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NFF Condoles With FIFA, CAF, Zambia Over Death Of Doping Control Officer

NFF Condoles With FIFA, CAF, Zambia Over Death Of Doping Control Officer

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has expressed shock and sorrow over the death of FIFA/CAF Medical Officer, Dr Joseph Kabungo, who died on Tuesday after the FIFA World Cup playoff match between Nigeria and Ghana at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja. Dr Kabungo was appointed as Doping Control Officer for the match.

“We are terribly shocked at this sad development. The NFF commiserates with world football –body FIFA, the Confederation of African Football, the Football Association of Zambia and the family of Dr Kabungo on his sudden passing. His death pains us very much and we are in a state of deep shock.


“However, it is important to state the facts as they are. According to the information from our own medical officer, Dr Onimisi Ozi Salami who was appointed by FIFA as Medical Officer for the game, Dr Kabungo was found gasping for breath near the dressing room of the Ghanaian team. I was notified and ordered that he should be rushed to the hospital. He didn’t make it. He died just as they got to the hospital,” NFF General Secretary, Dr Mohammed Sanusi said.

Dr Ozi Salami told that the incident happened when he (Dr Salami) was looking to get the Nigerian player for the doping exercise, while Dr Kabungo was looking to get the Ghanaian player for the same exercise.


“I was heading to the dressing room of the Nigerian team when the General Coordinator, Kabore Hubert Bosilong from South Africa called my attention. Dr Kabungo suddenly started gasping for breath. The FIFA Security Officer for the match, Mr Dixon Adol Okello from Uganda also witnessed the incident.

“We tried to resuscitate him there and then, but when this did not appear to be working, we put him in an ambulance and rushed him to Cedar Crest Hospital in Apo, where he gave up the ghost. It is a very sad incident and one is shocked that some persons have been putting a terrible slant to the whole thing by saying he was beaten up by fans. That is a lie. He died as a result of sudden cardiac arrest.”

Officials of the NFF, the medical team and officials of the High Commission of Zambia held a meeting on Wednesday morning to decide on the next line of action following the demise of Dr Kabungo.

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  • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

    They should sanction the shit of these criminal animals!

    Wow so this the youth Nigerians are producing in the 21st century?

    I have been vindicated again when I said here that GOD NEVER BE A NIGERIAN loll

    I said it several times that Nigerians have this stereotype of been violent criminals and they have proved me right again!

    Go to YouTube and see how football fans all over the world are condemning u SAD!!

    Am not surprised that BOKOM recruiters are the most busy in Nigeria because looking at those videos on youtube, the youth in Nigeria are truly HOPELESS lol

    • Ralph 5 months ago

      These should never happen anywhere. But earlier today we read a comment from a Ghanaian journalist, who said the man was beaten and tramped upon, and he loss consciousness and they took him to the Ghanaian dressing room to resuscitate him and put him in the ambulance before he eventually died. And now this is another version of the news.

      I`m sure a journalist cannot witness a serious incident like this without getting his camera or video recorder out, it is impossible, so please lets see the clips.

      And because of some few idiots, now all Nigerian youths are criminals? good for you, we ve seen worst than this outside Nigeria, and thank God for you all Ghanaian youths are saint, but remember, we watch youtube as well.

      You`ve got something else to say ?

      • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

        Not all Nigerians are criminals!!

        I meant those that went to the pitch!

        So u condoned this behavior smfh

    • Yinkus 5 months ago

      Congratulation jare @selfmade, continue to enjoy the moment.

      A man was badly treated and it is the repercussions we are paying for.

      Let them go ahead and say all what they could about Nigeria.

      That anger you see yesterday on pitch is a preamble of the anger going on in our minds towards our leader.

      How I wish it was of one our officials that was teated like this. Even if Bihari was caught up yesterday ni. By now something terrible would have happened to him.

    • ABBEY 5 months ago

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    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      The soul bearing Selfmade is Doomed!!!

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    So SAD!

    Mehn! In the 5 years of GENERAL ROAR reign, we did not have any fans hostility like we did in just few months under their own…

    EGUAVON and PINICK, hope you know that this wasted innocent life is on your head!!!!

  • ABDULRAZAK 5 months ago

    They treated Gernot Rohr badly. The repercussions of their evil act has not even started. I hope all the retards on this forum who supported agbaya Segun Odegbami in his propaganda to remove Rohr are enjoying the full measure of their actions with satisfaction.

    • Moses Inyang 5 months ago

      Segun odegbami,Amaju pinnick,sports minister and their likes are the problems of Nigerian football period

      • Moses Inyang 5 months ago

        Please do me a massive favour-get Thor back.cow does not understand the importance of its tail until it is cut off.I am very sure Rhor would not have lost the games against Ghana and tunisia

        • Moses Inyang 5 months ago

          Incompetence,nepotism,tribalism,impatience will always lead to these kind of outcomes

  • KENNETH 5 months ago

    Oya all you liars saying he was attacked and beaten, please come out with your proof. What a shame, people will go out and make up stories just to make a point. Cardiac arrest could happen to anyone.

  • The General Coordinator for the Super Eagles and Black Stars world Cup playoff, Kabeli Bosilong has disclosed that Dr. Joseph Kabungo’s death was not related to the violence that occurred at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja.

    According to the general coordinator for the match, Dr. Kabungo who was the doping officer for the match was not at any point beaten by the angry fans or molested but died of cardiac arrest, as he slumped while walking toward the dressing room.

    “I was the GC for the mentioned match and yes it’s true, our beloved Doctor is with us no more,” said Bosilong.

    “Contrary to reports, the Doctor had a cardiac arrest when he was walking towards the team dressing rooms and he collapsed on the floor.

    “Both team doctors (from Nigeria and Ghana) and other medical personnel administered Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on him but after a while, he was taken to hospital and that’s when the terrible news was confirmed.

    “We are all still in shock at what happened last night and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

    Confusion had trailed the death of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) doping officer, following different reports as regards his death.

    While some reports said he died as a result of the stampede that occurred at the M.K.O Stadium in Abuja before the commencement of the match, another account blamed fans’ invasion of the pitch after the match for the doctor’s death.

    A Ghanaian sports journalist, Collins Atta Poku, who was also at the venue of the match, had alleged that the doctor was beaten to death.

    He posted on Twitter, “They beat him (Joseph Kabungo), he fell and they threaded on him. He lost consciousness, was rushed to an ambulance closer to the Ghana dressing for CPR. The entire Ghanaian contingent watched on as resuscitation attempts were made with an oxygen mask. He was taken to hospital later and now this. Sad.”……..
    If this news right here is true, then that Ghana journalist that said he saw him beaten need to defend his word, that was a grieve lie,nobody is supporting any form Of violence but why the lie?

    • KangA 5 months ago

      MANY Ghanaians are filthy liars. Imagine a journalist, a supposed professional whose words should be trusted spewing lies about the death of someone. If the story is confirmed to be a fabrication, he should be held responsible. After prosecution he should be banned by CAF/FIFA. Shame.