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Musa Reminisces About World Cup Brace Vs Iceland

Musa Reminisces About World Cup Brace Vs Iceland

Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa revealed that scoring a brace in Nigeria’s second group game against Iceland at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is one of his best days as a footballer, reports Completesports.com.

The Super Eagles lost their opening game against Croatia 2-0 and needed to beat the Europeans who held Argentina to a 1-1 draw in their first game to boost their chances of making it beyond the group stage.

Gernot Rohr ‘s men won the Group D encounter in Volgograd 2-0 with Musa netting a superb brace.

Musa showed superb technique to put the Super Eagles ahead on the half-volley early in the second half before dribbling past Iceland goalkeeper Hannes Thor Halldorsson to score the second.


The versatile winger not only became the first Leicester City player to score at a World Cup, but his double also made him the highest scoring Nigerian footballer in the tournament’s history.

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He scored two goals at the 2014 showpiece in Brazil and two more in Russia for a total of four, two better than the trio of Daniel Amokachi, Emmanuel Amuneke and Kalu Uche.

And to celebrate the occasion, Musa took to social media to express his delight.

“Wow how time flies. I can’t believe it’s 2 years already since I scored those much needed goals at the World Cup ⚽⚽⚽⚽The tears of joy I shed that day I can never forget. Unarguably one of the best days of my life. Grateful to Allah & everyone of you for the love,”he wrote on his Twitter handle.

Despite the win, Nigeria would fail to advance past the group stages with eventual runners-up Croatia and Argentina taking up the top two spots.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Pompei 2 years ago

    First Leicester City player to score at the world cup, yet unappreciated at the same Leicester City! Even his brace against Barcelona was not enough.
    He may not amount to much at Leicester City. For Nigeria though, the guy is a world cup legend. 4 beautiful world cup goals. His best arguably was his first, against Argentina at the 2014 mundial.

    • GLORY 2 years ago

      Just why I don’t reckons with silly statistics thing. Players performances are a function of so many things. Until all those are considered before I can confidently use statistics to judge a player.

      • Glory, please don’t say you don’t reckon with the ‘silly statistics thing’. That will come across as you disparaging or trivialing something simply because you haven’t shown the aptitude to grasp its essence.

        Statistics are very valuable in football these days. Perhaps they are the single most important key performance indicators for players and matches.

        So, to come out and say you don’t like silly statistics actually make you sound silly.

        Just my lighthearted view.

        • GLORY 2 years ago

          @deo pls would you mind step aside my comment, I don’t come here to read you. If you ever thought I was making reference to you, then you just struggling to make yourself relevant. My write up was in reference to so many players statistics I read from football magazines n on football websites. Won’t waste my precious time read you here, since I have come to understand you so bereft of football ideas n workings. So pls crack on with writing for your fans n be a decent man n stay off my thread.

    • @Pompei, I think as long as one of England’s golden boy plays in that same role, even Mane or Salah will struggle into break into that first 11 upfront. I watched the few matches Musa played in Leicester colours and for a neutral viewer, you could see the flashes of brilliance and potentials waiting to be unleashed. But I sensed some politics in the passing game and they had to impatiently give a verdict of ‘not good enough.’

      I won’t advise any Nigerian striker to go to a team where Kane, Rashford, Sterling or Verdy plays (except, of course, you’re an Aguerro or something) or where the coach is English or British. Mark my words, now that Rashford is back, the complaints against Ighalo will start to mount. Already, another racist like his mentor Ferguson, Ryan Giggs is already telling Solksjer to get a new centre forward. Even though Kelechi is not a serious player and largely unambitious, he is more or less fighting a losing battle in Leicester strike force. I’m sure he’s not even 3rd in the pecking list.

      You need to be twice as good as a star English boy in the same position to enjoy the spotlight in the EPL as a foreign player. If you’re just as good or only slightly better, OYO nah your case. Lol.

      • Peterside Udah 2 years ago

        I never liked the English Premer League. Nigerian players struggle there a lot.

      • Pompei 2 years ago

        Kel, this is something Glory, myself and some other forumites have been saying for a long time now. Advice no be curse. Our players need to shine their eyes when going to English clubs. Look at how Brighton & Hove almost rendered Balogun useless. As you said, to thrive in an English club, you have to be so much better than any home grown talents available. Otherwise, you go hear weeeeeen.

