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New King of Serie A – Tinubu Lavishes Praise On Osimhen

New King of Serie A – Tinubu Lavishes Praise On Osimhen

Nigeria’s president-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has heaped plaudits on Victor Osimhen following the forward’s role in Napoli’s Scudetto win.

Osimhen’s equaliser in Napoli’s 1-1 draw against Udinese last week ensure the Partenopei ended their 33-year wait for a first Scudetto.

The 24-year-old has so far scored 23 goals for Luciano Spalletti’s side this season.

The forward has also set two new records in the Serie A this season.

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Osimhen has scored the highest number of goals by an African in a single season in the Italian top-flight, surpassing Samuel Eto’o’s previous mark.

The former Lille striker is also now the highest scoring African in Serie A after moving ahead of George Weah.

Tinubu took to the social media to celebrate Osimhen.

“I think we can all agree that there was another coronation in Italy where our son, Victor Osimhen, claimed the crown as the new King of Serie A! The real deal, or idán gangan as younger folks may describe him; Victor has continued the fine tradition of Nigeria’s footballing excellence on the global stage. We are all proud of him and wish him well in what is already a remarkable career,” the politician wrote on his official Twitter handle.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • A Nigerian leader who loves soccer is great news!

    • Please tell him to return his stolen mandate before he brings bad luck to our star boy osimhen with his yeye praise…lolz

      • Dr Banks 1 year ago

        @Akp, You better go look for Obi’s *Stolen Manhood* somewhere else because *On Bola’s Mandate we shall stand*.

        Congratulations to my boy Osimhen, the “Idan Gangan” of our time in soccer

        • John-1 1 year ago

          Keep standing on Bola Drug-Tinubu’s manhood!

        • I never mentioned obi’s name in my comment…but its good u know whose mandate Tinubu stole without me saying it…lolz

  • Evidence that eagles will thrives well under this incoming dispensation.

    When you have leader that talk of sport like this,or that even follow games not to talk of following an individual, then one can expect things to turn arround for good sport wise in Nigeria. For Napolitan osihmen is truly their idan gangan after how many years 33 you said.

    • If you think the idea of praising osimhen is originally from Tinubu then you are not aware of what Nigeria has embarked on…. Someone that has cognitive disorder that is visible to everyone….. someone that has publicly displayed mental unawareness will know what is happening in SerieA…. Please let us view things outside the tribal prism for once and move this nation forward…..No country can succeed on a foundation of falsehood and deceit.

      • Ola Original 1 year ago

        Oga, they got his approval before it was posted. That means he is absolutely aware of the Victor’s achievement. Most of you doesn’t even understand the protocol surrounding people in high political positions. The fact that he approved it shows he is brazenly in love with sports.

  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    Stolen mandate from who? guys move on or divide the country. Hopefully Tinubu would help Nigeria football, that sector needs serous help.

  • Greenturf 1 year ago

    Tribalism will make most Nigerians turn a blind eye to what’s happening in the country.
    People would rather their tribesmen in the helm’s even when they have to cheat to get there.
    But today most of us live in a civilised world an ideal world of people with sound minds and we could see how things are done there and choose to live there amongst saner people where justice and human rights prevails but would support cheating,rigging,thuggery and oppression in our country as long as it’s meted against another tribe and powers are retained by their clans regardless how it is done wow!May God help us…
    Apparently,until we start to see each other as one,until we start seeing individuals and not their tribes Nigeria will continue to wobble in economic stagnation because the right people will continue to be denied assess to power.
    Tribalism is the reason someone will support or vote the wrong candidate even when they know their choice is bad.
    It’s worrying and very sad.
    Election must be free and fair,let the candidate with the most votes win and we shall support them regardless what part of the country they come from.People shouldn’t be disenfranchised threatened,bullied and their livelihood destroyed all because they don’t support your party?Why should an aspiring leader do that?And why would they get backings for doing that?What kind of people would support such violent inhuman behaviour in this day and age?Because it says a lot about you as a person.

    • Dr Banks 1 year ago

      @Greenturf, you better focus on the soccer news which this platform is meant for and stop whining like an He-goat searching for his mating partner.
      You and your Obedient cohorts are actually the Tribalistic ones here, TINUBU garnered votes from all across the country except the Eastern region whom voted overwhelmingly for Obi. And you are here calling other tribes, who voted for all the candidates irrespective of their ethnic affiliations TRIBALISTIC. Abeg check out your reasoning bro, you and your Obi are the TRIBAL and Ethnic BIGOT here. Accept defeat and start strategising for 2027 so you may know peace.
      And for all of you calling Tinubu a drug dealer, tell me which family from your Tribe doesn’t have a drug dealer amongst them? We know all your antecedents bro

