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New Leicester Signing Lookman Eager To Play With Ndidi, Iheanacho 

New Leicester Signing Lookman Eager To Play With Ndidi, Iheanacho 

Ademola Lookman says he can’t wait to play alongside Super Eagles duo Kelechi Iheanacho and Wilfred Ndidi and his other new Leicester team-mates.

Lookman joined the reigning FA City champions on a season-long loan from Bundesliga side RB Leipzig, including an option to make the deal permanent next summer.

The 23-year-old impressed in the Premier League last season, playing during a loan spell at Fulham.

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“I’m delighted to be here,” he told LCFCTV after signing the loan deal.

“It’s a great honour to be at such a big and amazing club with such a huge history and a quality group of players.

“The facilities are incredible. It’s pretty mind-blowing and I just can’t wait to get to work here. I think the environment is very important for a player, so this is the right environment for me to work hard every single day and to help my craft be even better.

“I’m very, very excited to see the fans and to be in the stadium with a lot of fans. I’m just looking forward to playing out there with my new team-mates and doing the best I can and hopefully getting lots of goals and assists for the team. I’ll try to help the team in any way.”

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  • Legendary 3 years ago

    Get me this guy into super eagles…

  • Together with your fellow Nigerian blood you shall do well. It is an opportunity as you will have time to rob minds with kel and nididi who will share positive things about Nigeria with you, to further boost your tie with your root(Nigeria).

    If you core your national players coming from same football league, even if they are not yet world supper stars, they can still form a very cohesive team, hard to beat because of mutual understanding that will exist between them.

    As we have many Nigerian in Watford,liecster,rangers and etc. Using them altogether at once can surprisingly be a formidable team that can catch the world by surprise

  • Chibuike 3 years ago

    Which positive things about Nigeria kel and Ndidi will share with Lookman? About killings everyday or bonuses and promise and fail in Nigeria football. I don’t blame those Boyz sometimes! Although I want to play for Nigeria but our football organisation is not good.

  • Infact, it’s a good sign. To all World Cup dreamers like me, here’s a plus for us.
    German team won the world cup when they combined Bayern and Dortmund players plus few from other clubs. Italy won when they combined Players from Juventus, AC Milan and few from Roma and others. Spain won it with the combination of Barcelona and Madrid players and few others etc.
    Now imagine…
    Leon Balogun
    Joe Aribo
    Calvin Bassey… All from Rangers.
    Peter Etebo
    Bonaventure Dennis.. Watford
    Wilfred Indidi
    Kelechi Iheanacho
    Ademola Lookman… Leicester City.
    That’s 9 out of 11 starters And..
    Danjuma (if he agrees)…Villareal FC
    Who knows? May be world cup semi-final is sure this time.
    After all, when God wants to start work, he starts from impossibilities.

  • Kingston 3 years ago

    Why do I feel this move is not a good one for kelechi Iheanacho? I’m happy for Lookman, and will be more excited when his switch to Nigeria completes. But Lookman is predominately a winger, and he is going to a team that has wingers in excess already. Here’s my point: Iheanacho is yet to start a game for Leicester, while players like Barnes, Perez, Albrighton, etc are getting the nod ahead of him. What do these players I listed have in common? They are all wingers.
    Since that’s so, Lookman being a winger means Iheanacho is going to have many more matches on the bench. Remember that Rodgers has always favour a 433 formation. I just pray Rodgers gets common sense that put Iheanacho back in the starting lineup, playing as a second striker

    • @Kingston you read ball well. Big ups. I can see you actually follow our players unlike some on this forum. very nice reasoning and there is cause for concern. More reason why NFF need to get Lookman on our books so we don’t feel the pain too much if this happens. However I have a felling Kelechi still has Another couple gears to hit this season he just needs a run of games which as you clearly pointed out, is down to the coach.

      The Part that would really be sweet is if they both play well simultaneously and represent Nigeria. I feel Rohr is not doing enough really where as with Kevin Akpoguma he flew to meet him a few times why doesn’t he show the same zeal with Nigerian English players? who are showing more qualities

  • You see this is the problem with CSN giving people false hope instead of doing their Job and pushing the Ademola Lookman agenda more veraciously. Please someone show me where in this article did Lookman single Kelechi Iheanacho and Ndidi’s name in his statement. you see this article can be declared as false information because it would have actually made more meaning had he singled them out for mention, it would have shown he actually would like to play with them in the national team as well.

    Again I will say NIgeria can kiss Lookman goodbye and hope that we are not battling England when the November/October international break comes along. because if Lookman does well from now till then England will come come knocking and he will definitely choose England over Nigeria. @Sean stop raising your hopes.

    • @Ugo, Enjoy this…

      FIFA Approves Ademola Lookman, Ejaria Switch Of Nationality To…

      • That article is from Owngoal Nigeria not credible.
        then if this is was truly the case, why hasn’t he been selected @Sean? . surely he and Chukwueze (injured) are the best wingers we have and Iwobi if he keeps this from up.. you see what I mean about Musa taking up space?, or Rohr not doing his Job properly. Whatever the reason. If Lookman puts on Englands shirt this year and lines up for them it will be a big shame on both NFF and Gernot Rohr and another LOSS for Nigeria.

        Media platforms such as CSN should also be embarrassed if that happens, for not pushing the Agenda properly and making stories covering Lookman switch a priority.

        instead they will show us a stupid statement he made in England with a baiting (false) caption to get reads.