  • Chairmanfemi, I am happy you happy belated birthday. I am so glad Musa helped brightened your day. In fact, he made me very happy as well that day.
    I was taking a flight from Lagos to Istanbul and I watched the game at the airport. His goals made the flight so pleasant. As we queued up to to enter the plane after the match, one fellow passenger was just celebrating in front of me.

    It was great. Musa is a world cup legend.

    • Glory, thanks for your response. Of course, I don’t expect you to waste your precious time reading my comments nor responding to them directly (even though you do so indirectly on several occasions) Ha ha ha.

      As this is a public forum, I will respond to any post that I feel like responding to – even yours if I feel a veiled response to anything I post.

      I don’t need to make myself important, that is not important to me. I actually don’t think anyone has fans here, we are just here to share ideas and buttress our knowledge.

      I read what you wrote about ‘silly statistics’ and I feel that comment itself is silly hence I responded. I intend to continue to write and respond to comments as I see fit. If that bothers you, perhaps you should disregard my response. (ha ha ha)

      You said you have come to understand that I am bereft of football ideas and workings (charming! :)) I take it that you are an expert in football knowledge and workings. That much is evident in your contributions.

      Thanks Glory. I will crack on reading, writing and responding to posts as I see it fit. I will not allow anyone dictate to me what I do or not do.

  • GLORY 2 years ago

    Again 90% of my comments/concern is about players performances for Nigeria national team.I care less about their various clubs/ senseless statistics that fails to recognise many militating factors, such as players gang up, which if you ever played football, you know definitely exist, also managers personal dislike for certain players face, players personal struggles, players played out of position, etc. Over the years, it’s been proven that club football performance has never truly been an on point focast of good performance for national team. So why then do I then rely on those silly club statistics. I had rather if ever go with national team statistics, for the national team is what concerns me. And if ever I get bothered about clubside performance, then I will start looking at Enyimba’s players statistics.

    • And Glory, for someone who doesn’t believe in statistics (admittedly in club football matters) , it is quite interesting that you use stats to describe the volume of of comments that you make (90% for national team football).

      But what’s interesting is that in the past week, a large percentage of your contributions may have been on club football (if you dig deep to find out) . In fact, I was quite impressed reading your long but thoroughly enjoyable appraisal of Iwobi’s performance against Liverpool over the weekend. The number of words in that piece amount to almost 90% of your entire contributions over the weekend (LOL).

      Based on your knowledge amd expertise on club football related matters, you feel that Everton is not a right career move for Iwobi. Time will tell, I guess.

      The truth is, I think you comment on club related matters more than you realise. Attributing 90% of your comments to national team related matters might not be an accurate statistic.

      But I may be wrong. Perhaps you like statistics more than you realise. Ha ha ha. 🙂

  • GLORY 2 years ago

    @ Deo you are supposed to be wise enough to understand we scroll down or up to read sound comments, meaning, I will definitely have to scroll down your comment to read the sound ones. Lolz. Not trying to put you down but only saying what I do. Expectedly you n your fans do same to mine and I honestly welcome that. But if you say you read mine, then I am surprised.

    • Glory, I am glad you scroll up and down to read sound comments. If you say I have fans here, then I am flattered (thank you).

      But to call Mr Hush, BigD, Ayphilly,Pompei, Dr Drey, Kel, Omo9ja, Bomboy, Greenturf, Goal etc my fans would be to show huge disrespect to these people.

      I learn a lot from these guys collectively like you will never believe. Someone I miss dearly is Abahfada. They are my teachers, I repeat, I am their pupil. I learn me from them than you will ever believe.

      Nobody is a fan of anybody in my humble opinion. We all have one or two things we learn from each other.

      I totally respect your views that I know nothing about football. After all, you are entitled to it.

      But, if I read something on this platform and I feel strongly enough to respond, I will respond. If that in itself presents a problem to you, you will have to deal with it.

      By calling me all sorts of nasty names and throwing insults and abuse at me up and down will not silence my voice (ha ha ha ha!).

      And yes, I do read your comments. I choose not to respond because, to be honest, and like you say, it is not worth my ‘precious time’ ha ha ha!

      But responding to your comment about silly stats is worth my precious time. Lol.

