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Napoli Boss Conte Provides Update On Osimhen’s Future

Napoli Boss Conte Provides Update On Osimhen’s Future

Napoli manager Antonio Conte refused to offer assurances Victor Osimhen will remain at the club beyond this summer.

The Nigeria international is expected to leave Napoli this summer despite signing a new contract last December.

Osimhen was previously on the radar of Chelsea, Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain.

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There are reports interested suitors are not willing to pay the €130m release clause in his contract.

Conte however stated that the powerful forward will leave the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium this summer.

“I’m aware of his situation, I know there’s an agreement with the club so it’s a different case compared to others,” the former Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur manager said at his unveiling ceremony on Wednesday.

“There’s a pact between Victor and Napoli on his future and I accepted that”.

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  • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

    I learnt his FEE was reduced to 100 MILLION. The TRUTH is who will wanna BUY this ARROGANT, DISRESPECTFUL IDIOT called OSIMHEN for 100 MILLION? Even 60 MILLION the BAGA is not WORTH it..

    • You’re right Monkey Post. Attitude is everything. Well we keep our fingers crossed. For me, he already lost me as a fan. All the same I wish him well.

      • Sammy 2 weeks ago

        @ChristianministriesinNigeria are saying that he’s right to have been DISRESPECTFULLY, INSULTIVE AND PROUDLY qualified somebody an IDIOT irrespective of the person’s mental or physical state. I believe we should be more constructive and objective in our approach no matter what. I DON’T BELIEVE IN DEHUMANIZING OF PERSON.

        • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

          OSIMHEN has already DEHUMANISED, DEMORALISED, himself by the FINIDI RANT…

          Na only NIGERIA and AFRICA dem dey feel like OUTLAWS..sebi him get issue with NAPOLI FANS and even a training ground issue with his coach back then? Why couldn’t he remember INSTAGRAM LIVE then? Why him no invite ogun to kpai them….ok I forgot ogun no dey italy… And as e no get visa, e fit no travel lmao…but him for invite some of those Italian god’s to kpai dem na.. like god minerva, jupita or mars …lmao

        • @Sammy in as much as you make a point, What Osimhen did is wrong bro let us call a spade a spade, yes he is our best player bla bla bla, and he have money(shebi you day follow a chop him money right? lol).. But Osimhen did one fatal flaw which karma does not like. You do Not kick another man while he is down. Finidi was already down and was fired or resigned. Probably feeling like he let himself down by heeding to his detractors. So for Osimhen to come out with that rant at the time he did was so wrong and very very insensitive and Wicked in my opinion no matter what Finidi did, Osimhen could have remain quiet because nobody was blaming him and he would have flown under the radar and allow for everything to play out which you would have found that everybody would have forgotten Finidi’s comments (which were not true anyway) in a Week. So Osimhen was seeking some sort of clout not that he needed it. Because n all honesty these players will not waste time letting Nigeria down in favour of their club Osimhen and Ndidi especially!

          SO yes for Osimhen Kicking Finidi while he is down was wrong. Now he is in Lagos keeping the wrong crowd Osimhen is following a path I feared he would which s sad! Lets hope he stays relevant on the field Not once did he post a training Video. The guy does not want to improve. He is clearly not hungry for success on the field anymore. Like every typical Nigerian footballer out of Poverty, Once they hit money their head swells, and the hunger goes. This is really the main reason why Nigerian Players fail to reach the heights of Ronaldo and Messi. Because they are not as determined, they are just playing to escape poverty!

    • Sammy 2 weeks ago

      You must be out of your mind to call him idiot. You could call him disrespectful and whatever and NOT IDIOT. At this juncture YOU’RE MORE DISRESPECTFUL, INSULTING AND ARROGANT to refer or call somebody an idiot not even your own child, no matter the mental or physical state of the person. Please mind your language on/offline. Thanks.

      • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

        Thank you @SAMMY but you see here in AFRICA we call whoever that doesn’t know his CULTURE( it also entails you giving regard to your elders) an idiot…anuohia…efulefu etc….

        In other words it is only those categories of people that don’t respect their seniors….

  • Osimhen likeness is being reduced daily with arrogant attitude put up on gentle Finidi.
    I hope he retrace his step back to School of humility for future endeavors and purposes.

  • Amadi 2 weeks ago

    The people that sided him when he had the very disrespectful rant will be suddenly backtrack. Watch them hide. We told them such behavior is not good for a professional, but they differed.

    • Amadi. Thank you. But you should have just ignored those who sided him. They are entitled to their own opinion.

      But one thing is always clear – attitude always go a long way to determine everything especially for an African in Europe.

      We know what happened to the likes of etim esin etc.

      It’s just a pity that the boy is losing focus very quickly.

      He is not watchful.

      Note the negative events around him in the past few years

      1. A shambolic performance in the match against Ghana where we lost world cup ticket

      2. Abusing former Africa player of the year. That one did not even replied him. That’s maturity. Thumbs up to ikpeba.

      3. Failing to acknowledge the presence of eto during the APOTY awards. That was rude to me Eto is a legend even if he is not your mentor.

