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Napoli Provide Injury Update On Osimhen

Napoli Provide Injury Update On Osimhen

Serie A club Napoli have provided update on forward Victor Osimhen’s injury, Completesports.com reports.

Napoli disclosed via a statement on their website on Saturday that the Nigeria international will miss Sunday’s trip to Salernitana.

The Partenopei announced that the 22-year-old left the training session due to a muscle problem.

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“Victor Osimhen underwent diagnostic tests at the Pineta Grande clinic on Sunday, which revealed a gastrocnemius contracture in his right calf,”reads a statement on the club’s website on Sunday.

“The player has begun a treatment program and will be re-assessed over the coming days.”

The striker has scored nine goals in 12 appearances across all competitions for Napoli this season.

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  • gastrocnemius contracture as if we know what it means……Napoli couldn’t even tell us what it means and the length of time needed for recovery…..Na wa o……. please doctors in the house shed more light on it for us o……am so worried here.

    • He didn’t play today’s match against Salernitana cos he’s injured. Napoli docs will reassess the extent of injury in the coming days (not specified) and he’d already began a treatment program.

      I hope he’s fit enough for the final clashes against Liberia and CV and his club don’t cook up fake stories to hold him back. Definitely, we can’t handover goalscoring hopes on the on and off Iheanacho.

      In the absence of Osimhen, we need a proven striker whose goal potential rate is almost 90% in every SE matches. We need experienced. We drop a single point now and we can as well kiss Qatar 2022 bye bye. When Rohr handed Iheanacho the main goalscoring duties against SA in Abuja, it was a major disappointment and we ended up creating negative history on home soil.

      • Awoniyi can comfortably cover for Osimhen in SE if only we give him the chance and confidence.

        • Greenturf 3 years ago

          Awoniyi that couldn’t rescue our under 23 hence missed out on the Olympics.Awoniyi that couldn’t score against CAR

          • Not everyone scores on their national team debut and it’s understandable…….And osimhen too was in that particular u23 squad.

          • Sunny 3 years ago

            @Greenturf..So, did Osimhen score in the same match? Osimhen played the full game and could not score in the same match, yet you are using the same match as a yardstick to judge Awoniyi who only played approximately 15 minutes. If you want to argue, do it intelligently and stop showing your ineptitude in a public forum.

          • Greenturf 3 years ago

            @Sunny you can comment without insulting someone take a cue from Akp.You didn’t come across as civil and intelligent.You responded without class.
            Thanks Akp I’m responding to you good fella.
            I knew Osimhen didn’t score I was expecting responses in that regards.But Osimhen is proven it was just an off day or bad day in the office but Awoniyi is doing well in Europe but too much of a risk to trust him in a game that could decide our qualification for the world cup.I would rather settle for a Sadiq that has proved to be potent at the Olympics than an Awoniyi that failed to lift our team in the playoffs for the last Olympics.Though may have improved as evident in his club form so far,I would rather Awoniyi is invited for camping prior to the Afcon and assess his readiness my opinion though and I have a right to air my views.

          • Sunny 3 years ago

            I didn’t insult you. I only asked you to use your wisdom and not be overwhelmed by your bias. You actually sounded so disingenuous. Good day

          • Greenturf 3 years ago

            I should use my wisdom?So unless I comment to suit your views otherwise I’m thick right..listen you don’t have to respond to my posts.
            I’m not biased thanks.I knew Osimhen didn’t score I’m quite aware of that,Osimhen had an off day but his compatriot (Awoniyi)though in good form for his club in a top league,has yet to prove his mettle in the national team aside a successful run with the under 17s 8yrs ago.
            He was found wanting with the under 23’s where he missed begging chances and we kissed the Olympics goodbye.Against CAR he also had the best chance but fluffed it..I do not trust him to lead the line at least not in games that will decide our world cup qualifications.Games like this requires proven strikers just my views and I don’t have to explain to you!

          • Jide Dola 3 years ago

            I wonder how you guys comment on this forum at times. If you are saying this match is too crucial and we need tested and trusted legs I would have agreed with you, which is what am thinking too, buh you decide to condemn a striker just because of few minutes played, is there any player at all that you know that score in every match. You mentioned Olympic buh you forgot that players improve, so with his level of his performance you think he’s still at that level he was. I”m surprised by your coment

          • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

            The same Osimhen played in that Olympic qualifying tournament too…… Why didn’t we qualify? Your comment is surprising man. The same Osimhen has improved alot same for Awoniyi.

