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NFF Apologises To Govt, Nigerians Over Super Eagles’ Failure To Qualify For World Cup

NFF Apologises To Govt, Nigerians Over Super Eagles’ Failure To Qualify For World Cup

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has tendered unreserved apology to the Federal Government and the people of Nigeria for the failure of the Super Eagles to qualify for this year’s FIFA World Cup finals holding in Qatar.

NFF General Secretary, Dr Mohammed Sanusi regretted that the team failed to qualify despite the enormous support of Government and the good people of Nigeria who turned out in throngs to fill up the 60,491 –capacity Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja for the clash with Ghana’s Black Stars on Tuesday.


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“There was nothing the team needed that was lacking. The Government provided necessary support; the NFF put all logistics in place with the active support of the Sports Ministry and; Nigerians turned out en masse to support the team. The truth is that we left nothing to chance. It is sad that things turned out the way they did.

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“Sport is about winning and losing. Nobody wants to lose but sometimes it happens that way. We are quite sad that despite playing a draw in Kumasi, the Super Eagles could not win here in Abuja. We apologise unreservedly to the Government and people of Nigeria for this non-qualification.”

The Super Eagles could only achieve a score draw (1-1) against the Black Stars, which ended their hopes of playing at the FIFA World Cup finals in Qatar as Ghana sneaked through on the away-goal rule.

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  • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

    Take your APOLOGIES and SHOVE them up your ARSE…

  • Adeyinka 3 months ago

    Sack ogunefun pls. That’s was I’m waiting for. And that stupid keeper that claims 18 yrs at the last World Cup should not get near national team again. Tall for nothing sake.

    • That goal was scored before the match was even played, what we all saw playout in the physical was a war already won in the spiritual. I have very little blame for the players . The man that failed Nigerians is the NFF President who went to bed sleeping till kick off. The Ghanians saw that two legged encounter as life and death and went out to do everything under the sun to secure that ticket. They believe in juju all we needed to do is get real prayer warriors to pray and nullify their charms but the whole NFF members failed woefully. I know a lot of people will dismiss my piece but we have to learn from this painful elimination otherwise it will happen again. The super Eagles would have beaten Ghana home and away if had done our home work. It is easy to call for the sack of everybody but that will not correct the mistake that caused to defeat. Uzohor might not be the best goal keeper we have ever had but he had not made that kind of mistake before, remember he kept for us at the last world cup, the guy is always calm, have we forgotten what he did in kumasi, so for a ball that looked like a pass back to beat him the way it did calls for us to always our home work properly .

  • God will punish pinic

    • Oakfield 3 months ago

      Lol…… And you tooooo. Not only picnic….. Lol…. We warned u……. Lol..

      • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

        LMFAO! @Oakfield people wey GOD go purnish plenty 4 dis FORUM o… LMFAO!

        But let me FEARLESSLY list them in order of their support for the EVIL on ROAH:

        1: JIMMYBALL
        2: MAHMUD SHUAIB
        4: OMO9JA
        3: UGO IWUNZE
        4: CHIMA E SAMUEL
        5: CHINENYE
        6: GOLDEN CHILD
        7: LARRY
        8: NOSA
        9: FEMI
        10: KENNETH
        11: PAPAFEM
        12: MAYANS
        Pls you can just humbly add your NAME if I miss it..

        • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

          And the PEOPLE that GOD will BLESS for their FEARLESS contribution and STANCE against EVIL and GANGUP are:

          1: OAKFIELD
          2: GREENTURF
          3: BEN
          4: DR DREY
          5: DR BANKS
          6: MARVELLOUS
          7: DENNIS
          8: YINKUS
          9: MONKEY POST
          Oakfield abeg help me add if you remember those that stood for JUSTICE and FAIRNESS in this FORUM…

          • Moses Inyang 3 months ago

            Add Moses Inyang

          • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

            Oh! Yes I remember few of your post spoke against the injustice on ROHR

            MOSES INYANG

            Done Sir!

          • KENNETH 3 months ago

            What happened to the parrot that misled us with call this one and that one. That’s what this aforementioned names did on this platform. The 6 years of a coach that gave us keepers that were just terrible. I believe this is not the first time Uzoho is conceding such cheap goals. So you guys need to know who to blame. Leave Eguavoen alone. Apportion the blame to the right people the players who didn’t live up to there name

          • Onewhoknows 3 months ago

            This list is not complete without Edoman

          • Chris 3 months ago

            Where do we put @GLORY?

        • You know well, Sebi since yesterday me have retrace my step, I didn’t know eguavoen would turn out to be a pure disaster, well I’ve find a way to turn the all incident happening in the land since last few days to laugh before man pikin kolo. It’s well

          • MONKEY POST 3 months ago


            Opps sorry my bad..

            No edit button. I would have removed your name..

            Cos I remember seeing a post where you spoke nicely of ROAH..


            You are welcome to the ROAH ASS LICKING CLUB my brother…


          • SD Special Delivery Jones 3 months ago

            Rohr ass locking club. Apt, actually.

        • KENNETH 3 months ago

          Oga, God can not punish us. Because the 2 teams prayed to God and he chose the better team to attend the world cup. Please do some growing up. I stated earlier, and am happy it was repeated. The game is about win and lose. So we move on. We wait another 4 years. Many countries have been waiting for decades and never had the chance to attend

        • Omo9ja 3 months ago

          MONKEY POST, back to sender.

          How would God push us when we are saying the truth? How?

          Instead of you to direct your anger to NFF president, Amaju and his company, you are acting here like a baby.

          I won’t blame you because majority of have no clue of what you are saying.

          This is why some of you still want Oga Rohr because because you like average result.

          Oga Rohr that failed in Lagos, is the one you people still clamoring for? I am so sorry for you all.

          Yes our own have failed because they don’t what they were doing. They were lost because of money.

          I have been saying this for a long period, Agu should be replaced but nobody listened to me.

          However, Edoman, are you satisfied now? You preferred to Ighalo to world Cup ticket nad now, you saw your Ighalo yesterday ba? Kai, Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria.

          For you my pikin Dr.Drey, this is why I said to you that you know nothing about football.

          You Oga Rohr Nigeria limited have a lot to learn from we the core fans of the Super Eagles. We, the patriotic Nigerians we make we Amaju Pinnick and his company vacate their positions and we will bring ex players to handle our sports for us. Ire o. God bless us all God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

            I gree, I know nothing about football, You and your retrogressive failure United members, see where you pit latrine knowledge of football has led us.

            Rohr’s average results were 10000 times acceptable to Nigerians than Eguaoven’s excellent failures….LMAOOoo.

            He failed at afcon, Idiots like you were praising him and your chief patron Sunday Dare hosted them to a Dinner…..LMAoooo…. for failing impressively…..LMAOooo. Ngwa let Sunday Dare host them to another Dinner now na……LMAOoooo

            Rohr failed in Lagos but still qualified for the playoffs without for once dropping from the top of the group…..same way he failed in Benin but still qualified with 2 games to spare….same way he failed in Uyo against SA and still qualified before and ahead of SA with a game to spare…..LMAOooo

            Your Mr Total Failure….sorry….Total Football Mr Nononsense Egua-failure has indeed put smiles on the faces of Nigerians in a way Rohr never did. Cant you see how we have been celebrating and throwing parties over our impressive AFCON performance and world cup qualification since yesterday….???

            Okponu ayirada……Ire ati tani ni omo oran, abi o o s’eribu ni…??? Kaa da fun baba re lae.

            Eyin oloriburuku asoni d’ero eyin.

            Now that your football knowlege has taken us back to 1982 can you please give yourself a standing ovation…??? LMAOooo

          • You are indeed shameless to still open your mouth and talk.

          • Omo9ja 3 months ago

            Back to sender @Dr. Drey. You are a disgrace to all doctors around the world.

            You should be ashamed of your name “Drey” you this pikin.

            You ran away because of Oga Rohr now you back?

            You don’t deserve to be here, go back to your base you Drey.

            You lack home training this is why you have no respect for someone’s parent. Back to sender.

            Iwo adojutini omo yi.

            If you don’t behave yourself on this forum kai, till then.

            God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

            Okponu agbekpoo, you that is not a disgrace to the world, of what benefit are you to your generation…? Of what use are you…..???

            I ran away because of Oga Rohr but I still had a presence on this forum more than you…..LMAOoooo.

            Me and failure dont mix, so I gave you guys space to swim in your mediocrity and self -deceit till when it blows in your faces….LMAoooo

            Shebi your black brained Total Football Mr Nononsense Highly Tactical Eguavoen and Amunike have finally indeed put smiles on your faces in a way Rohr never did…..LMAOooo.

            Cant you see how Nigerians have been celebrating and throwing parties over our impressive AFCON performance and world cup qualification…..??? Did you even celebrate like this in 6 years of Rohr…..LMAOOooo…???

            Useless drunkard. God will visit your and your household with the same sorrow you have brought upon 200 million Nigerians with your pit latrine football knowledge.

            Oloriburuku eda. Omuti oshi

        • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

          Thank you for the reminder @ONEWHOKNOWS

          That TRIBALISTIC EDOMAN should be top 5 on the list..

        • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

          @CHRIS, yes K just remembered.

          @GLORY will be on the LIST of the FORUMITES that GOD will PURNISH for their Support on the GANGUP on GENERAL ROAR

        • Which Rohr, he should be the number one on the list because he wasted 6 years of our National team’s life without building a team rather he experimented for the entire six years. He met Mikel Obi and others in our midfield and they retired under his watch but failed to groom any replacement. Besides, was he not incharge when CAR came to Lagos to embarrass the whole country, or have you forgotten the Ogbe stadium debacle. Go and check your record , he is the only one that lost more matches than any other super Eagles coach in the history of that team. Rohr was a mistake and i blame the Nff for delaying his sack till when they did .

          • Naijaking 3 months ago

            @Frank Smith looks like your brain was moved and your a** took the space it was supposed to occupy.

      • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

        Exactly Oakfield. And him too. God will not spare any of them.

        Monkeypost you compile list of Regressives and Lairs United Member and you no include their Technical Adviser DeStar abi weda na De33 in call insef….???? Took Careful o.

        As an addendum, add CJ, Bomboy and that hypocrite that calls himself Christiana nigeria ministries (bcos there’s nothing Christian about that dude) to that your list of Judases and Pharisees.

        Na so we go dey collate all of them name carry go crematorium.

        The less of their kind we have as Nigerians, the better for the country.

        • MONKEY POST 3 months ago


          The LEGENDARY DR DREY do you I forgot?

          I mean how on earth did I not remember those NAMES expecially that PETTY LIAR @CHRISTAIN MINISTRY??

          • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

            And please dont forget the siamese fools called Chineye and Destano. Those ones I no want make God punish them…No. Make we pity dem.
            Na devil i want make we dash those two fools make dem dey go dey help am wash pit latrines for hell.

          • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

            @DR DREY LMFAO! Ok we have to make a DEVIL’S LIST then…


            My APOLOGIES to DETRUTH and RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL for forgetting your NAMES…

            GOD will BLESS you two.

            You are MEN of HONOR and INTEGRITY!!

        • Ndubest 3 months ago

          Hahahaha we really need to laugh to ease stress and tension @Dr Drey on Christian ministry. Pls we should take it easy with everyone.

  • Look at these Bunch of Jokes. the reason for the problem are getting apologised to. a government that will still stubbornly not get rid of Quota System. a Government that is imposing a player as Captain and was criminally pushing him to the highest caps so they can say the most Capped player in Nigeria is a Norther? what are these Fools apologising to themselves for when they will wait for things to blow over only to impose the same finished players on us the next assignment Finished Leaders of this country I SPIT IN DISGUST!!!!!!!

    • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

      LMFAO! Always a BIGOT..


      • Edoman 3 months ago

        I wish l could really be tribal enough to invoke the highest spirit of our Umaza village near Siloko River to descend on all who advocated the summary dismissal of Rohr thereby scuttle our dreams of playing in the World-cup this summer. l shall try to continue to put a curse on those among us who are the worst enemy of progress. They took bribe from these no-good home-based bushmen coaches for our National Team and also sell their below average players to fucking Pinnick NFF shits.The failed Minister will die soon. God will punish all those in the first list here.

    • I DEY SHAME 3 months ago

      **(2). LET TAKE UNDER AGE FOOTBALL TEAM(e.g. u-20,most especially u-23) SERIOUSLY IN ORDER TO TEST RUN PLAYERS BEFORE THEY GET PROMOTED TO SUPER EAGLE FOR PROPER ACCESSMENT. FOR EXAMPLE: ATLANTA 96(e.g. Babayaro,Mobi,West,Kanu,Dosu e.t.c.), NIGERIA’99(e.g. Okunowo, Afolabi, Aghahowa,Yobo), NETHERLAND’2005(e.g. Apam, Taiye-Taiwo,Mikel,Kaita, Ogbuke, Nsofor)

  • Four four two 3 months ago

    The first and biggest error was taking such a crucial match to Abuja. I must confess I lost faith as soon as the venue was announce.Abuja does not have the dreaded fanatic SE fans vibes that will make the home team feel at home and the away team jittery. As we all witness yesterday Ghana were so calm and relaxed. It was just as if it was a neutral ground. Imagine very few were spotted wearing green and white. No singing, no dancing, no cheering , no chantting etc.they were just like Spectators on tourism. It was just like a normal crowd in a neutral ground. Like I always say. The capital of Brazil is Brazila but crucial games are taken to maracana in Rio De jenero, also the Capital of Germany is Berlin but crucial games are taken to Alainz arena in Munich which houses the most dreaded fans of Germany. Even Ghana fought to play in Kumasi instead of Accra. These are countries who understand that role of the 12th player which often leads to home advantage. I’m sure SE will have gotten an away game if that game was played in Accra. May I also shock us here that Ghana fought hard in neutral ground, Abuja because the spirit of Kumasi where their dreaded supporters abode was with them throughout. So Ghana won for them. Not that we don’t have such supporters in Nigeria. We have but not in Abuja. They reside in Calabar, Lagos, Benin, PorHarcourt, Enugu and Kaduna..I have been opportune to witnesses one incident in Calabar where supporters besieged the hotel where SE were lodging as earlier as possible. They were all clad in green and white and started Singing and dancing until game time which was around 5pm. SE cannot help but win For such fans no matter what.Even if it’s you. That’s what we call home advantage .not packing stadium with dead souls with no cheering spirit. NNf pls put on ur thinking caps .Never you ever take crucial games to abuja again.its has a foreign vibe.

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      They could’ve taken the match to Lagos or kaduna and Ghana ll still whooped that PHAT ASS’!

      Ghana is the better team and technically better than the Nigerian team

      This GhanaIan team was assembled by Otto for this wc and they dumped Nigeria out which shows the talent of this squad

      They are more talented than this NIGERIAN team that has played together for years!!

      Stop it and give credit to the Ghanaians

      • Abdul 3 months ago

        Oga do you have some problems in have your life? Or what exactly is your problem?. You appearing everywhere to say bullshit. Ghana don win now,so what the fuck are you still doing here? You guys should go and play the world cup and enjoy. And if you’re just that typical Ghanaian jealous of every Nigerian, well, you are welcome. Just fucking leave this forum and let’s talk about our own football. Get some sense, we don’t want you here, so get the fuck out please.

        • KENNETH 3 months ago

          Oga na Dr drey dey reply you. It is a fake name being used by Dr dry

        • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

          I ll leave this forum and come chill with ur PHAT ASS mother, u asshole motherfucker!!

          Sia boy, ur father open website haha

          When the owner of Tim’s website was busily building this web, ur horny father was eating Pussy, u stupid bitch!!

          Retarded BOKOM son of slut!! Aboafunu

          • @Oseodion Inegbenegbor eleribu ni yin I hope all this your useless analysis has taking you to world cup. They said a child is not brilliant you said he has handwriting radarada be consoling yourself with yeye analysis when you were doing it we warned you but most of you wouldn’t listen now instead of you to bury your head in shame like your useless pinnick and Eguavon who couldn’t say anything since that Tuesday you are here brandishing one useless analysis. Misplaced priority.

          • @Oseodion Inegbenegbor eleribu ni yin I hope all this your useless analysis has taking you to world cup. They said a child is not brilliant you said he has handwriting radarada be consoling yourself with yeye analysis when you were doing it we warned you but most of you wouldn’t listen now instead of you to bury your head in shame like your useless pinnick and Eguavon who couldn’t say anything since that Tuesday you are here brandishing one useless analysis. Misplaced priority.

      • Dondada 3 months ago

        @selfmade shut the fuck off you asshole and go back toyour ghana site..We dont want to associate with you ghanians and just to let you know we are better than your idiots in anything,,So go and hang yourself.,

  • Ndubest 3 months ago

    Pls save us those apologies and just resign you guys has failed.

  • Bobby 3 months ago

    We don’t need that. I told the NFF to get Jo Bonfrere for AFCON and World Cup playoffs, yet they went ahead with technically deficient coach who had failed over and over again. He failed with the U-17, U-23, at the AFCON and was the person who caused us the penalty at Italy in 1994. Yet, due to corruption, NFF allowed him coach our team.

    The NFF is the main problem of our football, if someone like Austin wouldn’t have been allowed to coach the SE.

    Fuck the NFF, fuck Picnic. Fuck all of them.

  • It is 24 hours and no resignation announcement yet?

    • Igbekun Abo 3 months ago

      My guy, the thing tire man pickin. I and I expected mass resignations by now but no show. These bastards have ruined Nigerian football. They must go.

    • onwajunior 3 months ago

      Resignation only happens with ppl who have integrity. Nigerian politicians (apart from that minister from the UK who resigned bcos of NYSC) don’t have such integrity. Time heals every wound. I won’t be surprised is Pinnick, Eguavon, Agu, Yobo and the rest continue. It’s the Nigerian way. We suffer and smile.

