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Mourinho Targets January Swoop For Osimhen

Mourinho Targets January Swoop For Osimhen

Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho is reportedly keen on signing Nigerian forward Victor Osimhen from French club, Lille.

Mourinho is looking for more options in attack in a bid to keep Harry Kane fresh and Osimhen, who can play as a central striker or in the wider roles, could prove an option, according to a report in Jeunes Footeux.

The 20-year-old Nigeria international has 11 goals in 20 appearances for Lille so far this season.

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Osimhen netted 20 times in 31 games while on loan with Belgian club Sporting Charleroi last term.

Mourinho has also signalled the go-ahead for the club to launch January raid for Osimhen’s Lille teammate Boubakary Soumare.

The 20-year-old defensive midfielder has earned rave reviews for his dominating displays in Ligue 1 this season, having also caught the eye in the Champions League, despite his side finishing bottom of their group.

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  • Koladoc 5 years ago

    Don’t go Osimhen!!

  • Glory 5 years ago

    One mistake move, you are doomed. Don’t listen to these greedy, selfish agents that are only concerned about money. Think more about playing regularly n money/ fame will definitely come at right time. These young players should borrow a leaf from Mbappe. He is one young player that has so much won my respect. He doesn’t seem to give a hoot about to going to so called big teams especially England.

  • Olusegun. B 5 years ago

    We also know the players who Mourinho have screwed over . Mikel , debruybe , Salah, Lukaku etcetera. I don’t know about zmourhino building players from your level . Be sure he seems to eye players who are established. He also change players positions anyhow which affect such players performance in the national team. Victor Oshimen, I want you to be patient and build yourself the more and go to a club who appreciates talents and build the best out of you . I also want a great coach who knows how to bring out your best and not toss you anyhow . Take your time and be careful what you choose .
    For me I would love it that you go to a club like real Madrid and win la Liga, champions league, Copa de Rey and win Africa and world player of the year. Whwrw you can show you’re the best in the world ……

  • Aleks 5 years ago

    I have only one advice for our young players below 25 years and with less than 3 consistent years of top flight football in Europe – Stay away from English Premiership!!!!!

  • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

    They will use him as impact player and that wouldn’t be good enough for such a promising young guy. Osimhen wait for your time the big boys will come calling. Tottenham is not the right team for you ken is playing the game of his life and I don’t see you benching him same thing iheanacho is experiencing with vardy form. I will really appreciate seeing you play for Real Madrid or Barcelona and this teams will bring the very best in you.

  • Elijah samson 5 years ago

    Nice piece of advice from you guys. God bless you all

  • Like seriously, guys!? I can’t believe your views/advice. Spurs want Osimhen, Chelsea wants Chukwueze and you want them to reject the upgrade and stay put where they currently are!!??

    If they work hard, impress the coach and fans in a match or 2 or 3, you think the coach will not be forced to make them regulars. Even the fans will clamour loudly for them. Iheanacho found his mojo again and was promptly rewarded with starting shirt again. Hopefully, he doesn’t start fumbling again. @Glory, Olusegun, Aleks, Elijah & co, be honest, if you were Rodgers, will you bench a consistent scorer & hardworker in Vardy for an on & off Iheanacho?

    Ndidi came from Genk, worked hard and comfortably replaced the legendary Ngolo Kante. Now, he’s highly rated and Chelsea fans want Lampard to include him in the shopping list for January. I know some British coaches have an unspoken bias for their own youngsters, but, seriously, can you compare the workrate of Ndidi, Chukwueze & Osimhen with Iheanacho (Mr. hot & cold), Isaac Success (Mr. Unserious and easy girls) & Mikel (Mr.play safe, no risks)?

    I know I’m getting a bit harsh. But think about it. If you work hard (even as a coloured player), you’ll break through. Osimhen is a hardworker. Same with Samu & Wilfred. The SE will gain & be unstoppable in Africa & Quatar in 2022. The boys should not be afraid to take the giant leaps. It should be Boys2Men now or never!!!

    • Lest I forget, Etoo, Drogba, Essien, Mane, Aubemeyang, Salah… The list goes on. When will Nigeria have its own as a regular in an A-club like the guys above? When last did a Nigerian win African Footballer of the Year?

      Even observing Iwobi, you’ll notice he may not be as skilled as his uncle, but he’s a hardworker, plays to the coach’s instructions and helps the attack. All of these have sustained him at Arsenal academy to the main team and now to Everton. No one consistently ignores hardworkers or pure talent with right attitude. You cannot deny that all the African greats I mentioned have these attributes.

      • Glory 5 years ago

        @ Kel, these players you mentioned above were fully established at their previous clubs before they went to England. Even Salah first attempt was a bad story. The good thing about being established before you go England is the whole world would have come to see how good you are and any biased manager will then know his job will be on the line should he messes about.So are bound to respect such players by constantly trusting them knowing fully well many other bigger clubs are always ready to cash in. But for a young player like Nacho, Osimene, Chuzzy etc, the managers holds the key n such players starts to get panicky begging that such managers come out fair.

    • Glory 5 years ago

      @ Kel I will give a demarie Grey n Ayoze bed to sleep on the bench while Nacho plays. Nacho is far better than these two guys but has suffered from lack of constant chance to play and trust from manager. To be honest Nacho is that kind of player that only need a managers trust to perform. At the start of season or towards last season,Vardy u mentioned was nothing to write home about but constant trust on him resulting in constant game time is what has helped simply because he is English. But not the same with Nacho. One mistake, he returns to the bench. How n I mean how do you expect such player to perform. Such things easily damage a player’s confidence n ultimately likely to affect his form negatively. I, more than 100% will sanction Nachos move from Leicester, as well as Chuzzys remain in Villarreal or if even Chuzzy must move, Germany ( Dortmund or Bayern) PSG, Spain but never England. There is an unwritten code there,that doesn’t favour our players.