          • I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH YOU FORUMATE, AND I DON’T THINK WE SHOULD BE SEEING SUCH HERE. I DON’T KNOW AWONIYI FROM ADAMS, BUT, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE SAME MEASURE FOR ALL PLAYERS AS LONG AS THEY ARE NIGERIANS…WE WAITED PATIENTLY FOR Paul to find his feet in the national team, same goes with other players and i think Awoniyi deserve same..i love a constructive criticism, our best strikers, the oyinbo wall were equally in the team that played that same match…HAPPY NEW MONTH TO YOU ALL…OUR TICKET TO THE NEXT ROUND WILL BE DELIVERD

        • Diran 3 years ago

          That’s the more reason why we need Odion Ighalo back now! I new this could happen if Osimhen gets injured. NFF and coach Rohr should please plead with Odion to come help rescue Nigeria’s qualifying hopes to Qatar now before it is too late. We cannot afford to lose against Liberia away or Cape Verde in the last match. A word is enough for the wise.


        • Greenturf 3 years ago

          @Jide Dola did I not mention Awoniyi is yet to prove his mettle in the national team?Did I not laud him for his fantastic club form?So how are my condemning the poor lad?
          Listen I don’t comment with sentiment I’m sorry.I say it how it’s just my candid opinion.
          A game where a loss could end your world cup ambitions needs tested and trusted professionals to execute.In the absence of Osimhen I don’t mind an Ighalo should he rescind his retirement decisions.
          @footballfanatic I’m aware Osimhen was part of the dream teams failed ambitions to the last Olympics and I’m also aware he didn’t lead the line as a starter.He was a squad member of that team.

      • Diran 3 years ago

        Please coach Rohr and NFF should please bring Odion Ighalo and Cyriel Dessers to add bite to the Super Eagles attack now, and also add Samuel Chukwueze on the wings if he is fit. We need our fit and experienced players back now for the games against Liberia and Cape Verde if Nigeria wants to stand a chance of qualifying for the Qatar world cup. Thanks

    • Michael Adelami 3 years ago

      What it means is that there is spasms ( what lean man calls “muscle pull”) in his calf muscle, but they don’t know if there is any accompanying injuries.

      • Ok if it’s muscle pull then a week of therepy and rest and he will be playing again…. thank God o

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      It’s just a sustained contractions (spasm) of the 2 big muscles of the calf (just below the knee) which plays a very important role in running and jumping movements.

      When detected early, he will only required few days rest in mild cases. Severe cases might take unto 6 weeks rest and mild stretching exercise.

      In severe cases it may lead to a tear in the muscle attachment area to the bone (tendons) around the knee joints, that may require surgery and healing might take up to 6 months to fully recover

  • If Osimhen is the only player in the Super Eagles that can get the goals for team then maybe ighalo should come back or maybe musa should play in attack. If Osimhen is injured and cant play, then we shouldn’t panic we have other players like awoniyi, iheanacho, onuachu or even sadiq but we get unnecessary worried when one of our star players isnt available which shouldn’t be the case. Things like this will happen, with players being unavailable, its left to the coach to be able to cope with these absences and raise a good enough team that will do the job.
    I wish Osimhen a quick recovery and I appeal to Napoli to look for another very good striker that can take some of the stress and strain from him. He cant feature in every game or competition for Napoli, there are times he will need to rest.
    So the team or coach should get another striker in the team and a very good one at that.

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      They have Dres Mertens and Petagna but Petagna is not so effective and Mertens is getting old and injury prone these days. They really struggled without Osimhen in the match played today against Salernitana, they were lucky to run away with a 1:0 victory.

    • Greenturf 3 years ago

      In the absence of Osimhen I would go for Iheanacho,Iwobi playing behind him or Sadiq Umar and Nacho attack.I don’t trust Awoniyi and Onuachu.They are doing quite okay at club levels but are yet to hit it running in the national team.

  • Gritty 3 years ago

    Honestly, Coach Rohr should invite Sadiq Umar, T.Awoniyi and C.Dessers for our next call up along wit Osimhen if he is available. Do not be scared provided our midfield generals (Iwobi, Ariball, Ndidi, O.Frank) are available. Remember our Chuzy is back. Honestly I don’t see any panic.
    Carefully examine the above 3 strikers in training and get for us the most in form to lead the lines, ably supported by Nacho (Senior Man) and we shall cruise home with all 6 points.

    I shall reveal some other tactical issues to you once the time draws closer.
    But for the now,
    1. Endeavor to substitute a central defender (especially BALOGUN; bring in Awaziem or Kenneth or …) and a Midfielder (Ariball or Iwobi; bring in Frank or Ejuke or …) once its 65 or 75 minutes of play when playing against African opponents. They wait for such late minutes to pounce on the weak legs (A secret): SL, CAR readily comes to mind.

    2. Our midfielders should learn to thunder long range shots on target a times especially in a rebound.


    • Victor 3 years ago

      If the coach says he needs a proven Ighalo why are people against the wishes of coach who has been given a job to do? If the experiment you asked the coach to perform fails would you share in his blame? If not then leave him to do his job. Is Ighalo not a Nigerian? Have you wondered why ibrahimovic who is 40 years played in the Roma game? Or Vardy still plays for Leicester? Mind you Ibrahimovic scored a goal and bagged an assist in the victory against Roma. His inclusion was pivotal. It would be unreasonable not to use an ighalo when the need arises. Anyway, Rohr would have himself to blame if he doesn’t go for the resources to do his job.