      • It’s a pity. We asked for seasoned and qualified indigenous Coach like; Egbu, Emenalo, Finidi, Amunike, et al., But Picnic led NFF were busy dangling from Eguavoen (a stooge who pacifiers everybody) to Peisero…

        We equally asked for a rejig and removal of Alloy Agu and few other assists for a better goal keeper trainer;

        We asked for Adeleye the Israeli goal keeper and other guys invited like Osigwe,… even during the AFCON Qualifiers but NFF, Rohr and Eguavoen all turned it down as we foresaw the laspes in the current keepers.

        We asked for quality midfielders (Olise, Eze, Amoo, et al.,) who can receive pass,face the opponent, create spaces and adequately distribute passes but all to no avail…Amoo was invited but was not used.

        I advised Egu. to inform his wingers to use two to beat one technic to advance but Moses came in and was deliberately killing the game with senselessly aimless dribbles while loosing possession in the process.

        No dead ball specialist in the team. At least there are other ways you play set pieces even if u don’t have a specialist rather than waste them.

        We asked for a foreign fitness Coach, psychologists, and video analyst and so on but Picnic would ignore and rather will fly to China to go …

        I blame Eguavoen who could not shout at his defenders and midfielders to move the ball quickly and faster rather was mopping at sluggishly slow Balogun to Ekong to Aina to Bassey passes (Bassey was only copying the sluggish so called senior players…). Aina will use 15 seconds to throw a ball even when they were loosing.

        Osimhen was charged and fired up after our equalizer but his aforementioned teammates would not support and show urgency… Until the Ghanians settled their defense in the 2nd half was some substitutions.

        I recall mentioning that our strikers and midfielders don’t know how to play acurrate hot shots on target and urged them to work on it but no (Partey had to teach them how to after the Tunis).
        Please was there any hot shot on target from SE in the Ghana fixtures??

        I said it that I don’t know the intensity of SE camp training but sheer holidaying and bigmanism with social media frenzy.

        Picnic and Co should step down with immediate effect. Bunch of loosers…!

        Mr Cerezo honourably resign both as coach and technical director of NFF. U guys should go for a refresher courses abroad.

        Finally, guys I’m convinced that Gernot Rohr secretly worked with BS of Ghana against Nigeria. Rohr the traitor!!!

        • Thank you @Nosa very aptly put and you very clearly summarized the problems that strategically lead to this. Only thing I would add is that going forward only players who show the zeal and hunger play in national colors need to be invited. Seems like these players are getting twisted ideas of who needs who. The National team is a major boost for their careers and they will be the ones signing multi million dollar contracts and endorsement deals if they had qualified and did well so this idea or feeling that they are doing us a favor by coming to play needs to be scrapped.

          Like how do fans even poor ones that are barely getting by in life want something more that will
          benefit the players first and more? Like arrant they the ones that will be making the big money, buying expensive homes cars etc if they do well? Like wtf wrong with these guys man. They really need someone to tell them to play with aggression and intensity for a chance to better their own lives? They all need to fuck off. Except Oshimen who I saw at least trying and hungry to be there

  • TALK UR OWN 3 months ago

    @@@ No story !!!

  • Yinkus 3 months ago

    Nobody will resign, that is Nigerian way. What they will be thinking is leave them alone time will heal their wound and we can continue our chop make I clean mouth thing.

    Have you ppl ever wonder why egu has not said anything? It will shock you people that NFF will retain egu all in the name of let us start all over again.

  • Chelsea4ever 3 months ago

    bunch of clueless misfits

  • ABDULRAZAK 3 months ago

    They treated Gernot Rohr badly. The repercussions of their evil act has not even started. I hope all the retards on this forum who supported agbaya Segun Odegbami in his propaganda to remove Rohr are enjoying the full measure of their actions with satisfaction.

    • SD Special Delivery Jones 3 months ago

      All these Rohr Haters must choke in their own vomit. Rohr should now be re installed without delay. He is the saviour. Now you all have finally failed with your own. That failure is what you wanted, now feast on the failure for the rest of the year. Eat shit.

    • Were is odegbami and dis guy dat call inself Omo 9ja(ire ooo) God punish all of dem with NFF IJN

    • Moses Inyang 3 months ago

      You are right.please get rhor back I beg all

  • Chidi 3 months ago

    We don’t need ur apologies,do the honorable thing resign, but no u won’t because all of u feel is your birthright mumus infact this is d right time to disband the coaching crew,team n Nff let FIFA wield it’s axe n let’s start all over again,Eguavoen is d most dumb coach Amuneke salisu n co all dumb they think is business as usual this country is gradually sinking due lack of men with integrity,by d way guys I thought d term of tenure for NFF elected officials is four years what’s holding the election,foolso u love ur job so much yet u can’t do the right thing u can’t improve urselves mad people every where thunder fire una n una apology there resign simple

    • Zicodasilver10 3 months ago

      Pls chidi don’t bring amuneke into this,amunneke suggested onazi be brought in to replace ndidi,he rather put him on standby list even bringing bonke who I don’t think was in d list not experienced with d team to start a crucial match against Ghana,amuneke kept his cool,cos egu was d boss,not bring rancour.we see d result.

  • Pius Obemhen 3 months ago

    I am still appealing to all of us to be calm over the unfortunate loss. One thing remains that it is not perculiar to us. And another important thing is, you must all discard the thought that the Sports Minister, the NFF and the coaching crew which consist of eminently qualified Nigerians should resign. That is not going to happen because with what we saw at the MKO ABIOLA STADIUM, it was the god of soccer that needs blamed.

    The NFF provided everything and the coaching crew headed by coach Eguavoen couldn’t come to the field to score the goals by themselves. They fielded our best legs as we even wanted. Dennis, Bassey, Onyenka, Uzoho, Osimhen, Aribo, Simon, I could go on but whoside.

    They did everything needed but it is Ghana that left with a slim passage. That is football either you win, lose or draw and I know Nigerians as happy people on earth will hopefully display good sportsmanship after this initial hiccups. God bless all of you especially and Nigeria mostly.

    • Moses Inyang 3 months ago

      You lie my brother

      • KENNETH 3 months ago

        Tell us your own side then of what happened.Guess you waiting for the parrot to award you some peanuts. The man has said it all, everything was provided for them to win and they the players let us down. Was it alloy agu that will man the goal post to prevent the goals. Or will uzoho pause to ask coach how low should i go to block the shot. Or is it Eguavaon and yobo that will come on the field to do what paid professionals are asked to do. The body language says it all, some of them didn’t deserve to play for the eagles. I can only fault the coach for making his subs so late in the game. For me leave the coaching crew alone, let them start looking for replacements because some of this boys they went to beg might not want to come back. At least we gave a coach 6 years with the same players, with games to spare and yet didn’t bring us the ultimate price. So 4 months is not enough to judge this ones yet

    • Henry 3 months ago

      You forgot Lookman from ELP Leceister.

    • Golden Child 3 months ago

      @Pius Obemhen, I would have to disagree with you that they did all they could. The SE have been struggling with GKs since 2019 and they have rewarded such failure with continuity.

      What is the point of going after an Ighalo and recalling him from retirement when we do not have the confidence to play him. What was his effect when he came on against the black stars? Absolutely zero. People like us complained vehemently but it all fell to deaf ears. NFF had the opportunity to hire good coaches but instead opted for Eguavoen who has been out of work before assuming the Technical Director role, Amuneke who also was inactive as coach, Agu who has consistently shown his incompetence or Salisu who was caught on tape taking bribe or Aigbogun who Failed with a capital “F” with the under 20s. All of them misfits, yet the NFF recruited them for such a crucial match like this.

      My greatest worry is that Nigeria would NOT learn anything from this loss. We did not learn anything in 2019 , afcon 2022 and now wc qualifiers 2022. Coach Agu will still strut his stuff despite being a serial failure. Honor is something foreign to us as Africans. Coach Quieroz has already resigned after failing to take Egypt to the world cup, have we heard of any resignations from the NFF / Technical bench 24 hours later?? They will rather die there and continue to milk the country under the pretense that they are serving this country. If it is truly service and they have clearly failed , should they not resign but these bunch of corrupt individuals will never do that.

      They also know that Nigerians are sentimental and would quickly forget soon, knowing our Fans would not ask them the right questions. They are talking about Logistics as their job , how come they have not queried a GK coach who has failed to churn out a decent GK in 6 years? Failure is consistently rewarded. Aigbogun who failed miserably at the u20 world cup, using over age players in the competition, how come he has been rewarded with a position as Assistant Technical Director of Football? How come he is allowed to be close to the team? Who was responsible for putting Onazi who plies his trade in saudi arabia div 2 on the standby list?

      I for one will not be supporting this team any longer, i am better of channeling my energy on more productive things. The reason is not because I am a bad supporter but because I know that not a single lesson will be learnt from all of this and come afcon 2024, it will be the same garbage that they will feed people. These guys at NFF do not care about football, it is only a business enterprise to them. I only pity the poor fans who will continue to subject themselves to HBP because of their love for the SE.

