need to be ignored for some time until when they start showing that they are serious.

    For instance, Iheanacho is always unserious when ever he’s given a chance….

    Etebo is gone, we need to find a good midfielder that can complement with Ndidi….

    Shehu is still a utility player any time any day and still very much important in the super eagles……

    Motfi is good to go….

    Anayo is not yet polished but he’s promising…..

    Iheanacho and Onuachu don’t deserve to start any match the same time…. They are too slow….

    Finally we have seen that these boys are not there yet, let’s allow the coach do his selection.


    • kenneth 3 years ago

      Why don’t you go and score the goal yourself. or maybe your Tv had issues when the replay was on. He didn’t even touch the ball, it was cleared before it got to him. Just simply say your PE teacher is clueless with his ridiculous formation. please start Iwobi and i bet you it is garbage you will eventually get

      • Adeniyi 3 years ago

        Be like na your TV no clear o. The ball got to him pretty well and he ballooned it over the bar! Let’s analysis without biases abeg. Onuachu no try yesterday at all.

  • PRINCE CHIKA 3 years ago

    At least we have all seen it today !
    Nobody will impose any player based on club performance on the coach or asking him y he didnt start any particular player over the preferred one ! We can now see what Our Onuachu and Moffi can offer in the team. We can now see how important Ekong is to us all, we can now see the difference between Ekong and Awaziem pairing and Ekong and Ajayi pairing .
    We now know our first eleven and that some some players are just club and training materials . We all now can rest and allow this coach do his job
    Our best first eleven still remains and will always be





    argue with ur keypad

    • Oga @chika u have said it all and what do you want us to say?

      Anybody that argue with this your well articulated comment knows nothing next to soccer…

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Can this just be the closing comment for tonight already…?! There cannot be any more sensible comment than this.

      “…. We all now can rest and allow this coach do his job…”

      RING this one too in their ears let them hear…..LMAO

    • Smart man you got the analysis spot on. This is the super eagles best starting eleven. Defensively solid with good attacking options. Ebuehi and Sanusi can join in the attack or provide overlapping runs. Iwobi plays best as no.10 and if Rohr is wise should find a back up for him when he gets tired or having an off game. When iwobi plays well the SE is is very fluid and play good attacking football. Iheanacho should come from the bench even device a system for him and if need be. Can start out playing 4-2-3-1 and switch to a 3-5-2 or 3-4-2-1 when iheanacho comes in.

      Kalu is good and with him, iwobi, chuckwueze, Oshimen they play very fast and mobile. In Kalu absence try Moffi, Simon or another pacy very mobile winger. I would say this team is about 70% there. Coach Rohr just needs to find the right combination of backups for the starting XI and have a back up system to play to iheanacho or Onuachus strengths if going to include them. It’s quite obvious the fast attacking, mobile system doesn’t suit them too well. Iheanacho is not a good no.10 either. Ndidi is another irreplaceable player so far and we are in trouble if don’t find a backup for him going into any major tournament. Again play Iwobi in the middle. A blind person can see his impact and flair as soon as he was moved from the wings. Their is already a glut of good wingers so insisting on playing him there and not too his natural strengths is asinine. Hopefully they are using these games to fund a backup player/system for Iwobi when he is not available or having an off day which even good players have every now and then.

      Overall good job despite the defeat. Continue to build, show conviction, heart and be bold when playing. I don’t think too many ppl will fault you guys if play well, give it your all and loose but hopefully win majority of games.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    The fact is that after a long time, we matched a team that was in our weight class… It’s no more Lesotho or Benin. Some of us keep saying it… Let’s play team that can hurt us, then we can rate ourselves properly. The way we played against Cameroon was exactly like we did versus Algeria and Tunisia last time… We must not stay glued on 4-2-3-1… Playing a lone attacker against strong African teams will suffocate our attack because sides like Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, Cote d’voire are as strong physically as we are and can equally run and clamp down any lone targetman easily for the entirety of 90minutes… We should play a system like 4-3-3 that balances attack with defence and midfield the best… Etebo used to be support striker in the U-23 days with Siasia and was good, all of sudden these days he is a defensive midfielder and this guy was surplus to requirements at lowly Stoke City and never commanded starting and regular gametime at Galatasaray… I feel the dude is no Super Eagles material and we deserve further search for a real combative twin to Ndidi…

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