      • GLORY 2 years ago

        Just a shame how cheap you becoming trying to weep up sentiment in getting people to your side. Saying I called you names when you are the one that came under my thread calling me silly, even without any reference to any of your comment, where in my comment was only a very open response to a wise comment by @ Pompeii. This just tells your evil plan of trying to make me look bad before same names you well know I respect their write ups here. How can you be so cheap? @ Hush, @ Drey, @ Oakfield, @ Chima @ Pompeii @ kanga etc n many others, these know me n how well I respect their write up. You now come to try spoil my good relationship with them just tells what you worth. You know what? just go, you just too cheap. I defend players as long as their loyalty to the Nigeria course is exemplary n don’t even think about you for a sec. Not even worth doing a banter with you, got better things to do. Maybe my comments are seriously doing damage to your selfish business of working for football agents using the SE platform. Guess thats what you trying to point out by saying I have been calling you names every where otherwise I can’t remember last time I read your comment until now to warrant me calling you names.

  • Glory, there is a time and there is a place for every topic of conversation. What you said which I chose to take aim at is statistics.

    Now, you spend so much time trying to impress on me that 90% of your focus is on national team football and I ask you a simple question: which come first, the chicken or the egg?

    You are a fan of Eyimba. Good. Now, if a player from Eyimba has poor statistics in terms of their performance, do you think such a player will be invited to the national team. Fantastic statistics in club football is what earns players invitation to the national team, fact.

    The reasons why some players are not even invited to the national team after a few caps is because of their poor statistics for the national team. Which is one of the reasons why Onuachu is being criticised for rhe Super Eagles.

    To call stats silly is misguided.

    You talk about extenuating circumstances that can adversely affect players’ performances. I agree with you actually. But football is a results business. If the stats do not back up your performance, you will be seen as an underperforming player (Fact!).

    You make a statement and I quote: ‘Over the years, it’s been proven that club football performance has never truly been an on point focast of good performance for national team.’

    Listen, that statement is debatable at best. Since I have been following football, club football has always been a barometer to invite players to the national team and – more to your point – to predict their performance for the national team. Some live up to expectations, others don’t, that is life.

    But that is still not enough to call statistics silly, like you did. For a long time, I worked in sales. If my sales statistics were poor, I would be sacked! Footballers need to deliver on their huge wage bills and the only way to gauge whether they are meeting the targets set to them is stats.

    Stats are not silly, Glory. I may be rubbish at speaking or writing about football as you say. You obviously have a strong distaste for my presence on the platform. Those I can live with.

    But to say stats are silly, even you that is an expert in everything football should know better.

    • GLORY 2 years ago

      @Deo. Yes I mentioned silly statistics, that goes a long way that might take the whole day to explain. So the intelligent ones focus on the theme of statement n not the words. The words can be misleading but the theme does all. Even Jesus Christ spoke in parables n when asked He said it was intentional, as those that the words He spoke are meant for will understand. Statistics that apply at club level doesn’t always apply at national team level, so why using club level statistics to rate our national team players or try to use it to influence who gets invited?For a fresh invitation ok but established player then national team stats might make sense. Herein I say it’s Silly. Silly because there were stories about Musa whilst he was at Leicester that he wasn’t even good for the Leicester bench n many Leicester fans were making a laugh out of it, that he plays for SE yet. Silly again that they were condemning a player that just came unto a whole new culture, new way of speaking/relating in England n the Silly tabloid won’t bother to look at those factors before coming up with senseless statistics. Worst still they expect SE to look at those statistics n not invite Musa.

      • Thanks for your measured response Glory. However, contrary to what you said, even established players like Iwobi and Musa run the rust of losing their national team places if their club statistics falter. Hence why Musa moved on loan to CSKA Moscow before the 2018 World Cup.

        If you believe I have used ‘silly’ out of context, then I am prepared to revisit that in my own head.

        But, statistics, be it in the national team or club football, are the single most important indicator to determine any players’ performance.