    • My friend shut up your mouth.
      You must be an impostor or agent from NFF.
      Our failure to qualify lies squarely at the doorsteps of the NFF and the Sports Ministry.
      Honestly, I don’t have any problem with Eguaveon. I don’t have any single blame for him at all.
      Full blame and responsibility goes to the NFF and the Sports Ministry for our failure, because they foisted Eguaevon on us. They told us they sacked Rohr to forestall a disaster and assured us that Eguaveon will surely save us from the ‘supposed’impending disaster at AFCON and WC. I had my doubts, but decided to give them a benefit of the doubt with AFCON.
      We went to AFCON and were bundled out like kids. It was really embarrassing the manner in which we left the tourney. Our exit from the tournament was obviously due to coaching failure. But surprisingly, instead of the NFF and the Sports Ministry wield the big stick, they came again and assured us that the coaches have learnt their lessons and will do better at the playoffs.

      There is no doubt, the NFF and the Sports Ministry made all the necessary provisions and preparations. But of what use is making the best of preparations and provisions, but failing to provide a good coach who will coordinate all other provisions to achieve the desired. To me, that is the height of silliness, waste of resources, time and money.
      TBH,the labours of our heroes past is now in vain. Rohr, his team, and the boys suffered under Pontius Pilate to qualify for AFCON and WC. They didn’t get it on a platter. They fought, struggled, and sweated till the very end before earning them. But the NFF and the Sports Ministry just wasted everything……just like that. We will have to wait till the next four years.

      And you have the audacity to come here and say we should not blame the people who have this to us?

      • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

        Hahahahaha…the useless sports minister even hosted the team to a dinner for failing at AFCON….LMAOoo. The said it was an “impressive failure”…..LMAOooo

        Their useless racist slaves on CSN too shameless came to the open to declare that not making q/finals was better than a podium finish in 2019…..LMAOooo

        Nigeria needs people of such breed to be cleansed from the land in order to move forward. LMAOoooo

  • Oakfield 3 months ago

    We didn’t just lose but you perfectly planned our loss by sacking a man who would’ve brought us glory. Now u all can now see the great job Rohr was doing by making qualification for tournies look ordinary and common with games to spare. Miserable bunch of idiots. God has begun paying u back exactly in your own coin. Odegbami and his group of ex crikect internationals will not escape what is coming their way in due course of time. They have sunk with their own and have resorted to apologies. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!! Pls, who is the mechanic coach now??????

    • Mahmud Shuaib 3 months ago

      Odegbami no be ya papa mate you this young man. Give him some respect. The last I checked he was top scorer AFCON 1980, winner AFRICA WINNERS CUP 1976 and Nigeria’s all time second top scorer despite playing fewer games and a winger for that matter.

      Pls who is your father?
      What is your name?
      Who knows your family name??

      Chief Segun Odegbami MON (can you beat that?)

      Go achieve something NATIONALLY tangible in your miserable sulking life before you come to Public space and disrespect a legend of the game and national ICON!

      You think you bunch of frustrated retards love this country more than the likes of CHIEF ODEGBAMI and ex internationals??

      Have you ever laced a soccer boot and face 25,000 crowds before??

      Show us what you and your whining bandwagon of Dr Drey and co have achieved in your wailing lives?

      The idiotic arrogant egg head claimed he was afraid he might not make it to this morning because he’s ADEMOLA LOOKMAN or VICTOR OSIMHEN who desperately wanted to play their first world cup. They transformer no dey around am ni to go KISS am BRUCELEECALLY as e pain am.

      Awon ode buruku!

      Who know una?

      • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

        Hahahaha shameless filthy lying impostor…LMAOOoo…..our papa dem no get name but dem get integrity, dem nor be agbayas like your odegbami and your papa when no know whether na yoruba harlot e nak or Kebbi harlot e nak take born you.

        In Decemeber you were a Yoruba from Kogi who was based in Lagos, by february you became a Gobir from Kebbi who is based in Kaduna……LMAOooo.

        I moment your name is Mahmud Shaibu, 4 hours latter your name will change to Musa Yahaya…..LMAOoooo

        Shamless pig……!!!

        Oloriburuku Alaaru Oshi…LMAooo

        • Mahmud Shuaib 3 months ago

          Hahhahaahhahahww….you no gree die again?

          Sebi you were dramatic yesterday saying CARDIAC wan arrest your filthy heart (God forbid. I love the banters, won’t ever wish you dead).

          You went to hide praying silently that we fail to qualify so you can gloat. Enjoy the gloating boy. Whether dem qualify or not, e no concern me.

          But to claim ROHR is some messiah, na it I no go gree

          If he is that good, why is he still jobless 5 months since his sack?

          Why didn’t GHANA employ him to face is?

          Carlos QUEIROZ has resigned, let’s see whether EGYPT will turn to una messiah. Lol

          • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

            Ofcourse you are a failure in life, that is why you are a pathetic liar and cheap criminal who transforms from being a Yoruba to a CORE NORTHENER….LMAOooo…who was born in Kebbi and raised in Kaduna within the space of 2 months….LMAOoooo.

            From being Mahmud Mohammed who will ask a question at noon to becoming Musa Yahaya who will own up to the question by night……LMAOooo. Shamless man-child. You need serious sense enhancement surgeries to help your dizzy destiny.

            Serial failure.

            That is why failing to qualify for WC in March 2022 when it was a foregone conclusion for us as at November 2021 would not concern you. I dont know how a person who claims to be an exfootballer to has even played for one of our national teams before and still trains with Moses Simon and Sadiq Umar at Kaduna Polo ground till date will not be concerned about our WC elimination, if not someone who is just a PURE LIAR….LMAOooooo. You see how your lies keep catching up with you ehn….LMAoooo

            Fool claimed he played for Scotland 89 team….but forgot he had made same claim before using the name Tamuno Offiali……LMAOoo. I wonder how 2 ex-teamates in the same national squad will be on CSN and never acknowledge, reference or cite each other even for once…..LMAOooo.

            Yea…suprise surpise…I didnt die, I can sense your disappointment from afar. I know a filthy multifaced liar like you was seriously praying I die so you can continue to be a freelance fraud that you set out to be on this forum when you joined barely 2 years ago.

            No I wont die, I will remain alive to see evil people like you and your failure-united colleagues perish in cold blood for Nigeria to be great again in my lifetime.

            Not all of us are unallergic to failure like you.

      • Naijaking 3 months ago

        Odegbami is too dumb to be him papa.

      • DANURCHMAN 3 months ago

        Biko, oga, you still no get shame? You still have the reckless boldness to vomit nonsense. I wonder the kind of God that created people like you, who celebrate failure and failures and sack success, but certainly, it is not the Almighty God. You certainly come from a shrine. Thick head.

    • Damian 3 months ago

      Leave that thing, Rohr wouldn’t have survived Kumasi the way Cerezo did. Kumasi is well known for 6:0.

      • DANURCHMAN 3 months ago

        It is a shame that people like you, celebrate failure and failures but relegate success to the background. You are evil.

  • Chelsea4ever 3 months ago

    oga,,the loss is not unfortunate, we could have been prevented had it been that dumb ass coach of your displayed a more tactical approach to the match.. how can you play a lone striker in a match you needed goals..did you really saw his substitutions, why did you call up amoo ,ighalo when you have no intention of effectively using them, what was kelechi iheanacho doing on the bench all throgh when aribo wasnt doing anything on the attack, tell me how that bassey is better than zaidu sanusi..my brother ..we celelbrate mediocrity,,what is Eguavoen CV like to be on a technical bench of SE..my brother,,we dont nave a coach,,,did you see the fighting spirit of only one man in that team,Osimen…others were as clueless as d coach

    • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

      LMFAO! My BROTHER you can say it again!! indeed EGUAVON was a DUMBASS..

      But whenever I FEARLESSLY speak up in this FORUM some MORONIC ILLITERATE will attack me.. LMFAO!!

      I have been shouting even from the first leg IGHALO/OSIMHE but no kind of insult I didn’t not receive…

  • Eno David 3 months ago

    A lot of Nigerians were also to blame. People were clamouring for local based coach and saying there was nothing special about foreign coach. The local coach that are coaching our local clubsides,how are they faring in the African Clubs champions league?
    The last time we could not qualify for the World Cup in 2006 it was a local coach that was in charge.
    Rohr was always qualifying us,we would have at least let him take us to the Nations Cup before judging him.
    Can you all imagine a country as big as Nigeria in football going out in Round 2 of Afcon?
    Nigeria that was even aiming to go higher than Round 2 in the World Cup in Qatar now going out in Round 2 of an Afcon!!! Oh No!!
    That was the first red flag that Eguavoen was not capable of leading this team successfully.
    Instead of Nigerians to admit it then ,we were hoping for a miracle from Eguavoen. You can’t give what you don’t have…it’s that simple!!
    We would have allowed Rohr to continue,he loves his players and the love him as well.
    One of the reasons that Ghana sacked their coach after the Afcon was the Ghanian players were not in support of him.
    The Minister of Sport,ex footballers,journalists,Nigerian football lovers all wanted sexy football and wanted Eguavoen to continue.
    The same tactical mistakes he made when we lost against Tunisia in Afcon was the same he made against Ghana in Kumasi!!
    Let’s look at the African World Cup qualifiers,all most of the countries had Foreign coach apart from Senegal.
    Even looking at Senegal they arguably have the best crops of players in Africa so even if the local caoch was deficient it would not be too noticeable.
    Can’t we all see how the Super Falcons have fared so far? They are doing well with a foreign coach in charge.
    We left our Super Eagles in the hands of a mediocre local coach and expected miracle. The team could most times not even string more than three passes accurately without losing the ball. Most times there was no transition from the midfield to the attack;all this are the results of deficient coaching.
    See Ghana coach was brought in from abroad to handle the time. He has been exposed to the latest and highest level of coaching in Football.
    But Nigerian coach wanted to bring back wing play football of 1994 into 2022 without any plan B.
    Nigerians should eat their indigenous coach na…this is where it all brought us.

