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Man United Appoint South Africa Legend Striker Coach

Man United Appoint South Africa Legend Striker Coach

Former South Africa forward Benni McCarthy has joined Manchester United’s coaching staff.

McCarthy once had stints with Premier League clubs Blackburn Rovers and West Ham United.


The 44-year-old was recently in charge of South African Premier League club Amazulu.

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The former striker recently turn down the opportunity to coach the Bafana Bafana of South Africa.

McCarthy is South Africa’s all-time record goalscorer with 31 goals from 79 appearances.

He won league titles in Europe with Ajax and Porto and the 2004 Champions League under Jose Mourinho at Porto.

McCarthy scored twice as they knocked United out of the competition in the round of 16.

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  • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

    You see, when I say our own ex-internationals are just a lazy entitled bunch, they will say I am insulting them.

    They sit down in their living rooms doing nothing, but waiting for jobs to crawl to the them in their cubicles and lying to the public that they cant get jobs only because they are black. If they cant get a job in Europe becuase they are blacks, are they unable to secure jobs in Africa because they are black too…? Or because they are simply unqualified and incompetent…?

    Benni is a contemporary of many of them. He completed all coaching badges to the highest of them all (the UEFA Pro), went back to his country to start his career. He didnt go begging for menial jobs from the South African FA.

    He first went to make a name for himself with a small club like Capetown FC winning a trophy with them. Moved to another small club like AmaZulu FC and led them to their 1st ever CAF CL appearance and even reached the group stages that Nigerian clubs need $40,000 per player promise and shiploads of prayers to reach. Now he has been appointed by Man Utd…yes the great MANCHESTER UNITED OF ENGLAND.

    Ndi we cannot get jobs because we are blacks, please show your faces again lets see you.

    There is something South Africa is doing right in terms of churning out good coaches that we need to really go and investigate.

    They have found a way to churn out the likes of Ptiso Mosimane (former Al Ahly coach), Benni McCarthy (Man U asst coach), Quinton Fortune (Man Utd youth coach), Rhulani Mokwena (Mamelodi Sundowns), Mandla Ncikazi (Orlando Pirates), Thabo Senong (Former lesotho coach) and Desire Ellis (Womens National team coach and 3 times CAF womens coach of the year) who have all gone on to make names for themselves in and outside their country.

    Nigeria FA and Nigerian ex-internationals….wake up. Dust up your lazy entitled asses and get to work. Ex-international is not a chieftaincy title, neither is at a Coaching badge. No serious minded club or nation gives people jobs just because they are ex-internationals.

    • chuks haifa 1 week ago

      Tell them make they hear!

      • kenneth 1 week ago

        Na Mumu like you he can be talking to not us.

        • chuks haifa 1 week ago

          Na you be mumu! No try my side or i go finish your idiotic mouth

    • KENNETH 1 week ago

      Very funny and it is Ronaldo abi rashford he was brought in to come and teach how to score goal. What a pity. Parrot abeg leave our ex alone. Sice you have your own credentials abeg carry am go FA and apply for open jobs

      • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

        Okponu, worthless pig.
        You never disappoint with the foul smell imbecility that oozes out of you whenever you comment.

        The management of Man Utd that hired him must be as dumb as you to have hired him….LMAOooo. I wonder why they didn’t hire your lazy exinternationals instead…LMAOoo

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        Your exinternationals’ contemporaries are breaking barriers and making names for themselves all over Europe, their lazy entitled assess are gossiping on online media and waiting for jobs from NFF….LMaooo.

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        • Selfmade 1 week ago

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          • KENNETH 1 week ago

            You should know it’s only a crazy person that finds his or her write up funny. Guess they must have overspiced his meal when he was busy typing. Guess he needs mental health day

        • Ignatius Abo 1 week ago

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        • KENNETH 1 week ago

          What a pity they can’t hire you because your mothers cunt has been used all over NFF. Obviously, the management of Manchester was really dumb hiring him, because i don’t know what he is coming to offer in there attack, and knowing Ronaldo, i bet beni will just be polishing his shoes. Is that what you want our ex-players to go there and do, or be carrying ball up and down for the coach.

          • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

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            Let me school you once again as I have always done to you on this forum you idiot, the job of a striker coach is not to teach individuals how to score, you useless ignoramus. Well organized and great teams have coaches for every department of the game, goalkeeping, defense, midfield and attack. His job as an attacking coach is to design tactical plans that will increase the team’s ability to score more goals. So that they dont have to depend on 1 or 2 persons for goals all the time.

            According to Ten Haag, “I’m not saying only the strikers, but also the integration from the full-backs and midfielders. Our way of play has to be dynamic.”

            So that’s going to be the job of Benni you fool. Useless illiterate who just comes to the public to spill senselessness all pf the time.

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            They should rather sit down in their homes and keep crying for jobs when their mates are already working hard and making names for themselves home and abroad.

            A wise man who is far wiser than your father once said, that even if you are a street sweeper, let it be said when you die that “here lies the greatest street sweeper that ever liveth”

            So even if Benni is going to Man Utd to polish shoes and carry balls, it will be said that he was found worthy to polish shoes and carry balls for the best teams in the world, whereas your lazy-ass entitled ex-internationals were busy lying all about that they cannot get jobs because they are blacks…..LMAOoooo…..I guess Benni McCarthy and other Africans coaching professionally in Europe must be a white now.

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    • Codex 1 week ago

      With the exception of Sunday oliseh whose trying to build his coaching CV in Europe.

  • Ignatius Abo 1 week ago

    Former Nigerian players should learn from this story. They must work hard to get the good coaching jobs like Ndubuisi Egbo.
    Heaven bless Egbo and all deserving Ex-Super Eagles players

    • KENNETH 1 week ago

      Kindly tell us the good JOB Egbo has gotten so far. Last time we heard of him, he was an assistant coach in Saudi Arabia. Who knows if he is still there? I want to believe he has licence is far better than benni, why didn’t Man united go for him then.

      • chuks haifa 1 week ago

        Na as your small brain take reach na. You can’t give what you don’t have idiot. Can you compare south African league to that small league Egbo dominated. Fool

        • KENNETH 6 days ago

          And whats special about the small club he handled in Europe. Abi what d you know about albanian football. How many of there league matches have you watched. At least we fortunate to be watching south african matches. Oga abeg go wank if you have nothing else to say

  • chuks haifa 1 week ago

    Na as your small brain take reach na. You can’t give what you don’t have idiot. Can you compare south African league to that small league Egbo dominated. Fool