  • Collins id 2 years ago

    @ deo and glory, quarells doesnt fit both of you, as i can see you guys are both interesting fellows and i dont minding reading your comments even if we disagree or agree its all part of football @ glory please lets enjoy our better sides and forget the negative. @ deo, thank you for your polite response to glorys agression, but to be honest i am with glory on the issue of clubs statistics expecially on foreign base players. Football is business to europeans but football is not business to africans rather its a game of fun to us. It can be disapointing and can also make ur sweet day sometimes, but the reality is its a game if you play instrument no matter how much practice you make on key boards and guiter you will only be good on the keys and strings but you canot buy melody with your practice, melody is talent and that is wat sells and defferentiate musicians, back to football if you have played football befor you will understand that talent and determination produce results better than experience the defferent betwin naija and othe africa nations in the game is talent its not by club stats nor strenght or physicality its just the akonuche of the game that we possesed abundantly, when we look at moses simon and abdulahi shehu or aweziem for example, they are always playing well for club but they are not talented i dont need your analysis to tell me that, the performance of musa muhammed against athletical madrid still outclass abdulahi aweziem idowu, in that role, i dont need eye glass to see the fact there, after all the hyping of the above mentioned victor moses was now needed to play the role in a big stage bcos rohr no that nomatter the training or practice those guys lacks the natural talent. They cant even pull the ball Even victor moses couldnt do better than talented musa muhamed, from right back musa shoots, passes well from deep and overlaps well, scores free kicks and penalty also good dribbler dub dany alves. Moses simon scored 9 goals last season played alot times even more than kalu and musa, but musa and kalu performs better for country than him, they have the talent more than him i dont need Rohr to tell me befor i know, believe me if isaac sucess comes in barring injury he will still display morethan simon, its not mockery its simply reality. Somebody say yesterday that chukwueze perform below standard yesterday, yes for sure becos withen a week the guy played three games his legs are not machines for a player who runs with the ball all through is required to be rested, the business part of football is not helping football it self if fifa dont interfer, i think players should be giving at list ten full matches per season it should be obligations to club so that talented players will not always fall victims in the hands of some wicked coaches. Annalysis doesnt buy talent from market it can only buy players that is why i respect klopp and atletical madrid coach they dont buy names or stats they buy talent and they can give him the stats he deserve ( buying of shaqiri is a good example of talent over stats that deal landed liverpool the champions league last year) another example is jayjay, when looking for clubs in england many rejected him becos of stats but aladyce thought defferent and it pays him after scoring freekicks and suplus assist that scholes and keane was actually learning from the boss. As far as some players have natural understanding of africa football in their blood i still prefer them over the ones who only understands their club riddims, if you compare anthony ujah to emenike by club stats you will always put ujah ahead of eminike or ideye but thank God keshi was not a novice in the game he knew wat he wanted and that want was defferent from the european clubs idea

    • GLORY 2 years ago

      Many thanks @ Collins for your more expensive explanation, And apologies if I sounded aggressive, never intended. Only trying to bring some awareness to some deep truth. New breed statistics driven players are becoming a bore to watch. Pure talents dying fast while statistics players, unquestionably money driven just all over the place. Definitely n gradually making football not worth watching.

    • Thanks CollinsID. You know I will always respect opinions even if I don’t agree with the.

      I have no intentions to quarrel with Glory or anyone for that matter. That are enough boxes under each article on this platform for us to express our views without clashing of heads.

      Glory said I am a selfish football agent who come here to rub minds with people like you only to advance my evil intentions.

      What do you say to such attacks?

      What do you say to such allegations?

      What I will say is: Thank you Glory! 🙂

      But will such attacks prevent me from espousing my views in future? No way.

      I wi respond to you, Glory and anyone I see fit regardless of the attacks or insults that will come my way.

      On a lighter not Collins, with what Football Agents earn these days, I wish I can be an Agent. 🙂

      If Glory knows of any Agent he can hook me up with, I will be very much interested. 🙂

      • GLORY 2 years ago

        Everyone is welcome to respond to my write-up. For it only goes to show my points hit the nail really hard. I’d loved to do same to you but pls let the points hold water devoid of too many twisted motives. And please don’t take anything personal, only be honest to yourself n your maker.

        • Thanks Glory, I won’t take anything personal (even when I am called what I am not), I will only be honest to myself and my maker as you so wonderfully advise.

          It is so fascinating how you are drawn to twisted motives…. Anyway it’s all in a days work….

        • Also, remember, further up, you banned me from responding to your comments. Have you now had a change of heart?

          • GLORY 2 years ago

            Since you insisted, then civility demands that I welcome you to be my guest. For I believe in giving to the needy.

          • That is rather humble of you. I am very grateful for the generosity, even to an Evil football agent.

          • GLORY 2 years ago

            @deo, don’t get too worked up by d word evil I used. The context is as it concerns certain things we say/ write here, go really far to damage these players moral, sometimes reducing their self confidence to the lowest ebb n also rival footballers agents use those tools freely presented to them by unguarded comments/write-up to convince managers to lose faith in such players. This is the evil I m refering to. I m not close to anyone of these players but I try put myself in their shoes to feel their sense of pain n betrayal when such things fly about in forum like this. If it’s about players other attitude besides their football, I m happy to join in carry the big stick n again I will be doing just because I honestly care about such persons/ players career.

  • Oh dear! Glory, that is an outrageous accusation! You said: ‘Maybe my comments are seriously doing damage to your selfish business of working for football agents using the SE platform.’