  • William d conqueror 3 months ago

    Apology not accepted. All of you are bribe eating bonobos.

  • Chibuike 3 months ago

    Sack Pick milk and save Nigeria football. Apologies to rohr because karma is at work

  • Chibuike 3 months ago

    All those guys clamoring for black coach here. Shebi una eye Don clear. Immediately they sack rohr, I know that Amadioha will fight for the man because he was doing a good job until those yahoo yahoo nff and Eguaveon sack him. Pinik didn’t play the game and he became FA chairman. Are. Check other football nations, they FA chairman is ex internationals not alcultic business man.

  • In the first place, why you vex if Ghana commot you. You don’t know play pass Ghana sef. You just dey kick the ball anyhow den run all over the pitch anyhow

  • Detruth 3 months ago

    Congratulations to Segun Odegbami, the sports minister,Pinnick/NFF, Eguavouen and all of you guys who relentlessly advocated for Rhor to be fired even after meeting all targets set for him by NFF claiming that any coach would win the AFCON and qualify for and make it to quater finals of the world cup, and for also declaring to rather fail with “our own” than win with Rhor, your wish has been granted and I know you’re popping your champagne celebrating your big accomplishment. The disaster has finally been averted right!!

    Round of sixteen knockout at AFCON and failure to qualify for Qatar 2022.

    Good job for your hate campaign against a man who worked without getting paid, a man who showed love for Nigeria and dedication to serving Nigeria than you the so-called minister and the NFF that do not know what service to country means.

  • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

    Fellow Nigerians, look at the profile in the last decade of our Mr Nononsense “total faliure…..sorry…Total football” Technical director according to that drunkard omoale that calls himself omo9ja

    In the last 10 years:


    2010 – Started our failure to qualify for 2012 AFCON with the loss in Conakry.

    2011 – Failed to qualify arguably our most talented U23 team after the 96 squad for the 2012 olympics in London

    2012 – Sharks of Portharcout – resigned after seven games with the team bottom of the NPFL table

    2013 – Bendel Insurance – threw in towel before end of season.

    2014 – Gombe United – relegated to the NNL that season

    2017 – Fired from Sunshine Stars after 3 months in charge with the team in relegation zone

    2017-2021 – Jobless until he accepted the TD job that Olofinjana his former player rejected because he discovered the NFF and the interviewers were clueless about where they want our football to head

    That is the coach we took to face EPL veteran, Dortmund trained, West Ham trained, Norsjelland trained coaches of Ghana.

    Indeed we must be under a very strong curse….LMAOooooo

    • Dennis 3 months ago

      Dr drey you deserve one hot pot of ise-ewu. I also condemned his appointment on team Nigeria instagram handle and people cursed me. Those same clowns have started saying we made an error in getting rid of rohr. Omo9ja and jimmyball said there was nothing special in finishing 3rd and qualifying with ease. Now their anointed son have failed to do both and he failed woefully. We all knew our football was gonna go back to the dark ages with eguaveon’s appointment but as long as he was our own, simpletons like odegbami and his cohorts were fine with that
      I’ll patiently wait for odegbami’s write up then I’ll know how to insult him

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

      Serious curse. That is exactly what Nigeria deserve. They want sexy football and wing play of 1994 in 2022 without an adequate midfield and they think they can beat Ghana. I remember Greenturf after the AFCON disaster that if Eguavoen is to be in charge of the qualifiers against Ghana that we should just kiss the WorldCup ticket goodbye and boy he was right. We said it here before the sack of Rohr that they should brace up for a miserable AFCON and not qualifying for the WorldCup. But shameless nincompoops thought otherwise. Now they’re enjoying their Round day f 16 exit and a WorldCup failure Lmao!! Who cares I will still be in Qatar to watch other African teams and Messi and Ronaldo Nitemi. Let those miserable morons continue sulking on their Round of 16 AFCON exit and a WorldCup qualifiers failure. I’m sure Rohr is somewhere smiling and sipping wine to Nigerias failure.

      • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

        See another GREAT MIND..

        GOD will bless you @Ayphillydegreat.

        Sorry I forgot your name..

        you have been part of the STRUGGLE..

  • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

    They said Rohr was playing with a non discernable pattern and replaced him with the coach that plays thier much clamoured outdated 1994 squad discernable pattern…..LMAOooo….wing play….LMAOoo

    Lo and behold even coaching Interns are humiliating us now because every fool can discern that we are just going to give the ball to Simon or Chukwueze and then those 2 will just express themselves and goals will start pouring in……LMAOooo.

    Playing against these bunch of failures is coaching made easy….all you need to do is put 5 men in your midfield and let 1 on each side collaborate with your full backs to pocket the wingers……shikena…..LMAooooo

  • Yinkus 3 months ago

    I want to believe egu was secretly stabbing rohr at the back so as to get se job at all cost.

    He accept to coch se team B to a friendly match rohr did not approve. Deceived that canoe head piknink that he can get the Job done.

    Asked the players what freedom rohr has not been given them and told them just to expres themselves on the pitch.

    If a man like egu with records of failure continue with se, ordinary school children will be able to defeat eagles.

  • Who their fucking apology help. If you have any same the best thing for you now is your resignation and apology to Rohr. Egyptian and Algerian coach just resigned.. To the disrespectful fans hope you are all happy now?

    • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

      Tayo GOD BLESS too..

      Sorry I forgot your name in the list…

  • Ako AMADI 3 months ago

    The Rise and Fall of Amaju Melvin Pinnick.
    Mr.Pinnick is the most modern and civilized of NFF Chairmen. He globalized and marketed Nigerian Football across the planet but lost his way through arrogance and self-centredness. In the course of this, Pinnick began to dictate to coaches and instigated the press to calumniate whoever did not agree with him, even when he owed Gernot Rohr huge sums of money. Soon he found an ally in the Minister for Sports, a man who wanted to outdo him in pomposity. Pinnick forgot to take tutorials in human resources management, believing sycophancy was a better option More recently the affairs of football in Nigeria were directed by the Ministry of Sports where ignorance and corruption persist. The result is the national disgrace of Black Tuesday, when vandals set about ripping the turf and structures of Abuja’s National Stadium to pieces. Pinnick knows Nigerians don’t need apologies. What they need are explanations and drastic changes, beginning with his own resignation as NFF Chairman and the immediate dismissal by Mr.President of the Minister of Sports, Mr Dare.

  • Yinkus 3 months ago

    If by tomorrow egu fails to resign then I will know he purposely decided to punish Nigerian.

    I don’t see reason why he and His good for nothing technical crew member should still be around se again.

  • #Dr Drey (Hypocrite), pls has Ighalo finally re-retired from international football? Shame never let am talk…
    We warned Ighalo to respect himself and stay retired but long throat and greed would expose his integrity deficit.

    Drey just shout your mouth up, imposter “self-made king”.
    Rohr is a traitor who secretly worked with Ghana and some players against Nigeria.

    • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

      Hahahaha…useless fool…LMAOooo. Rohr secretly worked with Ghana indeed…..LMAOoo…I guess he also secretly worked with Tunisia right…??? And he also secretly appointed failures to lead the SE after he was sacked….LMAOooo.

      He must have secretly also instructed Egua-failure to stick to his go-and-express-yourself- wingplay even at gun point….LMAOoo
      No wonder Dr.Drey is now a Ghanaian too….LMAOoo. You are an epitome of stupidity.


      I’ll rather be self-made king than be any of the riffraffs like you who plunged us into this disaster…..LMAOoooo. At least selfmade king warned you all of your one dimensional coach but your collective dumbness made y’all ignore him.

      Useless bunch of people.

      Go and prode your filthy fingers inside Ighalo’s mouth to force him to announce his retirement na. All your young exuberant x-factor players where did they get you…?? AFCON disaster and World cup calamity.

      I guess it was Ighalo that knocked you out of both AFCON and World cup….LMAOooo

      Weep not for ighalo but weep for these young ones many of whom have just been denied an opportunity to play in a world cup because of imbeciles like you. At least it is guaranteed Moses Simon and Henry Onyekuru will not feature in a World cup in their careers.