      • @victor because Ighalo has an unusual influence on coach Rhor…….we all saw it at the world cup when Ighalo was demanding to be brought into a match by coach Rhor and Rhor did exactly that……Ighalo later messed everything up by missing a goal that would have taken us to the knock out stage……. Something similar happened in the Afcon and Rhor also obeyed him…….I have a really bad feeling about the idea of allowing Ighalo come close to the team again I just don’t know why……I hope I am wrong anyway but I foresee us not been able to score if Ighalo is on the bench until we call on him……I hope I am wrong anyway but I foresee Ighalo’s presence doing more harm than good to the team…….Coach Rhor is not God that does not make mistakes……. Remember coach Rhor is not a Nigerian and does not know our culture entirely…….There are many things coach Rhor might not consider when dealing with a Nigerian team…….Coach Rhor doesn’t entirely understand the psychology of an average Nigerian……there are many things involved here and I would like Ighalo himself to show sportsmanship and Maturity by coming out and dismissing the idea of coming back outrightly.

  • Diran 3 years ago

    Cyriel Dessers is a great player too. Coach Rohr should please extend an invite to him for the games against Liberia in Morocco and Cape Verde. We need his skills and potential goal scoring abilities now.


    • Victor 3 years ago

      People should realize that playing for a club side is different from playing for the national team. The pressure level is different. Yes it is (players families have been threatened). The pressure gets on the players nerves that is why some players might be very successful playing for club side but when they get to the national team they fumble because people are not patient with them to build the required confidence for a sustainable performance so they quickly fall out. It is even more difficult with the African team because there are not many matches played at national team. So when you invite a ‘performing player ‘ to the national team don’t expect that level of performance to be recreated. This is why coaches tend to go for tested and trusted.

      • That is why we should give the young players more playing time to grow that confidence……A player’s confidence grows with game time and Osimhen is an example……When he was brought on in the third place match at the Afcon,we all saw how lacking he was interms of confidence…….Now fast forward osimhen to now after playing about 12+ games for SE…….He has scored 7 goals for SE and he is someone we can’t do without now…… Awoniyi can also do same only if given the believe……We can’t keep going back to call retired players naaa…….Those retired players where also debutants too at one time and they built themselves to the level the team requires so why not build the ones we have now???….. By next season now I foresee more SE players moving to top5 league and making themselves available then where do we put them?…… National team exposure does not come overnight o…….it comes with experiencing more games……Now that this team without Mikel Onazi Ighalo Moses Ideye have almost accomplished the mission (Afcon and WC qualification)we now want to throw a spanner into their wheel……They have gone this far without this experience players why not allow them finish the job?……Just because of only one bad game(CAR) we pounced on that excuse and bring start bringing back retired players?……it will harm their psychology and Ego……We are Africans and emotions controls majority of our daily life……. Emotionally it is a slap on the face of the present players but they will not talk until you start seeing the results on the field,then by then we will now justify Ighalo’s return the more and sink the ship the more and behold a disaster.

  • Having ighalo return to the super eagles doesn’t guarantee us winning the Afcon or qualifying for the world cup. He was in the last afcon when he was much younger and agile yet we didn’t win the competition. So why bring him back.
    The coach needs to show some faith in the players he has right now and to work on his strategy to bring out the best in these players. Not taking us back to old times, he should move us forward instead.

  • Tope Adeola 3 years ago

    No assurances that his absence will also guarantee our qualification. If the coach feels he needs Ighalo, why not allow him to pick his preferred tools instead of downplaying what he can add to the team.

    Who in Super Eagle apart from Musa has his experience?

    While I don’t clamour for his inclusion, I don’t also see what is wrong inviting him.

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    The anti Ighalo are afraid that he will come again to over-shadow their babies who can not walk, and have no teeth, let alone stand on their own. We all saw them play the ‘Beast from Congo’ at home few weeks ago. These young chickens could not play the almighty rag-tag players from Congo before their Lagos homes fans. The impartial Lagos fans booed the super chickens out of the Stadium. In all these boring tribal feelings against one of their best goal scorers in Nigeria in the past 4 or 5 years, l felt sorry for the coach who has to bear the brunt for his own failures in a Country where everybody is a coach without portfolio. Some one in the group here said that Ighalo is lying about his own age. That he is 42 instead of 32 he says he is. So, one can see the deep ignorance and hatred they heap on their fellow Nigerians. It is Ighalo today, soon it will be Osimhen tomorrow, as it was Yakubu yesterday. However, all these ‘Edo Sons’ have enviable records that can not be taken away from them, no matter how they tried. It is boring in here, though.

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