      • Mr Hush 5 years ago

        I tend to agree with @Kel on this subject of transfer.

        If Osimhen and Samu are wanted by the big clubs, I advise they take the chance if the details suits them right.
        Life is all about time and chance,and although many have failed in similar situations in the past it has no ties to them.
        You work your own destiny.
        As much as there are many examples that have failed,there are many that have succeeded. It all depends on the perception you see things.

        If the rumours are true,and these boys are really wanted,it is am attestation of their hard work paid off and they should cash in on it if they know they are up for it.

        No matter how an tough/heated an environment is,it bows to hardwork.

        Drogba came to England from Marseille with just an impressive season under his belt in France.
        He weathered the storm in England even after starting badly and was hated. His hardwork and persevering spirit saw him through.

        The thing about the English is they stick simply to hardwork,they don’t fool around with that. They are very stringent with their finances and work,that you have to prove that your worth every penny you are paid. And in as much they praise you today, they are not shy to get on your face tomorrow no matter who you are.
        They throw their own under the bus as soon as they ‘fail’ ,ask David Beckham after 98 world cup.

        After all,65 percent of players playing in the Premiership are foreigners and 80percent of the club sides are owned by foreigners.
        And most of the players there aren’t as good as Osimhen and Samu.
        So what makes them different?
        Hardwork,perseverance and focus is all they need to be the best no matter where they play.

        If you don’t take the risk,you never know.you stay stuck.

        • Glory 5 years ago

          @ Hush, English teams are only concerned about players developing the team, as well as helping the team, n not necessarily developing their individual ability. That is, even if it means a Messi like player playing in d defence, then so be it, reason they will convert you to anything as long as the team benefit not minding how badly it affects your own God given ability. This might just be the reason why no premiership player has won the world’s best player. It’s all about money in England n never about passion/ entertainment for the game of football. So we should not be decieved by that thinking that coming to England will develop any player. It will only increase their take home financially while their football suffers.

          • Mr Hush 5 years ago


            You are right about the English mentality about players developing the team,I would want to believe that ,every team buying a player would be doing so cause they need that player to develop them better than they were or what is the point of buying.
            And the Premiership is apogee of club football, so definitely it is not to necessarily a league to develop a player,it is basically for developed player already.
            The club is buying you because they feel you are the finished article they need to make them better.
            Yes. You as an individual player would need to develop as well as time goes by,but that comes in sync with your growth with the club. It all depends on your personal hardwork and focus.
            For example, Arsenal is having a terrible season, sacked their coach ,have an interim coach,but we can still see the individual brilliance of Aubameyang.He still scores goals ,sometimes playing out of position.. His club lack of development has no impact on his individual Brilliance and development.
            It is all tied in to your personal focus and hardwork.if you are good,you are good no matter how bad your club side is or what position they ask you to play.your hardwork would still shine through.

            Besides, C.Ronaldo at 23 won the fifa footballer of the year (2009) playing for Manchester United..

    • Aleks 5 years ago


      I do not have anything against our players going to big clubs. It is in fact the dream of every patriotic Nigerian that our players play for big clubs. But big clubs are not found only in the English Premiership!
      Now do I have any problems with the English Premiership? Certainly Not! I enjoy watching the Premiership as much as other world class leagues.
      However, the style of football played in the Premiership (and to some extent, Bundesliga) is not easily adaptable for a player that grew up playing in Nigeria.
      The Premiership game (irrespective of club or club position) is about pace – from the blast of the whistle to the end, from one end of the pitch to another.
      Whereas the Nigerian style is measured build up from defence through midfield, and a quick transition in the final third followed by blistering attack to the goal. The Spanish, Italian and French leagues are more suited to this our natural style – a style we grow up with in Nigeria. 
      Also the Nigerian game depends more on the players skill and power, so when they get to Europe the undergo more intensive education on tactics, and probably sharpening their techniques. It’s very difficult to combine that with having to adapt to fast pace all at a go.
      That’s why our young players tend to adapt better in Spain, Italy, France etc.
      Our young players are good enough and even better than many players playing first team football in the premiership, but the style of football played there just doesn’t suit us. 
      That is why I specifically said players below 25 years and with less than 3 consistent years of top flight football in Europe should stay away from English Premiership. With at least 3 years of playing consistent top flight football in Europe, the players would have grown tactically, improved in techniques, and hence would only have to work on pace when the get to Premiership. Also the work ethics gained in that time of playing in Europe, and maturity in age would help them to settle in and adapt.
      Check out the history of successful African/Nigerian players in the Premiership. With a very few exceptions to the rule, that’s the above is the successful path to follow.


  • Lord AMO 5 years ago

    Osimhen has just scored again

  • Lord AMO 5 years ago

    And it looks like his day is over too as he’s been led off the field with apparent dizziness

  • Olusegun. B 5 years ago

    A lot of us are concerned about these players to the extent that we don’t want a coach who spools their Morales. At the end. One point that I agree on is that fact that hard workers last long enough in the game . Look at Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba, they are not naturally gifted but they work so hard to prove that they are the best no matter what. Oshimen , chukwueze , nacho and our young players must make hard work their code should they ever want to be the best in the world. Also a coach’s trust and moral support is extra . To these players they have to be fortunate to have such coaches and yet again they also. Have to give themselves personal moral support in other to last longer in the game .Cristiano Ronaldo is an example. Wherever he goes he. Series that self confidence and self believe in what he does and that’s why he’s able to last long. Oshimen and his colleagues need to imbibe . That. I wish them the very best….

  • Olumide 5 years ago

    Y man utd cnt buy osimhen

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