    Wow! I am left stunned and almost speechless. Do you think that is what this is all about? Talking and Nigerian football and fellowshipping with like minded people has turned me into a “selfish football agent”. Wow, that is a new one but not totally unexpected.

    Like I said, I will always express my rights to comment and respond to comments from others including you. If that makes me a selfish football agent, so be it. You have indirectly called me worse,

    On your point of trying to ‘weep out sentiments’, I can categorically tell you that this is not my intention. How you conduct yourself with contributors on this platform is totally your perogative. How they respond to your post and vice versa is totally up to you and them.

    Maintaining a sense of perspective, I still feel that your comment about stats was silly and I have tried to point that out to you. If you take offense to my use of ‘silly’ as an adjective to qualify your submission, then that is unfortunate. You are a big boy, deal with it.

    However, calling me an evil football agent with bad business intentions will not deter me from making further comments to you or orhers.

    There are times when I will choose to ignore you (or many other comments). It is only because I choose to, and not out of fear that you will call me an evil football agent with questionable intentions (what is that, anyway?).

    Glory, you are laboring under a misconception and if you genuinely feel that the reasons why I come here to rub minds with others is because I am a football agent, then, then, then, I don’t even know how to respond to that.

    • GLORY 2 years ago

      Whatever you read in my comment is a response to untwist your twisted intentions with whatever you may have written. @deo, I am very outspoken person. I personally don’t come here to make enemies. I only try to understand what someone represent/interested in n once I m convinced, someones interest/ what they represent isnt honest/ decent, then I won’t waste my time reading such persons write ups. People try to condemn Oakfield but I’ m ever happy to read him because he come across as someone really pained by the state of things of a potentially great country Nigeria, herein I too belong. So I pay less attention to his strong words usage cos I understand they are only an expression of that pain n nothing personal. But those that come here to wanna try to give respect to same perpetuators of evil scheming all because they don’t wanna lose their fans, I m happy to say we belongs to different world. So it’s got nothing to do with making someone enemy, just that oil n water don’t mix, but when in the pot to make soup, they can then mix after adding other ingredients like pepper, crayfish, okporoko, meat, kpomo, water leaf etc. Lolzz. So maybe in other spheres we can mix aside football.

  • Glory, thanks for providing a insight into your thought process and how you determine who is the honest person and who is the evil football agent with evil intentions.

    It is quite revealing.

    Back to the matter that started this conversation. I still remain of the opinion that statistics in club football is a barometer for considering new and established players for invitation to the national team.

    If my usage of the word ‘silly’ causes any offence, then take is a a mere adjective and not a statement of insult.

    Now, you thinking that I am a football agent with crocked intentions actually does not bother me. How you arrived at that conclusion is quite frankly your business (with all due respect, no insult intended).

    However, you will be mistaken if you feel this will dissuade me from responding to any comments here (including yours). It is a free world, it is a free platform.

    I don’t think your are an evil football agent, I don’t even think you are a bad person. I don’t know what you do and quite frankly, I don’t care.

    I do however care passionately about Nigerian football and I will say my mind whether you think I am a football agent or not.

  • No Glory, I am not worked up. Rather, I am further enlighten. And thank you for the enlightenment.

    We come out on social media to fraternise and speak out our views about the football we love. But, unbeknown to us, the way people process information makes them see us in all sorts of light.

    In this case, the way I present my views and generally conduct myself makes me come across as working with agents to undermine certain players for my evil and selfish intentions.

    It is interesting.

    Anyway, enough said on the matter. Like I repeatedly said, you are very much entitled to your views. Whatever I may say is very much compromised because to you, they are coming from an evil place. Or, like you would say, they are twisted.

    For the most parts, it is always pleasant rubbing minds with people here, even those whose views I find very odd.

    On Daniel Akpeyi, on Keshi and on a range of issues including this one on statistics, the opinions of other people differ greatly from mine. But for me, it is not enough to call them football agent with twisted intentions.

    We are just see the world very differently.

    I leave you with the lovely quote below from Marcus Aurelius (121 – 180 AD). I hope you like it.

    “When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: the people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous and surly. They are like this because their perception of good and evil. But I have seen the beauty of good, and the ugliness of evil, and have recognized that the other person has a nature related to my own – not of the same blood and birth, but the same mind, and possessing a share of the divine. And so none of them can hurt me. No one can implicate me in ugliness. Nor can I feel angry at my relative, or hate him. We were born to work together like feet, hands and eyes, like the two rows of teeth, upper and lower. To obstruct each other is unnatural. To feel anger at someone, to turn your back on him: these are unnatural.”