      4. He had one problem with someone in Nigeria in money issues. We read the story in Nigerian newspapers.

      5. Quarreled with balogiun and uzoho

      6. Partying against club rules during COVID-19

      7. The foolish rants and video against a sinking man called Finidi. A more matured reply would have made everyone to fall in love with him and be on his side because Finidi was already sinking

      8. Asked to be substituted in our friendly against Saudi Arabia and played the following weekend for his club.

      9. Had a not too good second season with Napoli after winning the scuddetto and becoming the highest goals scorer. A great season would have have raised the bar for him

      10. Got injured more last season and played less matches. Which big club will splash such Money on him.

      11. Bad sign for him at afcon. Missed lot of scoring chances. Many offside positioning. Even three goals ruled offside by var. Yet this boy does not know he has to be sensitive to his situation. Afcon was there for him to take but ..

      12. Has missed 4 of our world cup qualifiers already. On the verge of missing out at another world cup. Yet he is throwing parties and showboating on social media. He even said national team is not a must. Lacked focus and seriously need help.

      We need to pray for him. A great talent like that. I was expecting him to be world best in his lifetime but I am losing hope.

      Europe will show him how not to display bad attitude as a black man.

      We wait and see.

      Again I wish him well.

      For those who will come to abuse and curse because of my personal opinion you can do that. You are only wasting your time. I won’t see your comment. This post will not be monitored (laugh)

  • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

    Oh so now you guys believe it is the rant with clueless Finidi that made them reduce the asking price? How unintelligent you guys can be.

    Continue in your ignorance 

    We all know that Arsenal doesn’t like spending, PSG was ready to meet the asking price but Osimhen made it clear he wants EPL. He is not keen on Chelsea because Chelsea is still building

    You shall all witness him getting to his destiny club very soon. Keep on wishing him bad hen, it’ll turn out good for omo-ologo Osimhen soonest

    • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

      So you don’t know that a PLAYER’S LIFE off the PITCH can CONTRIBUTE in DEVALUING and DEMARKETING him?

      There is a PLAYER’S LIFE off the PITCH too.. And it counts too

      And the INTERNET never FORGETS…

      A RANT that went VIRAL and GLOBAL??

      You INSULTING your NATIONAL TEAM COACH and FANS after they caught you DANCING BATA and ATILOGU DANCE(ATILOGU DANCE: very ENERGETIC NIGERIAN TRADITIONAL DANCE with alot of BACKFLIPS and all) in the CLUB with the same LEG that you CLAIM to be INJURED on??


    • Akunde 2 weeks ago

      I like and concur with you. Let them rent about what they do not know

    • Ujamaa 2 weeks ago

      Your comment is highly distinguished from those of the flock of naive crowds.

  • Four four two 2 weeks ago

    Im just trying to hold my temper not to rain curses on all those blaming the innocent boy for defending himself.But if you guys dont desist from obnoxious act i will have no option than to hit back. This is a player who gives his all whenever he plays for the SE . so why must Finidi makes comments questioning his lack of commitment. What nonsense? Im fully in support of what Osihmen’s self defence.Concerning his move away from Napoli he shot himself on the foot when he mention the EPL as his prefered destination in public.In life if u value people they devalue u.Thats what is happening to him.He will have just kept his options Open and kept his preference secret . The fact remains that Osihmen does not need Arsenal . its Arsenal who need him to turn them to a title winning team. He is the best in Europe right now . No other striker can make Arsenal stand against the big guns .

    • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

      Thank you my brother, all these noisemakers knows nothing about football business.

      One thing I actually don’t understand is, how does it benefit these wailers if the boy was banned by NFF or failed to get a transfer???

      It means they just have bad belle for good things

      Finidi was a legend while playing but a monumental failure as a coach, so what is the fuss

  • Commissioner of Police Arara Kumbie 2 weeks ago

    Osihmen will do well next season

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    This bloody idiot 442 GAYLORD GUTTERBORN has once again emerged from the sewer to pollute this place with his vile presence!
    He says he wants to curse people for having a different viewpoint than his idiotic self.
    Gaylord Gutterborn, since you came after me completely unprovoked the other day, I am giving you a taste of your own medicine. Let’s dance!
    May all the curses that come out of your degenerate mouth land right back on your demented head!
    Go back into the raw filthy sewage from whence you came!

  • Edoman 2 weeks ago

    Bad beller will not get all you haters anywhere. Finito, who failed woefully, wants to use our Osimhen to restitute his embarrassing and inadequate training for the job he could not perform under any circumstances. God is good all the time. Nigeria will never qualify for the World cup because all you haters are the reasons why God takes His mighty revenge on all the ungratefulness. Are you so sure Nigeria will qualify for the forthcoming AFCON next year?????????.
    Do not bite the finger that are feeding your hungry mouth. But Nigerian haters do.
    Some of these bad people hates Ighalo, they hated Oga Rohr, and now hating Osimhen . All because these decent human beings l mentioned above are incredible great sport men. Yet they hated them because they wanted to help the Nigerian football. The way all you bad guys are treating Victor Osimhen now will drive any good and solid foriegn players to determine not to play for Nigeria anymore. Believe me. Continue. Said Mrs. Goodluck.

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