      • Greenturf 1 year ago

        You don’t sound like the Dr Banks i revered.Well since you decide to tow that line good-luck.
        I’m not a tribalist but i’m of the opinion that things should be done correctly and people shouldn’t be desperate for power after all you’re going there to serve unless on the contrary.Besides we shouldn’t be oblivious or heedless to the truth.
        It’s evident what happened in the february 25th presidential election.I was embarrassed and the impunity enjoyed by perpetrators of this insanity is mind-boggling.
        Tinubu didn’t get votes as suggested you knew it.
        Remove sentiment and be honest the election was massively rigged and result sheets doctored,it was an embarrassement to our democracy!It was proven and let’s for once let go tribalism and think as Nigerians for crying out loud!We need to move that country forward from era of corruption and impunity it’s people like you and i and everyone else thinking along straight lines,lets follow the path to truth love and oneness.
        Stealing votes forcefully from fellow contestants is a criminal behaviour,election should reflect the wishes of the people not a few.An elected representative should follow a democratic process rather than selectivce.
        I do hope our judicial system stands for true justice of being impartial or fair,and let power be given to the right candidate with the most votes.
        If you acknowledge Tinubu is a drug dealer so why should someone of that character be our president?I never called Tinubu a drug dealer it’s up to the justice system to prove that,my point is that election must be free and fair!

        • Dr Banks 1 year ago

          My brother let’s speak truth to each other no matter how much we like each other.

          I only want you to do away with calling anyone that supports Tinubu as Tribalistic, whereas it was obvious with clear evidence who the is the real Tribalist. The East and the Christians voted massively for Obi and that is where it ended, whereas Tinubu was loved across the whole country except the East.

          You only see what you want to see and also lie about what you don’t see in order to make yourself feel better about your false propaganda

          I never admitted that Tinubu is a Drug dealer but you guys have only being trying to use that narrative to discredit him during the campaign but it never worked and you are still not relenting even after election has been won and lost. America justice system will never let a drug dealer go away so easily like that without a jail time and you know it. So for you guys to hold on to such propaganda for an incidence that happened 30 years ago is annoying. 

          Obi is definitely not comparable by any means to Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Administrative and Political sagacity so Obi needs to cool down and learn from the MASTER IF HE REALLY MEANT WELL FOR THE COUNTRY.

          • Greenturf 1 year ago

            Igbo’s voting massively for Obi or the Yoruba’s voting massively for Tinubu does not make the voters tribalists.Voters have a right to vote for candidate of their choice and it’s within their rights.
            However,my argument is for election to be free and fair.
            The ones i call a tribalist are the ones who would turn a blind eye to the hideous crimes committed by a party.We should abhor such ugly behaviour.
            Most of us live in the western world this things don’t happen here and should be a templete for every electoral process.
            Meanwhile,disenfranchisement of voters by one party is a crime and should be condemned.
            People should be allowed to vote for candidates of their choice without fear of their life’s,property ect…I condemn such act of brutality.
            Labour party on the contrary had large followership across the country people came out en masse to cast their votes for change,instead the votes were doctored to favour APC that was why the BVAS wasn’t used to transmit results by the corrupt and partisan INEC.
            This is not a war between the Yorubas and Igbos rather it’s for the right process and transparency to be uphold in our electoral process.
            I was raised in Lagos and had my education in Lagos,Ogun and Ibadan.I have barely been to the east,so i’m more of South West than I am the east so for me it’s never a matter of where the candidate is from rather for election to go through the right democratic process.Snatching of ballot boxes,violentlty attacking voters of other parties,threatening people anyone that does not support your party and getting support of the police the government,doctoring of results with the support of INEC who were trusted to administer the process of a free and fair election this are ugly experience a treacherous and unacceptable act that should never be embraced in this day and age!!

        • Someone that publicly said that political power is not served in a restaurant but it is snatched and run away with…..His foot soldiers carried it out openly for everyone to see and finally he stole the mandate and intends running away with it.

    • Ola Original 1 year ago

      @Greenturf, when Obi won in Lagos, Yoruba people are not tribalist, when he won in Abuja, Hausas are not tribalist, but it’s when they declared the true winner that tribalism set in. Let’s be honest with ourselves, politics is a game of number, Obi doesn’t have the political spread to defeat someone like Tinubu. How many states governor does LP won? Even in the east? So you expect him to defeat someone with 21 state governors backing him and another G5 secretly working for him. Haba! Let’s face the reality here. Tell Obi to go and start preparing for 2027,Nigeria presidency is not what you can wake up and win overnight, it’s takes a long years of planning. Tinubu has been planning for this since 2003,Atiku has been contesting since 1989,now you want to compare the political sagacity of this two with someone that started his presidential aspiration less than 2 years ago? Common bro, this is simple reasoning.

      • Greenturf 1 year ago

        Thank GOD many Yorubas condemned the malevolent and spiteful actions of the APC it was glaring and you know the truth if you’re to be honest.It’s not good to be desperate for power let the candidate with the most votes declared winner that’s how a country organise a true democratic process.
        If Tinubu wins transparently he will have my support but you don’t take power by unsurpation,let there be a peaceful election with voters exercising their rights without fears of any kind.
        To get the facts right,state governorship and the presidential ones are different.People came out in numbers even in the rain to vote for Obi and his support cuts across all regions and it doesn’t matter how long you been trying to get into power what matters is your character and relevance.
        Nigerians see true leadership in Obi.
        Had the INEC not done surgical operation on the reults,labour would have had a landslide or overwhelming victory in the presidential election.
        It’s not over yet the matter is in court and i hope justice is served!

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


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