      It would have been better is we failed with the likes of Ighalo and Musa leading our lines than fail with overated youngsters playing bigmanism and streetfootball in a make or mar qualifier. At least we know the former who were consistent and big game players in their time will quit immediately and leave us. Shouldnt you be more concerned by the fact that we are stuck with your blow hot and cold overated seniormen for more years to come…?

      Dont go and meditate on your destiny ehn…be spreading false lies about Dr.Drey up and down.

      Dr.Drey is Selfmade indeed.

    • Oakfield 3 months ago

      Haha haha…. Another frustrated insane dude….. Hahahaha…. Odiegwu o…. Hmmmmmm

    • Naijaking 3 months ago

      Only a fool will make a comment like this one

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      Why are they confusing me with some dr

      Am not a BOKOM kid pls lol

  • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

    “We must hold people accountable to the terms of their offices”….Sunday Dare (C) 2020.

    Our people say the farmer who shits on the footpath that leads to his farm at dawn should know that he will thread that same footpath on his way back home at dusk.

    “We must hold people accountable to the terms of their offices”….Sunday Dare (C) 2020.

    • Akanlo Ede 3 months ago

      A beg shut up. This dr drei is just making a fool of yourself. Genot Roh was a trator. He failed badly. He was kicked out of Nigeria. Go and hangs with him. Just get out of here with your bald head. Old goat.

      • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

        Your comment already tells that you dont even know what a ‘trator’ is.

        There is no point dignifying an illiterate like you.

        Go and play with your mates

  • Olusegun.B. 3 months ago

    NFF and their apologies are not acceptable cos it stinks . Truth be told, their planning is sickening . First they hired a coach who couldn’t give massive boost to players Morales in the games they played in the name of Gernot Rohr who kept saying that the team was yet to be formidable despitt that materials he got in his stables . To Eguavon who NFF recycled back to the team and lacks strategic planning with his team . The results are the teams loss to Tunisia and the failure to qualify for the world cup.
    Sunday Oliseh did say that they should remove all of them from their duties and he was right .

    I don’t believe we actually need a foreign coach . We only need a coach who is more in-depth in knowledge and strategies for the so called foreign coaches are only using the team for monetary gains not for building the teams in other to win competitions.

  • Uche Eziagu 3 months ago

    In my opinion, Nigeria played the best game that I have seen them play in recent times; as regards connecting the ball to the final third for greater percentage of the game. I honestly thought we were going to score a second/winning goal, but alas it was never to be.
    I wish the Super Eagles the very best in their future endeavours.
    God bless the Super Eagles of Nigeria!
    God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Kojak 3 months ago

    The moron we had for a coach and the rest of the technical crew clearly cost us the qualification. Eguavoen has never been renowned for his intelligence. He was the same player that carelessly crashed into Roberto Baggio from the back to earn the Italians the penalty that sent us out of the 1994 World Cup.

    The facts also suggest that we cannot deny nepotism in the team selection. They dropped Zaidu Sanusi – a first team regular and serial champions league campaigner with FC Porto for Calvin Bassey a new comer to the team purely on the basis of his 15 minute cameo in Kumasi. Bassey is not a bad player, but it was wrong to have played him from the start when he had complained about the hash Abuja weather only days to the a match in which we needed to balance defence and attack to avoid conceding the costly away goal.

    My suspicion is that he must have bought into the trash talk in the social media – a thing no intelligent coach will ever do! He refused to introduce Ahmed Musa and Omar Saddique who has scored more goals than Ademola Lookman and Emmanuel Dennis combined in the Primiera Liga 2 until it was too late. We don’t deserve to be in the World Cup period.

  • Ako AMADI 3 months ago

    The NFF plotted the downfall of the Super Eagles by sacking Gernot Rohr and replacing him with an ignorant Eguavoen, ably assisted by bush coaches in Amuneke and Hobo.

  • Akanlo Ede 3 months ago

    Nobodi should repli this dr drei. He is a goat. Just bicos Eguafon failed is not beeg dil. Stop jumping up an down like precnant Cow. Rohr failed.

  • The lineup for the second leg was good, but it was  too late. This game was to qualify for the world cup meaning you have to put your strongest line up. What are the factors
    1. Playing time. Are you a regular starter and or consistent
    2. Are you effective when you play? 
    3. The most important one that should put players on the top. Are you playing international tournaments that would bring the experience to the team? Like Champions league, europa league or conference league. Players of this quality should have priority.

    Zaidu was benched when he was a regular starter for porto and played in the champions league and europa league. Olayinka is a regular, plays in the europa league and is a grind it out player, I always seem him get dirty and is physical too along with Awoniyi. Sadiq is a regular starter along with Ajayi. Ekong is a terrible defender, he cant compete in the premier league, stay getting caught. Chukwueze have been coming off the bench for villarreal because all he do is dribble. Kelechi is not a starter he is a support role to Vardy. Osimhen as much as I like him he brings his napoli personality  to super eagles with rushing his play, not finishing well, complaining and looking for fouls before even trying to finish a play. Dennis can score goals, but similar to what Yaya said when he is not involved in scoring he wont do anything, and I witnessed this game, he doesn’t track back, but he loves getting yellow cards for fun without even trying. This team didn’t have enough time to get to know each other well, build partnerships and team work. When I watched them play it was no coordination, like nobody was linking up. Injuries played a role in this as well. 

    But I never seen so many people out of sync. So many new players were brought on in such short notice, it was for the qualifiers and then hopefully the world cup. If it was a year ago the team would of been in better sync. It was the same with rohr he always changed the lineup and the team had poor chemistry, like 6 different goal keepers called up. Rohr was good for bringing mixed biracial players Africans especially Nigerians love so much. It was bound to happen of rohr being mentioned if this team didn’t go through. 

    People expect Nigeria to dominate because the country has the largest population in Africa but at the end of the day its Ivory Coast and Cameroon which are footballing nations. Cameroon made it through. Ivory coast and Cameroon had generational players and not only that, a lot of African players say they look up to Drogba or Eto’o. I just cant see a team going forward having Okcha still talking like he did something in his career. I don’t even hear much from Drogba or Eto’o. But at the end of the day, Ghana were expected to lose so there was no pressure. There was a lot of pressure for Nigeria because they were expected to win, but they folded after believing in their own hype, same as the music industry. I prefer Chris Hughton who has premier league/english league experience and knowledge than rohr from the German league which is only bayern dominated while other teams cant even make it farther in the champions league. But like I said, European experienced coaches are important, Nigeria cant even get a coach with european coaching experience or part of the technical staff. Its easy to blame the goalkeeper when they conceded the away goal that made Ghana win. Samuel Eto’o is doing great work with Cameroon, there is no leaders in Nigeria. 

  • Mahmud Shuaib 3 months ago

    Dr Drey…it it hurts you that Naija failed to qualify you can go get a pair of football boots and hope for a call up. Ode oshi. Go bring where I said I PLAYED at Scotland 89. You lying faggot. I was SCREENED ma didn’t make the cut and got an admission to the university. That’s what I wrote here.

    Prof Tamuno wrote that he played at Scotland 89 when issue of IKORBA being a striker sprang up. I remember that vividly.

    I tell you, you are nothing more than a CSN paper tiger. I am not in any way your mate; age wise, football wise, status wise etc!

    You sulking bastard, have you ever met ROHR? Have you ever met any of the players one on one??

    You are a baby..and I repeat whether we qualified or not is not a do or die affair for me!

    Italy didn’t qualify
    Ivory Coast didn’t qualify
    Sweden didn’t qualify
    Bulgaria …yes Semi finalist in 1994 didn’t qualify
    Egypt… serial AFCON winners didn’t qualify

    Like I wrote earlier ..if e pain your miserable ass hole, you can start playing football so you can help qualify for 2026 WC

    Omo ale jatijati

    Who knows you?
    Eguavoen is a serial failure..at least awe are talking about him

    What have you ever done with your life?

    If we search your name on GOOGKE …what would we find there??

    Shashasha shege dan banza eranko kawai!

    • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

      Hahahahaha…Filthy liar….typical of jimmylie…LMAoooo. Change of name but same stupidity. He has abandoned the initial thread to come and comment down here in hiding….LMAOooo…so that the discussion thread can be truncated and difficult to follow….LMAOoooo

      Typical of the filthy liar again he has summersaulted from being a member of the Scotland 89 team to being a trialist….LMAooooo….same way he summersaulted from playing for MSV Duisburg at the highest level to being a trialist….LMAoooo…and later summersaulted from being a Senior stay player at Lobi stars who was so good to have almost transferred to Enyimba and Asec Mimosas to being only Lobi Stars trialist in his 500 level and then finally summersaulting to playing for Lobi stars between 200 level and 500 level and quitting football afterwards to go work in a bank….LMAoooo

      Hell even Marcus Rashford will soon quit Man United once he also gets admission into the university…..LMAooo

      Fool got admission into university in 1989 as a 15 year old….LMAOooooo. Born idiot has forgotten Scotland 89 sqaud was an U16 team…..LMAoooooooo.