  • We are the only ones worrying ourselves about the switching of these players. Do you hear coach rohr, NFF or the players commenting on when will this or that players switch be finalized.
    If Bukayo saka, tammy Abraham and Tomori’s decision along with the decision of other players with Nigerian heritage to play for their country of nationality has thought me anything, it is to value our OWN.
    YES, value the chidera’s, alhassan’s, nwobodo’s even if they are playing in humble leagues.
    Celebrate the iheanacho’s, iwobi’s and Victor Osimhen’s who are doing it on the larger scenes. Encourage the amoo’s snd ubani’s who are starting up and making the leap into recognition.
    Lets stop hanging on to this dream of having this player or that player in our team. If it will happen it will happen when it happens. If it doesn’t, we will still have a very good team of dedicated and loyal players. Who may not be the best in the world but are always ready to give their best when called up.

    • Fair Play but why does he fly to meet all the players playing in Germany especially a Priority??. sometimes more than 3 times he will fly and check up on them. why???

      what I am saying if he can put in half as much efforts for Lookman as he did for Kevin Akpoguma. Lookman would probably be in Lagos preparing with the rest of the team for Liberia match.

      We celebrate our own hence I mentioned Iwobi and chukwueze etc. mind you Lookman is also our own. But i am sorry I won’t come here and celebrate Mediocrity like Musa like most of you guys on this forum do

      • @Ugo, maybe because he is German and lives in Germany? Maybe because he has business to do in Germany and he uses the opportunity to watch games or see players? He also has been seen talking to players in France, could be because he has football links in France.
        Why do wwe see Amaju talking to Tammy Abraham, Ebere Eze etc? Could be because Amaju has a base in England and uses the opportunity to see players or football people.
        I don’t see why we would question why a football administrator would see players or contacts in their “home location” or areas they do business

        • Jones 3 years ago

          Big ups to you @BigD….I dont know who is more daft on CSN, Ugo Iwunze or Omo9ja

          • @Jones na your papa wey dem create that word “daft” for. Because he is probably the most DAFT person for bringing you into this world Anumanu!!

        • You see the point there, So because he is based in Germany then he must only scout in Germany and persude in Germany because Germany is the only country with Nigerians in Diasporra abi? or the only league with Nigerians right yet England has more European Nigerians than anywhere else in the world.. And yet the Coach of Nigeria only does work in Germany and France because he is Franco German?. And this sounds right to you @Big D. I hope you don’t run your business with this same mentality bros that is if you have one.

          Also in one Breathe people will say Amaju Pinnick should allow Coach Rohr do his Job yet now to support a stupid point you are trying to make @Big D you are now in support of it.

          And Mind you Amaju Pinnick has the worst tactics of luring players to Nigeria. because he makes it known to public before the player has even been giving time to think about it. and yet you want him to keep doing the job so we can keep loosing players as if it is no secret that Pinnick directed Englands attention towards Abraham and Saka via his stupid twitter handle before the boys even got in their cars after their meeting with him.

          You see the level of ignorance on this forum is the same level of Ignorance that presides in the NFF and Nigeria as a whole then we wonder why People in power look down on us because we will see black and try to argue it is white. Na wa ooo

          • Angry people hurling curses on Saka saying he won’t make it he will be benched in the English Squad. Bla bla bla. well you all saw it as I predicted, he will be their star which he is turning out to be.

            Don’t worry very soon you will all be insulting Lookman and his Family soon when you see him playing for England. Keep seeing a black spade and calling it White you are only deceiving yourselves.

          • Mr. Nice 3 years ago

            This @Ugo sef, what are you even trying to say?
            This same Lookman played in Germany about 2 years ago, do you know if Gernot Rohr approached him while he was playing for Leipzig’s side, do you know the current situation between him and the coach, you should just calm down and let the coach carry out his assignment for crying out loud!

          • @Ugo, this right here is why I don’t engage too much here.
            A lesson in comprehension:
            You asked why do we see him visiting Germany sometimes 3 times.
            I gave a logical answer and expanded it to show he also sees players in other countries
            You turned it on its head to say “only Germany And France” which is NOT what I said.
            Then showed yourself when you start to use the words “ignorance” almost as if speaking about “the man in the mirror”.
            I was going to take it further by talking about Nigerians in Germany and England, but I hear you will not be able to comprehend nor imagine what I was going to say, so in order not to confuse you any further I’ll just bid you a good afternoon and you can continue to reveal yourself in conversation with others

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Big D. Kindly ignore the ignoramus. Silence is always the best answer for folks like him.

            Maybe it was his ancestors that convinced Lookman to agree to switch international allegiance to Nigeria in the first place.
            Im sure NEPA took light in his brain when Rohr was having secret meetings with this same Lookman guy between 2018 and 2019 before the boy eventually agreed to switch to Nigeria and start the process officially.

            I dont know what else he wants Rohr to do afterwards. Maybe the man should be the one to go retrieve Lookman’s case file from FIFA headquarters and carry it from country to country, from one FA and Ministry to another in other to get it approved, signed and stamped; and thereafter call a meeting of the necessary FIFA committee to come and adjudicate on it and fast track its final approval…..LMAOOooo.

            From there Rohr will now also proceed to the Nigerian Immigration Service and give them express order to jump the long queue of millions of Nigerians worldwide waiting for new passports and produce a Nigeria passport ASAP for Lookman……LMAOOooo…..Lookman must be the only Nigeria-eligible footballer out there.

  • And what is the sin of nff and rohr in clearing ademola. I tire for Nigerians o.

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