    Marcus Aurelius

    • GLORY 2 years ago

      @ Deo you can quote a mere mortal like some very fallible Aurellius but sorry mate I don’t recognize such. I only feel n recognise the pain of footballers trying to bring joy to many n especially Nigeria where the only joy the poor masses can boast of for now is SE. I detest with passion reading people weaving comments to ridicule these players. If you remember certain thing I mentioned when we talked on phone, you will then truly understand what I represent.

  • Yes Glory, I understand well. Fallible quotes to an infallible Glory never mix.

    You detest with passion weaving comments to ridicule these players simply because you interpret them as such based on how you interpret information. So you have become the police of whatever is good or evil. Hmnm.

    It takes quite considerable efforts to maintain this sort of exchanges whilst still maintaining civility. But it is an effort well worth it because quite simply, it is not worth the stress.

    I will still maintain a sense of focus is saying that you can choose to interpret contributions you don’t understand as something coming from an Evil football agent with evil intentions but you will be sourly mistaken if you think that will dissuade me.

    I have nothing to gain in bringing up disparaging comments you have made about football personalities. What you wrote above and how you project yourself says it all.

    The people weaving the comments that you detest with a passion have a right to express their views without fear of being called all sort of names and being called evil agents simply because your struggle to grasp their point lead you to make conclusions based on how you interpret information.

    Whatever you think you might have said to me in the past means nothing to me. I don’t know what you represent, I don’t want to know what you represent or anything about you for that matter. I really don’t care.

    But, we are here to express our views about football and we should be able to do that without harassment from those whose unique way of interpreting information gives them all sorts of ideas.

    • GLORY 2 years ago

      @ Deo I care less about you n your write ups so stop struggling to look for attention. Go back to where it all started. I commended @Pompeii comment n you going beggarly for attention came with your know it all attitude to attack my reply to Pompeii. If you hadn’t done that I bet you will not have seen a reply from me to anything you type here on this forum for as long as I continue on this forum, cause I don’t come here to READ you. So it’s so laughable you saying I can’t stopped you. Just doesn’t add up, especially when you are the one that first came on my thread. Haba..lolzz.

      • And yes, (again) Glory, I am the one who responded to your post initially, but is that an offence? Yes it is an offence. Other people can respond to your post, no problem. But when I (the evil football agent with evil intentions) am the one who responds, that is a problem.

        All I am saying to you is that you are free to see me as whatever you see me as. That is your perogative, that is your problem.

        Like I said below and I am saying here,i will respond to any post in future (including yours). This is a free platform and is a free world. If that is a problem for you, deal with it the best way you know (or the only way you know) which is with insults and name calling.

        Sticks and stones can break my bone but your words won’t hurt me. Rather, your words only provide a spotlight into why you react the way you do.

        Again, keep the ugly names coming. Keep up your insults. Keep your arrogance and aggression but bear in mind, it is only a conscious effort to keep this conversation civil.

        I don’t know you, I don’t know what you do and I don’t care about your thought process. But (again) I will respond when I see fit.

  • Glory, going back to where it started, yes I did respond to your post. And then you reacted quite aggressively and then the rest is history.

    Whether you react aggressively, whether you see me as an agent of evil, whether you like to read my post or not, all that is your business. How you interpret information before you make a judgement about who is good and who is a twisted evil football agents is quite frankly your perogative.

    All I am saying is that I will respond to any post as I see fit regardless of what you might think.

    Listen, read whatever you want to read, from whomever but the point remains, I will respond to whatever I want to respond to, regardless. That is what I have been trying to put across to you. I guess that itself make me an agent of destruction or an enemy of progress. Your negative energy means nothing to me but I will not lose my right to speak my mind simply because your inability to comprehend a level or communication leads you into a blind alley of your own making.

    Call it ‘beggardly attention seeking’. Call it twisted comment from an evil football agent.’ call’ pitiful attempt to gain attention’. It doesn’t bother me one bit.

    How you see the world, what you read, whose contributions you like to read from, what you say you are all about…… All these are your cup of tea. They are your perogative. I don’t care to know them, but I will respond to any views from you or anyone else if I want.

    Like I said, you clearly have a strong dislike towards my presence here, but that is your problem, not mine.

    I will say it and repeat it a million times : I will respond to any post I see fit regardless of what you may think about me (which is your business, really).