      Please who gave birth to such a low-magnitude-intelligence animal like you…???….LMAoooo

      Useless fool quit football in 1989 just after leaving a national team camp at the age of 15 because he got admission into varsity…..LMAOooo….as at 1989 o….LMAoooo

      Filthy cheap multifaced Lair. Keep it up ehn. Keep us your lies. You no kuku get shame

      I had to remind the idiot about Tamuno Offiali before he ever associated him with the same scotland 89 squad….LMAoooooo

      Go and fool your peasant family first before even thinking you will successfully fool us here….LMAooo

      No one knows me, but at least Im not a filthy liar desperate for clout and validation on CSN……LMAOooooo

      As a matter of fact, kindly let us know when you have decide which one you’ld like to be between a Yoruba man based in Lagos and Kebbi- born “Core-Northerner” based in Kaduna.

      Core-Northerner that was fighting tooth and nail to prove he is yoruba, replying my comments with google translate yoruba……LMAOoooo. You are a CORE-NORTHERNER indeed

      Useless idiot claimed it was a Freudian slip to have forgotten his own tribe of origin…..LMAOoooo. May you slip and fall into hell fire….LMAOooooo

      And do well to remind Musa Yahaya to remember to stop owning questions posed earlier by Mahmud Shaiub……LMAooo


      I hereby cease to respond to you any further until you decide whether you’ll stick to being a Yoruba based in Lagos or a Kebbi born core-northerner based in Kaduna….when you have decided kindly let us know on this forum….LMAOOooo

      A fool at forty is indeed a fool forever.

    • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

      Mr Core-Northerner was already done with secondary school at the age of 15 as at 1989…..LMAOoooo. You are indeed a core-northerner…..LMAOoo…..More like a Liar to the core….LMAooooo

      • JimmyBall 3 months ago

        Stop this nonsense and obsession… I am not @Mahmud Shuaib. Stop embarrassing yourself. No one gets paid here… If you played football you will know our team has always been average. Go back and dig up my submissions here even before we played first leg in Kumasi… I was big about Nwakaeme, and even went on Elegbete TV space on YouTube to ask him to pose it to Eguaveon why a player like Nwakaeme who is clearly currently amongst Nigeria’s best top 5 outfield player has been blacklisted from Super Eagles for over 4years despite being at the verge of helping his teal to the Turkish title… I said it before we matched up against Ghana that Eguaveon who has always failed at major assignments may fail us again… When we clamored for indegenous coach we were asking for the likes of Amuneke, Egbo, Manu and Finidi… People with fresh ideas but NFF being run like a Niger Delta creek field of illegal oil bunkering courtesy Pinnick choose their yesman Eguaveon who knows nothing about modern tactics and was himself a poor footballer in his own time… I had the premonitions all along! NFF wanted to help Rohr to a refresher course paid for him but won’t do anything for national team coaches like Manu, Ugbade, Amuneke and the rest… With good arrangements these guys can be attached for brief periods of 2weeks to a month to observe coaches like Klopp, Guadiola, Tuchel from the sidelines and share pep Talks about tactics and training methods. That’s how you impact sports regarding local content… Most of those guys are willing to serve Nigeria with heart… al the grants we have been having from FIFA only goes to pinnick pocket and his friends… Eguaveon was not what we asked for… But including you @Dr.Drey and Rohr also, we all contributed in making this world cup a failed exercise… When moongod Rohr started inviting players based on sentiments like an inactive Musa at the expense of active players, calling for Ighalo return… stringing Shehu along when we had Alhassan at Antwerp, sidelining Awoniyi and maligning Nwakaeme… We kept shouting. So go and chill… folks like you @Dr.Drey should be the ones we callout here because you all lowered the standards for being a part of Super Eagles instead of using merit… Joel Obi is an active DM in Serie A… Simmy scored 20goals he was ignored with you calling him Mr Tap-in… We have seen that even Osimhen, though he tried is still a baby striker… What about Obinna Nwobodo where we were looking for real Midfielders to show u against Ghana. I have always said Etebo should not have been invited coming off injury, Onyeka is not on Joel obi’s level or Nwobodo… but we deserved what we got… for long Super Eagles have not been about merit and Rohr down to Eguaveon contributed to that farce and shame of calling players who greased palms while people like you @Dr.Drey applauded… You told us on this forum that Musa does not need club to feature for Eagles quoting past exploits and the case of keshi on USA 1994. You said Ighalo the Arab Penninsula merchant is our savior in striking… we did not even see his shadow on the pitch against Ghana and he was humiliated on the bench over 180minutes because the coaches just wanted his money and knew his best days are behind him… So @Dr.Drey, if you want to continue insulting people here… Start with yourelf because you have shown yourself here to be dishonest about merit… being applied to callups for Super Eagles and it was people like us warning all along… Awoniyi, Onuachu, Dessers, Nwakaeme, Nwobodo, Joel Obi, Olayinka, Nwakali and Ndah were not invited o… So will you blame them now? Lol… again, stop the childishness… I am not @Mahmud Shuaib.

      • Mahmud Shuaib 3 months ago

        You are clearly an idiot. You can’t be helped. Did I tell you that I immediately got admitted to the university after not making the cut?

        Please dig out where I wrote that and I will cease to comment here.

        For your obsession with JIMMYBALL you will soon run mad (GOD FORBID). I am not him and I don’t know him. He talks Makurdi, I don’t talk Makurdi. He talks GERMANY, I don’t talk Germany.

        Whatever you wish to believe is your headache as this is a faceless forum. If you want to know me call up my profile on the internet.

        This is about football …go get a pair of football boots if e pain you.

        Does my yoruba looks like a Google translated one?…ode oshi

        Keep masturbating on JIMMYBALL matter until you run mad or suffer psychological breakdown

        • JimmyBall 3 months ago

          @Mahmud Shuaib… Don’t mind the kid football fan @Dr.Drey… big boys like us for football matter knew we could derail because our team for 6years were always suspect and weak. Our problem was Rohr… He hoodwinked us for 6years with young team chorus… South Africa, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, CAR and Cape Verde all humiliated us under Rohr. Ghana saw the smokescreen that was put together in the name of a team and knew they could pinch us to the ticket and came to Abuja without any fear… When Rohr took over, the first thing he did was to go in search of foreign borns… He brought one Noah Sarenren Bazee that has disappeared to oblivion… Rohr fucked Nigeria up and this disaster was his design. Quack white moongod.

          • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

            Hahahahaha Rohr fucked Nigeria up by digging us out of 70th position in the world and lifting us as high as 27th or thereabout during his time…..LMAOooo

            Rohr fucked Nigeria up by taking us back to AFCON after 6 years (thanks to overated dumbheads) and was seconds away from a shot at the trophy.

            Rohr fucked Nigeria up by successfully executing 4major qualifiers in grand style with his foreign borns….LMAOooo

            Rohr even fucked us up by reaching the playoffs of these qualifiers topping our group from the 1st blast of the whistle to the last balst on the final day

            Enters Eguavoes, the new guadiola, the Technical Director of Nigerian football, the coach of coaches in Nigeria, the one who is to map out a way forward for Nigerian football…..Mr Nononsense, Mr Total football himself……LMAOOooo…backed by 9 wise men, our finest men with the finest knowlege of football with over 300 international caps and several decades of football career in europe in between them.

            Enter Eguavoen who lifted Nigeria up by taking us back to the basics…..WINGPLAY…..LMAOOooo. Mr Express Yourself…..LMAOOooo


            World Cup……Calamity.

            Rohr really fucked Nigeria up by insisting of playing 4-2-4 for 270 minutes of football even when it wasnt working

            Rohr really fucked Nigeria up by emptying our entire midfield in a 5-0-5 formations when a simple switch to 3-5-2 would have done the job…..LMAOoooo

            Our Africa Guadiolas are indeed the best….LMAOooo…please give them 4 years contract so we can kiss 2023 and 2025 AFCONs goodbye……LMAOOoooo

            When Rohr was using same boys to qualify for tournaments with games to spare…..filthy children of brothels claimes its because he has stars that we had never had before in previous years…..LMAOoooo….the claimed the players were so good that they would win AFCON in 2 weeks with any coach…..Infact Rorh was just benefitting from their individual brilliance and had Zero tactical input to the team…….LMAOOooo

            We all know better now……LMAOOoooo

            Egau-fail don slap all of them with consecutive failures now, we will have peace……LMAOOooo

        • KENNETH 3 months ago

          Mahmud, you should know by now he lies a lot and enjoys twisting others comment. It is nothing new with his lies. Just enjoy your day. If you haen to eat groundnut abeg send it to him at the zoo he is located. I believe his cage number is 666.

          • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

            Hahahahaha….I lie alot right….LMAOooo..like you and your master-of-lie in lies, jimmylie right…..LMAOooo

            Please help us tell your Mahmud Shuaibu to decide as quickly as possible between being a Yoruba based in Lagos or a Gobir Kebbi born core-northerner based in Kaduna…and let us know his final decision…..LMAOooo

            Awon Opuro aye ounorun…….LMAOOoo

            Lairs United…..LMAOoo

        • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

          I’ll start responding to you when you decide whether you want to stick to being a Yoruba based in Lagos or a Gobir Kebbi born core-northerner based in Kaduna….LMAOooo

          When you’ve made that decision kindly let me know

          Till then keep fooling yourself thinking you are fooling everyone…..LMAOoo

          Already not less than 5 people have successfully undressed you on this forum……only that you have zero shame…..LMAOooo

  • Pius Obemhen 3 months ago

    I’m indeed very busy but still find time between my busy schedule to visit the platform. Let me say for the past 6hrs I was away and now reading through what some few commenters termed as comments out here, what really happened at the MKO ABIOLA STADIUM was ‘football’.

    • Benny p 3 months ago

      @Mr. Pius
      Is that all you have to say considering the comments after your earlier post? “What really happened at the MKO ABIOLA STADIUM was ‘football’”.

  • Adeyemi 3 months ago

    Hello Mr. Pinnick, your apologies are not enough. Please resign now and allow someone else with fresh ideas to do the job.

    It is obvious to the blind man that you have given your best which was not good enough for us as a Nation. We thank you for your eight years of Maladministration, the handwritings were there – we had no meaningful achievement under your watch – nothing, the World cup ticket miss was only the icing on the cake.

    Mr. Pinnick, resign now!!!

  • Omo9ja 3 months ago

    You NFF should be ashamed yourselves. By now, you all should have resigned.

    But no, you people won’t. Instead, you people will rather die there than to leave. Africans still have a long way to go. Amaju Pinnick and his crew are nothing but betrayals.

    The best thing NFF can do is to resign. We can’t do anything except we let go of the current NFF members.

    What a shame. Well, your apology is not accepted.

    You all have to go. We need our ex players in charge of our sports.

    Eto’o is doing very well as the president of the Cameroonian sports.

    Why these ex politicians and business men are in charge of our sports.

    Enough is enough, our ex players are capable to run our sports. Wake up Nigerians. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Alabi Abedi 3 months ago

      You this coward must be insane. The President of the Nigerian Football Federation Amaju Pinnick was elected into the Fifa Council after a landslide victory. Till date, he remains a member of the highest decision making organ of the football body. Aren’t you a novice?

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 months ago

    Whatever it is, I don’t think it calls for the usage of gutter language. You hid behind your keypad to insult eminent persons is a very bad behaviour that mustn’t be accepted.

    I have met and discussed with matured minds on various social media platforms but the moment little minded individuals begin to throw themselves into the fray and clearly hiding behind their keypads to be abusive it behoves on my person to caution them. Mind you, these are individual cowards with frivolous online handles. No identity. The only difference between them and those self inflicted bitter fans that vandalized and destroyed part of the stadium is that those ones weren’t cowards, at least we saw them in action.

    Let me take on the performance of the Super Eagles coaching crew and its personnel in answering @Mr. Pius Obemhen’s poser which is still being evaded. Football match more like all codes, enploys common skills which include passing, tackling, evasion of tackles, catching and kicking. In most codes, there are rules restricting the movement of players offside, ball handling and players scoring a goal must put the ball either under or over a crossbar between the goalposts. You see? In a real match situation are statistics abbreviated as STATS which besides any goal scored, remains the yardstick or modicum of technical assessment of how the spine put out by the coaching team was translated and the implementated.

    The Nigeria vs Ghana STATS are as follows:

    Nig 62%; Gh 38%

    Nig 354; Gh 228

    Nig 76; Gh 65

    Nig 14; Gh 6

    The above is a very good performance by the Eguavoen led team excepting that luck wasn’t on their side. It is these STATS that the Football Federation often look at in conducting their business on the subject matter. Let me even stop here for now.

    • My friend, shut that your mouth. You are one and the same person with Pius or whatever you used as the name. I put it to you, you are an impostor. You are not really who you claim to be

    • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

      Wow….wonderful stats…..LMAOoooo

      I hope we can get a wild card to qualify for Qatar with these stats…..LMAOooo

      The World cup draws holds tomorrow……be here displaying ball possession stats up and down…..LMAOoooo….Ghana has already been placed in Pot 4……LMAOoooo

    • @Oseodion Inegbenegbor eleribu ni yin I hope all this your useless analysis has taking you to world cup. They said a child is not brilliant you said he has handwriting radarada be consoling yourself with yeye analysis when you were doing it we warned you but most of you wouldn’t listen now instead of you to bury your head in same like your useless pinnick and Eguavon who couldn’t say anything since that Tuesday you are here brandishing one useless analysis. Misplaced priority.

    • Dr Banks 3 months ago

      Oloshi oloriburuku Omo Iya Sule, gerrat of here with your eye stats, na stats dey win match ever since the very first time football was played?

  • Frank Amissu 3 months ago

    @Oseodion, please continue.

  • Obviously, this forum has been infiltrated by NFF. I have a big hunch that Pinnick is here but hiding behind fictitious names.
    If he is not here which I doubt, I’m very sure his agents are. Essentially, everything I’m going to say now, he will definitely see or hear about it. Hence, I’m addressing him directly.
    See, you and the minister of sports, didn’t do well. That we are not going to the WC is because of the bad decision both of you took by bringing Eguaveon. Obviously, one of the reasons you brought him is because you wanted somebody who you can have a lot of control on, unlike Rohr who you couldn’t control as much as you would have loved.
    What you did is wrong. I’m not on FB and Twitter. But I’m on Instagram @Ocherome Mma. And I have said it over and over again on a lot of platforms including the SE page on IG, that the labour of Rohr, his team and his boys was squandered and wasted because of the poor decision you made on Rohr.
    That we won’t be in Qatar is 100% down to coaching failure. Luck has nothing to do with it. In fact, if not for that penalty, Ghana would have even won us in Abuja, in front of everybody. Starting from AFCON, match after match, I kept seeing mistakes in lineup, formation, tactics etc, which I don’t expect from a coach. That was when I knew the coach you foisted on us was not good enough and that is the reason you have been forced to apologise to Nigerians twice within a space of one month.
    There is no way we wouldn’t have qualified with Rohr. Either we set the stage for qualification in Kumasi by winning there or even if we draw in Ghana, we would have won in Nigeria. Rohr has his way of motivating the team to perform when we are pushed to the wall. With him, the team always reacted each time there is a set back.
    Coming here to justify and exonerate yourself only shows you are not remorseful. You have to admit it, your bad decision cost us a WC spot at Qatar. It will take us at least four years to recover from this huge set back

  • Ben Era 3 months ago

    Our players need to begin to show passion to play for Nigeria. Even the blind, can see how passionate Osimhen is when playing. Emmanuel Dennis was a complete let down yesterday. He did not put in any fight at all. I watch him play for Watford and how passionate he is for them but yesterday was a sham. He left his no. 7 position for Onyeka . And he kept playing as a wing back. The few times, he had the ball, he would prefer to do the impossible rather that just give a simple pass or cross in the ball.
    Moses Simon has not changed. That guy should learn how to play free flow football; One-two touches. He would always break down a counter-attacking move with his dribbles.
    We have 2 major problems: lack of a good goal keeper and a creative midfielder. Akpeyi, Okoye and Ozoho have all in the past put us in a difficult situation that we could not get out from. There are moments in football that the keeper becomes the saving grace for a team. For example, the Ghanaian keeper made some fantastic saves yesterday. But all our keepers, conceive cheap goals you didn’t even see coming. A shot you will ordinarily not consider as a threat will always beat our keepers. We need a new goal keeper trainer as well as new set of goal keepers.
    We lack creative midfielders. All are current midfielders are good as defensive midfielders no. 4 position. We lack a no. 10 player. A player who can hold up play in the midfield as well as push the balls from defenders to attackers. This is why we don’t have a pattern. Our current midfielders shy away from asking for ball from the defenders to push it up to the attackers. They lack that confidence to ask for balls. Infact, all our players hide behind opponents. That is why they cannot make or give successful passes without being intercepted by the opponents. Nobody wants to open up to receive a pass. This all boils down to lack of passion on their part. That is why right from Rohr’s era, our pattern of play has been like this. Midfielders will receive the ball from defenders, instead of charging forward, they do a back pass, then defenders will be forced to either shoot into air aimlessly or pass it to wings back players.
    Our defense line is another disaster waiting to happen. The Oyibo wall has always looked shaky. Just that we have sometimes got away with their school boy errors. Eg the way Balogun who is supposed to be our last man, will take the ball and be running forward and suddenly trips or dispose halfway in our danger area is not always a good site to watch. Let’s get some more sharp defenders into the team please.

    • Greenturf 3 months ago

      Iwobi is our number 10.He played that role under Rohr and was dead good.Eguavoen succeeded Rohr and thought otherwise,used him wrongly benched him when he should be starting.Unfortunately,he got the matching order at the Afcon which ruled him out of the playoffs with Ghana.I believe with him and Ndidi in the midfield and of course a good coach things could have happened differently.

  • Yinkus 3 months ago

    I have said it several times that uzoho weak point is a low ball. Just play a low ball to the ground you will see that uzoho wilm have no answer to it.
    Abeg let all the players too be disbanded.

    Let us look for passionate players some of the present players are too comfortable and won’t go far even in their career.


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